Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style – Episode Ten “Hayden’s Fantasy Girl, Part One”

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Hayden’s Fantasy Girl, Part One”

Season Three: Episode Ten

Copyright © 2007

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 10th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, in the most revealing episode of the season, we finally get some insight into the private life of the powerful twosome now at the controls of the Cumming Out kingdom, Mackenzie and Hayden. It seems Special Guest Star (and Executive Producer) Mackenzie Rosman has a few surprises for her ever horny lover. The first being directly related to the ‘Payback 101’ episode and Jamie Lynn Spears status as co-host. Later, Mackenzie delivers the ultimate surprise as she gives Hayden her hearts desire. That being the first meeting of the girl Hayden’s been mooning over since the beginning of the season and of course Mackenzie is all too happy to get the horny twosome on tape. Part One of Two.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, January 8, 2008 @ 8:30 p.m.

Story Codes: fff, fff, ff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17)

Special Guest Star: Mackenzie Rosman (17)

Guest Stars: Kristen Alderson (16)

* * * * *

“HEY BABY!” I screamed from the living room as the clock on the wall above the TV read 8 o’clock. Of Course it’s Tuesday night, what a night to stay in and just enjoy the pleasure that Taboo! delivers to us.

“Hey what?” Summer asked as she stuck her head out of the bedroom.

“It’s Tuesday” I said as she smiled. “Get your ass over here, now.”

“Who’s in paradise tonight with Hayden and Jamie Lynn?” She asked as she sat down between my thighs and leaned back against me as I wrapped her in my arms like always.

“Starr Manning, from All my Children” I said as I showed her the episode info on the satellite guide.

“Her names Kristen Alderson, damn I watch that show just for her” Summer said as I pointed at the TV and we saw the ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo splash across the screen and fade away into a scene that certainly wasn’t the usual outdoor set with the waters of the South Pacific as it’s ever present backdrop. This time we saw two girls standing only a few feet away from the camera and chatting quietly in what looked to be the living room of someones home. No doubt Hayden’s I figured as it became clear that one of the girls was Mackenzie.

“Here turn around” Mackenzie said as she pointed to the camera and smiled as did the other girl, who was no longer a mystery.

“Holy shit, that’s Starr Fucking Manning” Summer said as she saw the face of the girl in Mackenzie’s arms. Mackenzie hugging her proudly from behind now.

“Hey guys and welcome to Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style and I’m Mackenzie, as you know and this doll baby is Kristen Alderson, better known from ABC daytime’s One Life To Live, as Starr Manning.”

“Doll baby?” Kristen asked with a bright smile.

“You’re the hottest girl I’ve had in my arms in forever, other than Hayden” Mackenzie said as Kristen gave her a knowing smile.

“You’re so hot” Kristen said as she caressed Mackenzie’s cheek for a long moment with her hand as they smiled at each other. “You’re my other fantasy girl you know that?”

“MMMMMMM so you keep saying my little Starr” Mackenzie said softly, “Hayden is gonna love you.”

“Can I love her too?” Kristen asked with a seductive smile as she turned in Mackenzie’s arms and smiled. “I promise I’ll be so good to her.”

“Yeh I get that feeling about you” Mackenzie said as she leaned in and kissed Kristen softly on the lips for a long moment. “I’m gonna so love taping you two.”

“You gonna join in later right?” Kristen asked. “Cause you promised you would, remember?”

“I will I promise my little Starr” Mackenzie said and kissing the girl again softly, “Tonight Hayden will make one of your fantasies come true and then we’ll share you and make your other one come true my baby.”

“You serious about Hayden liking me?”

“I showed you the clips were she was mooning over you on TV” Mackenzie said as Kristen blushed. “Now let’s go meet your dream girl huh?”

