Cuntry Girl

Disclaimer: This story is purely a fantasy, and does not represent the celebrities involved. Do not try this at home, you WILL end up in jail. If you are under 18, stop reading NOW.

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Single again, Charlotte Church decided to head to her country retreat for some time alone. She’d grown up in the bustling city of Cardiff, but everyone thought Wales was just hills and sheep, which suited her. It meant when she told her friends she was going back there, none of them offered to come with her, and all she had to do was leave her kids with her mother. And the place Charlotte was going to wasn’t in the city anyway – it was a little farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, albeit completely modernised. She chose the place because she wanted to be alone – she’d told everyone she needed space to explore her feelings, but the truth was Charlotte just wanted a totally uninterrupted masturbation marathon, and when you’re as rich as she is, you buy a cottage just for that.

Gavin had always disapproved of her solo sessions as it exposed his inadequacies, so Charlotte was really looking forward to this. She smiled inwardly as the taxi driver carried her cases and shopping in, as he was completely unaware that one of the suitcases was full to the brim with her toys. She gave the man a generous tip and ushered him out of the door. Charlotte’s crotch was already moist with anticipation, and she hurried upstairs and changing into a black silk dressing gown with an oriental pattern. Hurrying back to her cases in the hall, she flipped open her portable toy chest, excitedly picking out a six inch glass dildo, a nine-inch black rubber vibrator, a butt plug, a set of duo balls and a tube of KY jelly. She also fished a DVD out of a front pocket, and headed into the living room.

Charlotte dropped the disc into the DVD player, and crawled towards the pile of toys. She squirted a generous helping of lube onto the buttplug, reached back and forced the black toy firmly but smoothly into her anus. Her ring expanded to accept her old friend. She flicked the plasma TV on and hit play on the DVD remote, grabbing the vibrator with the other hand.

Charlotte Church was a complete porn freak. She spent many hours late into the night downloading the most hardcore stuff she could find, and many more editing it for personalised DVDs of just the nastiest parts, until she had hours worth of material to accompany her sessions, all overdubbed with her own opera recordings. Already a thin stream of pussy juice was trickling out of her fanny onto the sofa as she lifted up her legs, spread her curvy thighs and brought the head of the vibrator to her cunt. On the screen, a 12-year old Thai prostitute was being gangbanged by six huge black men. From then on she lost all sense of time as she took herself to orgasm after orgasm to a parade of obscene video clips – Russian hitch-hikers being raped by muscular thugs, German sluts chugging pint glasses full of urine, Japanese nurses shitting on each other, a shy Indian mother breastfeeding her child while someone fucked her arse…

She was woken by daylight and a noise from outside. The singer had passed out on the sofa in a puddle of her own cum, the dildo still inside her, the batteries had been no match for her lust. The DVD was still going, a black woman in police uniform raping a blonde hooker bent over a squad car with her nightstick. Charlotte reaching for the remote and stopped the disc. She could still hear something outside, and pulled the spent vibrator from her cunt with a sucking noise, a further gush of cunt cream and piss following it and running down her thigh. There shouldn’t be anyone in such a remote place, surely, but Charlotte thought she’d best check. She drew the dressing gown back around her, the butt-plug still nestled in her arsehole, each step causing it to wiggle inside her rectum. The Welsh singer wasn’t the brightest and hadn’t really thought that this might not be the ideal condition to meet a burglar or somesuch – secretly she was hoping it was some passing stranger so she could have the naughty thrill of passing small talk while her anus was filled and her various fluids were running down her legs.

Charlotte opened the front door, and was greeted by the sight of a brown and white horse grazing in her front garden. It wasn’t what she was expecting at all, and she let out a laugh. Then a thought occurred to her. She moved closer to the animal, which showed no sign of moving, and squatted down. It was a stallion alright, a limp cock a foot long and three inches round hanging down limply between its’ rear legs. Fascinated, she leant across and touched the massive organ. The skin surrounding it was a little rough and pulsed slightly. She thought back to her custom DVDs, specifically to one of a Dutch girl jerking and sucking a horse. Charlotte had loved the video, but had no idea how to go about finding a horse to play with – people tended to remember famous pop-stars asking them if they minded their horse getting a blowjob. But here she was in the middle of nowhere with a horse to herself, who’d know? She wrapped one hand around the horse’s cock and began to gently jerk the foreskin backwards and forwards. The horse continued tearing up clumps of grass from the garden, unperturbed by her actions. She stood back up and bent over, resting on hand on the beast’s flank to flance her, and gingerly placed the bulbous head of its’ cock on her mouth, continuing to gently work the shaft with her free hand. The horse had ceased grazing, but still made no attempt to move away.

