Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style – Episode Eleven “Hayden’s Fantasy Girl, Part Two”

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Hayden’s Fantasy Girl, Part Two”

Season Three: Episode Eleven

Copyright © 2008

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 11th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, the heart stopping conclusion to the two part episode begind with Jamie Lynn tries to exact her revenge on a terrified Kristen when she unexpectedly runs into her at the networks L.A. hub. Hayden though is none to happy when she finds out about Jamie Lynn’s actions. Later, the conclusion to last weeks one-on-one session between Kristen and Hayden is enhanced when Mackenzie emerges from off-camera and joins in the fun for the first time this season. Leading to a body shaking amount of pleasure and ending with Hayden, Kristen and Mackenzie in this series trademark position. One hour special. Part Two of Two.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed by an ALL NEW ‘Michelle, Michelle’)

Story Codes: fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17)

Special Guest Star: Mackenzie Rosman (17)

Guest Stars: Kristen Alderson (16)

Special Appearance: Jamie Lynn Spears (17)

* * * * *

“I hope tonight is as good as the last episode with Hayden and Kristen one on one, god that was fuckin electric” Summer moaned to me as we came out of the bathroom. “Ya think?”

“We had some amazing sex after it I know that” I said as I kissed my girlfriend. “Tonight should be even more amazing, because Mackenzie gets involved.”

“MMMMMMMMM I know I heard that” Summer said as we flipped the tv on and she went to get some soda’s as I crashed down on the couch.

“Please stay tuned for a very special episode of Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style…” The Announcer said, “…Starring Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Alderson, you ready? Let’s go.”

“So I guess it’s official that Jamie Lynn is gone huh?” Summer asked as she crashed down beside me and the DVR kicked on. She handed me a soda as I replied, “Yeh I heard something online about this week being a behind the scenes special type show or something. Someone said in the Cumming Out chatroom that they had footage of some kind that was explosive. I believe they’re gonna show that first and then the conclusion to the scene with Hayden and Kristen.”

“Mackenzie has my trust” Summer commented as the new ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ opening sequence began, a montage of scenes from previous episodes. But it was different this time I noticed from the very first moment, first was Hayden of course, with her name emblazoned on the screen, we got to watch her in her favorite position, the sandwich, as she was over Willa Holland’s back as she pumped in and out of the girls ass, while Willa 69’ed with Jamie Lynn. Jamie Lynn’s face was seemingly darkened out in the scene even though it was an outdoor scene originally. Next we found out why Jamie Lynn’s face was darkened out, she had been removed from the opening credits altogether. Where we had gotten used to seeing Jamie Lynn as she looked up and smiled into the camera after licking some girls pussy, was now the mind numbing image of Kristen Alderson doing almost the exact same thing, her name below her beautiful face. A combo shot of Miley and Dakota aired next as Miley rode Dakota’s cock hard. Their names appearing in a different color of print and listing them as co-stars. Right at the very end, as had become standard we saw a glimpse of Mackenzie Rosman as she peaked out from behind a hand held camcorder and flipped off the camera with a huge grin. Her name appeared this time with the title of ‘Executive Producer’ above it. Talk about a sea change in the world of my favorite show.

With what I had heard in the CO chatroom I knew not to expect a taped/live shot of the unbelievably beautiful west coast of Hawaii’s big island. But I was not expecting a shot of Kristen standing outside of some big office building. It was soon revealed to be the Taboo! TV (formerly YLC) main office in downtown ‘Sin City’ as the camera pulled back and showed the massive logo over the door. Kristen looked to be nervous as she glanced around and had to know she was being taped. Suddenly the camera changed from a long shot from across the road to one from behind her in what I think had to be a security camera. It was kinda grainy but good enough to make out who it was as a car pulled up in front of the building and parked in front of the ‘No Parking’ sign. One of those cute little VW bugs and looked to be brand new and to my shock, Jamie Lynn popped out and marched towards the door as Kristen turned away and tried to go undetected. But Jamie Lynn stopped, already in a bad mood it looked and recognized who it was.

“YOU!” She screamed as Kristen looked at her. “Job stealing little whore.”

“Huh?” Kristen asked in confusion. “I didn’t steal your job.”

“The fuck you didn’t what do you call it bitch?” Jamie Lynn asked as she moved in front of her, we could now see that Kristen was scared as she looked around for someone to help her. “Answer me you little bitch.”

“Get off me, I didn’t mess with you” Kristen said. “I had nothing to do with what happened.”

“Yeh right, you lucked into a plum job like this?” Jamie Lynn asked, “I know this is hard for you to understand little girl without a brain in your head but you are playing in the big leagues now and when you mess with my fuckin career you got two chooses, get your ass beat now or quit.”

“What?” Kristen asked as she backed away and again looked scared and glanced around to see if anyone was gonna help her. “I don’t want any trouble.”

“Well you got it bitch” Jamie Lynn said as she came after her and smacked her in the face as Kristen lost her balance and fell to the ground and starting crying as she held her arm. “FUCKIN WHORE STEAL MY DAMN JOB, GET UP AND FIGHT ME FOR IT.”

“Nooooo please leave me alone I’m sorry” Kristen cried as Jamie Lynn reached down and pulled her by the hair back to her feet as Kristen cried for help. “I’m sorry…”

“I’LL BEAT THAT JOB OUT OF YOU” Jamie Lynn said as she smacked her again and smiled as Kristen crumpled to the ground and tried to crawl away. “OH NO WHERE YOU GOING LITTLE GIRL, I’M SOOO NOT DONE WITH YOU…”

“MACKENZIE HELP ME!” Kristen screamed as Jamie Lynn suddenly backed off and Mackenzie emerged from off-camera. Kristen scrambling to her feet as she shook with tears and hugged Mackenzie and moved behind her. “She’s trying to kill me for no reason. Please don’t go.”

“Calm down, calm down Starr” Mackenzie said softly as she turned and hugged Kristen warmly as Jamie Lynn glared at both of them. “What happened?”

“She went psycho on me” Kristen said, “I didn’t say one word to her. Not one word she just saw me standing here and jumped me. You believe me don’t you?”