“MMMMMM yeah….” Kristen moaned as Mackenzie reached over and flicked the camera off as a ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll brought us to another scene. No opening sequence this week I noted as another scene began, this one began as it looked like Mackenzie had just turned on the camera again and we saw her walk into view, with Hayden standing in the bathroom combing her hair. Now sans Kristen, but knowing this show I knew that would no doubt be soon explained. By the way, Mackenzie and Hayden were both sporting matching jammer shorts and pinks night shirts. Girls are even hot in those.

“Good lord are you taping me again?” Hayden asked. “Turn it off?”

“No, I like taping you” Mackenzie said as she jumped up and plopped down on the sink now in front of Hayden. “Get used to it, Hay Hay.”

“I have Mackenzie Spielberg” Hayden said with a kiss as Mackenzie laughed. “You give me no choice.”

“What do you mean you don’t have a choice?” Mackenzie asked. “If you turned it off I wouldn’t be mad.”

“You’d say we could use it on the show” Hayden said. “You do that all the time.”

“So I’m trying to make a good show” Mackenzie said, “I’m the youngest Executive Producer in this industry, if I can make this show click then I’m set for life.”

“I know that”

“Well sometimes you make me feel like I’m violating your privacy by taping you” Mackenzie said, “You just don’t get that I love you and would do anything for you and this show is your legacy more than mine. That controlling whore Hilary tried to steal the spotlight and we stood up to her and got her kicked off and you became the star because I went to bat with the network for you…”

“Now wait just a minute, I do to know you love me” Hayden said honestly. “You know as well as I do who has my heart Mackenzie, you do. This show is nothing compared to you.”

“Me too Hay Hay” Mackenzie said as she kissed Hayden softly. “I love you too.”

“MMMMMMMM well as long as it’s running, maybe we should just take advantage of it and get some good stuff on tape” Hayden said with a wicked smile. “I am so in the mood for some pussy right now.”

“Well first I need to tell you something” Mackenzie said nervously.

“Is something wrong Mac? You can tell me, we’ll get through it together, it’s not like before” Hayden said as she touched Mackenzie’s face.

“I fired Jamie Lynn” Mackenzie said softly as Hayden looked at her in shock.


“She gave me hell for the final time earlier on the phone for that stupid Alexa Nikolas revenge episode” Mackenzie said.

“But she liked that” Hayden said.

“Yeh to your face and on-camera” Mackenzie said. “But she’s threatened to ruin my career over it if it airs. And I’m sick of her bitching over every little thing. You don’t see most of that.”

“If she’s such a bitch why is she over here every weekend fucking both of us?”

“Because she’s a horny slut, same as us” Mackenzie said with a knowing smile. “I’m just tired of dealing with her crap and I have to do what’s best for the show.”

“So now you just make the decisions alone? I’m just a Producer huh?”

“Hayden, listen, I am responsible for the show, not you” Mackenzie said as she touched Hayden’s face gently. “Please don’t get mad at me, you know I have to report to the stiffs in corporate about this. And they wanted her gone to, you know why you never hear any shit from the Taboo! head morons?”

“No, but come to think of it I guess I never have”

“Not bragging and I didn’t want you to know, but…” Mackenzie said with a shrug. “I shield you from that so you can focus on working your amazing magic on camera, with Jamie Lynn it was the same thing. You can be mad about it if you want, but I did what I thought was best to keep harmony on the set and you happy.”

“I’m not mad, I liked Jamie Lynn yeh, girl can work a pussy like a mother, but if you think it’s right, I believe in you” Hayden said with a soft kiss. “So now what I’m solo like last season?”

“Who do you think got Hilary fired and you into the starring role?” Mackenzie asked. “Me.”

“Yeh I kinda had a feeling when they turned the show over to you this season” Hayden said with an adoring smile. “MMMMMMMM my baby is powerful huh?”

“I got Willa Holland her own show” Mackenzie said as Hayden looked at her in surprise. “Little skanky begged me.”

“And I bet she did a few other things to huh?” Hayden asked.

