Cumming Out: Season Two – Episode Six

Cumming Out
Season Two: Episode Six
“13 times Hayden”

Written by TVM and Jessie (Send Feedback)

Copyright © 2005


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Summary (by Crystal): This week on America’s Hottest Show, Cumming Out (episode 6), Hayden welcomes Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood for their return appearance. One which starts off nicely as Evan decides to get the party started rather quickly by now bothering to dress at all. Later, Hayden finally finds out what it’s like to be the “filling” in one of her patented sandwiches. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM baby, you gotta stayed tuned for this this episode.

Story Codes: fff, fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (15)
Guest Stars: Nikki Reed (16) and Evan Rachel Wood (16)


Lynsay Note: Hilary Duff was released from her contract shortly before this episode was taped.

Hey it’s Crystal Larue here, you know Linsay’s “slutty” sister. Wassup wit my homies out there? Unfortunately for all of you fans of Lynsay’s brilliant reporting, I have some bad news. Lynsay is kinda “under the weather” this week, but it’s prolly not what your thinking, so don’t go feeling sorry for her just yet. See she’s under the weather all right, more to the point she’s under a certain type of it, a season that goes by the of name Summer McNamara, I kid you not. I’m sure you heard that name before in Lynsay’s postings, cause she’s been madly in love with the dorky diva for months now. But it was only last Wednesday that Summer finally gave her the time of day and asked if she wanted to hang out for a while. An offer I’m pretty sure Lynsay didn’t refuse. Honestly, I’m not sure what took Summer so long to come around. Cause first, she’s obviously into girls and according to the rumor mill at school she knows how to work that tongue stud she so proudly shows to everyone who will toss her even a passing glance. Secondly, modesty aside, my sisters a serious looker. Hell we both are and can have our pick of girls or guys with just a flick of the hair. AHHH anyway, it’s better later than never I guess. So let’s just say Lynsay’s prolly not gonna be available to recap tonight’s episode.

Anyway, just to fill you in a little more completely on the situation with Lynsay and Summer, here’s what happened. I came home from school about 4:00pm like always and I spied them making out in the bathroom. It was kinda of a shock and a thrill at the same time, knowing my sister had finally got her girl. Before too long I disappeared into my room and began my homework when Lynsay rudely kicked my door open and informed me I’d be doing the job she gets paid to do tonight (that being the recaps you guys love so much). And I’d better do a good job or it was my ass, meaning she’d prolly wanna butt fuck me and hard no doubt. Which wasn’t exactly a threat you know, considering who she was telling this too. Well about an hour later they ran out of here and headed for the arcade down on Broadway for a while. So I thought I’d give this whole reporting thing a try. Since she’s still nowhere to be found I guess it’s my job, at least for now, to fill you in on the happening’s on our favorite show this week.

I took care of Lynsay’s ritual and popped a fresh tape in the VCR for her and headed back to my room after hitting record. Crashing down on my futon just as the logo came up and we heard that stupid fuckin theme music playing as images of Mackenzie, JoJo and ‘my girl’ Hayden flashed across the screen.

“Welcome to Cumming Out, starring Hayden Panettiere…” The Voice Over said as the images continued. Wait wasn’t JoJo the new co-host and by proxy that should make her the new star too and where the hell is Hilary?? This was really confusing. “In tonight’s sizzling all new episode. Hayden will be in the studio to welcome the stars of the movie ‘Thirteen’, Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood as they make their much anticipated return appearance. It’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna be jam packed and it begins……RIGHT NOW.”

“Hey guys” Hayden said as she appeared on screen, sitting cross legged in a directors chair center stage. She looks so hot tonight, wearing a rather lady like red dress with a slit all the way up to the hip. “Tonight’s gonna be a little different, for a change I’ll be welcoming the in studio guests and my co-stars Mackenzie and JoJo are off tonight (no mention of Hilary). So without further ado let’s welcome tonight’s very special guests. First, she was the writer and not to mention also the star of one of last years hottest indy flicks, Thirteen, please welcome back Nikki Reed.”

Hayden stood as Nikki walked down the ramp, looking pretty hot herself, sporting a pair of low rider jeans, thong and red satin t-shirt tied just below her boobs. They met at the bottom and giggled as they whispered something to each other and Nikki stuck her tongue out and showed that she now had a tongue stud. Hayden’s eyes went wide with shock as she saw it and started giggling before kissing her guest star and taking her hand and guiding her to the couch as they sat down beside each other.

