Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “The Yacht Episode, Part Two” – Season Three – Episode Six

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“The Yacht Episode, Part Two”

Season Three: Episode Six

Copyright © 2007

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 6th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, Alexa Vega and her baby sister Makenzie return for the second half of the ‘Yacht Episode’. First up Hayden and Alexa introduce young Makenzie to something that her older sister has had the pleasure of feeling more than once now, a butt fucking from Hayden. Later, Mackenzie Rosman joins us from the CO mail room and answers some of your burning questions. Later again, Alexa joins Dakota and Miley for a little ‘sandwich’ fun on the top deck, Dakota giving her co-star Miley her first butt fucking, while Alexa works the young girls pussy like magic from below.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed by an ALL NEW ‘Bad Girl’)

Story Codes: fff, fff, ff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17), Jamie Lynn Spears (16), Dakota Fanning (13) & Miley Cyrus (14)

Special Guest Star: Mackenzie Rosman (17)

Guest Stars: Alexa Vega (18) & Makenzie Vega (13)

The sad thing about being an 18 year old adult and living with my horny ass girlfriend (Summer McNamara, I hope you knew that by now), is the fact that I now have to work 6 days a week. That job being a mind numbing 8 hours a day as a video store clerk. Love the movies, but hate the mentally retarded customers who can’t seem to understand the fact the movies are in alphabetical order. Course I bet most of them can’t even read. Thankfully it was Tuesday and I was all ready in the mood from the moment I got out of bed for a new episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’. But for some reason my boss doesn’t consider TV shows or my obsession with this show a neccessary reason for getting off two hours early every Tuesday. I need the money (and Summer might leave me) or I’d seriously consider quitting and telling the stupid fuckin bitch to go to hell. So, long story short, I’m reporting the events in episode 6 from my DVR copy of it. Thanks to Summer for remembering to set it, the lucky bitch got to watch while I had to attend to my mindless job.

So getting home at 10:03 p.m., barely after an ALL NEW episode of ‘Willa’s Wild World’, I crashed down onto the couch and picked up the remote and flicked on the DVR to make sure Summer (by my side) had done her job. Thank god it was there, but not wanting to watch without know what was gonna happen, I glanced quickly at the latest issue of TV Futures and discovered this was gonna be the planned second part of episode 4 (the one with Alexa ‘Sexi Lexi’ Vega and her baby sister Makenzie).

So much like last week we opened with the new montage of scenes from previous episodes. First was Hayden, who of course had her cock buried in some hotties ass as she pumped away in a sandwich, then we saw Jamie Lynn, her lips smeared in girl-cum as she looked up and smiled into the camera after licking some girls pussy. Then a combo shot of Miley and Dakota aired as she rode Dakota’s cock. Right at the very end we saw a glimpse of Mackenzie Rosman as she peaked out from behind a hand held camcorder and flipped off the camera with a huge grin.

The episode opened with our nude trio of girls (Hayden, Jamie Lynn and Alexa) coming down the stairs to the lower deck of the yacht. The camera panned around and we saw Miley and Makenzie Vega chatting idly on the couch. Alexa slipped onto the couch by her sister as Makenzie looked up and smiled at her sissy and then looking to the right she saw Hayden as she appeared from off-camera with her strap-on still in place. Miley exiting the scene for the bed to join Dakota and Jamie Lynn. The camera moved to the side and we saw Makenzie open her mouth willingly and stuck out her tongue. Hayden laid the cock on the young girls tongue and watched with a smile as Mackenzie started to suck it. Makenzie’s head began to bob up and down on the cock as Alexa moved her sisters hair into a ponytail on the back of her head and watched her sister suck the cock, taking more and more of it into her mouth with every head bob. Hayden smiled down at Makenzie as the girl took all of it into her mouth a few times and then pulled off as she looked up at Hayden. Smiling proudly as a long string of saliva dripped down onto her body.