“All night long” Mackenzie said as she kissed Hayden softly, “It took a while but she convinced me.”

“I kinda wondered why you were the executive producer on both shows” Hayden said. “Come on Mac baby flex your muscles.”

“No, I like Willa, she’s nice” Mackenzie said. “And it gives me more stroke at the network now that her show is a hit too.”

“Yeh but I’m afraid her head is getting a little big” Hayden said, “She can be rough with Alyson and Miranda sometimes.”

“I noticed” Mackenzie said, “Me thinks I’m gonna have to settle her down before her head gets too big.”

“Handcuffs and whip cream?” Hayden asked as Mackenzie laughed.

“So me solo?”

“Nope” Mackenzie said with a huge smile. “If she accepts your new co-host is in the bedroom. And I got a huge surprise for you tonight my baby” Mackenzie said as Hayden looked at her with a questioning look. “Huge surprise.”

“Bald muff?” Hayden asked as Mackenzie laughed. “Wait it’d be surprised if I could find any hair on your body below those beautiful ones on your head.”

“Duh Hay Hay” Mackenzie said as Hayden giggled. “Now tell me who is your current obsession? Other than me.”

“Starr Manning you know that, hell everyone does” Hayden said, “How many times have I mentioned it on the air?”

“Come take a look what’s waiting for you in the bedroom” Mackenzie said as she slipped off the sink and ran to pick up the camera as Hayden followed, Mackenzie taping her the whole way. Hayden’s eyes shooting open in shock over something she saw off-camera as Mackenzie turned and showed us what the subject of Hayden’s shock was. Kristen Alderson of course was sitting on the bed with a huge on her face. “Hey Starr this is Hayden.”

“Ohmigod” Hayden said with a huge smile. Mackenzie pulled back and got both of them in the shot as she settled down in what I figured was a chair in the corner of the room.

“Hey baby” Kristen said with a matching smile as she got on her knees on the end of the bed.

“Damn girl you out did yourself this time” Hayden said as she looked to Mackenzie, “She is hot as fuck.”

“Thank you” Kristen said as Hayden looked back at her and we all heard Mackenzie giggle off-camera. “I love the show by the way.”

“Yours too I’m obsessed with your character” Hayden said as Kristen laughed and Hayden moved in front of her on the bed and they came face to face for the first time. The intense attraction was obvious to me from that moment as their eyes met. “Is it ok if I pretend you’re Starr Manning?”

“Call me anything you want just tell me I’m hot again” Kristen said as she took Hayden’s hand, “And I’m the one who’s obsessed.”

“With who?”

“You blondy” Mackenzie giggled from off-camera. “DUH!”

“She thinks she’s funny” Hayden said as Mackenzie could still be heard giggling.

“Well she speaks the truth” Kristen said, “You’re my fantasy.”

“Oh damn if you meant that I’m in so much trouble” Hayden said softly as their eyes locked on each others. “Do you?”

“Kiss me and find out” Kristen said with a flirting smile as she took Hayden’s hand in hers and laced their fingers together and smiled back up at her. “Hay Hay.”

“Get’em Starr” Mackenzie said in a sultry voice from off-camera. Of course by now neither Hayden or Kristen were paying her any attention as Hayden caressed Kristen’s cheek and both smiled again as Hayden kissed her softly for a long moment and found that Kristen was offering no resistance, as much as encouraging Hayden to go farther. Hayden sighed contently into the girl’s mouth as their lips slowly began moving in a rhythm against the others, Hayden being the one to lick at Kristen’s upper lip and feeling Kristen’s tongue meet hers a moment later. Kristen squeezing her fingers into Hayden’s as their tongues touched for the first time and slowly began to massage against the others. Kristen returning the contented sigh she’d heard from Hayden just moments before as both of their bodies began to come online in that most sensual of ways. Hayden slipping a hand into Kristen’s hair as the intensity kicked up now and their hands seperated as Kristen moved her hands to Hayden’s shirt as they parted for the first time and she looked at her with a huge smile.