“So business first” Hayden said turning to Nikki, “What’s been up with you since Thirteen?”

“Well right now I have a new movie just out on DVD called Lords of Dogtown and you know just looking over some scripts and hoping something good comes along” Nikki said.

“So you think we should get Evan out here?” Hayden asked.

“Well duh yeh” Nikki said as Hayden laughed and said into the camera, “our next guest is Evan Rachel Wood, ohhh Evie.”

“HOLY FUCKIN SHIT” Hayden said as the camera zoomed in on Evan as she appeared at the top of the ramp, and to my suprise she was nearly NUDE. With exception of the ball shoes she was sporting. She pranced down the ramp, her small titties bouncing perfectly as Hayden met her at the bottom of the ramp. “You’re supposed to put something on for the first minute goofy.”

“Why it’s just gonna come off anyway, so why not just start out the way I’ll end up?” Evan asked as Hayden shrugged her shoulders and they giggled for a moment before kissing. Evan’s arms going around Hayden’s neck as Hayden let her hands slide up and down the front of Evan’s gorgeous young body and then around to her butt. Squeezing the girls ass cheeks as they frenched and Nikki appeared in the picture. Glancing at the camera before unzipping Hayden’s dress in the back. Hayden broke with Evan and stepped back, letting Nikki push the straps off her shoulders and of course it then fell to the floor. Guess what Hayden was wearing underneath? The same as Evan was when she came out only less (meaning no ball shoes). Nikki smiled and rubbed Hayden’s cute little ass for a moment as Evan stuck out her tongue and Hayden smiled and eye balled Evan’s tongue stud.

“I dunno if I can handle both of you at once” Hayden said innocently.

“Oh yeah right, I’ve seen you on the other episodes with two girls, didn’t seem to have any problem then” Evan said as Hayden took her hand and she in turn took Nikki’s and the threesome made their way to the back of the set and the bed. Evan sat down on the edge as Nikki stepped beside her seconds later and watched Hayden drop to her knees in front of the pair. Hayden waisted no time in unbuttoning Nikki’s jeans and pulled at them and with Nikki’s help slipped them off her ass and down her thighs to her calfs where they stopped as Hayden gave Nikki an evil grin and pushed the girl down on the bed. Placing her hands on Nikki’s thighs to spread them and hold them in place, Hayden lowered her head and began licking up Nikki’s slit as the camera zoomed in. Her head beginning to bob up and down slowly as Nikki smiled to Evan and moaned her approval. Hayden clutched her hand around the top Nikki’s pants, now just below her knees and held them in place. She licked faster and faster up and down the bald slit, as Nikki moaned she untied the knot in her shirt and let Evan slip it over her head. Spreading her legs as much as she could and giving Hayden better access. A close-up showed Hayden’s tongue dipping between the ultra tight pussy lips. Nikki moaned louder as she laid back on her elbows and watched Hayden’s tongue flicking her clit every time it came to the top of her slit. Evan scooted over next to Nikki and cleared Hayden’s long blonde hair out of the way and scooping it into a ponytail seconds later.

“AWWW yeah lick that sweet pussy” Evan said as she moved to the floor beside Hayden. Holding the girls hair steady behind her head as Hayden began fucking her tongue in and out faster and faster, rubbing it on the underside of Nikki’s engorged little clit. Evan smiled knowingly into the camera, apparently knowing her friend was close to an orgasm. Nikki moaned louder and louder from above as she indeed neared her orgasm quickly. Laying her head on the bed as she moaned open mouthed and arched her back slowly. Hayden pumped her tongue with a passion now as Nikki clutched at the sheets on the bed and started to shake gently. Evan placed her hand right above Nikki’s slit and felt the ripples of pleasure flowing out into her body as her orgasm took hold. Hayden pumped her tongue hard as she pushed Nikki to her peak and then brought her down, slowing her tongue then. Nikki lay panting above the two as Evan stroked her sweat covered stomach. Hayden then slid her tongue between Nikki’s pussy lips and capped the girls pussy and sucked softly. Creating that most wonderful of after sensations. Nikki squirmed and jerked as her cum got milked out.

