Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “At Home w/Hayden and Mackenzie” – Season Three – Episode Two

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“At Home w/Hayden and Mackenzie”

Season Three: Episode Two

Copyright © 2007


Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 2nd episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, Mackenzie Rosman and our ever horny host, Hayden Panettiere, spend some quality time at Hayden’s place. Beginning with Mackenzie and her ever present camcorder trained on Hayden she probes our host to give up the details of her pre-‘Cumming Out’ sexual history. Later, Mackenzie catches Hayden exploring this weeks guest stars, Alia Shawkat and Renee Olstead in a ‘private’ fucking session. Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn introduces us to the latest ‘CO:H3’ cast members, Dakota Fanning and Miley Cyrus. Then Hayden and Mackenzie spends sometime one-on-one, again.

Story Codes: ff, fff, oral, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17), Jamie Lynn Spears (16), Dakota Fanning (13) & Miley Cyrus (14)

Special Guest Star: Mackenzie Rosman (17)

Guest Stars: Alia Shawkat (18) & Renee Olstead (18)


Hey sluts, it’s Crystal Larue again, you know Lynsay’s “slutty” sister. Yeh well I’m the slut and she’s the whore, at least according to me. So ha. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnyways, I’m filling in for her on this “special” episode (and no not special in the retarded way) of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’. See this week I glanced through the latest issue of TV Futures and found it said something rather odd (not a good odd either).

Hey sluts, it’s Crystal Larue again, you know Lynsay’s “slutty” sister. Yeh well I’m the slut and she’s the whore, at least according to me. So ha. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnyways, I’m filling in for her on this “special” episode (and no not special in the retarded way) of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’. See this week I glanced through the latest issue of TV Futures and found it said something rather odd (not a good odd either).

“Cumming Out: At Home with Hayden and Mackenzie (ALL NEW)” I read aloud to myself and thought about how crappy this was gonna be compared to the usual girl-on-girl fuck fest the show is. It’ll prolly closely resemble the Paris Hilton porn with that dickless loser of a boyfriend she had. All dark and shitty looking with about two minutes of actual sex in the 90 minutes. Talk about a lawsuit waiting to happen, somebody should sue her for giving girls like me a bad name. Stupid fucking whore got what she deserved. Anyways (for the second time), tonight’s episode was not sounding promising and I wasn’t really looking forward to it at all. But due to my promise to Lynsay about covering her ass this week, I have to. So here goes.

8:00 o’clock straight up and down and we got the logo for ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ popping up and the announcer guy saying aloud, “Please welcome Jamie Lynn Spears.”

“Hey guys welcome to paradise and the gorgeous west coast of Hawaii’s big island” Jamie Lynn said with a glowing smile, which got me ready for action already. “Tonight we thought we’d change things up a little and give you guys an exclusive peak at what the girls of Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style are really like at home, you know, no make-up, glitter or baby oil. Just two girls and a digital camcorder doing what comes naturally.”

“Make no boners about it guys and lovely dolls, this is completely unrehearsed, and totally uncensored” Jamie Lynn announced, “So enjoy this special episode. Here we go.”

Jamie Lynn’s gorgeous smile faded out as the camera angle changed from the Hawaiian tropics to a dark room and the ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ logo appearing in red. The camera shook as if someone were using a handheld and that’s exactly what it was, as the person holding the camera turned a corner and stopped and began to zoom in on a blond spread out on the floor, working on a banner laid out along side of her. That blond was of course, Hayden, our ever horny star, looking hot as hell as always (could she look bad if she tried?). The camera person moved slightly to the right and zoomed in a little closer as we saw Hayden’s tongue was sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated.

“She doesn’t even know how hot she is” The now female voice said as she quietly maneuvered around the back of the room and ended up on the other side of Hayden as she apparently sat down in a chair off to the side and we watched for a moment as our cute blond host worked. Until that is, our camera person cleared her throat to get Hayden’s attention, “Ahem.”

“Mackenzie what are you doing with that camera?” Hayden asked as she looked up from her work on the banner (I knew that was Mackenzie behind the camera, I did really).

“Blackmailing you” Mackenzie said with a giggle, “I’m gonna catch you in a compromising position and threaten to post it on the Internet unless you become my love slave.”

“Well under those circumstances I guess you win” Hayden said with a huge smile crossing her face as she looked into the camera from over her shoulder. “To the victor go the spoils I guess.”

