Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “The Yacht Episode, Part One” – Season Three – Episode Four

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“The Yacht Episode, Part One”

Season Three: Episode Four

Copyright © 2007

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 4th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, Hayden, Jamie Lynn and the gang take a cruise on the high seas of the South Pacific in part one of a two part special. Tonight’s guest star is Alexa Vega, who returns for the third time and brings her horny little sister Makenzie along for the fun. First up thought is Miley and Dakota as they entertain a very horny Makenzie in the captains quarters which gives Dakota the chance to put her pussy licking skills to the test on Makenzie. Later back on the top deck, Jamie Lynn and Hayden give Alexa the usual sandwich treatment in the sunshine.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed by an ALL NEW ‘Willa’s Wild World’)

Story Codes: fff, fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17), Jamie Lynn Spears (16), Dakota Fanning (13) & Miley Cyrus (14)

Guest Stars: Alexa Vega (18) & Makenzie Vega (13)

Little did I know that a simple episode of my favorite show would lead to the revelation that would change my sex life with my new girlfriend forever. See this week’s episode of ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ was set to feature an appearance by Alexa Vega and get this…her sister Makenzie Vega. What my ever horny girlfriend had not yet found out about me and my two equally horny sisters (Crystal and Dakota) is that we too enjoyed a large amount of inner family loving also. Course I also had no idea what kinda of an effect this would have on Summer or if she’d be very excepting of it if she ever found out. So, me and Crystal had made a pact to not mention anything about the aforementioned events until further notice. Which wasn’t exactly a big deal, cause she was now queen of the junior class lesbo’s at school and had little or no time for me or my new girlfriend. But tonight’s episode would change all of that. It all began innocently enough…

“The Yacht episode?” Summer asked from the couch as she flipped through the latest issue of TV Futures and come up on the advertisement for the season’s Fourth episode of Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style. “Sounds like it’s gonna be a big wig affair.”

“Noooooooo it’s gonna be hot as hell” I said as I stripped off my shirt and soon the rest of my clothes and joined her on the couch. “Did you bother to look at the guest star listing?”

“Oh, no I didn’t” She said, following the line with her finger and reading out loud, “Tonight, guest starring Alexa Vega and younger sister Makenzie Vega.”

“Yep see”

“MMMMMMM sissy lovin huh?” Summer cooed as she leaned in close and said in a seductive voice, “You know it could be mind numbingly hot, course you never knew this I bet, but I had a sister on sister experience once.”

“You did?”

“Oh yeah, when I was 12, I watched Caroline Welsh tongue kiss her sister Alison on my bed” She said with a huge smile on her face. “Hottest fuckin thing I’ve ever seen in person. Betcha can’t top that.”

“Yeh actually I can” I said with a confident smile as she looked kinda deflated and then challenged me with the following comment, “You can huh? OK go for it Lyn!”

“I would…but Cumming Out is on” I said pointing to the TV as she quickly turned and we saw the familar site of a tanned and toned Hayden in a skimpy bikini, ball shoes and white tiger bandana holding her hair in place. This time she was on the deck of a yacht, standing beside an even darker tanned Jamie Lynn Spears, who was also in a very skimpy bikini. The gorgeous crystal clear blue waters of the pacific, mixed with a stunning blue cloudless sky made for a startling background for the two.

“Welcome to Cumming Out Hawaiian Style, and what we liked to call the Yacht episode” Hayden said, “Check this mother fucker out..this is a full size Cabin Cruiser ladies and gentleman. Better known as a yacht.”

“This mother is huge” Jamie Lynn chimed in, “and we gonna make full use of it today right Hay Hay?”

“Well of course my horny co-host” Hayden said with a goofy grin as she kissed Jamie Lynn on the cheek and then said into the camera, “Sexi Lexi is here again.”

“She must really like you” Jamie Lynn commented, “What is it like her 3rd time on the show?”

“3rd time? Yeh, and last time was the best I got her ass while she was on top of Mika Boorem” Hayden said with a horny grin.

“I wonder who she’ll be on top of this time?” Jamie Lynn asked with an equally horny grin.

