Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style – Episode Thirteen “The Bar Episode”

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“The Bar Episode”

Season Three: Episode Thirteen

Copyright © 2007

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 13th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, it’s Kristen and Hayden’s first episode as co-hosts and the ‘new’ has defintely NOT worn off yet. Of course some lucky person gets to be between them and this week it’s hottie newcomer, Jenna Boyd. Who gets to experience Kristen’s love of pussy licking. Later, our horny co-stars, Dakota and Miley, pay a special visit to the home of fellow hottie newcomer, Kay Panabaker. Where we get the pleasure of seeing the threesome put a bar to use in a very inventive way.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 @ 8:00 p.m.

Story Codes: ff, ff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17) & Kristen Alderson (16)

Guest Star: Jenna Boyd (15)

* * * * *

A ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’logo took us to the set and a picture perfect view of the south pacific for a few long moments. And something even more beautiful than that, Hayden and Kristen, now standing front of the couch on the outdoor set and kissing softly. Both wearing skimpy and matching thong bikini’s that showed off their near nude bodies. Hayden being far more tanned than Kristen, but who’s complaining? Anyway, Kristen’s arms were around Hayden’s waist as Hayden had her hands cupped behind Kristen’s neck. Massaging tongues and lips against the other as they were seemingly lost in each other for a long moment. Finally parting and a huge grin on each’s face as they looked into the other’s eyes.

“You’re an amazing kisser” Kristen said with a beautiful smile as she kissed Hayden once more. “We got a show to do? Or can we just kiss for another hour?”

“Well I’m thinking not to many would complain if we did just kiss” Hayden said as both giggled. “You know it’s a completely different feeling with you here instead of Jamie Lynn.”

“Yeh cause I’ll do anything you want” Kristen giggled.

“MMMMMMMMMMM and you do mean anything” Hayden said as she kissed Kristen one more time softly on the lips. “Now to the show and you’re first performance.”

“Yes?” Kristen asked as her lips lingered near Hayden’s. “Go on.”

“You get to do some pussy licking with that cute Jenna Boyd” Hayden said as Kristen’s face showed her interest.

“WOW cool, looking forward to that and what else?” She asked.

“Not sure but I know we’ll close with a sandwich, you get Jenna’s pussy again, I know that” Hayden said as Kristen looked nervous suddenly.

“Uh huh?”

“You work her pussy, fuck your tongue in and out at first and then when she’s getting close suck her clit hard” Hayden said and then putting Kristen’s hand on her bare waists and saying, “And you put your hands here to hold her in place for me.”

“OH wow that sounds like sooo much fun” Kristen said as Hayden kissed her softly and said, “It is and now I feel like the person I’m working with wants to do it as much as me.”

“I love pussy” Kristen said with a giggle. “As much as much as you love butt.”

“Perfect for each other huh?” Hayden said as both smiled and kissed again and looked to be getting lost in each other as the camera zoomed in and caught their tongues already meeting in a french kiss.

“Will you sluts come up for air?” A Voice asked as Hayden and Kristen broke and began laughing as they apparently spotted an annoyed Mackenzie off-camera.

“Sorry my baby” Hayden said with a giggle. “We’re ready when you are.”

“We’re already running blondie” Mackenzie said as Hayden flipped her off. “Now get over there Jenna.”

“Hey” Jenna Boyd said as she came on to the set and met Hayden with a kiss and looked to Kristen.

“Nice to meet you, finally” Kristen said as she leaned in and kissed Jenna on the lips for a long moment.

“MMMMMMM you always introduce yourself that way?” Jenna giggled as Kristen blushed.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is Jenna Boyd” Hayden said as she pulled Jenna back into her arms and kissed her shoulder. And looking at Jenna as she went on, “And that is my little Starr, better known as my new co-host Kristen Alderson.”

“Hey peoples” Kristen said with a bright smile.

“What do you say we get to the fun stuff?” Hayden asked as Jenna reached for Kristen’s hand and all three made their way to the back of the set and the heart shaped bed. Kristen wasting no time as she pushed her thong down and off and untied her bikini top and tossed it aside as Hayden giggled. “In a hurry are we Starr?”

