Cumming Out: Season Two – Episode Three – Part One

Cumming Out
Season Two: Episode Three
“Sun Dryed Daisies”
*Part One*

Written by TVM and Jessie (Send Feedback)

Copyright © 2005


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Summary: The first half of episode 3 detailing events on America’s Hottest New Show, Cumming Out. This week we come to you live and in living technicolor from the sunny and beaituful Santa Monica Pier. It will be here under a cloudless sun soaked sky that our horny hosts for the day, Hilary and Hayden, will get to welcome the star of the hit TeenNick series Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears. The threesome will waste as little time as possible as they soon strip out of their skimpy bikini’s and get down to doing what comes naturally. No tan lines on these little cuties.

Story Codes: fff, oral, teen

Starring: Hilary Duff (15) and Hayden Panettiere (15)

Guest Stars: Jamie Lynn Spears (14)


Can you believe the TV cable would have to go out at 7:30 on Tuesday night. Well it did, and forced me to miss what I thought could be the hottest episode of the year. All of this because of a stupid thunderstorm that knocked out power to most of the southern half of the city. So what else could I do other than cuss mother nature, which I did for about an hour. Well with nothing else to do I hung out with Crystal and Dakota for the next few hours. Playing board games and laser tag with the flash lights until the power came back on. Being that it was almost 1:00 a.m. By now, I sent Dakota on to bed and talked Crystal into soon following her. So at exactly 12:59 a.m. I disappeared into my room and glanced at the clock on the wall. Knowing that ‘Cumming Out’ was always repeated at 1:00 a.m. I locked my bedroom door and plopped down on the love seat. Stripping my clothes off as I searched for the remote and found it finally under the cushion. I hit the power button on the VCR and ripped the rapper off a fresh blank tape and shoved it in inside and hit record. Turning my TV on next just as I heard the announcers voice, I breathed a sigh of relief and crashed back down into the seat and spread my legs to get comfortable.

“Welcome to Cumming Out, LIVE from the Santa Monica Pier…” The Announcer said as my eyes glazed over at the beach scene before me and my pussy started to get wet with just the thought of seeing Hilary or Hayden or hell anyone of the cast members fucking outdoors and in such a public place like this. I mean it is on a beach after all. The announcer’s voice bringing me back to reality as he went on moments later. “…tonight featuring the star of the hit movie ‘Cinderella Story’ Hilary Duff and her drop dead sexy co-star, Hayden Panettiere.” The camera showed shots of a beautiful beach as it panned across, showing the incredible sight of the blue ocean water ahead. The beach itself looked almost deserted, I observed. Only one person could be seen in sight and she was laying on a large weird looking black mat in the middle of the beach a few feet away from the water, all by herself. “Tonight on America’s Hottest New Show, Hilary and Hayden will be joined by our special guest, the girl who is the world’s most famous little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.”

“Hey guys and welcome to the sunny California coast” Hilary said as the wind whipped around and blew her strawberry blonde locks everywhere, as she tried in vain to keep them under control by placing it behind her ears. She as always looked smoking hot in a pair of bikini bottoms, a t-shirt and tennis shoes, with some cool looking sunglasses to protect her eyes. “We thought for this special episode we’d bring you down to the beach for some fun. Namely the world famous Santa Monica Pier.”

“Yeh nothing like doing it afresca” Hayden said as Hilary giggled. My juices began flowing steadily at that litle word of confirmation that they would indeed be fucking in the fresh air and sunshine. Not to mention the small fact that Jamie Lynn “make my fuckin tongue hard” Spears was the one they’d be fucking. Hayden was sporting a skimpy, barely there bikini that left very little to the imagination, plus tennis shoes and a pair of matching shades.

“I could not agree more” Hilary said stripping her t-shirt off and tossing it aside, leaving her in only a skimpy bra that could barely contain her ever growing titties. “Gonna be something special doing it here in full view of everyone, instead of in that stuffy old studio you know.”

“The fresh air, the cool ocean breeze on your naked body as you do things to each other that are illegal in some states” Hayden said as Hilary giggled. “I’m seriously gonna lose my mind soon if we don’t get started.”

“Well there’s our guest star tonight or should I say…today? Anyway Ms. Jamie Lynn Spears” Hilary said pointing down the beach at the girl sunbathing on that large black mat. “So let’s go.”

Watching Hilary’s hot little ass shake as she walked down the beach with the camera following her, was an erotic experience all it’s own. Hayden on the other hand has an ass that is too perfect for words, it barely moves it’s so tight. Jamie Lynn sat up and smiled as the girls came near and joined her on the mat. She was wearing a simple two piece swim suit, tennis shoes and sunglasses. Her body glistening in the sunlight from the lotion she had on. I don’t think TV would can do her tan justice either. It’s so rich and dark, her skin was near perfection and the first thought that came to mind was, “is it an all over tan?”

