Cumming Out – Episode 3

Cumming Out, Episode 3 by The Vert Man

Starring: Hayden Panettiere (13), Mackenzie Rosman
(13), Hilary Duff (15), Michelle Trachtenberg (17) and
Scout Moore-Willis (12) with Rumer Moore-Willis (14)

“MMMMMM” Crystal cooed as I snuggled up next to her on
the chair.

“You think your still gonna be in the mood to watch
Cumming Out?” I asked her as I kissed her, sharing her
honey like cum with her.

“Ofcourse I can go all night and with you I might need
to” She said sucking gently at my lips tasting her own

“Here we go” I said as the logo came up and
annoying music began blaring and the announcer made
the introductions. But unlike the first two weeks, it
wasn’t Hilary who came out, it was Mackenzie Rosman
and Hayden Panettiere dressed in matching, leopard
skin jumpsuits.

“Holy shit check them out” Crystal giggled as she
oggled the two young girls. The suits where cut and
slashed all over, leaving gaps of exposed flesh
everywhere. And most of the rest of them where black
and see through only the tits and pussy were covered

“Hey guys and Welcome to Cumming Out” Hayden said as
her long curly hair spun around her body. “For
tonight’s episode we thought we’d change places and
shake things up a bit. Hilary and Michelle will be
checking in later, live from the bedroom of tonight’s
special guest; Rumer Moore-Willis. Who you may be
asking? Well she’s the oldest daughter of big screen
stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.”

“Yep and in studio tonight will be her younger and oh
so sexy sister, Scout Moore-Willis” Mackenzie said as
Hayden ran a hand seductively over her butt. “Such a
cute name.”

“Such a hot little ass” Hayden said spanking her
co-stars cheek as Mackenzie jumped.

“So come on back with us” Hayden said as she started
unzipping Mackenzie’s jumpsuit and the logo came up as
the network went to commercials.

“Now get down there and start doing what I taught you”
I said as Crystal smiled and moved quickly between my
smooth tan, slender legs. She wasted no time, as she
began to lick up and down at my bald muff. Letting her
tongue dip between my lips. Just in case your
wondering, yes it does feel incredible when you pussy
is shaved smooth. No hair, no mess. “OH fuck baby
sister, yes just like that.”

“Oh it’s back hold up” I said as Crystal shrugged her
shoulders and crawled back up beside me, kissing my
lips softly as I smiled and said, “you know I’ll pay
you back 10 fold, right?”

“Yep” She said giggling and snuggling close to me.

“Last week on the show you may remember that Hayden
fucked Tina Majorino’s tight little ass with a dildo”
Mackenzie said, now sitting cross legged on the couch
as was Hayden right next to her. Both now naked, their
disgarded jumpsuits cast aside, now laying in a clump
on the rampway. “Well this week we asked our special
guest what she wanted to do and here’s what she said.”

“I think it’d be fun if you used a dildo in my pussy”
Scout said in the video clip that appeared.

“So we’re gonna do as she asked” Hayden said taking
Mackenzie’s hand and rising, showing both of them had
newly attached cocks. “So here’s tonight’s special
guest Scout Moore-Willis.”

Suddenly my sister crawled in front of me and pressed
her lips to mine, and after a few seconds we where
frenching like mad. I lost track of the show for a
brief while, knowing I was taping it anyway, eased my
mind considerably. Crystal, who at 13 was a far better
kisser than me even today, could control me almost
completely with those soft lips of hers. She reminded
me so much of me and yet she had this whole confidence
thing going on about her. Safe to say she’s as sexy as
hell and by no means was I controlling her, more to
the fact that she was in control.

“UHNNNNNN” Scout moaned as the TV came back into view
after I pushed a giggling Crystal off of me, out of
breath and sweaty. She grinned and layed back down
next to me, content. Back on the screen, Hayden was
slowly guiding her cock into Scout’s untra tight
virgin hole. Bald as mine, only for different reasons
ofcourse. Mackkenzie watched closely, stroking her
cock and moanng as it worked at her clit softly. She
rubbed idly up and down Scout’s taught, firm young
body. Tan lines very visible in all the usual spots
and a dark tan evident everywhere else.

