Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style – Episode Fourteen “Abby Gets Stabby”

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Abby Gets Stabby”

Season Three: Episode Fourteen

Copyright © 2008

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 14th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, we open with a surprise, naked girlies on the bed all ready for some action, and that’s exactly what you get. First up is a first of sorts, Kristen’s first time using a strap-on and the lucky girl is guest star Abigail Breslin. Later, we join Dakota, Miley and today’s other guest star Kay Panabaker for part two of their adventurous ‘bar episode’. Featuring Dakota’s butt fucking of both Kay and Miley. Finally, Abigail gets a lesson in pussy licking and then gets between Hayden and Kristen in the series trademark position.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 @ 8:00 p.m.

Story Codes: fff, fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17) & Kristen Alderson (16)

Guest Stars: Abigail Beslin (12) & Kay Panabaker (18)

* * * * *

“…we now join Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style already in progress..sorta” The Announcer said as we saw the ‘CO:H3’ logo roll briefly across the screen and then bringing us to a shocking scene on the main set over looking the South Pacific waters. Hayden and Kristen were laying on the bed naked with a gorgeous girl in between them, also naked. Kristen giggled as the audio came up and she said into the camera, “We just couldn’t wait to get started this week ladies and gentleman and this weeks guest, Abigail Breslin, didn’t exactly make an issue out of waiting.”

“Well you guys said anytime I was ready” Abigail giggled. “I was ready from the moment you called and invited me on the show.”

“Me too” Hayden said as she kissed Abigail’s cheek and then her lips softly before looking back to the camera. “Abigail Breslin folks.”

“And speaking of first times…” Kristen said as she rolled over and showed us she was already wearing a strap-on. Abigail acted shocked as her and Hayden giggled and Kristen groaned as she got on her knees and looked down at them. “…if I fuck this up you’re…”

“You won’t my baby” Hayden said as she moved in front of her and kissed her lips. Then adjusting the straps and taking the cock in her hand and starting to stroke it up and down as the harness started to work against Kristen’s clit as she moaned lightly. “See? It’s fun and if you would give it a chance and try it I think you’d like it.”

“I’m not Dakota” Kristen said with a smirk as Abigail sat up giggling.

“Look this was my idea” Abigail said. “So don’t blame her, it was me. I wanted you in that.”

“HMMMM” Kristen said with a smile as she leaned down and kissed a smiling Abigail softly on the lips as Hayden picked up some lube off the night stand that set just out of the camera’s view and squirted some on Kristen’s newly attached cock as she broke with Abigail. Kristen moaning again as Hayden stroked the fuck stick slowly up and down and smeared the lube everywhere. Abigail laid back on the bed just as Hayden finished and took Kristen’s hand and guided her to get between Abigail’s legs. Abigail laid back on the pillows behind her and spread her legs as Kristen smiled nervously and took the cock in her hand for the first time and started to stroke it up and down and smiled as Hayden kissed her lips. Turning back to Abigail she guided the cock to the girls bald pussy lips and pressing it inside just a little and then pulling it back and sliding back in a little further as she guided it with one hand and dropped the other to her side. Abigail moaned softly and smiled as Kristen began to build a rhythm and got almost all the way in with just a few more strokes. Abigail reaching up and pulling gently at Kristen’s arm wanting the girl to lean forward over her body, Kristen sunk all the way inside at that moment and did as Abigail wanted. Leaning forward and placing her hands by Abigail’s head as she pulled out all the way and slid back in. “OH WOW. Is it OK?”

“MMMMMMMMMM so deep in there” Abigail moaned as we saw Hayden slip off the bed for some reason and the camera focused in more closely on Kristen and Abigail. Kristen looking down and watching every tentative stroke into Abigail as she slowly went faster and faster as Abigail moaned her complete approval. Clutching her fingers into the muscles of Kristen’s arms as she shook gently now from the shots Kristen was delivering in ever faster thrusts. Abigail’s moaning get louder as the fucking got harder and her pussy began to spasm lightly as her inner walls sucked at the cock now. Abigail moaning out loud and touching Kristen’s face gently to get the girl to look up, Kristen smiled as she saw Abigail in pleasure as she went faster and deeper, her thighs beginning to smack off of the girls thighs. Abigail clutching the hand that was on Kristen’s face into her shoulder now as she held the girls gaze and moaned to her, “MMMMMMMMM so good.”