“You, slut” Hayden said with a stroke of her hand across Jamie Lynn’s flat stomach and had her co-host turn to face her and they kissed softly. Jamie Lynn pressing her body to Hayden’s as she slipped her arms around her co-host. Hayden’s arms going around Jamie Lynn’s neck as their lips fell in time with each others for a long moment. The camera zoomed in just as Jamie Lynn licked at Hayden’s upper lip seductively both smiled as they parted for a long moment and Hayden took the chance to lick at Jamie Lynn’s lips before they started in again. Their lips again falling in time with the others as now their tongues massaged softly against the others as we caught a breathtaking view of the tanned twosome Frenching slowly and softly. The gorgeous waters of the south pacific being seen in the background as the camera pulled back a little as the twosome parted again and grinned at each other. Exchanging one more quick kiss. Then seeing a coy smile from both as they parted. Hayden seemed dazed for a moment, as did Jamie Lynn for that matter as both looked to the camera. A brief pause ensued as both searched for their next planned lines it looked.

“Those two are so hot each other” Summer commented as I had to admit after seeing that kiss that it was no doubt the truth. Not that I blamed either one of them, look at them and you tell me it wouldn’t make you hot to kiss one of them like that. Anyway…

“Sexi Lexi is also bringing her horny lil sis today” Hayden finally commented.

“MMMMMMMMMMM sissy lovin?” Jamie Lynn asked with a smile. “I say we get it going as soon as possible.”

“Oh yeah, so while we get naked, why don’t you take a short trip to the cabin below deck and visit with Dakota, Makenzie and Miley for a few and then come back and see us?” Hayden suggested, “Then we’ll…”

“SHHHHHHHHHHHH….let’s leave that as a surprise” Jamie Lynn said as she pointed down and the camera slid downward as the twosome turned to each other and resumed their former position in each others arms and quickly began Frenching again. After a ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll we saw the other members of the cast on the bed in the Captains Quarters, with nothing being left to the imagination as far as clothes go. Miley was laying beside of Dakota and Makenzie Vega playing with Dakota’s hair idly as the camera came up and showed us the two were involved in a rather heated make out session. Dakota on top as her lips moved slowly and tantalizingly against that of Makenzie’s below her. Miley reaching over and clearing Dakota’s blond hair from the camera’s view and stuffing it behind the girls ear. A few contented moans escaping the mouths of both Dakota and Makenzie as their kiss slowed. The camera moving back to a wide angle as we see Miley lay back on the bed and began to rub her pretty bald pussy as she looked directly into the lens and the camera moved to the right of the bed.

“Hey guys and thanks Hayden…” Miley started as she stroked up and down her pussy slit slowly and moved her free hand to Dakota’s hair to get her attention as the girl looked up with a dorky grin. Dakota slid backwards on the bed and sat up as we saw Makenzie’s beautiful naked body for the time as she grinned up at the camera. “Ladies this is Alexa Vega’s lil sis Makenzie.”

“Hi” Makenzie chirped as she moved up and let Miley slip a pillow behind her head, while below them Dakota moved back down the bed to the end as she then laid forward on her stomach. Coming to rest on her elbows with her head in perfect alignment with Makenzie’s beautiful pussy slit, the guest stars legs resting on either side of her head. Dakota seemed to be in the mood to just get started as she lowered her head and slowly licked up Makenzie’s split for the first time. A second trip up the girls slit featured a slight dipping between the lips of Makenzie’s pussy as the young girl began to moan. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck Dakota, oh wow I love it just liked that.”

“Oh yeah baby good job Dakota” Miley moaned as she rolled over on to her side and slid her hand across Makenzie’s flat chest and rubbed at her tiny titties as she watched Dakota’s head began to bob up and down slowly. Makenzie laid her head back and moaned a little louder now as her clit began to get licked softly over and over. Dakota hitting it more roughly with each pass of her tongue. Dakota circled her arms around the outside of Makenzie’s now squirming thighs, bringing her hands to rest on the girls slightly heaving stomach as she licked harder and harder on her guest stars clitty. “You ready to pump it in and out now baby?”

