Cumming Out: Season One – Episode Four

Cumming Out (fff, fff, oral, teen)

Season One: Episode Four

Written by The Vert Man (

Copyright © 2003

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based

on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events

portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an

accurate depiction of the star and or stars real

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Summary: The 4th chapter detailing events on America’s

Hottest New Show, Cumming Out. This week, our horny

loving host, Michelle and Hilary, will welcome two of

today’s hottest young stars. The first is the star of

the recent hit movie Spy Kids 2, Alexa Vega. The

second, is better known for being a famous little

sister, but is now making a name for herself, Jamie

Lynn Spears. While Alexa visits live in studio with

our hosts, Mackenzie and Hayden will be live from

Louisanna with our special guest. It’s gonna be

another sizzling hot, pussy lickin, cum sucking

edition of America’s Hottest New Show, Cumming Out.

Stay Tuned.

Starring: Hilary Duff (15), Michelle Trachtenberg

(17), Hayden Panettiere (13) and Mackenzie Rosman


Guest Stars: Alexa Vega (14) and Jamie Lynn Spears


“WOW” Crystal said as I stroked my newly attached cock

up and down and coated it with the astroglide. “I bet

that’s gonna feel so good inside my pussy.”

“Ofcourse it will and then your ass” I said as she

kissed me gently and agreed. “Get it all the way in

that tight bottom of yours.”

“Here it comes” Crystal said hitting the record button

on my remote as the logo for Cumming Out appeared on

the screen and the announcer made the introductions of

Hilary and Michelle as usual. Michelle this week was

dressed in a jump suit, with slashes all over it.

Showing her wonderful curves to the entire viewing

audience. While Hilary was dressed in a skin-tight

red-shirt with no sleeves and a rip up each side to

just below her arm pit. She was also sporting a prep

school type skirt that came down to her mid thigh.

“First let me say, Welcome as usual and I want to

apologize on behave of us all here on Cumming Out

about last week’s technical glitch, that prevented you

guys from seeing us and that hottie Rumer Moore”

Hilary said with a bright sincere smile. “We are truly

sorry you only got to see the tail end of that

encounter. But on a positive note, Rumer has agreed to

make a return appearance as soon as her schedule

permits it.”

“What schedule?” Michelle asked trying to surpress a

giggle it looked. “It’s not like the girl is an

incredbily sucessful actress such as myself.”

“Oh shut up Ms. I’m Buffy’s sister” Hilary said

giggling as they wrestled on the stage briefly.

“Anyway, tell them what’s on this week’s line-up will

you?” Hilary asked pushing Michelle away and walking

over to the love-seat and plopping down.

“Well…. We’ll take you live to Louisanna, where our

co-stars Mackenzie Rosman and Hayden Panettiere will

be live with Jamie Lynn Spears” Michelle read from the

cue card, “Lucky bitches. And me and Hil will welcome

tonight’s special guest. The star of Spy Kids 2, and a

recent guest star on Fox’s Bernie Mac, Alexa Vega.”

“So we’ll be right back” Hilary said as she jerked

Michelle down on to the chair and pressed their lips


“I wanna fuck both of them cunts so bad” Crystal said

smiling at me.

“So who would you share with me if you could only

choose one?” I asked stroking my cock/dildo again.

“Hilary?” Crystal asked playfully and lowered her head

and started sucking the cock, stroking it up and down

and letting it bounce off my clit. What a wonderful

sensation that was, I thought.

“Welcome back to Cumming Out” Hilary said, when the

series came back from the break as she laid in

Michelle’s arms. “Let’s take you live to some hole in

the wall in Louisanna, were we will find our co-stars

Mackenzie and Hayden.”

“Hey guys” They said in unison as Jamie Lynn, who was

sitting between them, giggled.

“Not like she needs any real introduction, but still

please welcome to Cumming Out, Jamie Lynn Spears”

Hayden said hugging her and kissing her cheek.

“Glad to be here, should be fun” Jamie said smiling

adorably at the camera, “but I do have something to


“And that is?” Hayden asked lifting Jamie’s shirt

about half-way up her stomach and while glancing at

the camera rubbed her hand across Jamie Lynn’s soft

flat stomach.