“Oh yeah you know they do” Mackenzie said as Hayden giggled and went back to work on her banner. The camera bounced around a bit as it was being set down it looked and then we saw Mackenzie’s face appear for the first time. Mackenzie Rosman that is (see I told you fucktards I knew who it was). She crawled over to Hayden who looked up briefly and let Mackenzie move across her back. Mackenzie stroking Hayden’s hair to the far side of her shoulder and rubbed her back softly, “I bet your neck is killing you after all that work huh?”

“Yeh it’s kinda stiff, but I’m almost done” Hayden commented, “But you could distract me for a while you know, rub my neck for me?”

“Sure” Mackenzie said as she glanced at the camera and then snapped her head back as Hayden caught her and asked, “Is that thing still on?”

“No, of course not” Mackenzie said as her hands found their way to Hayden’s neck and she started to slowly massage the muscles, “I don’t tape everything you know.”

“The hell you don’t” Hayden said, “This morning in the shower, me eating breakfast, me watching TV, me doing anything.”

“So?” Mackenzie asked as her hands worked the muscles of Hayden’s neck and Hayden rolled her head and sighed contently with a smile on her face. “Who knows maybe it’ll end up as an episode of our show. You know I’m just trying to make my baby an even bigger star than she already is.”

“MMMMMMM yeh sure Mac, I’m pretty sure people aren’t interested in watching me and you make out in the shower for a half hour” Hayden said (hey, I would be). “That’ll drive those ratings up huh?”

“Well maybe not, but I bet fans would love seeing the behind the scenes stuff and it wasn’t a half hour, more like an hour” Mackenzie pointed out. “Like an uncensored interview with you, talking about your desires and your real private life. What do you say?”

“Potentially” Hayden said as Mac rolled off her back and sat down beside her and said, “That’s it, let’s do an interview then.”

“Like what kinda questions?” Hayden asked with a teasing smile as she rolled on to her back and Mackenzie reached to her side and pulled the table the camera was sitting on closer to the pair. “Go on miss interviewer!”

“OK first question” Mackenzie said as she focused the camera on Hayden’s smiling face and sat down just out of the camera’s range and went on (real fucking bright Mackenzie, Hayden is not the only hot chick you slut), “What was your first time like?”

“HMMMMM right to the juicy stuff huh?” Hayden giggled as she went on, “OK, OK, it was with my then best friend about 5 months or so before before Cumming Out debuted. We’ll call her Dani, and it was just me and her home alone one night with my parents out working on some stuff for me or Jansen, not sure. But anyway, it was the night that I first told her I was gonna do Cumming Out and she was like freaked out at first.”

“What did she say?” Mackenzie asked.

“She was like, you’re gonna lick another girls pu-tang for money?” Hayden said as she again giggled, “And I was like yeh, at least I think that’s what they want me to do. I wasn’t totally sure at the time, never having actually done any of that before, but for some reason she volunteered to try it with me.”

“Volunteered or you slutduced her?” Mackenzie asked with a sarcastic tone in her voice which drew a middle fingered “bird” from Hayden as she responded, “I didn’t seduce her, she was like, I am so tired of guys who can’t hit the hole and after I got done laughing, she just came out and asked me. What was I to do? Turn her down?”

“I might have at that point” Mackenzie said honestly, “Cause before I met you, Hilary and Michelle I never even thought about doing girls.”

“And now it’s all you can think about” Hayden said with a smirk.

“Yeh yeh whatever” Mackenzie said, “So tell me some more about this Dani girl and you. Your first time.”

“Not much to tell in reality” Hayden began, “We just had some bad sex.”

“From personal experience I can say I didn’t know there was such a think with you” Mackenzie said as Hayden rolled her eyes and rolled over onto her stomach, now laying on her elbows.

“There is when you’re with a dead fish” Hayden said, “Dani apparently expected me to do everything, plus it was like a forest down there and god only knows what could have been growing. But being the trooper I was, I got her off. Which I guess to her was the only event of the night until I got selfish and wanted some payback.”

“She do it?” Mackenzie asked.

“Not very willingly” Hayden said, “I think it damaged our friendship and it really made me consider not doing Cumming Out in the first place. Then I met Hilary and you of course.”

“No shit?” Mackenzie asked as she moved into the camera’s view again, “Your first…good sex…was with me and Hilary?”

“Yep” Hayden said with a confident gotcha type smile. “Betcha didn’t know that didcha?”

“Hell no” Mackenzie said.

“Any wonder why I find you so completely irresistible?” Hayden asked with a coy smile as she moved one hand to Mackenzie’s partially bare thigh and stroked it slowly and surely. “The first girl to give me a mind blowing orgasm…”

“That was me?” Mackenzie asked in what sounded like a surprised voice.

