Cumming Out: Season Two – Episode Three – Part Two

Cumming Out
Season Two: Episode Three
“Jamie Lynn Speared”
*Part Two*

Written by TVM and Jessie (Send Feedback)

Copyright © 2005


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Summary: The second half of episode 3 detailing events on America’s Hottest New Show, Cumming Out. This week we come to you live and in living technicolor from the sunny and beautiful Santa Monica Pier. It will be here under a cloudless sun soaked sky that our horny hosts for the day, Hilary and Hayden, will get to welcome the star of the hit TeenNick series Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears. The threesome wasted as little time as possible stripping out of their skimpy bikini’s and getting down to doing what comes naturally in the first half hour. The second half hour will be no different as we will all see Jamie Lynn learn how to properly bounce her cute little titties as she rides Hilary and then gets rode herself. This action is too hot for a studio, trust me.

Story Codes: fff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Hilary Duff (15) and Hayden Panettiere (15)

Guest Stars: Jamie Lynn Spears (14)


After the break we returned to see the girls still in the daisy chain formation, a few long moments of heavy panting by the three girls followed before either had the energy to move on. Jamie Lynn was the first to rise from between Hayden’s thighs as she smiled at the other two and watch Hilary do the same. Hayden’s hand found Jamie Lynn’s body and stroked it lovingly as she rolled onto her back and Jamie Lynn and Hilary came together for a cum coated French kiss. A close-up showed the erotic scene as Britney’s little sister traded tongues for a long moment with our ever horny host. Hayden’s hand came to rest on Jamie’s Lynn thigh as she watched them the other two part.

“Why don’t you come over here and ride my tongue?” Hayden asked as Jamie Lynn looked down at her and smiled, appearantly liking that idea very much. Hilary again kissed her lips softly as they frenched for a moment.

“Yeh I wanna see you ride Hayden’s tongue” Hilary said as Jamie Lynn smiled again and looked to Hayden who had slipped her hand to between Jamie Lynn’s thighs and was now stroking her slit. Jamie Lynn moaned softly as Hilary leaned down and kissed her co-star, her and Hayden trading tongues for a moment.

“I’d love that” Jamie Lynn said excitedly as she moved reluctantly away from Hayden’s fingers and around the back of Hilary, now directly above Hayden’s head and on her knees. Hilary rose from her frenching with Hayden and moved her hands to Jamie Lynn’s sweaty body and let them roam all over her as they softly kissed again. Hilary’s hand slid down Jamie Lynn’s flat stomach and found her slit rather easily and stroked the lips softly, pulling away with a smile and saying, “Your pussy is so smooth Jamie Lynn.”

“Yes it is, you like that?” Jamie Lynn asked as Hilary kissed her again and nodded her head yes.

“So sexy and it tastes so good” Hilary said as she slipped her hand up to Jamie Lynn’s stomach and helped her lean forward. Jamie Lynn holding herself above Hayden’s body now. Hilary smiled as her and Jamie Lynn both looked down and watched as Jamie Lynn crossed her legs over Hayden’s face and lowered herself down. A close up shot showed her planting her tanned hairless pussy right on Hayden’s lips and Hayden’s tongue finding her love hole and slipping inside. Jamie Lynn extended her legs as far as she could above the girls head. Even before Hilary could get into position to watch, like she wanted. Jamie Lynn smiled and started to bounce gently, with her legs now fully extended above Hayden’s head. A loud sucking noise could be heard as Jamie Lynn’s clit came in contact with Hayden’s lips time and again. She moaned a little louder each time she felt Hayden suck at her clit. Sending shots of pleasure through her entire body every time. The camera swung around showing the scenery again on the beach and stopping in back of the action. We saw a nice shot of Jamie Lynn’s dark tanned little ass flexing as it bounced a little faster on Hayden’s tongue. Hilary smiled as she kissed Jamie Lynn and they began frenching. A deep and sensual soul kissing, massaging their tongue’s with each others for a long moment. The camera panned again back to the front and to my shock that girl from earlier appeared again only now sitting on a pair of steps behind the house.

“AHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH feels soo good” Jamie Lynn moaned in to the camera as Hilary pulled away.

