Cupid’s Revenge Chapter 2 – On An Island In The Sun

Disclaimer – This story is entirely fictional and does not reflect any of the celebrities involved in its’
true personalities or sexual nature. That being said, enjoy! I appreciate any and all feedback, so if you love it or hate it, shoot me an e-mail at

“Eros! Eros! I took care of all of that stuff you asked me to do! I—-Ooooof!”
“Schmuck you idiot, why don’t you watch where you’re going and next time you won’t trip over those small clouds like that!”
“Sorry Eros, I’m just so excited, the letters are in the mail and I think they’re all going to come.”
“That’s great Schmuck, but how
many times have I told you not to call me Eros?”
“Sorry Ero- I mean Cupid.”
“And what are you doing bringing that CSSA reader with you?”
“I thought after that last time you were cool with CSSA?”
“I am cool with it, but that doesn’t mean I want the readers up here stinking up my cloud.”
“I’m sorry Eros, it won’t happen ag-”
“Ok, Ok Schmuck. I’ll let it slide this once, now go get me a fricking glass of nectar.”
“Yes sir boss, right away!”
Well now that my exciteable, if not too terribly bright sidekick is gone, I might as well explain what’s going on here. If you remember the last time you were here I was pretty pissed off about people writing sex stories about celebrities. I figured it was ruining my business and all that. But what I found out was that just the opposite was happening. People were reading these stories and it was actually a nice little addition to their everyday sex lives. As a matter of fact, those stories inspired me to go make some of my own celebrity fantasies come true. So that’s kind of what I’ve been up to lately.
And if you ask me, it’s none too soon. I read the National Enquirer just like you, and I can’t believe some of the things that are going on in Hollywood. Celebs cheating on one another, divorces out the wazoo. I mean where does it all end?
So I came up with a little plan. I’ve had Schmuck send out invitations to my private island to a few of Hollywood’s more notable couples. I figure that once they get there, they’ll be so swept up in romance that all of their troubles will be wiped away.
Why would I want to do that you ask?
Am I a hopeless romantic? Well Yes. Am I a horny bastard? Ummm, that too. But my main motivation is………… It’s my fucking job! I am the god of love people, and don’t you forget it. Unless you want me to make you fall in love with someone that makes William Hung or Kirstie Allie (the fat version) look like supermodels.
Now, you may recognize some of the employees on the island as I’ve shot a couple of ladies whom I find particularly attractive with temporary memory loss arrows in order to get their, um, “services.” But don’t worry, none of the couples will recognize them as they too have been hit with my arrows.
Anyway, I’m sure you’ve had enough of my jibber-jabber, so why don’t we take a peek in and see what happens?

Cupid’s Revenge Chapter 2 – On An Island in the Sun:

Starring: Jessica Simpson, Eva Mendes, Carmen Electra, Lita, Trish Stratus, Eva Longoria, Jamie Bergman and Maria Menounos.

As she ran out to check the mail, Jessica Simpson couldn’t help but reflect on the hectic times that had made up the last few months of her life. Shooting “The Dukes of Hazard” was much more work than she had anticipated and between that, her music career and wrapping up her show on MTV, she was just plain pooped and ready for some much needed R and R.
“Junk mail, junk mail, bill” she mumbled to herself as she sifted through the letters one by one.
“Junk mail, bill, jun- Oooh, what’s this?” she exclaimed as she glanced down at the heart shaped envelope in her hand.
Unable to contain herself, she gave in to her curiosity and tore open the pretty pink envelope. Inside she found two plane tickets and a letter which read:

Dear young and adventurous couple,

You are cordially invited to spend the weekend at the Touch of Romance resort located on the island of Mahari. At our resort you will experience bliss at it’s finest. From the romantic dinners to the private masseuse to the beautiful beaches, we’re sure you’ll have the time of your lives. In fact we’re so sure that in order to commemorate our grand opening, we’re inviting you and a guest to spend the weekend with us at no charge. That’s right, everything is free including transportation to and from the island. All that we ask in return is that you have the time of your lives and that you spread the word about our resort to all of your friends. We hope you come and allow us to rekindle the spark in your romance or just to enjoy a relaxing getaway.

Sincerely Yours,

Cassanova Velande – CEO

Jessica giggled as she finished reading.

“With a name like Cassanova, he sure is in the right business” she thought.

At first, she dismissed the letter as just another scam, but the more she continued to look at the pictures of the swimming pool and the beautiful scenery, the more she found herself desperately wanting to go.

“Why shouldn’t we enjoy some time by ourselves” she thought. And after all of the nasty tabloid articles written about them, a romantic getaway might be just the thing she and Nick needed. Now all she had to do was convince Nick of that.

“Here goes nothing” she thought as she headed into the house to try and persuade him.

A Simple Plan:

Amy was relaxing backstage after another rough taping of Raw when she spotted her longtime best friend and confidante Trish Stratus walking by.

“Hey sexy” she cooed before giving her best construction worker’s whistle.

Trish smiled as she strode over and sat down next to her friend.

“What’s up chick?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing much” Amy replied. “I was just thinking. I don’t think I’ve ever told you what a great friend you are and how I would never have made it through the last few months without you. You know, the whole Matt and Adam thing.”

“How big is it?” Trish asked with a grin.

“How big is what?” Amy replied.

“The favor you’re about to ask me to do” she answered.

“I’m that transparent, huh?”

“Uh-huh. I can always tell when you want something.”

“Well” she stammered. “It’s a pretty big favor.”

“How big we talking?” Trish demanded.

“Try Roseanne Barr’s ass big” Amy replied and as the words hung in the air, Trish noticed the ultra serious look on her face and burst out into inappropriate laughter. Soon they were both in such hysterics that everyone who walked by had to wonder what was going on.

“I’m sorry” Trish giggled, trying to calm herself down. “It was just the look on your face.”

“It’s cool” she replied. “I just hate to ask you this.”

“Amy, you know you’re my girl” she said. “What do you need me to do?” And with that Amy showed her the letter and laid out her plan.

Trish sat in stunned silence for a few minutes before blurting out “So you want me to ask Matt to go with me?”

“Right” Amy answered.

“And you’re going to ask Adam to go?”


“And somehow you think this will help smooth things over?”

“R-Right” she answered, but to Trish it sounded like she forced the answer out.

“Just who are you trying to convince here?” she asked. “Me or you?”

“I don’t know” she blurted. “All I know is that I fucked up royally and that if I don’t do something, things aren’t ever going to change. Maybe all four of us hanging out will get things back to the way it was. I just want things to go back to the way they were.”

Trish could see the tears welling in Amy’s eyes and she finally relented.