“MMMMMMMMHMMMMMM good girl, you think I should give your baby sissy a butt fucking Lexi?” Hayden asked as Makenzie quickly laid back on the couch and got comfortable. Her head now laying below Alexa’s thighs. Hayden had the young girl bring her legs up to her chest. Makenzie had a huge smile on her face as Alexa stroked her hand down Makenzie’s flat chest and stomach to her pussy and worked it for a moment and then to her sisters asshole as she asked Hayden, “Oh yeah, look at this little asshole Hayden, looks so sweet don’t it?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM god yes it does” Hayden said as she slipped onto the couch below Makenzie and stroked her saliva covered cock up and down as Alexa watched Hayden line her cock up with Makenzie’s little asshole and slowly slip inside. Makenzie cooed and hugged her knees to her chest as the head of Hayden’s cock slipped past her ring and slid inside her asshole slowly. Hayden placed one hand on the back of the young girls thighs and stroked in and out slowly but surely. Makenzie seemed to be loving it as she clutched at her own thighs and moaned with each stroke as the cock got deeper and deeper and Hayden went a little faster all the time. Dropping the hand that had guided the cock till now to her side as she let the camera get a clear view of the butt fucking now. “MMMMMMMMMMM yeah Makenzie is that what you wanted so bad baby girl?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM SO FAR UP MY BUTT NOW” Makenzie moaned as almost all of the cock was now buried in her asshole and steadily pumping in and out as Hayden held one arm at her side so the camera could see everything that was going on. Moments later, her thigh’s mashed against Makenzie’s for the first time as the cock was now in all the way. To my surprise, Hayden pulled all the way out as Makenzie moaned and looked down as she dropped her legs and sat up. Opening her mouth again and letting Hayden again slide the cock into her mouth as she started to suck it slowly. Alexa clearing Makenzie’s hair out of her eyes and Hayden smiling down as she dropped both of her arms to her side and moaned. Makenzie placing both of her hands on Hayden’s thighs as she start to deep throat the cock now. Hayden watched for a moment longer before pulling the young girl off. “MMMMMMMMMMMM so yummy out of my butt hole Hayden.”

“Now it’s time for a real butt fuckin baby sister” Alexa said as she had Mackenzie once again lay back and pull her legs up to her chest. Hayden lined her cock up again with Makanzie’s asshole and slipped in all the way as the young girl moaned out loud. Seemingly shocked by the startling sensations as she moaned to Hayden, “God it’s fuckin huge in my butt hole.”

“MMMMMMM HMMMMMMM it sure is baby” Hayden moaned to her as she pulled all the way out till her cock head caught on Makenzie’s asshole ring and then plunged back in as the guest star let out a loud moan. Hayden slid all the way inside yet again as she then leaned forward over Makenzie’s thighs and placed the girls legs on her shoulders and really started to pound it hard as Makenzie cried out and reached over her head and began to rub her sister’s slender body as she shook from the fucking. “MMMMMM look at Lexi she’s taken all of it baby.”

“MMMM fuck yeah that’s it Hayden, just like you do me baby, harder” Alexa said as she cleared Hayden’s long blond hair out of her eyes and kissed her softly, “MMMMMMMMMMM listen to that little girl moan for you, so good at butt fucking.”

“Oh yeah long smooth butt fucking strokes up your asshole Makenzie, is that as good as sissy says it is baby?” Hayden moaned as she looked down at her now and pounded a little harder as her thighs really started to slap at Makenzie’s now and the young girl moaned in almost a grunt as she took it all in her backdoor time after time. Moaning louder and louder as Hayden pounded her cock home and got deeper as Makenzie moaned to her, “OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH F-FUCK yess it is, it feels so good in my butt hole.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMM that’s a good girl take your butt fucking so good” Alexa moaned as Makenzie began to squeal and arched her back in approval as her pussy began to spasm lightly and getting harder with every single stroke by Hayden into her ass. Hayden seemed to know she was on the verge as she moaned to her, “Oh yeah she sure is Lexi, you ready baby? You gonna cum?”