“Feels nice” Jamie said raising her arms and letting

Hayden pull her shirt over her head. Revealing her

just forming tits and a deep tan with no tan lines

yet. Seemingly thinking hard about something she had

forgotten, “Oh yeah, I remember now. I don’t care what

you say, your not gonna talk me to into letting you

stick that dildo in my ass. So forget it.” Mackenzie

was now standing on the bed and stripping her clothes

fast, her head out of camera range.

“We’ll see about that” Hayden said moving to the floor

and unbuttoning Jamie’s pants and pulling them down

along with her panties. They joined the pile now

forming on the floor. Mackenzie, now naked, pulled

Jamie into position at the top of the bed as Hayden

disappeared from view. Jamie laid her head on the

pillows and after licking her fingers, rubbed them

gently over her hairless pussy. She spread her legs

for Mackenzie who crawled up between them and smiled

as she lowered her head, tongue extended and dipped it

into Jamie’s forbidden paradise. Jamie moaned lightly

and pulled at her nipples as she watched Mackenzie

closely, and felt her lick a long streak up her pussy,

starting at her puckered anus and ending with her

clit. Jamie shivered as Mackenzie licked roughly over

her rose bud again and again. Squirming under her

tongue, her legs still laying perfectly flat to give

the camera a great view. Mackenzie quickened her pace

and Jamie squirmed harder, her arms now above her head

and holding on to the pillows tightly.

Hayden emerged back into view, now naked and crawled

behind both, and laying her head on her hand and

watching the action closely.

“Is she making your pussy feel good baby?” Hayden

asked as she rubbed her hand up and down Jamie’s body

and she moaned her reply, “yeh, oh yeah so good. Gonna

cum so good.”

“Oh really” Hayden said as her hand went to

Mackenzie’s hair and she pushed Mackenzie’s face away

and held up a finger to her. “Just a second Mac, I

wanna ask her a question.”

“Now what was that you said about fucking your tight

little ass baby?” Hayden asked as Jamie’s eyes opened

and she realized what she had gotten herself into. “Is

all you gotta do is say I can and Mac will make your

pussy feel so good.”

“Oh girl now you play dirty” Mackenzie said giggling,

as she lightly ran her tongue up Jamie’s body once.

Making the young girl shiver with delight.

“Please make me cum Mac please, I need it so bad”

Jamie begged as Mackenzie repeated her long slow lick.

“Say I can fuck your sweet ass baby and she will”

Hayden said kissing her softly. “She’ll suck all that

girl cum out, MMMMMMMMMMM it’ll feel so good too. So

whatta say?”

“UHNNNNNNNNNNNN” Jamie moaned as Mackenzie sucked

softly on her clit for a brief second. “YES YES, fuck

yes, just make me cum please.”

“Good girl” Hayden said with a huge victorious smile

as Mackenzie started frantically licking up and down

Jamie’s bald muff as the young girl squirmed and

moaned louder with each pass. She began to arch her

back as her orgasm drew near and clutched at the

sheets beside her now. After a few more passes of her

tongue, Mackenzie began sucking on Jamie’s rose bud

and that proved to be too much for her as she tensed

up and started to cum. A few long moments later, she

went limp on the bed and Hayden and Mackenzie started

licking the girl cum from her pussy as it came

dribbling out.

“See told you so” Hayden said kissing Jamie’s nipple,

as their guest star tried to enjoy the after glow.

“Yeh so good and hard too” Jamie said smiling at

Hayden, her body now covered in a thin film of sweat.

“You think that was hard wait until you cum on my cock

in your ass” Hayden said as Jamie rolled her eyes and

said “NO.”

“You promised” Hayden countered with a reassuring

smile and taking the cock from Mackenzie’s hand.

“Hayden she doesn’t want too” Mackenzie said laying

down by Jamie on the bed, “not everyone wants your

horny ass, buttfucking them.”

“You stay out of this” Hayden said with a smile. “Come

on Jamie.”

“Guys I’m sorry we gotta go to a break” Hilary said

from the studio, “so looks like your out of luck this

week Hayden.”

“We’ll be right back” Hilary said as the logo came up.