“OK” she said. “I’ll talk to Matt.”

“Thank you so much” she exclaimed as she threw her arms around her friends neck. “But just remember, he won’t go if he knows that Adam and I will be there so you’ll have to be sneaky.”

“Sneaky is my middle name” Trish answered with a wink. “I guess I’ll see you this weekend.”

That weekend:

Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra strolled into the dining room at the Touch of Romance resort and gasped to catch their breath. All around them was luxury the likes of which neither had ever seen before, which, in the celebrity universe is quite a feat.

“This place is fucking amazing” he exclaimed.

“You’re not kidding” Carmen replied, squeezing his arm tightly as they made their way to the long dinner table. The entire room was like something out of a movie with solid marble floors, crystal chandeliers and some of the finest artwork from around the world. As they made their way closer to the table, Carmen recognized some of the faces already seated. There was Nick and Jessica, and seated directly to their right was Eva Longoria with her boyfriend Tony Parker. On the other side of the table were David Boreanaz and his wife Jamie Bergman and next to them a couple who looked familiar, but whose names she didn’t know.

“Hey Jess” she squealed as the two friends hugged one another tightly.

“Hey Carmen” Jessica replied. “Isn’t this place amazing?”

“Yes it is” she answered. “Dave and I were just talking about that when we walked in. Our plane just arrived about an hour ago, so we haven’t had time to explore the place yet. We just barely had time to get ready for dinner.”

“Wait till you see the gym” Jessica said. “Oh and the pool, it’s simply to die f-”

“Uh honey” Dave interrupted. “Don’t you think it’s a little bit rude not to introduce yourself to the rest of the guests?”

“Oh, you’re right sweetie” she answered and extended her hand to Amy. “Hello, I’m Carmen.”

“Pleased to meet you” Amy answered. “I’m Amy and this is Adam.”

“You both look familiar” Carmen said. “Have I met either of you before?”

“I don’t think so” Adam answered. “You probably recognize us from television. We’re professional wrestlers.”

“Wrestler’s eh? Well maybe I can stop by later and you can show me some moves” she said slyly and winked at Adam. Both he and Amy shuffled nervously at her comment, neither one of them quite sure if she meant anything by it or if she was just being funny.

Dave just stood there politely, smiling and shaking hands. He knew that she wasn’t joking at all, and yet he was neither jealous nor angry. You see, Dave and Carmen had an open relationship. She could hook up with anyone she wanted to and so could he, and just as long as she kept coming back to him, everything was peachy.
Just then, the main door to the dining room flew open in grand style and in strode a tall man with black hair wearing a tuxedo.

“My friends” he said. “Welcome to the Touch of Romance Resort. I am your host, Mister Cassanova Velande and let me say that it is an honor to welcome all twelve of you to my vision of paradise.”
As soon as he finished speaking, a young woman in a maid’s outfit whispered something in his ear.

“Oh, I’m sorry, how embarrassing” he said. “It seems that our last two guests have only just arrived.”

A few moments later, Trish Stratus and Matt Hardy entered the room. As they approached the table, Matt saw Amy and Adam and his face turned to a scowl.

“You tricked me!” he yelled at Trish.”I can’t believe you did this to me, you bitch!”

“Please Matt, it was my idea” Amy exclaimed rushing over to him. “I put her up to it.”

“What the fuck is all of this!” Adam yelled as he too stood up. The others in the room just looked at each other quizically as the four wrestlers stood in a circle arguing.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on here, but you can count me out!” Matt yelled. “When does the next plane leave this place?”

“I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience sir” Cassanova said politely. “But the next plane doesn’t leave here until Monday morning. I’m afraid you’re stuck here for the weekend.”

“Fuck!” He yelled, pounding his fist on the table.

“I will see if I can arrange for a plane to take you home, but since you are here sir, might I suggest that you enjoy yourself?” Cassanova said.

“Just keep me away from those two” he replied, pointing at Amy and Adam and resigned himself to his fate.
Trish gave Amy a look as if to say “I told you so” but said nothing. Everyone took their seats and Cassanova continued his welcome speech amongst the uncomfortable silence.

“As I was saying” he continued. “Anything that you desire is just a phone call away. Our staff is here to please you.”

As the words escaped his mouth Jamie Bergman’s eyes strayed over to the two women and the man who were standing next to Cassanova. The women looked familiar to the guests, but none of them could quite put their finger on where they knew them from. One of the women was the very same who told Cassanova of Matt and Trish’s arrival. She looked to be in her early twenties and very attractive. As Jamie spotted her, she nudged David and whispered something in his ear. As she did, his face immediately lit up and he kissed his wife on the cheek.

The other woman was a gorgeous Hispanic lady dressed in what looked to be a business suit. She was standing next to a stocky bald man with an overbite who was obviously the chef.

“This is Maria” Cassanova began. “She will be in charge of cleaning the rooms and running errands for you. This is Jean-Pierre our resident chef who will be preparing the meals and this young woman is Eva Mendes.”

“And what does Eva do?” Nick asked as he looked the gorgeous woman up and down. Jessica noticed his gaze and immediately clenched her fists.

“Eva is our marriage and couples counselor” he said. “Vacation is one way to bring our couples closer together and Eva provides a service which we feel also helps strengthen that bond. She will be talking with each couple at some point throughout the weekend.”

“As a matter of fact Mr. Lachey” Eva began. “I believe I am scheduled to meet with you and your wife this very evening.”

“Well we certainly look forward to it” Nick babbled.

“Yeah right” Jessica thought as she gave her husband the evil eye. “Since when does he want to go to marriage counseling?”

“Well then” Cassanova interjected. “Now that the pleasantries are through with, let’s say we enjoy the wonderful dinner which Jean-Pierre has prepared for us.” And with that, the couples sat down and enjoyed one of the finest meals which any of them had ever had.


Jessica and Nick had barely spoken since dinner and as they stood outside of Eva’s office, the tension between them was running noticeably high. As Nick raised his fist to knock on the door, Jessica stopped him.

“You like her don’t you?” she asked him.

“Who?” he replied, trying to play dumb.

“You know who” she snapped. “Eva!”

“She’s an attractive woman” he answered. “But that’s it.”

“Who’s prettier?” Jessica pouted.

“Baby, don’t make me answer such stupid questions” he replied.

“I want an answer” she said.

“You of course” he said. “You know I love you.” And with that, she smiled and kissed her husband.

“We better knock” Nick said as he broke the kiss, but just as he went to rap on the door, it opened up.

“Hello Nick. Hello Jessica” Eva said cheerfully. “Why don’t you two come in?”

