Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style – Episode Twelve “Kristen’s Breaking In”

Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Kristen’s Breaking In”

Season Three: Episode Twelve

Copyright © 2007

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 12th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, before attempting to tape a new episode with their still as yet untrained new co-host, Mackenzie and Hayden take the chance to ‘break her in’. Mackenzie’s turn comes first as she plays with her ever present video camera and Kristen offers herself up. But she gets more than she bargained for as Mackenzie wants to explore a region of Kristen’s beautiful body that’s not usually given the kind of loving attention it’s about to get. Later, Hayden’s idea of a ‘breaking-in’ involves her trusty strap-on, her new co-host, some sunshine and her girlfriend to document the entire event on cam. MMMMMMMMM.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 @ 8:00 p.m.

Story Codes: ff, ff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (17) & Kristen Alderson (16)

Special Guest Star: Mackenzie Rosman (17)

* * * * *

“So tonight they gonna break Kristen in huh?” Summer asked from beside me as the ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ logo appeared on the screen immediately following the closing credits of ‘Summer Love’. Tonight, according to the CO chatroom, we were gonna get to see Kristen get broken in, not sure what that means considering everything they did to her last week. But hell color me curious and add obsessed to that. The ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ logo rolled of the screen and guess who once again appeared? Mackenzie of course, grinning as she jiggled her ever present hand held camera and training it on herself before saying, “Welcome to an all new episode of Cumming Out Hawaiian Style, I’m Mackenzie and tonight we have a special episode I think you’re going to love. See last week we made it official that Kristen Alderson would be the new co-host and after some discussion with my horny baby Hayden we decided that Kristen needed to be broke in. And you get to watch it unfold.”

Mackenzie grinned one more time before the camera clicked off and another ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll brought us to another scene, this one with the same cam pointing out at a breath taking view of the beach outside of what I have to believe is Hayden and Mackenzie’s Hawaiian hideaway. A few people, kids and adults both, could be seen strolling along the beach before Mackenzie twirled around and waved at her reflection in the double glass doors. Then plunging us into darkness as she walked inside, the camera adjusting to the dimmer light as Mackenzie made her way through the living room and into the bedroom where we saw Kristen laying on the bed flipping through a magazine. Wearing a pair of skin tight shorts with Mac-Baby emblazoned across the butt along with a casual night shirt. Kristen looked up and smiled as Mackenzie sat down on the far end of the bed and sat the camera in her lap.

“Hayden’s right, you never turn that thing off” Kristen said as Mackenzie laughed from off-camera. “By the way when do we tape the first episode, I am still on the show?”

“Nope, you’ve been replaced by a dancing monkey” Mackenzie said in a sarcastic tone as Kristen rolled her eyes and laughed. “Kris we both wanted you on the show and I promise you no one is gonna make me change my mind.”

“Good to know” Kristen said as she flipped the magazine to the floor and crawled down to where Mackenzie sat and grinned into the camera as she said, “It’s on right?”

“It is”

“Wanna do an episode now Mac? Maybe just me and you?” Kristen asked into the camera. “You’d love that, right America?”

“God you’re adorable” Mackenzie said as Kristen looked up at her and grinned. “You sure you want just me without Hayden?”

“MMMMMMMM yes please” Kristen said as she stroked her hand over Mackenzie’s smooth thigh just to the side of the camera. “You’re so fucking hot, I’m dying to get you one on one, you want me, right?”

“So bad it feels good already” Mackenzie said as she caressed Kristen’s cheek gently. “You know Hayden’s gone?”

“Yes, she went to get some…something” Kristen said as Mackenzie laughed. “Who cares?”

“Yeh who cares” Mackenzie said as she jiggled the camera a bit as she stood and slipped off the bed and apparently was putting the camera on a tripod as after a few moments the shot became rock steady and she appeared again and turned back to the camera and smiled. Making sure the angle was right I believe. She was sporting a baseball jersey and a pair of long pajama’s. Kristen rising to her knees at the end of the bed and grabbing Mackenzie in a bear hug from behind as both giggled and Mackenzie turned and playfully kissed her. The name and number on Mackenzie’s jersey coming into focus ‘Panettiere’, ’69’. “You know I didn’t say you could wear my shorts.”

