Cumming Out: Season Two – Episode Two – Part Two

Cumming Out
Season Two: Episode Two
“…it’s getting hot in here…”
*Part Two*

Written by TVM and Jessie (Send Feedback)

Copyright © 2005


Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: The second half of episode 2 detailing events on America’s Hottest New Show, Cumming Out. This week we celebrate the recent release of the MGM and Landscape Entertainment feature film ‘Sleepover’ as our host Hilary and the gang welcome the stars of the movie. Up in the second hour, Hilary and JoJo welcome new pop star Brie Larson for a little pussy licking. We then return to poolside were we see Hayden with guest stars Alexa and Mika heating things up in a sight to behold, a sauna sandwich.

Story Codes: fff, oral, teen

Starring: Hilary Duff (15), Joanna “JoJo” Levesque (13), Hayden Panettiere (13) and Mackenzie Rosman (13)

Guest Stars: Alexa Vega (16), Mika Boorem (17) and Brie Larson (16)


The logo came back on and Hilary and JoJo appeared now on the bed, making out like new found lovers. Which judging from the looks on their faces and the comments from earlier in the show they had indeed become just that.

“Now it’s time for Mackenzie and the Fan mail, go away” Hilary said as she looked up and saw the camera now on her. She giggled as did JoJo and they soon started to kiss again as the camera faded to black and changed scenes.

“So much fun and it felt so good in my pussy” Dakota moaned as I smiled and kissed her like I do Crystal, a long and sweet French kiss. Asking after we parted a few moments later, “Did you get that cum you wanted so bad?”

She grinned and nodded her head yes and with Crystal’s help rolled off me. Crystal laid her down and kissed her and said “the shows back on. We’ll some do more later.”

Dakota excitedly nodded her head yes, while back on the TV, some goofy music had began playing and Mackenzie appeared with a large mail bag at her side as the logo read ‘Cumming Out Fan Mail’ with Mackenzie.

“Welcome to Cumming Out’s mail rooom” Mackenzie said with a smile. “Tonight we’ll take a moment or two to read some of the thousands upon thousands of letters we get each week.”

“Boring” Crystal said as her and Dakota laughed.

“First up tonight a letter from an Emily Browning” Mackenzie said, “It reads; Hey guys, My names Emily Browning and I’ve been in a few movies myself and was wondering how I could possibly become a guest star on your show?”

“Well Emily it’s quite simple really, just go to our website at….” Mackenzie replied as Crystal said, “yeh dot com, your website sucks.”

“Will you shut up” I said as she laughed.

“Just fill out the registration form and email it to us” Mackenzie said, “And we’ll contact you as soon as we can.”

“Second letter” Mackenzie said pulling another from the bag at her side. “It’s from Sports Girl.”

“I’m horny let’s fuck” Crystal said as she kissed me.

“Why don’t you get down between my legs and lick my pussy” I said as she smiled and slipped back to the floor. Unstrapping the dildo currently in place over my pussy and handing it to Dakota who took it and began sucking on the goo covered little fuck toy.

“Hey guys, did you ever consider having stars from places other than Hollywood appear on your show? Like for instance some girls from the Gynmastics team for the U.S. Or maybe Sasha Cohen from skating” Mackenzie read as Crystal spread my legs and licked slowly up my pussy lips. I moaned and began squirming trying to pay attention to Mackenzie’s answer and the tv. “Your answer Sporty is yes we have and in the coming days on the website, we’ll be announcing the names of upcoming guest stars. And those include at least one member of the 2004 U.S. Gymnastics team. So check out the site for more info on that.”

“OHHHHH yeh sis fuck” I moaned as I stroked her hair and watched her eat my pussy like a pro. Her tongue pumping up into me like a piston as she held me in place by the outside of my thighs. I moaned louder as she went faster.

“….do any of you guys have sisters that will be appearing…” I heard Mackenzie read between my moaning as Crystal held me tighter and pounded my pussy like a mad girl with her tongue. I wanted to scream loudly as my breath began coming in pants and I squirmed hard on her tongue and got ready to cum. My mind for some reason drifted back to the last question and the thought of possibly seeing a pair of famous sisters make it, got me hotter than hell and curtailed my moaning and made me wanna listen to the rest of Mackenzie’s answer. “So as far as we know a sister of one of us will be appearing on one of the upcoming episodes in the second half of the season. But no promises. So just keep watching and keep your fingers crossed. Anyways, so thanks for the all the fan mail…..”