“Hey girl” Hilary said as she helped Jamie Lynn to her feet and they hugged and pecked a quick lip kiss. Hayden sat her bag down on the mat, just out of camera range and slipped in behind Jamie Lynn and poked her ribs as Britney’s little sister giggled and squirmed away.

“So for those of you who don’t know, this is Jamie Lynn’s second appearance on Cumming Out” Hilary said with a bright smile. “The first time we didn’t get to actually meet cause Mackenzie and was it Hayden that visited you in Kentwood?”

“Yeh last time it was Hayden and Mackenzie and they showed me some fun stuff” Jamie Lynn replied pushing Hayden away as they both giggled and began wrestling. “She insisted on fucking me in the ass and I wouldn’t let her.”

“That sounds like you” Hilary said as she pushed Hayden away herself and all three laughed.

“Why does that sound like me?” Hayden asked with an innocent expression on her face.

“Cause you’re obsessed with ass, you kinky slut” Hilary said as she kissed her.

“Well today it’s not gonna happen” Hayden said as Jamie Lynn looked at her in mock horror before raising her eye brows suggestively and stroking her bare mid-drift. Hayden giggled one last time as she kissed Jamie Lynn softly for a moment and watched Jamie Lynn blush and glance at the camera. “You have such an incredible tan.”

“A lot of time in the tanning booths” Jamie Lynn said, “I used to go about 3 times a week and tan for like an hour at a time. But now living in New York and not having a lot of time. I just go to that spray on place once every 3 weeks or so and it’s killer.”

“Spray on tans” Hilary said stroking Jamie Lynn’s arms, “I can go for that.”

“So you gotta a new show coming on?” Hayden asked as Jamie Lynn looked at her and said, “Yeh it’s called Zoey 101, it’s on Sunday nights at 8:00 on TeenNick. Check your local listings.”

“Well I’ll say our viewers will be doing exactly that” Hilary said with a giggle, “I can’t wait, cause your funny as hell on All That, I never miss it.”

“Me either” Hayden said as she rolled her eyes and let out a groan as Jamie Lynn shot her a warning look. “Can we please do something other than small talk?”

“Hey I’m just waiting for you guys to start” Jamie Lynn said with a smile as she watched Hilary slip in behind her and kiss her neck softly. Jamie Lynn smiled and said in to the camera, “Here we go.”

“MMMMMMMM finally” Hayden said stroking Jamie Lynn’s arm up and down slowly as she looked at the camera for a moment. This, quite obviously signaled to me that it was the beginning of the action as Hilary untied Jamie Lynn’s top and let it fall to the ground. Showing us Jamie Lynn indeed had no tan lines on the top of her body and those cute little titties that had recently began coming in now stood firm and proud on her chest. Hayden moved into the camera’s view and kissed Jamie Lynn softly on the mouth again, this one lasting much longer than the first. The camera angle moved to the side as Hilary slipped down to her knees and reached around Jamie Lynn and tugged on Hayden’s bikini bottom and pulled it down. Showing us her sweet firm little ass. Hayden stepped out of them as she broke with Jamie Lynn and moved to her side as Hilary pulled Jamie Lynn’s bikini bottoms down. A close up showed her baby smooth darkly tanned little pussy coming into full view, no tan lines to be found and not a hint of hair yet. So beautiful it made my mouth literally water with lust. Pulling back, the camera showed Jamie Lynn step out of her bottoms and turn, giving us a complete picture of her body as we saw her dark tanned, heart shaped ass cheeks. God she is breathtaking. She was now only wearing shoes and begin to kiss Hilary as she rose from the ground. Both girls wrapping their arms around the other. Hayden had stripped off her bikini top off-camera and returned to the scene. She moved in behind Hilary and stroked her body slowly up and down as she kissed her neck and soon untied our hosts top and let it fall to the ground as Jamie Lynn and Hilary broke.