“Yeh of course I do” Mackenzie said as she kissed her lips softly as both smiled. “Calm down ok, she’s not gonna hurt you again.”

“The hell I’m not, I’m beat her ass until I get my damn job back” Jamie Lynn said, “And what the hell are you doing kissing another girl like that? You remember Hayden?”

“You threaten her again you little bitch and see what happens” Mackenzie said in a growl. “I am the one you should be mad at you stupid brainless bitch. I run the god damn show now. Not her, she’s just an easy target for you.”

“I can’t wait till Hayden finds out about this” Jamie Lynn said with a confident smile. “She is so gonna quit on you for this shit.”

“FUCK YOU” Kristen screamed at Jamie Lynn, “Hayden knows all about it.”

“No shit?” Jamie Lynn asked as she watched Mackenzie wrap her arms around Kristen’s neck from behind and kiss the back of her head lovingly as Kristen relaxed against her and smiled. Jamie Lynn’s eyes opened a little in surprise as she apparently just came upon a realization that may have shocked her, “You’re in love with her, aren’t you?”

“That is none of your business” Mackenzie said, “This is about me, you and the show not about my private life.”

“Look ok I’m sorry for hitting her, I get that you have feelings for her but that’s no reason to just dump Hayden…”

“Ok, me and Hayden are fine and that’s all you’re gonna find out, so can you just please leave?”

“No, I want another chance”

“No, I fired you for a reason” Mackenzie said.

“Yeh cause you’re so in love with this little whore” Jamie Lynn spat.

“Takes one to know one” Kristen spat back as Mackenzie hugged her protectively. “I had nothing to do with you losing your job like I tried to tell you before you tried to kill me.”

“She’s right” Mackenzie said before Jamie Lynn could respond to Kristen. “I fired your ass cause I’m sick of hearing you bitch 24 hours a day about every little fuckin thing on this planet. You are the biggest spoiled brat I have ever fuckin met.”

“My sister is sooo gonna hear about this” Jamie Lynn said. “Then we’ll see what you do.”

“FUCK THAT SKANK” Mackenzie screamed as Kristen turned and hugged her protectively to try and hold her back. “I am ten times more powerful than that skanky sister of yours. I got the number one show on cable under my thumb and the hottest new shows on the mother fucking planet, you’ve seen Willa’s Wild World or Dakota and Twinsanity? I’m the one who got them on the air. Your slut sister can’t even wear panties let alone get anyone fired. Got anymore threats princess?”

“You don’t know who she knows” Jamie Lynn said with considerably less confidence in her voice.

“I DON’T FUCKIN CARE” Mackenzie screamed as she started after Jamie Lynn as Kristen held her back. “SHE’S TRIES TO FUCK WITH MY CAREER AND I’LL BURY YOU AND HER YOU WHORE. I worked too hard to get here and I gave you a shot to be the star of the biggest thing on this planet and you screwed it up by bitching like a little spoiled brat. BRING IT PRINCESS.”

“Why in hell do you think I’m so upset?” Jamie Lynn asked as she started to cry. “I wanted to be the star, you did give me a shot, and I appreciated it. Ok so I bitch a lot it’s only because I want it to be the best.”

“You want everything your way” Mackenzie said as Kristen looked back in concern at Jamie Lynn. “You can’t handle it if I make a decision you don’t agree with. So I brought in somebody who wanted to be apart of this show and would make an effort to keep peace.”

“What’s going on?” Hayden asked as she too emerged from the doors of the building to be met by Kristen with a hug and a moment later a soft kiss. “MMMMMMMM hello.”

“MMMMMM hello to you love” Kristen said as she wrapped her arms tighter around Hayden as Hayden circled hers around Kristen’s neck and they started to kiss softly. Makenzie watching with an approving smile from a few feet away. Jamie Lynn’s mouth dropping open in shock at the scene being played out before her eyes. Kristen as always licked Hayden’s upper lip and was met immediately by Hayden’s hot little tongue as they began to massage one against the other in a show for no one in particular. Mackenzie coming over and adjusting Hayden and Kristen’s hair out of their eyes as she watched with a coy smile and apparently loved the show as much as the two performing. Hayden’s hands slipping into Kristen’s hair as she switched sides with the girl during a brief pause in the kiss and quickly excepting Kristen’s tongue back against hers as the sound of contented sighs and soft moans filled the air now. Kristen’s hands moving to Hayden’s soft flat tanned stomach as she squeezed her fingers gently into the bare skin under Hayden’s shirt, working her tongue against Hayden’s as their lips massaged against the others now in a rhythm so perfect it seemed like magic. Jamie Lynn’s mouth had long since dropped open as she watched the display with intense curiousity or maybe it was shock, I’m not quite sure really. A soft moan escaped Kristen’s mouth as she wrapped her arms around Hayden’s waist again as her and Hayden both tilted their heads to the side and kissed more deeply, both girls tongue’s working a bit deeper into the other’s mouth as Hayden ran her fingers through Kristen’s hair and the kiss finally slowed as both moaned now into the other’s mouth and parted with a huge smile towards the other. Another soft kiss from Kristen followed for a long sizzling moment before they parted and hugged. “God I love kissing you.”

“That was so damn hot” Jamie Lynn said as Hayden and Kristen looked at her and started laughing when Hayden noticed the hand prints on Kristen’s cheek.

“Who hit you?” Hayden asked as she looked to Mackenzie for a moment.

“Don’t look at me, you know I don’t roll that way” Mackenzie said as Hayden’s wrath turned on Jamie Lynn as she pulled away from Kristen who found herself now in Mackenzie’s arms protectively.

“YOU HIT MY GIRL YOU BITCH?” Hayden screamed in Jamie Lynn’s face in a violent tone as she shook with rage, “ANSWER ME YOU STUPID BLOND WHORE.”

“It was a mistake, I said was…” Jamie Lynn tried to explain as Hayden pushed her back and fear came to the girls eyes as Hayden exploded and sent a hard punch to the girls stomach. Sending Jamie Lynn crumbling to the grass and crying in pain as Hayden dropped to her knees and grabbed Jamie Lynn’s hair and asked in a surprisingly calm voice, “Did she say something to start it?”

“God I think you broke my fuckin ribs” Jamie Lynn cried as she held her stomach.