“Oh fuck yeh I love that it makes my pussy spasm soooooo good when sissy does it to me” Makenzie moaned in a whimpering tone as the camera angle moved to one from above Makenzie’s head, and showed in vivid detail as Dakota began to slide her tongue in and out of the hole slowly now, licking Makenzie’s inner walls of her vise grip like pussy time after time. A moment later we lost sight of Dakota’s probing tongue as her lips closed tightly to the bald lips of Makenzie’s pussy. Quickening the pace in the next few moments, as the camera zoomed in, plunging it in and out and in and out. Makenzie moaned louder as the angle changed once again to directly over Dakota’s shoulder and showed Makenzie’s young body as it began to shake from the pleasure and the look of pleasure now plastered across her pretty face as she got near her reward for the pussy licking. Miley stroked her hard nipples over and over now as Makenzie moaned louder and tried to answer as Miley asked, “Is that good baby?”

“Ohmigod yesss that’s it I’m gonna cum it’s spasming so good now” Makenzie moaned as Dakota plunged her tongue in and out a few more times and laid her hands on the girls now heaving stomach and felt her hips squirm slightly as she neared her orgasm. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM so close here it comes.”

That’s so close, apparently meant now. As she started cumming only moments later. Dakota held on tighter as she continued to plunge her tongue in and out of the hole now with even more force and drove the girls orgasm to it’s peak. A slow arching of the back showed the girls pleasure as it swept over her body and a loud whimpering moan followed as she began to settle down and Dakota closed her lips over the girls pussy and sucked gently. Sending pleasure shivers down the girls spine as her honey like girl-cum got sucked the fuck out. Making Makenzie shake from head to toe and moan even louder as her yummy cum got drained out of her in the most wonderful of ways. A close-up showed the results as Dakota’s pretty lips and cheeks were now covered in a thin film of cum and sweat as she pulled back and licked a few more times at the slit to get it all off, before turning to the camera as it pulled back and showed Makenzie in the background and saying in a moan, “Now that’s what a cumming out feels like right Kenzie?”

“Ohmigod yessssssssssss….FUCK Yesssss” Makenzie moaned in reply as Dakota smiled and said into the camera, “Back to you Hayden.”

A ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ roll followed as we changed scenes and found ourselves watching a rather lewd display of on-set lust. Hayden was now sitting in one of the chairs on the top deck of the yacht with guest star Alexa Vega directly in front of her, her back to Hayden as they kissed over Alexa’s shoulder in a french. Trading tongues back and forth passionately as Hayden squeezed Alexa’s small titties in her hands over and over again. The camera, which had been a tight shot of the two’s upper body pulled back to show Jamie Lynn as she dropped to her knees in front of the other two. Stroking her hands up and down Alexa’s bare thighs as Alexa and Hayden broke their kiss finally. Hayden wrapping her arms around Alexa’s waist and kissing her neck softly as Alexa leaned forward and started kissing Jamie Lynn softly on the lips. Jamie Lynn’s hand soon found Alexa’s pretty bald pussy and started to stroke her slit up and down as they broke. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck that feels so smooth baby you want me to lick it for you?”

“Ohmigod yesssss I do sooo bad baby” Alexa moaned in reply as Jamie Lynn watched Hayden move back a bit in the chair and have Alexa lay back against her chest and move her pussy to the very edge of the seat. Jamie Lynn leaned forward a moment later and kissed Alexa’s stomach softly and then lowered her head a bit and licked her slit up and down a few times as she held onto her hips now. Alexa moaned loudly and laid her own head back against Hayden’s shoulder as Jamie Lynn’s tongue started making more trips up and down her bare pussy slit. Dipping inside time and again and flicking against the girls clit on every pass. Jamie Lynn placed one hand on each of Alexa’s spread thighs and licked faster and faster as Alexa now looked down and moaned her complete approval. Hayden cleared Alexa’s long brown hair out of her eyes and licked up and down her neck as she said into her ear “MMMMMMMMMMMMM baby she’s so good huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck Hayden, yesssssssssssssss soooooo good at licking pussy” Alexa moaned in a slightly whimpering tone as Hayden stroked her hand up and down Alexa’s and the girl squirmed as best she could. Jamie Lynn had just then circled a hand under one of Alexa’s smooth thighs and brought it around to the outside and joined her hand with Hayden’s and laced their fingers as she began pumping her tongue now hard in and out of Alexa’s pussy. Rubbing it perfectly on the underside of Alexa’s engorged clitty and making the girl moan louder and louder with every thrust seemingly. Jamie Lynn smiled as she stopped for only a moment and asked, “MMMMMMMMMM Hayden she taste like honey, did you know that?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh I know that first hand trust me and I also heard that from her horny lil sissy earlier” Hayden replied as Jamie Lynn again lowered her head again and this time started sucking Alexa’s engorged little clit with her soft warm lips. Alexa jerked and moaned louder, Hayden holding her tighter as Jamie Lynn sucked hard on the little rose bud and then licked it fast before sucking it some more. Alexa looked down with a pleasure soaked smile on her face as she scooped Jamie Lynn’s mussed hair into a ponytail on top of her head, giving the camera a great shot. Zooming in, we got a close up as Jamie Lynn sucked harder and harder in long deep breaths, her jaws drawing in with the pressure and pleasure increasing by the moment. Alexa squirmed and bucked her hips ever so slightly and moaned intensely as she said, “OH GOD GIRL YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM.”