“I think Jamie Lynn wants to do some pussy licking” Hayden said as she dropped to her knees and had Jamie Lynn set down beside her, both then removing their sunglasses in preparation for the scene. Hilary unbuttoned her shorts and moved in front of the other two. Hayden slid her hand up the outside of one thigh as Jamie Lynn did the other and each taking one side, pulled Hilary’s jean shorts down her sculped thighs (no panties) and let her step put of them. She rubbed her bald pussy softly as she dropped to her knees and laid back on the mat. Hayden smiled at Jamie Lynn and pulled her forward onto her stomach, so she was only inches away from Hilary’s muff. Letting Hayden spread her thighs more, Hilary grinned down at Jamie Lynn and waited for her first move. Jamie Lynn nervously kissed Hilary’s thighs slowly up and down as Hayden did the same thing to the other one and arrived at her pussy lips a few long moments later. With one last glance to Hayden she slowly licked up Hilary’s sweet pussy slit and quickly repeated it. The most basic of techniques but surely effective I thought as she increased her speed and Hilary smiled and moaned softly as she placed both arms behind her head. Jamie Lynn’s cute little head bobbed as she licked faster and faster up and down, her tongue dipping in between Hilary’s tight pussy lips a few times as Hayden watched on with a smile. Stroking Jamie Lynn’s hair out of her eyes as a strong wind blew in from the ocean. Jamie Lynn licked faster and faster as Hayden moved in closer and stopped her for a moment. Spreading Hilary’s pussy lips, exposing her stud like clit and saying, “Lick it right there.”

“AWWWWWWWW yeh Jamie Lynn” Hilary moaned with her head still resting on her arms behind her as she moaned louder and Jamie Lynn did just as Hayden had said and licked her clit softly time and again. “Uh huh good little pussy licker, now let Hayden suck it.”

Jamie Lynn listened and moved away as she licked her lips and Hayden lowered her head and circled her lips around Hilary’s clit and sucked it softly and then harder. Jamie Lynn licked up one of Hilary’s thighs as our host squirmed and moaned at the pleasure she was recieving. Hayden ‘popped’ off on Hilary’s clit as Jamie Lynn’s mouth went wide with surprise and Hilary moaned and jerked her butt off the black mat. Jamie Lynn took back over as the camera switched to a shot from above Hilary’s head, she did as she had before and licked slowly but surely over her clit repeatedly. Moving her body a second or two later as she got between Hilary’s thighs and pushed her tongue inside, pressing her lips firmly to Hilary’s pussy lips as she began fucking her tongue in and out. Cupping Hilary’s ass cheeks in her hands as she fucked her hole now a little faster and harder. Hayden scooped Jamie Lynn’s hair into a ponytail so the camera could get a good view as the wind whipped up again. Hilary’s hands went to fists in her hair as she moaned intensely and looked straight down at Jamie Lynn and a second later as Jamie Lynn increased the pace she arched her back and got ready to cum. A whimpering pleasure filled cry escaped Hilary’s lips and she squirmed and jerked as Jamie Lynn pumped her tongue harder and seconds later brought her off in a wonderful orgasm.

“OHHHHH fuck yeh Jamie Lynn, suck all the cum out, make her feel good” Hayden said with a smile as Jamie Lynn did it perfectly and capped Hilary’s pussy lips and sucked all the remaining cum out of her she could get. Hilary moaned opened mouthed at the sensation of having her pussy sucked dry of her juices before relaxing with a huge satisfied smile on her face. “MMMMMHMMMMMM pussy taste pretty good huh?”

“Fuck yes, her cum is so sweet” Jamie Lynn said with a glowing smile as she kissed Hayden and they shared Hilary’s girl cum. Hayden by now was no doubt in turbo mode and rolled over, breaking the kiss for a moment, and stroking Jamie Lynn’s beautifully tanned and very toned young body as she crawled over her and they began kissing again. Swapping tongue’s passionaitely for a long moment before breaking again. Hayden whipsered something to Jamie Lynn, who shook her head and turned around on top of Hayden with a smile to the camera and lowered her pussy to Hayden’s face in a 69. Hayden waited a moment for her cue while Hilary moved down to where Jamie Lynn was. Getting the signal then, she raised her head and slowly licked Jamie Lynn’s bald pussy up and down. Listening closely to Jamie Lynn’s moans as they started and licking faster as she slid both hands up the girls tanned hips and began pumping her tongue in and out. Jamie Lynn moaned again louder as Hilary stroked her hair out of her eyes, the wind wreaking havoc it appeared as Jamie Lynn lowered her head and to my suprise began licking up and down Hayden’s pussy slowly. Putting one hand on each of Hayden’s inner thighs and smiling at Hilary ever chance she got as her head began bobbing again. Hayden smiled as she moaned herself and started fucking Jamie Lynn’s pussy again. Plunging her tongue deep inside the girls love hole and licking her inner walls, feeling them squeeze around it and suck at the tip. Jamie Lynn squirmed and felt Hilary’s hand in her tongue’s path as she stopped licking Hayden and opened her eyes.

