Cumming Out – Episode 2

Cumming Out, Episode 2 by The Vert Man

Starring: Hilary Duff (15), Hayden Panettiere (13),
Mackenzie Rosman (13), Michelle Trachtenberg (17) and
Mika Boorem (14) with Tina Majorino (17)

I watched the first episode at least twenty times and
couldn’t wait until episode 2 aired. As
the time grew near, my pussy got wetter with every
passing second. I eye balled the clock
constantly until it was time. I closed and locked my
door and made sure to slip a fresh tape
in the VCR. Then slipping my shirt over my head and
letting my big titties bounce free, I had
always loved my tits, so big and
firm. I next slipped
off my shorts and soon followed with my
thong. I sat down in the chair and spread my legs as
the logo for “Cumming Out” appeared on
the screen. My pussy was shaved completely smooth, and
it felt so good under my fingers I
moaned involuntarily as the announcer said “Please
Welcome your hosts. Hilary Duff and
Michelle Trachtenberg.”

Michelle was wearing that same ankle length dress from
last week and Hilary was sporting
a sexy sports bra and skin tight spandex shorts. You
could clearly see the outline of her
panties as she reached the bottom of the ramp and
Michelle spun her around playfully. Also
very visible was the nipple hard-on both where

“Welcome to Cumming Out” Hilary said taking Michelle’s
hand in hers and both giggling like
newfound lovers. “After much begging on my part,
Michelle agreed to become my co-host for
the series.”

“Uh huh more like begging on my part” Michelle said
laughing. “Anyway tell them what we got
on tonight’s show.”

“Good idea” Hilary giggled. “Up first tonight will be
the star of Stage, Screen and Film, Tina Majorina.
Then tonight’s Special Guest star will get a real work
out from me and Michelle.”

“Yep” Michelle said giggling.

“She’s the star of the hit summer movie ‘Blue Crush’
Mika Boorem” Hilary continued on.
“She’s such a hottie with those perky little tits.
Reminds me of someone else I know.”

“We’ll be right back” Michelle said as she turned and
smiled at Hilary and they started
to kiss.

I watched the logo appear and disappear as the channel
went to commercials. Thinking how
hot the show was gonna be I rubbed my bald pussy up
and down a few times and moaned quitely.
I was nearing an orgasm a few minutes later as the
logo finally reappeared. Wanting to save
it, I reluctantly stopped and licked my fingers off,
savoring the taste of my own juices
on my tongue.

“Welcome back” Hilary said sitting beside Michelle on
the love seat. “I just found out that
Tina Majorino has arrived on the set of 7th Heaven.
Which mysteriously is the same place
that we find our sexy ass young co-stars. Mackensie
Rosman and Hayden Panettiere.”

“Let’s go there now live” Michelle said as they turned
to watch the big screen go from the logo to a live
picture of Hayden and Mackenzie sitting on the bed
used for Mac’s character “Ruthie” on 7th Heaven.

“Hey guys look who’s here” Hayden said as Tina crawled
into between them and exchanged polite kisses with
both before setting down and smiling into the camera.

“Have you guys been getting Tina ready with a little
side action?” Michelle asked as her and Hilary giggled

“You know me too well babe” Hayden said as she blushed
into the camera and Mackenzie playfully kissed Tina’s
lips and started pulling at her shirt. Hayden turned
and helped Tina pull her shirt off, revealing her tan
line marked body and her cute little titties. She
carefully laid her shirt to the side of the bed and
returned to kissing with Mackenzie. Hayden disappeared
from the camera’s view as Mackenzie broke the kiss and
said with a smile, “I think we should all get naked.”

“Ok” Tina said, for her part looking like she was
simply going through the motions. She stood and
stripped off her jeans in no time and then Mackenzie
helped slip her panties down as she turned Tina’s back
to the camera. Looking at the camera a second later
she smiled as she spanked Tina’s ass cheek and watched
it giggle gently up and down. Tina didn’t really
respond, she just crawled back on the bed, as Hayden
reappeared on the scene with a major surprise. She was
now sporting a strap-on dildo and moved in behind Tina
as Mackenzie finished stripping. Tina got on her hands
and knees and backed up as if on cue with Hayden and
her newly attached cock moving in behind her.