As they entered the room, Jessica took a look around and noted all of the awards on the wall and the lovely couch directly facing the large leather chair a foot away. Nick and Jessica took their seats on the couch and Eva sat down in the chair across from them. As she did, she crossed her gorgeous tan legs and Jessica’s face reddened.

“That skirt seems awfully short for a marriage counselor” she thought to herself. “I can see why she’s got Nick so entranced.”

“So, how are you two enjoying your stay so far?” Eva asked.

“It’s been amazing” Nick replied. “I mean the facilities are absolutely world class and everyone on your staff has been amazingly friendly.”

“Some a little bit too friendly” Jessica muttered.

“What’s that?” Eva asked.

“Oh nothing” she backpedaled. “I’m just babbling.”

“Are we going to do this in front of Eva?” Nick asked, clearly agitated. “I’m sure she doesn’t feel like listening to your petty jealousy issues.”

“You seem to be awfully worried about what Eva thinks!” Jessica blurted, now close to tears. “But you never seem to worry about what I think.”

“What are you talking about?” He yelled. “I always care about what you think.”

“What about that backup dancer of yours?” she snapped. “Don’t think I didn’t hear about her.”

“Baby, I told you, nothing happened. That was all bullshit made up by the tabloids to sell papers” He replied. “Eva, I’m sorry you have to hear all of this.”

“It’s quite allright” she answered. “It’s my job, and besides that, jealousy is a natural part of any relationship. Especially when it comes to a celebrity couple.”

“But what can we do to fix these issues?” Nick asked as Jessica sat quietly sniffling.

“Well, you have to learn to trust one another” she replied. “Jessica, would you and Nick be up for some trust and jealousy exercises?”

“I guess so” she said quietly.

“Ok, then I want you to tell me what you are feeling each step of the way, OK?”

“OK” Jessica answered and with that Eva stood up and walked over to Nick. As he sat on the couch, Eva leaned over and planted a kiss on Nick’s lips, softly pulling away leaving him wanting more.

“How did you feel just then?” Eva asked.

“Jealous, angry and hurt. I mean that’s my husband, how could you just kiss him in fro-” she began, but was cut off as Eva leaned down and planted a sweet, salty kiss right on the voluptuous blonde’s lips. As she felt Eva massaging her lips with her own, Jessica found herself more turned on than she could ever remember being in her life.

“Whoa” she managed to say as Eva pulled away and went back and straddled Nick’s lap, giving him a more extended kiss.

“Are you still jealous?” Eva asked when she finally came up for air.

“Yes” Jessica squeaked. “But this time I’m jealous of Nick getting to kiss you.”

“I think we’ve learned a valuable lesson here” Eva began as she started to unbutton her shirt. “And that is that jealousy is bad and sharing can be wonderful.” And with that, Jessica pulled her over for a long French kiss.

As the two women hungrily kissed one another, Nick was unzipping the back of Eva’s skirt and hastily sliding it down past her legs. He paused for a moment to admire her perfectly shaped ass covered only in the tiniest of black thongs. Meanwhile, Eva had her hands all over Jessica’s massive boobs, ripping her shirt and bra off before greedily sucking her hardened nipples.

“Ooooohhh yes!” Jessica moaned as Eva continued slurping away. “Lick my titties! Please, please, please.” Eva eagerly fulfilled the young starlets wish, biting gently on the hardened nipples which jutted out in front of her. While this was going on, Nick had managed to work his pants off and get his cock free. He yanked Eva’s panties to the side and slid his cock into her awaiting pussy.

“Unngghhhh!” Eva moaned as Nick slid his cock in and out of her wet pussy. “That’s it, that’s it” she cried, clenching down on Nick’s shaft as he fucked her for all he was worth.

“Fuck her baby! Fuck her hard!” Jessica squealed as she watched her husband pump away at Eva’s snatch. As Eva’s moans filled the room, Jessica slid her pants and panties off and started to rub her own pussy. Watching her husband take this hot woman from behind had Jessica worked into a frenzy and she furiously rubbed at her swollen clit as he continued his fucking.

“Flip her over” Jessica begged. “I want to see if this slut knows as much about eating pussy as she does about counseling.” Nick did what his wife wanted him to do and flipped Eva over onto her back. Was this his wife saying all of these dirty things? Was this the Jessica who had never had sex with anyone but him? Nick didn’t know, but he was loving every second of it.

As Eva lay on her back now getting fucked missionary style by Nick, Jessica crawled over top of her and squatted over her face. Eva responded by burying her tongue into Jessica’s dripping wet pussy and lapping away at her clit.

“Ooooh yes! Eva, you’re so good, mmmmmmm!” Jessica moaned as Eva lapped away. “Eat that pussy baby! Please make me come!”

A few minutes later, Jessica exploded in orgasm all over Eva’s face as Eva lapped up Jessica’s pussy juice.

“I’m going to come” Nick cried

“Not inside me” Eva instructed. “I want you to shoot your load all over your wife’s beautiful big tits and then I want to lick it off of them.”

“Do you want that?” Eva asked Jessica. “Do you want me licking come off of your titties?”

“Yes” Jessica hissed. “I want that so bad.”

“Then beg for it” Eva teased.

“Please Nick” Jessica cried. “Please shoot your load on my big tits so Eva can lick them clean.” And with that, he pulled out and crawled over to Jessica. As he jacked himself off to orgasm, a thick load of white come erupted from Nick’s cock and landed squarely on Jessica’s chest, splattering all over her right nipple and both breasts. Eva crawled over and began to suck on the young singer’s tits once again and lick the come off of them. But before she swallowed any, she crawled up to Jessica’s mouth and gave her a big come filled French kiss.
As the three lay there in post-coital bliss, Eva said “I think you two kids are going to be just fine.”

Tag Team Champs:

Trish, Amy and Adam were standing in the lobby talking when they spotted Nick and Jessica leaving Eva’s office smiling ear to ear.

“I wonder what they’re so happy about?” Trish remarked loudly enough so that Nick heard them.

“Just some great counseling, that’s all” he laughed. “And judging from that scene at dinner, I’d reccommend the three of you and your friend go see her, she’ll fix whatever issues you’ve got, right baby?”

“You said it” Jessica giggled and they raced up the stairs toward their room.

“And people think wrestlers are strange” Amy quipped as all three of them burst into laughter. As they stood there laughing, no one noticed the figure walking up behind them.

“Hey guys” came the sexy voice from behind and they all spun around to see Carmen standing there clad in a tank top and a short pair of sexy athletic shorts.

“Hey Carmen” Adam said as Amy just rolled her eyes. “What’s up?”

“Oh nothing” she said. “I was just headed over to the gym to work out and I was wondering if I could get a professional like yourself to show me a few pointers?”

