Cumming Out: Season One – Episode Five

Cumming Out (fff, oral, anal)

Season One: Episode Five

*Season Finale*

Written by The Vert Man (

Copyright © 2004

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Summary: The 5th chapter detailing events on America’s

Hottest New Show, Cumming Out. This week, in the first

season finale, our ever welcoming host Hilary visits

the set of the hit indy film “Thirteen.” For a one on

one chat with the movies co-stars, Evan Rachel Wood

and Nikki Reed. Of course before long one thing leads

to another and all three girls end up naked on the

futon doing what comes naturally. First, Evan shows

Hilary the pleasure a tongue stud can give when used

in the correct fashion. Then later, Nikki and Evan

team up on Hilary in a scorchingly hot sandwich, till

our girls cum is splattered all over Evan’s pretty

face. It’s gonna be another hot one, so you better

bring some baby oil.

Starring: Hilary Duff (15), Michelle Trachtenberg

(17), Hayden Panettiere (13) and Mackenzie Rosman


Guest Stars: Evan Rachel Wood (15) and Nikki Reed


This had been one particularly bad day for me. First

my little sister and fuck buddy, Crystal, was away

spending the night at her horny, slutty friend

Tracey’s house and I had a serious case of the “heat”.

I couldn’t seem to control myself for any length of

time. Some how I managed to wait until night finally

fell and my parents left for their ‘new jobs’ before I

started in on myself.

“Bye Lynsay” They said shutting the car door and

pulling out. I ran to my room and plopped down on my

chair and quickly stripped while I glanced at the

clock and realized, thankfully, it was almost time for

my favorite show. I watched the seconds click away as

I adjusted the volume and switched to the right

channel. Not to mention hitting record on my VCR. I

soon then began fucking myself silly with two fingers.

“Coming up next on the Young Love Channel…” The

Announcer said as ‘Summer Love’ ended. “is a special

edition of America’s Hottest New Show, Cumming Out.

This week our girl Hilary will be on the set of the

movie hit indy film ‘Thirteen’, were she’ll conduct an

exclusive interview with the movie’s co-stars Nikki

Reed and Evan Rachel Wood. Brought to you totally

commercial free by New Hit Records Nashville. Now

here’s Hilary.”

“Hey guys and welcome to the Cumming Out season

finale” Hilary said waving to the camera as she

stepped out from behind a chair marked with her name.

“This week is gonna be something slightly different.

We have an exclusive on the set interview with Evan

Rachel Wood and hottie hot hot newcomer Nikki Reed.

Also just in case your wondering, Hayden and Mackenzie

are off working on various projects and will return

when our new season begins in a few months. But until

then please join me in welcoming tonight’s Special

Guests Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed.”

The camera panned back, and revealed to the side of

Hilary, was three chairs marked with their names. Evan

and Nikki waved nervously as they settled in on either

side of Hilary. I moaned out loud just then as I

plunged two fingers deep in my hole and had given up

on the idea of waiting till the end of the show before

getting off. With one last tweak of my nipples I began

to cum for the first time on the night. One that only

lasted a few short seconds and didn’t really justify

the hard work that went into it, I thought. I quickly

licked my cum off and returned my eyes to the screen.

“Hey guys thanks taking time off from taping to join

us here” Hilary said rubbing her hands nervously up

and down her jean clad legs slowly.

“Well we been seeing how much fun you been having and

well….” Evan said smiling her casually sexy smile.

“Me and Nikki wanted to show your viewers that your

not the only ones who can do this.”

“And we wanted to plug the new movie” Nikki said

almost as an after though as her and Evan laughed.

“Ok first before my producers start bitching at me,

let’s talk about some of what you guys have been up

to” Hilary said glaring at someone off-camera as Evan

again laughed. “Evan your series on ABC, Once and

Again was just axed right?”

“Yeh buncha stupid fuckers, thought for sure they

could find something that could bring in better

ratings in whatever time slot they they had us in that

week” Evan said bitterly, “Well as you can see by

glancing at the ratings this season, their still in

the shit house.”

“What was the deal with moving you guys so much?”

Hilary asked, “My show is on Cable so we never had to

really deal with much of that.”