Billy huffed as he climbed the hill. Hottest day of the summer, and it was the one Lady Beales’ horse Storm had chosen to wander out of the stables and into the country side. Not wanting a dressing down from the bitch, he’d set off to find the thing before she went out for her afternoon ride. The odd pile of fresh horseshit was all he had to follow, taking him in the direction of some holiday cottage or other. As he crested the hill, he saw Storm, grazing in the garden of the cottage. Billy breathed a sigh of relief and slowed his strides. Then, as he got closer, he stopped in his tracks. Now he was down level with the cottage he could see a girl bent over, her bare arse on show under her dressing gown. Curious, he crept closer and saw the dirty little bitch had Storm’s fat, long prick in her mouth, jerking the meat with her hand. He felt a stirring inside his pants, quietly unzipped his flies and fished his own cock out, stroking it slowly and sneaking up for a closer look. The girl was speeding up her ministrations, and Storm seemed entirely unfazed – this didn’t seem new to the animal, and Billy wondered if this was why Lady Beales loved the horse so much. Now he was close enough to see the butt-plug wedged in the girl’s rosebud, and the steady stream of milky-white juice dribbling down her thighs. He began wanking faster, when a thought hit him. This girl was obviously a complete slut, so why didn’t he join in? If she got funny about it, well, he’d tell Lady Beales that he’d caught the girl at the cottage sucking off Storm and she’d probably call the police. He was now only inches behind the girl, who was too infatuated with the horse cock to notice anything else. Billy reached down and grabbed the base of the plug, pulling it out of her arse with a lewd, farting sound. The girl jerked her head back from the cock and looked over her shoulder, startled.

“Don’t stop, you little whore. Keep sucking that horse and I won’t tell anyone about this.”

The girl nodded and went back to pleasuring the beast with her mouth. Her hand hadn’t stopped working the horse’s prick. Billy’s cock was rock hard by now, and he rammed it straight into her gaping shitter. There was no lubrication needed thanks to the buttplug. The girl gave a groan, muffled by the mouthful of stallion prick. Billy began thrusting in and out of her accommodating dirtbox, his eyes transfixed on her head bobbing along Storm’s cock.

The truth was Charlotte was quite pleased with the new arrival – the only thing missing from the scenario was her being fucked as well, and now that was happening. Not just any fucking either, but a good, hard arse-fucking. Sure, there would be complications when this was all over, but right now Charlotte could only think of the cocks thrusting in each end of her. She could feel her cunt working overtime, the juices now flowing out of her. She dearly wished she had something in there as well. It was as if the man had read her mind, as she felt the filthy butt-plug being pressed up between her legs, between her slick flaps and into her steaming pussy, where it was gratefully gripped by well-trained muscles.

The thick horse-cock was now beginning to make Charlotte’s jaw ache a little, though the sensation the huge veins were causing as they pulsed in her mouth. It was like her face was being raped, and she loved the feeling, especially with the boy slamming her ring from behind – Charlotte had been spit-roasted on several occasions, but never with a horse at one end. She felt as if she was a piece of meat, as if the boy’s motions were forcing her along the horse’s dick, and it was sending her into overdrive as she came again and again. The horse was still being relatively docile – through her haze of animal desire she wondered whether it had been trained for this. Charlotte sighed into the beast’s cock as the butt-plug proved no match for the deluge of cream her cunt was producing as slid from between her legs.

The boy must have realised, however, as her gaping minge was only vacant for a few seconds before she felt a hand running through her muff and then four thick, strong coarse fingers snake into her steaming hole. By way of repayment she began to massage his cock with her well-trained anal muscles. She felt the man’s breath by her ear. “You dirty fucking cunt” he sneered as Charlotte’s eyes screwed up while another orgasm coursed through her body.

The horse had been so placid there was no warning when it reached orgasm. A bolt of cum as thick as yoghurt shot straight down her throat. Spluttering, she pulled the throbbing organ out of her mouth. A second slug splattered the left side of her face as her hand still jerked the rod; a third shot under the collar of her gown and down her back; a fourth plastered her tits. She licked the horse’s piss-hole to remove the last drip of thick, nutty cum from the tip before the attentions of the boy pulled her backwards.

Charlotte was left sitting on the boy reverse-cowgirl style as he thrust into her arsehole hard, one hand still roughly clutching her cunt and the other reaching up to smear the horse-cum on her chest over her jiggling tits. Billy was only human, however, and after only a few seconds more shot his hot jizz into her warm, clutching shitter, making her cum once again. Exhausted, she half slid half fell off his shrinking prick and slumped onto the ground. The boy regained his breath and moved forward onto his knees, shoving his dirty cock into her mouth. The dazed Charlotte licked the shrinking organ, slurping up the remnants of Billy’s spunk and her own waste while he wiped the horse-cum from his hand into her hair.

Finally he stood up and slipped his limp cock back into his trousers. “Sorry love, but if I don’t get this horse back, the boss will have my balls. Thanks, though.” Charlotte, still dizzy and exhausted from the fuck of her life, gurgled unintelligibly as the boy led the horse away. Her curvy thighs were almost stuck together by her juices, her contracting arsehole farted lewdly as spunk dribbled onto her buttocks, her heaving breasts shined with horse-cum and half of her face was still covered with the beast’s sticky semen. One hand was now gently teasing her engorged clit without her even realising. Just as the boy reached the crest of the hill, he turned and called back to her.

“You know, if it wasn’t for all that spunk on your face, you wouldn’t half look like that Charlotte Church bitch.”

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