“I’m horny fuck those stupid bikini’s” Kristen said as Hayden laughed and laid back on the bed and watched as Jenna shrugged and did the same as Kristen and skinned her thong down her gorgeous thighs and turned for Kristen to untie her top and let her take if off. Showing us her firm little titties and beautiful smoothie. Kristen hugged her from behind and kissed her shoulder as Jenna smiled into the camera and sighed contently as Kristen’s hands stroked across her bare stomach and up to her titties and sqeezed them softly. “MMMMMMMMMMM you are so sexy you know that?”

“MMMM I’m glad you think so, you’re not so bad yourself” Jenna said as Kristen giggled.

“Gonna let me between those thighs?” Kristen asked softly as she nuzzled Jenna’s neck. “HMMMMMM?”

“If you really want too” Jenna said as she turned and got onto the bed as Kristen watched her lay down. “Well come on.”

“I love this job already” Kristen said as Hayden moved up beside of Jenna as they smiled at each other. Kristen crawled on to the bed and got between Jenna’s thighs as the camera angle moved to a shot over her shoulder as she settled in and smiled up at Jenna. Jenna returned that smile for a moment before she turned her head and started to kiss Hayden softly. Kristen gave them a knowing smile as she lowered her head and licked up Jenna’s bald slit one time and watched the girl jerk from the sensations gently. Smiling, she went to work, licking Jenna’s pretty pussy now with a slight bobbing of the head as Jenna kissed Hayden softly and began to trade tongues with the girl in a soft french kiss. The shot changed again to a wide view as we saw Kristen lick her lips and smile for a moment before she again started to lick at Jenna’s pussy up and down. Pressing her tongue firmly into the folds of the girls slit and bobbing her head harder now as Jenna moaned into Hayden’s mouth. Hayden pulled away with a knowing smile as she looked down at Jenna and asked, “Is my sexy baby doing a good job on your pussy?”

“MMMMMMMM so good at it, I can tell she does love it” Jenna moaned as Hayden kissed her again for a long moment as Kristen watched from below, her tongue dipping inside of Jenna’s hole a little more each time now. Jenna moaning and squirming now as her pussy spasmed lightly and she watched intently from above. Kristen pulled away and licked her lips as she spread Jenna’s pussy lips just a bit at the top and exposed the girls clit and began lick it softly as Jenna moaned and jerked in pleasure once and again on every pass it looked. Hayden moved down the bed and stroked her fingers through Kristen’s hair to clear it out of her eyes so the camera could see as Kristen licked more roughly over Jenna’s clit now and made the girl moan louder and squirm harder. “MMMMMMMM doing it so good now, feels sooo good.”

“Come on baby make her pussy cum” Hayden said with her hand still in Kristen’s hair. Kristen licked harder it looked over Jenna’s exposed clit and made the girl moan louder and louder. Squirming and moaning as she clutched at the sheets on the bed, Jenna’s eyes rolled back in her as her pussy spasmed hard now and with a few more licks of Kristen’s talented tongue across her clit, she was cumming as her pussy spasmed out of control and into a wonderful orgasm. Kristen licked more gently and pulled away as Jenna began to settle down before Hayden guided her back to Jenna’s pussy and said, “Come on baby suck her cum out now.”

“Just stuff your tongue inside, yeh that’s good, now suck it softly” Hayden said as she directed Kristen to do as she had said and watched Jenna’s body jerk as Kristen did it to perfection and made the girls pussy spasm wildly over and over again as she continued to suck. Jenna’s moaning growing louder each time Kristen sucked her cum out. Finally moaning one last time as she settled down and smiled down at Kristen. “MMMMMM good?”

“MMMMMM fuck so good” Kristen said as she kissed Hayden for a moment and let her taste Jenna’s sweet honey. “Good?”

“MMMMMMMM almost as good as you” Hayden said as Kristen turned back to Jenna and slowly licked her pussy a few more times. “Can’t get enough of it huh?”

“Make me stop” Kristen said as Jenna moaned and offered no resistance as she watched with an approving smile.

