Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “Willa’s Gets Wild” – Season Three – Episode One

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Willa’s Gets Wild”

Season Three: Episode One

Copyright © 2007

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: A new loaction, a new outdoor set, a new host and a new name. Yeh it’s the new season of Cumming Out, and this time it’s Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style. Our new host, Hayden Panettiere, welcomes America’s most famous little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears as her co-host for the sizzling ‘au natural’ premiere of Cumming Out, season three. In this episode, Hayden and Jamie Lynn show off the new set over looking the western coast of the Big Island, and welcomes new ‘Taboo! TV’ star, Willa Holland (star of Willa’s Wild World) for a little girl on girl fun in the sun. Which features Willa getting put through her paces by Hayden and Jamie Lynn, beginning with the horny twosome taking turns sucking on Willa’s little clitty and then doing it at the same time. Later, Jamie Lynn and Willa get down to some serious pussy licking action in a 69, whatever in the world will Hayden have to do meanwhile?

Story Codes: fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17) & Jamie Lynn Spears (16)

Guest Stars: Willa Holland (16)


Life sure does change a lot in two years, I’m now 17 and on my own, althought that decision was not exactly of my own choosing. See me and my parents didn’t exactly see eye to eye on my choice of significant others or should I say the sex of my significant other. Her name is Summer McNamara and I met her at the local Q-zone (think 7-11 only clean) one night while I was working and it was love at first sight, if I do say so myself. Before I knew it we were together every day and yadda yadda yadda, long story short, we are now living together. Well, anyway, to the point of this story, what else? Cumming Out, the 3rd season no less.

Life sure does change a lot in two years, I’m now 17 and on my own, althought that decision was not exactly of my own choosing. See me and my parents didn’t exactly see eye to eye on my choice of significant others or should I say the sex of my significant other. Her name is Summer McNamara and I met her at the local Q-zone (think 7-11 only clean) one night while I was working and it was love at first sight, if I do say so myself. Before I knew it we were together every day and yadda yadda yadda, long story short, we are now living together. Well, anyway, to the point of this story, what else? Cumming Out, the 3rd season no less.

Yes folks, the rumors are true, Cumming Out is back for a sizzling new season with Hollywood’s hottest young stars exploring their most private of desires, girl love that is, in paradise. Yeh you heard me right, Cumming Out is coming to you this season from Hawaii. The sunshine, the blue waters of the South Pacific, the naked tanned and toned bodies, uncontrollable moans of pleasure and of course lots and lots of juicy details from me, your ever horny GLG blogger.

So here we are again, I’m naked with Summer by my side in front of the tv with a dvd in the recorder (yes I’ve upgraded to a dvd recorder) and the phone unplugged from the wall (just in case). I clicked record on the dvd recorder as the commercials come to an end and we see the Taboo! logo flash on the screen and then the booming voice of the announcer came on, “Tonight is the night you have waited for, the 3rd season premiere of Tv’s hottest show, Cumming Out. But first we present a special sneak preview of ALL new Taboo! TV series, ‘Willa’s Wild World'”.

“No shit?” Summer asked looking to me as she moved to the edge of the sofa and a video package began to roll with fleeting glances of bare skin and faces contorted in pleasure. Followed only a few seconds later by the logo for the new series and these words in large text, “Willa’s Wild World, every Tuesday immediately following Cumming Out on Taboo!”

“You fuckin whore” Summer said with a huge smile as she grinned at me, “You know I fuckin love her, and you didn’t even tell me she a had series coming on?”

“I also didn’t tell you she’s on Cumming Out tonight” I said as her bottom lip dropped and she squealed in excitement.