“Oh god here it comes Crys do your thing baby suck it out like I taught you” I moaned as my orgasm erupted suddenly. A lightning bolt like orgasm tore through me and I laid my head back and arched my back the best I could while clutching both hands into my sisters hair and she did as I asked and sucked it all out. If you’ve never had a girl do this to you, it can be better than the orgasm if done right. Crystal makes me scream nearly every time when she gives it her best and this was no different as she capped my pussy lips with her mouth and drained me of my sweet girl cum. It left me panting for a few long moments afterwords. I looked up to see the show had gone to a commercial.

“You still taste good big sister” Crystal said as she kissed me softly and we ended making out with my cum being the treat on both of our lips for the next two or three minutes. The next thing I know we heard that familar music play and as we parted I saw the logo appear and the camera zooming in on our co-hosts now laying on the bed, still making out like lovers. Hilary and JoJo looked up and smiled. Realizing at that point I guess the camera’s were back on them. Hilary wiped her lips and smiled into the camera like a pro as her and JoJo sat up and got ready to carry on with the show.

“Wow now that was a show, Hayden sure knows how to please them” Hilary said with a grin as JoJo replied, “God does she ever, does she ever.”

“Are you saying she’s better than me huh?” Hilary asked leaning close to JoJo and kissing her lips softly and waiting for an answer. JoJo smiled seductively and giggled before she said, “Didn’t say that. But since you ask…”

“That’s ok, I’ll take that as a no” Hilary said before kissing JoJo and both breaking out into a fit of giggles on the bed. She kissed her again seconds later and began rubbing her titties through her dress. “Anyways, welcome back to the set everyone.”

“Yeh welcome back” JoJo piped in a moment later. “It’s time to welcome tonight’s in studio guest, and she’s also a star of the movie Sleepover.”

“Yeh she’s been in Primetime and on the big screen, and well she kinda’s of really hot too if you ask me.” Hilary said with a huge smile as her and JoJo moved off the bed and to the side of it to greet their guest.

“So please welcome the hottie, Brie Larson” JoJo said as both her and Hilary welcomed Brie to the show with welcoming hugs. Brie, who was dressed rather conservatively (in a pair of tennis shoes, jeans and t-shirt), looked visibly nervous as she smiled at the camera and walked onto the set. Returning each of the hugs with our hosts and trying to smile.

“Hi guys…” She said as JoJo hugged her, followed by Hilary.

“Welcome” They both said in unison. Brie breathed heavy and looked to both for long moments.

“Hey there’s no reason to be nervous” Hilary said, “we’re just here to have some fun.”

“Look if we don’t do this now, I’mma prolly chicken out big time so….oh fuck” Brie said with a huge smile suddenly crossing her face as JoJo came in behind her and wrapped her arms around the girl’s waist and began kissing her neck softly and starting to raise her shirt up slowly. Hilary slipped her tie over her head and then unbuttoned her own shirt and slipped it off and moved in front of Brie and softly kissed her lips for a long moment. Moving the girls hands to her titties and smiling, letting her know it was ok. Brie kissed her back passionaitely and squeezed her titties, cupping both of them in her hands and squeezing. All the nervousness fading quickly as she made out with Hilary. Breaking with Hilary, she raised her arms and let JoJo slip her shirt over her head and then followed Hilary, the lust now present in her eyes, to the bed. She crawled onto the bed and took control of the situation as she playfully pushed Hilary down and pulled at her skirt. Hilary laughed and raised her hips and let the skirt slip off her body. JoJo stripped out of her dress and we sooned found out why she wore it. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, easy on, easy off I guess. She crawled onto the bed and watched Brie on top of Hilary as the two made out like mad. Trading tongues and making it look like they’d done this more than once. Feeling JoJo’s hand on the back of her head she pulled pulled away from Hilary and turned and kissed her too for a long moment. Hilary scooted up the bed and as Brie and JoJo broke, Brie could be seen looking straight at Hilary’s bald pussy. “Should I?”