“That was you” Hayden replied with a twinkle in her eye. “That little pussy licking tongue of yours is a lethal weapon.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM lucky you huh?” Mackenzie asked as she leaned down and kissed Hayden on the lips. Softly and tantalizingly it looked (me horny), as they slowly but surely began to trade tongues back and forth. Hayden slowly rising from her belly to her knees as the kiss intensified. Hayden pulling away and licking Mackenzie’s lips playfully as she stood and offered her hand to the other girl and helped her rise and they laced fingers as Mackenzie picked up the camera. Placing it on her shoulder and zooming on Hayden’s hot little ass as the two walked. Moments later the camera went dark as they entered the bedroom and we saw the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo pop up and roll across the screen as Mackenzie came back into view. Only now she wasn’t with Hayden she was sitting outside in her car it appeared. “Hey again, we had a small change of plans here ladies and gents. See right as me and Hay Hay were about to knocka some booties, we had a knock on the door.”

She then turned the camera around and showed us the shiny new car sitting in front of her own. “That is Renee Olstead’s car, the red head from the CBS show, Still Standing? Well, anyway she and a friend of hers, Alia Shawkat, came to visit…” Mackenzie went on as she turned the camera back around and she appeared on camera again (MMMMMMM 7th Heaven baby), “…so me and Hay Hay came up with a little idea. See Renee and Alia are totally into each other and other girls, but have to this point refused to be on my show, cause they’re chicken. So what you are about to see, hopefully, is Hayden taking on the two of them unrehearsed.”

The camera again clicked off and the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolled across the screen as we returned, Mackenzie was again on screen and whispering quietly into the camera as she said, “Sounds like Hayden and the girls are having some serious fun already, shall we take a look?” With that obvious question out of the way we did take a look as Mackenzie opened the door to the next room and slipped inside as the cam pointed at the floor momentarily and then came back up to show a leaf from some ugly house plant in front of the lens. That quickly was moved as the cam suddenly became rock steady and focused on the scene in front of them. Hayden was laying on her back on the couch and it looked like Alia Shawkat was between her legs and licking away happily at Hayden’s hot little baby smooth slit. Hayden was squirming and moaning with a pleasure soaked grin on her face as Renee laid beside the two and casually licked at Hayden’s nipples one at a time and would soon start to suck them. Hayden bit her lip as she moaned louder and arched her back with the ongoing pleasure growing in it’s intensity and Alia’s head (partially blocked by Hayden’s thigh) bobbing up and down faster. Alia had till then had her hands on the inside of Hayden’s thighs, but as our host began to squirm harder she had to circle her arms around the outside of Hayden’s thighs to keep her in place as it appeared Hayden was on the verge of cumming and as she laid her head back into the pillows on the couch and both arms went above her head to grasp the couch arm, she did just that. Her body beginning to shake gently as Alia’s head continued to bob up and down as Hayden rode out the wonderful sensations. A few long seconds later, Renee brought Alia’s head up from between Hayden’s thighs and kissed her softly on the lips as they started to french and the screen faded to a ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll and went black for a moment and we saw a brief excerpt from our title sponsor, ‘Panama Mack Suntan Lotion’ followed by the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo and back to the same scene on the couch.

Only this time Renee was on top of Alia in a 69, Alia licking away at her friends pussy and Hayden had her strap-on in place and was already sawing slowly on Renee’s asshole. The threesome were currently on what looked to be the living room couch with Hayden at the far end sitting in a half catcher’s position behind Renee as she plowed the younger girls butt faster and faster. Renee was already moaning hard as she looked down and watched Alia for a moment and then back up to Hayden time after time. You can see, as the camera zoomed in a bit, that Alia now had her lips closed over Renee’s clit and sucking it hard as Hayden dropped down to both knees and moved one hand up to Renee’s shoulder and the other dropped to her side as she went faster and faster. Her thighs spanking away at Renee’s ass cheeks, making them jiggle now continuously as she got fucked a little faster. Renee’s beautiful naked body really started to shake now as she moaned out loud and clutched at the couch and Alia’s arms went around her waist to hold her in place as her lips sucked harder on her friends clitty as she drew her soft warm lips tightly over the ultra sensitive little rose bud. Hayden took long smooth strokes in and out of her asshole with her butt fuck stick, steadily spanking away at the girls ass cheeks as they continued to jiggle. Renee moaned hard now as Hayden’s butt fucking came harder and harder with every shot to her asshole. Which prompted Hayden to bring both hands to the middle of her back and start to pound the cock hard as Renee rocked back and forth and screamed one more time as her pussy spasmed hard now and sending her into a wonderful mind numbing orgasm. The slapping sound of Hayden’s thighs spanking off of Renee’s ass cheeks got louder and louder as the girls ass cheeks jiggled even harder as she grunted loudly and squirted her cum in Alia’s mouth and on her face moments later it looked as Alia kept licking up and down the slit and dipping her tongue back inside the hole for more. An extreme close-up showed this in vivid detail as Hayden slowed in Renee’s ass and watched Renee slump forward onto Alia’s thighs. Fade to black one more time.