“Good?” Kristen asked as she stood and raised Hayden’s shirt up her stomach.

“My fantasy Starr Manning” Hayden said as she lifted her arms willingly as Kristen smiled and lifted the shirt over Hayden’s head. Tossing it aside and moving her hands as quickly as she could to Hayden’s now bare stomach and stroking it lovingly up and down as they kissed again softly. Hayden’s tongue finding hers for a long moment as they again massaged one against the others. Kristen pulling away this time as she dropped to her knees and pulled Hayden’s jammer shorts down and holding her steady so Hayden could step out of them. Looking straight ahead now at Hayden’s beautiful smoothie as she looked up at Hayden now with a knowing smile. “That what you want so bad?”

“Always wanted to try it” Kristen said as Hayden sat down on the bed as Kristen moved closer. “Never been with a girl before, so I might suck at this.”

“Nooo you won’t” Hayden said as took Kristen’s hand and led her up the bed. Hayden turning and laying down on her back, her head now resting on the pillows as Kristen got the idea and laid down on her stomach between Hayden’s thighs. Her mouth in perfect position with Hayden’s slit as she smiled nervously up at her soon to be lover. “It’s easy and I’ll show you anything you want to know.”

“Well I’m not sure about the butt stuff…”

“It’s ok, we don’t have to go anywhere you’re not ready to” Hayden said with a smile as she cleared Kristen’s hair out of her eyes and gently persuaded her to go to work. Kristen smiled knowingly as she lowered her head and licked up Hayden’s bald slit for the first time. Bringing a body shaking moan from Hayden as she realized her amazing fantasy was coming true. “MMMMMMMMMMMM oh my god I can’t believe you’re actually doing that sexy baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM soooo sweet, you know that huh?” Kristen asked and waited for Hayden’s response.

“MMMMMMMMMM god baby it taste like honey I know” Hayden moaned as Kristen smiled knowingly and licked again and again at Hayden’s pussy in the most basic of ways. Pressing her tongue firmly into the folds of Hayden’s slit and licking all the way up to the very tip slowly and then doing it again. Hayden moaned a little louder it sounded with each pass as she held her hand gently at the back of Kristen’s head to guide her up and down. “Spread my lips a little and lick my clit sexy baby.”

“Like this?” Kristen asked as she spread Hayden’s lips at the top just a bit and licked her little rosebud softly. Making Hayden shake in pleasure as Kristen did it again and again more roughly. Hayden’s hand clutching into a fist as Kristen licked it again and again in an endless rhythm now. Pressing her tongue hard onto it and dragging it over the little pleasure button more and more. Tasting Hayden’s honey now oozing out a little more with every pass over her clit.

“MMMMMMMMMMM wow fuck yessss sooo good Starr” Hayden moaned as she squirmed and watched every movement of Kristen’s head now. Kristen returning a moment later to licking straight up and down Hayden’s pussy and now flicking her host’s clit at the end of every pass as Hayden moaned louder and louder. “MMMMMMMMM oh fuck, I’m gonna cum baby, lick my clit so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMM lucky me” Kristen moaned as she started to lick agressively over Hayden’s clit now as her head bobbed up and down faster and faster. Hayden’s body beginning to shake as she felt her pussy spasm harder with every pleasure filled pass of Kristen’s tongue across her clitty. Arching her back and moaning louder as her pussy spasmed out of control and into a wonderful body shaking orgasm. Kristen licked her clit a few more times as Hayden felt pure heaven for a few long wonderful seconds and then went almost limp as it gave way. Feeling Kristen licking lovingly up and down her pussy now to get the cum off as it oozed out. “MMMMMMMMMM so fuckin sweet, you taste like honey…”