“Of course” JoJo said giggling as she flopped down on her stomach and watched Brie lower her head and lick up Hilary’s pussy slowly. Hilary smiled and stretched her arms over her head as she moaned softly and spread her legs wide for Brie. Brie shoved her tongue inside and began pumping the little pussy fucker in and out with passion. Pressing her lips firmly to Hilary’s and fucking it deeper and deeper with every repeated thrusting. Hilary whimpered and moaned and looked to JoJo and then appeared to look to someone off-camera with a helpless but pleasure soaked look on her face as Brie continued her oral assault on her. Thrusting her tongue faster as JoJo nodded her head, appearantly taking some direction herself and moved in beside Brie, stroking her hair and pulling at her head gently. Brie raised her head and smiled as JoJo kissed her softly, tasting Hilary’s pussy. She was also stalling for a few seconds as they needed to stretch this scene for some reason. Brie smiled as they broke and went back to eating Hilary with gusto, pumping her tongue as deep as she could get it in and making Hilary nearly cry from the pleasure. With a couple of more seconds of Brie’s constant tongue fucking, she brought Hilary off in a shudderingly real orgasm. Squirming and jerking several times as her cum oozed and bubbled out slowly into Brie’s eager mouth. A few more seconds of licking up Hilary’s cum and Brie rose and crawled up Hilary’s body and kissed her as both smiled happily.

“Your turn baby, you are the guest” JoJo said as she kissed Brie a moment after she rose off of Hilary and guided her guest star on top of her. They kissed for a moment and it looked like JoJo was whispering some last minute instructions to Brie as she then nodded and quickly stood and turned around so she was facing the camera and slipped her jeans down (no panties) and Hilary and JoJo helped her out of them, JoJo laying them aside a second later. We barely got a look at her pussy before she stepped over JoJo and lowered into a 69. Brie looked directly into the camera and in a split screen we saw her moan lewdly and got a tight ‘meat’ shot, of JoJo from the side, as she started licking Brie’s pussy lips up and down. Brie no longer had any reservations about this and put on a visual show with her loud moaning and facial expressions as JoJo licked her from top to bottom repeatedly. Pumping her tongue inside Brie a few times and looking to the camera with a smile herself before going on and beginning to pump it in and out. Much to my surpise the split screen stayed in place much longer than I thought. Brie moaned louder, eyes clutched shut and mouth open wide and laying her head back slowly as she showed her pleasure the best she could. Jojo wrapped both arms around Brie’s waist as she fucked her tongue in and out faster. Hilary, finally recovered from her orgasm crawled up beside Jojo and stroked her titties as she mouthed some instructions to her. The camera zoomed in closer as Jojo did what Hilary had suggested, I’m assuming. Cause just then she moved down a bit and spread Brie’s pussy lips and placed her tongue right on Brie’s exposed clit. Letting the tip of it slip into the fold in the middle of her tongue and beginning to bob her head slowly. The clit never leaving contact with her tongue it looked and being rubbed on both sides.

“Holy shit I bet that feels incredible” Crystal said from beside me. “You have to try that on me.”

“AHHHHHH OHHHHHH GOD….oh my god yes….I can’t take it feels too good” Brie moaned as Hilary joined her at the foot of the bed and smiled before kissing her.

“You know I will and I think Brie likes it” I replied.

“OH you like the ridge runner huh?” Hilary asked as Brie’s moans got louder and Jojo’s head bobbed faster and faster and she held Brie in place with her hips. Brie nodded her head yes and moaned even louder as Hilary looked to the camera with a victorious smirk on her face before saying to Brie in a moan of her own, “OHHHH YEH BRIE BABY, ride it home, ride the ridge runner home.”

“OHHHHH I AM, OH GOD YES……it feels so wonderfullllllllllllllllll” Brie said as she started to cum on Jojo’s tongue. Jojo bobbed a few more times as Brie laid her head down and shook from the effects of the orgasm. Still moaning intensely as Jojo capped her pussy and sucked all her cum out, every last drop. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that feels so goood.”

“MMMMHMMMMMMM that’s the best part” Hilary said with a giggle as she rolled over and kissed Brie’s sweat soaked lips and placed an arm around her shoulder and said, “Come on back, cause Hayden and the girls of Sleepover got some sauna fun for us next on Cumming Out.”

Crystal jumped up and along with Dakota made a run for the bathroom thinking we’d get a normal 4 minute break but for some reason we didn’t. We got a quicky thirty second break (one commercial) before heading back to the poolside. Where Hayden, Alexa and Mika were spotted making out standing in front of a wooden door that we would soon find out leads to the studio sauna. Mika kissed Alexa in a sweet looking french as Hayden pulled them away from each other and smiled breifly into the camera before opening the door to the sauna and our view switched to one inside and we saw it was barely active at the moment. Only a few streams of smoke could be seen as Alexa and Mika come in giggling and shut the door behind them.

“Welcome back and welcome to the hottest place in town” Hayden said with a giggle as Alexa sat down beside Mika on one of the cushioned benches. “Let me get some steam going so we can heat this bitch up. And you guys can get into position if you want.”