“Yes you did…I mean, I’m sorry?” Kristen asked as she caught on and played along. “You gotta admit they look great on me huh?”

“So tight” Mackenzie said as she turned a bit and let us watch as Kristen as unbuttoned the baseball jersey slowly. Kristen smiling as it finally fell open as she stroked her hands up Mackenzie’s tanned stomach and to her titties and then to her shoulders as she slipped the jersey off Mackenzie and let it fall to the floor. Mackenzie kissing her a moment later as Kristen quickly pulled her own shirt up, but before she could pull it off Mackenzie stopped her and asked, “You know getting to take a girls clothes off is one of the best parts?”

“Sorry, I’m just really horny” Kristen said as Mackenzie smiled and kissed her softly before Kristen raised her arms willingly and let Mackenzie take her shirt off this time. Tossing it aside a moment later, Mackenzie let Kristen slip off the bed and to her knees and pull her Pajama bottoms down her thighs as she grinned. Kristen slowly pulling them down to Mackenzie’s ankles now and holding her steady as she stepped out of them. Kristen rising as Mackenzie dropped to her knees now and had Kristen turn and show us the writing on her shorts. Mackenzie slipping her hands up Kristen’s thighs and squeezing the girls ass cheeks through the fabric of the shorts. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

“Mac Baby indeed or Mac’s baby, which is it Kristen?” Mackenzie asked.

“The first second and third, you’re killing me” Kristen said as Mackenzie giggled and slowly pulled down the girls shorts and gave us a clear view of Kristen’s heart shaped little ass. Kristen wiggling her cute little ass as Mackenzie skinned the shorts to her ankles and them helping the girl step out of them. Kristen watching with a smile as Mackenzie adjusted the camera off to the side and then guided Kristen to the bed and onto her knees and elbows at the very end. “What are you doing?”

“Cute little butt hole needs licking” Mackenzie said as Kristen covered it and rolled away and replied, “Noooo you know that makes me go crazy and you’re mean and won’t let me cum.”

“Not this time, I promise, just a warm-up?” Mackenzie asked as Kristen gave in and rolled back on to her knees and elbows and moved back to the end of the bed and watched Mackenzie tuck some hair behind her ear and lean in and slowly around lick Kristen’s asshole softly. Kristen moaning and squirming as Mackenzie’s tongue went around and around the hole in an endless rhythm now. Kristen sinking her fingers into the sheet on the mattress as she moaned and felt the sensations filter out into her body more and more. Mackenzie pressing her tongue against the hole gently and closing her lips around it and sucking softly as Kristen jerked and moaned, smiling now Mackenzie slipped both hands around Kristen’s thighs and held her as she repeated this again and again. Kristen’s moans turning to whimpers of pleasure as Mackenzie sucked harder now and a loud sucking sound could be hard as she repeated her trick.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck that feels so good, ohmigod” Kristen moaned as she squirmed and finally pulled away from Mackenzie’s probing tongue and sucking lips and rolled over. “You said a warm-up.”

“MMMMMMMMMM let me make you cum like that baby, you’ll love it so much” Mackenzie said as she stroked both hands up and down Kristen’s thighs. “Please?”

“Rub my pussy and make it cum?” Kristen asked as Mackenzie nodded and guided the girl back onto her knees and elbows with a pillow now under her as Kristen hugged it. Mackenzie sliding a hand across Kristen smooth pussy and began to rub her clit as she slid her tongue back against the girls asshole and started to suck it again. Only this time it was in long deep sucking breaths that made Kristen moan with an urgency as she shook gently from the startling sensations. Mackenzie sucking harder and rubbing her hand furiously over Kristen’s clit as she drove her towards orgasm. A loud moan escaping Kristen’s mouth as she clutched her arms around the pillow tightly and her pussy spasmed harder and harder with every breath. Mackenzie sucking one last time and feeling Kristen’s entire body jerk as her orgasm began suddenly. Kristen grunting as she felt pure heaven for a long few moments and then coming down slowly as she squirted her cum all over Mackenzie’s hand and went limp in front of the girl. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM good baby?” Mackenzie asked as she crawled onto the bed and kissed Kristen softly.