“OHHHHHHH god that was so good it almost hurt” Hayden said as sat up and let Kristen lick her pussy a few more times before she had her rise. Pulling Kristen up to her as they kissed softly on the lips. Hayden’s hands cupping around the back of Kristen’s neck gently as she licked at the girls upper lip and started to massage her tongue against Kristen’s in a slow rhythm. Her honey cum being the addictive flavor now smeared all over Kristen’s soft warm lips and tongue. Hayden moaned into the girls mouth as she massaged her tongue against Kristen’s and kissed her softly. Mackenzie zooming in and showing us, for the first time on the night, how hot it looked to see two girls kissing with girl cum as the treat on their tongues. Kristen acting like a pro already as she swept her hair out of the way and tucked it behind her ear as she did the same thing to Hayden and cupped her hands behind Hayden’s neck and kissed her passioniately as she worked her tongue against Hayden’s in an almost feverish attempt to make the soothing sensations storming her body more permanent. Mackenzie pulling the angle back to a wide shot, Hayden pulling away reluctantly as her and Kristen smiled at each other knowingly. “MMMMMMMM you like licking my pussy?”

“MMMMMMM yes I did” Kristen said in a soft moan as Hayden took hold of Kristen’s shirt and pulling it up and over the girls head and throwing it at a giggling Mackenzie as Kristen crawled up the bed and laid down in Hayden’s former place as Hayden turned to her.

“What do you think Hayden? Smoothie or no?” Mackenzie asked.

“If she does I’m in love” Hayden said as she stroked her hand over Kristen’s flat sexy stomach. Kristen now on her back, her head resting on the pillows as she lifted her hips and smiled as Hayden revealed the mystery and pulled down Kristen’s jammer shorts. The look on Hayden’s face as she pulled the shorts off and tossed them aside told the whole story. Smoothie indeed. Hayden smiled as she got on her stomach and in between Kristen’s thighs as she looked up at her and said, “That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, tied with Mackenzie’s.”

“Well if it’s so pretty what are you waiting for?” Kristen asked as Hayden smiled one more time and moved her hands under Kristen’s butt cheeks and lowered her head a little and licked up Kristen’s pussy for the first time. Kristen shaking a little and moaning her complete approval as she watched Hayden do it again and again in a series. Hayden wasting not one second as she pressed her tongue into the girls slit and dragging it from top to bottom over and over again. Kristen offering no words now as she moaned and raised her arms over her head and clutched onto the pillows as her body felt the sensations take over. Hayden smiling for a moment as she watched her fantasy girl in pleasure before exposing Kristen’s clit and really starting to hand out the pleasure as she licked it softly over and over. Feeling Kristen shake a little more every time she did it and her moaning grow louder as she whimpered and squirmed her hips, trying to take in the pleasure as best she could. “MMMMMMMMM ohhhhhh Hayden you’re doing it so good, I’m gonna cum good if you keep going.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM come on baby” Hayden moaned as she licked Kristen’s pussy a few more times up and down and then went back to the girls clit and worked it relentlessly as Kristen finally began to shake a little harder. Her eyes rolling back in her head, her fingers clutching into the pillows above her head and a loud moan escaping her mouth as she felt her pussy spasm out of control now and into a pure heaven orgasm. Shaking and squirming her hips as Hayden licked her clit till the last of the pussy spasming pleasure strikes shot through her body. Hayden finally moving back to Kristen’s slit and stuffing her tongue inside and sucking gently. The mind numbing sensations sweeping over Kristen’s naked sweaty body as she moaned out loud and her cum squirted into Hayden’s mouth as her pussy spasmed wildly for a long moment. Hayden repeating this a few more times until all of Kristen’s cum was sucked out and the girl lay spent above her. “MMMMMMMMMMMM lucky me, you’re so sweet too my sexy baby.”

“I’m so fuckin horny now, god that felt good, will you use your strap-on with me?” Kristen asked as Hayden smiled in surprise as she rose to her knees. Mackenzie giggling knowingly from off-camera as she flipped the strap-on to the bed. “And not back there, yet.”