“Why Hayden what ever do you mean?” Alexa asked in her best southern accent as all three giggled and Hayden poured some water on the rocks and a huge gust of steam came bubbling out. Something I hadn’t noticed before was that there was two level’s of benches, Mika showed this as she stood and sat down on the top one and then laid back. Alexa stepped on to the second level bench and smiled seductively at the camera and rubbed her smooth honey drip for the camera, before lowering herself over Mika and then crawling over her friend in a 69. Mika smiled as we got a ‘meat’ shot of her beginning to lick Alexa’s honey drip up and down. Alexa moaned softly as the entire scene became clear when Hayden emerged again from off-camera with her strap-on firmly in place. She stepped on to the first bench and then up to the second as she settled in behind Alexa and stroked her fake cock up and down a few times as she glanced at the camera. Hayden put a hand on Alexa’s ass cheeks and watched Mika, as she pumped her oil coated cock faster. Mika working her tongue inside of Alexa’s pussy and licking her inside walls slowly all around. Swirling her tongue at the entrance. Alexa moaned and lowered her head and to my shock began to eat Mika out as well. Just as Mika spread her legs and beginning to pump her tongue in and out. I screamed for Crystal and Dakota to get back and they hurried into the room and crashed down beside me.

“Your about to see a 69 sandwich” I said never having seen a real 69 while the girl on top got butt fucked. But we got to this time. Hayden smiled and watched for a few more seconds, her cue appearantly being when Mika spread Alexa’s butt cheeks. With that done Hayden moved closer and grasping her rubber cock in hand lined it up with Alexa’s asshole and began feeding it through her fingers into the girls back door.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Alexa moaned as she raised her head and showed the pain and pleasure of the moment. Mika began licking her pussy faster and faster and Hayden slid almost halfway in her asshole and as the hand on the cock reached Alexa’s ass cheeks she moved it to the middle of her back and began pumping her butt fuck stick in and out. Both hands slightly above Alexa’s ass cheeks now as she fucked deeper in her asshole. The steam shot up in front of the camera for a moment as Alexa smiled and moaned in the camera’s direction before lowering her head again and starting to lick Mika. The look of pleasure and lust on Hayden’s face was truly a turn on as she surged forward, getting all the way in for the first time and drawing a loud moan from Alexa.

“OHHHHH yeah sexy Lexi likes butt fucking don’t you?” Hayden asked in a moan as she started making long smooth strokes. Pulling all the way out till the cock caught on Alexa’s asshole ring and then stroking back into till her thighs mashed against Alexa’s cheeks and her body became covered in a thick film of sweat. Alexa nodded her head and moaned as her and Mika both worked on each other now in a frenzy. Mika moving her hands to Alexa’s lower thighs and feeling the sweat beginning to form on her friend as the sauna heated up. Hayden’s body was beginning to drip sweat as she began pounding at alexa’s asshole, her thighs making that smacking sound as she went faster and harder. Her long blonde hair flopping helplessly behind her in a ponytail as she pounded the fuck out of Alexa now. Mika capped her lips over Alexa’s pussy and began licking her inner walls again as she squirmed when her friend did her the same way. “MMMMMM now it’s sandwich time.”

Hayden leaned forward, now over Alexa’s sweat covered back completely, her heands now by Mika’s thighs and started pounding again only harder and faster. Making alexa cry out and raise her head away from Mika’s pussy for a moment as she looked into the camera and moaned loudly. I couldn’t help but notice that Hayden’s shoes were still on her feet, as they pressed against the wall at the end of the bench, obviously giving her more leverage over Alexa. Mika pumped her tongue harder and harder and wrapped her arms around the girls waist and held on for the ride. The steam room now reaching a boiling point it looked as more steam filtered up and all three girls were now dripping with sweat. Especially Hayden who was literally pouring sweat as she butt fucked Alexa harder and harder. The smacking sounding getting louder all the time as Hayden’s thighs spanked away at Alexa’s ass cheeks and the girl swayed forward a little each time. Alexa’s moaning becoming almost screams of joy as she incredibly, continued to eat Mika’s pussy. Now sucking on her clit and pulling at it with her lips till it popped free, as Crystal noted that that was called ‘popping off.’