“ANSWER ME YOU DEAF STUPID BITCH” Hayden screamed in her face.

“NOOOOO…” Jamie Lynn screamed as Hayden smacked her as hard as I head ever seen anyone slapped. Sounding like a shotgun blast going off as Jamie Lynn slumped to the ground and covered up as Hayden drew her fist back again but was tackled to the ground by all of people, Kristen. Somehow she got on top of Hayden’s stomach and made the girl look up at her.

“Stop I am begging you not to hurt her anymore” Kristen said in a pleading voice as Jamie Lynn rolled away and tried to stand. Hayden relaxed in the grass now it looked as Kristen refused to let her move as Jamie Lynn got to her feet finally. A ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll brought us to a new scene.

The following words appearing on screen: “And now…Part Two of last weeks bedroom adventure with Hayden and Kristen…”

“Part two begins now…” Mackenzie moaned in a hushed voice as the black faded to the same scene we had ended with last week. Kristen on top of Hayden after her just concluded bounce fucking. Hayden with her rubber cock still buried deep in Kristen’s pussy as Mackenzie pulled the angle back to a wide shot as Hayden started shifting her hips and sliding the cock in and out of Kristen’s sweet pussy one more time. Kristen’s moaning returning now as she felt the cock slowly go in and out of her. “…let’s watch shall we?”

“Ohhhh god Hayden you’re being so good to me” Kristen moaned as she pulled away finally and looked down for a second as Hayden sped her hip thrusts upward into Kristen, driving the cock in and out. Kristen’s face again showing the pleasure of the moment as she smiled and let her mouth fall open as she took it all in. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM so fuckin good, I love it sooo much.”

“I can say the same thing to you my little Starr” Hayden said as Kristen smiled and let Hayden lead her into another soft kiss. Kristen moaning into her mouth as the cock pistoned in and out of her pussy now, Hayden licking at the girls upper lip this time and feeling Kristen immediately replying with her own tongue and working it against Hayden’s. Massaging her tongue with Hayden’s now again as their lips fell into a soft and slow rhythm as Kristen kissed her with passion as the sensations began to again ring through her body. Mackenzie again zooming in and showing us exactly how good it looked to see two beautiful girls kissing like lovers. A light smacking sound coming from Hayden’s thighs slapping at Kristen’s as she drove the cock up into the young girl now harder and harder. Kristen moaned out loud as she pulled away and looked at Hayden with that now familar urgent, lip quvering pleasure soaked smile as she took all of Hayden into her now. “MMMMMMMMM what’s wrong Starr huh? Is that pussy getting worked to perfection?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yessss god yesss Hayden, it’s startin to spasm already, will you make me cum again?” Kristen asked as she shook from the shots as they got harder from below, her lip dropping a bit as she moaned and her pussy spasmed even harder as the cock pistoned in and out of her pussy. Hayden watching with a smile as Kristen tried to take in all the pleasure. Both of Hayden’s hands clutched into Kristen’s hair as she moaned to her, “MMMMMMMMMM it’s feelin good huh?”

“MMMMMMM yeh yeh so good” Kristen moaned as Hayden delivered shot after shot, only harder and harder up into her, her thighs smacking away loudly at the inside of Kristen’s as the young girl looked into Hayden’s eyes and moaned louder.

“Am I making it spasm good baby?” Hayden asked as she did it harder now and made Kristen moan louder as her pussy was doing just what Hayden had asked about.

“Soooo good, being so good to my pussy” Kristen moaned as she kissed Hayden again with passion for a long moment and squealed in pure pleasure as she pulled away and wrapped her arms tighter around her neck and shook from the pleasure as she whimpered and felt her pussy spasm harder and harder around the pumping cock. Hayden moaned herself as she slammed away up into Kristen now harder and tried to bring her off for the third time on the night as Kristen moaned in pleasure, her cheek pressed against Hayden’s as she held on for the ride. “MMMMMMMMMM making it feel too good, I’m gonna cum again, please Hayden make me cum.”

“MMMMMMMMMM taking it so good and deep sexy baby” Hayden moaned as she wrapped both of her arms around Kristen’s body and held her tighter as she drilled up into the girls now wildly spasming pussy and said in a loud moan, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh I’m gonna make it cum baby, here it comes, OHHHHHHHHHH I think I got it, is it cumming sexy baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD YESSSSSS” Kristen moaned as her eyes opened in surprise as the startling sensations over took her and made her body shake from head to toe as Hayden pounded up into her the whole time as her orgasm seemed to grow stronger and stronger until she reached pure heaven and just lingered for a long moment. Seemingly exploding again and again with every stroke of Hayden’s cock up into her pussy. Finally getting softer and more gentle as Hayden slowed with the explosions and brought her gently into afterglow with a huge smile on her face. “OHHHHHHHH wow.”

“MMMMMMMM I think I did get it huh? Did I make it cum good like I said?” Hayden asked as Kristen smiled and rose up a bit and looked at Hayden as she replied, “Oh fuck yessss, that was so good I’m tingling all over from it.”

“My fantasy girl is having the time of her life huh?” Hayden asked with an adoring smile.

“MMMMMMMMM fuck she sure is” Kristen said with a huge smile, “And what is it we do after you make me cum?”

“I think I get to feel those soft warm lips on mine” Hayden said as Kristen nodded and leaned down a bit and kissed Hayden softly on the lips and this time meeting Hayden’s tongue with her own as they started to french softly from the very first moments. Hayden moaning into Kristen’s mouth softly as her soft warm lips moved against Kristen’s in a slow and tantalizing rhythm, both working their tongue against the others as the wonderful soothing sensations washed over the two. Kristen’s body still buzzing from the just concluded orgasm and shaking now gently as she felt the sensations wash over her. Kissing Hayden with a little more passion for a long moment before both pulled away and flicked tongues for a second and kissed again in much the same manner. Soft lips working again soft lips and tongue massaging tongue as both moaned now into the other’s mouth. Kristen moving a hand to Hayden’s cheek and caressing it gently as Mackenzie zoomed in and again focused on the pair’s kissing for the longest time. You could clearly see how good it felt, I thought, as Hayden swept her hand through Kristen’s long brown hair and moved it out of the camera view. “MMMMMMMMMMM damn.”