“You doing it so good, feels good on my baby’s pussy huh Jamie Lynn?” Hilary asked kissing Jamie Lynn again as the younger girl bounced a little harder, riding Hayden’s tongue for all it was worth.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHHHHH yes so goood” Jamie Lynn moaned louder and louder as the head on shot showed a small amount of daylight between Jamie Lynn’s pussy and Hayden’s lips as she bounced. Hayden sucked increasingly harder on Jamie Lynn’s now sensitive little rose bud as she drew her closer to an orgasm. No doubt wanting to taste her lover’s sweet girl cum once more. Hilary crossed her legs over one of Hayden thighs carefully and placed her knee right against the girls pussy and started rubbing her pussy up and down Hayden’s smooth thigh a second later. Now there’s an experience I’d recommend for any girl to try. “OH god this is making my pussy feel like heaven. UHNNNNNNNNNN does that feel good too Hilary?”

“MMMMHMMMMMMM god fuck yes it does” Hilary moaned as she began rocking her hips harder and harder, her pussy gliding effortlessly up and down Hayden’s thigh. While at the same time rubbing her thigh against Hayden’s pussy. Driving her co-star towards another cum too, as she worked both their pussies faster and faster. All three horny young girls moaning as one and as the camera drew to a close up, Hayden pulled Jamie Lynn’s love hole to her mouth and began to fuck it fast with her tongue and sucking at her clit as Jamie Lynn moaned louder and looked as if her body were ready to explode.

“OHHHH it’s cumming, I’mma cum so hard” Jamie Lynn moaned as Hilary fucked herself faster, nearing her own orgasm.

“Yeh let it all out baby” Hilary said kissing Jamie Lynn, “cum for me, cum for me and Hayden. Let her have your sweet cum. She’ll suck it all out for you, and it’ll feel so good.”

“I know, oh god here it comes” Jamie Lynn moaned thrashing her head around as her orgasm took hold and Hayden sucked her pussy for more and drove her body into squirming and jerking with the force of her orgasm. Hilary kissed Jamie Lynn’s neck softly and kept talking dirty to her all the way through her intense cumming. “UHHHHHNNN feels so good cumming like this.”

“Yeh I know baby let it out all” Hilary said as she felt her own orgasm explode in her pussy and rocket through her body. Hayden arched her back and began to cum unexpectedly as she sucked harder at Jamie Lynn’s pussy and she felt her orgasm tear through her. Jamie Lynn nearly cried as she squeezed her thigh’s around Hayden’s head and tensed up and let the sensations ravage her body.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH god she’s suckin my cum out so good” Jamie Lynn moaned as she touched Hayden’s chin between her legs and felt Hayden’s tongue pump into her still. Lowering her head and watching Hayden closely now. She began shivering it felt so good at it’s peak. Hilary came down and slumped forward from her own orgasm and soon laid down beside the two. While at the same time under Jamie Lynn, Hayden finally relaxed and kept pumping her tongue deep inside her guest star. After a few more wonderful seconds Jamie Lynn’s body relaxed and she looked up with a smile on her face and laid her head back as Hayden continued to lick her pussy softly.

“We’ll be right back” Hilary said with a smile as Jamie Lynn finally rolled of Hayden and laid down and started laughing at something Hilary said as the logo appeared and we went to break. I had a phone call just then as I was about to start in on myself again. It was my annoying mother making sure I was in bed and all was well at Larue Manor. She blabbed about one thing and then the next until I saw the logo for ‘Cumming Out’ and realized we’d been talking for four hole minutes. That’s when I said goodbye, rather rudely and hung up. Pulling the phone cord out of the wall, cause knowing my mother she would call me back and bitch at me for the rest of the show if I let her.

Back on the TV, Hayden had went to her bag and pulled out a double sided strap-on with two dildos, one big and small. So much for no butt fucking in this episode, I thought. Jamie Lynn and Hilary both giggled as they moved into position. In a mild plot twist, Hilary took the strap-on and slipped into it, moaning as the smaller cock slipped inside her. She then laid down on her back and took her sunglasses off as she motioned for the other two girls to join her. Hayden smiled into the camera knowingly as she looked back and caught the girl watching from the steps but not saying anything just yet as she helped Jamie Lynn cross her legs over the dildo and sink down on it. The young girl moaning as it entered her pussy slowly. Hayden meanwhile crossed her legs over Hilary’s head and lowered her pussy to Hilary’s lips. Hayden leaned forward and held Hilary’s newly attached cock in place for Jamie Lynn. Watching her friend get into the catcher’s position over the dildo and place both of her hands on Hayden’s shoulders and began bouncing gently up and down. Her small titties jiggling as she did so. Beginning to moan loudly as Hayden released the cock and she took it all inside her pussy for the first time.