“OH god fuck yes I’m getting close” Hayden moaned as Alexa reached her arm between her legs and guided Mika down a little to her clit. Mika smiled and started sucking it as Alexa moaned loudly as she returned the favor and did the same to her friend. Hayden pounded harder as sweat flew off her thighs and flat sexy stomach and Alexa’s ass cheeks at the same time. Alexa popped off a few more times on Mika’s clit, each time giving her an oppurtunity to moan loudly into the camera, and bringing Mika’s cute butt of the bench below her it felt so good. “Come on Alexa, cum with me. You gonna cum from your butt fucking?”

“OH YEAH I AM pleaseeeeee BUTTTTTTTTTTT FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Alexa moaned intensely as Hayden pounded harder and faster and Mika sucked her clit now hard. Mika’s jaws drawing in around it as she tried to suck it off and raised her hips off the bench once more as Alexa ‘popped’ her clit hard one more time. Alexa moaned louder than she ever thought she could as the flames of her oncoming orgasm began to make her body shake and jerk under Hayden. With one last clit sucking ‘pop’ of her clit, Mika became the first to start cumming. She squirmed and moaned as she sucked even harder on Alexa’s clit and drove her friend to the summit along with Hayden’s pounding of her asshole from above.

“OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH GOD I’M THERE……UHNNNNNNNNNNN MY PUSSY’S GONNA CUM SO HARD” Alexa moaned as Hayden changed postions just slightly over her back. Moving one of her feet away from the wall and raising that same leg off the bench to give the camera a slightly better view of Mika below them, she moved one hand to Alexa’s shoulder. Then started giving her hard short butt fucking shots designed to bring her off, I thought. With all three girls moaning so loud it was hard to hear the sucking noises as Alexa’s lips made Mika shiver when she sucked her cum out for the second time.

“Yeh YEH YEH I KNOW HOW GOOD BUTT FUCKING FEELS, UHNNNNN A LITTLE MORE, LET ME TAKE YOU TO PURE HEAVEN BABY” Hayden moaned as she did just that and butt fucked Alexa deep into pure heaven as she made the girl explode on Mika’s tongue and watched her shake and jerk and scream out once as she came harder than ever before. This pushed Hayden over the top too as she moved her foot back against the again and surged into pure heaven herself, moaning intensely as she pounded Alexa’s asshole hard still. Mika sucked Alexa’s clit till the last possible second and then opened her mouth and caught a hard gooey honey filled squirt of her friends cum in her mouth as Alexa peaked and began cumming down. Hayden peaked and the look on her face showed clearly how good it really felt as she stopped completely at one point and then suddenly fell forward as the orgasm broke it’s hold. Mika licked the last of Alexa’s honey off as her friend went limp on top of her, and moaned one last time as Hayden slipped deep in her ass and laid now across her back. Alexa’s arm dropped off the bench and fell limp barely touching the one below her as she laid her head on Mika’s thighs. Mika licked one last time at Alexa before she too dropped both of her arms to the bench and went limp. “You wanna suck the yummy flavor off Lexi when it comes out of your ass?”

“MMMMHMMMMMM, If that’s not heaven I don’t know what is” Alexa said as the other two agreed. All three girls ringing wet with sweat from head to toe, hair matted into place on their backs and faces and completely exausted. We took a thirty second break for some sponsorship’s to be taken care of. Returning just before the girls could recover enough to even move. Hayden was the first as she rolled off and pulled out of Alexa’s asshole. Alexa rolled off of Mika who sat up. Hayden got on her knees as Mika and Alexa slipped to the bench below on their knees and turned around. Hayden dropped both arms to her sides and let Alexa have control of her rubber cock now. Alexa smiled as she licked the head and then began to suck the cock that just butt fucked her.

“AHHHH yeah suck all that yummy stuff off” Hayden said as Alexa sucked it deep into her mouth. Her head bobbing slowly as she sucked all of it off. Alexa licked her lips as she dropped the cock and looked to Mika. “You wanna suck the rest off Mika? See what Lexi’s asshole taste like?”

“MMMMMM yum yum” Mika said as she started sucking it, her lips slidin up and down the rubber shaft. Her head began bobbing too as Hayden smiled at the camera and as Mika dropped it she unstrapped it from her waist and joined the girls on the lower bench. All three girls came together in a group hug and as Mika and Hayden kissed softly at first and then Hayden and alexa, swapping tongues slowly like lovers. Mika stroked each of their sweat stained bodies as they shared a cum soaked french kiss.

“What a fuckin episode” Crystal said grabbing my strap-on and saying, “I’m in the middle of this Larue sister sandwich…..”

One two which I gladly agreed to share with Dakota who laid down as Crystal crawled over her….

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