“God you’re one sexy baby” Hayden said with a knowing smile as she slipped into the strap-on harness and then leaned down and kissed Kristen softly on the lips. Kristen’s lips welcoming Hayden’s as they fell into a slow rhythm for a long moment, the honey cum that Hayden just sucked out of Kristen being the flavor of choice on both of their lips now as they began to exchange tongues. Massaging one against the other in a rhythm so perfect it must have set both of them on fire once again. “MMMMMMM god I’m gonna love this, so you want it where?”

“Here?” Kristen asked as she pointed to her bald little pussy with a knowing smile. “Please?”

“No reason to beg sexy baby, I’ll do anything you want” Hayden said as Kristen blushed a little and laid back on the bed, her head resting on the pillows as she watched Hayden move down and get between her thighs. Mackenzie moving to the side of the bed and getting the perfect angle on the shot. Hayden picked some baby oil off the nightstand and stroking her cock, she covered it in the oil as Kristen smiled knowingly and spread her legs wide.

“Why you need baby oil for?” Kristen asked.

“Wanna make it to go in easy” Hayden said as she slid forward and lined her cock up with Kristen’s lips and as Kristen tensed up a little and felt Hayden slide into her and started pumping it in and out a little at a time. “MMMMMMMMM is that ok Starr?”

“MMMMMMMM oh yeah, god it’s a dream come true” Kristen moaned as Hayden smiled and stroked it deeper and deeper inside the girls tight little pussy as her moaning got louder. Sinking all the way inside and leaning forward over Kristen’s body, her hands coming down by Kristen’s shoulders, she pulled back out expertly and plunged back once and then again. Kristen’s hand shooting up to Hayden’s waist as her moaning increased with ever stroke as Hayden smiled down at her knowingly. Hayden loving the sight of Kristen in so much pleasure under her as she started to smack her thighs at Kristen’s as she slammed away now harder and harder. The cock working against Kristen’s clit the whole time as she moaned out loud and looked up to Hayden with a pleasure soaked smile on her face. “Ohhhhh MMMMMMM it’s so good, just like Mac said it was, you’re so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM baby I know, I’m loving it too” Hayden moaned as Mackenzie zoomed in and we got a close-up of the cock sliding into Kristen’s bald pussy and the quivering and jiggling of her thighs as they smacked into Hayden’s. Pulling back to the wide angle, we saw Kristen’s eyes roll back in her head as the pleasure over took her and she started bucking her hips to meet Hayden’s thrusts. Moaning urgently it sounded as her hands slid to Hayden’s titties and squeezing them softly as she looked down and whimpered as she watched every stroke into her pussy. “MMMMMMMM sexy baby is taking it so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMM Ohmigod it just feels too good Hayden, I can’t take it much more, I’m gonna cum you’re doing it sooooo good” Kristen moaned as she looked up to Hayden and fought back the urge to cum as hard as she could it looked. “MMMMMMMM going so fast…”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh it’s ok baby, you can cum” Hayden said as she slammed harder and drove the cock in and out of Kristen’s pussy as the younger smiled and laid her head back and squealed in delight as her pussy began spasming around the cock. Her whole body shaking as she experinced a few wonderful moments of orgasmic bliss before Hayden slowed in her and let her come down gently. Hayden lowering to her elbows, laying literally on Kristen and sinking all the way inside. Kristen moaned as her body shook still and hugged Hadyen around the neck as she kissed her softly. Kristen moaning softly into Hayden’s mouth as their lips fell into a slow and steady rhythm with each other. Kristen’s hands going into Hayden’s hair as she licked Hayden’s upper lip gently and began to massage her tongue against Hayden’s a moment later. Mackenzie zooming on the action and giving us a breathtaking view of the two kissing in the afterglow as Hayden cleared Kristen’s hair out of her sweat soaked face and put her hand on the girls cheek gently as they kissed like lovers now. Slowly massaging their tongues against the others as both moaned into the other’s mouth as their lips incresed the pace slightly as Hayden started humping in and out of Kristen’s pussy slowly but surely. Mackenzie pulling back and showing us the wide view again as Hayden’s hips rose and fell just a bit into a steady rhythm. Kristen’s beautiful body shaking ever so gently with the movements as she worked her tongue continously against Hadyen’s. Hayden finally pulling away and both smiled. “Damn girl you made me lose track of time.”

