Cumming Out: Season Two – Episode Two – Part One

Cumming Out
Season Two: Episode Two
“Daisies In The Sun”
*Part One*

Written by TVM and Jessie (Send Feedback)

Copyright © 2005


Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: The first half of episode 2 detailing events on America’s Hottest New Show, Cumming Out. This week we celebrate the recent release of the MGM and Landscape Entertainment feature film ‘Sleepover’ as our host Hilary and the gang welcome the stars of the movie. First up, Hayden has a pool side visit with Mika Boorem and good friend Alexa Vega for a little “Daisy in The Sun” fun. You haven’t seen outdoor fun like this before I bet.

Story Codes: fff, oral, teen

Starring: Hilary Duff (15), Joanna “JoJo” Levesque (13), Hayden Panettiere (13) and Mackenzie Rosman (13)

Guest Stars: Alexa Vega (16) and Mika Boorem (17)


“Bye Mom. Bye dad” Crystal said loudly as she stuck her head out the front door, making me breath a major sigh of relief as I ducked back into my bedroom. Grabbing a fresh blank tape from a pile on the lower shelf of my entertainment center, I pushed it into the VCR just as I heard Crystal scream at our younger sister, “GET YOUR FUCKIN HOMEWORK DONE OR NO FUN TONIGHT.”

So here it was, 6 days removed from the mind numbing night of sex during and after last week’s season premier, me and my two horny beyond belief sisters spent most of the last week fucking each other’s brains out. Only taking Monday (that being yesterday) off cause Dakota had went to spend a night at a friends house and Crystal went to visit our grandmother. So thanks to that little bit of luck, come Tuesday night I was finally fully recovered and once again back in ‘turbo lust’ mode. Not to mention back in front of my TV with a fresh tape in the VCR and ready to watch/record my favorite show. I began stripping my clothes off seconds before the new episode of ‘Summer Love’ ended and now fully naked reached for my dildo and baby oil. They’re hidden in plain view in the storage locker beside my entertainment center but for some reason my snooping mother has never “found” them or at least ain’t mentioned it to me. I plopped down into my favorite place, my love seat as Crystal slipped into my room seconds later and began to strip off her clothes as well. Dropping them on top of mine and then joining me on the love seat and kissing me as she plopped down next to me and said, “Mom and Dad just left for work and Dakota will be in when she’s finished with her home work.”

“Yeh I heard your big ass mouth screaming at her” I said with a giggle as she shot me a dirty but playful look. Looking at my sisters incredible young body got me to thinking, I never did tell you guys about what she or I looked like. So in chatroom terms this is her asl. 5 feet three inches tall, brown hair, blue eyes, 110 pounds, 32b, tanned (dark and no tan lines), bald vice grip-like like pussy and a heart shaped ass. While I’m slightly different in that I’m 5 foot four, reddish brown hair, blue green eyes, 105 pounds, 36c, tanned (even darker and no tan lines), even tighter pussy, and an ass most guys (and girls for that matter) at school would die to fuck. I’ve been told this a few times so I say that with confidence.

“Welcome to Cumming Out” The Announcer said as the images in the new opening credits rolled, showing the stars of the show. Seeing the logo one last time we were took to a live shot of the stage as the announcer said, “Please welcome the hosts of Cumming Out, Star of the hit movie Cinderella story, Hilary Duff and America’s hottest new pop star, JoJo.”

Hilary looked smoking hot tonight wearing a Britney Spears esque ensemble with a navel bearing button up dress shirt, tied right under her boobs and a matching tie. Not to mention that ultra short plad skirt and tennis shoes (no socks). JoJo on the other hand was sporting a more conservative mid thigh length summer dress that was, as we would soon find out, see through if viewed under the bright lights of the studio.

“Welcome to Cumming Out, on Tonight’s all new episode. We celebrate the release of the MGM and Landscape Entertainment feature film ‘Sleepover’ by welcoming the Stars of the brand new movie for a special hour of girl on girl fun.”

“Why does everything you say sound so dirty minded?” JoJo asked with a giggle as Hilary turned to look at her and with a challenging smile and said, “I didn’t hear any complaints this past weekend about my dirty mind.”