“MMMMMMM yeh I know, you think me you and Mackenzie can get our own show on that Taboo TV channel so you can do this to me every week?” Kristen asked as Hayden laughed. “You tellin me you wouldn’t like that huh?”

“I’m on the phone now with the head moron in charge” Mackenzie giggled from off-camera as Kristen and Hayden laughed. “I’ll bet after they see this, they’ll be begging you to do a show Starr.”

“And yessss I would love that” Hayden said, “God you two would kill me if I had to give it to both of every week.”

“MMMMMMMM I like the sound of that more and more” Mackenzie said as she sat the camera on what I’m guessing was the tripod as Hayden had Kristen lift up and pull the cock out of her. Kristen laying down beside her now and wrapping an arm over Hayden’s waist and laying her head on Hayden’s shoulder. Mackenzie, who was apparently getting naked, you could see the reaction of both Kristen and Hayden as they smiled and held up their hands for her to join them. She did moments later on the other side of Hayden, as she laid down too. Looking directly at Kristen as both smiled and asking, “You wanna be my little Starr too?”

“MMMMMMMM I sure do” Kristen said as she kissed Mackenzie softly on the lips and licked the girls upper lip and moved her lips faster against Mackenzie’s as they started to massage tongues with each other. Both parting with a smile on their faces. “You promised me you’d join in.”

“And I always keep my promises my little Starr” Mackenzie said as she looked down to Hayden’s cock and said, “You like that thing?”

“Oh fuck I love that thing” Kristen said with a glowing smile. “I’d love to see you ride her like I did.”

“MMMMMMMM I like that idea too” Hayden said as she watched Mackenzie stand and cross her legs over her thighs and begin to lower down. Kristen moving her hand down and taking control of the cock as she held it for Mackenzie. Hayden smiling as she guided Mackenzie’s hands to her stomach and watched the girl start to bounce gently up and down and moan as the cock slipped inside her pussy a little at a time. Kristen smiling up at Mackenzie as she held the cock steady for her and laid across Hayden’s waist now. Mackenzie moaning louder as more of the cock slipped inside her pussy and stroked her inner walls slowly as she bounced up and down faster, Kristen pulling her hand away and letting Mackenzie take the rest in her pussy as she moaned out loud. “MMMMMMMMMM come on my baby bounce on it for me.”

“MMMMMMMMMM god you are so sexy” Kristen moaned as Mackenzie placed both hands on Kristen’s shoulder, as she laid across Hayden’s stomach. Mackenzie rising to the top of the cock and impaling herself on it for the first time as her ass cheeks began to slap at Hayden’s thighs now on every bounce on the cock as she went faster and faster. Hayden moaning from below as she watched and put her hands behind her head and clutching into the pillows as her body shook from the shots she was taking from above. Mackenzie’s mouth opening as she bounced now harder and harder, pushing off with her hands on Kristen’s shoulder and moaning out loud. “MMMMMMMMMM, sooo good baby, bounce your titties like I did Mackenzie, can you do that for Hayden?”

“OHHHHHHHH fuck yesss, is that what you wanted?” Mackenzie asked in a loud moan as she bounced her big titties up and down. Kristen smiling as she moved one hand to Mackenzie’s stomach and helping to balance her as Mackenzie bounced harder and harder down on the cock and moaned a little louder. Her ass cheeks slapping louder and louder at Hayden’s thighs and shaking the girls body harder. Hayden moaned and watched Mackenzie’s titties bounce as she shook from the fucking and clutched into the pillows above her head and moaned out loud. Hayden moaning to Mackenzie, “MMMMMMMMM bouncing so good for me baby.”

“MMMMMM yes they are, so good too” Kristen said as she stroked her hand up and down Mackenzie stomach. Mackenzie’s face was now a mask of pleasure as she bounced harder and harder and looked to be getting close as she clutched her fingers to Kristen’s shoulders. Bouncing higher and harder as the cock impaled her time after time and the smacking sound got louder everytime her ass cheeks slapped into Hayden’s thighs. “MMMMMMMMM I’M GONNA CUM, OH FUCK.”

“Yeh cum pussy cum” Kristen moaned as she watched Mackenzie’s titties bounce wildly. Mackenzie bouncing harder a few last times as she pushed off of Kristen’s shoulder and shook Hayden’s body with every shot downward as she moaned out loud and open mouthed now. Hayden clutched hard into the pillows above her head one final time as she moaned loud and tensed up as Kristen looked back and saw she was cumming. “Ohmigod baby yesss cum for me, let your pussy cum for me.”

“Soooo good my little starr” Hayden moaned as she shook and Kristen felt Mackenzie tense up as she turned back to her and moaned, “Cum on mac, please cum for me baby.”

“OH GOD YOU’RE SO SWEET I’M CUMMING FOR YOU BABY” Mackenzie moaned as her pussy spasmed out of control. A loud moan escaped her mouth as it did from Hayden’s and to Kristen’s surprise she had two girls cumming at once. Both moaning in pure pleasure for a few long wonderful moments. Hayden being the first to settle down as she moaned out loud one last time and relaxed under a still pounding Mackenzie. Mackenzie felt her own orgasm subside as she crashed down one last time and, as Kristen moved, she fell forward on to Hayden’s chest. “WOW so intense.”

“You both cum for me” Kristen said with a smile.

“Oh yeah” Hayden said with a kiss to her cheek.

“So good to me my little Starr, of course I cum for you” Mackenzie said with a soft kiss. “MMMMMMMMMM now how about you really make me cum good like I been dreaming of?”

“Can I lick your pussy?” Kristen asked as Mackenzie smiled. “I promise I’ll be gentle cause I know you get a little sensitive after you just cum.”