“Sooooooo….good” Kristen panted with a satisfied smile. A ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ logo roll ending that scene and bring us back to the same spot almost exactly, but obviously being sometime later. Kristen and Mackenzie now laying on the bed back in their clothes, Mackenzie reading over Kristen’s shoulder as the girl laid back in her arms. “Do you realize the camera has been on for the last two hours?”

“Really?” Mackenzie asked as she looked up and laughed. “I’m gonna use it on the show, call it Mackenzie and Kristen learn to read, what do you think?”

“I smell a ratings hit” Kristen said as both laughed. “You gonna do some more wonderful things to me?”

“You’re the one with the amazing tongue, what did you make me cum 3 times?” Mackenzie asked as Kristen kissed her cheek and grinned. “MMMMMMMMMM so good and yes I am gonna do some more wonderful things to you.”

“Uh huh”

“But as much as I love that idea we do have other plans for you” Mackenzie said as she pointed off-camera at someone. Kristen grinning at her as Mackenzie crawled out from behind her and down the bed.

“I’m listening” Kristen said as Mackenzie lifted the camera and spinning it to show Hayden emerging from the living room in a t-shirt and jeans. A noticeable ‘Dakota like’ bulge in the front of Hayden’s pants now. Tossing her car keys aside as Kristen immediately rolled off the bed and joined her. Kissing her softly and hugging her as Hayden smiled at her. “Hey my baby.”

“Hey my little starr” Hayden said with a grin.

“Not so little though” Kristen said as she slipped her arms around Hayden’s neck and kissed her as Hayden again seemed to be getting totally lost in her fantasy girl as the two began to kiss softly. Mackenzie moving off the bed and to beside the two as Kristen licked at Hayden’s upper lip and Hayden gladly met Kristen’s tongue with hers as the two began to massage one against the other. Their lips in a near perfect rhythm as Kristen found herself being pulled into Hayden’s arms and the girls hands slipping down to her butt. Hayden’s fingers now squeezing into Kristen’s shorts clad ass cheeks over and over as both moaned lightly into the others mouth. Kristen quickening the pace slightly as she kissed Hayden with more passion and slipped her hands into the girls long blond hair and began to grind her hips slightly against Hayden’s ‘bulge’. Hayden pulling Kristen’s pussy tighter against the ‘bulge’ with her hands still on Kristen’s firm ass cheeks. Kristen breaking away and looking down as she moaned lightly and watched as her and Hayden grinded together before she kissed Hayden again and moaned into her mouth a bit louder. Hayden’s tongue working against Kristen’s in an endless attempt to extract every bit of pleasure available for the both of them. Hayden slowing her lips after another long moment and finally stopping but holding the kiss for a sizzling and lingering finish before the two parted, now touching foreheads and smiling. “Hay Hay.”

“Please tell me you gonna use that…bulge…on me?” Kristen asked as Hayden simply nodded and kissed her softly. Kristen pulling away and taking Hayden’s hands and eagerly pulling her towards the bed before Hayden stopped her. “What? You said…”

“I’m gonna use it on you…”

“…just not yet” Mackenzie giggled from off-camera as Kristen gave both of them a frustrated look.

“Then when? You guys going out?” Kristen asked. “Can’t we just stay in, please?”

“I said I was gonna use this on you” Hayden said as she placed Kristen’s hand on it and watched her stroke it slowly. “But not in here…”

“MMMMMMMM make good use of one of the other rooms huh Hay Hay?” Kristen asked with a soft kiss.