“Yeh yeh ohmigod yesss so good” Makenzie moaned as Hayden gave her a few more hard butt fucking shots and then said right as Makenzie was on the edge, “Here it comes Kenzie baby.”

“Yesssssssssssssss do it Hayden, butt fuck that little angel to pure heaven” Alexa moaned as Hayden pounded Makenzie harder and did just that as the young girls moans grew louder as her pussy spasmed out of control and took her to an awesome peak as she slowly came down. Hayden finally began to slow in her asshole as Makenzie went limp under her. Hayden then slowly moved off the young girls body back to below her and pulled out almost all the way till the cock head was only in and started to work Makenzie’s asshole ring as Alexa got over her little sister in a 69 and licked the cum off her pussy as it oozed and bubbled out of the slick bald little slit. Makenzie moaned loudly as she wrapped her arms around her sister’s waist and felt her cum then get sucked out while her asshole ring was being worked to perfection. Makenzie squirmed for a few more long moments and then felt Alexa rise off her and Hayden pull out of her butt.

“MMMMMMMMM yeh come here Kenzie” Hayden moaned as she held her cock steady for Makenzie, as the young girl rose to her elbows and let Hayden get over her stomach now and slide the cock into her mouth. Hayden watched with a pleasure soaked smile as Makenzie began to deep throat the cock almost immediately, “Oh yeah baby suck my butt fuck stick.”

Alexa scooped Makenzie’s hair into a ponytail behind her head as she watched her sisters head bob up and down on the cock and then leaned forward, as did Hayden and the two began to french. Trading Kenzie’s yummy sweet butt fuck cum back and forth between them. Hayden dropped an arm back to her side so we could see Makenzie between them still bobbing her head as she sucked the cock. Too soon a ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll ended that scene.

This time bringing us to what looked like a mail room with a logo reading ‘CO: Hawaiian Style Mail Room’ appearing on the screen and then quickly folding away. Mackenzie Rosman appearing on camera with a bright smile in what looked to be a mailman’s uniform.

“Hi and welcome to the Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style mail room” She said. “I’m Mackenzie Rosman as you know and this week we’re gonna take a moment or two to answer some questions from you our ever horny viewers. And today’s first letter is from…”

“…a M.A Tapery in San Bernadino, California, it reads…” She said as she opened the letter. “Did you guys plan to ever do a live show or one taped before a live audience?”

“Thank you for the letter M.A.” Mackenzie said, “The answer is a definitive yesss, one of the girls and my biggest fantasies is to have an audience. We are currently in the planning stages so stay tuned and maybe you’ll get exactly what asked you about quicker than you think.”

“The second letter today is from a F.M. Longsworth in Cado, Texas” She said and again opening the letter. “Would you guys like to visit a nice ranch in Texas and have some fun Texas style and feel free to bring the cameras, I’d love to host your entire show for a few days if you’d like to.”

“F.M. by the time you see this, you’ll already have received my phone call and thank you for the generous offer to host our show in the Lone Star state and later this season…” Mackenzie said as she put on a cowboy hat, “Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style will for two episodes become Cumming Out: Texas Style. I am so looking forward to that, see ya soon F.M.”

“The third letter today is from a hottie I’ve talked to on the phone, Alyssa baby what’s up” Mackenzie said with a smile and a flirty wave of the fingers. “She writes simply, are you and Hayden really a couple?”

“Yes we are” Mackenzie said, “And that is all you’re gonna get about my private life. Moving on.”

“The next letter is from Lacey thong in Seattle, Washington” She said and opening the letter. “First let me say I love your show, I’m 15 and for the first time in my life I’m thinking about girls in a new way. I actually just had my first girl on girl encounter with the girl I’ve sorta of been obsessed with for over a year and it was amazing. I was sorta of wondering what you really think of Hayden’s obsession with Starr Manning from One Life To Live, Kristen Alderson I mean.”

“Very nice letter Lacey and I’m glad we could have a positive impact on your life” Mackenzie said with a knowing smile. “As far as Starr or Kristen if you will and Hayden goes…well… let’s just say it doesn’t bother me and you keep an eye peeled on Taboo! TV and this program and I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised, very soon.”