“MMMMMMM so hot, so good” Kristen moaned as she spanked her thighs off of Abigail’s now softly and shook the girls body gently. Abigail’s moaning got a little louder as she arched her back and rolled her eyes back in her head as she tried to take in all the pleasure. Kristen fucked her harder now as she rocked the girls body with harder and harder shots as Abigail clutched one hand into Kristen’s arm and the other into her shoulder as her pussy spasmed harder and harder with each shot. Abigail started to buck her hips a moment later as both girls looked down to watch the scene and moaned in unison as Abigail met Kristen’s thrusts now with her own. It only took a few more strokes before Abigail tensed up as her pussy spasmed even more wildly and she started to cum. Her pussy spasming around the pistoning cock for a few long moments as Kristen slowed in perfect time with the orgasm subsiding into afterglow. Kristen smiled at what she had just done and lowered down to her elbows as sunk all the way inside the girls pussy now. Abigail moaning as Kristen kissed her softly. “Was it good?”

“Amazing, made that long flight worth it” Abigail giggled. “I told you if you tried it you could do it.”

“It was fun and I loved watching you in so much pleasure” Kristen said as she kissed her again. “Very cool.”

We opened with the new montage of scenes from previous episodes. First was Hayden, who of course had her cock buried in some hotties ass as she pumped away in a sandwich, then we saw Kristen, her lips smeared in girl-cum as she looked up and smiled into the camera after licking some girls pussy. Then a combo shot of Miley and Dakota aired as she rode Dakota’s cock. Right at the very end we saw a glimpse of Mackenzie Rosman as she peaked out from behind a hand held camcorder and flipped off the camera with a huge grin. But as Summer noted she did not appear in this episode.

“Hey babies” Hayden said as she rejoined the twosome on the bed, laying down behind them.

“Where did you go?” Kristen asked as she sat up and pulled out of Abigail.

“Wanted you have a scene with her alone” Hayden said. “That’s the first time she’s ever used one of those.”

“You told me that” Abigail commented.

The ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll brought us back to a somewhat familiar scene. The living room of Kay Panabaker and more specially that very bar that had been used to such great effect a couple of weeks ago by Kay and her two horny house guests, Miley and Dakota. This scene apparently beginning just as the other one had ended as Dakota was still on her back with Kay sitting across her thighs, Dakota’s cock still buried deep in Kay’s pussy. Miley laying behind the other two. All three still obviously naked and sweaty.

“Thanks Hayden” Miley said as the camera focused on her as Dakota’s hands stroked up Kay’s flat stomach to her titties and squeezed them softly. “This is part two of our in home visit with Kay Panabaker.”

