Cumming Out – Season Two: Episode 1

Cumming Out

Season Two: Episode One

*Part One*

Written by The Vert Man (

Copyright © 2004

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: The 1st chapter of the second season detailing events on America’s Hottest New Show, Cumming Out. This week in the Second Season Premier: Our horny host Hilary Duff and returning star Hayden Panettiere have a very special welcome for new co-host, pop star Joanna “JoJo” Levesque. JoJo quickly jumps into the fun as she gets naked with Hayden and Hilary and proceeds to go down on our her co-host for the first time. Following a break, Hayden and Hilary tag team their horny young co-star, JoJo. Getting here in the middle and having some real ‘Sandwich’ fun as Hilary licks her pussy and Hayden butt fucks her sweet little ass.

Story Codes: fff, ff, oral, anal

Starring: Hilary Duff (15), Joanna “JoJo” Levesque (13), Hayden Panettiere (13) and Mackenzie Rosman (13)

Guest Stars: Meredith Deane (14)

“Season two of Cumming Out premiers NEXT” The Booming Voice said as I hit record on my VCR and Crystal plopped down beside me on the over stuffed love seat. My strap-on in hand, as she shoved it into mine and kissed me softly.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last new episode” Crystal said as I stroked the dildo up and down and returned her kiss.

“Yeah I read online that it was gonna be an hour long this year, you know what that means” I said as we smiled and said in unison, “More fucking.”

The theme music started and images of Hilary began flashing across the screen as my pussy started getting wet at just the thought of seeing her going down on a girl again. The lights flashed in the studio and the announcer said “Please Welcome your host, Hilary…..Duff.” She pranced down the small run way at the top of the newly expanded set and stopped on her mark as she smiled glowingly into the camera. Looking hot as hell in a mini-skirt, with thong on full display and ‘wife beater’ tank top. I was kinda of surprised to read the initials “FUMT” on the front of her shirt.

“What does that mean?” Crystal asked as I shushed her and shrugged my shoulders.

“Welcome to season two of cumming Out…” Hilary said leaning on the rails in front of her, “…the show that features Hollywood’s hottest young celeb’s in their first girl on girl scenes. And tonight well, it’s no different.”

“Yeah tell me about it baby” I said as I starred at Hilary’s erect nipples.

“The show has also changed a little, beginning tonight we’ll be on for a full hour every Tuesday night at 8:00 here on YLC” Hilary said, “and since that whiny little bitch Michelle Trachtenberg is off doing other things, we have a new co-host. Which I’ll introduce you to in a few moments. But first let’s welcome our returning regulars. The star of the WB’s hit Monday night family drama 7th Heaven, going into it’s 9th season, Mackenzie Rosman.”

Mackenzie walked out of the same doors Hilary had emerged from just seconds earlier, wearing blue jean shorts and a bikini top.

“Check out those cute little titties” Crystal said as Hilary hugged Mackenzie and they shared a soft kiss. “I think those little bumps are new.”

“Those weren’t there last year that’s for sure” I commented.

“And the star of the recent box office hit, Raising Helen” Hilary went on, “Hayden Panettiere.”

Hayden came bouncing down the ramp, here bikini top barely able to hold her noticeably larger tits in place, and jumped into Hilary and Mackenzie’s arms, sporting the same outfit as Mackenzie. Sharing a simple kiss with each of her co-stars moments later and moving to Hilary’s other side as Hilary turned back towards the camera. She then looked at Mackenzie for a long moment before saying, “And we’ll be seeing you later right?”

“Yep I got a one on one with former Once and Again star Meredith Deane” Mackenzie said with a huge devilish smile, “Lucky me.”

“Yeah lucky you” Hayden said giggling as Mackenzie turned to walk away and she spanked her barely covered butt cheeks and said playfully, “get out of her.”

“And last, but certainly not least I’d like to welcome my new co-host” Hilary said, “She’s a fellow up and coming pop star with an amazing voice and a current hit single called ‘Leave (Get Out)'”

“So please welcome Universal/Motown Records recording artist…JOJO” Hilary said as the camera switched to the stage and JoJo emerged from behind the curtains and began singing.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this babe. So won’t cha come and sit and talk to me. And tell me how we’re gonna be together always. Hope you know when it’s late at night. I’ll Hold on to your body tight” JoJo sang as the camera focused on her, “And think of how you sexy you are. I never thought that anyone. Could make me feel this way. Now that you’re here girl all I want. Is just a chance to say.”