“MMMMM baby oh wow being so good to me” Jenna moaned as Kristen slid her tongue back inside the hole and started to fuck it in and out slowly. Being careful now it looked not to work the girls clit too hard as she gently stroked her tongue in and out of the hole now on the underside. Jenna moaning and shaking gently above as she watched and Hayden held Kristen’s hair in place as her head as she watched. Kristen pressed her lips firmly to Jenna’s lips and fucked her tongue now harder in and out and licked Jenna’s inner walls for the first time. Jenna moaned louder and louder as she clutched at the pillows over her head and arched her back a bit as the pleasure overtook her young body. Jenna’s eyes rolling back in her head as Kristen continued to pump her tongue at a wonderful pace in and out. “MMMMMMMM so good I’m gonna cum again if you keep going.”

“MMMMMMM come on my sexy baby lick that sweet pussy for her” Hayden said to Kristen in an encouraging moan as she watched closely from beside her. Kristen placed her hands gently on the inside of Jenna’s quivering thighs to hold her and fucked her tongue harder as it now pistoned up into Jenna’s love hole. Jenna moaned louder as she arched her back again and tried to take in all the pleasure as her eyes shut and her body tensed as Kristen made her pussy cum for the second time in such a short while. Pumping her tongue the hole time as Jenna’s body was ravaged by a storm of orgasmic bliss for a few long moments until she fell limp on the bed. Kristen stuffing her tongue inside at what seemed to be the perfect moment and sucking softly as Jenna’s sweat covered body shook from the sensations of her pussy spasming wildly and her cum being sucked out for the second time. “MMMMMMMM good huh baby?”

“MMMMMMM so sweet” Kristen moaned as she finally pulled away and kissed Jenna’s pussy softly for a long moment. “Too bad we don’t have more time.”

“Oh god I need a break now” Jenna giggled as she lay limp on the mattress. “God that was so good girl, never had it twice in a row like that. MMMMMM WOW.”

“Well three is just around the corner if you let me keep going” Kristen said with another soft lick to Jenna’s pussy, “What ya say?”

“Be right back” Hayden said as she slipped off the bed amd disappeared off-camera and for what purpose I already knew, strap-on.

“God it’s unfair” Jenna moaned, “I’m really sensitive down there now, and you’re willing to do it again.”

“No big deal” Kristen said as she crawled up the bed and lowered her body onto Jenna’s and kissed her softly. “Give you a few and you think you can go again?”

“God yesss I can just gimme a minute to calm down and I’ll beg you for it again” Jenna said as Kristen laughed. “I can tell you love it and wouldn’t complain.”

“Well not when they taste like you” Kristen said as she kissed Jenna softly. Her lips falling into time with Jenna’s as she stroked her hands through Jenna’s hair and cleared it away from her sweat stained face as the camera zoomed in and gave us a nice view of the twosome kissing softly with the gorgeous sun soaked south pacific waters as the perfect backdrop. Jenna gently touching Kristen’s face as she licked the girls upper lip and found Kristen’s tongue meet hers and they started to massage one with the other as a light moaning could be heard coming both girls mouths now. Kristen circling her arms under Jenna’s head now as she tilted the girls head up a little to meet her and worked her tongue harder against Jenna’s. Jenna’s hands both sliding into Kristen’s sweat stained hair as she got lost in the girls lips for the next few moments. A slightly louder moan escaping Jenna’s lips as her and Kristen parted for a moment and smiled before they switched sides and started another long slow french. Jenna’s hands clutched into fists now in Kristen’s hair as her body no doubt was on fire again as she kissed the girl on top of her with a wreckless abandone now. Working her tongue and lips against Kristen’s in a feverish attmept to draw more pleasure from the simple but very satisfying movements. “MMMMMMMMMMM me kissing slut, you like?”

“Me think me in love” Jenna giggled as Kristen laughed. Kristen leaned down and kissed Jenna one more time softly before she turned to the camera and said, “You guys go visit Dakota and Miley for a little while, k?”