“She taste really sweet huh?” Evan asked as Hayden raised her head and smiled at her co-star before saying in reply, “Of course she does, it’s sweet like honey.”

Evan stood and helped Hayden to her feet before they softly kissed for a long moment. Nikki rose from the bed seconds later and cupped her hands over Hayden’s firm little ass cheeks and squeezed them before sliding her hands to the girls waist and pulling her back. Evan broke the kiss as Hayden sat down by Nikki and kissed her guest star for a moment. Letting Nikki taste her own sweet girl-cum before she scooted back and crawled to the top of the bed and waiting for Nikki and Evan. The two had just started kissing softly for the camera as Nikki kicked off her pants. Seconds later Nikki and Evan broke from their kiss and joined Hayden as each got on one side of her thighs. Hayden laid back and tossed her hair above her head and smiled as both Nikki and Evan stroked her firm young body for a long moment and seemed to be deciding who was gonna get between the girls thighs. A discussion Evan finally won as she crawled between Hayden’s thighs and Nikki moved to the top of the bed.

“You won’t believe how good her tongue stud feels on your special place” Nikki said as Hayden giggled and they both watched for a moment as Evan began simply, her tongue sliding up Hayden’s bald slit and Nikki leaned down to kiss Hayden. Hayden squirmed a little and smiled as she kissed Nikki softly, stifling the light moaning. They kissed for a few long moments as the camera zoomed in now from behind Evan’s head and we got a nice tight shot of Evan’s tongue work and the kissing. Evan was carefully avoiding using her tongue stud, which by the way was a little steel looking ball in the center of her pussy licker, just yet at least.

Nikki broke with Hayden and watched as Evan licked a few more times up Hayden’s slit, before spreading her lips and looking up at the two with a knowing smile. With that she licked across Hayden’s clit softly, the tongue stud making gentle contact with her little pleasure nubbin for the first time. Hayden jerked at first and her body stiffened slightly as she moaned loudly. Evan repeated this again and again.

“OH yeah baby, feels good on your little rose bud huh?” Nikki asked as she rolled over and laid partially across Hayden’s stomach. Hayden moaned even louder as Nikki smiled and held her in place, while Evan licked harder across her exposed clit time and again. Evan placed her hand on Hayden’s stomach as she licked faster, knowing what kind of an effect it was having on the girl and loving it, I thought.

“Oh my god it feels so good” Hayden moaned in a whining whimper as she clutched at the sheets below her. Bucking her hips ever so slightly and arching her back as the sensations increased with every pass of the tongue stud over her clit.

“Oh god girl you gonna cum?” Nikki asked as she cleared Hayden’s hair from her face and smiled down at her. Hayden opened her mouth to reply but apeeared to loose her breath for a moment as the sounds coming from her mouth turned into a moan. This being caused by Evan beginning to tap the girls clit with the tongue stud now. Her head bobbing with her tongue out stretched and letting the stud bounce of the tip of Hayden’s clit repeatedly. Hayden’s eyes went wide and then clamped shut as she pulled hard at the sheets again and arched her back. Moaning out in a loud cry of pure pleasure as the wonderful sensations suddenly exploded into an orgasm. Her face showing the intensity and incredible pleasure of the orgasm as it surged through her. Evan tapped her clit a few more times and finally starting licking Hayden’s pussy as her cum came bubbling and oozing out of the hole. Hayden going limp under Nikki with a satisfied smile on her face. Moaning lightly as Evan licked all her cum up.