Back on the screen, the logo for ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ was just rolling off-screen as the camera focused in on a gorgeous shot of the South Pacific and then panning to the right we see a stunning shot of Hayden Panttiere clad in a thong (or should I say a thin string running up between her ass cheeks) as she looked off in the distance, her back to the camera. The set it should be noted is on a bluff over looking some of the most beautiful water in the world. Basically imagine one of those ESPN workout shows (Denise Austin?) with a bed in place of the bar bells and a couch off to the right of it. Hayden turned moments later to show us that the bikini was as skimpy from the front as the back, the top barely covered her hardened nipples and firm titties and the bottom gave a gorgeous view of her slick bald little cunny as it was barely more than a thin strip of cloth. She was sporting a noticeably darker tan also.

“Hey guys” Hayden beemed with a smile from ear to ear. “How do you like this set? Oh yeah I know what you’re thinking and yes it is indeed our new permanent residence. This being our third season, we thought making a change like this would help breath new life into the series, among other things. Like for instance a return to our original 30 minute format and now being commerical free thanks to our new sponsor, Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.”

“Where’s Jamie Lynn?” Summer asked as I shushed her and looked back to the tv, where Hayden was going on, “…so without further ado I’d like to introduce you to my new-co-host, she’s still the world’s most famous little sister and the star of the hit TeenNick series, Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears.”

“Hey hey” Jamie Lynn said as she appeared on camera in a matching skimpy as all hell bikini and hugged Hayden, who’s hand quickly went to Jamie Lynn’s hot lil ass and squeezed one of her ass cheeks playfully as they grinned at each other and then started to softly kiss.

“MMMMMMMMMM” Jamie Lynn cooed as she and Hayden parted and tilted their heads the other way and begin to kiss with more tongue thrown in this time it looked like. The camera pulled back and showed, as they broke again, Jamie Lynn push Hayden down onto the couch playfully and turn to the camera and smile and then turning to make sure Hayden was looking at her butt as she said. “You likey Hay Hay?”

“Yesssssssssssss I do, so fuckin gorgeous” Hayden said as the shot switched to one from the side as Hayden’s hands slid slowly up the baby smooth skin of Jamie Lynn’s thighs and then over the two thin strips of string holding her new co-host’s thong in place and pulling them down gently. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yes that’s better. You know I’m gonna butt fuck this lil ass again soon baby, you know that right?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM as long as you take care of my horny little pussy too” Jamie Lynn said as her bottom dropped to her feet and Hayden helped her step out of it. Then pulling Jamie Lynn down on to the couch and kissing her hard on the lips for a long moment before saying, “Right now too soon?”

“MMMMMMMM thought you’d never ask” Jamie Lynn said as her and Hayden again kissed for a long moment. “But first we do have a guest we should tell our horny ass viewers about, right?”

“Willa Holland from the O.C. is on tonight” Hayden said looking directly into the camera as Summer leaped out of the seat beside me and I just had to laugh. Then looking off-camera Hayden went on and pointed to that area as she said, “she’s standing right there, come on get your ass over here.”

Willa looked to be surprised by the sudden invite to the other side of the camera as she was caught stripping out of her robe and then quickly moving in front of the other two. Her back to the camera, we could see clearly she too was wearing a thin string type thong and a looked to be painted on bikini. The angle rolled to the right and we again saw Hayden and a bottomless Jamie sitting on the couch as Hayden motioned with one finger for Willa to join them on the couch. But as Willa started to take a seat by her co-hosts, Hayden stopped her as she stood and moved in behind Willa and had her turn to the camera at the side of the couch. Both smiled as Hayden gave a knowing smile and Willa looked to be a lilttle uncertain of what was about to happen. Hayden softly kissed Willa’s shoulder and untied the string to her bikini top and let it fall just a bit and laughed as Willa jumped and grabbed the top.

“What’s wrong Willa?” Hayden asked as she playfully pulled at the bikini top. “You not ready for us yet?”