“Nope” Hayden said as Mackenzie kicked a pair of tennis shoes across the floor to Kristen’s feet and laughed knowingly from off-camera. Kristen looked completely confused as she slipped into them and let Hayden take her hand as she followed after Hayden. Mackenzie following as the trio exited the bedroom and moments later onto the porch outside. Hayden stopping as Mackenzie closed the door behind them and moved beside of the twosome.

“Wait guys, come on, this is weird, what’s going on?” Kristen asked. “Please tell me.”

“You wanna be by my co-host right?” Hayden asked.


“Well there are some requirements to being a Cumming Out cast member” Hayden said.

“OK” Kristen replied and looking more nervous by the moment.

“This is part of your breaking in” Hayden said. “You realize we do all our scenes on set outdoors in the sunshine like this?”

“Yeh and when the time comes I guess I’ll be ok with that” Kristen said. “I’ve never done it before though.”

“No time like the present to start” Hayden said as she rubbed at Kristen’s ass cheeks and kissed her lips softly. Her hand slipping up the girls back and gently beginning to lift her shirt up before Kristen jumped away. “What?”

“You wanna do that here?” Kristen asked. “Nooo fucking way Hayden.”


“There’s people on the beach like right there” Kristen said as she pointed off-camera. “You think they might see.”

“Yeh and guess what, those same people will be watching when we fuck on tv” Hayden said. “So you might as well get used to being watched.”

“But no, please?” Kristen asked as she looked to Mackenzie. “Come on Mac, this is stupid.”

“Either do it or I can find someone else” Mackenzie said. “This is part of the job Kris.”

“I don’t know” Kristen said as she looked down. Hayden kissing her cheek as Kristen squirmed away and then gave in as Hayden kissed her neck softly. “MMMMMMMMMMM can we please go back inside?”

“Nooo” Hayden said as she moved her hands to Kristen’s flat sexy stomach and began to pull the girls shirt slowly up. Kristen blocking her hands again before Hayden gave her a warning look. Kristen groaning as she lifted her arms over her head and let Hayden lift the t-shirt up and off and tossing it back inside the glass double doors after opening them a bit. Kristen folded her arms over her titties now, hiding them from view. Hayden kissing her shoulder softly as Kristen turned away, obviously now mad. Hayden giggling as she glanced at the camera with a horny smile and dropped down to her knees and stroked her hands up the outside of Kristen’s smooth thighs and gently began to pull down the girls ‘Mac-Baby’ shorts. Kristen looked back in shock and grabbed them in protest. Hissing to Hayden, “Nooo please?”

“Let go” Hayden said as she pulled them free from Kristen’s grasp and down her legs. Kristen now steaming as she covered her titties with one hand and her baby smooth pussy with the other. Hayden seemingly had to make her step out of them a moment later. Hayden rising back to her feet and hugging the girl from behind. “Come on Kris I promise I’ll make you feel sooo good if you play along.”

“Inside, please?” Kristen asked.

“Yesss baby, deep inside” Hayden said as she gently persuaded Kristen to turn and kissed her softly. “Now move your hands for me.”

“I mean in the bedroom”

“SHHHHHHHH” Hayden said as she kissed Kristen softly again and got the girl to move her hands away. Mackenzie zooming in on the patch of baby smooth skin between Kristen’s legs for a moment. Pulling back we saw that the two were involved in a passionate kiss. Hayden pulling away and guiding Kristen’s hand to her ‘bulge’ once more as Kristen rubbed it and kissed Hayden once more. “Suck it for me my little Starr?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM uh huh” Kristen said as she kissed Hayden once more and started to lift Hayden’s shirt before Hayden stopped her.

“Not yet baby, suck my cock and get it ready for you ok?” Hayden said as Kristen nodded and dropped down to her knees and unbuttoned Hayden’s jeans and slipped the zipper down and watched Hayden’s cock pop out. Starting to lower Hayden’s jeans down before Hayden stopped her and said, “Not to low.”

“But I can’t wear clothes…” Kristen protested as Hayden pulled her jeans back up so they covered her tanned little ass and placed Kristen’s hands were she wanted them held. “But why?”

