Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style – Episode Fifteen “Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Part One”

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Deep In The Heart Of Texas, Part One”

Season Three: Episode Fifteen

Copyright © 2008

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 15th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, we celebrate the huge two-parter SERIES FINALE that features the girls visiting Texas and welcoming two huge guest stars to close out the uber popular series original run. Those stars are of course, ‘Nancy Drew’ star Emma Roberts and Pop star/Actress Joanna “JoJo” Levesque. Also joining the finale party is ‘Special Guest Star’ Michelle Trachtenberg. Part one of two.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 @ 8:00 p.m.

Story Codes: fff, fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17), Kristen Alderson (16)

Co-Starring: Dakota Fanning (14)

Special Guest Star: Michelle Trachtenberg (22)

Guest Stars: Emma Roberts (17) & Joanna “JoJo” Levesque (17)

* * * * *

“And who is gonna fill in for her?” Summer said after she had heard the news that Miley Cyrus had walked off the set of ‘Hawaiian Style’ after some sort of a fight with Hayden and Mackenzie. Which meant she wouldn’t be involved in the two-parter series finale.

“Michelle Trachtenberg” I said with a horny smile as the credits of ‘Summer Love’ began to roll and we soon saw the logo for ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ appear on the screen and fold away. What we saw now was very unusual as it wasn’t the normal breath taking view of the South Pacific waters, but what we got was a huge barn painted red and a collection of hay bales sitting in the sunshine. The camera panned to the right and saw, no not Hayden and Kristen, but Dakota and Michelle Trachtenberg in robes.

“Hey guys and welcome” Dakota said brightly as an obviously enamored Michelle nuzzled the girls neck and made Dakota giggle. “Will you stop?”

“Nooo” Michell said and then turning to the camera and saying, “Miley sweety fuck you and don’t come back cause I’m looking forward to whoring around with Dakota and the girls.”

“We are not whores we’re porn stars” Dakota said as Michelle laughed. “But if you insist on whoring, how about we get to it now?”

“Let’s go…” Michelle said as she untied the robe Dakota was wearing and let it fall open and gave us a great view of Dakota’s beautiful body as she slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I noticed then that Dakota’s tan had grown considerably darker, as she was now nude with exception of her already attached strap-on and cowboy boots. “MMMMMM baby.”

“You like?” Dakota asked as Michelle agreed with a suggestive eyebrow raise and letting Dakota untie her robe and it soon fell to the ground revealing Michelle was only wearing cowboy boots herself. She’s a stunner alright. Dakota smiled knowingly as she took Michelle’s hands and backed away as she pulled Michelle along to the hay bale that sat now in the sunshine. Dakota stopping in front of it as she took hold of her cock and stroked it a few times and Michelle smiled knowingly as she dropped to her knees in front of her. Dakota held her cock steady as she stroked the other through Michelle’s hair and cleared it from her face as Michelle opened her mouth eagerly and stuck out her tongue. Dakota moaned as she laid the cock head on Michelle’s tongue and watched Michelle start to suck it. “MMMMMMMMMM yeah there we go Chelle.”

Dakota moaning as both of her hands slipped into Michelle’s hair and guided the girls head up and down as she sucked harder and harder. Michelle placing her hands on Dakota’s thighs and bobbing her head up and down as she got the cock ever deeper in her mouth and a moment later slowed as she began to deep throat it slowly once and then over and over again. Her lips touching Dakota’s bare skin every time as Dakota smiled from above and pulled her cock out of Michelle’s mouth and stroked it a few times and then spanked it on Michelle’s tongue and slid it back in the girls mouth and began to thrust her hips, stroking it in and out of Michelle’s mouth. Dropping one arm to her side so the camera could get a clear view as she went faster for a few more moments. Stopping and sinking all the way inside a time or two before finally pulling out as a long string of saliva dripped down on to Michelle’s body.

“MMMMM fuck you’re good at sucking it Chelle” Dakota moaned as she sat down on the hay bale and looked up at Michelle as she stroked her hands now up and down the girls thighs and soon kissed her softly as Michelle leaned down a bit. A long moment passed as the two traded tongues back and forth and the camera panned to the right and gave us a nice view of the two kissing. Michelle pulling away and watching Dakota lay back on the hay bale. Dakota laying down lengthwise on it, her cowboy boots hanging off the end as Michelle smiled and she slipped across Dakota’s thighs. “So you gonna set there cowgirl or you gonna ride this stallion?”