“Sure” he replied almost before she finished her question. But when he glanced over at Amy he started to backpedal. “But maybe Amy would be able to help you out more than I could. Most of my workouts are for muscle building rather than toning.”

“Don’t be silly” Amy chimed in. “I’m sure you can show her plenty of good exercises.”

“Are you sure?” Adam asked, but Carmen was already leading him away.

“Go on, have fun” she answered.

“Oh, we will” Carmen said over her shoulder.
As they rounded the corner and headed down the hallway, Trish turned to her friend with concern.

“Aren’t you worried she’ll be all over him?” Trish asked.

“Oh, I know she will be” Amy answered confidently. “But they won’t be able to do anything.”

“What makes you so sure” Trish asked.

“Because it’s 7:00” she replied. “And 7:00 is when Matt works out. He’ll be in the gym to stop anything that may develop.”

“Oh, You’re good” Trish said with a smile.

“Still” Amy said, the expression on her face changing. “She is pretty hot, we’d better go spy on them.” And with that, they snuck down the hallway towards the gym to see what would go down.

When they got to the gym, Trish and Amy peeked inside to see what was going on. Matt was on one side of the gym doing bench presses while Adam and Carmen were on the other side doing squats.

“That’s it” Adam said. “Good work.”

“Mmmm, smart and handsome” Carmen cooed as he pointed out the flaws in her technique. But as she made the comment, she heard laughter from the other side of the room.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Smart and handsome?” Matt asked. “Surely you’re not talking about this piece of shit are you?”

“Shut the fuck up asshole” Adam yelled which brought Matt storming across the gym.

“Or you’ll do what, pussy?” He snarled.

“Or I’ll fuck you up, that’s what” Adam shot back. But as Matt went to push Adam, Carmen jumped between them.

“Boys! Boys! Boys!” she yelled. “Can’t you two just put all of this bullshit behind you.”

“I don’t think so” Matt answered as he glared at Adam. “He fucked my girl!”

“All of this over one girl?” She asked incredulously before bursting into laughter.

“What’s so funny?” both of the wrestlers asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry” She said as her giggling subsided. “It’s just that there are so many hot girls out there just waiting to get fucked by a couple of studs like you and I’m wondering why you would want to settle for just one?”
Matt went to say something when Carmen cut him off.

“I know I’d hate to have to choose only one” she said in a seductive voice as she backed into Matt and began grinding her ass on his cock. “So what do you boys say, why don’t you both put all of this behind you and fuck me?”

“You know” Matt began. “For the record I still hate his guts, but I think I can overlook that for a fine piece of ass like yourself.” And with that, Carmen dropped to her knees, pulled down Matt’s shorts and began to slowly lick and suck his shaft.
Outside the gym, Amy and Trish watched in stunned silence as Adam slid his shorts off and crept up behind Carmen. Trish started to walk into the room to break things up when Amy grabbed her by the arm and stopped her.

“Fuck it” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “I guess I deserve it.” Trish tried to reply but Amy just ran off towards her room crying.

“Amy!” Trish called before chasing after her friend.

Back in the gym, Carmen was working Matt’s cock with a vengeance, working her lips up and down over his shaft, pausing to blow on the top of his cockhead when she got to the top.

As he listened to Carmen slurping away, Adam fumbled around before finally managing to get her shorts down around her ankles. He was pleased to find that she wasn’t wearing panties of any kind and took a moment to admire her perfect ass before he thrust his cock into her pussy and began to pound away from behind.

“Fuck yeah girl, that’s it” Matt groaned as Carmen continued to suck away. “Ohhh, yes, I’m gonna come all over your pretty face” Matt’s semen exploded from his cock and coated the back of Carmen’s throat. The come that she didn’t swallow ended up all over her lips and face and all the while Adam continued to pound her from behind. As Matt laid down to recover, Adam continued to work Carmen over, hungrily pumping away at her quivering pussy.

“Ooooohhhhh! Fuck yes!” she moaned as Adam slapped her on the ass. “That’s it, fuck me harder!” Hearing her moans and cries had Adam ready to blow his load and when he did, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot his come onto her ass before collapsing.

“I know that’s not all you boys have got” she cooed as she ripped her shirt off. She laid down on her back and spread her legs wide open before spreading open her pussy lips with her fingers.
“See anything you want Matt?” she teased.

“Oh yeah” he replied, finally ready for another go. “I’m gonna give you the best fuck you’ve ever had.” And with that he crawled over to her and began to fuck her.

“Yes! Yes! Yeeesssssss!!” Carmen screamed as Matt grabbed her ankles and pumped her faster and faster. After a few minutes of watching, Adam got back in the action as he squatted over Carmen’s huge breasts, squeezed them around his cock and began to tit fuck her.

“You like that?” he asked. “You like me fucking your tits?”

“Oooohhhh yeah!” she moaned in response as she felt Adam’s cock sliding between her breasts and Matt’s cock filling up her love canal. “I love getting fucked by both you studs at the same time!”

“Yeah, come for me you little slut!” Matt commanded.

“I’m commmminnng!” she cried as she felt her orgasm approach.”I’m coming for you!” And hearing Carmen’s orgasm set Matt off again as he shot his load into her awaiting cunt. A few seconds later, Adam had his second orgasm, sending a wave of semen splattering across Carmen’s face and hair.

“Wait till I tell Dave about this one” she said as her breathing began to slow down finally and all three of them burst into laughter. A little while later, all three had managed to clean up as best they could and had gotten dressed.

“I’ll see you boys later” Carmen said as she kissed each of them goodbye. “Dave and I have an appointment with Eva here in about an hour.”

“Bye Carmen” they said as they watched her sexy ass slink out the doorway.

“Are we cool?” Adam asked and extended his hand.

“Yeah, we’re cool” he replied as he shook Adam’s hand, but already Matt was cooking up a revenge scheme in his mind.

“Hey buddy, will you do me a favor and grab me a couple more of those 50 pound weights out of the supply closet over there?” He asked.

“Sure man” Adam replied. But no sooner had he entered the supply room then he found the door behind him slammed shut.

“Hey what the fuck!” He yelled.

“Sorry dude, but fucking some slut doesn’t make us cool by a long shot” Matt replied. “Hope you have a nice night in there. Oh and by the way, your girlfriend saw what was going down and I don’t think she’s going to buy your excuse when you tell her where you’ve been all night.”

“Let me out of here asshole!” Adam roared, but already Matt was turning off the lights in the gym and walking out leaving only the muffled sound of Adam yelling in the background.