“We’ll take….a break…and be…right back” Hayden panted as her skin now glistened with a thin film of sweat. A long boring four minutes followed as I idly stroked my bald pussy up and down and waited for the logo to finally return as it did, thankfully. The logo popped up and went away and my eyes went a little wide with the scene that was being played out now. Evan had slipped into a rather large looking strap-on dildo, say 8 inches or so, and Hayden had it in her mouth and was bobbing slowly up and down on the rubber cock as Nikki held it by the base. Hayden pulled off and a long string of saliva dripped down on to Evan’s thighs as Nikki, sitting on Evan’s other side, lowered her head and started sucking it now. Hayden gave a coy look to the camera as she cleared Nikki’s hair and smiled down at her as she sucked and soon took it all in her mouth. Evan moaned a little as she watched the action and leaned back on her hands as Hayden got on her knees now and prepared for what was to happen next. Nikki the cock deep in her mouth and deep throated it before pulling off and we got the same long string of saliva dripping onto Evan’s thighs as before. Evan held her newly attached cock and slid back to the middle of the bed and laid her head back on a set of pillows as she held the cock in place with one hand and placed her other behind her head. Hayden stood and crossed her legs over her guest stars thighs and lowered her herself down and as Nikki took control of the cock from Evan and held it steady, Hayden let the tip slide into her pussy. Evan placed her other arm behind her head as she relaxed and watched Hayden start to bounce gently on it as the first inch of the cock began sinking in her pussy. Hayden moaned as the camera moved in front of her and showed her reaction as the cock stroked her pussy walls for the first time. Evan smiled as the camera angle moved to one from above her head and it showed Hayden’s hot little ass sliding up and down as she fucked more and more of the cock into her with every passing bounce. Nikki slid down the bed a bit to Hayden’s side and watched. A wide shot followed as Hayden reached her arms down and placed her hands on Evan’s thighs for balance and let the last of the cock sink into her pussy as she mashed her cheeks against Evan’s thighs for the first time.

A close-up of the cock going in and out of Hayden’s pussy, revealed that not even a hint of hair could be found on our hosts slit and that the strap-on was a double sides one, the other end going into Evan. Hayden then moaned out loud as she rose all the way to the top of the big fuck stick so it almost came out of her sweet pussy and dropped back down as a loud smacking sound could be heard each time she repeated this. Bouncing up as high as she could and coming crashing back down on Evan as her firm little titties jiggled up and down. Evan was now moaning as loud as Hayden did now as the other side of the strap-on dildo slammed into her. Nikki turned a little and made sure the camera could get a good view of her rubbing her pussy slowly as she watched Hayden ride Evan’s cock. While at the top of the bed, Evan clutched at the pillows behind her head and moaned herself as she watched Hayden go harder and harder up and down with every passing bounce. The pleasure of the cock deep inside Hayden’s pussy was now becoming very evident from the pleasure soaked smile on her face as she threw her long blonde hair to the side and clutched at Evan’s thighs and fucked harder up and down as her moaning grew. She began to shake Evan’s body as she sped up again and bounced expertly on the cock as it made her pussy spasm lightly. Her moans became more and more exaggerated and open mouthed with each passing thrust downward on the cock as she got ever closer to her orgasm. Evan’s moaning got louder as her beautiful body shook from the pounding she was taking from above and she got closer to her own orgasm. Both seemed to cum as one as Hayden bounced now furiously on the cock, her body covered in a thick film of sweat as was Evan’s. While Evan clutched harder at the pillows behind her head and arched her back as her pussy spasmed out of control with the pounding of Hayden down onto her. Hayden squealed in pure pleasure as her pussy did much the same as her hand shot to her bald cunny slit to make sure the cock stayed in place as her orgasm surged through her in wave after wave of intense pleasure. A few more hard bounces followed before both began to settle down. Hayden slumped forward and lifted herself off the now cum covered cock as she rolled off to the side with Nikki’s help.

“MMMMMMM good job baby that feel good?” Nikki asked as Hayden rolled over and her head came to rest on Nikki’s thighs.

“OHMIGOD so good” Hayden said as Nikki leaned down and kissed her lips for a long moment. A close-up showed the tongue trading as Nikki cupped Hayden’s chin and kissed her so soft and gently for a long moment. The camera pulled back as they continued and showed Evan rise from her back and crawl down the bed. Nikki and Evan broke and smiled at each other happily and Hayden said, “I think it’s your turn sexy.” Then looking to Evan, who was now beside her on the bed she grinned, “That is If Evan can take another pounding?”

“God yesss I can” Evan said as she sat up and leaned down and kissed her host in a long moment as Nikki played with their hair and smiled knowingly into the camera.