Hilary appeared on camera and as the music played, JoJo turned to her and they kissed seductively. JoJo’s lips falling in time with Hilary’s as they then started trading tongues in a french kiss. Hilary’s arms slipping around JoJo’s slender waist and pulling her closer as they kissed with more passion. After a few more long seconds the music stopped and the two finally broke, as JoJo began singing again.

“Lick, (my pussy) right now, It’s fresh and smooth for you. It’s feeling so right (now) and I can’t wait for you to go down. ‘Cause I know about it (what) and I wonder (how) how I waited for so long. You said that you would treat me right but you never said it would feel this good (feel this good)” She sang and then as the music halted again she shared another kiss with Hilary. One that showed no signs of ending as Hayden appeared on camera with a smile and said, “We’ll be right back.”

The commercial break was only two ads long (about 1 minute total) and back we went to the set. Hilary was now sitting beside JoJo on the sofa in the middle of the stage with Hayden on her other side.

“Welcome back, and Welcome to you JoJo” Hilary said as JoJo gave her best dimpled smile. “So before we get down to bidness and have some fun. Let’s take care of your currents, ya know what’s up with you.”

“Well my first single just came out and as you just heard it’s called Leave (Get Out)” JoJo said. “well I guess that was the pussy version of it.”

“Yeah, I like that one much better. And your album has just been released also right?” Hayden asked as JoJo shook her head yes. “and it’s on sale at a special price right now on our website, so check that out.”

“OK my producer is telling me it’s time for us to have some fun” Hilary said as Hayden and JoJo laughed. “Hayden you wanna get your toy and we’ll break in our new co-host in good.”

“Oh yeah let’s break me in” JoJo said with a seductive smile as Hayden disappeared off-camera and Hilary helped JoJo strip off her shirt, pulling it over her head. In the split screen we now saw that Hayden got up and walked back to the bed at the back of the set. Opening the dresser by it she pulled out a strap-on and laid it aside for the moment. Hilary then stood as did JoJo, and stripped off her tank top and tossed it aside. Giving the viewers a look at her now larger boobs as they bounced free. JoJo turned and Hilary unsnapped her bra and caught it in the front before it could fall and cupped JoJo’s titties in her hands. Smiling at the camera as both turned and then revealing JoJo’s big titties to the world as she dropped the bra.

“Holy fuckin shit, I dunno who’s hotter Hayden, Hilary or that JoJo girl” I said as Hayden untied her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. “Her titties are so perfect, no sag and I think she got a nice tan.”

“But that’s nothing compared to her pussy, god smoothies turn me on” I said marveling at Hayden’s bald little love hole as she slipped out of her daisy dukes.

Hilary Slid her hands down JoJo’s soft flat stomach, pushing the girls skirt down and with it went her panties. Leaving her nude, except for a pair of white tennis shoes (which stayed on). Hilary wrapped her arms around JoJo’s waist and held her as she stepped out of the clothes. While Hayden slipped now into the strap-on and grabbed the astroglide from the dresser and our split screen disappeared. Hilary then kissed JoJo’s neck softly for a moment before backing away as JoJo turned and faced her and dropped to her knees and quickly stripped Hilary’s last remaining pieces of clothing off, a thong and her mini. Pulling them down her smooth thighs and off her body as she Hilary stepped out of them.

“Don’t tell me that wouldn’t on cue” Crystal said in a giggle and I had to agree. Hilary watched as JoJo moved forward and leaned in. Tucking her hair behind her ear and went for it. Sliding her tongue up Hilary’s smooth pussy lips for the first time and then licking her lips at the sweet taste. Hilary moaned as JoJo did it again as her tongue effortlessly slid up and down Hilary’s bald pussy lips. Hilary moaned and closed her eyes tightly as JoJo continued her tongue work. Pushing it inside a little and beginning to twirl it at the entrance as Hilary clutched at the red sofa arm beside her. Her knees appearantly about to give out, she moved back and on to the sofa arm and leaned back, her arms supporting her now as JoJo went back to work on her exposed pussy.