“SHHHHHHHHHHH just hold them right there” Hayden said as Kristen’s hands now held Hayden’s jeans in place just under the cock. Hayden taking hold of her rubber cock and stroking it up and down as she slipped her other hand into Kristen’s hair and gently guided the girls head to the cock. Kristen seemingly giving in as she opened her mouth invitingly and taking Hayden’s cock inside and starting to softly suck on it. Hayden moaned loudly as she dropped the hand on the cock to her side so Mackenzie could get it all on camera. Kristen starting to bob her head up and down now as she sucked increasingly harder. Hayden moaning louder as Kristen took the entire cock in her mouth once and then over and over in a steady rhythm. Hayden watched for another long moment before she gently guided Kristen to stop and pulled the cock out of her mouth and looked down at her as Kristen looked up with the cock resting on her tongue now. “MMMMMMMM you’re sweet pussy want some love now?”

“MMMMMMMMM yesss please” Kristen said as she sucked the cock for another moment before pulling off and starting to rise. Hayden stopping her as she dropped to her knees on the deck and kissed Kristen softly. “What are you doing? You wanna do that here?”

“MMMMMMMM that’s the plan, now stop complaining” Hayden said as she reached over and pulled a cushion off of one of the lounge chairs and laid it down behind her as she sat down and laid back, holding her cock steady the whole time, and laid her head on that pillow. Adjusting her pants so they were just below her ass cheeks now as she lay on the deck. Taking Kristen’s hand and guiding the girl to get over her. Kristen gave one more pleading look to Mackenzie before she followed Hayden’s directions and crossed her legs over Hayden’s stomach. Rising a moment later into the infamous ‘catchers position’ and being right above Hayden’s cock. With Hayden holding her cock steady, Kristen glanced one more time at the beach and then decided to go for it as she sunk down on the cock and began to bounce up and down. Her moaning coming loud as she placed her hands on Hayden’s stomach for balance and bounce gently up and down as Hayden moved her hand away from the cock. Kristen’s moaning getting louder as she threw her long brown hair to the side of her head and bounced a few more times and got all of the cock inside of her tight little pussy and started to smack her ass cheeks at Hayden’s thighs now. “WHoa, WHoa, baby, stop for a second.”

“MMMMMMMMMM it’s feeling really good now” Kristen moaned as she stopped and impaled herself on the cock.

“Move your hands back behind you and hold onto my thighs” Hayden said as she took hold of Kristen’s wrists and guided them to exactly where she wanted them and in the process Kristen was now perfectly upright. Hayden sliding her hands now to Kristen’s bare stomach and guiding her to begin bouncing up and down once again. Which Kristen did awkwardly at first as her hands left Hayden’s thighs each time she lifted up but touching them again as she lowered back down. Kristen’s mouth opening as she moaned and started to bounce up and down, her big titties now bouncing gently up and down along with her as Hayden smiled and moaned from below. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah that’s what I wanted, those big titties bouncing for me.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM so good in my pussy Hayden, are my titties bouncing good for you?” Kristen moaned as she bounced harder up and down and with her back arched a bit her big titties bounced harder with her. The cock now rocketing up into her pussy time after time as Hayden moaned and moved her hands away from Kristen’s flat sexy stomach and down to her own sides as she now clutched into the girls calf muscles. Kristen pushing off Hayden’s thighs with her hands expertly now as she bounced all the way up to the very tip of the cock before impaling herself again, making her pussy spasm around the cock harder each time. Hayden’s body shaking as the sweated started to show on the T-shirt she still sported as she moaned to Kristen, “MMMMMMMMMMM yes sexy baby that’s so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM Hayden my pussy is feeling so good now” Kristen moaned as Hayden smiled and moved one hand back to Kristen’s stomach and stroked it up and down gently as she watched the girls titties bounce up and down with her. Kristen’s ass cheeks smacking away at Hayden’s thighs over and over and making Hayden’s pussy spasm harder below her. Kristen’s pussy spasming harder now as she closed her eyes and moaned out loud as she got closer to her orgasm with every bounce on the cock, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM my pussy is gonna cum so good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM me too baby, fuck my sexy baby me too” Hayden moaned as she stroked one hand up to between Kristen’s bouncing titties and guided her up and down as Kristen squealed in pleasure and with a few more body shaking bounces onto Hayden’s cock she had both girls cumming. Hayden laying her head back on the pillow behind her and shaking as Kristen landed on her thighs over and over and rode out her orgasm. While above her Kristen bounced to the very tip of the cock and then crashed back down as she literally rode out her own orgasm. Loud moans of pleasure filling the air for another moment until both settled down. Kristen whimpering as she settled down across Hayden’s thighs and soon dropped to her knees and laid forward over the girls body as Hayden smiled and kissed her. “MMMMMMMMMM.”