“MMMHMMMMMMMM” Nikki moaned softly as she watched Hayden and Evan trade tongues back and forth in an erotic french. Both wiggling their tongue for a moment as they parted and then beginning to kiss again as Evan moved her hand to the back of Hayden’s neck as a close-up showed their tongues massaging each other’s as both really started to moan into the other’s mouth. I don’t think kissing had ever gotten me this hot before but damn it was. The camera then pulled back and showed Nikki get her cue from off-camera and seperated the horny twosome on her thighs as they giggled and Evan rose and helped Hayden set up. Nikki then crawled over to Evan kissed her softly on the lips as Evan laid back again on the bed and Hayden smiled into the camera as she took hold of Evan’s cock and began stroking it up and down fast and bouncing it off Evan’s clitty below the strap-on. Evan settled in on her back again as her and Nikki seperated and Nikki stood and stepped over her good friend and looked back to see if Hayden was holding Evan’s cock in place, and she was, as she lowered herself down into the catcher’s position and began to impale herself on the 8 inch fuck stick. “MMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMM.”

Hayden held the cock steady below her as Nikki placed her hands on Evan’s flat sexy stomach and started to gently bounce up and down on the cock. It slowly sunk deeper in her pussy as she looked down at it and smiled and then back to Evan who returned her moaning smile. The shot went to a wide angle as Nikki now bounced a little harder and her firm titties began swaying up and down as she took almost half of the cock in her sweet pussy and her moaning got louder. Hayden moved her hand away as Nikki rose and feel now on the cock and got it almost all the way in as she cooed. Evan’s hands could be seen now stroking up and down Nikki’s calf muscles as her friend bounced up and down on her newly attached cock and drove the other end down into Evan. Nikki slammed down for the first time onto Evan as her ass cheeks smacked against Evan’s thighs. Much the way that Hayden had done earlier, she rose all the way to the very tip of the cock and dropped back down expertly and slammed into Hayden as a pair of loud moans escaped their mouths. Hayden smiled as she watched and the camera zoomed in a little as Hayden disappeared off the bed and Nikki bounced harder and harder up and down the cock and slid her hands up Evan’s chest just a bit for more leverage as she pounded down on the moaning girl. A loud thigh slapping ass cheek sound could be heard each time this happened, followed by an equally loud set of moans from Evan and Nikki. A change of camera angle to one above Evan’s head showed an increasing closeup of Nikki’s bald and yummy looking slit splitting around the dildo pistoning her pussy. She was literally raising as high as she could without it popping out and then slamming back down. The angle again pulled back and stayed above Evan’s head as we watched Nikki pounding harder up and down, literally shaking Evan’s slender body with each shot. Nikki’s body became slowly covered in a film of sweat and she drove the other end of the cock deep into Evan’s pussy as well, moaning getting louder as the sensations and pleasure increased all the time. Evan and Nikki both moaned now open mouthed as they got close to their rewards for the bounce fucking. Evan’s fingers squeezing into Nikki’s calfs now as her pussy began to spasm lightly in that all too wonderful moment just before that explosion we girls all crave so bad. While on top, Nikki cupped one hand over her pussy and held the cock steady as she bounced furiously up and down on it and her titties jiggled widely. Her other hand still in the middle of Evan’s chest as both started cumming within a second or two of each other. Nikki and Evan faces showing the wonderful pleasure they where experiencing in those moments as Evan laid her head back and arched her back as Nikki bounced hard on the cock and drove it deep into Evan’s pussy as both got lost in pure heaven for a moment. Finally, seemingly as one, they both came down and Nikki slumped forward as she hung her head down and smiled down at her lover below her and sunk down to her knees so the cock was all the way inside her pussy by now. She laid forward over Evan’s body and as Evan’s arms went around her neck they began kissing softly. The camera showed a close-up from above Evan’s head of this erotic scene for a long moment until it slowly pulled back and we saw Hayden emerge once again with a surprise for all us.

The surprise I speak of course was another strap-on firmly attached to her pussy. I wondered to myself what she or they had planned for Nikki now. Hayden settled onto the bed just below Nikki and carefully took a bottle of baby oil and soaked the cock in the slippery substance. Nikki and Evan’s tongue trading continued as they both moaned softly into the others mouth and didn’t break until we heard the sound of Hayden’s voice. “We’ll be back in a minute with some more sizzling action with Evan and Nikki. Guess what I’mma do with this big butt fuck stick here? Find out after the break.”

A short 2 minute break to give the adsvertisers some credit flew by as my mind reeled at the thought of what could happen on the other side of this set of commercials. They could be gonna do a normal sandwich, if Evan pulled out and turned around. Or we could see Evan pull out and make out with Nikki as Hayden butt fucked her. God either would be hot as hell I thought as we seen the logo come back up and fade away as Nikki looked back at Hayden and said, “We’re back. Are you gonna stick that inside my…back door?”