“There’s no way this is her first time” Crystal said, “look at her, she’s got that twirl thing down to a science.”

“MMMMMMMMM she’s makin her jerk and everything, she’s a natural” I said as Hilary laid her head back and moaned loudly. JoJo now pumping her tongue in a straight in and out motion as it pistoned in and out of Hilary’s pussy lips. Hayden reappeared as the camera pulled back. She knelt behind JoJo and kissed the girls neck and watched as JoJo brought Hilary to the summit seconds later. “Oh yeah make her pussy cum baby.”

“Yeah make it feel good, make it feel so good” Hayden moaned as Hilary clutched at the fabric of the couch and raised herself up a little so she was on her tip toes and began to shake a little as JoJo pumped in and out, right under her clit. Her body tensing up as she came on her new co-stars tongue. Squirming and moaning as one hand went to JoJo’s hair and we got a split screen view, one side of Hilary’s pleasure streaked face and the other a close up of JoJo milking Hilary’s pussy of it’s girl cum. “Fuck girl you like that baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM fuck yes I sure did, her cum taste really good” JoJo said with a glowing smile spreading across her cum soaked lips. Seconds later Hilary, still panting some, pulled JoJo up to her feet and kissed her softly. Hayden then stood as the two kissed and said into the camera, “Don’t go anywhere.”

“Get that on I’m horny as fuck” Crystal said as the logo appeared and YLC went to commercials. I did as Crystal asked and slipped into my strap-on and laid back as Crystal stood and got over me. My hands went to her sexy flat tanned stomach as she guided my dildo into her tight pussy and began bouncing gently on it. Grabbing my shoulders as she leaned forward she turned up the intensity and started pounding hard. I felt her begin to sweat under my touch with my fingers still on her stomach and moving my other hand to under her thigh. I hope you know how big a turn-on it is to feel the muscles flexing under your touch as the girl fucks you. I moaned with her as I always do and encouraged her to do it harder. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as she starred into my eyes and pounded down frantically. Her ass cheeks spanking my thighs as she bounced and slowly opened her mouth wider and moaned louder as she came closer to her orgasm. She bounced hard a few more times and groaned as she began cumming on the dildo rocketing in and out of her pussy. Squeezing it tighter with her pussy walls as she felt the wonderful explosion time and again before going limp in my arms as she came down. We kissed softly for a minute or more as she slipped the cock out of her.

“Welcome back” Hilary said as Crystal slipped off me and the TV came back into view. All three of the stars were on the stage floor in front of the couch now as Hayden leaned in and kissed JoJo softly as she stroked her dildo slowly up and down. “Guess it’s time I get into position.”

“MMMMMMM yes it is Hilary” JoJo said as Hilary turned her back to both of them and laid down a second later. JoJo giggling for some reason as she turned her back to Hayden and crawled over Hilary in a 69. Hilary’s hands sliding up JoJo’s back as she wrapped her arms around her slender waist and JoJo laid forward. Showcasing her incredible ass for Hayden. We got a floor level close-up as Hilary’s tongue began slidin up and down JoJo’s bald muff, and then a close-up of JoJo’s smile turning to a light moan. Another close-up of Hilary as she licked faster up and down JoJo’s pussy lips.

“Oh my god they’re gonna sandwich her” I said hoping that I was indeed right.

Hayden took the astroglide she had retrieved and stroked her newly attached cock, covering it in the lube. Hilary licked faster and faster as JoJo moaned and Hayden moved in behind her. We got yet another close up of Hilary’s tongue licking up JoJo’s pussy slit and then dipping inside her slowly and beginning to pump in and out. In a split screen, we saw JoJo’s face begin to show her pleasure as Hilary wrapped her arms around JoJo’s waist for a moment and then began spreading her ass cheeks as Hayden lined her cock up and rubbed at her JoJo’s puckered little pink asshole. Hilary pumped her tongue fast for a moment and then began slathering it all over JoJo’s clit as the girl moaned loudly. Holding the rubber dildo in her hand and appearantly waiting for a cue from off camera, Hayden finally began feeding it into JoJo’s back door slowly. We got an extreme close-up as the cockhead slipped inside the young pop star and she grimaced from the other end, Hayden slowly began pumping it in and out. Hilary working her tongue hard now in and out of JoJo’s pussy, trying to get her to relax. Hayden grasped the cock tightly as she got about half way in, and her hand met JoJo’s ass cheeks. She reached forward and placed one hand on JoJo’s shoulder farthest from the camera and removed her hand from the cock and began sliding in and out a little faster now, going deeper each time. She dropped the arm that she was holding the cock with to her side, so the camera could get a good view and began pumping slowly in and out, getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. Hilary’s tongue kept pumping in and out of JoJo’s pussy as her hands now stroked up and down JoJo’s back.

