Cupid’s Revenge: Chapter One – Storytellers

Disclaimer – This story is entirely fictional and does
not reflect any of the celebrities involved in its’
true personalities or sexual nature. That being said,

What’s up readers? It’s The Squad Leader here to
introduce my new series, Cupid’s Revenge. It seems
that Cupid, in addition to being the god of love is
also quite a smart ass and a bit of a show off. He
also tends to get bored easily and quite often finds
himself interfering in mortal affairs (especially
those of celebrities). This series is a recap of some
of his more memorable adventures. So enjoy, but be
warned, Cupid’s not always a nice guy, and
he can be downright rude, so if you’re easily
offended, this might not be the series for you.

Special thanks to Carnage Jackson, KMB and Rulehater
for allowing me to include them in this story and have
a little fun at all of our expense with my over
exaggerated, tongue in cheek characterizations.

As always, I love receiving feedback, suggestions and
requests. Please send any of those to

“What fools these mortals be”

-Puck, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Cupid’s Revenge: Chapter One – Storytellers

Oh, hey there, I guess you’re wondering what we’re
doing up here floating on a cloud, and why I’m wearing
a diaper? For that matter, I guess you’re wondering
who the hell I am?

Well genius, the name’s Cupid, and for the record,
it’s not a diaper, it happens to be the traditional
garb of my family. And let me tell you another

“Hey Eros! Eros, I got that info you wanted me to get!

“Damn it Schmuck, I told you not to call me by that
name! Now sit down over there and be quiet! I’ll deal
with you in a minute!”

As I was saying, my family’s got more stroke around
here than the Sopranos. You may have heard of my
grandfather, a fellow by the name of Zeus. Yeah, talk
some shit now! All I’ve gotta do is snap my fingers
and you’ll have a lightning bolt up your ass quicker
than you can say bad hair day.

My great aunts and uncles are nothing to sneeze at
either. There’s great uncle Posieden, god of the sea.
He’s always been my favorite because when I was a kid,
he would take me fishing. Sometimes he’d even let me
use his trident to catch a swordfish or two. And then
there’s aunt Persephone and uncle Hades. Man,
everybody’s got a weird uncle, but this guy is just
downright creepy. He’s always sitting around in his
underworld torturing people and plotting destruction.
And he only comes up to see us on holidays, which is
just fine with me, cause that dude is shady.

Now, a little bit about myself. I was born in Greece,
and had a pretty normal childhood except for the fact
that I didn’t know who my father was. Everyone’s got
there own ideas about who my pops was, but the two
main theories are that it was either Ares or Hermes.
Both guys are ok, but I can’t really see either of
them being my dad. I mean Ares is such a prick, that I
can’t see how any woman would want to bear him a
child, and I’m pretty sure Hermes is gay. Where do you
think the term “light in the loafers” came from.
Irregardless of who my father was, I do know one
thing’s for sure, and that is that my mother is a
wonderful woman. I’m sure everybody feels that way
about there mom, but mine was truly a special lady.
You probably know her as Aphrodite, the goddess of

“You’re mom is definitely a M.I.L.F. Eros!”

“Schmuck, shut the fuck up or I’ll make you fall in
love with this goofy CSSA reader I’m talking to!”

Sorry about that, you’ll have to forgive my over
exuberant friend here. Schmuck was the unfortunate
byproduct of one of my drunken mishaps. You see, I got
wasted one night at a frat party and decided to hook
my hosts up. I shot one of the guys with an arrow
hoping to have him fall in love with the cute pizza
delivery girl, but instead, the poor sap wandered over
to the petting zoo at the mall and laid eyes upon an
ass named Roberta. No seriously, I’m not just calling
her names, she was literally a donkey! After sobering
up and realizing what I had done, I turned off the
love spell, but it was too late. A short while later,
little Schmuckie was born. Roberta wouldn’t have him
because he looked mostly human, and the humans
wouldn’t take him in on account of his donkey ears and
buckteeth. So being as it was kind of my fault, I
raised him. He’s a good kid for the most part, just
not too bright.