“You’re a wonderful kisser” Kristen said with a glowing smile. “I’m sorry I cum so soon.”

“Don’t be” Hayden said gently as slid her fingers through Kristen’s hair, “I must have been doing something good.”

“MMMMMMMMM so good, like I said dream come true” Kristen said with a knowing smile. “And just so you know, god you’re so sexy.”

“You too sexy baby” Hayden said with another soft kiss. “Did I make it cum good?”

“I think so” Mackenzie said from off-camera, “Look at her my baby, you got our little Starr here glowing.”

“Hey!” Kristen said as Hayden giggled and kissed her cheek.

“It was a compliment” Hayden said as she rose a little and pulled out. “We both think you’re so hot it hurts.”


“MMMMMMMMMMM both” Hayden said with a sizzling kiss as she had Kristen set up the bed. Hayden laid down on her back and asked, “How about you ride me baby?”

“Oh wow, fuck yesss I’d love that” Kristen said as she stood on the bed and crossed her legs over Hayden. Lowering herself into the infamous ‘catcher’s position’ as Hayden held her cock steady and laid her head back on the set of pillows. She held the cock in place with one hand and placed her other behind her head. Kristen let the tip slide into her pussy and placed both of her hands on Hayden’s flat tanned stomach for balance as Hayden placed her other arm behind her head. Relaxing and watching Kristen start to bounce gently on it as the cock began sinking into her pussy. “MMMMMMMMMMMM god, wow I never got to do this.”

“MMMMMMMMM baby, you’re doing so good” Hayden moaned as did Kristen as Mackenzie zoomed in and showed her reaction as the cock stroked her pussy walls for the first time and then pulled back to the wide shot. Hayden smiled at Kristen’s beautiful body bouncing up and down as she fucked more and more of the cock into her pussy with every passing bounce. Kristen’s face showing the pleasure of the moment as she let the last of the cock sink into her pussy as and mashed her ass cheeks against Hayden’s thighs for the first time. Hayden moving her hands from behind her head down to Kristen’s body and squeezing her titties softly as Kristen rose all the way to the top of the cock and impaled herself on it as she moaned and opened her mouth in surprise at the sensations, and doing it again and again faster and harder as her moaning got louder. Hayden loving the sight of Kristen’s pretty face now masked in pleasure as she moved her hands to Kristen’s waist and started bouncing her harder. “MMMMMMMMMM soooo good sexy baby, arch your back a little and bounce your titties for me.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM sooooo good in my pussy, mmmmmmmmmm like this Hadyen?” Kristen asked as she did exactly as Hayden had asked and arched her back and started bouncing her titties up and down as she bounced harder and harder on the cock. Shaking Hayden’s entire body each time she landed on the girls thighs and a loud smacking sound could be heard as naked sweaty flesh smacked against naked sweaty flesh. Mackenzie zoomed in and gave us a close-up of the cock going in and out of Kristen’s pussy, and revealed that not even a hint of hair could be found on the girls pussy lips. Pulling back again, Mackenzie showed us Kristen moaning out loud as she rose all the way to the very top of the cock so it almost came out of her sweet pussy and dropped back down as a loud smacking sound could be heard each time she repeated this. Bouncing up as high as she could and coming crashing back down onto Hayden as her firm little titties bounced up and down like Hayden wanted. Hayden smiled up at her as she moaned herself and shook harder from below, saying in a moan, “MMMMMMMM yeh baby soo good, titties bouncing just right for me, is it good in your sweet pussy?”