“Yeh come on Jamie Lynn, make her pussy cum baby” Hayden moaned as she kissed Alexa’s neck and squeezed one of her breasts with her free hand. Alexa jerked and moaned, still holding Jamie Lynn’s hair in place as she watched her every movement as her body tensed up and she held out as long as she could before beginning to cum. Her toes curling up and her face showing the wonderful pleasure she was experiencing as Jamie Lynn sucked her clit still hard. Alexa’s body relaxing in Hayden’s arms as Jamie Lynn moved her tongue back to the bottom of the older girls slit and licked her cum up as it came bubbling and oozing out slowly, which we saw in vivid detail with a close-up. Alexa grunted and moaned as she got her cum licked out as Jamie Lynn licked inside her pussy and sucked softly.

“AHHHHHH fuck yes” Alexa moaned as Jamie Lynn dipped her tongue back inside again and sucked even harder and got the rest of Alexa’s obviously sweet tasting girl cum out of her pussy. “AHHHH yeh I love that.”

“MMMMMMM come up here Jamie Lynn let me taste my girl cum” Alexa moaned as Jamie Lynn rose following one last lick of her pussy and kissed her in a long cum soaked french kiss as Hayden watched with a open mouth smile. Hayden had them separate after a few seconds and pointed to a futon at the side of the chair. Alexa stood first and looked back at Hayden, showcasing her ass, Hayden slid her hands up Alexa’s thighs and to her ass and squeezed the girls cheeks slowly. Alexa cooed as she lowered herself on to the futon and took Jamie Lynn’s hand and as Jamie Lynn laid down Alexa crawled on top as they began kissing yet again. Seconds later, Alexa spun on top as Jamie Lynn giggled and Hayden stood, posing for the camera and giving us a perfect view of her bald honey drip as she smiled and then lowered dropped down to join the other two. Laying down along the back of the mat and waiting for Alexa to look up and kissing her softly when she did. The camera caught it perfectly as Hayden massaged her tongue with Alexa’s as they kissed softly with Jamie Lynn watching on from below and rubbing Alexa’s pussy softly now, prompting the guest star to moan into Hayden’s mouth. After a few moments, Alexa moved off of Jamie Lynn and laid backwards down between her and Hayden, so her and Hayden were now in a 69 position only on their sides, with each of their pussies in perfect alignment with the others mouth. Hayden raised her leg with a knowing smile to Alexa as her guest star wasted no time in moving her head between Hayden’s thighs and watching as Jamie Lynn sat up and turned around, before laying on her side and moving to between Alexa’s hips and into position, or should I say into alignment with her mouth. She did the same with her own hips, moving them into alignment with Hayden’s mouth. Hayden nodded her head seconds later as if she was taking direction from off camera and as Jamie Lynn raised her leg Hayden put a hand on the under side of her thigh to support it above her head and started slowly licking Jamie Lynn’s pussy as our host moaned into the camera, licking her lips slowly.