“I dunno we did good on Mondays our first season and

then things got crazy” Evan said, “And our last season

was prolly our best to date creatively, especially

with my character of Jessie and her falling in love

with Mischa’s Berton’s Katie character.”

“Yeh glad you mentioned that” Hilary said cupping her

fingers around her chin and asking, “you and this

Mischa girl, sure looked awfully well rehearsed for

that incredible kiss you shared. Was it rehearsed?”

“What do you think?” She asked with a smirk as Nikki

laughed knowingly.

“Come on tell us, were all curious?” Hilary said.

“Yeh we did some warming up on the set” Evan said with

her fingers in the air like she was quoting. “Before

hand, and after. Mischa’s a really good kisser.”

“Going back to a point you made earlier, I agree that

the show seemed to get better as the last season went

on” Hilary commented, “Of course the Jessie/Katie

storyline was a huge part of that. And speaking of

Jessie and Katie did you think before hand about how

big of an effect this would have on the female teens

in this country?”

“Honestly no” Evan said, “Course I’m not gay myself,

although I do enjoy the occasional touch of a hot

girl” Evan said as Nikki gently rubbed her arm and

they both giggled. “But seriously I’m glad it helped

girls realize it’s not wrong to be gay or even bi.

Like Nikki said, if it feels good, then keep doing


“And don’t knock it till you try it” Nikki said with a

smirk and an alluring look into the camera.

“Right” Hilary said looking at the camera, “also if

you want to know more about the Jessie Katie story


“Lot of cool fan fiction there too” Nikki commented.

“I like the NC-17 stuff best.”

“There’s a shock” Evan said giggling.

“Anyways on to another topic of interest to you and

Nikki, that being your new movie, Thirteen” Hilary

said with a wry smile, “Let’s take a look at the clip

shall we?”

With that bit of lead in, a clip of Nikki and Evan

sucking some serious face, began to play. In the lower

corner it showed the three in a split screen. Evan

said “Oh my god how did you get that?”

“I have my ways” Hilary giggled as Evan started

wrestling with her.

“That’s not in the movie you know” Nikki said


“Yeah you guys got caught by a camera man doing a

little extra rehearsing huh?” Hilary asked.

“Yeah that was right before the big kissing scene in

the movie” Nikki said as Hilary pulled Evan down on on

top of her in the chair and began to raise her shirt,

showing Evan’s belly button ring as the younger girl

giggled. Then sticking out her tongue and showing the

small stud that poked through the top of it.

“That’s real?” Hilary asked.

“Oh yeah it sure is” Nikki said with wry smile, “and

wait until you fill it on your clit. Oh god makes me


“Usually more than once” Evan said, “hey Nik?”

“OK you made me hot let’s get this party started”

Hilary said as she stood and tugged playfully at

Evan’s shirt.

“Oh so we gonna get started huh?” Nikki asked.

“If you want it off Hil just say so” Evan said

standing and stripping her shirt off, with her back to

the camera and then quickly turning, with Hilary’s

direction and showing the camera her gorgeous tits.

Nikki in the background slipped off her shirt,

revealing she too wasn’t wearing a bra. Hilary stood

behind Evan and unbuttoned her pants as Nikki slipped

them down, and Evan stepped out of them. leaving her

only wearing a thong. Hilary and Nikki finished

stripping for the camera as Evan disappeared from

view. A second later, the camera moved left and we saw

Evan laying on her back, spread out on the futon as a

now naked Hilary and Nikki joined her. Hilary crawling

up behind her and leaning on one elbow, stroking her

body slowly up and down.

“You remember what to do?” Evan mouthed to Nikki

before the camera could switch shots. I started

laughing at the fuck-up. Seems to me with all the time

spent producing this show they would have been able to

edit that out. Anyways Nikki lowered herself to the

futon and kissed Evan’s bald muff gently as she

giggled. Evan’s pussy was shaved smooth, with only a

few tan lines present to show it was most likely

shaved recently. Evan rubbed her pussy softly just

before Nikki began licking up and down it like a

lollipop. Evan closed her eyes and laid her head back,

emitting a soft moan as Hilary gave the camera a wink

and lowered her head and started to suck in Evan’s


“Put in me baby please” Evan said through a moan as

Nikki complied and slid her tongue between her lips,

fucking it in and out slowly at first and going faster

as the moaning increased. Evan bucked her hips and

squirmed under Nikki’s oral assault. Hilary pushed

Evan’s legs down so the camera could get a good view

of the pussy eating. Evan realized what was happening

and with a smile to the camera straightened her legs

on either side of Nikki’s working head.