“MMMMMMMMMM and now it’s my favorite part” Dakota moaned as she sat up and kissed Kay softly on the lips before the girl grinned and lifted off of Dakota’s cock. Dakota turning and getting to her knees as Dakota and Kay moved aside and let Miley lay down lengthwise on the bar now, her head coming to rest at Dakota’s thighs, prompting Kay to slip a leg over Miley’s face and get into a 69 with her host. Miley eagerly beginning to lick at Kay’s sweet pussy now up and down and sliding her hands to the girls flat stomach as Kay came to rest on her elbows. Dakota stroking her cock fast a few times as she lined it up with Kay’s tight little asshole, holding it steady as Kay looked back and watched Dakota slide the cock head inside and past her asshole ring. Kay moaning loudly as Miley licked her clit softly now and made the girl squirm as Dakota started getting her cock deeper and deeper inside with every stroke. Dakota dropping the hand that held the cock steady to her side as she stroked the other up Kay’s bare back. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM Kay girl you’re butt fuck hole feels so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM it’s feeling good with your cock in it” Kay moaned as Dakota stroked deeper and deeper every time now. Miley licking softly Kay’s pussy still up and down and hitting the girls clit over and over. Kay squeezing her thighs around Miley’s head as she moaned and looked back and watched Dakota ease in and out and finally sink all the way inside of her asshole. Dakota’s thighs pressing against the girls ass cheeks for a moment as she took hold of Kay’s shoulder with one hand and hung the other at her side. Kay moaning as Miley began to softly suck at her clit from below and her eyes going wide and her mouth dropping open as Dakota pulled out till her cock head caught on the girls asshole ring and then plunged back inside. Miley sucking a bit harder at Kay’s clit and making the girls thighs quiver over and over again as she moaned from above. Dakota’s thighs now spanking at Kay’s as she pumped in and out of the girls tight little asshole. “MMMMMMMMMMMM my cum feels so warm up my asshole, MMMMMMMMM ohmigod Dakota.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM makes it go in and out so easy baby” Dakota moaned as she put her free hand on her waist for a moment and pumped in and out before slipping it down to her ass cheek a moment later. Kay moaning as Miley sucked harder at her clit in long deep breaths and made her pussy spasm harder and harder every time. “MMMMMMMMMMMM makes butt fucking so easy that way.”

“MMMMMMMMMM oh god am I making your cock feel good?” Kay moaned as she squeezed her quivering thighs around Miley’s head. Dakota moaned as she pumped in and out faster and slapped her thighs at the girls ass cheeks over and over again. The Bar cracking and popping from the pressure of the threesome on top as Dakota went faster and hung her arm at her side now. Miley sucking Kay’s clit harder now and driving the girl towards an orgasm. Dakota moaning to Kay, “MMMMMMMMM god yesss that little butt fuck hole feels so good on my cock baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM” Kay grunted as Dakota plunged inside of her asshole one more time and brought her off in a violent orgasm. Dakota’s thighs slapping loudly at Kay’s ass cheeks as her own pussy began to spasm in orgasm. Kay moaning as she peaked and squirted her cum hard into Miley’s waiting mouth below her time after time until she was drained. Dakota smiling and sliding deep inside one last time and stopping as the moaning grew louder from Kay. “MMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD that felt so good I can’t even say.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM fuck it sure did” Dakota moaned as she pulled out of Kay’s tight little asshole and first rose into the catchers position and then to her feet as Kay turned and now sat across Miley’s thighs as Dakota moved in front of her. Dakota holding her cock steady as Kay dropped her arms to her sides and opened her mouth invitingly. Dakota moaning as she slid it inside the girls mouth and let Kay start to suck it softly. Kay joining Dakota in moaning as her head began to bob up and down, Miley stroking her hands up and down Kay’s sweaty body as she watched. Dakota slipping a hand into Kay’s hair and adjusting it to a make-shift ponytail and hanging the other arm at her side as she watched the lewd display with a pleasure soaked look on her face.

“MMMMMMMMMM feels so good getting my cock sucked after a butt fucking, does it taste good coming out of your asshole baby?” Dakota moaned as she guided Kay’s head up and down her cock over and over. A long moment of moaning followed before Kay pulled off and grinned up at her host, moaning to Dakota, “MMMMMMMMMM so sweet and yummy.”

“MMMMMMMM fuck yeah it sure is” Dakota moaned as she leaned to the side and let Miley set up and get on her knees too. Dakota dropped to her knees back on the bar as she now stroked her cock fast before Miley moved close and stopped the hand and took Dakota’s cock in her own hand and began to stroke it as she kissed her. Dakota and Miley trading tongues as Miley stroked the cock faster and Dakota dropped one arm to her side so the camera could get a clear view. “MMMMMMM I’m so in the mood to do some more butt fucking.”

“MMMMMMMM I love the sound of that” Miley moaned as she once again kissed her co-star softly. “And I getta be on top this time huh?”