“MMMMMMMMM yes you can baby” Mackenzie said as she rolled off of Hayden, lifting off of Hayden’s cock first. Mackenzie laid down beside them both. Kristen crawling down the bed and laying down on her stomach, now between Mackenzie’s thighs. Grinning up at her soon to be lover she circled her arms around the outside of Mackenzie’s thighs and held her hands up as Mackenzie pressed her palms to Kristen’s in a show of unity and laced their fingers together. Hayden moving down beside of Kristen and running her fingers through the girls hair and kissing her softly, Mackenzie watching from above with a smile as Kristen squeezed her fingers into Mac’s as her tongue fell in time with Hayden’s for a long moment. Licking her lips as her and Hayden parted and smiled at each other. Hayden saying softly, “Be good to that good my new baby.”

“MMMMMM I’ll be soo gentle with it, she’ll love me” Kristen moaned as Hayden smiled and held the girls hair as Kristen lowered her head and started to lick up and down Mackenzie’s slit. Mackenzie smiling and jerking a little at the surprise of Mackenzie’s tongue licking up her pussy slit once and then again slow and soft. Kristen concentrating on Mackenzie’s pleasure and licking her slowly still from top to bottom in a consistant pace. Mackenzie’s soft moaning moaning and whimpering could be heard as she squeezed her hands into Kristen’s and squirmed a little as Hayden watched intently. Kristen kissing her pussy softly and looking up at Hayden and asking, “See I told you I would be gentle.”

“So good baby, sooo good” Hayden said with a soft kiss as Mackenzie watched. Hayden’s tongue finding Kristen’s after only a moment as they massaged them together slowly. Their lips moving in a perfect rhythm against each other as Hayden could taste the sweet flavor that had already dripped out of Mackenzie’s pussy. Pulling away after another long moment. “Ask her how she wants it now?”

“I’ll do anything you want Mac” Kristen said as she looked up at her.

“MMMMMMM so fuckin good under my clit, but be gentle ok it feels so good now” Mackenzie moaned as Kristen smiled and lowered her head and did exactly that. Sliding her tongue carefully into Mackenzie’s pussy and slowly working it in and out as Hayden continued to hold the girls hair out of her eyes.
Mackenzie moaned out loud now as Kristen fucked her tongue in and out gently on the underside of Mackenzie’s clit just the way she had asked. Mackenzie’s moaning growing louder as her stomach drew in as the pleasure flowed into her body. Kristen kept a steady but slow pace as she pumped her tongue into Mackenzie’s pussy, rubbing her tongue on the underside of the girls clit the hole time but never too hard. Mackenzie whimpering a few times as she pulled at Kristen’s hands and tried to take in all of the pleasure as Kristen continued to pump her tongue in and out slow and steady. “MMMMMMMMM oh god hayden this girl is unreal baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM don’t I know my baby, so good to you huh?” Hayden asked as Kristen continued to pump her tongue in and out.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yesssss” Mackenzie moaned in reply. “Lick my clit so soft Starr, please baby make me cum in your mouth.”

Kristen smiled at the bit of direction as she gently pulled her tongue out of Mackenzie’s pussy and licked across the girls clit just as she had asked and felt the girl squeeze her fingers tight and knew she was getting close. Mackenzie moaned louder as her eyes rolled back in her head and she arched her back a bit more and tried not to squirm as Kristen licked her clit softly over and over in a steady rhythm that seemed to be driving Mackenzie towards that cum she wanted so bad. Mackenzie’s body started to shake gently as she squeezed her fingers into Kristen’s hands as Kristen licked her clit again and again softly until Mackenzie couldn’t hold back anymore and moaned out loud as she started cumming. “OHMIGOD THAT FEELS LIKE HEAVEN.”

“MMMMMM so good at making her cum baby” Hayden moaned as she watched Kristen licking Mackenzie’s clit still as Mackenzie shook for a moment longer and squeezed their fingers tightly until she settled down and a bubbling oozing mess started to appear on her pussy. Kristen smiled and licked it up lovingly and seemed to love the sweet flavor she had worked to draw out of Mackenzie. Licking her from top to bottom time and again. “MMMMMMMMM?”

“MMMMMMMM SOOOO sweet I really love girl cum now” Kristen moaned as she licked a few more times at Mackenzie’s pussy before looking up at Mackenzie and then smiling back to Hayden. “MMMMMMMMM I could so do that a few more times.”

“MMMMMMMMMM go for it my sexy baby” Hayden said as she kissed Kristen softly and saw the girl give her an adoring smile and you could tell Hayden simply couldn’t resist as she again lowered her head and kissed her this time like a lover. Licking at Kristen’s upper lip and asking for her tongue, which Kristen gladly gave as it slipped against Hayden’s before the two began to french. Kristen squeezing her fingers into Mackenzie’s as she tilted her head back a bit and kissed Hayden more deeply now. Hayden tasting the sweet flavor of Mackenzie’s cum on the girls lips as they massaged tongues against one an others soft and slow. Kristen moaning into Hayden’s mouth for a long moment as the kiss slowed and the two parted finally as they grinned at the other. “MMMMMMMMM girl you are such a good kisser.”

“MMMMMMMM you too, you can taste Mackenzie’s cum on my lips huh?” Kristen asked as Hayden kissed her again and said, “MMMMMMMMM yes I can.”

“MMMMMMMMMM oh fuck” Mackenzie moaned from above as Kristen went back to softly licking up and down her baby smooth slit. Mackenzie’s thighs quivering a bit as Kristen hit her clit softly on every pass and squeezed her fingers into Mackenzie’s. Hayden kissing Kristen’s shoulder as she watched closely and held the girls hair still in a ponytail on the back of her head. Kristen moaning as she slid her tongue into the girls pussy and slowly began to fuck it in and out just on the under side of Mackenzie’s clit. Mackenzie’s pussy starting to spasm again as her thighs quivered and the pleasure surged through her body. Hayden again smoothing back Kristen’s hair as she watched closely and kissed the girls shoulder once more. Kristen pumping her tongue a bit faster now and rubbing it more roughly on the bottom of the girls clit and making Mackenzie moan louder and squeeze her fingers around Kristen’s. Mackenzie’s beautiful body shaking gently in pleasure as the sensations became harder to take with every passing second. “MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck Kristen, girl you make it feel so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM come on baby make her cum one more time” Hayden moaned to Kristen and watched with a smile as the girl stopped pumping her tongue in and out and closed her soft warm lips over Makenzie’s clit and started to softly suck. Mackenzie’s body beginning to shake as she squeezed her fingers into Kristen’s and moaned loudly, her thighs quivering as the sensations washed over her body and she began cumming a long moment later. Kristen stopping the sucking a moment after Mackenzie’s orgasm peaked and she began to come down. Kristen sliding her tongue back inside and sucking softly as Mackenzie’s moaning returned and she tensed as her got cum sucked out. “MMMMMMMMMM yeh that’s a good baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMM so sweet Mackenzie, did I so good?” Kristen asked with a huge smile on her face.