“God your goofy” Michelle giggled as Dakota took hold of her cock and held it steady as Michelle rose into the infamous ‘Catcher’s position’, being just above the cock now and started bouncing gently as the giggling turned to moans as the cock started slipping inside of her pussy a little more on each bounce. Dakota moving the hand on her cock away and letting it fall off the side of the hay bale now as her other laid idly by her side. Michelle bouncing a little faster now as she placed her hands on Dakota’s tanned flat sexy stomach and taking almost all of the cock in her pussy as she moaned out loud. A moment later she began to land on Dakota’s thighs and rock the younger girls body as she bounced harder and harder up and down. Rising all the way to the top of the cock expertly and then crashing back down onto Dakota’s thighs each time, making a loud smacking sound as her ass cheeks slapped at Dakota’s thighs each time now. “MMMMMMMM so good Dakota, baby you love getting bounce fucked huh?”

“MMMMMM fuck yeh, now bounce your titties for me, come on Chelle arch your back and bounce them for me” Dakota moaned as she watched Michelle bounce harder and harder up and down and do just what Dakota asked as she started to bounce her titties up and down. Dakota smiled as the arm she had hanging off the hay bale clinched into a fist and her hole body shook now as Michelle pounded down on to her harder and harder. “Harder Chelle, yeh baby just like that bounce them good.”

“OHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMM fuck yeah so good, my titties bouncing for you good huh?” Michelle moaned as an angle change now showed the action from behind Michelle as she bounced up and down and threw her hair to the side as she moaned louder and louder. Dakota’s cowboy boots bouncing every time Michelle landed on Dakota’s thighs. Back to the wide view from the side as Michelle’s mouth now hung open as she moaned her pleasure and bounced to the very top of the cock and impaled herself on it again and again as her pussy started to spasm hard. Her titties bouncing wildly up and down as Dakota watched and moaned herself as her own pussy started spasming lightly.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM sooo good Chelle, fuck, gonna cum baby” Dakota moaned as she shook from head to toe from the force of the bounce fucking Michelle was giving her. Michelle squealed after a few more hard shots and moved one of her hands from Dakota’s stomach to her pussy to make sure the cock stayed in place as she bounced harder and felt her pussy spasm out of control. Dakota’s eyes rolled back in her head as she tried to take in the pleasure and started to shake harder as her own orgasm took over and she matched Michelle moan for moan. Michelle crashing down one more time as her orgasm subsided and moaned as she slipped back to her knees, her body dripping with sweat as was Dakota’s below her. Dakota smiling herself as she too relaxed in the afterglow of her orgasm. Michelle leaning forward onto her elbows as she kissed Dakota softly on the lips. Dakota immediately licking Michelle’s upper lip and asking for the girls tongue and getting it a moment later as the two started to massage tongues. Their lips falling in perfect time for a long moment as the camera focused on them. Dakota pulling away as she smiled at Michelle for a moment and looking to the camera and saying, “Welcome to Cumming Out…”

“…Texas Style” Michelle chimed in as both giggled and started to kiss again as we saw the logo for ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ splash onto the screen now with the word ‘Hawaiian’ marked out and the word ‘Texas’ replacing it. We then went to the usual opening montage of scenes from previous episodes. First was Hayden, who of course had her cock buried in some hotties ass as she pumped away in a sandwich, then we saw Kristen, her lips smeared in girl-cum as she looked up and smiled into the camera after licking some girls pussy. Then in place of the usual combo shot of Miley and Dakota, we see Dakota getting rode as she looked up at the girl with pleasure in her eyes. Michelle’s picture with her name below it then appears with the words ‘Special Guest Star’ under both. Right at the very end we saw a glimpse of Mackenzie Rosman as she peaked out from behind a hand held camcorder and flipped off the camera with a huge grin. The montage fades away as we return to see Michelle and Dakota in the same place we had left them moments ago. Now softly kissing as they trade tongues back and forth, suddenly a naked ass appeared from off-camera as she moved next to the twosome on the hay bale. Hayden being the owner of that incredible ass. She too already had her strap-on in place as she knelt beside the two and had them part.

“Hey babies” Hayden said as she kissed Michelle softly and then Dakota. “She making you do naughty things Chelle?”