“MMMMMMMMM yes you do” Dakota moaned as she kissed Miley once more and on cue Kay turned her back to the two and laid back on the bar, bringing her head to rest in front of Dakota’s thighs. Miley quickly turned her back to Dakota as well and crossed a leg over Kay’s face as the camera zoomed in and we got a close-up of Kay’s tongue beginning to lick softly up and down Miley’s sweet bald pussy. Dipping her tongue slowly inside as the passes continued and the camera pulled back and showed Miley was now resting on top of Kay on her knees and elbows. Dakota’s naked body covered in a thin film of sweat already as she slipped in behind Miley and lined her butt fucking cock up with Miley’s asshole and slid inside slowly. “MMMMMMMM that feels so good Miley, ohmigod baby.”

“MMMMMMMM yessss ohmigod that’s so big” Miley moaned as Dakota stroked faster and faster and got ever deeper in the girls asshole. Kay licking softly at Miley’s sweet pussy up and down and paying special attention to her clit as she worked it over and over. Dakota moving a hand to her ass cheek to clear the view of the camera as she sunk almost all the way in the girls asshole. Sinking all the way inside a moment later and pressing her thighs to Miley’s as both moaned. “MMMMMMMM god that’s so good.”

“MMMMMMMMM yeh Miley, how you wanna be butt fucked?” Dakota moaned as she pulled all the way out till the cock caught on Miley’s asshole and plunged
back inside. Slapping her thighs at Miley’s plump ass cheeks and making them jiggle as she did it again and again. Miley looked back and watched as she moaned to Dakota, “MMMMMMMM ohmigod just like that Dakota.”

“MMMMMMMMMM oh yeah I’ll butt fuck it just like this” Dakota moaned as she squeezed her fingers on her own ass cheek and into the smooth skin and pounded harder at Miley’s asshole. Kay making Miley jerk in delight as she moved her lips back to the girls clit and began to suck softly. Miley’s moans getting louder and her thighs quivering in pleasure. “MMMMMMMMMM Miley it feels better every time I butt fuck you.”

“MMMMMMMMMM oh god you’re so good at butt fucking” Miley moaned as Dakota dropped the hand on her ass cheek to her side as she slammed away harder and harder at Miley’s asshole. Kay now sucked harder and harder at Miley’s clit with her soft warm lips as Miley moaned louder and louder. Dakota slapping her thighs louder at Miley’s ass cheeks as Miley’s pussy spasmed harder with every stroke now. Dakota’s pretty face showing her pleasure as her pussy spasmed too and her tanned naked body dripped sweat as she made a few last butt fucking strokes into Miley’s backdoor. “MMMMMMMMMM gonna feel so good to cum.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM here we go Miley, time to be butt fucked to pure heaven baby” Dakota moaned as she moved her free hand back to her own ass cheek and squeezed the tanned smooth skin in her fingers as her pussy spasmed like crazy now. Miley’s thighs quivered and her pussy spasmed out of control as Kay sucked her clit hard and made the girl above her squeal. Miley laid her head down on Kay’s thighs and moaned out loud and opened mouthed as Dakota pounded her asshole
with wild abandon. Dakota’s orgasm taking over and both of the girls peaking in pure heaven and coming down a few long moments later. Miley grunted as she squirted her cum deep into Kay’s pretty mouth once and again as Dakota stroked deep inside a few more times. “MMMMMMMMM so sweet butt fucking both of you.”

“MMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM I know” Miley moaned as Dakota pulled out of her asshole. Dakota holding her cock steady as she scooted back and slid off the bar and into one of the chairs before she slipped off it to the floor and waited for Miley and Kay to join her. Miley and Kay following Dakota as they slipped off the bar and to the floor. Kay dropping to her knees in front of Dakota and opening her mouth as Dakota now stood above her dripping with sweat from head to toe. Dakota moaned as Kay began to suck her cock again, Miley watching with a knowing smile as she kissed Dakota softly and the two began to massage tongues against one and another. “MMMMMMMM told you Kota you’d getta do some butt fucking.”