“Which hole you gonna stick that in?” Michelle asked
from the set.

“She’s gonna get her ass fucked tonight” Hayden said
as Mackenzie scrambled back onto the bed and got into
position in front of Tina. Her bald pussy now in
perfect alignment with Tina’s mouth. Hayden asked,
“You ready Tina?”

“Yeh let’s do it” Tina said as she lowered her head
and started licking slowly at Mackenzie’s cherry pie.
Mackenzie moaned in surprise as Hayden again spanked
one of Tina’s cheeks and planted her dildo at the
entrance to Tina’s ass, as the camera switched to a
view from her back. A second later she pushed it in
slowly and started pumping in and out with little

“That has to be covered in astroglide” I said to
myself as I giggled, looking at my own bottle of it
sitting on top of the TV. Tina grimaced slightly but
was taking it like a trooper, as Hayden pushed all the
way in and bottom out in Tina’s ass. Watching for the
next minute we got several shots of Hilary and
Michelle watching on in awe as Hayden started pounding
Tina’s tight back door. Tina moaned into Mackenzie’s
bald muff as she licked away going faster and
Mackenzie squirmed under her tongue, moaning herself.

“MMMMMM she’s so good” Mackenzie moaned as Tina pumped
her tongue in and out now. Hayden adjusted her long
curly hair to the front of her body and pounded harder
on Tina’s ass as the older girl moaned and fucked
harder at the pussy of Mackenzie. Tina raised her head
a second later and let out a louder, more pronounced
moan and the look of pleasure on her face was very

reached between her legs and began to frig her pussy
and Hayden fucked her cock harder and faster in and
out of her ass. Seconds later Tina began to shake as
she began cumming on her fingers and Hayden’s big
cock. Her body tensed up and looked to peak and
finally she came down as Hayden slowed in her ass with
a smile.

“MMMMMMM Hayden baby don’t stop…… it feels to
good” Tina said rolling on to her side, and having
Hayden lean forward on her hands to take a new
position. Tina smiled as Hayden started pounding hard
again at her ass, now covered in sweat as was Hayden’s
sexy body.

“Damn she’s so good at fucking my ass” Tina moaned as
Hayden smiled and Mackenzie adjusted her hair to the
other side of her body. Mackenzie sat down beside her
friend and started rubbing idly at her sweaty young
body, up and down her tight little ass and tweaking a
nipple or two as Hayden worked hard on bringing Tina’s
ass off again with her dildo. Tina pulled her knees up
to her chest as we got a brief shot of the dildo
disappearing deep in her hole time and again.

“Tina’s loves being buttfucked I can tell” Mackenzie
said as she looked at the camera.

“Come on fuck her ass harder” Hilary said as Hayden
did as she asked. You could hear the smacking of the
hot, sweaty, naked teen flesh together as Hayden
fucked Tina full force now and had a determined look
on her face.

I thought to myself this is what people call “serious
fucking”, when there’s no more giggling and laughing,
it’s just down right hardcore ass banging, and that’s
exactly what Tina was getting at that moment. Her head
went back and she screamed a moan and started to shake
as she appearantly came. Hayden didn’t let up though
she kept pounding away until Tina stopped shaking and
collapsed on the bed with a huge smile.

They were running long on the scene cause right as
Tina smiled up at Hayden, the shot cut back to Hilary
and Michelle and they smiled as they said they’d
return in a moment. My pleasure box was truly at the
boiling point already as I rubbed it softly, wanting
to wait for the rest of the show, but having a hard
time as I went faster and faster. With pictures of
Hayden fucking Tina’s back door flying through my
mind, I started frigging my ultra tight little hole
with reckless abandone and after what seemed like only
a few seconds I exploded. I let me cum drip on to my
fingers, catching all of it I could, before licking my
fingers dry and going for more. I then remembered the
show and snapped back to reality, so to speak.

“Please Welcome tonights Special Guest Mika Boorem”
Hilary said as Mika came into view. Wearing a bikini
top and jean shorts. She obviously was well tanned
from head to toe. She hugged Hilary and then Michelle
and sat down between them smiling into the camera.

“Mika I love your tan” Michelle said running her
fingers up Mika’s arm and smiling. “Is it an all over

“Yep no tan lines” Mika said as Michelle kissed her
suddenly, but briefly.