“As always” Michelle giggled and started to roll off Dakota before Hayden stopped her and said, “Oh no, not yet.”

“Why?” Michelle asked as Hayden rose and moved in front of Michelle and held her cock steady as Michelle opened her mouth and let Hayden slide it inside. Michelle’s head starting to bob up and down now as she took it all in her mouth almost immediately it seemed. Deep throating it once and then slowing as she did it again and again. Hayden moaning as she watched for a long moment and pulled away as another long string of saliva dripped down onto Dakota’s body this time. Dakota wrapped her arms around Michelle’s waist and held her in place it looked as Hayden moved down behind Michelle and slipped onto the hay bale below the other two. Michelle’s mouth dropping open as she, I guess, finally figured out what was being set-up. She offered no resistance it looked as Hayden got on her knees and slid in behind Michelle and lined her cock up with the girls puckered little butt fuck hole. Hayden stroked her cock up and down as she pushed it gently at Michelle’s asshole now and slipped the head inside as Michelle moaned intensely. Dakota remaining still with her cock still deep in Michelle’s pussy as Hayden started to stroke in and out slowly from behind. “MMMMMMMMMMM OH MY GOD F-FUCK, OH GOD.”

“MMMMMM fuck I told you Chelle, one day I was gonna tap this ass” Hayden moaned as she stroked faster in and out of Michelle’s asshole now with a little more of the cock. Michelle grunting as she took it ever deeper with each of Hayden’s thrusts and watching every stroke of Hayden’s cock into her asshole with a pleasure soaked smile. Hayden dropping the hand on her cock to her side and moving the other to Michelle’s shoulder as she stroked deeper and deeper in the girl until she finally had it all the way in. Hayden’s thighs now pressing firmly against Michelle’s ass cheeks as she leaned forward over the girls back, placing her hands by Michelle’s shoulders as Michelle moaned intensely with every movement. “MMMMMMMM I think we got her stuffed full Dakota.”

“MMMMMMMMM yeah I know, she took it so good up her butt fuck hole huh?” Dakota asked as Hayden smiled and said in reply, “Soooo good, Chelle let me get it as deep as it would go.”

“MMMMMMMMM oh god I am sooo fuckin full right now” Michelle moaned in a whimper as both Dakota and Hayden smiled knowingly.

“You ready Dakota?” Hayden asked as Dakota nodded. The camera pulled back and we got a wide angle view as Hayden pulled out of Michelle’s ass till her cock caught on the girls asshole ring, while at the same time Dakota pulled out to the entrance of Michelle’s pussy and at the same moment both surged back inside. Michelle moaned out loud as she took both cocks inside at the same time and closed her eyes as the intense pleasure swept over her suddenly. Moaning again as both girls repeated it only faster now. Hayden stroking faster as she started to slap her thighs at Michelle’s ass cheeks as she butt fucked the girl harder and harder. While Dakota held Michelle in place from below and rammed her cock up into Michelle’s pussy. Making Michelle shake and scream out once and again as the fucking came harder and the sensations from her spasming pussy became almost mind numbing. “MMMMMMMMMM oh yeah baby, tight little butt fuck hole, so good to butt fuck.”

“MMMMMMMMMM she’s shaking so hard Hayden I think she loves her double stuffing” Dakota moaned as she pounded her cock harder up into a now squealing Michelle, her thighs slapping at Michelle’s loudly. Michelle shook from head to toe as she moaned and squealed out loud and held on to the sides of the hay bale as Hayden’s thighs slapped louder at her ass cheeks. Hayden watching every stroke of her cock into Michelle’s asshole with a smile as she matched the moaning of the other two, her pussy starting to spasm lightly as she plunged in and out of Michelle’s tight little backdoor. Dakota now matched Hayden’s pace perfectly as the mind numbing sensations flowing through Michelle’s body finally began to overtake her and she surged towards an unbelievable orgasm. Dakota moaned as she felt her pussy start to spasm as she rocketed the cock up into a now screaming Michelle. Hayden moaned out loud as her pussy spasmed out of control into a wonderful orgasm as she watched Michelle cumming hard below her. Dakota was the last to cum as her eyes rolled back in her head and she felt pure heaven for a few moments too. Michelle screamed repeatedly as her pussy spasmed so hard she never wanted it to stop, grunting as she squirted her cum all over Dakota’s thighs once and then several more times as she went limp on top Dakota. Hayden settled down as did Dakota below Michelle. “MMMMMMM I love pure heaven so much.”