“MMMMMMM god you know I am baby” Hayden moaned to her as Nikki raised up a bit off of Evan to her elbows and a close-up from behind Hayden now showed the unbelieveable. Nikki started to moan as Evan’s cock began sliding out and in her pussy slowly again as Evan fucked up into Nikki. Nikki moaned a little louder as Evan got faster and she looked back to see Hayden lining her cock up with Nikki’s TIGHT puckered little asshole and gently pushing her own cock into Nikki’s back door. Nikki opened her mouth wide and looked as shocked as I did I as this whole scene began to unfold and Hayden’s cock head slipped inside of Nikki’s asshole. Evan’s arms wrapped around Nikki’s waist now as she pumped her cock in and out Nikki’s stretched tight pussy at a nice pace, while above them Hayden had begun to feed more of the cock threw her fingers into Nikki’s asshole as the girl in the middle squealed and moaned. Hayden was barely a third of the way in Nikki’s ass when she dropped the hand off her rubber butt fucker and let it fall to her side so the camera could get a good view and placed her other hand in the middle of Nikkie’s back as she started to pump slowly. Nikki clutched at the sheets below her as she cried out in intense body shaking pleasure as Evan pumped faster now in her pussy and Hayden was sawing gently on her butt fucking hole from behind. Hayden smiled knowingly into the camera as she watched her butt fuck stick saw into and out of Nikki’s ultra tight back door with ever pump of her hips. Nikki’s squealing and moaning got louder as Hayden got deeper and deeper, now about half way in as Hayden slid her hand up and down Nikki’s sweat stained back and pumped a little faster. Evan was now looking down between her legs as she drove the cock attached to her up into Nikki’s pussy, in long smooth strokes and slowed to match the ever faster strokes of Hayden in her ass. Which only served to make Nikki scream out for the first time. Hayden was now looking down and watching every stroke of the cock in and out of Nikki, as she made sure to pull all the way out till the cock head caught on her asshole ring and push it back in, only harder and deeper. Nikki’s toes had long since curled up in pleasure as her hands had clutched into fists in the sheets and her moaning and squealing had gotten louder with every stroke deeper in her asshole. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM come on sweet baby take all my butt fuck stick in your asshole for me….yehh yehhhhhh yeahhhhhhh baby…. ohhhhhhh my god yessss….there you go Nikki….it’s all the way in that tight little butt fuck hole baby.”

“OHMIGOD IN HEAVEN IT FEELS TOOOOOOOO GOOD” Nikki moaned as Hayden’s thighs now pressed firmly against her ass cheeks with the cock buried deep in her asshole. Evan had stopped as well as Hayden smiled down at the girl they had just stuffed full.