“You gonna cum huh?” Hilary asked as a loud moan

escaped Evan’s pretty face. That question pushed me

over the edge too, with my second orgasm. I tensed up

and jerked violently as it pumped through me. I went

limp after a few wonderful seconds of pure heaven and

returned my eyes to the screen. Still panting and

wanting more.

“Yeah she does it so good” Evan said lifting herself

up on her elbows and watching Nikki closely as she

started to cum on her tongue. The look of pleasure on

her face grew more intense as the orgasm swept through

her young body, now covered in sweat. With one last

loud groan she came down, relaxing and going limp as

she fell back on the futon with a smile on her face.

Nikki could be seen licking the cum off her young love

hole and after finishing lifted her head and waited

for Hilary to join her. Obviously on cue, I thought.

They kissed for a few seconds, trading the sweet

reward from Evan back and forth. Before Evan sat up

and pulled them apart, kissing Nikki’s lips and

trading her tongue for Nikki’s in a slow wet french


“I’m fast learning that most girls cum taste really

good” Hilary said with a giggle as her guests stars

agreed with nodding heads. “So what else do you guys

like to do?”

“Well 69 is fun for obvious reasons” Nikki said, “and

we use a dildo sometimes. Evan likes it in the ass.”

“I do not you lieing slut” Evan said as Nikki and

Hilary laughed.

“She’s like…” Nikki said beginning to moan, “oh god

Nikki fuck my tight ass hard, yeh your cock is so big

in there fuck me like a bad girl.”

“Evan you naughty girl” Hilary said as Evan blushed.

“I can’t believe your telling everyone such a lie”

Evan said.

“Oh give up the act” Nikki said, “I’ll admit it, I

like it too. Feels completely different than when you

get fucked in the other hole.”

“Maybe we should try it on Hilary?” Evan said

apparently giving up the charade and admitting she to

liked it.

“But I want her to feel something else” Nikki said

pulling Evan to her knees and positioning Hilary on

her back, where Evan had been. She spread her legs and

Evan seemed to get the idea quickly, “you gonna be

screaming here in a minute. You won’t believe how good

that tongue stud feels on your rose bud.”

Evan lowered herself to her elbows as Hilary watched

and let Nikki lay across her stomach. She played with

Nikki’s hair and cooed as both rubbed her bald pussy

gently at first. She saw Evan’s head disappear in

front of Nikki’s body as the camera took her angle.

Hilary’s eyes closed as Evan started licking ever so

gently at her pussy and then gasped out loud, all the

air leaving her lungs when the tongue stud in Evan’s

mouth dragged across her clit. Evan quickened her pace

and Hilary squirmed and moaned as Nikki smiled and

smoothed Evan’s hair back from her face and said, “tap

it baby, like you do to me, that’ll drive her crazy.”

Evan did as Nikki suggested and began tapping her stud

right on Hilary’s clit, a long string of saliva and

pussy juice was present when she pulled away and did

it again. Hilary moaned intensely as she jerked and

squirmed from the effects of Evan’s work. She tapped

it harder and harder, and then sucked it softly and

then harder as Hilary squirmed and clutched at

anything in sight. Her head thrashing from side to

side. Evan finally relented and looked to Nikki who

lowered her head as Evan held Hilary’s pleasure bud in

place and sucked it softly and then harder.

“Evan fuck, suck it for me please, it feels so good”

Hilary panted as Nikki stopped and Evan started in

again licking roughly over her clit. Hilary covered

her head with her hands and moaned intensely, Nikki

soon took control again and sucked Hilary’s clit hard

for a few long seconds. Evan had a huge smile on her

face as her and Nikki tag teamed Hilary’s rose bud,

and she watched Hilary’s reaction.