“MMMMMMMMM bye bye for now” Jenna giggled as she kissed Kristen once more as a ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll took us to another scene. One which showed Dakota and Miley now giggling as they stood on a suburban street in front of a large grey house and whispered to each other about something. Both dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and if I wasn’t already crazy (you know that), I’d have swore that Dakota was sporting a noticeable bulge in the front of her jeans. Pushing that bizarre thought out of my mind for the moment as Summer and I watched Dakota look into the camera as she said in a low voice, “Thanks Hayden for this special assignment.”

“Yeh we gonna call this…assignment Kay” Miley said as she looked down at ‘the bulge’ I mentioned and boldly stroked her fingers over it lightly as Dakota smiled knowingly. “Damn Dakota’s already hard huh pretty baby?”

“You told me to wear it slut” Dakota said as Miley laughed.

“Yeh and you know you wanna use it on that cute as all hell Kay Panabaker” Miley said as Dakota grinned and nodded her head. “Maybe if we’re really lucky she’ll let us sandwich her.”

“Let’s go find out” Dakota said as she took Miley’s hand and as the camera followed they made their way across the grass and up onto the porch and rung the doorbell. A cute brunette opened the door and looked to be in shock as she stared at Dakota and Miley. “Kay right?”

“YES” She said as she dragged them into the house excitedly and noticed the camera for a long moment.

“Don’t pay that no attention” Miley said softly. “Let’s pretend it’s just us girls having a good time.”

“Yeh you said you wanted us to come over and here we are” Dakota said confidently.

“Yeh I’m used to camera’s anyway, so where we gonna do this at?” Kay asked as she looked to Miley and Dakota.

“How about we get creative?” Miley asked as she took the hand of both Kay and Miley and pulled them into the large living room just off the front hall and pointing to a counter or bar if you will that seperated the kitchen and living room. Bar stools sat on both sides and it sure looked wide enough to hold three horny girls I was thinking. “No one’s used that for what we got in mind I bet.”

“On the fuckin bar?” Kay asked as Miley grinned and kissed her softly on the lips for a long moment. “You remember you wanted to ride Dakota?”

“Yeh, god what a hot fantasy” Kay said as she smiled as Dakota. “Can I?”

“I love that” Dakota said as she unzipped her jeans and let her rubber cock pop out as Kay seemed surprised for a moment. “I told you I’d bring it.”

“WOW, girl you are hung” Kay said as the three started laughing for a moment. “Can I…ummm….you know, suck it?”

“Nothing in this world I’d like better” Dakota said as she moved in front of Kay and took her hand. leading her across the living room and to the bar, Dakota’s cock bouncing up and down as she watched Miley slip onto one of the bar stools and use it boost herself as she then turned back and hopped up on the bar. Miley helping Dakota as she did the same. Dakota setting down on the bar, her legs now hanging off the side as Kay pulled a stool up in front of her and sat down herself. Kay now sitting directly in front of Dakota as she camera moved in beside her and got a great shot as she leaned down and took Dakota’s cock in her mouth and started to suck softly on it as she began to bob her head up and down. Miley watched for a moment with a smile before she stripped off her shirt and tossed it aside, her perky titties bouncing free and moving behind Dakota. “MMMMMMMM fuck Kay good girl.”

“OH yeah baby bob your head” Miley moaned as she pulled Dakota’s shirt up her stomach, Dakota raising her arms willingly and letting Miley pull the shirt over her head and toss it aside as well. Kay moaned lightly on the cock as her head bobbed up and down and Dakota cleared her hair out of the way so the camera could again get a clear view. Dakota moaning as she held Kay’s hair at the back of her bobbing head now. Miley reached down and unbuttoned Dakota’s pants as Kay pulled off for the moment and as Dakota rose up a bit she pulled Dakota’s pants down her thighs and let them fall to her annkles, leaving Dakota now nude with exception of her ball shoes. Kay moved off the stool for a moment and manuevered the jeans over Dakota’s shoes and pulled the jeans off completely now. Miley sat down on the bar by Dakota and slipped her jeans down as well as Kay moved to her and pulled them off as well, leaving Miley nude as well. Kay grinned as she looked at both of her naked house guests and willingly lifted her arms as Miley slipped her shirt off. With that now tossed aside, Kay stripped out of her panties and shorts as Dakota got on her knees on the bar and motioned for Kay to join her. Kay did as she moved to the edge and in front of Dakota and opened her mouth as Dakota slid her cock back into Kay’s mouth. Kay’s head beginning to bob up and down again as she sucked Dakmota’s cock. “MMMMMMMMMM love getting my cock sucked baby, you’re doing it so good too.”