Back to the wide shot now as Hayden bottomed out and began pumping fast for the first time. settling in behind JoJo as the spanking of her thighs against JoJo’s ass cheeks became louder. JoJo moaned louder and louder with every thrust of Hayden’s dildo and every move of Hilary’s tongue. Hayden clutched at the back of her own thigh with the arm hanging at her side and went faster and faster, sawing it off in JoJo’s asshole. The other arm now serving to hold JoJo in place as she swayed back and forth. Hilary lowered her lips a little and began sucking JoJo’s little clitty as the girl cried out for the first time and her body began shaking. Knowing that it might be her first on camera orgasm, Hayden went faster as she squeezed JoJo’s shoulders muscles with one hand and the back of her own thigh with her other and pounded harder into her asshole. The spanking sound getting louder as Hayden watched every stroke of her cock in and out of JoJo’s asshole. Trying to bring the girl off in record time. Hilary sucked harder, her jaws drawing in as she did and that was all their new co-star could take as she squeezed her thighs around Hilary’s head and began cumming. Laying her head back, throwing her long hair to the side, while she moaned loudly.

“OHHHHHHH YEAH” Hayden said as her thighs spanked at JoJo’s ass cheeks now and she pumped faster. Hilary wrapped her arms around JoJo’s waist and lacing her fingers in the middle of her back as she capped her mouth over the young girls pussy. “Cumming feels good huh?”

“Uh huh, yeh yeh yeh, OH GOD” JoJo moaned as she reached her peak and began squirting her cum in Hilary’s mouth. Hayden pounded at her asshole harder and faster and Hilary drained her off her girl cum. Seconds later, she went limp across Hilary’s body, moaning loudly still as she came down and Hayden slowed in her butt. Hilary sucking noisely at her pussy as she drained her of the rest of her sweet tasting girl cum now. Hayden buried her rubber cock in JoJo’s butt and got a loud moan from JoJo, as she grabbed the back of Hayden’s thigh and held her inside. “MMMMMMMM your right Hayden, I do love butt fucking.”

“MMMMMMMHMMMMMMM I knew you would, can you handle some more?” Hayden asked as she leaned forward, her arms now by JoJo’s shoulders on the studio floor as she was now over JoJo’s back completely. She began stroking slowly again as JoJo’s hand moved away from her thigh. “AHHHHH YEAH tight little asshole gonna fucked again.”

“Uh huh I do, I love it OH GOD YES DO IT HARD” JoJo moaned in a loud whimper as Hilary could be seen with her lips still capped over the girls pussy lips, fucking her tongue in and out. Holding on to JoJo’s thighs, right above her knees as Hayden began pounding her dildo home, driving JoJo’s sweet pussy into Hilary’s loving mouth each time. A short “meat” shot of Hayden’s rubber cock pumping in and out and the ripples running down from JoJo’s ass cheeks into her back. Then a close up of her face as she moaned intensely. Hayden’s perky titties rubbing on JoJo’s back as she swayed forward a little more. The smacking of the flesh as Hayden’s thighs spanked against JoJo’s cheeks had gotten noticeably louder now as Hayden really pounded it harder. Hilary moved back to JoJo’s pleasure center and began sucking it softly right on the tip. JoJo laid her head on Hilary’s thighs and moaned opened mouth as she got it so good from both ends, her hands holding Hilary’s hips to hold herself in place. JoJo moaned louder as she moved one arm around the outside of Hayden’s arms, now by her head, and covered Hayden’s hand with her own. Almost as if they where holding hands and JoJo laced their fingers together as Hayden pounded it harder and harder and the spanking got louder and louder. Hilary began frenching JoJo’s pussy now as she milked it for it’s reward, her tongue pumping in and out with a lot of force.