“No not that” Willa said as she seemed to regain her confidence and dropped the top and showed us the beautiful set of titties she had, perky and firm as only a young starlet could have. Hayden’s hands went around her slender waist and up her flat sexy stomach and to those titties and cupped them in her hands as she kissed across her neck and Willa moaned contently as Jamie Lynn appeared from off-camera and stepped in front of the two. Playing with Willa’s hair and then kissing her softly as the two quickly started to exchange tongues in a french. A wrap around shot brought the camera view to the back of Willa and Jamie lynn as they kissed softly, we see Hayden as she slowly drops down and pulls Willa’s skimpy thong down her legs and lets her step out of it. Then rising she has the other girls break and turns Willa around and begins to kiss her softly. Jamie Lynn, meanwhile strips off her top quickly and takes Willa’s hand and pulls her towards the couch and away from Hayden, causing all three girls to break into a fit of giggles. Jamie lynn jumped as Hayden smacked her tan ass cheeks and gave her a defiant look and pointed to the couch as Jamie Lynn took the direction and sat down in her previous spot and spread her legs wide as she reached for Willa as planned (I’m guessing). Willa looked back as she sat down in front of Jamie Lynn, between her legs and scooted to the very edge of the couch as Hayden dropped to her knees and moved into position in front of Willa. “You know it’s thanks to you horny sluts that I wanted to do my new series?”

“Well Hayden and the gang made me think twice about girls too” Jamie Lynn said as she wrapped her arms around Willa’s waist and after moving her hair out of the way, kissed her neck softly. Willa moaned softly as she again started to trade tongues with Hayden for a long moment. Meanwehile, Jamie Lynn reached around the pair and pulled the string to Hayden’s bikini top free and dropped it to the ground. Willa turned after breaking with Hayden and began kissing Jamie Lynn seductively over her shoulder as Hayden dropped her head down with a smile on her face and rubbed at Willa’s pretty little bald pussy as it came into full view now.

“I gladly take credit for making america’s girls a little more bi” Hayden said with a coy smile and before Willa could reply she planted her tongue firmly at the bottom of Willa’s entrance slowly and licked straight up her slit as she applied a gently pressure to the center. Making Willa moan in agreement.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yesss Hay Hay” Willa moaned as Hayden licked her slit up and down a few more times and now over her engorged little clitty each time. Carefully placing a hand on each of Willa’s smooth inner thighs to keep them in place as Hayden’s head bobbed a little faster with each stroke up the girls slit. “Oh fuck wow, yess faster, faster please Hayden.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM you heard the poor girl Hayden, come on faster. suck her clitty real good too” Jamie Lynn moaned with a smile as Hayden quickened her pace and pumped her tongue up and down faster and faster. Willa laid her head back and moaned for a long moment as her body shook from the effects of the pleasure now. Jamie Lynn moved one hand to just above Willa’s pretty pussy as she leaned over the girls shoulder and watched Hayden work. Willa moaned loudly and laid her own head back against Jamie Lynn’s shoulder as Hayden’s tongue made more trips up and down her pussy slit. Dipping inside time and again and beginning to fuck in and out. Hayden’s long blonde locks had by now fallen into our view and as Willa cried out once and again, Jamie Lynn moved her hands quickly to Hayden’s hair as Willa got the idea and cleared it out of the way for the camera to get a good view. Pulling it into a ponytail on top of Hayden’s head. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM god I can feel her pussy spasming, that has it to feel so good baby.”

“Fuck yes, ohmigod it does” Willa moaned in a slightly whimpering tone as she squirmed as best she could in Jamie Lynn’s grip. Hayden circled a hand under one of Willa’s smooth thighs and brought it around to the outside and joined her hand with Willa’s and laced their fingers as she began pumping her tongue now hard in and out. Rubbing it perfectly on the underside of her clit and making the girl moan louder and louder with every thrust seemingly. Hayden smiled as she stopped for only a moment and then started in on sucking Willa’s engorged little clit with her soft warm lips. Willa jerked and moaned louder, Jamie Lynn holding her tighter as Hayden sucked hard on the little nubbin and then licked it fast before sucking it some more. Willa’s free hand slipped from Hayden’s hair as Jamie Lynn then scooped Hayden’s mussed hair into a ponytail again and we got a close up as she sucked harder and her jaws drew in with the pressure increasing. Willa squirmed and moaned, “UHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN fuck yesss I’mma cum so good, oh fuck yessssss.”