“I think it’s ready for her pussy baby” Miley said in a moan as Dakota stopped Kay gently and pulled out of her mouth as a long string of saliva dripped down Kay’s chin. Dakota turning and laying down on her back on top of the bar as Kay slipped onto one of the stools and with Miley’s help stepped onto the bar and got over Dakota. “This is gonna be one scene people will never forget.”

“Yeh I bet they will” Kay said as Miley moved to above Dakota’s head as Dakota laid her head back and let Miley get on top of her face. Miley crossed her legs over Dakota’s face and lowered her pussy down and watched for a moment as Dakota started to slowly lick her pussy slit up and down eagerly. Miley moaned and smiled at Kay as she leaned forward and took hold of Dakota’s cock and held it steady and watched Kay lower into the infamous ‘catcher’s position’. Kay looking down as she took the head of the cock in her pussy and placing both of her hands on Dakota’s flat stomach as she started to bounce up and down gently on the cock. Moaning with a smile as she glided up and down on Dakota’s cock, Kay’s eyes seemed to zero in on Dakota licking Miley’s pussy below as she took more of the cock into her pussy with each bounce. “OHHHH WOW, feels so good, is she good at licking pussy Miley?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM oh fuck is she ever” Miley moaned as the camera zoomed in and we got a great close up of Dakota working her tongue into Miley’s sweet pussy. Miley squirming and moaning as Dakota’s tongue fucked up into her and rubbed on the underside of her clit everytime now. Pulling back we saw that Kay had started to bounce in full strokes now as she took all of the cock in her pussy and started to land on Dakota’s thigh now. The bar cracking a little with the pressure of the bouncing nymphet on top of it. Miley moaning a little louder as she watched Dakota licking her pussy softly a few more times. “MMMMMMMMMM so good Dakota, baby you like pussy huh?”

“MMMMMMM so sweet” Dakota moaned as Miley lifted off her face for a moment and let Dakota answer before lowering herself back down. Dakota’s hands slid up to Miley’s flat stomach as she started again to pump her tongue in and out of the hole slowly but surely. Kay’s moaning brought the attention back to her as she rose all the way to the top of Dakota’s rubber cock and impaled herself on it time and again as she bounced up and down harder and harder. Dakota’s body shaking as she got pounded from above. Key’s beautiful face showed her pleasure as she bounced even harder and Miley matched the girl moan for moan it seemed.

“MMMMMMMMM oh sooo good up my pussy” Kay moaned as her pussy spasmed harder now and she bounced as high as she could on the cock, her ass cheeks slapping at Dakota’s thighs each time. Dakota’s slender body shook with every shot from above, this has to be the hardest fucking she’d ever gotten from the way her tennis shoes were bouncing off the bar each time Kay bounced and rocked her body. What a beautiful site that this. Miley laid her head back and moaned asd her pussy started spasming hard on Dakota’s probing tongue which was now buried deep in Miley’s tight pussy as she licked her friends inner walls and brought her to within a moment of an orgasm. Dakota could be heard joining the moaning party below as she was getting close herself with Kay’s constant pounding. Kay moaned out loud once more as her pussy spasmed harder and with one more bounce on the cock she was cumming just as she drove Dakota over the edge, both of their bodies shaking in a wonderful orgasm. Miley moaned one more time and felt her own pussy explode as she joined the other two in orgasmic bliss. Kay moaned intensely until she finally felt her orgasm subside and she dropped to her knees and buried Dakota’s cock in her pussy as she rested, now dripping with sweat. Miley moaned out loud as Dakota stuffed her tongue back inside and sucked softly as she sucked out Miley’s cum for her. “MMMMMMMMMM so good I can’t even describe it.”