“Yeh that’s a tight little pussy huh?” Hayden asked as
Mackenzie got up and crossed into the camera’s view
and adjusted her co-stars hair to the other side of
her body, so as to no longer block the view. A
close-up revealed just how tight that pussy was, as
Hayden’s ass clenched time and again as she slowly
slid in and out. The cock glistening with juice, and
no doubt astroglide as well.

“WHOA it feels so big up in my pussy” Scout moaned
finally as Hayden started working it in and out a
little faster and both started moaning. Another tight
shot of the dildo going in and out, Hayden’s hot
little ass clenching as she worked and Scout legs
dangling in mid air as Hayden fucked her love hole a
little harder. “Oh so good, it’s so big Hayden. My
pussy is feeling really good now. WHOA. Go faster in
my pussy, WHOA FUCK. It’s feels good when you do it
fast. Do it faster like that.”

“Fuck that little lesbian pussy” Crystal said as her
hand found my pussy and I glanced at her and let her
have the right of way. Hayden’s cock was pumping in
and out faster and faster as Mackenzie moved next to
her and Hayden finally noticed her. Mackenzie was
obviously wanting her turn at Scout’s bald muff.

“WHOA” Scout moaned pushing with an arm over her head
against the back of the love seat and then looking up
in disappoinment when Hayden stopped and pulled out.
“Why did you stop?”

“It’s my turn like we said goofy” Mackenzie said
positioning her cock at the entrance to Scout’s
forbidden paradise and sliding in with little effort
as Hayden sat down and started to suck on Scout erect
little nipples. Mackenzie picked up the pace where
Hayden left off, after a few moments or so.

“WHOA fuck do it some more fast please” Scout moaned
as Mackenzie worked her cock in and out easily.
Mackenzie leaned forward supporting herself on the
couch as she began pounding young Scout’s muff harder
and harder. Scout’s mouth opened as she moaned and she
grew more and more vocal as Mackenzie worked her
harder and faster. The cock pistoning in and out of
her young snatch now. Mackenzie’s tan little ass
clenching everytime she fucked up into this young
girl, not much younger than herself.

goood now” Scout announced as she braced for her
incomming orgasm.

“Your gonna cum so good in a second” Hayden said as
she kissed Scout’s lips softly and Mackenzie pumped
harder into her and brought her pussy off in a
shuddering orgasm. Scout moaned out loud one more time
and began to shake as Hayden hugged her, holding her
tightly, so Mackenzie could fuck her through the
cumming. And Mackenzie did just that, pounding even
harder and moaning herself as she did so.

“OH fuck she’s cumming so hard” Hayden said shaking
now along with Scout as her guest star rode out the
last of her wonderful feeling. “Cumming feels so good
huh baby.”

“OH YEHHHHHHHHHHH” Scout moaned as her orgasm appeared
to finally peak and she began to calm down and a few
moments later, went limp with a huge smile on the

“Suck all that yummy girl-cum out of their Mac” Hayden
said kissing Scout’s sweat covered brow as Mackenzie
slipped out of Scout’s pussy and dropped quickly to
her knees to catch the girl cum that was now flowing
out. Scout cooed and moaned softly as Mackenzie, who
was soon joined by Hayden licked all the cum off her
pussy, every last drop it appeared.

“WHOA that was cool and it felt so good” Scout said as
both girls joined her on the love seat now, sitting on
either side of her.

“Yeh it was cool” Mackenzie grinned stroking her cock.
“Never fucked a girl before with a cock, That was way

“Here you go taste you cum babe” Hayden said as Scout
starting sucking softly on the dildo and smiled at the

“I’m so sweet” Scout said as all three giggled.

“So do you think your big sister will like doing it
with Michelle and Hilary after the break?” Mackenzie

“Oh yeah I caught her rubbing her pussy last week
watching you guys doing it to Tina in the ass” Scout
revealed, “she was going, oh my god Hayden baby fuck
my tight bum harder.”