Another ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolled changed scenes from Hayden’s “private” fucking of Renee and Alia to the regular set back in Hawaii. This time as the camera panned around, we saw Jamie Lynn sitting naked on the couch chatting with two guests sitting next to her. “Hey guys welcome back to the Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style set and it’s time to introduce our newest cast members…” Jamie Lynn said with a smile. “This season, with the schedules of JoJo and Mackenzie being more active, we thought it’d be a nice time to introduce two new little hotties to the main cast. To my left is the star of the Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus.”

“Hey” Miley said with a wave and bright smile as Jamie Lynn went on, “…and to my right is the star of numerous blockbusters and one of Hollywood’s hottest up and coming stars, Dakota Fanning.”

“Hey guys glad to be hear” Dakota said brightly.

“So I’m naked already, and why are you two still dressed?” Jamie Lynn asked as she looked from Miley back to Dakota who both giggled and shrugged their shoulders. “Well what are you waiting for?”

With that Miley leaned across Jamie Lynn’s thighs and kissed Dakota on the cheek and then on the lips as both giggled and then started with a more serious take, they started to kiss softly as Jamie Lynn shot the camera a sizzling look as she untied the top of Miley’s barely their bikini and let it fall away. A close-up showed Miley now trading tongues with Dakota as she moved off of Jamie Lynn and sat across her Dakota’s lap, which apparently also helped her skin her bottoms cause she was now nude as Dakota’s hands found their way up Miley’s flat sexy stomach slowly as they kissed. A camera angle change to one from over Dakota’s shoulder showed Jamie Lynn slipping her hand between Miley’s thighs and rubbing at her bald pussy lips softly, a soft moaning could then be heard coming from Miley as her and Dakota broke momentarily and Miley looked to see who was rubbing her before she resumed kissing her co-star only this time more passionately. Jamie Lynn slipped a finger inside of Miley as a close-up revealed and started to pump it in and out and in and out. Miley moaned a little louder as Jamie Lynn’s speed increased and she began to spank her hand off the lips moments later. Miley broke away from Dakota as she moaned louder now and her face showed the pleasure of the moment, a couple more hard shots and Jamie Lynn suddenly stopped as Miley grunted and opened her eyes.

“Pussy ready to be fucked good now huh?” Jamie Lynn asked as she kissed Miley’s lips softly and pulled away as she looked down at Dakota.

“God yess I’m so horny right now” Miley moaned as Jamie Lynn placed her hand on Dakota’s flat chest and helped the girl lift her shirt up and over her head. Jamie Lynn sliding her hand down Dakota’s tummy and under her jammers (think pajama shorts) and shocked me when she pulled out a cock, a strap-on that is. Miley smiled and tried to act surprised as she moved off Dakota’s thighs as Dakota rose up and let the girl slip her jammers down to her ankles. The cock looked huge on Dakota, but was in reality a modest size I’m betting, but that didn’t deter Miley who slid back on the couch as Dakota took the cock from Jamie Lynn’s hand and started to stroke it. “Who knew Dakota was hung like that?”

“Yeh, not me” Jamie Lynn giggled as she took Miley’s arm and directed her to rise up and cross over Dakota’s thighs as Dakota herself held the cock steady and watched intently as Miley lowered herself into the ‘Catcher’s position’. Dakota’s newly attached cock sliding into Miley’s ultra tight little hole as she settled down on top and Jamie Lynn re-directed Dakota’s hand away from the cock. Miley sunk down lower onto the cock as she moaned and Dakota moved her hand to the girls flat stomach with Jamie Lynn’s direction as Miley rose for the first time and looking down she carefully sunk back down and moaned again a little louder as she swung her long brown hair to one side and did it again, only sinking lower this time. Miley bounced gently up and down now as she reached forward and took hold of the couch and the camera moved to the far side of the threesome and showed the action from a new angle. Dakota’s hands, which had been resting idly on Miley’s stomach now moved to her sides with a little direction from Jamie Lynn. Dakota seemed to be getting into it now as her fingers gripped Miley’s waist and she helped Miley bounce harder up and down. Moments later, as Jamie Lynn moved back a little to watch the event, you could hear Miley’s thighs beginning to slap Dakota’s slender thighs as she bounced up and down now harder and harder with Dakota’s help. She moaned louder and louder as Dakota bounced her ever harder, Miley’s small perky titties swaying up and down now as she clutched onto the couch for support and her face became contorted in pleasure as her pussy spasmed ever harder around the cock.