“Oh FUCK I’m gonna cum so good” Hilary moaned as her

hands went to fists and Evan quickly started tapping

again at her clit, bringing a loud scream from Hilary

as she squirmed harder and harder and edged ever

closer to an orgasm. Evan’s mouth closed over Hilary’s

mound and she appeared to be tapping her clit while

she sucked it, and hard too as her jaws where sucked

in almost all the way. Hilary tried bucking her hips

but couldn’t as Nikki held her in place, so she

screamed as she arched her back and squirmed so hard

it took both of her horny guest stars to hold her in

place. She tweaked her nipples hard as she finally

started to cum with one last scream. Her body tensing

up and a thick film of sweat glistening on her body. A

few long seconds in ecstasy later she went limp on the

futon. A huge satisfied grin on her face and her

breathing ragid, as her beautiful chest heaved up and

down. Evan stopped long enough to catch the yummy cum

flowing out her pussy.

“Told ya baby” Nikki said kissing her as she smiled

and then rolled Hilary onto her stomach and said “now

it’s time get your butt fucked. You ready?”

“Like I have a choice” Hilary said as Nikki kissed her

lips and whispered something in her ear before

disappearing off camera.

“Your gonna love it, trust me girl” Evan said rubbing

her hand along Hilary’s body as she raised and kissed

her. “I’ll eat you out while she does it to you. ok?”

“MMMMMM getting eaten out by Evan Rachel Wood” Hilary

said smiling, “I’d do about anything for that.”

Nikki reappeared with her strap-on now in place. She

stroked in up and down and coated it with something

oily as Evan laid down below the two and Hilary turned

her back to Nikki and lowered her pussy to Evan’s cute

lips. We got an extreme close-up as Evan’s tongue

found Hilary’s slit and slid between her lips and she

started fucking it in and out. The shiny tongue stud

glistening in the lights as it disappeared and

reappeared in and out of Hilary, rubbing right under

her clit. We could hear Hilary moaning from the

effects of the tonguing her hot box was receiving.

Hilary laid forward as Nikki directed her cock to her

asshole. A tight shot of the cock head slipping inside

of Hilary’s puckered little anus. What a site. They

pulled back to a wide shot and it stayed there for a

while. Nikki slowly working her cock in and out a

little bit more each time. Hilary was grimacing and

moaning at the same time as she rested on her elbows

just a few inches above Evan’s love hole. At that

moment I was hoping we’d get some 69 action also. But

knowing what a first butt fucking was like, I figured

there was no way.

“Hilary your ass is so hot” Nikki said as she pushed

one last time and she bottomed out. “You ok?”

“UHNNNNN yeah Evan’s tongue is making my pussy feel so

incredible, god your so right about her stud…..”

Hilary said panting and moaning as she much as

possible. Nikki took that direction and went to work,

dropping one arm to her side to give the camera a good

view, she began stroking slowly in and out of Hilary’s

back door. Evan’s tongue was a blur as it fucked in

and out of Hilary’s tight pussy and spread her ass

cheeks more for Nikki. The sound of naked sweaty flesh

meeting naked sweaty flesh is such an erotic sound I

thought and that’s what we got as Nikki started going

faster and faster in and out and in and out and in and

out of Hilary’s back door with her rubber cock.

Forcing more and more moans from our host. She was

holding herself in place by Hilary’s hip with one hand

and gripping the back of her own sweat covered thigh

with the other as she pounded in and out, glancing at

the camera every few shots. Evan meanwhile worked her

tongue harder, stopping several times to tap her stud

on Hilary’s rose bud and then sucked softly at it,

repeating this method as Nikki worked on her ass from


“Yeah fuck my ass….oh shit…fuck yeah….shit fuck

yeah harder….fuck my ass hard. UHN Evan baby suck my

clit so good, yeah do it some more” Hilary said as she

panted and tried to encourage both of the girls on,

Nikki complied with her commands, as did Evan, and

pounded her harder and harder. Hilary laid her head

back, letting her blond hair fall to her back,

reaching one of her arms to her ass to feel the

ripples running through her cheeks as she got fucked.