“MMMMMMMM me too, bout as much as I love butt fucking” Hayden moaned as she settled down behind Michelle and pulled slowly out of her asshole as Michelle panted and groaned as she rolled off of Dakota a moment later. Shaking visibly now from head to toe and still moaning as she slid over Dakota and off the hay bale and to the ground on her knees as Hayden slipped off the hay bale and got in front of her. Michelle eagerly opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue as Hayden laid the head of her cock on it and watched as Michelle started to suck it. Dakota sat up and watched with a very interested smile as Hayden moaned and asked, “You been wearing her little asshole out I bet huh Dakota?”

“MMMMM you know it, her and Cammy and Becky wear me out” Dakota said as Hayden stroked her fingers into Michelle’s hair to clear it from her face for the camera as she looked down and watched. Michelle, with her arms now down at her side, bobbed her head harder and harder up and down Hayden’s cock as she took it all in her mouth once and then again and again. Slowing now and deep throating it over and over again. Hayden moaning as Michelle finally pulled off with a proud smile and rose on very shaky legs and kissed her host softly.

“You and the twins been wearing my girl out huh?” Hayden asked as Michelle blushed.

“More like I watch while she does them, every chance I get” Michelle said as she kissed Hayden back softly. “And then when the horny little butt fuckin doll is done with her twin butt fucking she usually takes me too on top of one of them, usually Becky.”

“Sista” Hayden said as she held her hand up and Dakota smiled as she pressed her palm to Hayden’s and laced their fingers. “Just like I taught you my little protégée.”

“Great practice too” Dakota giggled.

“I bet it is” Hayden said with a wry smile, “You babies take a breather, and you miss camera chicky follow me.”

“Today is not just about Michelle, it’s about two other guests” Hayden said as she walked inside the barn a moment later and we followed her naked sweaty swaying little ass as she came to a ladder, one that lead to the barns hayloft it looked. She climbed up the ladder one rung at a time giving us a great view of her cute little ass yet again. The camera angle changing to one at the top of the ladder now as Hayden emerged and crawled over past the camera as it panned around and showed Kristen was now already laying on a blanket spread out over the hay and laying next to her was today’s first guest. “This is also about this young lady, the star of the Nick series ‘Unfabulous’ and the new feature film, Nancy Drew.”

“Which is way good” Kristen giggled as Hayden shot her a warning look.

“Emma Roberts everybody” Hayden said as the camera focused on Emma, naked already as was Kristen. Kristen flipped Hayden the ‘bird’ as Emma laughed.

“Fuck you too my little Starr” Hayden said as Kristen smiled and leaned across Emma’s body and kissed Hayden softly on the lips, before pulling away and sliding down Emma’s body. Getting between the girls thighs as Emma spread them wide and watched Kristen lay down on her stomach. Kristen’s mouth now in perfect alignment with Emma’s bald pussy as the camera angle changed to a wide shot from across the barn that had to be from the other hayloft I thought.

It slowly zoomed in till we saw a great show of Kristen lowering her head and licking up Emma’s slit one time and Emma squirming in delight as she moaned softly from the first stroke. Hayden joined Kristen beside of Emma’s thighs and cleared the girls hair out of her face so the camera could see clearly what was happening. Kristen licked her lips as she grinned at Emma for a moment and then went back to work as she licked up and down Emma’s slit over and over now in a rhythm, her head bobbing slowly. Hayden holding Kristen’s hair in a ponytail at the back of her head as Kristen licked a little faster up and down Emma’s slit. Emma, her arms now laying by her side, looked down and moaned a little louder as she tried to take in all of the pleasure. Kristen applied a gentle pressure to the center of Emma’s slit and was now dipping her tongue inside on every pass and licking across the girls clit a little harder on each pass. Emma’s fingers clutched into the blanket below her as she rolled her eyes back in her head and moaned louder, her thighs now squeezing around Kristen’s head as the sensations became to much it looked. The perfect view of the pussy licking now gone with the movement of Emma’s thighs, the camera pulled back a bit and focused on the wide angle as Emma arched her back slightly and pulled harder at the sheets as her moaning turned to one of an urgent whimper. Starting to shake now gently as Kristen’s head had stopped and she was now sucking softly on Emma’s clit. Emma cried out in a pleasure filled whimper as her orgasm took over and sent her into pure heaven. Shaking a little harder as Kristen sunk her tongue inside, Emma moaned softly now as her orgasm subsided. Kristen began to suck the cum out for her softly. Bringing a couple of more loud moans from Emma above her. “WOW my baby that might be some kind of record for this show.”