“Did she cum?” Hayden asked.

“Yeh and she squirted it like on her belly and licked
it off” Scout said.

“Well you heard her folks, so when we cum back you’ll
get to see Scout’s big sissy Rumer go two-on-one with
our co-stars Hilary and Michelle. Cum on back.” Hayden
said as the logo appeared on the screen and Crystal
turned to me and said, “Whatta say we turn off the TV
and you let me get you sweaty for the rest of the
night. My pussy is on fire, please?”

I thought about it and finally gave in though I left
the TV on for the time being. Crystal happily moved
between my thighs and started working her tongue like
a magic wand in and out my hot dripping sex. Telling
me how good I taste and wishing I was licking her at
the same time. The logo came back on the screen as I
let out a loud moan when she found my rose bud and
starting swirling her tongue around it. I bucked my
hips and tried to watch the action on screen.

“Unfortunately the satelite hookup we had is out”
Mackenzie explained. “so as not to leave you fans
hanging we talked our horny little friend here into
sticking around for another round of girl/girl

“Here you go baby lay down” Hayden said as Scout laid
back and Mackenzie crawled over her, sliding her cock
deep in Scout’s ultra tight hole yet again. “This time
we’re gonna try something new. Mac’s gonna fuck Scout
and I’m gonna fuck her.”

“OHHHHHH MAC” Scout moaned as Mackenzie guided her
cock in and out and laid forward, kissing Scout’s lips
as she moaned. Crystal stopped long enough to watch
this, something I felt we both would wanna see. Hayden
placed her cock at the entrance to Mackenzie’s ass
whole and with the camera showing a perfect view of
it. She pushed it in. Smiling as she slid in and
kneading Mackenzie’s ass cheeks slowly. Within a few
seconds both girls where buried deep in the one below
them. Mackenzie set the pace as she moaned out loud
and started pumping slowly into Scout, who matched her
moan for moan. Hayden pumping into Mackenzie’s tight
bottom as her co-star pulled out of Scout. They
started slowly and gently as Hayden leaned forward on
her hands and started pumping in and out of her
co-star’s back door. Mackenzie moaned louder as the
pace quickened and Scout matched the other two girls
with her own moans.

“She’s making my pussy feel so good” Scout said
kissing Mackenzie’s face. Her legs now draped over
Mackenzie’s thighs and shaking from every shot the two
gave her.

“UHHHNNNNNNNN god fuck she’s doing the same to my ass”
Mackenzie announced.

“Feels so good, and it’s so tight” Hayden said fucking
harder in and out Mackenzie’s back door as she now set
the pace and forced Mackenzie to do it harder to
Scout’s bald muff. “you liking it huh Mac?”

“Yeh she’s moaning so loud in my ear” Scout said as
she moved her hand to Mackenzie’s butt to feel the
shots Hayden’s cock was delivering, in faster and
faster succession. Slamming her cock into Mackenzie’s
once virgin hole and moaning about how good it felt.
Hayden’s body was now soaked in sweat, hair matted to
her back and now doing much like she did last week.
She was pounding harder and harder, hardcore fucking
at it finest. The other two girls almost at her mercy
as she quickened the pace and fucked in and out of
Mackenzie’s asswhole. Mackenzie laid her head back and
fucked Scout’s pussy harder, almost involuntairly as
Scout moaned and moved her hands to Mackenzie’s hips
and felt her sliding in and out of her pussy faster.

begged a second later.

Scout moaned. Hayden pounded harder, watching every
stroke of her love tool now as she looked down,
supported by her out stretched arms. Her cock
disappeared faster and faster each time as she neared
her orgasm. She would later say it was the first
orgasm, she’d ever had using a dildo on someone else.
She fucked Mackenzie’s ass harder and harder with
every shot.

“OH GOD I’M GONNA GO” Mackenzie announced as her ass
got fucked harder and harder still.