“Who’s complaining?” JoJo asked with a devilish smile and as our two co-hosts softly kissed for a long moment. A close-up shot revealing that they were now frenching, massaging each other’s tongue with the others. “MMMMMMM now that we got that out of the way, you wanna finish the introductions?”

“Yes I would thank you, anyways…tonight the stars of the movie, Alexa Vega and Mika Boorem, pay a visit with our girl Hayden giving them a guided tour of the studio’s outdoor pool and sauna” Hilary said as JoJo pawed her playfully and suddenly kissed her cheek. Drawing a giggle from Hilary as she kissed her co-hosts lips softly and grinned at her before going on. “But the best part of tonight’s episode will be myself and JoJo welcoming fellow Sleepover and POP star Brie Larson for a little girl talk live here on the set.”

“AND we’ll see Mackenzie later too” JoJo said with a grin as Hilary took her hand and they walked down the ramp and stopped in front of the love seat on the main stage. “So I guess it’s time we welcome in Hayden live from the pool with her special guests.”

“Yep” Hilary said as they turned and the jumbo tron on the wall behind them showed Hayden looking drop dead gorgeous in a skimpy leopard skin bikini that barely left anything to the imagination. That became even more clear as the camera shot switched to a full body view of Hayden. Her bikini bottoms were pulled tight to her pussy lips, showing them in a sexy outline and the top could barely contain her firm perky titties. She smiled and spun showing everyone she was sporting a thong, her perfectly heart shaped ass cheeks on full display. The sexiest part though may have been the bandana she was sporting. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail and fed through the hole in back of the bandana.

“Is she not the hottest girl you have ever seen or what?” Crystal asked me as I had to agree, at least partially. She had grown a lot since the first season and now she was just an out and out fox.

“Thanks guys, will see you in a bit” Hayden said with a sweet sexy smile, the sun beating down on the pool and her skin glowing in the sunlight. “And now without further delay let’s welcome tonight’s special guest stars, Alexa “Sexi Lexi” Vega and her co-star from the movie Sleepover, Mika Boorem.”

“Hey girl” Alexa said kissing Hayden softly on the lips as she walked onto the scene, holding Mika’s hand as Hayden then turned and kissed her too. Alexa and Mika themselves were looking extremely hot, both sporting matching white bikini’s and flip flops with little else.

“I wish our studio had a pool this nice” Alexa said as her arm slipped around Hayden’s waist. “You getta use this every day?”

“Yeh it is pretty nice” Mika chimed in as she joined Hayden on her other side.

“Me and JoJo come down here a few days a week and work on our tans” Hayden said and then turning to the cameras and saying, “But before we get into a conversation, let’s take care of the business at hand.”

“Being our movie?” Mika asked.

“Yeh that’d be it” Hayden said as Alexa slipped her hand up Hayden’s back and untied her bikini top. Hayden jumped away blushing as it fell into her hands and she covered her tits up. Alexa and Mika laughed and smacked a high five as Hayden grinned sheepishly and said, “If you two will stop for a second we’ll get through this and then we can have fun.”

“The movies in Theatre’s now, it has me and Mika in it ok?” Alexa asked grabbing Hayden’s hand and pulling her close, so they where face to face and then kissed her softly. The camera drew close and focused on the two kissing, swapping tongues now as they frenched, Alexa’s arms wrapping around Hayden’s waist and Hayden circling hers around the girls neck and they kissed like lovers. Pulling back a little we see Mika dragging a chair into view behind the two as she then slipped in and wrapped her arms around Hayden’s waist and kissed her neck softly. Hayden broke away from Alexa for a moment as Mika pulled her top free and dropped it to the ground. Hayden started kissing Mika seductively over her shoulder as Alexa dropped to her knees with a smile on her face and stripped Hayden’s bikini bottom down. Her pretty little bald pussy coming into full view now. “OH my that’s a pretty little thing ain’t it?”

“Oh my god” Hyaden moaned as Alexa leaned forward and licked her slit up and down a few times as she held onto her hips. “Wait we’re not supposed to do….”

“You don’t worry about what we’re not supposed to do and let her eat your pussy good” Mika said with a grin as Alexa quickened her pace and pumped her tongue up and down faster and faster. Hayden laid her head back and moaned for a long moment. Alexa stopped with a smile and motioned for Mika to do something. That something was to move back and sit down in the chair behind her and as Hayden looked back in confusion, her and Mika guided Hayden back to.