Mackenzie zooming in as we saw Hayden and Kristen’s lips now moving in a slow and steady rhythm, Kristen slipping her tongue against Hayden’s now as the two began to massage one against the other in the perfect afterglow kiss. Kristen wrapping her arms under Hayden’s head and resting them on the pillow as she moaned into the girls mouth softly. Both of their bodies recovering and Kristen’s naked body being cooled by the breeze off the ocean as Hayden wrapping her arms around Kristen’s sweat drenched body just below her shoulders and moving hands into Kristen’s hair. Mackenzie zooming in a bit farther and focusing on the kissing as Hayden’s tongue worked feverishly against Kristen’s in an attempt to extract a bit more pleasure, her hands slowly clutching to a fist in the girls long brown hair.

“MMMMMMMMM guess where my cock is gonna go next my little Starr?” Hayden asked with a soft kiss.

“MMMMMMMMM in my new favorite hole please” Kristen said as Hayden smiled.

“New favorite hole huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMM you made me love it and now I’m gonna ask for it all the time” Kristen said as she lifted up and off of Hayden’s cock as Hayden sat up and Kristen helped her to her feet and kissed her once more. Hayden holding her pants just below her cum covered cock and leading her over to the bench to the other side of the steps as Mackenzie followed. Kristin turning to Hayden and again kissing her softly on the lips and both smiling brightly as they parted and Kristen once again lifted Hayden’s shirt up a bit and asked with her eyes if it was ok. Hayden simply raising her arms as Kristen smiled and lifted the shirt up and over Hayden’s head. Hayden kissing her once more and pointed down as Kristen nodded her head in agreement and dropped down to her knees in front of Hayden. Gently pulling at Hayden’s jeans now and smiling as she lowered them down Hayden’s now bare thighs. Hayden stepping out of the jeans as Kristen tossed them aside and turned back to Hayden with her mouth now opened eagerly, Hayden stroking her cock a few more times before she slid into Kristen’s mouth. Kristen moaning on the cock as she started to suck, Hayden dropping her hand down to her side as she gave Mackenzie a perfect view. “MMMMMMMMMMM sexy baby so good at sucking my cock.”

“MMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMM” Kristen moaned as Hayden slipped one hand back into Kristen’s hair and cleared it from her eyes and watched her head bob up and down as she sucked harder. Sliding her hands up the outside of Hayden’s thighs now, Kristen bobbed her head harder and took all of the cock in her mouth once and again. Kristen pulling away finally as she looked up at Hayden and said, “MMMMMMMMMMM my cum taste so good on your cock Hayden.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes it does baby” Hayden moaned as Kristen rose and the two kissed for a long moment. Kristen looking back as Hayden had her turn and guided Kristen to lean forward onto the railing of the porch, Kristen raising one leg onto the bench as she looked back at Hayden and watched the girl stroke her cock fast up and down now. Mackenzie moved in beside of them and caught Hayden just as she lined her cock up with Kristen’s asshole. Hayden placing one hand on Kristen’s lower back just above her ass cheeks and holding the cock steady with the other hand. Kristen looking back and tensing up a bit as Hayden slid the head of her cock inside the girls asshole. Hayden moaning with Kristen as she worked the cock head in and out over and over, sending shivers of pure pleasure up Kristen’s back. Hayden dropping the hand holding the cock steady to her side and placing it behind her thigh, giving Mackenzie a clear view. Hayden now began to stroke deeper and deeper in Kristin’s tight little butt fuck hole and making her moan louder. “MMMMMMMMMMM sexy baby is so sweet to butt fuck.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod that feels so good in my butt” Kristen moaned as she held onto the rails for support and looked back at Hayden and watched every stroke of the cock into her ass as it got ever deeper. Mackenzie taking advantage of Hayden’s arm being hung at her side as she moved to the deck now on her knees and zoomed in and gave a breath taking view of Hayden’s cock gliding in and out of Kristen’s ass. Kristen’s asshole ring folding in and out each time as Hayden’s cock pumped in and out. Mackenzie zooming back out to the wide shot as Hayden sunk all the way inside and pressed her thighs to Kristen’s for a moment. “MMMMMMMMM f-fuck that’s my favorite feeling in the world.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM and it’s my favorite thing to do too” Hayden moaned as she pulled her cock all the way out till her cock caught on Kristen’s asshole ring and slide back inside, smacking her thighs off of Kristen’s plump little ass cheeks as she started pumping in and out faster. Kristen grunted a little as she moaned intensely, her face showing the mind numbing pleasure that was washing over her body as she continued to watch every stroke of Hayden’s into her asshole. Hayden moving the hand on Kristen’s lower back a little higher now as she moaned herself and felt her pussy spasm lightly as she stroked deeply into Kristen’s asshole each time. “MMMMMMMMMM am I making it feel really good now?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM yes yes, ohmigod yesssss” Kristen moaned as she stroked her fingers through her long hair and swept it to the other side of her head and moaned louder as her pussy spasmed hard now. The smacking of Hayden’s thighs against Kristen’s ass cheeks making them jiggle each time and her body shake gently as Kristen grunted again and moaned even louder. Kristen’s mouth hanging open as her body was now covered in a thick dripping film of sweat as she held onto the railing. Hayden moaning herself as she slowed and carefully sunk all the way inside as Kristen settled down a bit. Hayden reaching forward with both hands and taking hold of the railing and sliding the cock as deep in Kristen’s asshole as she could get it. “MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod, f-fuck Hayden, so deep.”

“MMMMMMMMMM you sure you want me to keep going baby?” Hayden asked as she pulled all the way out till cock caught on Kristen’s asshole and then slid back inside, again as deep as she could get. “Everyone can see me butt fucking my little Starr.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM please make me cum, you can butt fuck me anytime you want” Kristen moaned and squealed as Hayden took a firm grip on the rail and started pounding a bit harder into Kristen’s asshole. Smacking her thighs off of Kristen’s ass cheeks loudly now and taking shorter strokes as she slammed into the girl time after time in a pounding rhythm. Hayden sending Kristen’s pussy into spasms of pleasure even harder than before as was her own in that moment as Kristen’s body began to shake from the shots she was taking from Hayden. Kristen grunting and moaning hard as she laid her head on her arms now and whimpered as she drew close to her orgasm. Hayden moving one hand to her soft flat stomach and holding her as she delivered a few last butt fucking shots. Hayden moaning to Kristen, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM making that sweet pussy spasm sooo good. MMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod yeh, yeh, yeh, I think I made I made it cum again, huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD YESSSSS” Kristen moaned as her pussy spasmed out of control and into a wonderful orgasm. Hayden moaning herself as her own orgasm took her body by storm and she felt pure heaven along with Kristen for a few long moments as their moans of pleasure filled the air. Hayden slumping forward and holding onto the rail as she came down and pumped a few more times into Kristen’s asshole. Kristen moaned as she settled down and looked back as Hayden carefully pulled out of her asshole. Hayden backing up a step or two as Kristen turned and dropped back down to her knees and opened her mouth invitingly as Hayden slide the cock back inside and let the girl start to suck it once more. Hayden putting a hand on the back of Kristen’s head gently and guiding her as Kristen moaned on the cock and took it deep in her mouth after a few moments and sucked hard. Hayden moving her free hand to her ass cheek and giving Mackenzie a perfect view. Kristen holding on now to Hayden’s lower thighs as she bobbed her head up and down the whole length of the cock over and over again. Hayden stopping her after another moment as Kristen smiled up at her and Hayden took hold of the girls arm and guided her back to her feet and kissed her softly. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