“Ohmigod Dakota so good baby” Miley moaned as she shook from the effects of her cum getting sucked out. Finally lifting off of Dakota with a satisfied smile on her face as she laid down behind Dakota and Kay. “That was so fuckin good.”

“MMMMMM yeh three girls cumming at once is a real achievement” Dakota giggled as both laughed.

“Back to you Hayden…” Miley said as she waved her hand to the camera. A ‘CO: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll brought us back to the bed on the outdoor set over looking the blue waters of the South Pacific. Kristen and Jenna looking like they hadn’t moved an inch since the last scene. Both chatting quietly and giggling to each other as the audio came up. Both looking to see Hayden crawling onto the bed and laying back down by the two with a knowing smile on her face. Kristen and Jenna noticing her newly attached harness and smiling. “I wonder what she has in mind.”

“Not me I know her” Kristen said as Hayden took her arm and pulled her off of Jenna and across her own stomach as Kristen looked confused for a moment as she looked down. “What are you doing?”

“I want you on top of me my sexy baby” Hayden said as Kristen smiled and laid forward like she had done on Jenna. “Wanna try something new?”

“God yesss I love it like this” Kristen moaned as she now rested on top of Hayden’s body on her knees and elbows. Raising up a bit as Hayden guided her cock into Kristen’s love hole and sliding it inside as Kristen moaned and lowered back down. “MMMMMMM so good in my pussy Hayden, please make my pussy cum.”

“No you’re going to” Hayden said with a soft kiss as she took a hold of Kristen’s waist and got her to start rocking back and forth as the cock began to stroke the girls inner walls and she moaned out loud. “That feels good huh?”

“MMMMMMMM but I like it better when you do it” Kristen said in a moan as she followed Hayden’s hands as they guided her to rock back and forth harder and harder and she did as the cock began driving up into her pussy farther and farther. Stroking her by now lightly spasming pussy walls as her moaning grew louder and her eyes opened in surprise at the sensations she was producing with her movements on top of Hayden. Hayden kissing her lips once and then again as she cupped her hands behind the girls neck and watched her face to see the pleasure it was producing. “MMMMMMMMMMMM so good, god it feels different.”

“It’s all you my sexy baby, you’re in control now” Hayden said with another soft kiss as Kristen rock harder back and forth, pushing with her hands off the mattress to get more leverage as she plunged the cock now deep into her pussy, her eyes never leaving Hayden’s as she seemingly moaned for the girl below her and no one else. Hayden laying perfectly still as she let Kristen do the work this time at her own pace and knowing the girl was realizing how good this felt and howe much she was liking it already. “MMMMMMMM baby you lovin it now huh?”

“OH god this is sooo good Hayden, sooo good to me my baby” Kristen moaned in the now familar urgent voice as she rocked harder and harder on the cock and sweat began to form on her nude body as she drove the cock as deep in her pussy as she could get it. Her pussy spasms growing harder as her moaning grew louder and louder, her eyes rolling back in her head as she tried to take in all the pleasure of the moment. Moaning louder and then squealing a moment later as it appeared she was growing dangerously close to her reward as Hayden’s arms went around to hold her and rock her harder as Kristen squealed once more. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM loving my pussy so good my baby, oh god it’s cumming so good, you made it cum again.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah oh yeah sweet baby cumming feels soo good huh?” Hayden moaned as Kristen rocked back and forth a few times as her pussy spasmed wildly and then grunted as she started to squirting her cum on the cock inside her and whimpered as she settled down finally.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM yeah god you are sooo good to me” Kristen moaned.

“You be good to me now?” Hayden asked with a soft kiss. “Lick Jenna’s sweet pussy again for me?”

“Is my baby gonna butt fuck her?” Kristen asked with a knowing smile.

“MMMMMMMMM yes she is” Hayden said with another kiss. A giggling Jenna finally being seen again as the camera pulled back and saw her still laying beside them. “What are you giggling at?”

“You two need a show of your own the way you get lost in each other” Jenna said as she playfully pushed Kristen off of Hayden. Hayden rolling her eyes as Kristen lifted off the cock and let Hayden set up and get on her knees. “Hayden Loves Kristen: Fuck Me.”