“AHHHHH yeah big cock feels good in that sweet pussy huh?” Hayden asked through a moan as Hilary started tongue fucking her pussy slowly. Jamie Lynn bounced softly on it now, driving the cock into her own pussy and down into Hilary’s as our host moaned into Hayden’s pussy. Hayden moaned louder as she watched Jamie Lynn go faster and faster with every bounce. Jamie Lynn’s moaning increasing with every breath as the camera changed positions and caught a reflection off Jamie Lynn’s sun glasses and not to mention the crystal blue water in back of them. Hilary was then seen with lips firmly attached to Hayden’s pussy as she pumped her tongue in and out and in and out and in and out fast. Jamie Lynn’s eyes closed it looked as the pleasure began over taking her and she moaned to Hayden, “Feels so good in my pussy right now.”

“Oh god fuck yes. Come on fuck it harder…harder Jamie Lynn fuck it harder for me baby” Hayden said through a loud moan, a little louder now as she put her hand on Jamie Lynn’s stomach to balance her and help her go faster it looked. Jamie Lynn listened closely and clutched at both of Hayden’s shoulders and bounced higher and harder as she got the hang of it now. A loud smacking sound could be heard each time she landed on Hilary’s thighs, driving the cock inside Hilary deeper and deeper as Hilary herself moaned with her tongue still pumping in and out of Hayden. A ‘meat’ shot showed Jamie Lynn lifting herself all the way up to the cock head and then dropping back down expertly as she moaned out loud and pounded down onto Hilary. Hilary arched her back as she took the fucking from above and got ready to cum as Hayden leaned her weight to one side and lifted off Hilary’s face as if on cue and let her watch Jamie Lynn fuck both of them to orgasm. Hilary smiled up at Jamie Lynn who was bouncing as hard as she could now and dripping with sweat as she pounded down. Hayden moaned loudly as Hilary began licking her pussy again and pulled her co-star back over on her face and started tongue fucking her with gusto again. Jamie Lynn, Hilary and Hayden seemed to all three cum as one at that moment. A few seconds in the throws of orgasmic bliss and Jamie Lynn crashed down once more on to Hilary as she cum all over the dildo. Hilary held Hayden in place and sucked all her cum out as she herself came on the dildo in her pussy.

“That was so wonderful, I’m shaking it felt so good” Jamie Lynn said with a smile as Hayden helped her pull the dildo out of her pussy. She held it carefully for some reason as Jamie Lynn rolled off and watched as Hayden then unstrapped it from Hilary and slipped it off as she rolled off of Hilary herself and took the strap-on with her. Hilary rolled over on her stomach and sat up and then laid back down the other way as Jamie Lynn was caught mouthing to her “are we gonna do that now?”

“Yep, time for the main event, you get your butt fucked in the sunshine” Hayden said as she slipped into the cum covered dildo strap-on and Jamie Lynn smiled at the camera before crawling over on weak knees and kissing Hilary softly for a long moment. Checking to see if Hayden was ready and then moved forward and got over Hilary in a 69. Laying forward across her body and lowering her pussy to Hilary’s loving mouth. Hilary licked her pussy up and down slowly as Jamie Lynn moaned and looked back and saw Hayden moving in behind her. Hayden placed a hand on one of Jamie Lynn’s perfectly dark tanned young ass cheeks and waited as Hilary picked up the pace on her pussy licking. Her tongue going up and down Jamie Lynn’s sweet slit faster and faster as she wrapped her arms around the younger girls waist. Jamie Lynn moaned and smiled as the angle switched from a straight on shot of her face to a close up of Hayden lining her cock up and rubbing it softly at Jamie Lynn’s asshole. Grasping the base of the cock firmly in her hand, she began feeding it into Jamie Lynn’s tight puckered little asshole. Jamie Lynn’s cum still glistening on the cock in the bright sunlight as her asshole ring spread around it and Hayden began pumping it in and out a little. “Your pussy cum is making it go in so good.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAYDEN IT FEELS SO GOOD ALREADY, my cum feels so warm and gooey in my ass” Jamie Lynn moaned as she smiled back at Hayden. Moaning even louder as she squeezed her thighs around Hilary’s head as the girl licked faster and faster up and down her slit and over her clit every time now. The hand holding the cock in place reached Jamie Lynn’s ass cheeks as Hayden slid in a little more with each stroke. Dropping the hand from the cock, she let it fall to her side and reached her other up to Jamie Lynn’s shoulder. Beginning to pump in full strokes now as the cock went deeper in Jamie Lynn’s butt fuck hole. Hilary began licking Jamie Lynn’s clit just then and after a second began sucking it softly, right on the tip with her soft warm lips as Jamie Lynn cried out. Hayden finally bottomed out in Jamie Lynn’s asshole as the wind picked up and she had to hold her hair in place behind her head for a long moment. Beginning to pump harder and harder, one arm still on Jamie Lynn’s shoulder to hold her in place. She glanced to the camera making sure it could get a good view a second later. Jamie Lynn looked back and moaned open mouthed, loving every second of it, it looked. “AHHHH sweet little asshole needs fucking huh Jamie Lynn?”