“Turn around baby” Hayden said as she had Kristen turn back around and guided her to again lean against the rails. Then stroking her hand down the back of Kristen’s sweaty thigh and having the girl once again lift her leg up onto the bench. Hayden stroking her cock fast as she moved back in behind her as Kristen watched over her shoulder. Both moaning as Hayden lined her cock up with Kristen’s asshole and slid deep inside for the second time. Hayden taking hold of Kristen’s shoulder with one hand and dropping the other to her side as she began pumping in and out fast and smacking her thighs at Kristen’s ass cheeks each time. “MMMMMMMMMM that is such a sweet butt fuck hole my little Starr it feels so fucking good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM oh god I love it more every time you do it Hayden, it makes my pussy spasm so good” Kristen moaned as she shook from the shots Hayden was now delivering to her asshole. Her pussy spasming harder with every stroke deep inside now as Hayden moaned with her and went faster in and out and felt her own pussy spasming again. Mackenzie moving behind Hayden now and showing Hayden’s tanned little ass clinching everytime she slid inside of Kristen’s asshole, and then moving back to the wide shot from the side. Kristin now whimpering from the pleasure as she watched every single stroke. “MMMMMMMMM oh yeah, MMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah so good sooooooo good to me.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM so good to me too, butt fucking in the sunshine feels so good” Hayden moaned as she slapped her thighs louder at Kristen’s ass cheeks and now making them jiggle as she clutched her free hand into the back of her own thigh to keep it clear from the camera’s view. Kristen now resting her head on her arms as she hugged the rail in front of her and her pussy spasmed harder still. Both Kristen and Hayden’s body now drippping with sweat, Hayden’s long blond hair stuck to her back a bit as she continued to pump in and out and in and out of Kristen’s asshole. Kristen moaning now with an urgency as Hayden got a bit deeper inside and drove Kristen dangerously close to a mind numbing orgasm. “MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh baby, is my little Starr ready to cum again?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD YESSSSSSS” Kristen moaned in a whimper as Hayden delivered a few last hard shots to her butt fuck hole. “OHHH OHHHHH MMMMMMMMM SOOO CLOSE.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yeh gonna butt fuck my little Starr back to pure heaven” Hayden moaned and did just that a moment later as Kristen began to squeal with her orgasm storming her body over and over. Hayden matching her moan for moan as she too began to cum and both felt a pure heaven peak for a long moment and slowly came down as Hayden finally slowed in Kristen’s asshole. Hayden sliding in and out slowly now as her and Kristen continued to moan, “MMMMMMMMM sweet little butt fuck hole loves my cock huh Starr?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM love it sooo much” Kristen moaned just as Hayden once again slid as deep inside as she could get and made Kristen shake in pleasure.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM I can’t wait to let Dakota get some of this, you gonna let her?” Hayden asked as she kissed Kristen’s shoulder softly.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yesss please” Kristen moaned as Hayden smiled and pointed to the camera before looking back at Kristen and saying, “I think Kristen liked her breaking in huh Kris?”

“MMMMMMMMMM I love Cumming Out” Kristen moaned as Hayden carefully pulled out of her asshole and let Kristen turn to face her and drop back to her knees and let Hayden one more time slide the cock in her mouth before Kristen eagerly began to suck it. Hayden moaning as she watched and the scene soon faded to black. We then see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen then goes back to a shot from the porch as Kristen’s head bobs up and down on Hayden’s cock and the writing reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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