“MMMMMMMMM yeh make it cum hard Hayden” Jamie Lynn moaned as she kissed Willa’s neck along the back and held her tighter around the waist with her free hand and still holding Hayden’s hair in place with the other. Willa jerked her hips as her body tensed up and she held out as long as she could before beginning to cum. Her pretty face showing the wonderful pleasure she was experiencing as Hayden sucked her clit hard till Willa’s body relaxed in Jamie Lynn’s arms. Hayden then moved moved her lips into place and capped her mouth over Willa’s slit and sucked softly, drawing her sweet cum out.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHH fuck yes” Willa moaned as Hayden sucked out the rest of Willa’s obviously sweet girl cum out of her pussy. “AHHHH yeh god fuck I love that.”

“MMMMMMM let me taste my cum” Willa moaned as Hayden rose following one last lick of her pussy and kissed her in a long cum soaked french kiss. Jamie Lynn stroked Hayden’s hair to get her attention and they soon started kissing before Willa had them seperate and pointing to a heart shaped bed at the side of the couch.

“Trust me, it is” Hayden said trying to convince Jamie Lynn her plan would work. With Hayden directing traffic, Willa moved to the top of the bed and laid back on the pillows and each of the other’s moved to either side of her. Both sliding hands and fingers up and down different parts of her body.

“What are you guys planning?” Willa asked as Hayden sat with her knees doubled under her, as did Jamie Lynn, and lowered her head to Willa’s pussy. Jamie Lynn took that as her cue and leaned forward and began kissing Willa’s lips softly. Hayden could feel Willa jerk as she spread her pussy lips and sucked on her clit for the first time. She sucked it for a long moment softly and rose and saw Jamie Lynn still swapping tongue’s with Willa. Running her fingers through the girls hair to get her attention she grinned as Jamie Lynn looked up and moved down to Willa’s pussy and started sucking her clit right on the tip, harder and longer than Hayden had done it. Willa moaned loudly as the sucking continued and Jamie Lynn pulled away and gave Hayden another chance. One which Hayden gladly excepted as she sucked it harder and longer, finishing it with a twist of her lips as Willa’s body jerked.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWW yeh that felt good huh?” Hayden asked as Willa moaned her reply.

“Oh god does it ever” Willa moaned as Jamie Lynn took her turn and Hayden cleared her hair away and let Willa watch. Jamie Lynn sucked her hard and finished by ‘popping off’ as she pulled away until Willa’s clit popped free from her lips. Willa again jerked and clutched at the pillows above her head as she moaned loudly. “OH MY GOD THAT FEELS INCREDIBLE.”

“Little clitty needs sucking huh?” Hayden asked with a smile.

“Did that make your pussy feel good? Want me to do it some more?” Jamie Lynn asked as Willa moaned her reply and Jamie Lynn moved up and kissed Willa’s lips as Hayden took her turn and sucked it long and hard, her jaws drawing in all the way as she did. Finishing once again with a soft twisting of her lips, this time bringing Willa’s butt off the bed as she moaned into Jamie Lynn’s mouth. Jamie Lynn moved back down and began sucking again as Willa moaned even louder than before as Jamie Lynn pulled off and began spanking her fingers on Willa’s hot little clit. Right before sucking it again, harder and again longer. Hayden took this oppurtunity and kissed Willa passionaitely, feeling Willa’s hand clutch in her hair after only a few seconds as her body was filled with wonderful sensations. While her tongue rolled relentlessly against Hayden’s. Jamie Lynn began “popping off” repeatedly on Willa’s clit a few seconds later, making the girl jerk and moan loudly, even forcing her to pull away from Hayden for a moment. Hayden smiled loving the sight of watching Willa in midst of so much pleasure. While below her Jamie Lynn again spanked Willa’s clit and waited for Hayden to rejoin her. Hayden moved down and sucked right on Jamie Lynn’s fingers as she held Willa’s clit exposed. Then mimicing Jamie Lynn she began to ‘pop’ off herself as Willa moaned and clutched at the pillows nearing her second orgasm.