Soul Mates:

“Amy wait” Trish called as she chased up the stairs after her friend. But when she got to Amy’s room, she was nowhere to be found. After spending the next hour and a half searching for her, Trish finally gave up. But as she was heading back to her room, she ran into Matt waiting in the lobby with his suitcase.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked.

“Cassanova arranged for his private jet to take me back home, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do” he answered.

“So what you just hurt Amy like that and take off?” she shot back.

“Hey wait just a minute” he said. “She’s the one that cheated on me, I’m not involved with anyone, so what I did with Carmen is none of her business.”

“Yeah, but Adam is” Trish answered meekly knowing that what Matt had said was right.

“Adam, Adam, Adam” Matt said with a grin. “Something tells me that old Adam isn’t too concerned about Amy right about now.”

“What are you saying?” Trish asked.

“I’m just saying that Adam and Carmen left together and I don’t think they’ll be back tonight” he answered.

“Fuck!” Trish said. “And how am I supposed to break the news to Amy?”

“Actually I just saw her a few minutes ago in our room and I told her” Matt said, still grinning as the car outside pulled up.

“Looks like my ride’s here” He said cheerfully, and with that he walked out the door to catch his ride while Trish ran up to their room to find her friend. When she opened the door she found Amy sitting on the edge of her beed crying.

“Oh sweetie, don’t cry” Trish said as she sat down next to Amy and gently rubbed her back. “He’s not worth crying over.”

“I know” she sobbed. “I just can’t believe how badly my plan backfired. I mean, instead of everyone making up, I lose Matt forever and now it looks like I’ve lost Adam too. I thought he was my soul mate.”

“Shhhhh” Trish said, still trying to console her friend. She couldn’t stand to see her Amy sitting there so sad, so vulnerable, so……beautiful.

“At least I still have you” Amy said as she looked into Trish’s eyes.

“You’ll always have me baby” Trish whispered as she leaned over and kissed Amy gently on the forehead. As she pulled back slightly Amy noticed sympathy in Trish’s eyes but also a look that she had seen there many times before but never could figure out what it was. Only now did she realize what that look in Trish’s eyes was; it was lust.

As she wiped the tears away from Amy’s eyes with her hand, Trish leaned in to kiss her on the forehead again and then she softly planted a kiss on her nose and finally one on her lips.

“Trish, what are you doing?” Amy asked, not quite sure what to make of things.

“I’m just trying to make you feel good” she whispered. “I just want both of us to feel good.”

“Yeah but I’m not into girls” Amy replied. “And I didn’t think you were either.”

“I’m into you baby” she whispered into Amy’s ear as she gently nibbled at it and rubbed her exposed midriff with her left hand. “I’ve wanted to make love to you for so long, but I never knew how to tell you.”

“Trish, you should have said something, you should have…..” she began but Trish cut her off with another kiss. This one was longer than the first and this time Amy didn’t resist. Her mind told her to run screaming from the room as Trish worked her tongue into her mouth, but her body wouldn’t listen.

When she finally broke the kiss Trish said “Tell me you don’t want this at all and I’ll never bother you again.” But Amy couldn’t say it because deep down she felt the same way about Trish as Trish did about her.

“Fuck it!” she declared as she threw her arms around Trish’s neck and attacked her with another French kiss. The two divas fell backwards onto the bed kissing as Trish rolled over to where she was on top of Amy.

“I want you to forget about those boys” she panted between kisses as Amy lifted her shirt over top of her head exposing Trish’s luscious breasts. She greedily grabbed Trish’s breasts with both hands and pulled them to her mouth, hungrily sucking away at her engorged nipples.

“What boys?” Amy asked as she slid one hand down the front of Trish’s pants and began rubbing her pussy.

“That’s it sweetie, right there” Trish cooed as Amy slurped away. “All those times I’ve thought about fucking you. All those lonely nights touching myself to thoughts of you. And now I’ve got you don’t I?”

“Uh huh” Amy managed to say with Trish’s right breast filling her mouth.
Trish pulled her boob out of Lita’s mouth and went to kiss her.

“Tell me you’re mine” she said before planting a long kiss on her mouth.

“I’m yours” Amy answered before Trish jumped up and took her pants and panties off. Amy had seen her friend naked before many times, but only now did she realize just what a perfect body Trish really had.

“Well I’m yours too” Trish said playfully. “And since I’m yours, what are you going to do with me?”

“Oh, I’ve got a few things in mind” Amy giggled as she pulled Trish down onto the bed and moved down between her legs. Amy spread Trish’s sculpted legs up and gently kissed the inside of one thigh all the way up before stopping just short of her pussy. She then moved to the other leg and did the same thing as Trish writhed in anticipation.

“Oh, fuck me Amy! Eat my pussy like I know you want to!”
Finally Amy ended her friends sweet torment by gently licking up and down Trish’s slit, focusing on her clit.

“Unngghhh!! Yessss! That feels soooo good Amy!” she screamed as Amy worked her middle finger into Trish’s love canal and slid it in and out. Slurp, slurp, slurp came the sounds from Amy but they were almost drown out by Trish’s moans.

Amy kept sucking and licking away at Trish’s clit as she bucked her hips higher and higher the closer her orgasm got.

“Fuck yes! Make me come girl! Oh yesssssssssssss!” she screamed as the floodgates opened and she came all over Amy’s fingers and mouth. Amy gently lapped up Trish’s juices before raising up to kiss her friend.

“You like the taste of your own pussy don’t you?” Amy teased as she and Trish shared a girl juice filled kiss.

“I bet I like the taste of yours better though” she said with a big grin as Amy kicked off her pants and panties and removed her top and bra.

“I love your tattoo” Trish said as she worked her kisses down Amy’s neck and shoulder towards her breasts. When she finally reached Amy’s tits, her nipples were jutting out at least an inch in excitement. Trish wasted no time and began sucking away at Amy’s mammoth tits, gently biting and twisting her nipples with her fingers.

“Oooohhh yes! Trish, bite my tits! That’s it!”
When she had had her fill of Amy’s tit’s, Trish began to plant kisses down the fiery red heads stomach and stopped just above her slit.

“Oh, I forgot, you don’t like girls” Trish teased. “I’d better stop.”

“Please don’t stop” Amy begged. “I need you to fuck me.”

“What’s that?” Trish asked. “What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me!” Amy cried. “I want you to eat my pussy!”

“But I’m a girl” Trish continued. “Are you saying that you’re into girls?”

“Yes!” Amy moaned. “I want a woman to fuck me! I don’t want men at all! Please baby, I need you inside me!”

“Okay” Trish said with a big smile on her face finally relenting. “I’m going to fuck you good.”
She wasted no time in burying her face into Amy’s awaiting pussy, gently circling her clit with her tongue before rubbing it with her thumb and finger.