“Yeh well right now you’re gonna fucked by both of us” Hayden said as Kristen knowingly laid back on the bed. Her head now at Hayden’s thighs as Jenna smiled and leaned down to kiss Kristen for a long moment.

“Be good to my pussy ok?” Jenna asked.

“MMMMMMMM you know it sexy” Kristen said as Jenna smiled knowingly and turned her back to Hayden and slid forward over Kristen’s body into a 69. Lowering her pussy and feeling Kristen go to work it instantly. Hayden stroked her rubber cock a few more times before moving forward and lining it up with Jenna’s asshole. Holding it steady with her hand as Jenna smiled back at her and moaned as Kristen’s tongue made constant trips up and down her pussy slit now. Hayden began feeding it though her fingers into the puckered little asshole ring. Jenna moaned lewdly in pleasure. Hayden quickly grabbed Jenna’s shoulder with one hand and grasped her waist with the other and tried to hold her in place as she began pumping in and out with just a little of the cock. “OHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHH does it feel big going in there baby?”

“OHMIGOD it does” Jenna moaned in reply as Hayden began pumping in long smooth strokes in and out of her asshole and we could see more and more of the butt fuck stick disappear inside as she did. Kristen started licking faster and faster at Jenna’s bald pussy. Wrapping her arms around Jenna’s waist just as Hayden directed her to do no doubt and started plunging her tongue in and out of the younger girl’s asshole now. Jenna’s mouth opened wide as she moaned even louder and bowed her stomach in again as she panted from the pleasure. Jenna’s bottom lip trembled as she moaned and lowered her head and we watched Kristen as we got a close-up of Kristen’s tongue pumping up into Jenna’s tight pussy and licking her inner walls once again as she held Jenna in place now for Hayden’s butt fucking. “MMMMMMMMMM god Kristen you’re lovin my pussy so good.”

“OHHHHH yeah baby, take it all, long smooth strokes” Hayden moaned to Jenna as she pumped deeper with every thrust, dropping the arm from Jenna’s waist to her own side as she bottomed out inside her little asshole. Grinding on it a little as Kristen went back to licking up and down the whole length of Jenna’s pussy as Hayden let Jenna feel the cock buried deep in her ass. Jenna whimpered and moaned at the sensations it brought her young body and after a few seconds Hayden leaned forward over the girls back, placing her hands by Kristen’s thighs now as she pulled all the way out till the rubber cock head caught on Jenna’s asshole ring and plunged it back inside and moaned as loud as Jenna did as she started to saw in and out once again. The butt fucking beginning in that moment it looked. “OHHHHHH my god yesss that felt soo good huh?”

Hayden started stroking in and out now smoothly now as she moaned and watched every stroke with a smile, making Jenna moan louder as she started pumping in long smooth strokes faster and faster. Kristen moved her hands to the side of Jenna’s ass cheeks as she attached her lips to Jenna’s pussy and began fucking her tongue in and out again. Making Jenna squirm and whimper from the intense pleasure she was getting from both girls at once. Kristen pumped her tongue harder and faster in and out, licking Jenna’s inner walls all over and tasting the honey sweetness of her juices as they began to flow. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck Kristen, do you know how good that feels on my pussy baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM god so sweet, I love your pussy so much” Kristen moaned from below as she went back to fucking her tongue in and out of the hole as Jenna moaned out loud and clutched her fingers into Kristen’s thighs as Hayden pounded her asshole from above.

“God this is so hot I love butt fuckin young girls in the sunshine” Hayden moaned to Jenna who moaned loudly with a pleasure soaked smile crossing her face. Hayden returned that smile and fucked her cock harder in and out. Her thighs peppering Jenna’s ass cheeks and a light smacking sound getting a little louder all the time. “You want me to pump it a little harder in your butt fuck hole?”