“God yesss so good I’m shaking” Mackenzie moaned as she pulled Kristen up to her. Kristen rising and crawling forward over Mackenzie body and settling in across the girls stomach, Mackenzie’s fingers still linked with Kristen as they kissed softly. Hayden rising to her knees and getting in behind Kristen and across Mackenzie’s thighs and leaning forward as if in a sandwich over Kristen’s back and watching. Mackenzie’s tongue just then slipping into Kristen’s mouth and Kristen’s tongue met hers as they massaged tongues. Mackenzie tasting her cum on Kristen’s lips as they frenched for another long moment. “MMMMMMM god you’re to sweet to be true.”

“So are you” Kristen said as she kissed Mackenzie once more and looking back at Hayden she grinned, “Hey.”

“Hey to you too” Hayden said as she leaned down and kissed the girl softly, Kristen immediately feeding Hayden her tongue this time as both moaned into the others mouth. Mackenzie moving down a bit and kissing Kristen right above her breasts softly, making small circles with her tongue and sucking softly and then moving to another spot. Kristen pulling away from Hayden and looking down with a look of pleasure in her eyes as Hayden began to now do the same thing to the girls neck. Kristen moaning as both girls licked small circles with their tongues and sucked softly at different spots. “MMMMMMMMM you like that?”

“MMMMMMMMM ohmigod it’s so good, I’m so horny again” Kristen moaned as Hayden smiled and kissed her cheek one more time. Mackenzie continuing to softly lick circles around and sucking them now just below Kristen’s chin. Hayden smiling as she reached down and adjusted her cock for a moment and then slid gently back inside of Kristen’s pussy. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah, oh yeah, I love your cock so much.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM so deep in that sweet pussy huh Starr?” Hayden moaned to Kristen as she sunk in as far as she could get. Her ass cheeks clinching as she made Kristen squeal in pleasure. “You wanna cum again?”

“MMMMMMMMMM please?” Kristen asked with urgency in her eyes as Hayden stroked deeply again. “MMMMMMMMMMM so deep.”

“I don’t think so” Mackenzie said as Kristen gave her a confused look. “She’s been really good to you tonight and I think you should stop pretending to be so innocent and ask her for a butt fucking.”

“I’m not pretending, I swear I’ve never done it…” Kristen pleaded before Mackenzie kissed her softly.

“SHHHHHHHHHH it feels so good” Mackenzie said as Kristen looked down at her and moaned as Hayden stroked deeply inside once more. “Your pussy wants to cum again and that’ll make it spasm so good you’ll be begging for it again.”

“MMMMMMMMM oh wow, feels really good?” Kristen moaned as Hayden kissed her shoulder and nodded her head yes and pulled out of Kristen’s pussy as she settled in behind her now and stroked her cock slowly up and down as Mackenzie touched Kristen’s face and got her to look back down. Mackenzie kissing her as Hayden lined her cock up with Kristen’s asshole and gently pressing the head against the girls tight puckered little asshole ring. Kristen pulling away instantly and trying to look back but being stopped by Mackenzie, “MMMMMMMMMMM but…”

“Want me to lick that sweet pussy for you while she does it?” Mackenzie moaned as she guided Kristen back into another soft kiss. Kristen nodded her head as Hayden backed away a moment later as Kristen and Mackenzie parted and both sat up. Mackenzie kissing Kristen once more before she turned her back to the two and laid back on the bed, her head coming to rest at Kristen’s thighs. Kristen smiling knowingly down at Mackenzie and watching closely as she slid over the girls face and lowered her baby smooth pussy down to Mackenzie’s waiting mouth. Hayden sliding in behind Kristen and stroking her cock fast now as she watched Mackenzie begin to lick Kristen’s pussy from top to bottom. Kristen moaning and squirming as she looked down and watched Mackenzie work on her pussy. Looking back a few moments later and moaning to Hayden, “MMMMMMMM is this how you wanted me Hayden?”

“Ohmigod Kristen, yes this is exactly how I wanted you sexy baby” Hayden moaned, still stroking the cock as she watched Mackenzie lick Kristen’s pussy slit up and down, slowly and licking at her clitty every time now as she wrapped her arms around the girls hips and spread her ass cheeks a little for Hayden. “Oh yeah Mack hold’em like that baby.”

“MMMMMMMMM oh my god I’ve wanted to do this for so long, god this is gonna be sooo sweet” Hayden moaned as she lined her cock up with Kristen’s puckered little asshole ring and as Kristen watched she pushed forward and sunk the head inside as Kristen squeezed her thighs around Mackenzie’s pretty face and moaned out loud. Hayden held the cock steady as she pushed in a little more and then brought it back out and slid it back past the ring again as Kristen moaned and squirmed as she laid her head down. Hayden moaned loudly as did Kristen as the cock slipped deeper than before as she moaned to the girl, “MMMMMMMMMMMM god my little Starr that feels so good I can barely take it baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM ohhhhh wow that’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt” Kristen moaned to Hayden as Mackenzie now focused on Kristen’s little rosebud as she licked it harder and sucked it softly to get her to relax as she watched Hayden slide into Kristen’s asshole above. Sinking even farther inside now, Hayden moved her hands to Kristen’s sweat stained back and began to drive the cock in and out slowly, letting the cock head catch on the girls asshole ring each time. Hayden moaning to her, “MMMMMMMM stay still sexy baby and I’m gonna make that butt fucking feel so good you can’t stand it.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM, Hayden I can feel it all over my body” Kristen moaned as Hayden sped her strokes in and out as she got deeper and deeper in Kristen’s back door. Mackenzie watched with a smile from below as Hayden’s cock was now almost all the way in Kristen’s butt. Digging her fingers into Kristen’s sweat covered ass cheeks, she began to suck on Kristen’s clit gently, licking all around it and then sucking it gently again. Hayden buried her cock in Kristen’s ass finally, grinding on it as she stopped and leaned forward just a bit and placed one hand on Kristen’s shoulder and leaving the other in the middle of her back. While Kristen moaned out loud, Hayden began to stroke again in long smooth butt fucking strokes in and out as she moaned herself and went faster and faster. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM god that’s the kind of butt fucking I love doing.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM most wonderful feeling ever, OHMIGOD” Kristen moaned as she squeezed her fingers into Mackenzie’s thighs as she started shaking from the shots she was taking to her backdoor. Mackenzie licked now up and down Kristen’s pussy as she kept watching the cock sliding deep into Kristen’s ass and listening to her moan, licking over her clitty now everytime and doing it harder and harder. Hayden moaning, “Mackenzie’s a good little pussy licker huh Kristen?”