“OH wow that was sooo good, I just knew Kristen could hit my sweet spot” Emma said as she jerked slightly from Kristen’s soft licking off her pussy lips still. Getting all of the cum off it looked. “MMMMMMMMMM.”

“One time is never enough you know?” Kristen asked as she wiggled her tongue at Emma. “I’m sorta of known for double dips.”

“Oh my god, that first one was so good” Emma moaned as Kristen licked softly at the girls pussy and looked up. “OH wow, I don’t know if I can take it again so soon.”

“Then you can tell me when to stop” Kristen said, “Is it sore?”

“A little” Emma said as Kristen spread her pussy lips a bit at the very top and licked Emma’s clit with a feather lite touch of the tongue. Making Emma jerk in pleasure and offer no resistance as Kristen did it again and again in a slow and steady rhythm as Hayden watched on with a smile. Emma closed her eyes and laid her head back and again clutched at the blanket under her as her pussy started to again spasm with Kristen’s constant licking. Kristen slowed a bit and focused her attack on the tip of Emma’s clit as she licked it over and over repeatedly, her hands moving to the inside of Emma’s thighs to hold them in place. Emma’s body was now covered in a thin film of sweat as she shook already from the sensations flowing into her body from the clit licking. She relaxed for a moment as Kristen stopped and lowered her tongue a bit and sunk inside of Emma’s tight pussy and started to fuck it in and out now. Emma’s moaning got louder as Kristen’s expert tongue began to lick her inner walls now with each plunge.

Kristen’s lips pressed firmly to Emma’s bald pussy lips as she fucked her tongue in and out and in and out now at a slow and steady pace. Emma laid her head back and moaned as her eyes once again rolled back in her head and she clutched at the blanket and her body shook gently. Her pussy spasming gently around Kristen’s pumping tongue. Kristen once again stopped for a moment and pulled her tongue out as she began to lick across Emma’s clit. Making Emma jerk in delight as her pussy spasmed harder it seemed with every passing lick. Emma’s moaning growing louder and her body started to once again shake gently as her orgasm drew close for the second time. Kristen stopped once more for a moment and started to suck the little nubbin as Emma cried out in pleasure and Hayden moved her hand away from Kristen hair. Emma’s pleasure seemed to grow in the next few moments to the point where she could barely take it as she moaned out loud and moved both of her hands into Kristen’s hair and clutched them to fists. Her thighs closing around Kristen’s head and her feet lifting of the ground, her toes curling up as her whole body shook in an orgasm so good I think I felt it. Her moaning telling the whole story as it now come in grunts and pants as she surged into pure heaven and felt it take over her body for a few long moments. Coming down Kristen once again shoved her tongue inside of Emma’s pussy and made the girl jerk in delight each time she sucked softly to get her honey cum out. Kristen backed off finally as Emma went limp above her still moaning. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god that was so good.”

“I thought you liked it” Kristen said as she rose her head up a bit, her chin dripping with Emma’s cum now.

“That second one was insane, was so worth it” Emma moaned as Kristen again licked at her pussy softly. “MMMMMMMMM oh wow.”

“If I be gentle can you take another one?” Kristen asked as Emma’s eyes went wide with surprise at that invite and the fact that Kristen was licking up and down her slit, careful to avoid the girls clit. “MMMMM what do you say? Triple dip?”

“MMMMMMMM oh wow so unfair” Emma moaned with a smile as Kristen again licked up and down her slit and letting her tongue dip inside softly. “MMMMMMMMMM so good to me.”