“Fuck yes!” Amy moaned as Trish worked her tongue deep inside her slit. “You eat pussy better than any man I’ve ever had”
As Trish continued to work Amy’s pussy with her tongue and fingers, she slid her middle finger from the other hand gently into Amy’s asshole. Amy gasped and bucked as she felt this new pleasure and almost passed out.

“Oh please, fuck my asshole!! Fuck me like the slut I am!” she cried.

“Whose slut are you?” Trish asked.

“Yours, Trish! I belong to you!” Amy moaned as Trish finally worked her to a climax. Trish let Amy lick her pussy juice off of her fingers before they softly kissed.

As they laid on the bed cuddling and gently kissing, Trish looked at her friend and saw her smiling for the first time in a long time.

“What’s the smile about baby?” Trish asked.

“Oh, I was just thinking” Amys said. “No Matt. No Adam. Looks like we’ve got all night to make up for lost time.” And with that, they began what ended up being an all night love making marathon.

The Show:

Eva Longoria sat outside on the balcony of her room bathed in the moonlight and thinking about just how wonderful the place really was. As she watched a group of people splash around in the pool below, she thought to herself that she couldn’t ever remember being this happy. Her show ‘Desperate Houswives’ was a hit not only with the fans, but also the critics. Not only that, but it was giving her the notoriety she needed to move on to even more exciting roles. In addition, it seemed like every time she talked to her agent, another cosmetics company wanted her to endorse their product or another magazine wanted to put her picture on the cover. Yes, things were certainly going good with her career, but even more important to Eva, her lovelife had never been better.

Eva had always been one to jump from boyfriend to boyfriend like most people change clothes, but now much to her surprise, she found herself settling into a nice relationship. She and her famous basketball playing boyfriend, Tony were getting along like newlyweds even before the trip. So much so that they almost didn’t come.

“Boy would that have been a mistake” She thought. The place was pure magic. How a couple could come here and not end up closer together was certainly unfathomable to Eva.

“What are you looking at babe?” Tony asked, shaking Eva back to reality.

“I was just looking at the moon” She answered. “Don’t you think it’s beautiful tonight?”

“I think you’re beautiful” He replied as he came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck. Eva was wearing only a pink satin chemise which she had bought from Victoria’s Secret just for the trip.

“I love your nightgown” he said as he cupped one of her breasts in one hand and slid the other one down to her thigh and continued kissing her neck.

“I thought you might” she giggled.

“Come on” He said. “Let’s go inside.” But as he tugged on her hand, Eva stayed put.

“Let’s do it out here” she whispered.

“What about those people downstairs in the pool?” He asked.

“I think they’re just part of the staff” she answered. “I say we give them a show.”
Tony gave no further objections and slid his boxer shorts off before lifting Eva’s chemise up over her head, revealing her fantastic nude body to anyone who cared to look up. He worked his throbbing cock into her pussy and began to slide it in and out as Eva softly moaned.

“Ooooohh Yeah!” She moaned as Tony filled her completely. “Fuck yes”
As Tony worked his cock rapidly in and out of Eva’s wet snatch, her moans grew louder and louder until Tony was sure everyone below could hear her. Not that he cared, all Tony was focused on was the vise like grip Eva’s cunt put on his dick as he pumped and pumped.

Just as he thought Eva was about to climax she said to him “I want you in my ass.”

“Are you sure baby?” He asked. For as much as he had wanted to penetrate her perfect ass, Eva had thus far refused him.

“Yes I’m sure” she said. “I want you to ram your cock up my ass so hard that I can’t sit down for a week. I need to feel you inside me.”

No more convincing was necessary as Tony pulled his cock from Eva’s pussy and spit on her asshole before gently easing the head inside. Eva gasped as she felt Tony slide the rest of his dick inside and begin to pump away.

“Ohh Yes! Fuck my asshole!” She screamed while at the same time working her fingers into her pussy. “That feels soooo good!”
Tony could feel his orgasm approaching and cried out “Eva I’m gonna come!”

“Come all over my face!” She commanded as he pulled out and she turned around and knelt down. As she continued working her pussy with her fingers, Eva soon felt the blast of warm come splash across her face. She took her fingers out of her snatch and wiped the come off of her face before licking her fingers clean.

Down below, she and Tony heard clapping from whatever strangers were swimming in the pool that night.

“Hope they liked the show” Tony mused as he and Eva headed inside.

“I’m sure they did” she laughed.

Fun in the Sun:

The next morning, as Eva lightly strolled down the path towards the swimming pool she couldn’t help but smile. It seemed to her that everyone she met from the resort staff gave her an extra warm smile and a sly wink as she passed them by.

“Probably the highlight of their year” she thought to herself as she remembered the show that she and Tony had given them the previous night.

As she entered the pool area, Eva spotted a young woman wearing a pink bikini lying by the pool catching some rays. Eva instantly recognized the buxom blonde and laid down next to her.

“Well if it isn’t Miss Daisy Duke” she teased, waking Jessica Simpson up from her cat nap.

“Hey Eva” she said cheerfully. “What’s up?”

“Apparently not you” she said. “You were out cold. Late night?”

“You can say that again” Jessica said with a smile. “Nick and I visited with that couples counselor Eva and she really helped us to rekindle things. Needless to say, I was up quite late.”

“Must be some counseling” Eva replied suspiciously. “Tony and I are supposed to visit with her later tonight.”

“Lucky you” she answered. “If you two are having any kind of difficulties at all, she’ll straighten you out.”

“Actually, things couldn’t be better.” Eva replied before recounting the previous nights exploits to her new friend. As she did so, Eva noticed that Jessica seemed noticeably aroused.

“Oh my gosh” Jessica exclaimed. “That must have been so exciting doing it in public like that.”

“You have no idea” she answered, again noticing Jessica’s nipples straining against the material of her swimsuit. A wicked smile crossed Eva’s face and she quickly decided to make a move.

“Let me get some lotion on you before you burn up girl” she said to Jessica to which the young singer readily agreed.
Jessica sat up and Eva slid behind her, slathering up her hands with suntan oil. She gently began to alternate rubbing the oil into Jessica’s back and massaging her shoulders.

“Mmmm” Jessica moaned lightly as Eva ran her hands lightly across Jessica’s neck.

“Does that feel good?” Eva whispered.

“It feels so good” Jessica replied, still unaware that she was being ensnared in Eva’s web of seduction. But soon enough, Eva could no longer resist and reached around to squeeze Jessica’s firm tits in her hands as she seductively licked the back of her neck.