“Two in a row even” Dakota moaned as her and Miley smiled at each other and kissed again as Kay bobbed her head up and down and we saw a ‘CO:H3’ logo roll take us back to the set. Kristen and Abigail playfully wrestling on the bed and giggling/squealing. Kristen stopped the fun as she pointed to the camera and said, “Welcome back, looks like Dakota got her a double.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM” Abigail moaned as she rolled onto her back and stroked Kristen’s body as her host rolled over on top and asked, “Little Abigail wants to lick her first pussy huh?”

“I do and I want it to be you” Abigail said as Kristen grinned and both giggled.

“I wanna make it really easy for OK?” Kristen asked as Abigail smiled and nodded her head. Kristen rose and slipped down the bed a bit and pulled Abigail to the center of the bed. Abigail’s head now laying on the mattress as Kristen grinned and crawled forward until she was over Abigail’s face. Lowering her pussy down so her thighs were on either side as the camera changed to a head-on shot from above the bed as Kristen looked down with a smile and cupped her hand around the back of Abigail’s head and said, “MMMMMMM come on baby it’s so sweet, lick my pussy.”

“MMMMMMMMMM it is, so sweet” Abigail moaned after she had tentatively licked up Kristen’s pussy for the first time. Kristen’s moans now filling the air as she watched from above as Abigail did it again and again in a nice rhythm. Abigail’s hands coming to lay gently on the outside of Kristen’s thighs as she licked her pussy from top to bottom over and over again. Pressing her tongue into the folds as Kristen moaned and squeezed her thighs around Abigail’s head this time. Abigail’s hands stroking now up and down the outside of Kristen’s thighs as she licked her in a steady rhythm and was obviously getting more and more turned on by what she was doing. Kristen moaned as she gently persuaded Abigail to go to work faster with a nudging of her head. Abigail smiling as she again started to lick up and down the soft smooth pussy lips of Kristen’s, this time pressing her tongue a little harder into the folds as it began to dip inside of Kristen. Kristen’s moaning coming a little louder as her ass started to clinch with the squeezing of her thighs around Abigail’s head. Her pussy beginning to spasm now as Abigail licked over her clit for the first time. Sending shivers of wonderful pleasure all over Kristen’s lightly tanned body. “MMMMMM is something wrong Kris, you’re thighs are really quivering.”

“MMMMMMM yeh I wonder why they’re quivering, you are not funny” Kristen as she smiled down at her guest star as Abigail giggled. Kristen encouraging her to go back to work one more time. To which Abigail eagerly agreed as she licked over Kristen’s clit once again softly and repeated it. Kristen’s moaning growing louder as Kristen’s hands moved to her ass cheeks and squeezing her fingers into the soft smooth skin as Abigail licked her clit over relentlessly. Kristen’s thighs literally quivering in pleasure as her pussy spasmed hard now and she looked down. Abigail’s tongue dragging roughly over Kristen’s clitty one more time as Kristen’s stomach bowed in and she started to cum. A pleasure soaked smile on Kristen’s face as the orgasm surged through her body for a few long moments before it subsided. Looking down she guided Abigail’s tongue away from her clit and down a bit as she moaned. Kristen moaned as Abigail sunk her tongue all the way inside and sucked softly, Kristen’s cum squirting into Abigail’s loving mouth for her efforts as Kristen moaned in pleasure from above. Abigail making her shiver a moment later as she repeated the soft sucking as Kristen’s sweet cum filled her mouth again. Abigail moving an arm around the outside of Kristen’s thigh and bringing her hand to rest on Kristen’s flat stomach as she sucked one last time. Kristen moaning and squirming as the last of her own cum squirted into Abigail’s loving mouth. Kristen smiling as she watched Abigail lick her pussy a few more times. “MMMMMMMMM so good, you learn really quick.”

“MMMMMM she sure does” Hayden said as she appeared on-camera once again with her strap-on now in place. Hayden getting over Abigail’s stomach as Kristen watched. Hayden’s cock now in perfect alignment with Abigail’s mouth. Abigail placing her hands on Hayden’s thighs as she opened her mouth invitingly. Hayden carefully laid the head of her cock on Abigail’s tongue and moaned as Abigail took the cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. “MMMMMMMM yeh baby that’s a good girl.”