“And this one is from A. Big Loser in who gives a fuckville” Mackenzie said with a glare into the camera and then flipping the bird towards the camera also. “It reads, you know you girls only need some good cock to set you straight and I’m just the man to give it to all of you, when’s my first appearance?”

“What a retard you are” Mackenzie said as she sat down on the mail bag in front of her. “We seriously get letters like this all the time. Some from boys barely old enough to have a hard on. Can’t you fuckin small dick losers understand this is a lesbian show? Hints the fuckin name, Cumming Out. Now I seriously hope you stupid mother fuckers get the idea and stop watching cause your stupid ass letters are getting on my nerves. No dickie, no sticky while this is my show. Now do you get it?”

“Finally, today our letter of the week” Mackenzie said as she held it up. “From Lynsay, it reads, Mac I moon over you the way Hayden moons over Starr Manning if you ever drop Hayden, call me? Picture included.”

“Damn girl” She said with a knowing smile as she showed it the camera and it was me. “Me and Hayden just might hook up with you soon.”

“You fuckin dyke slut” Summer said as she pushed me and I laughed. “If she calls you…”

“You can fuck Hayden…” I said as Summer stopped and smiled and simply said, “OK.”

Back on the screen, Mackenzie blew a kiss as the mail scene ended with yet another of the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolls that brought us to another scene, this one back in the captain’s quarters and on the bed with Alexa and Dakota kissing softly, Dakota on her back with her strap-on in place. Alexa looked up briefly and smiled at the camera as she pulled away from Dakota and sat up on the bed. Stroking her hands over Dakota’s slender body and rubbing the girls puffy nipples as she stood and stepped over Dakota and lowered herself down slowly into the ‘catcher’s position’ as Dakota leaned up and took hold of her cock and held it steady for Alexa. Looking down as she lowered herself, Alexa began impaling herself on the cock as it slid into her pussy. Bouncing gently at first as Dakota held it steady, Alexa moaned and watched it slowly slide in and out as her head hung down. Dakota watched with a very interested smile as she now moved her hand away from the cock and let Alexa take almost all of the cock in her pussy now. Alexa bouncing a little harder and moaning out loud as she landed on Dakota’s thighs for the first time and then lifting herself all the way to the very tip of the cock and again came crashing back down. Then doing it again and again, her moans now mixing with the smacking sound of her ass cheeks slapping at Dakota’s thighs as she crashed down each time. Dakota laid her head back and had an obvious smile of pleasure on her face as she took hold of Alexa’s calfs and held on for the ride. Alexa put one arm down by her side and the other rested on Dakota’s stomach to balance herself as she bounced harder and harder up and down, her titties swaying up and down with her as she did.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM make it feel so good in your pussy Lexi” Dakota moaned as she squeezed her fingers into Alexa’s straining calfs and watched her bounce ever harder and moan even louder. Shaking Dakota’s slender body now every time she crashed down on to the younger girl. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, fuck yeh Lexi, harder baby, harder, you can do it.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM feels so good Dakota” Alexa moaned as her pussy began to spasm lightly as the cock rocketed up into her with each bounce of her body. Rubbing on the back side of her engorged little clitty now as she used her hand on Dakota’s flat sexy stomach to push off and give her even more leverage. The mask of pleasure crossing her face got more and more noticeable and judging by the amount of moaning her and Dakota were doing in perfect unison it looked as if it might be at the same time. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM oh fuck my pussy is spasming so good now Dakota, MMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh gonna cum.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh my pussy is too Lexi, ohhhh fuck spasming so good” Dakota moaned as she laid her head back and enjoyed the sensations surging through her body as she clutched still at Alexa’s now sweat covered calfs, as she too showed with her facial expressions, exactly what kinda pleasure she was getting. Alexa looked down one last time as she lifted herself to the very tip of the cock and impaled herself yet again on it and moaned even louder and then placing a hand over her pussy to keep the cock in place she bounced wildly up and down as Dakota arched her back below and let out a long low moan and seemed to be cumming at that moment. Alexa bounced hard a few more times as she began to squeal like she was being stuffed full and she was in fact as her orgasm tore through her young body time and again and took her deep into pure heaven. Slowly as it faded and sweat literally dripped off her body, she slumped forward on to a now spent Dakota as both moaned softly to the others mouth and began to kiss softly. A close-up showed Dakota kiss Alexa for a long moment as she massaged her tongue against her beautiful guest stars. Makenzie made her way on to the bed a moment later as the two broke and welcomed the horny newcomer to the scene. Alexa stroked her hand up and down Makenzie’s beautiful body as she leaned down and kissed her sister softly and lifted off of Dakota’s cock as it slipped out of her pussy easily. Crawling off of Dakota a moment later, she began to trade tongues with Makenzie as she laid her sister back on the bed. Dakota rolled over onto her side as her hand began to stroke her rubber cock as she watched Alexa and Makenzie trade tongues.