“Wh-What are you doing?” Jessica protested, but to no avail.

“I’m about to fuck you” Eva answered matter of factly as Jessica stiffened up. “You can’t tell me you weren’t turned on when I told you about Tony and I last night.”

“I was turned on” Jessica answered as Eva nibbled on her ear. “I just….Ooooohhh. What if somebody comes?”

“Let them come” Eva answered as she untied Jessica’s bikini top and let it fall, exposing the blondes rock hard nipples.

“Somebody looks awfully horny” she teased as Jessica finally gave in. She spun around to face Eva as the two women began fiercely making out. Their tongues swirled together and probed each other’s mouths as their hands greedily explored each other’s bodies.

“You ever been with a girl?” Eva asked as she slid her hand down the front of Jessica’s panties.

“Unnnghhh” She moaned as Eva slid her finger inside Jessica’s moist slit. “Just with Eva last night.”

“How did her pussy taste?”

“I don’t–I didn’t get to try” Jessica stammered.

“Well, don’t worry sweetie” Eva teased. “When I’m done with you this morning you’ll have plenty of pussy eating experience.”
Eva lowered her down onto her back before hungrily licking and sucking on Jessica’s breasts.

“Your tits are perfect” Jessica heard Eva say between the slurping and sucking sounds. “But I bet they don’t taste as sweet as your snatch, do they?” And with that, Eva took her fingers out of Jessica’s pussy and in front of her mouth, letting the blonde suck her own juices from them.

“How does your pussy juice taste?” She asked. “Do you like it?”

“Mmmmmm, I love it” Jessica moaned.

“I’ll just have to see for myself” Eva said as she slid down between Jessica’s legs and untied her bikini bottoms. Jessica quickly tossed the swimsuit to the side and got on all fours with her face on the ground and her ass in the air as Eva moved in behind her. She smacked Jessica’s bare bottom before lowering herself down to eat her out.

“Oooooohhhhh!” Jessica moaned as Eva worked her tongue into her dripping wet snatch. “That feels soooo good!”

After licking Jessica’s cunt for some time, Eva reached up and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her puckered asshole to the cool air before burying her tongue at least an inch deep inside.

“Unnngghhhh!” She cried as Eva tossed her salad and used one of her hands to rub Jessica’s clit. “Please, eat my ass! Don’t Stop!”

Eva had no intention of stopping and she soon had Jessica moaning and writhing as her orgasm approached.

“Evvvaaaaaa!! I’m Commmminnngggg!!” She screamed in orgasmic pleasure as her juices ran down Eva’s chin. As her orgasm subsided, Jessica pulled Eva towards her and the two once again began hungrily French kissing one another.

“My turn” Jessica exclaimed as she pushed Eva down onto the gound. No longer was Jessica the shy girl she was at first, but now a pussy starved lesbian slut. She hastily pulled off Eva’s bikini bottoms as she laid on her back and lifted her legs into the air. Jessica wasted no time in attacking Eva’s pussy, spreading her labia lips open with her fingers and working her tongue inside, focusing on her clit as the sexy latina woman bucked in ecstacy.

“Ohhh my God! Yes!!” She cried as Jessica hungrily lapped away, working her fingers into Eva’s slit at the same time. “You eat pussy so well!”

Jessica smiled to herself as she slurped away at Eva’s dripping wet snatch. All she was doing was what felt good to her and Eva was loving it. Soon, she could hear Eva’s breathing become more jagged and knew that her orgasm was close. Jessica slid her middle finger into Eva’s asshole for an extra little something as Eva reached a loud climax.

“That was great” Eva exclaimed as she laid back down on the beach towel.

“I’m not done with you yet” Jessica exclaimed as she pulled Eva towards her. Eva enjoyed having the tables turned on her and soon the two women had their legs interlocked and were rubbing their pussies against each other.

“Ooooh, yessss!” They moaned together as the friction built. “Ohhhhhhh, fuck yesss!”
After a few minutes, they had both come again and were lying in a heap on the ground softly kissing.

“I’ve got to meet Nick for lunch” Jessica said when they finally stopped kissing. “But I definitely think the four of us should get together some time.”

“How about tonight?” Eva said with a wink and they both started laughing.

Room Service:

“Holy Shit!” David yelled as he sprung from the bed. The “Angel” star and his wife Jamie Bergman had been fast asleep when they were suddenly awoken by the sound of the door opening.

“I’m so sorry sir” The lovely maid said as she started to back out of the room.

“It’s okay” He insisted. “You just scared the shit out of me is all. Do all of the maids around here just come barging in like that?”

“I knocked several times” Maria replied. “I just figured no one was in here. But I’d be happy to come back later.”

“That’d be gr-” He started to say, but when he looked at the grin on Jamie’s face, he changed his tune.

“You know what?” He said. “It’s time we got up anyway. Why don’t you come on in and do your thing.”

“If you’re sure” She replied.

“I’m sure” He answered.

As annoyed as David had been when Maria first woke him up, he was that much more excited now. You see, he and Jamie had always talked about adding another woman to their sexual escapades but they hadn’t actually done so yet. The running joke between them would be anytime an attractive woman passed, Jamie would ask ‘How about her?’ Things had always just been on the joking level though because usually the woman was just passing by. But this time things were different. From the moment Jamie had spotted Maria at dinner the previous night, she hadn’t stopped talking about her. She and David had been plotting ways to lure her up to their room, and now it seemed that fate had conspired to make that a reality.

“So how long have you worked here?” Jamie asked as Maria tidied up the room.

“You know” Maria answered. “This sounds weird, but I’m not really sure.”

“Well we think you do an excellent job” Jamie replied. “Right David?”

“Yeah, I mean Yes. Certainly. Yes we do” he babbled as Jamie elbowed him in the ribs. He had been staring at Maria’s ass as she bent over to empty the waste basket and her question had brought him back to Earth.

“Well thank you” Maria replied cheerfully as she turned to look at them.

“Remind me to thank whoever designed the outfits here” David thought to himself as he admired Maria’s body. She was wearing an old school looking French maid’s outfit that was low cut enough to expose ample amounts of cleavage and short enough to show off her thigh high stockings and garter belt. As he stared, he was afraid that his erection would pop through the boxer shorts he was wearing and scare Maria off.

“Well, that about does it except for the bed” Maria said as she finished swapping out the towels in the bathroom. “Unless you two need anything else?”

“Actually, there is one thing” Jamie said coyly as she beckoned the unsuspecting Maria over.

“What’s up?” Maria asked as she stood by the bed.

“Just this” Jamie answered as she took Maria’s and and led it under the covers to David’s erection.
She smiled at the surprised look on Maria’s face before saying “I think this is going to need some polishing and I wanted to know if you could help me out with that?”