“MMMMMMMM you taste like honey” Kristen said as she licked a few more times up and down Emma’s slit and felt Emma squirm a little and heard her moan out loud as the sensations returned. Kristen wrapping her arms around the outside of Emma’s thighs and putting her hands on top of Emma’s and a moment later lacing their fingers together. Emma’s moaning getting a little louder as Kristen slid her tongue back inside of the girls pussy and started to fuck it in and out slowly and gently. Emma squeezing her fingers into Kristen’s as she moaned in pure pleasure as Kristen licked her inner walls now relentlessly and making Emma’s pussy spasm in delight around her tongue. Kristen’s lips again firmly attached to Emma’s pussy lips as she fucked her tongue in and out and in and out slowly but surely. Emma arching her back and rolling her head from side to side as the sensations grew harder and harder as they stormed her body for a third time now. Kristen raised her head for a moment as Emma relaxed, “You want me to keep going?”

“MMMMMMMM so good I’ll beg if you want” Emma said in a whimper as Kristen smiled and lowered back down and sunk back inside and started to fuck it in and out, faster pace now. Emma again arched her back and squeezed her fingers around Kristen’s as the sensations grew harder. Her eyes rolling back in her head and the pleasure showing on her beautiful face as she squirmed her hips and whimpered time after time. Kristen’s probing tongue began to lick Emma’s inner walls, feeling them suck at her tongue and start to spasm in pleasure again as she sunk it in as far as she could get it. Emma’s moaning turned to more of a forceful one as her orgasm grew near for the third time. “MMMMMMMMMM soooo good inside, MMMMMMM please make me cum again.”

“MMMMMMMM yes ma’am” Kristen said in a moan before she sunk her tongue back inside and with a few more gentle strokes in and out she had Emma doing exactly what the girl had begged for. Emma shook again in orgasm as the wonderful sensations stormed her body and made her whimper as she tried to take it all in for as long as possible. Lifting her and Kristen’s hands off the sheet slightly as she peaked and came down softly. Kristen pulling her tongue out and this time licking at Emma’s pussy as a bubbling and oozing mess of girl cum formed on the lips. Emma closing her eyes and obviously loving the sensations in afterglow of having her girl cum licked up. A huge satisfied smile on her face. A few more soft licks of Emma’s pussy followed before Kristen released her hands from Emma’s and rose finally as she sat up and crawled over Emma’s body. “You get sweeter with every cum you know that?”

“Triple dip WOW” Emma said as her and Kristen giggled and kissed as the camera panned away and we saw Hayden now sitting at the top of the ladder with a knowing smile as she said, “Our other guest of today has just joined Dakota and our Special Guest co-star, girls…”

“Thanks Hay Hay” Dakota said as she again appeared on-camera, the angle slowly pulling back to show a shocking sight. JoJo had indeed joined the horny twosome and she was already in mid lick on top of Michelle as they worked each other over in a 69. Dakota stroked her hand through JoJo’s hair and got her to look up. “This is our other guest of today, too bad she was too horny to wait huh?”

“MMMMMM OH Fuck” JoJo moaned as she squirmed on top of Michelle. “What are you complaining about anyway, we both know I’m in the position you love, so why bother with…MMMMMMMMM damn it girl…just butt fuck me already.”

“MMMMMMM is that what you want?” Dakota asked as if she was really surprised at JoJo’s comment. Getting on her knees then as she stroked her still attached cock up and down and moved in front of JoJo and rubbed it on the girls lips gently as JoJo moaned again from Michelle’s tongue work. “Huh? Do you wanna be butt fucked baby?”

“MMMMMMMM yesss fuck yesss” JoJo moaned as Dakota smiled and sunk her cock into JoJo’s now open mouth and let the girl start to bob her head up and down slowly. Dakota moaning as she cleared JoJo’s hair out of her eyes and watched the girls head bob and down. Dakota pulling it away a moment later as a long string of saliva dipped down onto her knees as she stroked it and crawled back behind JoJo and settling in with her knees folded under her. The camera moved to a wide shot from the side and we could see Michelle stuffing her tongue up into JoJo’s pussy slowly and rubbing on the underside of the girls clit. Dakota stroked her cock for a moment as she watched with a smile, Michelle moving her hands from JoJo’s hips to her ass cheeks and spreading them out for Dakota. JoJo moaned and looked back as Dakota slid closer and lined her cock up with JoJo’s asshole and slid inside as JoJo moaned out loud and tensed up for a moment. Dakota looking down and watching in surprise as her cock sunk halfway in the first time as she started to stroke in and out slowly.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM takin’ it so good up your butt fuck hole already baby” Dakota moaned as she dropped one arm to her side so the camera could get a good view and started to stroke deeper and deeper in and out. JoJo moaned and took almost all of it in her ass as Michelle slid her tongue in and out at a faster pace from below. Dakota moaning again and again as she got ever deeper and finally pressed her thighs to JoJo’s ass cheeks and I figured she was headed over the girls back as usual, but not this time. She simply pulled all the way back out till her cock caught on JoJo’s asshole ring and slid back inside as she started the butt fucking in earnest. JoJo moaned out loud with each stroke as her ass cheeks began to jiggle with each smack of Dakota’s thighs against them. “MMMMMMMMMM it is big up your butt JoJo?”