Hayden moaning as she watched the girl bob her head up and down now. Abigail moaning as she bobbed her head harder up and down as she now took almost all of Hayden’s cock in her mouth. Hayden moaned as Abigail took all of the cock in her mouth now at once and deep throated it slowly once and then over and over again. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM so good Abigail. Is it ready?”

“MMMMM yeh no doubt” Abigail moaned as she rose and kissed Hayden softly for a long moment as Kristen laid down lengthwise on the bed. Hayden and Abigail joining her a moment later as Abigail slipped down on the bed and grinned knowingly as she excitedly turned and before crawling over Kristen leaned down to kiss her softly. Settling in a second later over Kristen’s body in a 69 and lowering her pussy to Kristen’s pretty face. Hayden moved in behind Abigail, stroking her now saliva soaked rubber cock up and down and watching as Kristen began licking softly at Abigail’s baby smooth pussy lips. Her tongue sliding up and down the slit slowly but surely time after time.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god Abby you’re pussy is so sweet to lick” Kristen said with a smile before going back to licking softly up and down her pussy as Abigail moaned from above her. Abigail moaned with a smile as Kristen sped her attack and licked faster and faster up and down the slit. Looking down, Abigail watched Kristen’s tongue glide up and down the bare patch of skin effortlessly. Going faster as her head moved up and down, Abigail moaned her pleasure and approval as she got into position for Hayden. Kristen stopped for a moment and rubbed the patch of soft skin between Abigail’s legs and licked her lips, savoring the sweet flavor before going back to licking her softly. Abigail moaned as she began squirming and moaning even louder as she lowered her pussy a bit more and grinded it right on Kristen’s tongue and milked it for the pleasure. Which the camera showed in detail in a close-up. Pulling back we saw Kristen now placing her hands on Abigail’s ass cheeks and spreading them slightly as Hayden moved in behind Abigail and lined her cock up with the girls asshole.

“MMMMMMMMMMM soooo good, you ready to butt fuck this little girl?” Abigail moaned to Hayden as she looked back at her host.

“MMMMMMMMM baby I love that idea so much” Hayden moaned, holding her cock steady with her hand as Abigail watched and moaned as Hayden began feeding the cock though her fingers into the puckered little asshole ring. Abigail moaned lewdly in pleasure as Hayden began pumping in and out with just a little of the cock. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck Abby, it’s so big baby you sure you can handle butt fucking?”

“OHMIGOD it does feel big, it’s soooo big MMMMMMMMM I can take it, I wanna be butt fucked soooo bad” Abigail moaned as Hayden began pumping in and out of her asshole in long smooth strokes and we could see more and more of the butt fuck stick disappear inside as she did. Kristen kept licking the girls yummy pussy up and down and squeezed her fingers into Abigail’s ass cheeks. Abigail’s mouth opened as she moaned even louder from the pleasure, bottom lip trembling as she moaned and lowered her head and we watched Kristen as we got a close-up of Kristen’s tongue sliding up and down the center of her slit time and again. “MMMMMMMM it feels so good in my asshole, is it tight Hayden?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah baby, you’re little asshole is so tight it makes butt fucking feel so good on my cock” Hayden moaned as she pumped deeper with every thrust, dropping the arm from Abigail’s waist to her side as she bottomed out inside Abigail’s little asshole a few moments later. Grinding on it a little as Kristen licked up and down the whole length of her pussy as Abigail whimpered and moaned at the sensations it brought her young body. Hayden wasted no time as she did her usual and leaned forward over the girls back, her hands now by Kristen’s thighs and seemed to be waiting on something. Abigail shook gently from the sensations as she smiled and Hayden stroked her fingers through Abigail’s hair to clear the hair from her face as Abigail lowered her head and started doing the incredible, licking Kristen’s pussy up and down slowly. Hayden smiled as she watched her for a few seconds and pulled all the way out till the rubber cock head caught on Abigail’s asshole ring and slid back inside. Hayden moaning as loud as Abigail did below her as the butt fucking started again. “MMMMMMMM yeh Abby such a big girl licking pussy while you’re getting butt fucked.”