Nikki went faster again as Hilary let out a loud

shriek as Evan again tapped the stud on her clit and

sucked it hard as she began to cum. Shaking from the

effects and screaming as it peaked and feeling it push

her near insanity it was so hard. She moaned out loud

as it gave way and began to subside slowly. But Nikki

and Evan were far from done with her holes. Nikki,

while never slowing her pace leaned forward with her

arms now supporting her by Hilary’s head. Taking a new

angle she started to fuck Hilary’s bottom with more

force than before. Evan could be seen licking up all

the cum that was leaking out from her first orgasm. We

got a “meat shot” of Nikki’s rubber lover pumping in

and out and the ripples flowing constantly through

Hilary’s tanned ass as she got it good.


growled as Nikki smiled and moaned herself. That was

the first time I heard Nikki’s moaning, I thought. By

now Evan had licked all the cum up and was back

licking roughly with her tongue stud over Hilary’s cum

soaked clit. Nikki went faster and harder on Hilary’s

sweat drenched young ass. I was by now frigging myself

rapidly and screamed with an intense ripping orgasm a

second later (my third orgasm and the best so far, it

literally left me panting). Returning to the screen,

Evan’s lips were now clenched around Hilary’s rose bud

and seemed to be sucking violently on it as Nikki

pounded away with her rubber cock at Hilary’s asshole,

only a little harder than before.

“UHNNNNN fuck this is hot” Nikki moaned, “tell me you

like being butt fucked Hilary and you can cum so good


“Oh God yes” Hilary replied between gasps for air,

“I’m in love with it, and I want my ass fucked Do it

harder! Fuck my ass harder it feels so big in there.”

“You gonna cum for us again?” Nikki asked as Hilary

screamed again and started to do the exact thing that

Nikki was asking about.



moans as her whole body tensed up and rode out the

incredible sensations surging through her sexy young

body at that moment. Nikki pounded the orgasm out of

her and Evan sucked on her clit, till Hilary went limp

on top of her a few long moments later. Nikki slowed

in her ass and had a look of pleasure on her face as

she bit her lip and pumped in and out. Evan was fast

at work swallowing Hilary’s sweet tangy cum as it

dripped from the source.

“OHHHHH I need to cum so bad” Nikki said groaning as

she went in and out of Hilary’s butt still.

“Cum for me Nikki you made me feel so good” Hilary

said as Nikki took that invitation and started fucking

harder in and out of Hilary’s ass again as Hilary

cooed her approval. “Cum on Nikki your so close, I can

feel you so deep my ass, cum for me, cum in my ass.

Come for me damn it. Cum so deep in my ass.”

“Yeah gonna cum so goodd………” Nikki said being

cut-off in mid-sentence when she did indeed start to

cum. She shook and pumped in and out as the orgasm

tore through her body. Finally settling down, after a

few more seconds, and pulling out of Hilary’s now well

fucked ass. She moved to the side of Hilary and Evan’s

69 and offered Hilary her cock. Hilary took it and

sucked it into her mouth to get all the juices off.

While I screamed one last time with my own pleasure

filling my body and an intense orgasm gripping me as I

fucked my pussy with a vengeance. Finally just as I

thought it would never stop, it relented and I let out

a low hoarse moan and went limp, my breathing ragid

and my hole body exhausted. That was exactly the place

I was in a few minutes later when I drifted off.

“MMMMMMM Hayden said my ass was sweet” Hilary said

sucking the cock some more for the rest of it and

rolling off of Evan’s body as she sat up. Evan

followed her head and both traded the cock back and

forth a few times as Nikki slid it in and out of their

mouths like a pussy.

“So did you like it?” Nikki asked as she sat down

beside Hilary and tossed her rubber love tool aside.

Hilary smiled as she kissed Nikki’s lips softly and

they started frenching as Evan looked into the camera

and said, “I guess she did. I know I enjoyed my

Cumming Out. And since Hilary is sucking face at this

moment, I’ll tell you that a whole new season of

Cumming Out begins in just a few months…”

“Hey her lips are really soft” Hilary said as she

turned back to Nikki and slipped her tongue into

Nikki’s mouth and frenched her long and deep, one

which Nikki gladly returned. Evan giggled and said

“Anyways..” I already can’t wait for next season, I

thought as I closed my eyes and fell into a deep


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