“MMMMMMMMM you have no idea, ohmigod it’s so good” Kristen moaned in a whimper as she laid her head down on Mackenzie’s thighs and felt her body shake harder as Hayden really began to pound her asshole. Hayden’s thighs smacking at Kristen’s spread ass cheeks as she pumped harder and harder into her. Moving the arm in the middle of Kristen’s back to her side and watching every stroke of her cock into the girls ass now. Mackenzie moved her hands away from Kristen’s ass cheeks and slid them to her side so she could hold her in place for Hayden. “MMMMMMMMMM my pussy is spasming so hard right now.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yeah I know how good it feels sexy baby” Hayden moaned as she went faster and got deeper inside Kristen’s asshole. Really beginning to smack her thighs at Kristen’s ass cheeks now and watching them jiggle as her body began dripping sweat and she moaned to the girl, “MMMMMMM your butt fuck hole is making my cock feel so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM making my pussy feel sooo good Mack” Kristen moaned as she clutched at Mackenzie’s thighs and tried to stay on top of her as Hayden stuffed her asshole full and Mack now sucked on her clit a little harder and flicked her tongue across it again and again. Finally closing her lips around it and sucking increasingly harder in long deep breaths as Kristen cried out from the pleasure. Kristen squeezed her thighs around Mack’s head and squeezed her fingers into her thighs as she moaned louder and took her butt fucking harder as her body began to shake. Hayden squeezed her fingers into Kristen’s shoulder muscle with one hand and let her other clutch her own thigh, giving her a clear view of the cock sliding in and out. Kristen squealed as her pussy spasmed so hard already it was hard to take as Hayden made long smooth strokes deep strokes into her asshole and Mackenzie licked her clit softly and then sucked it harder and harder. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM butt fucking feels so good I can barely take it.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM baby it feels sooo good for me too” Hayden moaned as she smacked her thighs off of Kristen’s ass cheeks and heard the girl start to grunt as she felt her orgasm coming on. Hayden was now feeling her own pussy begin to spasm as she pounded Kristen’s backdoor. “You ready to cum in Mack’s pretty mouth baby?”

“OHHHHHHHHHH yeah gonna cum so god MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Kristen moaned as she once again squeezed her thighs around Mackenzie’s face and shook all over as her orgasm came on like a summer storm and simply exploded in her pussy time after time. Wanting to scream as she felt pure heaven for the first time in her life, she felt herself almost floating as she grunted and felt her cum squirt hard into Mackenzie’s mouth. While Hayden above her felt her own orgasm explode and pounded Kristen’s asshole till her own orgasm gave away and she slumped forward and buried her cock deep in Kristen’s ass. “Sooooo fuckin sweet, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, my sexy baby like that?”

“Sooooooooooo good, I can’t even say” Kristen said as her breathing returned to normal. Hayden pulling out of Kristen’s asshole and letting the girl rise to her knees and turn. Kristen kissing Hayden softly on the lips and saying to her, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god that was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt. OH Wow.”

“And you have no idea how good it felt for me too” Hayden said as she kissed Kristen again and Mackenzie rose and got on her knees beside the two with a satisfied smile on her face as she watched the two kiss. A moment later kissing Kristen herself when she broke with Hayden. The two trading Kristen’s honey sweet cum back and forth for a long long moment in a soft french kiss. “That cum taste good Starr?”

“My cum is so sweet” Kristen said as she kissed Hayden and looked down at the girls cock a moment later and smiled at Hayden. “Does that taste good too cause I’ve heard Jamie Lynn liked it a lot.”

“MMMMMMMM Jamie loved it” Hayden said as she kissed Kristen once more and then slipped backwards and off the bed, now directly in front of the camera and guided Kristen to get on her knees in front of her on the floor. Kristen doing exactly that as she opened her mouth invitingly and let Hayden scoop her long brown hair into a ponytail and guide her mouth to the cock. Kristen lips now gliding over Hayden’s cock as she moaned on it and stroked her hands up and down the outside of Hayden’s thighs slowly. “MMMMMMMMM fuck yes sexy baby, it’s really sweet coming out of your asshole huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM” Kristen moaned as she bobbed her head up and down and took more of it into her mouth. Mackenzie watching from the bed as Hayden moaned a little louder and held an arm at her side so the camera got a clear view. a few more head bobs up and down and Kristen took almost all of it in her mouth time and again as Hayden moaned again and again before pulling her off. “MMMMMMMMM that is so sweet Hayden MMMMMMMM.”

“MMMMMMMMMM I knew you’d love that” Hayden said as she began to stroke her cock fast up and down. “Now you help me out with Mack?”

“MMMMMMMMMM I lick her pussy right?” Kristen asked as she grinned knowingly and rose to her feet and kissed Hayden.

“MMMMMMMMM yes you do sexy baby, and I’m gonna do some more butt fucking while you do” Hayden moaned as she guided Kristen back onto the bed as Mackenzie rose to her knees. Kristen laid back on the bed, Hayden getting above her head on her knees again as Mackenzie turned her back to Hayden and crossed her legs over Kristen’s pretty face. Kristen sccoted down a bit and let Mackenzie get adjusted to be being on top. Mackenzie smiled as Hayden moved behind her and she showed Hayden her ass, “I’m so lucky, I bet this is gonna be mind blowing.”