“Want sissy to lick that pussy now?” Alexa asked as she broke with her sister and moved back down the bed and held her hands up for Makenzie. Who pressed her palms to Alexa’s as they laced their fingers together and Alexa laid down, now on her stomach and as Makenzie spread her legs, Alexa wasted no time as she started in on her sisters’ bald cunny slit. Licking it up and down fast from the get go as Makenzie squeezed her fingers into Alexa’s hands as she began squirming from the pleasure. Dakota smiled as she watched and began to rub her pussy under the harness she was wearing as the camera switched back to find Alexa’s head now bobbing up and down slightly as she licked her baby sisters pussy faster, and let her tongue dip inside now every time as Makenzie began to moan out loud. The angle switched to one from behind Alexa’s head and zoomed in as she began to lick her sister’s engorged little clitty softly and then more roughly. “Clitty needs licky my baby?”

“MMMMM HMMMMMMM so good right on it” Makenzie moaned as Alexa licked a few more times right on it as Makenzie jerked and squirmed, pulling at Alexa’s hands as she felt her pussy begin to spasm lightly. Her pussy feeling better with every passing lick to her clit, arching her back and moaning louder and louder. Alexa smiled knowingly for a moment and knew she was driving her little sister towards an orgasm as she licked Kenzie’s clit now faster and faster and more roughly as the camera angle changed to a wide view as we saw Dakota rubbing her pussy now faster under her harness as she watched the action with intense interest. Makenzie laid her head back into the pillows as she squeezed her fingers into Alexa’s and moaned out loud as her young body shook gently from the sensations now increasing with every passing lick of her clit, her pussy beginning to spasm harder. Alexa licked harder and what looked to be a perfectly timed change, she started sucking Makenzie’s little rose bud hard just as her little sister’s pussy spasmed out of control and sent her into a body shaking orgasm as she whimpered and moaned for a few long wonderful moments and then settling down as she went limp on her back. Shaking a little as her cum got sucked out and too soon the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolled across the screen and the scene ended.

Taking us back to the top deck, and the brilliant sunshine and unbelievably beautiful waters of the South Pacific. Dakota was now on her knees on the futon mat with Miley on her belly in front of Dakota as they got the cue to begin from off-camera. Dakota’s hands slipped into Miley’s hair and she watched her co-star begin to suck the rubber cock. Her hands now gently guiding Miley’s head up and down, Dakota scooped Miley’s hair into a ponytail as she sucked on Dakota’s rubber cock. Alexa laid on her back and watched the two and it was kinda obvious at least to me as to what was gonna happen when Miley was done with that cock. Dakota moaned a little as Miley’s head bobbed harder and harder and she took it all in her mouth at once and Dakota felt the harness work her clit harder as she stopped Miley’s head and had her rise to her knees as they kissed softly. Massaging tongues as Dakota began to stroke her saliva soaked cock.

“Ready for your first butt fucking?” Dakota asked as she kissed Miley one more time on the lips.

“MMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM” Miley said as she turned her back to Dakota and crawled over Alexa’s eager mouth and lowered her bald pussy down. A close-up showed Alexa smile a moment before her tongue began to lick at Miley’s lips softly up and down. Miley moaned and squirmed a little as the licking continued and Alexa guided her forward into a 69 with her. The camera angle changed again to a wide shot as Dakota wasted no time, as she slipped above Alexa’s head and in behind Miley and lined her cock up with Miley’s asshole carefully. Alexa looked up with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Miley’s waist and held her in place, while Dakota held the cock steady and slid the head into Miley’s tight pink puckered little asshole. The ring closing and capturing the head inside for a moment as Miley’s eyes closed in pleasure and she moaned out loud as Dakota pulled the cock back out and slid back in again and then did it again. “OHHHHHHH god yesss, MMMMMMMM”

“MMMMMMMMM sooo sweet, feels sooo good” Dakota moaned as one hand slid over the baby smooth skin on Miley’s ass cheeks. Alexa held Miley tight to her as she watched Dakota closely and licked softly around Miley’s clit again and again and licked over it roughly a time or two. Soon, the hand Dakota had on the cock, holding it steady, joined her first on Miley’s back, just above her ass cheeks as she started to slide in and out a little deeper. An angle change, brought us to in front of Miley as she moaned and looked back at Dakota with a pleasure soaked smile on her face as her little asshole got filled up slowly but surely. A switch back to a side view, showing all of the action now, found Dakota dropping an arm to her side ‘Hayden style’ as she slipped the last inch or so into Miley’s once virgin butt. “MMMMMMMM you like that Miley? Does it feel good?”

“God, does it ever” Miley moaned as Dakota lovingly stroked both hands now up and down Miley’s smooth skin and smiled as below them, Alexa was now sucking softly on Miley’s clit. Stopping for a moment as she glanced briefly at the camera and then licking Miley’s exposed clit and then doing it again only more roughly. Miley groaned as Dakota finally pulled back out of her ass and let the cock catch on Miley’s asshole ring and slid back inside as both moaned, and then doing it again. Dakota biting her bottom lip as her hands now rested in the middle of Miley’s back as she started to lightly slap her slender thighs at Miley’s ass cheeks and drove her cock deep into the girls asshole. Faster and faster, and harder with every stroke as Miley moaned out loud and clutched her fingers into Alexa’s thighs below. “MMMMMMMM god, I didn’t think it would feel this good.”

“MMMMMMM god, I told you it felt good” Dakota moaned as she stroked her hands slowly up and down Miley’s smooth skin on her back as she watched every stroke of her cock into the girls asshole. Alexa was now sucking on Miley’s little clitty softly with her warm soft lips as she looked up with a smile and watched the action. Holding Miley tighter to her body and then drawing her lips in as she sucked harder on the younger girls clitty. Making Miley squirm and moan out loud as her pussy started to spasm lightly. Putting a hand on her shoulder, on cue, I thought, Dakota watched and then slipped one of her hands to Miley’s shoulders and laced her fingers with Miley’s in a show of pleasure as Miley asked, “MMMMMMMMMMM does it feel good for you?”

“MMMMMMMMM god it feels sooooo good, I’m gonna cum sooo good” Dakota moaned as she dropped her free hand from Miley’s back to her side and gave the camera a breath taking view as she slapped her thighs louder at Miley’s ass cheeks and drove her cock even deeper. Alexa moaned from below as she sucked now harder and harder on Miley’s clit and made Miley squeeze her fingers into Dakota’s as she squealed her pleasure and shook from her pussy spasming harder now. An angle switch back to in front of Miley, showed Hayden and Jamie Lynn now watching silently with a very interested smile from the steps leading to the bottom deck. Undetected of course as Dakota slowed and slid all the way inside Miley’s ass and leaned forward over her back. Her arms now supporting her by Miley’s shoulders as Miley put both of her hands on top of Dakota’s and laced her fingers as the butt fucking started again in earnest. “MMMMMMMM I love butt fucking you sooo much.”