“OK Evie you ready baby, let’s double stuff her good ok?” Hayden asked as Evan agreed and both pulled almost all the way out and then surged back in. Making Nikki squeal for joy as her body shook from the intense mind numbing pleasure. All three moaned as Evan and Hayden repeated this. This time it came quicker and harder as Nikki moaned and moaned every time the twosome stroked in perfect unison in and out of both of her holes. Building to a good rhythm within a couple more strokes as Hayden started doing her usual, her arm down at her side holding onto her calf muscle as she plowed Nikki’s back door with that big butt fuck stick of hers and began lightly spanking her thighs off of Nikki’s ass cheeks. Evan was matching Hayden stroke for stroke and guiding her cock in and out right under Nikki’s clit, grinding it on Nikki’s most senstive area. Nikki was now hanging her head low and squealing in a whimpering moan as she took all of the pleasure and begged for more. It came too as Hayden started to fuck her asshole harder, spanking her thighs loudly off of Nikki’s ass cheeks and making the girl sway forward and grind harder on Evan’s stroking cock in her pussy. One of Hayden’s hands finally slid up to her shoulder to hold her in place as the other gripped the back of her own thigh and stayed hung down by her side as she fucked harder in long smooth strokes. Evan’s cock was pulling all the way until you could see the head and then she would ram it hard back inside as Hayden pulled out till her cock caught Nikki’s folding asshole ring and plunge it back inside. Nikki squealing and whimpering moans got a little louder as her pussy and asshole both got filled to the max now and Hayden started pounding her back door with a smile on her face. While Evan was ramming her cock in and out at a much slower but equally hard pace as she pulled all the way out and waited a moment and then rammed it back inside as Nikki began to scream. While Hayden, sensing she was close, moved both of her hands to Nikki’s lower back and started fucking her as hard as she could now. Her butt fucking cock a complete blur as it pistoned in and out Nikki’s back door now. With that Nikki’s whole body began to shake and her pussy spasmed out of control. Sending the wildest of orgasmic waves of pleasure plunging through Nikki’s body endlessly as she surged into pure heaven. Her pussy spasming so hard it felt like she couldn’t take it after only a few moments as she reached her wonderful all consuming orgasmic peak and felt it give way finally. Nikki gave one last loud grunt as her body went limp from head to toe and Hayden pulled out of her as Nikki collapsed to the side of the two unable to move. Evan had also slipped out as Nikki lay on her side now, nearly comatose it looked, sweat dripping off her body, eyes closed and still shaking gently from the mind numbing pleasure. Hayden gave her trademark knowing look to Evan as they made eye contact again and Evan sat up and they started to kiss softly.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Hayden moaned as her hands roamed all over Evan’s equally sweat stained body and they traded tongues softly for a long moment. Evan quickly unstrapped the cock from her waist and let it fall to the bed as her and Hayden broke and we saw Hayden take some cue from off camera as to what to do next. She turned her back to Evan and laid down, so her head was now at her guests stars knees and let Evan crawl over her partially in a 69. The camera angle changed then as it went to one that was now behind Evan and above Hayden’s head so we could see everything clearly. Meaning Evan’s body was now above her but both of her knees where off to one side so we could watch for the moment as Evan lowered her head and started to suck on Hayden’s butt fucking stick. Hayden smiled into the camera as she stroked her hands up and down Evan’s beautiful body slowly now as she watched. “MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh Evie good girl suck the cock I just butt fucked Nikki with, it taste good baby?”

“MMMMMMMM fuck yeah, Nikki always taste good” Evan said as she smiled and returned to the cock and sunk more of it into her mouth as her head began to bob up and down. Hayden’s hands never stopped roaming as she went up and down Evan’s bare arms, her flat sexy stomach, over her titties and across her back as she cooed and moaned for the girl to encourage her to keep sucking. Evan was taking that encouragement too as she bobbed her head in long smooth strokes up and down and took almost all it in her mouth once and then again. Hayden moved one hand to the back of her neck and cleared her long blondish brown locks away from her face as she watched closely. “oooooo god fuck Evie yesss baby that’s it….take it all for me….that’s my horny lil angel….mmmmmm….all the way in? YESSSSS baby…MMMMMHMMMMMMMMMMM.”

The angle of the shot switched again to one in front of Evan as Hayden held her hair as she deep throated the cock a few times and then pulled off smiling proudly as she looked into the camera for a moment. Moaning lightly as she did so as Hayden had already begun to kiss her stomach up and down was obviously wanting a similarly smooth surface to lick, that was a little south of that (get what I mean?). Evan got the idea rather quickly as she then started unstrapping Hayden and helping slipping her out of the harness. Setting it aside she crossed her legs over Hayden’s head and scooted forward and lowered her pussy down as she watched closely and Hayden began licking softly up and down her bald pussy lips. The camera zoomed in a little at a time and we got an extreme close up of Hayden’s tongue working the beautiful bald slit of Evan’s and a faint cry of pleasure from above. Hayden soon found Evan’s clit and licked it roughly and over and over as the angle pulled back to a slightly wider shot we saw Evan’s cute little ass wiggle as the pleasure surged through her body now. Meanwhile, Evan was doing much the same thing on the other end as she licked at Hayden’s pussy slowly and both moaned into the other’s muff.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM baby you taste good” Hayden said to Evan as both stopped momentarily and looked into the camera, “when we come back I’ll be on top of her..hint hint.”

This is the moment I had been waiting literally weeks and weeks for, to see Hayden get her first butt fucking on camera and it was gonna happen in as little as four minutes. I was already soaking wet at imagining what a sight like that would look like when the Cumming Out logo reappeared and rolled off the screen to reveal a revived Nikki sitting on her knees with Evan laying in front of her. Hayden was sitting beside the two as they idly stroked her incredible body.