“MMMMMMMMMM god yess it’s so fuckin big up there and you’re making it feel so good” JoJo moaned as Dakota clutched one hand into JoJo’s shoulders as she stroked deeper into the girls asshole. Michelle looking up with a smile now as she licked at JoJo’s bald pussy slit softly. JoJo shaking as Dakota pounded harder and harder from behind.

“MMMMMMM fuck yeah Dakota, does her butt fuck hole feel good?” Michelle asked before she began to suck JoJo’s clit softly. Bringing a louder moan out of the guest as she shook now gently from Dakota’s butt fucking thrust. The look of pleasure on Dakota’s face told the whole story of how much she loved this. Her arm still hanging at her side as her thighs spanked away at JoJo’s plump little ass cheeks every time. Her tanned little ass clinching tightly with each thrust.

“MMMMMMMMMM feels so good up JoJo’s butt fuck hole” Dakota moaned as she slid a bit deeper and brought the arm hanging at her side up and laid it on JoJo’s lower back as she butt fucked the older girl even harder. Michelle moved her hands away from JoJo’s ass cheeks now and wrapped her arms around her to hold her in place for Dakota. Sucking JoJo’s clit harder and harder as JoJo moaned out loud from above and felt her pussy spasming hard now. “MMMMMMMM god my pussy is gonna cum so good.”

“MMMMMMMMM butt fuck me to pure heaven Dakota” JoJo moaned as she shook now from the shots Dakota was giving her and squeezed her thighs around Michelle’s head below her as Michelle sucked her clit hard till she felt JoJo shake and start to cum. Dakota’s thighs spanking loudly at JoJo’s ass cheeks as her own pussy spasmed out of control for the third time on the day and she started to cum too. The moans filling the air as both felt pure heaven for a few wonderful seconds before settling down. Michelle stuffing her tongue inside of JoJo’s pussy and sucking softly as Dakota slumped forward a bit and stroked a few more times in to the girls asshole. JoJo shook and moaned as Michelle sucked out her cum softly from below. Dakota moaned herself as she pulled out of JoJo’s ass. JoJo rolling off to the side with a smile on her face as Dakota stood, holding her cock steady as Michelle sat up and got on her knees in front of Dakota. Michelle opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue as Dakota laid the cock head on her tongue and dropped one arm to her side so the camera had a clear view.

“MMMMMMMM yeah suck it for me, good girl Chelle” Dakota moaned as she watched approvingly as Michelle started suck it softly. Michelle’s head bobbing up and down as Dakota’s arm hung at her side and she moaned from above as she watched intently. Dakota stroking her hand into Michelle’s hair and clearing it from her eyes to give the camera a clear view as Michelle’s head bobbed harder and harder and taking all of the cock in her mouth. Dakota stopped her after another moment and pulled it out and laid it gently on Michelle’s tongue as she looked down at her and asked, “JoJo’s butt fuck hole taste good on my cock huh Chelle?”

“MMMMMMM so yummy” Michelle moaned as she started to suck it again for a few moments as Dakota moaned again. Dakota pulling Michelle off once again as she asked in a moan, “Guess what I’m gonna do now?”

“Let me guess…” Michelle said as she sucked the cock again for a long moment before answering, “…my horny little Dakota wants to do some more butt fucking huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yeh she does and she wants to butt fuck you now” Dakota moaned as she slid the cock into Michelle’s mouth and moaned as she said into the camera, “MMMMMMMMM next time, you’ll get to see what I’mma about to do, oh god MMMMMMMM.”

Michelle’s head started to bob again as Dakota laid her head back and moaned as we faded to black and saw a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commercial free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more it and now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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