“I’ll let you fuck my ass if you want” Crystal said

turning her back to me as I smiled and she pulled her

legs to her chest as I turned over on my side and

rubbed my hand over her asswhole.

“Tight little poop shoot ain’t it baby sister?” I

asked dipping a finger inside and fingering her hole

as she moaned lightly.

“Yeh so tight, so tight it’s sucking at your finger

sis” Crystal commented through a moan and she was

indeed right. Her ass was clutching and sucking at my

single finger moving slowly in and out of her ass. I

pulled my finger out, knowing what was to come next

and knowing my sister wanted me to do it. I stroked my

cock making it slick as butter with the astroglide

again and holding the head of it, guiding it to her

ultra tight hole. The head slipped in as she

“ooohhhed” and “aaahhhed” at the sudden intrusion. She

didn’t complain about the pain at all, I noticed. She

just urged me on as my cock went deeper. I wanted to

literally scream, this was turning me on so much as my

sister’s smooth silk like skin was only adding to my

pleasure. “See how far it’ll go sis.”

“My little sister likes getting her ass fucked huh?” I

asked stroking in and out gently and very slowly. She

hugged her knees to her chest tighter and moaned out

loud for me as I held her ass in place and fucked it

faster, bottoming out suddenly deep in my baby

sister’s ass. At that point I heard the music from the

show starting again and I looked up to see Hilary and

Michelle on the stage and saying something about

tonight’s guest. I started grinding harder on the

chair, slamming harder into my sister’s ass, deciding

then that buttfucking her was more important than the

show. I pumped harder in and out and her moans turned

louder and louder as I slammed in and out increasingly

faster and faster.

“UHHNNNNN fuck me, fuck my ass harder Lyn” Crystal

moaned as I pounded at her back door, moaning myself

and getting more and more turned on, having the dildo

rubbing on my stud-like clit and hearing Crystal

almost cry out in passion made me convulse as I

suddenly felt her ass clutching at the rubber love

tool. She moaned one last time and started to cum on

the cock. Her hole body spasming and jerking from the

wonderful feeling surging through her sexy young body.

I slowed with a victorius smile on my face as she

cooed her approval. “Your such a hot fuck Crys. I

swear you make me hot.”

“That was fucking cool” Crystal said as I turned back

to the TV and saw that all three girls where naked

now. Alexa was on her knees in front of Michelle

licking her bald muff. Michelle was moaning obviously

and playing with Alexa’s hair as her head bobbed up

and down and her tongue worked it’s desired magic. I

slipped out of Crystal’s ass and she took the dildo

and sucked off her juices and shared them with me.

Very sweet and the first time I had ever tasted my

sister’s ass too. Crystal pointed to the screen,

getting my attention as Alexa brought Michelle off on

her tongue. Michelle’s naked sweaty body shook gently

from the effects of the wonderful orgasm she was


“MMMMMM now suck all that yummy cum out” Hilary said

moving Alexa’s hair out of her eyes as Michelle came

down slowly and her cum started to squirt onto Alexa’s

cute little face. Michelle cupped her hand behind

Alexa’s head and held it in place as her cum squirted

onto her lips. Hilary helped things along it looked by

working Michelle’s clit and making sure she got all of

her cum out. Two or three squirts landed on Alexa’s

now cum covered face, which she soon licked off, with

Hilary’s help. They then went to the task of licking

the cum off of Michelle’s pleasure hole.

“I always wondered how do you do that?” Alexa asked

Michelle as she joined her on the couch again. “I mean

making your cum squirt?”

“It just happens sometimes” Michelle said following it

with a moan as Hilary kept licking slowly at her bald

muff. Letting her tongue dip inside a few times. “Fuck

that feels so good.”

“Taste good too” Alexa said giving a devilish smile to

the camera. Hilary sped her attack on Michelle’s pussy

going faster with her tongue and forcing another loud

moan from Michelle as Alexa smiled and seemed to get

an idea of sorts. “Why don’t we try something that all

three of us can do?”

“MMMMMM sounds good to me” Hilary said stopping and

looking to Alexa for an idea as Michelle did the same.

“Daisy chain anyone?”