“Oh yeah keep sucking my pussy needs to cum” Willa moaned as Hayden stopped and looked at Jamie Lynn for a second as Jamie asked, “Show me how to do that twist thing?”

“Sure” Hayden said doing it as Jamie Lynn watched, she twisted her lips one way and then the other and then rose and let Jamie Lynn try it as Willa nearly went out of her mind in pleasure. Jamie Lynn did it perfectly and repeated it endlessly as she practiced her new trick. Hayden smiled and cleared her blonde hair out of the way so she could watch and finally had to pull Jamie Lynn off to keep her from making Willa cum.

“So now you ready?” Jamie Lynn asked, as Hayden looked to Willa. Waiting for the panic that usually sets in when someone things they been abandoned after all that sucking and before they can cum. Willa opened her eyes and was about to say something when she saw the wicked look in Hayden’s eyes and saw her draw Jamie Lynn into a kiss, trading her tongue for Jamie Lynn’s as Willa begged for attention. But soon enough Hayden guided her down to Willa’s pussy. Jamie Lynn’s head laying now partly on Willa’s stomach and Hayden’s on her thigh, as they each began sucking on one side of Willa’s engorged little clitty. Their tongues dueling right on it, swirling around it and battering it relentlessly into total submission. Willa arched her back and jerked hard, holding off on her orgasm for as long as she could. Wanting to experience this intense sensation for a few seconds, and finally screaming as she exploded in a way she’d never done before, a long hard cum squirting orgasm that leaves you panting for a long while after. That’s exactly what happened as both girls sucked her clit, she reached her incredible peak and then grunted loudly as her cum squirted out against Hayden’s lips and face. Hayden stopped and began sucking at Willa’s lips tasting her tangy sweet cum and licking it all up, as Jamie Lynn sucked harder and drained all of the cum out of Willa she could get. Willa moaned as both girls worked on her getting every last drop of cum out.

“Oh my god fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Willa moaned as Jamie Lynn finally stopped and looked up at her, stroking her stomach and then kissing Hayden as she rose up. Each tasting Willa’s cum on the other lips. After a few seconds of giggling they both crawled up to share their reward with Willa, who was quickly recovering and gladly french kissed Hayden and then Jamie Lynn for long moments as the camera focused on them. A site worth enjoying for a few more moments at least as Willa sat up and quickly moved her hand down Jamie Lynn’s flat sexy stomach to her baby smooth cunny as she rubbed it, Jamie cooed and broke their kiss and let Willa have her way. A close-up shot showed Willa working her fingers into the folds of Jamie Lynn’s slit as she worked it up and down and then rubbed her clitty right on the tip as Jamie Lynn moaned loudly. Willa leaned forward and kissed her stomach as she began to moan with her and slid one finger in and out now on the underside of Jamie Lynn’s clit.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yessss” Jamie Lynn moaned as Willa looked up at her with smile and then that faded as she got a more determined look on her face and really pumped her finger in and out Jamie Lynn’s sweet spot hard. Jamie Lynn moaned louder as her arms hung at her side and the camera moved around to in front of the two as Willa now rammed her finger in and out and in and out harder and harder with ever increasing speed it looked. “Ohmigod, ohmigod it feels so good baby.”

“MMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMM fuck yes I know” Willa moaned as she plunged her finger as Jamie Lynn began to tremble slightly and laid her head back and moaned louder than before as her pussy began spasming around the finger of Willa and within seconds she lost control and shook as her orgasm took hold and began cumming all over Willa’s still pumping finger. Willa smiled as the camera pulled back and showed Hayden rejoining the two with her strap-on now in place. Jamie lynn settled down as she looked to the right and Willa pulled her now soaked finger out of Jamie Lynn’s pussy. “Is that for me?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM it is sure is” Hayden moaned as she stroked the rather large looking rubber cock now sticking straight out from her newly attached harness. One that was made of a clear plastic material so it looked almost invisible on tv. Hayden looked to have already covered the cock in some oily substance as she stroked it up and down. Jamie Lynn, still looking a little shaky after her orgasm, quickly laid down behind Willa and with her head now at Hayden’s knees it all became, incredible as it was, clear as to what was about to happen. Willa looked from Hayden to Jamie Lynn and nodded her head to someone off-camera and as she turned her back to Hayden and carefully crossed her leg over Jamie Lynn’s head and lowered her pussy down and watched as Jamie Lynn happily began to lick it softly, up and down the slit. Willa quickly leaned forward on to her elbows and looked back to Hayden with a smile as Hayden got behind her and lined her butt fucking cock up with Willa’s very tiny puckered lil asshole. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM god Jamie yesssss.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMMMM baby that’s a tight fit huh?” Hayden asked in a moan as she slowly slid inside Willa’s asshole as the guest star moaned out loud as Hayden began pumping in and out just a little. jamie lynn’s eyes looked to be glued to the action just above her head as she continued to lick softly up and down Willa’s slit with ease. Her tongue dipping inside and back out with ease now. Hayden pulled all the way out and now slid a little more back in the ultra tight hole as she went faster and deeper in Willa’s back door. Both of her hands now sliding to the middle of Willa’s bareback as the girl moaned out loud in a whimpering moan as Hayden yet again quickened the pace of the butt fucking. Jamie lynn below had now began to suck on the Willa’s clit softly as she circled her lips around the little joy buzzer and let her jaws draw in as she sucked on it a little more and more with increasing amounts of pressure. Hayden’s cock finally slid all the way into Willa’s asshole as she plunged it in and out harder and harder and began to spank her thighs of Willa’s ass cheeks gently at first and then harder and harder. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh that’s the kind of butt fucking I like doing.”

“Oh god, oh god yessss fuck oh my god butt fucking feels good” Willa moaned at almost a screaming level as Hayden watched every single stroke of her cock into the girls plum little asshole. Her hands moving up to clear Willa’s long hair out of her eyes as she pumped harder and harder into her asshole with every stroke. Jamie Lynn meanwhile had now moved her hands to Willa’s sides and was holding her in place on top of her as Willa shook between them and squirmed as Jamie Lynn’s tongue licked over and over on her clit time and again. Stopping for long moments to circle around it and then licking it over again. Willa’s body was now covered in a thick film of sweat as it dripped off her on to Jamie Lynn below her. While Hayden was in virtually the same condition her long blonde locks madded to her back and chest as she plunged her cock in and out endlessly on Willa and spanked her thighs louder off of the girls ass cheeks each time.

“Yessssss sweet baby it sure does” Hayden moaned to Willa as she flipped her now sweat stained hair to the other side of her body and leaned forward over Willa’s back, now sandwiching her with Jamie Lynn. A close-up below them showed Jamie Lynn now sucking hard on Willa’s engorged clitty as she tried to bring the girl off in a hurry. A scream from Willa just then showed the effects it was having. Hayden, her arms now supporting her over Willa’s back, looked down and watched her cock pump Willa’s back door like a piston as she moaned herself and her face began showing the wonderful pleasure of the moment as she pounded Willa’s butt fucking hole with a fury now and made the younger girl scream again as she neared her explosion point. One which she reached, it appeared only seconds later as her body began to shake hard and was followed by this moaning annoucement, “UHNNNNNNNNNNN oh my fucking god I’m cumming so hard.”

Hayden seemed to cum at the exact same moment as her eyes clamped shut and her body too began to shake as her body expereinced a wonderful orgasm. Jamie Lynn at that moment moved her lips over Willa’s pretty pussy slit and began to suck softly as the girl moments later would squirt several hard gooey shots of girl cum in her open mouth. Each followed by a loud grunt as Willa settled down and felt Hayden slow in her ass and sink all the way inside for a moment as she kissed Willa’s shoulder.