“MMMMMMMMMM it’s gonna be so good for me too” Hayden moaned as she watched Kristen stroke Mackenzie’s flat stomach, Kristen moaned as she stroked her hands up and down Mackenzie’s ass cheeks and squeezing them with her fingers as the girl settled in on top of her and looked down watching Kristen lick her pussy slit softly. Hayden stroked her cock as Mackenzie began to moan and Kristen went to work, sliding her tongue up and down Mack’s pussy and licking her clit ever so gently. Mackenzie moaned as she laid forward on top of Kristen and arched her back a bit and looked back at Hayden with a smile. “MMMMMMMMM that already feels good huh my baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMM she is so sweet Hayden” Mackenzie moaned as she watched Kristen spread her ass cheeks wide and lick up and down her baby smooth pussy a little faster. Stopping a moment and then starting to suck her clit softly and in a long deep breath, Kristen looked up with a smile as she asked. “MMMMMMMMM am I making your sweet pussy feel good?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck you sure are” Mackenzie moaned as she looked down at Kristen and said, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck soooo good.”

“MMMMMMMMM here we go, first sandwich with our horny little Starr” Hayden moaned as she slid closer and held her cock steady as she lined it up with Mackenzie’s sweet little asshole and began to feed it into the hole, moaning as she slid it in a bit past the asshole ring and then back out and back in again as Mackenzie squirmed and moaned on top of Kristen. “MMMMMMMMM god baby your butt fuck hole feels so good like this.”

Kristen moaned as she licked slowly but surely over and over Mackenzie’s clitty and stroked her hands up and down the girls stomach as she looked up and watched Hayden feed a little more of the cock inside. Hayden watched every stroke now as she began to pump it deeper and moaned, “MMMMMMMM sooo lucky butt fuckin both of you.”

“MMMMMMMM so lucky getting sandwiched between you two” Mackenzie moaned as she smiled back at Hayden who took ahold of her shoulder and began to fill her asshole even fuller with each pump of her cock. Mackenzie squirmed harder now as Kristen slowly licked her clit still and began sucking it softly as she continued to watch Hayden above her. Hayden moaned as she guided her cock in and out a little faster now and finally sunk all the way inside as Mack shook from the ‘filling’. Kristen made small circles around Mackenzie’s clit and sucked it harder as Hayden pressed her thighs against Mackenzie’s ass cheeks and leaned forward over her girlfriends back, placing her hands by Kristen’s thighs and pulling all the way out and plunging back inside. Her tanned sweaty ass cheeks clinching as she began to slap her thighs at Mackenzie’s ass cheeks. “MMMMMMMMMMMM butt fuckin you feels so good on my cock baby, you lovin that pussy Starr?”

“MMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMM she is so sweet” Kristen moaned from below as she watched Hayden’s cock pound now into Mackenzie’s asshole as she turned back to Mackenzie’s slit and began to stuff her tongue in and out of the hole as she heard Mackenzie begin to moan louder and louder and felt the girl shake from the sandwich she was in the middle of. Mackenzie clutched at the sheets and moaned intensely as Hayden’s thighs began to smack at her ass cheeks now and making them jiggle as the butt fucking came harder and below her Kristen was pumping her tongue in time with Hayden and right under her clit, which made it feel that much better she thought. “MMMMMMMMMMMM so fucking sweet.”

“MMMMMMMMM Ohmigod Hayden this is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt” Mackenzie moaned as she squealed out loud for the first time as Kristen moved back to her clit and began to suck it hard in long deep breaths. Kristen applied more and more pressure to Mack’s little rose bud as she sucked in long and longer deep breaths as Mack squealed again and the sound of Hayden’s thighs smacking Mackenzie’s ass cheeks rung in her ears. Hayden watched every one of her strokes into Mackenzie’s asshole, seeing the girls ass cheeks jiggle each time her thighs smacked into them and pounded her even harder. “MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod I’m gonna cum so hard Hayden, fuck baby you’re makin it feel so good.”

Mackenzie moaned as Kristen could feel her pussy was spasming hard now as she circled her arms around Mackenzie’s back and held her in place for Hayden, as she sucked harder at her clit and felt Mackenzie shake more and more as she got near her reward. Hayden clinched her ass each time she slid home in Mackenzie’s asshole as she slammed away with wild abandone now. Shaking Mackenzie’s body as she felt her pussy began to spasm lightly and getting stronger with every thigh slapping ass cheek pump now as she moaned with Mackenzie. Her mouth opening as she moaned louder and her pussy literally spasmed harder as she said to Mackenzie right before the girl’s pussy exploded, “MMMMMMMMMM here we go my baby, let me butt fuck that cum into Kristen’s pretty mouth.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSSS, I’MMA CUMMING SO HARD” Mackenzie moaned as her pussy exploded in a wonderful beyond words eruption of orgasmic bliss. Shaking and moaning as her clit got sucked and her butt got fucked hard by Hayden who with a few more shots to Mackenzie’s ass was cumming herself. Both moaned as they peaked and came down slowly. Kristen moved her lips to Mack’s slit as the cum came squirting out as Hayden slowed her strokes.

“MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod that so sweet” Hayden moaned as she slowly pulled out of Mackenzie’s asshole and watched her roll off of Kristen and fall limp to the side, still shaking.

“You two feel so good” Mackenzie moaned as Kristen sat up and smiled as she moved in front of Hayden. “So unbelievably good.”

“I did good?” Kristen asked as Hayden grinned and once again kissed her as she scooted back on the bed and off the end. Taking Kristen’s hand and leading her once again to the middle of the floor and directly in front of the camera, both dripping with sweat. Hayden kissing her again and saying, “MMMMMM you sucked my butt fuckin cock so good after it came out of your asshole, now you ready to do it again now that I pulled out of Mackenzie’s?”

“MMMMMMM yes please” Kristen moaned as she dropped to her knees and moved her hands slowly down Hayden’s skin to the girls thighs and opened her mouth invitingly. Hayden slid her hand into Kristen’s hair to clear it from her eyes and gently guided her cock into the girls mouth as Kristen started to suck softly.

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion, for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more and it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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