All three laughed and agreed that could be a lot of

fun. The camera pulled back and revealed a large futon

like pallet on the floor, the girls quickly moved from

the love seat to the futon and a loud swoosh of air

could clearly be heard leaving the thing as they

crashed down. Hilary took position first after a

frenzy of action with naked sweaty arms, legs and

torso’s moving around trying to get comfortable.

Hilary laid on her side and raised one leg as Michelle

laid down below her and did the same, her head now

resting on Hilary’s thigh barely inches from her

co-stars pussy. “Sexy” Alexa as Michelle called her,

completed the chain, also on her side and raising a

leg in the air, her head rested just inches from

Michelle’s muff and the same for Hilary’s from hers.

Hilary started the chain as the camera closed in and

we got a tight shot of her tongue going across Alexa’s

pussy slowly. Alexa unlike most of the girls now a

days had a neatly trimmed, but not totally shaved

bush. She quivered as Hilary did it again, slowly.

Michelle proceeded next on Hilary’s muff, rubbing it

with her hand first and then kissing it several times

and commenting on how good it tasted, before licking

it like a lollipop. With two now in action, Alexa

waited patiently for her turn on camera and as she

came into view she began licking Michelle’s pleasure

box slowly. Looking into the camera out of the corner

of her eye and moaning between licks. Hilary was by

now tongueing it so to speak, pumping her tongue in

and out of Alexa and going faster with every passing

stroke. Michelle followed Hilary’s lead and did the

same in and out of her. Alexa could be seen several

times during the chain, stopping and moaning

intensely, and having to resort to rubbing Michelle’s

clit to give her pleasure.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum so good” Alexa announced a few

seconds later as Hilary fucked her tongue hard in and

out and sucked at her guest stars lips. Alexa’s body

began to shake as she started cumming, letting out one

loud moan after another and finally going limp, her

head on Michelle’s thigh as her cum flowed into

Hilary’s waiting mouth. Hilary’s hand was now on

Alexa’s thigh holding it aloft as she continued

licking away, getting all her cum off. Hilary started

moaning more purposely next as Michelle quickly tried

to push her over the edge. A tight shot of Michelle’s

tongue disappearing in and out of Hilary’s pussy, was

followed by a head shot of Hilary and her having a

look of complete pleasure on her face. What surprised

me is that they kept the shot on her face as she

started to cum on Michelle’s tongue. The look growing

more exaggerated as she peaked and came down. A goofy,

satisfied grin now covering her gorgeous face. She

slowly bucked her hips as Michelle slowly sucked all

the cum out and the camera made sure to catch that.

With all the attention on Hilary, no one had noticed

that Alexa had went back to work on Michelle and was

fast going to bring her off to make it a true chain.

Michelle squirmed as Alexa held her leg aloft and

started to cum a second or two later. Spasming and

tensing up as she peaked and then relaxed, with Hilary

watching on.

“We’ll be right back with a preview of next week’s

show” Hilary said as she rolled over and her and Alexa

took turns now licking the cum off Michelle.

“That daisy chain looks like fun” Crystal said as I

slipped back into the harness for the strap-on and she

started stroking my cock again for me.

“Maybe we could get some of your slutty girl friends

to join us next week” I said giggling as she rose and

impaled herself on the cock slowly. Laying her head

back and moaning, “MMMMM yeh big cock, tight pussy,

good fit.”

“Yeh so tight baby sister” I said putting my hand on

her flat stomach to guide her up and down on the


“I’ll get Lori to come

over….AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH…..she loves eating

pussy too” My bouncing sister said with her eyes

closed and mouth slightly open and moaning loudly by

now. Supporting herself with her hands on my thighs in

back her.

“Next week on Cumming Out” The Announcer said breaking

my concentration on Crystal’s bounce fucking my dildo.

“Co-stars of this years Sundance Film Festival’s most

talked about film, ‘Thirteen’. Newcomer Nikki Reed and

former Once and Again star Evan Rachel Wood. See ya

next week.”

“Gonna feel so good when I cum” Crystal moaned to me

as I took hold on her waist and bounced her harder up

and down and said “Come on baby sister, cum for your

sissy, cum on my big fat cock. Let’s see your own

version of Cumming Out.”

And boy did she. LOL. See ya Next week.

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