“OHHHHHH YES IT DOES” Jamie Lynn moaned as Hayden smiled and started going faster and faster, the wind calming now as she released her hair and dropped that arm back to her side. That was the first time I heard the light smacking sound of Hayden’s thighs spanking at Jamie Lynn’s ass cheeks. Which to me is always a turn-on. Hilary now had her lips firmly attached to Jamie Lynn’s clit and was sucking it a little harder in long deep breaths. “Oh god Hilary that feels incredible. Come on get over me Hayden I wanna be butt fucked like you do all the girls.”

“OH fuck yeah, you do like this” Hayden said as she buried her rubber cock deep in Jamie Lynn’s asshole and leaned forward so she was over her back, putting one arm by her right shoulder and putting the other by her left shoulder. Jamie Lynn smiled up at her now and moaned lewdly into the camera as Hayden began pumping again and soon turning to pounding down into her. Hilary went back to fucking her tongue in and out of Jamie Lynn’s bald pussy, licking her inner walls and making the girl almost scream from the pleasure she was getting. Hayden pounded harder and harder, sawing it off inside the girl’s ultra tight little asshole now as her thighs spanked loudly against Jamie Lynn’s ass cheeks as the girl swayed forward a little with each shot. Hilary having to hold her tighter to keep her in place on her face. “Is that why you wanted me over your back? So I can butt fuck you like this?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OH MY GOD THAT’S IT, SO GOOD SO BIGGGGGGGGGG DO IT HARDER” Jamie Lynn moaned as Hayden pounded her asshole with a huge smile on her face, watching every single stroke of her cum covered cock going in and out of Jamie Lynn’s asshole now. Hilary wrapped her arms tighter and began sucking hard now on Jamie Lynn’s clit and slathering her tongue all over the little nubbin repeatedly as the young girl cried out and moaned intensely from her fucking. Hayden herself was moaning now as the cock in her pounded deeper with each of her thrusts. A tight shot, showed the cock rocketing in and out of Jamie Lynn’s darkly tanned ass cheeks as ripples ran from them down into her back every time as Hayden pounded home in her ass. Switching camera angles to Hayden’s back we see Hayden’s nice firm ass clinch each time she delivered a shot to Jamie Lynn’s butt and her shoes dig into the mat to get more traction. Back to the side and the wide shot as Hayden goes harder and harder yet again. Jamie Lynn lays her head back and moans loudly open mouthed and clutches at the mat below as her orgasm nears. Hilary sucked harder and harder on her clit from below as her jaws drew in on either side and she took a deep breath. Jamie Lynn wanted to scream it looked but lost her breath as Hayden pounded harder again and again. The spanking sound becoming louder all the time as she listened to Jamie Lynn’s moans and watched her sway until she felt her own pussy clutch around the cock inside her and she felt her orgasm just seconds away.