“MMMMMMMMMM so good I love it” Kristen moaned as Hayden clutched at the girls waist and moaned herself as she watched Kristen go harder and harder up and down with every passing bounce and felt her pussy getting a good workout from the girl pounding down onto her now. The pleasure of the cock deep inside Kristen’s pussy was now becoming very evident from the pleasure soaked smile on her face as she threw her long brown hair to the side and clutched at Hayden’s stomach and fucked harder up and down as her moaning grew louder and louder, her mouth still open as the sensations rang through her body. She began to shake Hayden’s body harder now as she bounced expertly on the cock as it made her pussy spasm lightly. “OHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMM pussy spasming so good, can I do it harder Hayden? I wanna cum so bad.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM god yesss fuck it Starr baby, come on harder baby give it to me, my pussy’s gonna cum too” Hayden moaned as she moved one hand up to Kristen’s neck to hold her as she bounced up and down harder and harder now. Her moans became louder and louder with each passing thrust downward on the cock as she got ever closer to her orgasm. “Harder, sexy baby, harder, I said do it harder, now, bounce your titties for me I wanna see it.”

“MMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHHHH yesssss so deep in my pussy” Kristen moaned as she tried to do as Hayden had requested and bounced ever harder on the cock as she squealed. Sweat dripping off her nude young body down onto Hayden, bouncing her titties harder up and down. Her long brown hair becoming stuck to her back as her moaning turned to squeals of joy, her face showing the pleasure she was in at the moment as she looked down at Hayden. Who’s moaning got louder as her own beautiful body shook from the pounding she was taking from above and she got closer to her own orgasm. “Like that? MMMMMMMMM so good so close, titties bouncing for you Hayden.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM my pussy is cumming sexy baby, yeh pretty titties look so good bouncing for me” Hayden moaned as she laid her back and shook harder from the bounce fucking she was getting as her orgasm exploded inside her. Kristen bounced now furiously on the cock, her body covered in a thick dripping film of sweat as was Hayden’s. While she arched her back as her pussy spasmed wildly in orgasmic bliss with the pounding of Kristen down onto her. Kristen squealed in pure pleasure as her pussy did much the same as her hand shot to her bald cunny slit to make sure the cock stayed in place as her orgasm surged through in wave after wave of intense pleasure. Kristen bounced as hard as she could a few more times as the orgasm faded into afterglow and she finally landed hard on Hayden’s thighs one last time and slumped forward. Her face showing the effects of the fuckin as Hayden wrapped her arms the girls sweaty body and they started to kissed softly. Kristen stuffing her hair behind her ear as she licked at Hayden’s upper lip now and gladly excepted Hayden’s tongue against hers as their lips fell into a slow and perfect rhythm. A loving moan being exchanged between the two as Hayden cupped her hands around Kristen’s neck and kissed the girl much like she had after the first orgasm, working her tongue softly against Kristen’s in a steady rhythm. Kristen’s arms going around Hayden’s neck and resting our hosts head on her arms as she kissed her with what looked like more passion, both of their bodies slowly recovering from the intense workout they just experienced. Mackenzie being the ever knowledgeable camera girl gave another break taking view of the kiss as she zoomed in just as the pair parted for a split second and wiggled tongues against the others and then kissed again in much the same way. Hayden’s hands sliding into Kristen’s long brown locks as the kissing became more heated now, both working their tongues against the other now even harder as Hayden’s hand clutched to a fist.

“MMMMMMMMMMM yeah…” Mackenzie moaned as she pulled the tight shot back to a wide one and turned the camera to herself as she said in a whisper, “Was that not hot or what? Next week part two, and yes yours truly does get in on the action. You gonna miss that? Course not, see ya then. Fuck you JL.”

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more and it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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