“OHHHHHH AHHHHHH YEAH I CAN TAKE IT I’MMA A BIG GIRL” Jenna moaned as she swayed forward with Kristen’s fingers digging into Jenna’s ass cheeks now as she tried to hold her in place, plunging her tongue in and out like a piston time after time. The sunshine glistening off of Jenna’s beautiful body as she began to drip sweat now. I noticed the same with Hayden as she pumped her cock in and out of Jenna’s asshole harder and sweat dripped off her body and down to Jenna’s back.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM baby that feels sooo good huh?” Hayden asked in a moan as she pounded her cock in and out of Jenna’s backdoor harder, the smacking sound of her thighs against Jenna’s ass cheeks getting louder and louder as she did it. Hayden’s moaning getting louder as her pussy began to spasm just right and getting stronger slowly. Kristen’s fingers digging into Jenna’s ass cheeks tighter she finally moved down to Jenna’s clitty and started to suck it as Jenna began to squirm harder and moan out loud as the wonderful sensations stormed her body and her pussy began to spasm hard now. “OHHHHH YEAH HARDER AND HARDER IN YOUR BUTT FUCK HOLE.”

“MMMMMMMMMM fuck she’s lovin my pussy so good Hayden” Jenna moaned intensely and let out a whimpering moan as she took her fucking. Kristen made her scream out for the first time as a closeup showed Kristen’s lips capped over Jenna’s clit and her jaws drawing in as the pressure and pleasure increased slowly. Her body shaking between Kristen and Hayden now as her orgasm drew dangerously close it appeared.

“MMMMMMMMMM told you that my baby was gonna love your pussy so good, you ready to cum in her pretty mouth for me?” Hayden moaned as she slapped her thighs at Jenna’s ass cheeks louder and louder and drove her cock deep inside Jenna’s asshole now harder and harder. Her face showing the pleasure of the moment as her pussy was starting to spasm now too.

Kristen’s hands slipped from Jenna’s ass down to the girls waist and held her in place for Hayden’s butt fucking now as she sucked harder on Jenna’s clit and felt the girl’s pussy spasm wildly as she started to cum.

“MMMMMMMMMMM YEH YEH YEH I WANT MY CUM SUCKED OUT SOOOOOOOO BAD” Jenna squealed as she felt her pussy spasming in orgasmic bliss and laid her down on Kristen’s thighs and took in all the mind numbing pleasure. Hayden now matching her moan for moan as she started cumming herself as she pounded deep inside of Jenna’s tight little ass. Jenna squealing in delight a moment later when she felt Kristen stuff her tongue back inside her pussy and suck, drawing the cum out in a pussy spasming squirt. Jenna almost cried at the amount of pleasure she felt in those few wonderful moments. Both her and Hayden settling down as Hayden moved back to behind her and slowly pulled her cock out of Jenna’s ass and guided her to roll off to the side so Kristen could set up. “God you two are so good together.”

“MMMMMMM Come here my sexy baby” Hayden moaned as Kristen got on her knees and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue on cue. Hayden carefully laid the cock head on her tongue and scooped Kristen’s hair out of her eyes as she guided the cock into her eager mouth. Hayden moaning as Kristen’s head started to bob on the cock slowly and took more of it in her mouth. Kristen’s head bobbing harder as one of her hands landed on Hayden’s stomach and she moaned on the cock as it went deeper into her mouth. Hayden stopped her and pulled out of the girls mouth as Kristen looked up and smiled knowingly and licked the cock head softly, “MMMMMMM is that sweet coming out of Jenna’s butt fuck hole?”

“MMMMMMMMM yeah” Kristen said as she started again to suck it and began to deep throat it as Hayden moaned and felt Kristen’s lips touch her skin as she took all of the cock in her mouth now. Sucking for another long moment before she pulled off and looked up at Hayden with a proud smile, “SOOOOO sweet and yummy my baby.”

“Jamie Lynn loved that too” Hayden said as Kristen kissed her softly.

“Well I’m not Jamie Lynn but I love it three” Kristen giggled, “I wanna suck it for you after you butt fuck girls too.”

“MMMMMMMMMM as you wish” Hayden said as both smiled brightly. “I love you my baby”

“I love you too Hay Hay” Kristen said as they kissed again softly and Jenna started to giggle as she said, “No one would ever guess that if you didn’t say it.”

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more it and now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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