“Sit down here in front of me” Mika said as Hayden grinned and sat down, apparently no longer caring about the planned scene and going along with them willingly. She sat down and scooted back so her butt was planted firmly against Mika’s thighs and spread her legs as wide as she could and stroked Alexa’s hair out of her face as she crawled up to the two. Mika’s arms went around Hayden’s waist again and one hand to just above her pussy as she leaned over the girls shoulder and watched Alexa go back to work. Hayden moaned loudly and laid her own head back against Mika’s shoulders as Alexa’s tongue started making more trips up and down her pussy slit. Dipping inside time and again and beginning to fuck in and out. She placed one hand on each of Hayden’s spread thighs and licked faster and faster. “Oh yeah that feels good huh?”

“Fuck yes, of course it does” Hayden moaned in a slightly whimpering tone as she rubbed her thighs up and down and squirmed as best she could in Mika’s grip. Alexa circled a hand under one of Hayden’s smooth thighs and brought it around to the outside and joined her hand with Hayden’s and laced their fingers as she began pumping her tongue now hard in and out. Rubbing it perfectly on the underside of her clit and making the girl moan louder and louder with every thrust seemingly. Alexa smiled as she stopped for only a moment and then started in on sucking Hayden’s engorged little clit with her soft warm lips. Hayden jerked and moaned louder, Mika holding her tighter as Alexa sucked hard on the little nubbin and then licked it fast before sucking it some more. Mika’s hands then scooped Alexa’s mussed hair into a ponytail on top of her head and we got a close up as she sucked harder and her jaws drew in with the pressure increasing. Hayden squirmed and pulled at Alexa’s hand and moaned, “OH GOD GIRL YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM.”

“Yeh make her pussy cum” Mika said as she kissed Hayden’s neck and squeezed one of her boobs with her free hand and still holding Alexa’s hair in place with the other. Hayden jerked her hips as her body tensed up and she held out as long as she could before beginning to cum. Her toes curling up and her face showing the wonderful pleasure she was experiencing as Alexa sucked her clit still hard and as Hayden’s body relaxed in Mika’s arms she moved her tongue back to the young girls slit and licked her cum up as it came bubbling and oozing out slowly. Hayden with a satisfied grin on her face now.

“AHHHHHH fuck yes” Hayden moaned as Alexa dipped her tongue back inside and got the rest of Hayden’s obviously sweet tasting girl cum out of her pussy. “AHHHH yeh I love that.”

“MMMMMMM let me taste my cum” Hayden moaned as Alexa rose following one last lick of her pussy and kissed her in a long cum soaked french kiss. Mika stroked Alexa’s hair to get her attention and they soon started kissing as Hayden untied Alexa’s bikini top, pulled it off and dropped it beside of them, showing us Alexa’s firm titties. Hayden had them seperate and pointing to a large padded pool mat at the side of the chair. Alexa stood and stripped off her bikini bottoms quickly and moved onto the pad as Hayden joined her quickly. Alexa laid down and Hayden crawled on top as they began kissing. Seconds later Alexa spun on top as Hayden giggled and Mika stripped off her top as she stood and then her bottoms, turning to the camera and giving us a perfect view of her bald honey drip as she smiled and joined the other two. Laying down along the back of the mat and waiting for Alexa to look up and kissing her softly when she did. Massaging her tongue with Alexa’s as they kissed softly. Hayden rubbing her pussy and smiling as Alexa moved off of Hayden and laid down in front of Mika, so they where in a 69 position only on their sides, with each of their pussies in perfect alignment with the other’s mouth. Mika raised her leg and Alexa wasted no time in moving her head between the girls thighs and watching as Hayden sat up and turned around, before laying on her side and moving Alexa’s hips into position, or should I say into alignment with her mouth. She did the same with her own hips, moving them into alignment with Mika’s mouth. Mika nodded her head seconds later as if she was taking direction from off camera and as Hayden raised her leg Mika put a hand on the under side of her thigh to support it above her head and started slowly licking Hayden’s pussy as our star moaned into the camera, licking her lips slowly and the laces from her tennis shoes dangling down.