“Just like you did me” Hilary said as she exposed Hayden’s little joy buzzer and let Jamie Lynn suck it. “come on hard Jamie Lynn, suck it off for her.”

Jamie Lynn did just that and sucked it hard and harder as the seconds passed, moving both her hands closer to Hayden’s pussy lips and using them to hold her in place as she sucked. Hayden moaned louder and showed the pleasure on her face before returning to fucking Jamie Lynn’s pussy with her tongue. Pumping it harder and harder and firmly attaching her lips to the smooth baby soft skin and pounding her tongue in and out. Jamie Lynn arched her back and moaned as Hilary stroked her hair clear of her eyes and the camera pulled back and showed a wide shot of the 69. Looking farther down the beach you could actually see a couple of people walkng around near the water. Each time Jamie Lynn raised her head she moaned and squirmed on top of Hayden, and then started sucking again on her clit, in a longer and deeper breath. Hayden squirmed herself as the wonderful sensations of Jamie Lynn’s velvet like lips sucking on her clit, made her wanna scream. Instead she wrapped both arms around the girls waist and fucked her tongue with a passion in and out and in and out and in and out. Frenching the hole as Jamie Lynn sucked her hard and popped off on her clit before moaning and sucking it again only harder, her jaws drawing in around the little nubbin. Both girls nearing their summits as Hilary moved down to Jamie Lynn’s butt and laid across her back and began kissing up and down it as she held her hair now in a ponytail. “Just a little more and you’ll make her pussy cum.”

“AHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Jamie Lynn moaned loudly as she neared her orgasm and suddenly as she started sucking Hayden’s clit again she went over and started to cum hard on the girls tongue pumping still in and out of her. Hayden smiled as she felt Jamie Lynn’s pussy squeeze her tongue and milk it hard knowing she’d brought the girl off hard. Just as she tasted the first hint of her sweet honey like cum, she began to cum herself as Jamie Lynn sucked her clit. Both girls moaning and squirming as they sucked each other’s cum out slowly and noisely. Relaxing a few seconds later both panting and covered in sweat, but feeling the cool ocean breeze drying their bodies. Hilary slipped off of Jamie Lynn’s back and moved her sun glasses to her head and then gripped Jamie Lynn’s bare hips and helped roll her off Hayden and onto her back. Hayden watched with a smile as Hilary lowered her head and licked Jamie Lynn’s sweet looking pussy herself.

“Oh my god” Jamie Lynn moaned as she spread her legs for Hilary and stretched them out along her sides. Hilary, with her knees folded under her, began licking straight up and down Jamie Lynn’s bald slit, her head bobbing faster and faster as the guest star moaned. Jamie Lynn began stroking her hands now up and down her thighs and stomach and squirming as she moaned louder and louder. Hayden moved to Jamie Lynn’s side and reached across her body, retrieving the sunglasses from earlier and placing a pair on Jamie Lynn’s face as the sun beat down on all three them. The blue water coming into view above Jamie Lynn’s head as the camera switched to a shot from behind Hilary. We got a close up of Hilary’s tongue pumping up and down Jamie Lynn’s pussy lips repeatedly. Hayden laid down along Jamie Lynn’s body as she moaned and laid her head on Hayden’s arm as it slipped behind her head. Clutching her hands at her own thighs as her body squirmed and shook slightly from the sensations and she moaned now open mouthed, louder and louder with every stroke of Hilary’s tongue. Hayden leaned down and began kissing Jamie Lynn’s lips softly, muffling her moaning as Hilary spread her lips and sucked for the first time on her clit. Jamie Lynn jerked away from Hayden’s lips and whimpered a loud moan as Hilary sucked on it harder and harder. Placing her hands on Jamie Lynn’s inner thighs and holding them gently, she felt Jamie Lynn take both her hands and lace their fingers. Jamie Lynn moaned louder as she arched her back slightly and began kissing Hayden again softly.

Hilary stopped sucking a few seconds later and began tongue fucking Jamie Lynn’s sweet pussy. feeling the intense tightness wrapping around her tongue as it pumped in and out. Jamie Lynn kissed Hayden harder and arched her back and began to reach her summit for the second time in such a short while. Hayden put a hand on her stomach to hold her as they traded togues passionaitely and slipped it down Jamie Lynn’s flat tanned stomach to just above her pussy. Feeling the ripples of pleasure beginning to flow as Hilary’s tongue fucking brought her off. Hayden could feel the urgency in Jamie Lynn’s kisses growing as she surged into pure heaven. Hilary could also as she felt the girl jerk hard at her hands and squeeze thier fingers tight. Jamie Lynn’s body squirmed and she jerked a litte over the next few seconds and finally she went limp as her and Hayden kissed softly now and Hilary went about licking up her cum. The camera pulled back and showed a wide shot of the trio and panned around slowly out over the water and then to the scenery behind the girls and that’s when I spotted that someone was watching from one of the upper balconies on the house behind them. A younger girl it looked like as the camera moved back to the action and Hilary raised her head from between Jamie Lynn’s thighs.