“OHHHHHHHH god, it feels so fuckin good, I’m gonna cum so hard” Miley moaned as her pussy spasmed hard now and she squeezed her thighs around Alexa’s head and her fingers into Dakota’s as her moaning got louder and her face showed the intense pleasure as the camera angle switched back to a side view so we could see all of the action. Alexa sucked harder on Miley’s engorged clit and then taking a long moment, as the young girl squealed above her, to lick it softly and slowly, before she again started to suck on it. Dakota smacked her thighs off of Miley’s ass cheeks now loudly as she pounded her cock deep, her face showing the pleasure of her on-coming orgasm was bringing to her as Jamie Lynn and Hayden joined the party and slipped to their knees beside the sandwiching trio. Jamie Lynn laying on her side as she watched Alexa, Hayden getting in front of Miley and Dakota and saying to Dakota, “Come on sweet baby, just like I taught you, butt fuck her hard.”

“MMMMMMMMM soooo hard, gonna cum so good” Dakota moaned as Hayden smiled knowingly and watched her deliver a few more shots harder than the last as Miley squealed in pure pleasure. Alexa sucked harder and harder at Miley’s clit now as Jamie Lynn stroked her hand up and down the girls tanned body and encouraged her too. Miley closed her eyes as her orgasm drew dangerously close as her pussy spasmed so hard she could barely stand it. “MMMMMMMM so sweet up her butt fuck hole.”

“What you gonna do now Dakota? Tell me baby” Hayden asked as she kissed Dakota’s lips softly and watched her closely as she butt fucked Miley harder with every stroke.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM god sooo good, I’m gonna butt fuck her to pure heaven” Dakota moaned as Hayden smiled knowingly and watched as Dakota did just that seconds later. Miley screamed as her pussy EXPLODED in rapture and spasmed so hard it numbed her mind as the startlingly wonderful sensations stormed her body and she shook all over as she experienced pure heaven for a few long incredible moments. Dakota moaned with her as her own pussy exploded and she shook as she pounded deep into Miley’s ass. Alexa sucked on Miley’s clit till the last possible moment as she took direction from Jamie Lynn, and capped her mouth over Miley’s bare slit just as the girl grunted and squirted her girl cum. Another hard grunt was followed by a third as her pussy spasmed wildly for another moment as Alexa’s tongue milked her cum out lovingly. Miley went limp a few seconds later as Dakota herself slumped forward and buried her cock in Miley’s ass. Dakota reached down as she pulled almost out of Miley’s asshole to take hold of the cock as Hayden said, “Hold on, not yet, gotta butt fuck her cum all out first.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that’s making my pussy feel so good” Miley moaned as Dakota gave her a hard shot and stopped for a moment and then gave her another as Alexa sucked at Miley sweet pussy to get all of her honey cum out. Another long smooth stroke from Dakota into her asshole, made Miley squeal as her pussy spasm wildly again and squirted another bit of her cum into Alexa’s greedy mouth.

“Sooooo good butt fuckin her cum out” Dakota moaned as she slammed into Miley once again and stopped as Miley squealed and finally went limp on top of Alexa. Dakota slowly pulled out of Alexa’s tight little ass as Miley groaned. “I cummed so good butt fucking her.”

“Oh yeah I bet you did, come here my sweet baby” Hayden said to Dakota as she motioned her to come meet her in front of Miley now. Directing Dakota to turn to face Miley as she held her cock. Hayden moved in behind Dakota and pressed her chest to the girls back as she took hold of the cock and guided it into Miley’s mouth. Miley willingly opened her mouth and started to suck it as Dakota watched and moaned. Hayden moaning in her ear as she started to massage Dakota’s puffy nipples and said into the girls ear. “Hold her hair.”

“OH yeah so good” Dakota moaned as she scooped Miley’s hair into a ponytail on the back of her head. Watching as Alexa started to suck again on Miley’s clitty, which made Miley moan on the cock and take it deeper and deeper in her mouth with every bob of her head.

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commercial free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more and it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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