“Oh yeah lick her sweet pussy” Alexa moaned as she lowered her head too and placed a hand on Hayden’s thigh to hold her leg aloft and began licking her host’s pussy. Hayden moaned and smiled for a moment before she started pumping her tongue in and out of Jamie Lynn’s sweet pussy again. Speaking of Jamie Lynn, she at last lowered her head and started working on Alexa’s pretty pussy for a second time, shoving her tongue between the girls pussy lips and beginning to pumping it in and out as Alexa moaned into Hayden’s and made the daisy chain complete. The camera pulled back to a wide shot and showed the action was heating up as all three girls pumped their tongues in and out of the pussy in front of them. Alexa smiled as she pulled away from Hayden with a loud moan for a moment and rubbed Hayden’s clit with her thumb, watching her moan loudly into Jamie Lynn’s pussy. She licked Hayden’s clit again and started to suck it softly as Hayden became the first one to squirm her hips and moan a little louder as her pussy began to spasm lightly.

Hayden then started plunging her tongue in and out of Jamie Lynn’s pussy as the camera zoomed in and we got a close-up. The angle switched showing moments later as we saw Jamie Lynn now holding Alexa by her flat sexy stomach with one hand as she worked on her pussy, plunging her tongue in and out too and moaning with the others. Alexa smiled into the camera next as it focused on her and she spread Hayden’s pussy lips slightly before beginning to suck her clitty softly. All three girls moaned louder and louder as they got tongue fucked and their clits sucked with a trio of impending orgasms seemingly on the horizon.

“OH MY GOD Lexi you’re so fuckin good” Hayden moaned as she closed her eyes and moaned loudly as Alexa sucked her clit harder and then harder as she became the first to cum hard. Shaking a little and jerking from the wonderful sensations pumping through her body. Alexa squirmed too as she got near her own orgasm from Jamie Lynn’s pumping tongue, which was going furiously in and out of the tight little pussy by now. Alexa turned her head and capped Hayden’s pussy lips and started sucking softly, making Hayden shake from head to toe and cry out as she rubbed at Jamie Lynn’s clit to give her some pleasure.

“UH HUH, UH HUH, YEH LEXI JUST LIKE THAT” Hayden moaned as she squirmed and Alexa milked her cum the fuck out in a mind blowing display with her tongue and lips and to her own surprise she began to cum herself on Jamie Lynn’s tongue as ‘the tanned one’ had once again began to lick Alexa’s sweet pussy. Jerking away from Hayden’s pussy with a loud moan and watching as Jamie Lynn made her pussy quiver with incredible sensations from between her legs. Hayden again got caught taking direction from off-camera as she nodded and lowered her head back to Jamie Lynn’s pussy and began licking fast across the lips, and then sucking her clit hard as she moved her own hand to Jamie Lynn’s darkly tanned stomach. Trying to make it a trifecta orgasm. While at the same time Jamie Lynn was trying, between moans, to lick the cum up that came out of Alexa’s cum covered slit. Something that became a reality seconds later as Jamie Lynn finished licking Alexa’s cum off and looked at Hayden and moaned loudly and said, “Oh god make me cum, yeh….yeh …yeh YESSSSSSSS!”

Biting her lip and shaking in orgasm as it blossomed in her body and spread to every pore and moaned even louder when Hayden began to milk the cum out of her pussy with a soft sucking sound. Jamie Lynn arched her back and moaned open mouthed as she settled down and licked a few more times at Alexa’s pussy to get the last of the guest stars sweet honey cum off, something that the other two soon followed suit in doing. Moments later all three relaxed on the mat, each of their lips and chins covered in the girl-spunk of another as the camera focused on Hayden as she laid her head on Jamie Lynna’s thigh and said into the camera, ‘Soooooo good babies, soooo good with you two.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM Hey Jamie, you ready for some more action?” Alexa asked as she sat up and crawled over to the ‘tanned one’ and got above her head as Hayden grinned knowingly and slid off the futon and disappeared off-camera. Jamie Lynn smiled up as Alexa lowered down and kissed her softly on the lips. “Wanna lick my pussy while Hayden gives me a good butt fucking baby?”