“Oh yeah lick her sweet pussy” Alexa moaned as she lowered her head and too placed a hand on Mika’s thigh to hold her leg aloft and began licking her friends pussy. Mika moaned and smiled for a moment before she started pumping her tongue in and out of Hayden’s pussy again. Speaking of Hayden, she then lowered her head and started working on Alexa’s pussy, shoving her tongue between the girls lips and pumping it in and out as Alexa moaned into Mika’s and made the daisy chain complete. The camera pulled back to a wide shot and showed the action was heating up as all three girls pumped their tongues in and out of the hole in front of them. Alexa smiled as she pulled away from mika for a moment and rubbed the girls clit with her thumb, watching Mika moan loudly into Hayden’s pussy. She licked Mika’s clit then and started to suck it softly as my door opened and Dakota came running in and crashed down between us, now naked herself.

“What did I miss?” She asked as I pointed at the screen and shushed her. Mika started plunging her tongue in and out of Hayden as we got a close up of her tongue and her now holding Hayden by the stomach with one hand as she worked on her. Hayden smiled into the camera as it focused on her next and she spread Alexa’s pussy lips slightly before beginning to suck her clitty softly. All three girls moaned louder and louder as they got tongue fucked. Crystal meanwhile handed me my strap-on dildo and the baby oil as she lowered her head and began sucking our little sisters clit. Dakota laid her head back and moaned as Crystal’s lips drew closed around her clit and her jaws sucked in as she increased the pressure on the young girl.

“OH MY GOD Lexi your so fuckin good” Mika moaned drawing my attention back to the TV screen as she closed her eyes and moaned loudly as Alexa sucked her clit hard and then harder as she began to cum hard. Shaking a little and jerking from the wonderful sensations pumping through her body. Alexa squirmed too as she got near her own orgasm from Hayden’s pumping tongue, which was going furiously in and out of the tight little pussy by now. Alexa turned her head and capped Mika’s pussy lips and started sucking hard as Mika rubbed at Hayden’s clit to give her some pleasure.

“Oh my god” Dakota mooaned as I stroked her flat chest and stomach and kissed her softly for a moment. She moaned louder as I turned back to the TV and Crystal sucked her clit harder on her clit, bringing her butt of the cushion time and again.

“UH HUH UH HUH YEH LEXI JUST LIKE THAT” Mika moaned as she squirmed and alexa milked her cum out with her tongue and lips and to her own surprise began to cum on Hayden’s tongue just then. Jerking away from Mika’s pussy with a loud moan and watching as Hayden made her pussy quiver with incredible sensations down below her. Dakota moaned loudly and clutched at her older sister’s hair as her pussy got near it’s explosion point beside me. While back on the TV, Mika again got caught taking direction from off-camera as she nodded and lowered her head back to Hayden’s pussy and began licking fast across the lips, and then sucking her clit hard. Trying to make it a trifecta orgasm. While at the same time Hayden was licking the cum up that came out of Alexa. Something that became a reality seconds later as Hayden finished licking Alexa’s cum off and looked at Mika and moaned loudly and said, “Oh god make me cum again, yeh….yeh …yeh YESSSSSSSS!”

“Oh yeah that’s feelin so good on my sweet babies clit huh?” I asked kissing Dakota as Crystal sucked her to the very edge of an orgasm and I pulled her head away. Her eyes going wide as she realized Crystal had stopped.

“No I didn’t feel good” Dakota said in an urgent voice, looking to both of us for support. Alexa laid down on the mat and smiled happily as she watched Mika bring Hayden off. Hayden moaned loudly as her face emerged from between Alexa’s thighs, now covered in her spunk. She reached for Mika’s head and held it in place it looked as she cum in her mouth. Mika’s lips milking it out the way every girl should have done at least once. Laying back and dropping the hand cupped around Mika’s neck as she relaxed with a smile and all three girls enjoyed the after glow for a moment.

“We’ll be back later on with more fun” Hayden said with a goofy wave of her arm to the camera, “but for now let’s take a break and on the flip side, my girl Mackenzie will be here with a segment of the show, called ‘Fan Mail!'”