“Sweet tasting pussy cum” Hilary said with a smile and the stuff still dripping from her chin, “We gotta take a short break and give Jamie Lynn a rest so come on back on the flip side.”

I couldn’t believe I had waited this long and watched all of that, before touching myself. But as the logo came up I did just that and began pumping two fingers in and out of my pussy urgently moaning loudly as I did and knowing it only would take a few short seconds to bring me off in a shuddering orgasm. I’ll be damned if I wasn’t right too as my whole body tensed up and I began jerking and squirming as my fingers rocketed in and out of my spasming pussy. Finally after a few seconds I relaxed with a smile on my face and covered in a thin film of sweat from head to toe. Pulling my fingers out, I began doing one of my favorite things in the world, licking my own sweet cum off. Sucking noisily at them and pretending a certain little sister of mine was between my legs, doing the exact thing I was now doing. Sucking my cum out that is. If you’ve never done either let me say you should and soon, cum taste great and having someone suck it out of you is mind numbing. OK enough babbling, back to the show.

“Welcome back” Hilary said as the logo disappeared and we got a shot of the three girls now in a daisy chain position. All three laying on their sides with their head between another girls thighs. Jamie Lynn’s head was between Hayden’s thighs, while Hilary’s was between Jamie Lynn’s and Hayden was between Hilary’s to complete the chain. Hilary, as always took the lead, beginning by licking slowly up and down that sweet looking pussy of Jamie Lynn’s as she held the girls leg over her head. Jamie Lynn moaned and smiled as she in turn began licking Hayden while holding her leg aloft. Hayden joined her in a chorus of moaning as she did the same to Hilary. All three tongues working up and down another’s slit at this point. A tight shot of Jamie Lynn workin on Hayden showed she was fast becoming a pro at pussy licking, as she pistoned her tongue in and out fast, moaning into Hayden’s pussy lips as Hilary did the same to her. Hayden stroked Hilary’s flat stomach with her free hand as she began sucking on her co-stars clit softly and pulling at it with her lips. Hilary jerked and moaned and increased her pace inside Jamie Lynn as the younger girl began to squirm and lifted her head away from Hayden for a moment and moaned loudly into the camera.

“AHHHHH OHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH” Jamie Lynn moaned before going back to tongue fucking Hayden’s sweet pussy again. Hilary fucked her tongue harder in Jamie Lynn and the girl began to squirm and squeeze her hand into Hayden’s thigh above her head as she moaned and whimpered loudly. Hayden smiled as she watched the other two and started fingering Hilary’s pussy slowly in and out with two fingers. Moaning herself into the camera as she went faster and watched the action. Hilary pumped her tongue harder and harder as Jamie Lynn’s toes curled up it felt so good and she neared her third orgasm. Hayden too was getting close as the pretty little face between her legs sucked on her clit now hard and brought her close to the edge. The surprising part was the one who ended up cumming first. It was Hilary, as Hayden finger banged her pussy now hard she began sucking her clit at the same time and that pushed Hilary over the edge and into a wonderful orgasm. Hilary, being the pro that she is, squirmed and jerked hard as it rocketed through her. But never stopped for a second on Jamie Lynn. Who clutched her fingers into Hayden’s thigh and moaned intensely as her orgasm began just then. Joining Hilary in orgasmic bliss. She had to resort to licking in long swipes with her tongue to give Hayden pleasure at that moment as the orgasm raged. Hayden moaned loudly as Hilary came down and began cumming in her mouth, Hilary made a bubbling and oozing gooey mess on her pussy as Hayden watched for a second and started her own orgasm. Laying her head back and going tense before jerking a few times in the throws of bliss. Jamie Lynn licked as fast as she could across Hayden’s bald pussy lips before her orgasm gave way and she went almost limp on the girls thigh. Hilary made Jamie Lynn nearly scream as she licked her inner walls again and drained her of the sweet cum inside her. Capping her mouth over Hayden’s pussy to keep from screaming Jamie Lynn began sucking her cum out too. Hayden finally came down and softly licked at the gooey yummy sweet mess on Hilary’s pussy lips. Getting all of her cum out for her like always.

Fade to black as we go to break…

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