“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’M SO SO SO CLOSE JUST A LITTLE MORE DON’T STOPPPPPPPPPPP” Jamie Lynn moaned as she tensed up and Hilary sucked harder at her clit and that pushed her to the summit. She held back as best she could not wanting to cum until Hayden did.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD HERE IT COMES I’M GONNA CUM SO HARD, LET ME BUTT FUCK YOU TO PURE HEAVEN” Hayden moaned loudly as she did just that with a few more shots to her asshole took Jamie Lynn deep into pure heaven, just as she exploded into a spectacular orgasm herself. Jamie Lynn laid her head down on Hilary’s thighs as her orgasm exploded vuolently inside her time and again. She surged farther and farther into it till she reached her peak and screamed out a little. While Hayden pounded the orgasm out of both of them with hard, hammer like shots to Jamie Lynn’s asshole one right after another. Hilary felt both of them shaking and held onto to her guest tighter and capped her mouth over the girls bald pussy lips. A moment later feeling Jamie Lynn’s cum squirt into her mouth hard, tasting the honey sweet flavor of her cum as the girl came down on the other side of her orgasm. Jamie Lynn moaned one more time loudly and went limp a second later on top of Hilary as Hayden did the same and slumped forward. Both exhausted. Jamie Lynn moaned softly now and smiled as Hilary licked the rest of her cum up.

“You did it Hayden, you butt fucked me to pure heaven” Jamie Lynn said as Hayden rose and pulled out of her ass. “Hardest cum of my life, I don’t know what else to call it.”

“That’s why I said let me do it” Hayden said kissing her neck and sweat stained back as the breeze became to cool their bodies down.

“The butt fucking was so wonderful, but getting to come in Hilary’s mouth after all that was the best part” Jamie Lynn said as she rolled off of Hilary and watched her set up slowly. Both smiling as they started to kiss softly. Sharing the girls cum as they frenched for a long moment. “Never cum six times before this has been amazing.”

“Oh yeah it sure has, so now that I did what I said you wanna suck your yummy cum off?” Hayden asked.

“I sure will I bet it’s so gooey and sweet” Jamie Lynn said smiling as she opened her mouth and waited on Hayden. Hilary could be seen still licking her lips and watched Hayden move in front of Jamie Lynn, holding her rubber cock in place and slipping it into Jamie Lynn’s mouth as she started to suck it. Her thin lips sliding up and down the cum covered rubber dildo as more of it began slipping inside her mouth as she tasted the cum from her pussy and asshole at the same time. “Oh yeah sweet baby good job, does that cum from your pussy and asshole taste good?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM yes, it’s so sweet” Jamie Lynn moaned before starting to suck it again. Hayden moaned almost like she felt it and dropped both of her arms to her sides and watched Jamie Lynn’s head beginning to bob up and down.

“Uh huh suck all the yummy stuff off” Hayden said with a smile as she clutched at the back of her thighs and Jamie Lynn took more in her mouth. “Oh yeah you like sucking the cum from your pussy and asshole off huh?”

“MMMMMMMMM it’s so sweet and gooey I love it” Jamie Lynn said her head beginning to bob up and down again.

“OHHHHHH BABY TAKE IT DEEP FOR ME” Hayden moaned as Jamie Lynn took all she could of the cock in her mouth and sucked it for Hayden. “Ohhh yeah suck the cock that I butt fucked you into pure heaven baby its good huh?”

“Yes it sure as fuck is” Jamie Lynn said as she sucked it into her mouth again and her head bobbed hard now. Jamie Lynn sucked it hard for a few more seconds and finished cleaning her cum off before Hayden pulled it out and spanked it on her lips for a moment (reminds me of someone I know, lol). Before stripping out of the strap-on, and laying it aside. Then pulling Jamie Lynn up to her as Hilary joined them in the middle for a group hug. Hilary watched closely as Jamie Lynn and Hayden began to softly french for a few long moments. Both now tasting the sweet flavor on Jamie Lynn’s tongue. After they broke Hilary kissed Jamie Lynn herself, as they softly rolled their tongues together for a long moment, sharing the cum again. Parting as all three smiled at each other glowingly and shared a sweet three way kiss.

“Hope you had fun, we did” Hilary said as Jamie Lynn kissed her again.

“I sure did I know that” Jamie Lynn said, “My pussy never felt this good in my life. Hell my whole body is tingling.”

“Sweet bald little thing” Hayden said stroking the baby smoothness as Jamie Lynn bit her lip and moaned softly. “I think I’m in love with it.”

With that, the camera pulled and showed the breath taking view of the water and then the houses along the coast line. The three girls rose and collected their things and walked off the beach hand in hand. Stopping to talk to the girl who had watched the hole thing and as the logo appeared they followed her up a flight of steps. I wonder what they’ll do? LOL. See ya next week.

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