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do” Jamie Lynn said as they kissed again for a long moment. Hayden, now with her strap-on in place, stepped back onto the futon and stood above the two as Alexa looked up and smiled knowingly and Hayden moved directly in front of her. Alexa willingly opened her mouth as Hayden slid the cock into Alexa’s mouth. Her hands into slipping into Alexa’s hair and clearing it from the girls pretty face. Alexa’s head began to bob up and down as she took more of Hayden’s newly attached cock into her mouth now and got it ready for her ass. Hayden moaned as she watched from above with a smile and guided Alexa’s head up and down. Alexa slid the whole thing in her mouth a moment later and deep throated it once and then over and over as Hayden watched and finally pulled her off. “Part one complete huh Hayden?”

“MMMMMMMMM yeah and so good too baby” Hayden moaned as she dropped to her knees and kissed Alexa softly for a moment. “You ready?”

“MMMMMMMMM no one does it like you do girl” Alexa moaned as she watched Hayden get behind her. “You really wanna butt fuck me huh Hayden?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck Sexi Lexi, yesssss I do and so bad too” Hayden moaned as she stroked her hands up and down Alexa’s back. Alexa smiled seductively at the camera for a moment and rubbed her smooth honey drip for the camera before crawling over Jamie Lynn in a 69 and arching her back for Hayden. Jamie Lynn smiled as we got a ‘meat’ shot of her beginning to lick Alexa’s pussy slit up and down. Alexa moaned softly as she looked down and smiled herself at the incredible sensations Jamie Lynn’s tongue brought her. The angle quickly changing to one from the side and we saw the blue waters of the South Pacific again as Hayden stroked her cock up and down a few times as she glanced at the camera. Then placing a hand on one of Alexa’s ass cheeks and watching Jamie Lynn closely as the girl worked her tongue inside of Alexa’s pussy, licking her inside walls slowly all around. Swirling her tongue at the entrance. Alexa moaned as Hayden smiled and watched for a few more seconds, her cue apparently being when Jamie Lynn spread Alexa’s butt cheeks wide and looked up at Hayden. With that done Hayden moved closer and holding her rubber cock in hand lined it up with Alexa’s asshole and began feeding it through her hand into the girls back door. “AWWWWWWWWWWWWW fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhh MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

“OHMIGOD YESSS HAYDEN, fuck it baby” Alexa moaned as she raised her head and showed the pleasure of the moment as Hayden began to get deeper and deeper. Jamie Lynn began licking her pussy faster and faster and Hayden slid almost halfway in Alexa’s asshole now as her hand reached Alexa’s ass cheeks, she dropped her hand from the cock and began pumping in and out faster and deeper. Hayden cooed as she felt the smoothness of Alexa’s skin as she slid them both up her guest stars back to above the girls ass cheeks as she fucked deeper in her asshole. An angle change showed the action from behind as Hayden’s ass clinched each time she slid into Alexa’s butt fucking hole. Another angle change brought us back to the wide as we saw the look of pleasure and lust on Hayden’s face was truly a turn on as she surged forward again and again, getting all the way in Alexa’s ass for the first time. Then drawing louder and louder moans from Alexa now. Jamie Lynn’s fingers dug into Alexa’s ass cheeks as she licked the girls bald cunny slit more aggressively. Her tongue dipping in and out of Alexa’s slit as she began to focus on the girls clitty now as Hayden started making full smooth strokes. Pulling all the way out and then stroking back in till her thighs mashed against Alexa’s cheeks for the first time.