“Well Nik I guess you better get ready baby” Hayden said as she pushed Nikki playfully off the bed and Nikki disappeared off camera for the time being. Hayden meanwhile turned her back to the camera and got above Evan’s head as the camera moved to the side of the two and Evan flashed her tongue stud at Hayden who gave her a look of mock horror and both laughed. Hayden slowly lowered her head and kissed Evan a few moments as they began to trade tongues and Nikki reappeared with her strap-on now in place. She stroked in up and down and coated it with something oily and got in behind Hayden, who had her back to Nikki and took that as a cue to break with Evan as she rose and crawled forward and slowly lowered her pussy to Evan’s cute lips. We got an extreme close-up as Evan’s tongue found Hayden’s slit and slid between her lips and she started licking it up and down. The shiny tongue stud glistening in the lights as it disappeared and reappeared in and out of Hayden, rubbing right under her clit. We could hear Hayden moaning from the effects of the tonguing her cunny was receiving. Hayden laid forward as Nikki stroked her hand up and down her bare back and lined her cock up with Hayden’s puckered little asshole. The camera zoomed in and we got a tight shot of the cock head slipping inside of Hayden’s puckered little asshole. They pulled back to a wide shot and it stayed there for a while. Nikki slowly worked her cock in and out a little bit more each time. Hayden’s face contorted in pleasure as she moan lewdly.

“MMMMMMMMMMM fuck baby yesss that butt fucking does feel good huh?” Nikki asked in a moan as she sunk all the way inside Hayden’s incredibly tight asshole for the first time.

“UHNNNNN MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah Evan’s tongue stud feels so good down there on my clit, ohmigod” Hayden said panting and moaning as much as possible. Nikki took that direction and went to work, dropping one arm to her side to give the camera a good view, she began stroking slowly in and out of Hayden’s back door. Evan’s tongue was a blur as it fucked in and out of Hayden’s tight pussy and spread her ass cheeks more for Nikki. The sound of Nikki’s sweaty thighs spanking off of Hayden’s ass cheeks was such an erotic sound I thought and that’s what we got as Nikki started going faster and faster in and out and in and out and in and out of Hayden’s butt fuck hole. Hayden squirmed on top of Evan as she moaned intensely and rode Evan’s tongue for all it was worth. Nikki’s hand rested on Hayden’s now sweat stained back and gripping the back of her own sweat covered thigh with the other as she pounded in and out, glancing at the camera every few shots. Evan meanwhile worked her tongue harder, stopping several times to tap her stud on Hayden’s rose bud and forcing poor Hayden to squirm harder and harder to take in the pleasure. She would then suck softly at it, repeating this method as Nikki worked on her ass from above.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW god damn, she’s tapping my clit so hard with her stud it feels tooo good” Hayden moaned in a pant as she looked back and growled at Nikki, “Harder, fuck it harder Nikki butt fuck me hard.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yeh yeh harder and harder right?” Nikki asked in a moan as she took ahold of Hayden’s shoulder with one hand started and pounding harder and harder. Hayden laid her head back in satisfaction, letting her blond hair fall to her back, reaching one of her arms to her ass to feel the ripples running through her cheeks as she got fucked. Nikki went faster again as Hayden let out a loud shriek and the camera then showed Evan once again tapping the stud on her clit and sucking hard on it’s tip as Hayden got ready to cum. “Come on baby, here it comes let me butt fuck you to pure heaven.”

Hayden smiled as she heard her own ‘magic words’ ring through her ears and soon began shaking. Evan was now sucking hard on her clitty from below as she wrapped her arms around Hayden’s lower back and held her as Nikki squeezed her hand into Hayden’s shoulder muscles and held her tighter as she pounded harder one last time. Sending Hayden’s pussy spasming out of control from the effects and causing her to scream as it peaked and making her body shake gently between her two guest stars it was so hard. She moaned out loud as it gave way and began to subside slowly. Nikki slowed in her ass and had a look of pleasure on her face as she bit her lip and pumped in and out. Evan was fast at work sucking the sweet cum out from it’s source as Hayden shook all over and laid her head down on Evan’s thighs. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

Which prompted the logo to pop up as we got a close-up of Hayden’s pleasure soaked face as the show faded to black. Roll the credits.

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