“God damn baby that felt sooooooooooooo good” Willa moaned as she moaned still from Jamie Lynn’s continued pussy licking and then looking directly into the camera and moaning, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM cumming out feels so good.”

Fade to black as the ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ logo suddenly appeared and the scene changed without Hayden being able to respond. A brief interlude for the sponsor to bore us with a momentary ad before we returned to the action. We now see Hayden and Willa sitting on the couch, softly kissing, trading tongues back and forth as the camera zoomed in and gave a breath taking view of the beautiful site.

“Hey guys” Jamie Lynn said in a whisper as she appeared in front of the camera, “Welcome back.”

“Look at that….” She said pointing to the twosome making out on the couch, “…is that not hot as hell? MMMMMM yes it is, I think we should see Willa do some pussy licking now. Ya think?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Willa cooed as she broke with Hayden as Jamie Lynn joined them on the couch. Willa looked to Jamie Lynn and giggled as she figured out what she was too do next and raised her eyebrows as Hayden turned and sat back on the couch as Willa slipped to the floor. Willa moved in between Hayden’s thighs as she scooted to the end of the couch, and Jamie Lynn momentarily stroked her co-hosts pussy as Hayden moaned lightly. The camera zoomed in and we got a close-up view as Willa slipped her hair behind her ear and lowered her head as Jamie Lynn moved her hand away and Willa placed her tongue at the bottom of Hayden’s bald slit and with a glance from the corner of her eye to the camera she slid her tongue all the way up. Making Hayden squirm and then repeating this beautiful scene again and again endlessly until her head was bobbing up and down and up and down in a soft rythmic motion. A close-up showed all the action for the moment as Willa’s tongue made trip after trip up the slit and after a few moments she slowly spread Hayden’s slit and licked her clitty at the very top.

“Oh my god yessss baby” Hayden moaned as the camera pulled back and showed the action in a wide shot. Willa’s arm had now circled around the outside of Hayden’s far thigh to hold her as she licked more roughly over Hayden’s clit time and again. Jamie Lynn kept stroking Willa’s hair free of her face to assure a good view as Willa bobbed her head harder and harder up and down. A few long moments passed before she began to suck on Hayden’s clit softly and with our host’s full approval I might add as she moaned, “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeh Willa baby, suck my little rose bud hard.”

“Oh yeah suck it so good pretty baby” Jamie Lynn moaned to her as she collected Willa’s stray hair into a ponytail at the back of her head finally. Hayden laid back against the couch and moaned as her pussy began to spasm with Willa’s sucking getting increasingly harder with every passing moment. One of Willa’s hands went to the inside of Hayden’s smooth thigh as she focused her sucking on the tip of Hayden’s clit and felt the girl begin to shake as Hayden squirmed and moaned louder and louder, then arching her back and feeling her pussy spasm out of control as her orgasm took over. After a couple of long moments more of clit sucking, just as Hayden’s orgasm faded, Willa lowered her head a bit and shoved her tongue inside and started to fuck it in and out as she sucked Hayden’s sweet girl cum out. Making our host moan even louder as it all got sucked out and the camera caught it all in a perfect view.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Hayden moaned as Willa pulled away and rose up to share the cum with Hayden in a french kiss as Jamie Lynn said into the camera, “Next week Miley Cyrus and Dakota Fanning will join the cast and we’ll welcome not one, but two guests. Will you two sluts stop!”

“Party pooper” Hayden said as all three giggled and her and Willa broke from their french kiss. “Oh yes, next week, along with Miley and Dakota joining us we’ll have my baby in the house, Mackenzie Rosman that is, for a little at home footage and Alia Shawkat and Renee Olstead are caught with me on tape. See ya then.”

Fade to black as we see a goofy look logo with some dude in an ugly hat as the announcer says, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion. Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls away as another screen comes and up reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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