“MMMMMM now it’s sandwich time” Hayden moaned as she leaned forward over Alexa’s sweat covered back completely, her hands supporting her now by Jamie Lynn’s thighs, and started the butt fucking in earnest. Making Alexa cry out and raise her head away Jamie Lynn’s thighs as she looked into the camera and moaned loudly. Jamie Lynn was now pumping her tongue harder and harder in and out of Alexa and wrapped her arms around Alexa’s waist and held on for the ride. A close-up showed Jamie Lynn’s tongue sliding in and out, rubbing on the underside of Alexa’s engorged clitty as Hayden butt fucked Alexa harder and harder from above. The smacking sounding getting louder all the time as Hayden’s thighs spanked away at Alexa’s ass cheeks and the girl shook a little each time as her back door got filled up. Alexa’s moaning becoming almost screams of joy as Jamie Lynn stopped pumping her tongue in and out was now sucking on her clit softly as Alexa’s body was racked with intense pleasure. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM harder and harder in your butt fuck hole Sexi Lexi.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD YOUR BUTT FUCKING HOLE IS SO SWEET LEXI” Hayden moaned as Alexa reached her arm between her legs and guided Jamie Lynn to her clitty like she wanted. Jamie Lynn smiled and started sucking on it only harder now as Alexa moaned loudly. Hayden pounded harder as sweat flew off her thighs and flat sexy stomach and Alexa’s ass cheeks at the same time as she drove Alexa towards an orgasm now. “Come on Alexa, cum with me. You gonna cum from your butt fucking?”

“OHMIGOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” Alexa moaned intensely as Hayden pounded harder and faster and Jamie Lynn sucked her clit now hard. Jamie’s jaws drawing in around it as she to sucked Alexa off. Alexa moaned louder than she ever thought she could as the flames of her on coming orgasm began to make her body shake and jerk under Hayden. Jamie Lynn made her squirm and moan as she sucked even harder on Alexa’s clit and drove her guest star to the summit along with Hayden’s pounding of her asshole from above.

“OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH GOD I’M THERE……UHNNNNNNNNNNN MY PUSSY’S GONNA CUM SO HARD” Alexa moaned as Hayden changed positions just slightly over her back. Moving one of her feet away and raising that same leg to give the camera a slightly better view of Jamie Lynn below them, she moved one hand to Alexa’s shoulder now. Then started giving her hard short butt fucking shots that shook Alexa’s hole body and made the girl squeal in pleasure. The shots came harder it seemed with every one as Alexa clutched her fingers into Jamie Lynn’s tanned thighs and squeezed her thighs around the girls head as her pussy got near it’s explosion point.

“OH god yeah baby, taking your butt fucking so good, come on cum in Jamie Lynn’s pretty mouth” Hayden moaned as she made Alexa do just that and butt fucked her to pure heaven as she made the girl explode on Jamie Lynn’s tongue and watched her shake and jerk and scream out once as she came harder than ever before. Jamie Lynn sucked Alexa’s clit till the last possible second and then opened her mouth and caught a hard gooey honey tasting squirt of her guests cum in her mouth as Alexa peaked and began cumming down. Jamie Lynn licked the last of Alexa’s honey off as she went limp on top of her, and moaned one last time as Hayden slipped deep in her ass one last time. Hayden, now dripping with sweat, rose as she pulled out of Alexa’s asshole and watched the girl roll off of to the side and Jamie Lynn set up and turn around. “Come here Jamie Lynn.”

“Here you go baby” Hayden moaned as she held her cock steady. Jamie Lynn got on her knees in front of Hayden and opened her mouth willingly as Hayden laid the head of the cock on her co-hosts tongue and watched Jamie Lynn start to suck it. Hayden moaning as she scooped Jamie Lynn’s hair into a ponytail on her head, clearing the view for the camera as Jamie Lynn’s head started to bob up and down. Moaning as she took it deeper in her mouth with each bob of the head, Jamie Lynn placed her hands on Hayden’s thighs and deep throated it a time or two slowly and touching her lips to Hayden’s skin each time. Hayden smiled proudly and pulled Jamie Lynn off and asked, “MMMMMMMM is that good coming out of Alexa’s butt fuck hole?”

“MMMMMMMMMM yeh” Jamie Lynn moaned as she rose and kissed Hayden softly for a long moment. “And who’s on next week?”

“MMMMMMMM love my job” Hayden said as Jamie Lynn giggled and both looked to the camera. “Next week on Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style, Michelle Trachtenberg will be mine and Dakota’s guest star.”

“Yeh me and Miley get a week off” Jamie Lynn said, “Not that I asked for it.”

“Anyway grumpy Spears…” Hayden said with a soft kiss as Jamie Lynn giggled. “In two weeks we’ll have the second part of our Yacht adventure.”

“Bye for now” Hayden and Jamie Lynn said in unison.

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you chimerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie Rosman laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more as it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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