“Does it feel good deep inside your asshole like you wanted?” Hayden asked as she swung her long blonde hair to the other side of her now sweat stained body, a lot of it sticking to her back as the sweat dripped off her nude young body. Another “meat” shot showed the cock now rocketing, literally, in and out of the pop stars back door. Her cheeks taking a pounding now as Hayden gave it all she had. Pounding so hard, her cock was a blur to the camera now. JoJo moaned intensely and replied in pants to Hayden’s question, “OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD…..YES YES….FUCK MY ASSHOLE….IT’S FEELIN SO GOOD…..I LOVE IT….YOUR DOING IT BETTER AND BETTER IN MY ASSHOLE.”

“Yeah fuck that ass” Hilary moaned as her hands squeezed the back of JoJo’s lower thighs and she held her in place for Hayden’s butt fucking. Hayden did exactly as Hilary said and pounded even harder, bringing JoJo closer to the edge of an orgasm as she pounded away. Hilary, sensing JoJo was close, began sucking her clit hard with her soft warm lips. JoJo’s thighs squeezed around our hosts head while she cried out in pleasure and squeezed Hayden’s hand harder. Panting loudly as she got closer.

“Oh my god here it comes I’m gonna cum so hard” JoJo moaned as both girls worked harder on her. She obviously had held off from cumming for longer than anyone expected and now wanted her reward badly. Hayden smiled and glanced at the camera for a moment and then looked down, meeting JoJo’s eyes as she went faster and faster and asked in a moan of her own, “AHHHHHH yeah let it out all. It’ll feel so good if you let me butt fuck all your cum out. Yeah do you want that? Do you wanna be butt fucked to pure heaven sweet baby?”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS JUST DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT” JoJo moaned and lost her breath when the sandwich brought her off in a violently hard orgasm, her body shaking and jerking. Hayden pounded away with more force as Hilary sucked her clit till she knew JoJo was about to squirt her cum and then just like the first time capped her mouth over the girls bald pussy lips and sucked.

“UHNNNNNNNNN yehhhhhhhh…pure heaven feels good huh?” Hayden asked right as JoJo’s orgasm hit it’s peak and she moaned at almost a screaming level before slowly getting softer and going limp seconds later. JoJo smiled as she felt Hayden slowed in her butt and her cum squirted into Hilary’s loving mouth.

“MMMMMMMMM yes that’s the best part” Crystal said kissing me, and probably remembering the numerous times I’d done that to her in the past year or so. “Nothing like getting your cum sucked out.”

“AHHHHH tell her JoJo, tell her you want it all sucked out” Hayden said as she now laid across the girls sweat covered back and kissed her neck softly.

“Oh yeah, suck it hilary, do it like you said and suck all of it out” Hilary happily did just that as her hand stroked up and down Hayden’s sweaty ass and Hayden asked as she moved JoJo’s hair to behind her ear, “Now that I butt fucked you good, you wanna suck all the yummy flavor off the cock?”

“OHHHHH yes I’d love that” JoJo moaned as Hayden smiled and pulled out of JoJo’s asshole and quickly stood and moved onto the couch behind them. JoJo rolled off of Hilary and sat up on her knees so she was eye to eye with Hayden’s rubber cock. She opened her mouth wide as Hayden laidthe goo covered cock on her tongue and slowly slipped it inside. Hilary smiled as she sat up herself and watched JoJo began to suck it slowly. Her head bobbing gently up and down she began sucking the yummy huices into her mouth. Licking her lips as she stopped for a moment and looked up to Hayden and said, “it’s so yummy and gooey, taste like candy.”

“OH yeah suck all your sweet asshole cum off” Hayden moaned to JoJo as she let both of her arms fall to her side. JoJo’s lips returned to the cock, gliding up and down the rubber shaft faster and faster as she cleaned it off completely for Hayden. Hilary stroked stroked ass again a moment later and she said as if on cue “Oh yeah, Another commercial break, we’ll be back.”

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