IN THERE” Scout moaned now hugging Mackenzie tight
around the neck as her co-star was the first to start

Mackenzie’s body shook with the force of Hayden’s
drill like hammering of her ass and the orgasm
sweeping her young tanned body at that moment. Hayden
fucked harder one last time, still watching her cock
move in and out of Mackenzie’s ass as she let out a
loud moan, she threw her head back and started to cum
herself. Shaking from the effects just as Mackenzie
was below her. Scout was the last to start and she
quickly followed suit after a few brief moments.

GOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD” Scout moaned as she joined the
other two in orgasm. All three literally moaned as
one, in the throws of pure heaven at that moment it
appeared. Mackenzie was the first to come down and go
limp on top of Scout, her cock still pistoning in and
out of Scout’s pussy, helping her ride out the
wonderful orgasm she was experiencing. Scout arched
her back the best she could and peaked for the second
time in the half hour. She came down slowly after that
going limp on the love seat, sticky with sweat as
Mackenzie moaned from the last few shots of Hayden’s
cock. Hayden on the other hand peaked and rode out her
cumming, as she slowed almost to a stop at one point
as her body stiffened and she finally came down, and
fell forward landing across Mackenzie’s back as all
three smiled.

“WHOA” Scout said, “now that was cool. I cummed really
really really good.”

“Me too” Mackenzie said panting still, “but I bet my
ass is gonna be sore tommorrow.”

“Your such a baby” Hayden’s said as she giggled and
kissed her neck softly, “but damn your a hot fuck.”

The camera pulled back to reveal the logo on the big
screen was gone and on the screen was the action we
were promised earlier. The camera was pulled in tight
on the action. All three girls were naked with Rumer
moaning her approval on the couch as Michelle licked
her muff up and down. Hilary was sitting behind the
two and holding Rumer’s leg in the air to give the
audience a good view. Michelle was working it too as
Hilary smiled into the camera and rubbed Rumer’s
sweaty titties with her free hand. Going faster and
faster with her tongue, Michelle brought a moaning
Rumer closer to the edge of pure heaven and moved her
hand to her stomach to keep her from squirming away.

“Fuck, fuck oh yeah” Rumer moaned as Michelle’s hot
little tongue pushed her over the edge.

“MMMMMM yeh cum on her tongue, suck all that yummy cum
out baby” Hilary said holding Rumer as she started to
shake from the orgasm surging through her body. Her
face grew more animated as the seconds of her cumming
past. Finally she went limp on the couch, with a huge
satisfied look on her face. Her head laying on the
back and Michelle letting the cum run down her tongue
and fill her greedy mouth. “Did you like cumming on
Michelle’s tongue while the world watched?”

“UMMMMM yeh so good” Rumer said wiping the sweat from
her brow and smiling as Hilary kissed her and Michelle
moved to her other side. “I just wish they could have
seen me eat your pussy, that was hot.”

“Yeh you learn quick” Hilary said kissing her lips
softly as we switched back to the studio and got
another surprise. Mackenzie was now sitting on the
love seat beside Hayden, with Scout on the floor
between Hayden’s legs licking away contently, the
dildo’s now laying in a heap with the clothes by the
stage. Mackenzie sat with one leg bent and her arm
laid over it exposing her sweaty tanned body and her
bald pussy.

“Oh man no way” Mackenzie said with a frown into the
camera, “we’re totally out of time for this week.”

“AHHHHHH yeh baby” Hayden said as Scout pumped her
tongue in and out slowly.

“Next week we’re scheduled to have the star of Spy
Kids 2 Alexa Vega as our special guest here in the
studio and me and Hayden will be on the road in
Louisana to pay a visit to our friend Jamie Lynn
Spears” Mackenzie said as Hayden clutched at Scout’s
hair and appearantly was close to cumming. Her moaning
growing louder and her squirming harder under her
young lover’s probing tongue. “See ya’ll next week.”

tensed up, her hands going to fists in Scout’s hair
and her body shaking lightly from the effects as the
screen went to the logo and the credits rolled.

“Now it’s time for us to cum out” I said slipping down
in the chair as Crytstal smiled and moved over me and
we started to 69.

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