“I got some other stuff I wanna try, you’ll get to cum I promise” I said as I stood and slipped into my strap-on and Crystal lowered her head as Dakota began to protest and sucked her clit some more. Dakota’s face brightened with a victorious smile as she thought she was gonna cum but Crystal again sucked her to the edge of one and stopped. The frustration on Dakota’s face was evident as I slipped back on to the love seat now sitting on my knees facing the floor. Crystal slipped to the floor in front of me. “Come on baby girl come suck sissy’s cock.”

“But I’m so close please Crys?” Dakota whined as Crystal giggled and pulled her to the floor and postioned our little sister in front of me. Taking my cock with her hand and rubbing it on Dakota’s lips as ‘Cumming Out’ went to a break. She opened her mouth willingly and I slipped the rubber cock inside as she started to suck it. Her head bobbing as Crystal smiled up at me and smoothed Dakota’s hair away. I dropped both my arms to my sides and enjoyed the show as my little sister sucked my fake cock, taking more into her mouth with every pass. Her head bobbing now furiously as her saliva soaked the rubber, preparing it perfectly for her little pussy hole, I thought.

“MMMMHMMMMMMM my baby sister likes it huh?” I asked as I pulled it out of her mouth and spanked it on her lips and tongue. The saliva flying onto her face and every where else as she giggled. Nodding her head in agreement to my question a second later as my cock slipped back in her mouth. She sucked it like a lolipop and her head bobbed hard as Crystal grinned again at me. She began rubbing at Dakota’s throat then to relax it as I slipped deeper in her mouth and our little sister began deep throating it. Time and again until she took every inch in her mouth. I was amazed at the site below me, as I watched my strap-on completely disappear in her mouth, and her preteen lips touched the skin above my slit where the cock was strapped into place. I pulled all the way out and stroked in again, letting her lips touch my skin again as it reached the back of her throat. “MMMMM yeah sweet baby’s suckin it so good. You wanna try it in your pussy this time?”

“Oh yeah she did it good, she’s ready for her fucking now” Crystal said as Dakota pulled off my cock and asked, “please can we do it now I need to cum so bad?”

“Oh you want it so bad huh?” I asked kissing her softly on the lips as Crystal helped her stand up and I got back into my normal sitting position. Dakota, with Crystal’s direction, stepped on to the love seat and got into position as she stood over top of me. Standing over me now and letting Crystal guide her down to the cock. I held the rubber cock steady as Dakota lined it up with her pussy and moaned a little as she let it slip inside that fresh young pussy, beginning to slowly bounce up and down. Making Dakota lay her head back and moan loudly with a smile, holding my shoulders for balance. I stroked my saliva coated rubber cock with one hand and waited for it to disappear in her too as she took more into her with every bounce. Putting my other hand on her flat stomach as CRystal gripped her waist and held her in perfect balance over my rubber cock. “Oh yeah take it all in your pussy baby, does it feel good in my sweet babies love hole?”

“Uh huh yes it does, oh my god it feels so good” She said in a loud moan as she did as I said and plunged down on the cock. The entire thing fucking into her for the first time, she laid her head back and stopped for a moment. Letting it fill her completely, now sitting over me in the catcher’s position. Suddenly she started in again and started doing it hard, taking the full length of the rubber cock in her sweet young hole like a master, bouncing straight up and down and crashing into my thighs time and again. Moaning so loud I thought the neighbors might hear her. She whimpered as it began and it slid deeper and deeper in her and she started to pump it even harder. She started spanking my thighs against her ass cheeks as she pounded down into my cock. Sliding it in and out with incredible ease and going faster as she moaned intensely from the sensations it caused deep inside of her. Glancing to the TV as she pounded yet harder and harder, I saw the show still on commercial. Crystal had a huge smile on her face watching her baby sister at that moment. Dakota began squealing with delight as she drilled my cock into her vice grip like pussy. Loving the fact that she was in complete and total control now. Dakota’s eyes went wide when she realized she was about to bring herself to the summit again. Sweat pouring off the young girl, who was now working herself into a frenzy as she clutched at the muscles in my shoulders and moaned so loud it sounded like we were hurting her. Dakota’s eyes clutched shut and her small fingers dug into my shoulders again and again as the wonderful sensations began exploding. A few more hard bounces down onto the cock and she slumped forward in a sweaty heap into my arms, panting and exhausted.

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