“Hey no fair” Hilary said turning Mika’s head around
and kissing her too. “We’re getting
ahead of ourselves again this week. We need to talk
about what you been up too lately.”

“My last movie Blue Crush is headed to DVD and ohhhhhh
fuck” Mika said as Michelle kissed
her way down Mika’s back and untied her top.Hilary
smiled knowingly at Mika as her titties
came into full view. She was right I thought, no tan
lines so far. Hilary cupped Mika’s perky
little boobs softly in her hands and squeezed them as
Mika moaned softly from Michelle’s
lips on her back. Hilary quickly took this oppurtunity
to lower her head and suck on one of
Mika’s nipples. Which brought an even bigger moan from
their special guest. Hilary switched
and sucked on her other nipple as Mika moaned again
and again.

“This is getting me so hot” Mika said through a moan.

“Yeh I know I’m so ready for some action” Michelle
said standing up and dropping her dress
to the floor like last week and kicking it aside. Her
new ankle bracelet glistened in the
lights of the studio very clearly. Mika stood and
Michelle hugged her from behind as Hilary
unbuttoned her jean shorts and pulled them down
quickly. Letting Mika step out of them as
Michelle kissed her neck. Revealing that she was
indeed tanned from head to toe. “God she’s
so fuckin hot.”

“Pretty little pussy” Hilary cooed as she kissed
Mika’s pussy lips and heard her gasp out
loud. “Michelle you’ll want some of this, it’s bald
and ohhhh so smooth.”

Hilary licked her tongue up and down Mika’s young sex
a few times as she whimpered and trembled
in Michelle’s arms.

“MMMMM is it fresh like a cherry?” Michelle asked as
Hilary licked faster and Mika moaned out
loud laying her head on Michelle’s shoulder.

“Yep so fresh and tasty” Hilary said before pushing
her tongue inside of her young co-star
and feeling the incredible tightness of her pussy
walls. Her tongue was being sucked at by
Mika’s love hole as it darted in and out. Mika rubbed
her belly and closed her eyes tightly
as she moaned and squirmed under Hilary’s touch.

“Oh yeah it feels so good” Mika finally was able to

“It’ll feel even better when you cum for her” Michelle
said into Mika’s ear, “she’ll suck all
your cum out and it’ll feel so good you won’t believe

“OH baby I wanna feel that” Mika said her hand now
moving to Hilary’s hair as she moved one leg over her
shoulder and leaned back against Michelle even more.
She started bucking her hips slowly as Hilary fucked
in and out of her tight pussy. Mika’s hole body was
now covered in a thin film of sweat as Hilary drove
her towards an orgasm. Her hands went to a fist in
Hilary’s hair and Michelle hugged her tighter as
Mika’s body went stiff and she started to cum.

“OH GOD FUCK YES” Mika said, her body shaking from the
effects of her own orgasm.

“She’s making you cum so hard huh” Michelle asked

“Yeh it feels so good” Mika said as she finally came
down and relaxed against Michelle. She was
moaning softly as Hilary did as Michelle had said and
sucked all her cum out.

“OH yeh she’s doing it like you said” Mika said
smiling at Michelle, “oh it does feel so

Hilary’s hand was cupped under Mika’s bald mound to
catch any stray juices that escaped her
mouth. Mika squirmed and moaned until Hilary was
satisfied she had gotten all the tasty treat
she had worked so hard to get.

“OH fuck she sucked all my cum out so good” She said
as Hilary kissed her pussy once more
and kissed her way up over Mika’s soft flat tummy and
finally to her mouth. They shared a
long french kiss as Michelle watched and smiled.

“I do taste sweet huh?” Mika asked as she tasted her
juices on Hilary’s lips and all three laughed.

“Yep” Hilary said kissing her once more. “you ready
for some?”

Mika sat down on the floor like and waited for
Michelle to help Hilary out of her
bra and shorts. Hilary stepped out of her shorts and
sat down in front of Mika smiling,
rubbing her pussy and inviting her to lick it.
Michelle quickly joined the duo on the love
seat and said, “Mika you’ll be the first person to
fuck Hilary on camera. Well this camera
at least.”

“Shut up” Hilary said giggling. “You don’t wanna let
all our secrets out do ya.”