“MMMMMMMMMM fuck” Abigail moaned intensely as Kristen licked around Abigail’s clit now and taking a long moment to suck the little rosebud softly as the girl squirmed above her. Abigail shook and moaned out loud as she started sucking Kristen’s clit in return. Kristen jerked her lips in pure pleasure and moaned as she watched now as Hayden repeatedly plunged inside Abigail’s asshole making Abigail moan louder as she started pumping in long smooth strokes faster and faster. “MMMMMMMMM Hayden am I making your cock feel good?”

“MMMMMMM butt fuckin your little asshole is making it feel so good” Hayden moaned as Kristen moved her hands to the side of Abigail’s ass cheeks and held her in place for Hayden as she attached her lips to Abigail’s pussy and began fucking her tongue in and out from below. Making Abigail squirm and whimper in pleasure as she pulled away from Kristen’s clit with a popping sound, making Kristen’s hips jerk yet again. Kristen pumped her tongue harder and faster in and out, licking Abigail’s inner walls all over and tasting the honey sweetness of her juices. Hayden moaned louder from above as she watched Abigail’s every move on Kristen’s pussy from above. Her thighs beginning to spank loudly at Abigail’s ass cheeks now as she slammed away a little harder.

Hayden moaned to match those of Abigail with a pleasure soaked smile crossing both of their faces. Hayden returned that smile and fucked her cock harder in and out. Her thighs peppering Abigail’s ass cheeks and a light smacking sound getting a little louder all the time. Kristen pumping her tongue in and out of Abigail now as she moaned out loud herself as Abigail sucked her clit in longer breaths. Both girls under Hayden moaning intensely as they made each other squeal with the oncoming orgasm both of them felt. Hayden’s pussy was spasming now too and hard as she spanked her thighs at Abigail’s ass cheeks and tried to hold off as long as she could.

“MMMMMMMMM yeh time to cum babies” Hayden moaned to the two girls below her. Abigail seemed to be the first one to start as her body shook from the shots that Hayden was giving her, making her pussy spasm out of control as Kristen sucked her clit from below. Hayden stroked as deep as she could and felt her own pussy spasming hard as she moaned and watched as Abigail ‘popped’ off a few times more on Kristen below her and brought Kristen off at the same time she was cumming. Seeing both of the girls below her in orgasm pushed Hayden over the edge also and just like that all three moaned out loud as they cum at the same time. Kristen’s body shook with her orgasm below as she managed to stuff her tongue back inside Abigail’s pussy as the girl settled down and sucked softly as Abigail grunted and squirted her girl cum deep in Kristen’s eager mouth. Hayden slowed as her pleasure subsided and she moved back to behind Abigail and settled in and pulled out. Hayden, now dripping with sweat from head to toe did as she had done the last week and waited for Abigail to roll off to the side.

“MMMMMMM come here my sexy baby, suck my butt fucking cock again” Hayden moaned as Kristen rolled over and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue on cue. Hayden carefully laid the cock head on her tongue and scooped Kristen’s hair out of her eyes as she guided the cock into her eager mouth. Hayden moaning as Kristen’s head started to bob on the cock slowly and took more of it in her mouth. Hayden’s tanned ass clinching a few times as she watched Kristen from above. “MMMMMMM take it all in your mouth baby.”

“MMMMMMM HMMMMMM” Kristen’s moaned as her head bobbed harder as one of her hands landed on Hayden’s stomach and she moaned on the cock as it went deeper into her mouth. Hayden stopped her and pulled out of the girls mouth as Kristen looked up and smiled knowingly and licked the cock head softly, “MMMMMMM is that sweet coming out of Jenna’s butt fuck hole?”

“MMMMMMMM she was sweeter than Jenna I think” Kristen moaned as she looked up at Hayden and slid the cock back in her mouth and started to suck again as we fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commercial free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back onto the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more and now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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