“Come on Miley, harder, make it feel so good” Dakota said in a low moan as her thighs took a pounding now and she looked straight up at Miley with a determined look on her face and seemed to be staring right at Miley’s bouncing titties. Gripping Miley’s waist tighter she bounced her slightly older co-star harder and harder as Miley squealed in pleasure and rocked Dakota’s body with each shot. A close-up showed Miley lifting to the very tip of the cock before falling back down and impaling herself on it time and again. A thick film of sweat began to appear on her body as she bounced up and down, her titties jiggling hard as her pussy spasmed harder. A loud sweaty flesh smacking sweaty flesh sound could be heard, mixed with the moans of the two girls as the angle switched to a wide shot and showed Jamie Lynn rubbing furiously at her slick bald cunny as she watched the lewd display. It appears Jamie Lynn may have cum just as Miley did, as Miley clutched hard at the couch and squealed as she looked down at the cock rocketing in and out of her and started to shake gently all over as her pussy began to spasm hard, while Jamie Lynn closed her legs together as her orgasm took over her body, it looked to me. A couple of hard bounces later, Miley crashed down onto her knees, covered in sweat from head to toe as Dakota slipped her arms around her and they began to softly kiss moments later. Jamie Lynn slid back over a moment later as she broke the two apart and pointed at the camera and Miley giggled before saying seductively, “MMMMMMMMMM my cumming out felt so good.”

Fade to black as the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolled across the screen again. Changing to a shot from Mackenzie’s camcorder again as she walked towards the bed that Hayden was laying in, covered partially by blankets.

“Is that attached to your face now?” Hayden asked as she giggled and Mackenzie sat it down on the bed and crawled on to the mattress, “Cause it’s always with you lately.”

“Never know what you’ll find to film” Mackenzie said with a wicked grin as Hayden gave her a weird look. “Like you doing some naughty, naughty stuff with some very horny girls.”

“Duh Mac everyone sees that every week” Hayden said as Mackenzie giggled knowingly, “it’s Cumming Out.”

“Not what I am talking about” Mackenzie said as she picked up the camera and sat it on the night stand beside the bed as she turned around then scooted back till she was laying beside of Hayden again and the shot was in perfect alignment to see the twosome.

“Then what are you talking about?” Hayden asked as Mackenzie looked at her again, “And why are you filming now? I’m watching tv, that’s interesting?”

“My poor little beautiful Hay Hay, suddenly has lots and lots of questions huh?”

“GRRRRRRRRRRRR my baby Mac” Hayden said as Mackenzie giggled, “Tell me already what is it? What did you catch me doing?”

“Renee” Mackenzie said with a soft tender voice as Hayden’s eyes opened wide.

“Oh yeah…that Renee” Mackenzie said with a devious grin, “You been a bad bad girl Hayden P.”

“” Hayden said as she sat bolt upright in bed and seem to be in shock. “You….taped…that….with your…camera…how?”

“Breath Hay Hay, in through the mouth out through the nose baby” Mackenzie said as Hayden gave her a warning look. “The night you had Alia and Renee over. You remember I went clubbing with some friends?”


“So when we got back I saw Renee’s car in the drive-way and knowing what a butt slut she is for you, I grabbed my camcorder out of the trunk and snuck inside…” Mackenzie continued, “…that’s when I heard the unmistakable cries of pleasure that only can be caused by you.”

“You taped me…and Renee and Alia?” Hayden asked in still somewhat of a shock. “What all did you catch exactly?”

“Everything pretty much” Mackenzie said with a daring grin as Hayden put her hands over her face for a moment. “You’re mean and evil Mac.”

“Noooooooo I just wanted to use it for blackmail” Mackenzie said with a knowing smile as she got on her knees and leaned in and kissed Hayden’s cheek. “You might as well face it Hay Hay, you’re mine.”