Mika laughed at the two and turned her back to the
camera giving a good shot of her cute well tanned
heart shaped ass as she lowered her head and started
to lick at Hilary. Hilary moaned out loud and spread
her legs more as Mika’s tongue danced around her clit
and she softly sucked at it for the first time a few
seconds later.

“Oh yeah suck my clit” Hilary moaned laying her head
back on the love seat as Mika sucked it harder and
harder. Michelle moved Mika’s hair out of her eyes to
give the camera a better view.

“If you keep doing that you’ll make her cum so quick”
Michelle said as Mika sucked a little harder and
longer on Hilary’s pleasure button. Hilary moved both
of her hands to Mika’s hair and they quickly went to
fists. She bucked her hips as Mika moved away for a
split second before returning and trying her best to
push Hilary over the edge.

“MMMMM make her cum Mika baby, make her pussy cum like
she did to you” Michelle said as Mika sucked harder at
her clit and Hilary raised her hips just slightly and
did indeed start to cum like Michelle said. After a
few long wonderful moments, Hilary stopped shaking and
went limp on the love seat with a huge smile on her
face. Michelle moved to the floor and helped
Mika lick the reward off her pussy as the cum dribbled
out slowly.

“Never thought it would taste this good” Mika said as
Michelle giggled.

“Girl cum is the best” Michelle said kissing Mika
slowly and trading her tongue as they
frenched. A few long moments followed and they finally
broke as Mika moved up and laid
across Hilary’s sweaty body and kissed her on the

“That was good although you’ll need some more
practice” Hilary said as she kissed a giggling
Mika again and Michelle soon joined in the kiss to
make it a hot three way french fest.

“OK guys we are about out of time for this week”
Hilary said, “oh we’re not. Ok we gotta fill
some time appearantly, any suggestions?”

“Yeh” Michelle said pulling Mika close and whispering
in her ear as Hilary watched them with
a mystified look on her face.

“You can do that?” Mika asked.

“Yeh and she’ll love it” Michelle said before turning
to Hilary and asking, “is your pleasure bud sore now?”

“Course not you know it takes more than one good cum
to get me worn out.” Hilary said as Michelle smiled
knowingly and spread her pussy lips, exposing her stud
like clit once again. Mika lowered her head as they
watched and started to suck her clit again. For a few
long seconds and then Michelle took her turn and
started sucking it as Hilary moaned and squirmed under
the tongue’s of her two lovers. They traded her clit
back and forth a few times, each sucking it harder and
longer than the last and bringing Hilary closer to
another good orgasm it looked.

“OH GOD I’M GONNA CUM SO HARD” Hilary said as Michelle
and Mika started doing something I never expected,
they started kissing right above Hilary’s soaking wet
pussy and lowered there heads together and started
sucking her clit at the same time. You could see the
shear magnitude of the incredible sensations she must
have felt at that moment on her face. She jerked and
put her hands over the back off the love seat and
pulled as she squirmed and moaned and soon began to
scream. Her orgasm wasn’t far behind either as it came
on like a missile a second later.

“I can’t take it anymore, I’m gonna cum so hard”
Hilary said through an intense whining moan and her
hole body went completely stiff as she did. She jerked
and thrashed around on the couch as Michelle and Mika
brought her off hard and harder as it went on.

I screamed a few seconds later myself as my second
orgasm swept over me. I no longer cared if I got
caught or not, I just wanted to cum and cum hard at
that moment and boy did I. I jerked much like Mika and
Michelle had made Hilary do and finally collapsed limp
in my chair, licking the yummy cum off my fingers. I
layed there for a while before opening my eyes and
realized I was being watched.

“You are so messy” My sister Crystal said smiling as
she watched from the doorway. She was naked from the
waist down and holding the key to my bedroom door in
her hand, like a prize she was proud to have won at a
county fair or something. “I was watching it too. But
I still haven’t gotten off, but I can see you did.”

“Twice” I said as my sister smiled and entered the
room, and I finished licking the yummy cum off my

“Then you won’t mind helping me get off?” Crystal
asked with a wry smile.

“You know I won’t” I said as she crawled on top of me
and kissed my lips softly.

Did I forget to mention, my sister and I have been
lovers for almost a month now? OOOPs. See ya next week.

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