Maria glanced nervously over her shoulder towards the door. It was closed, but still her heart was beating faster than she could ever remember. David had a nervous grin on his face, but Jamie had a sexy, confident look like she knew what Maria’s answer would be even before she did.

“What should I do?” She thought to herself as Jamie lightly stroked her hand which still hadn’t left David’s cock. While she was certainly no prude, Maria had never had anything like this happen to her before.

“Oh, what the hell” she thought as she knelt down beside the bed.

“I think I can help with that” Maria finally answered as she threw back the covers of the bed. She and Jamie slid David’s boxers off before they started making out right above him. After several minutes of kissing, they turned their attention back to David, taking turns sucking his cock while the other one licked his balls.

“Ohhh yeah” He groaned as they both worked their lips up the sides of his cock, pausing to kiss one another when they got to the top.

“Suck that cock” Jamie commanded as Maria bobbed up and down on his shaft while she worked his shaft with her hand.

“I’m gonna come” David cried as they continued working him over. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Maria pulled off slightly as David shot his load straight up into the air like an oil well, thick come splattering both women’s faces and hair. Jamie grabbed Maria’s head with both hands and pulled her over for a juicy, come laden kiss.
David scooted slightly over to recover as Maria climbed over him and the rest of the way onto the bed where she and Jamie hungrily went at it with each other. As Jamie lifted the tee shirt she slept in up over her head, leaving her completely nude, David was busy unzipping the back of Maria’s dress.

Maria hungrily slurped away at Jamie’s huge breasts as David slid her dress of leaving her clad only in her panties, garter belt and stockings.

“That’s it, suck my titties” Jamie cried as Maria lightly bit one of her nipples.

No longer able to contain their lust for one another, the two women laid down on their side on the bed in the 69 position and began to lap away at one another’s pussies. So bad did she want her, Jamie just yanked Maria’s panties to the side in order to get at her snatch rather than taking the time to remove them.

“Ooooohhhhh Yesss!!” Jamie moaned. “You love eating pussy, don’t you you little slut?”

“Mmmmm Hmmmm!!” Maria managed to get out, not wanting to take her tongue away from Jamie’s snatch even for an instant.

“Fuck Me!! Fuck me with your tongue!!” Jamie cried as she felt Maria’s fingers and tongue working her swollen clit.
“Uhhhhhhh, Ooooohhhh!!!”

“You like that?” Maria said. “You like feeling me inside you?”

“Uhh huh!!” Jamie cried. “I’ve been waiting for you to be inside me since I saw you.”

“Ohhhh Yesssss!! I’m going to cooommmmmee!!” Maria moaned as her orgasm hit. A few seconds later, Jamie climaxed as well, leaving both women a sticky mess.

By this time David was ready to go again.

“My turn” He said as he slid Maria’s panties off. “I’m gonna fuck this little slut good.”

“I don’t think so” Jamie said and David’s expression quickly changed.

“What do you mean?” He asked with a puppy dog look on his face.

“You’re not going to fuck her” Jamie replied before grinning. “We’re going to fuck her.” And with that, she pulled out a strap-on dildo from her bag.

“Where did you get that?” He asked, beaming with excitement.

“I brought it from home” she answered with a laugh. “You know, just in case.”

“You know, I hate to break up this little chat” Maria said as she crawled up behind Jamie and began blowing on the back of her neck. “But while you two are talking, I’m not getting any sex over here.”

Needing no further prodding, Jamie put the strap-on on and laid down on her back. Maria climbed on top and slid the plastic dick into her pussy as David eased his cock head into her ass.

“Unnngghhh!!” Maria cried as David worked the rest of his cock into her awaiting asshole, stretching it to it’s limits.

“Fuck Me!!! Ohhhh Yesss!!!” She screamed as both of them worked their shafts in and out of her holes while she squeezed Jamie’s breasts. Watching Maria ride his wife cowgirl style was almost too much for David to take, and soon he felt another orgasm approaching.

“I’m gonna come!” He grunted as he pumped away.

“Shoot it all over your wife’s big tits!!” Maria commanded. “I wanna lick it all off!”
A few seconds later, David pulled out and jerked himself off the rest of the way, shooting his load right across Jamie’s double D’s just like he was told.

“Mmmmmm, soooo good!” Maria said as she slowly licked the come off of Jamie’s breasts.
As the three collapsed onto the bed, Maria noticed the time.

“Oh shit” she said as she got dressed. “I’ve got a couple of more rooms to clean, but that shouldn’t take long.”

“Just call downstairs if you need any fresh towels or anything.” She said with a wink and headed out the door.

All Good Things:

Cassanova and Jean-Pierre the chef stood just outside of the door to the hotel in nervous anticipation. The weekend had been a success and now all that was left was to see their guests off to the plane which would take them home.

“Do you think they enjoyed their stay?” Jean-Pierre asked.

“I would say so” Cassanova answered curtly. “In fact here they come now.”
Carmen and Dave were the first two out the door.

“Great place” Dave said. “Top notch all the way. Be sure to tell Eva thank you from Carmen and I.”

“Thank you sir” Cassanova replied. “I will pass the message along.”

A few moments later, Trish and Amy strolled by hand in hand.

“And where is your soulmate, Adam?” Cassanova asked with a grin.

“You know, I don’t think I’ll be talking to Adam anymore” Amy said as she looked at Trish. “I think I’ve found my real soulmate.” And with that the two women kissed each other lightly on the lips.

“Remind me to let him out of the gym closet” Cassanova said to Jean-Pierre once the two women had strayed from earshot.

“Gotcha boss” Jean-Pierre replied before pointing into the building. “Here come some more of the guests.”
Eva, Tony, Nick and Jessica all stopped to shake Cassanova’s hand as they left.

“It appears that the four of you have enjoyed your stay, am I right?” He asked.

“Absolutely” Jessica cheerfully replied. “And we also made two new friends who I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time with from now on.”

Finally, Jamie and David exited the building.

“And how was your stay sir?” Cassanova asked David.

“Fantastic” he replied. “I would especially like to compliment your maids, they do a wonderful job.”

“Indeed they do” he answered with a knowing smile.

As David and Jamie began to walk down the path, David suddenly stopped and ran back towards Jean-Pierre.

“I almost forgot” he said as he handed him a business card. “My uncle is a world famous dentist, so if you’re ever in L.A. and you want to get that overbite fixed, give him a call.”

Once they were gone, Cassanova just stood there grinning.

“Not a word, Eros” Jean-Pierre said as he removed his mask.

“Of course not Schmuck my boy. Of course not.”

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