“Not sure that really counts as blackmail though” Hayden replied as she touched Mackenzie’s cheek and kissed her softly on the lips. “I mean after all, you pretty much can have me anytime you want anyway.”

“Yeh true, so let’s get this out of the way” Mackenzie said with a grin as she flipped the cover off the bed and once again kissed Hayden on the lips for a long moment. Then pulling back as Hayden raised her arms and let Mackenzie lift her night shirt over her head and tossing it aside. Hayden then leaned back and lifted her hips off the mattress as she let Mackenzie skin the shorts she was wearing off her body too. Mackenzie tossed those aside as well as she lifted her own shirt (a long night shirt) up and over her head and showed her beautiful young titties for the first time as her shirt joined the pile of clothes. Leaving both girls nude, Mackenzie looked down then and placing a hand on Hayden’s flat sexy stomach and slid it across and up and down, feeling the sensation of the skin under her fingers it looked. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM damn girl I love how your skin feels.”

“Some parts of it are better than others you know?” Hayden said as her hand slipped down to meet Mackenzie’s and guided it to her bald little cunny slit. “Bout right….there.”

“MMMMMMMMMM yeah one of my favorite parts” Mackenzie said with a huge grin as she scooted back on the bed and laid forward a moment later. Resting now on her stomach as she lowered her head and Hayden moved her hair out of her eyes. “Right here?”

“MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMM” Hayden said as she played with Mackenzie’s curly brown locks and watched closely. Mackenzie smiled once before placing her tongue at the very bottom of Hayden’s slit and pressing her tongue inside gently and licking all the way to the very tip and over her clit. Hayden moaned in a deep contented breath as Mackenzie did it again and again. The camera angle showing everything in perfect detail, as Mackenzie’s head started to bob up and down continuously now. Hayden’s moans got louder as they grew from a contented moan to more of an expression of pleasure. Mackenzie circled one arm around the outside of Hayden’s thigh that was nearest the camera and placed it on her now slowly heaving stomach as she continued her long smooth strokes up and down Hayden’s bare slit. Hayden moved both hands to the pillow above her head and squeezed her fingers into it as she cried out in a whimper once and then again, arching her back and laying her head back into the pillow as the sensations increased. Mackenzie moved her other arm around the outside of Hayden’s far thigh and used her fingers on that hand to expose Hayden’s engorged little clitty as she began to lick the girls rose bud gently. That brought a gentle shake from Hayden’s already pleasure filled body as she clutched harder at the pillow and squeezed her thighs around Mackenzie’s head now for the first time as the pleasure grew. Mackenzie licked more roughly now as the seconds passed and she could sense that her lover was getting close as Hayden’s moans grew louder. Hayden now had her back arched off the mattress and was grinding her feet into the sheets as she grunted and shook ever so gently from the sensations that captured her in the moment. Mackenzie looked up as she held Hayden in place the best she could and finally began to suck on her clit with her soft warm lips. That was all Hayden could take as she erupted moments later in orgasmic bliss. Shaking and moaning out loud until she went limp and let Mackenzie suck out her cum. “Wow, jesus fuck Mac baby.”

“You likey?” Mackenzie asked as she crawled up beside Hayden and kissed her.

“I’m still shaking from head to toe baby” Hayden said with a huge satisfied grin. “My turn?”

“Up to you” Mackenzie giggled, “I mean are you sure you want me?”

“MMMMMMMM more than you know, I love you my baby” Hayden said as she kissed her lover softly on the lips.

“I so love hearing those words” Mackenzie said as they kissed again softly. “Me too, Hay Hay”

“But for once, you’re not gonna get me on tape” Hayden said after a long moment.

“But why?”

“Because I want you all to myself” Hayden said as Mackenzie grinned and apparently agreed as she watched Hayden roll over and move directly in front of the camera. Stopping for a long moment to lick her lips and then smiling as she hit the off button. Fade to black. Yet another ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll and we again see the gorgeous west coast of Hawaii’s big island as Jamie Lynn, Dakota and Miley are now stretched out on lounge chairs, tanning their nude bodies.

“Oh hey, we hope you enjoyed this weeks episode with special guest star and my boss, Mackenzie Rosman” Jamie Lynn said with a smile, “We hope you’ll join us again next week, when Hayden will rejoin me here on the big island with guest star Emily Osment. See ya then.”

“Bye” Dakota said with a dorky wave as Jamie Lynn and Miley laughed at her.

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commercial free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shook gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is simply not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more as it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.


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