I try to give him jobs to do so that he understands
the value of hard work just like my mother did for me
when I was a child. She got tired of me lying around
Olympus all day and said to me “Eros, I want you to
get off your ass and start working.” By the way, Eros
is my real name, which I hate. I think I was named
after one of her friends from college or something. In
any case, only mom gets to call me that, so be warned,
unless you want to live a lonely existence I suggest
you call me Cupid. Anyway, she put me to work having
people fall in love. As far as work goes, it’s not a
bad gig, I get a magic bow and arrow, flexible hours
and an awesome 401(K) plan. Oh yeah, and then there’s
the super powers. How many of you can fly? What about
turning invisible, bet you wish you could do that?
Change your appearance to look like anyone you want
to? Didn’t think so.

So that’s kinda my story in a nutshell. I’ve left out
a few details, but we’d be here all day if I gave you
my full story. Plus, you’re probably still wondering
what you’re doing here on this cloud. Well you see, I
brought you here to show you what happens when people
fuck with me. There is this site on the net called
CSSA with all of these stories about celebrities and
yada yada yada. Anyways, this site is helping to upset
the balance of love. Instead of people falling in love
and getting married and all that jazz, it’s now all
about lust. You’ve got all of these Homer wannabe’s
writing erotic fantasies and whipping people up into a
frenzy about it. This absolutely does not work for me.
So I sent Schmuck down to Earth to find out who the
biggest offenders were, and with the information he
managed to dig up, I’m going to take care of these
people once and for all, and you’re going to watch me
do it.

“Ahem, I said with the information he dug up, I’m
going to take care of these people.”

“Oh, right boss, here’s the stuff you asked for.”

“Let’s see here, according to this file, the four main
perps are Carnage Jackson, The Squad Leader, Rulehater
and KMB. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t KMB some
type of foot fungus?”

“Actually, they’re all pen names.”

“Pen names? Well if these guys are some of the better
authors on the site, you’d think they could come up
with something better than names like The Squad
Leader. That might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever

“I think it’s because he writes a series called The
Bod Squad”

“Schmuck, shut you’re fucking mouth, if I wanted to
hear from an asshole I’d have farted. Now, did you
make the arrangements like I asked you to?”

“Yes boss, I sent them all an e-mail asking them to
come to New York City for an erotica writer’s
convention. They’re all staying at the Day’s Inn on
52nd street.”

“Excellent work Schmuck, I’m sorry I snapped at you

“No problem boss, but can I ask what you’re going to
do to these guys?”

“Why yes you can. I was just about to explain that to
our guest here anyway. You see, each of these
individuals has a specific celebrity that really uh,
motivates their writing. The Squad Leader likes
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carnage Jackson is into Natalie
Portman, Rulehater likes Beyonce Knowles, and KMB is
an absolute freak for Rose McGowan. I’ve managed to
have these women come to New York this weekend as
well. My plan is to have them “accidentally” encounter
the writers. Then, one quick arrow later and these
girls will be ready to rock their worlds.”

“Great plan boss, but how exactly is that a

“I’m not trying to punish them, I’m actually a nice
guy. But I figure after fucking the girl of your
dreams, how could you possibly continue writing erotic
fiction? Nothing could possibly compare, and thus CSSA
will be shut down and I’m back in demand. Bwuh hah hah

“I think you need to work on the evil laugh a little

“For once in your pathetic existence Schmuck, I think
you’re right. Now, are you guys ready to go to New

Room 1710 of the Day’s Inn:

OK, here we are outside of Carnage Jackson’s room.
From here on out, we’re going to have to be quiet and
keep ourselves scarce. That’s why I’ve made all three
of us invisible in addition to not allowing anyone to
hear us.

“What, you don’t trust us to be quiet?”

“Schmuck, do you even have to ask that question?”

Opening the door, we crept quietly in and found
Carnage at work on his lap top, presumably composing
the next chapter of his hit series “Hollywood after

“If only he really knew what went on in Hollywood” I
thought as I looked over his shoulder at the screen.
But to my surprise, he wasn’t working on his series,
rather he was posting on a message board all of the
virtues of Natalie Portman.

“Natalie Portman is the essence of beauty” he typed.
“Her grace and elegance cannot be measured in any
quantifiable way. She is the standard by which all
women should be judged. Who are we but mere peasants
who should grovel at the feet of such a queen. Her
charm lies not only in her..”

“Good lord, I can’t take much more of this shit!” I
cried as I looked away. “I’m the fucking god of love
and this shit is too sappy even for me!”

“I think he makes some good points” Schmuck answered
with a smile that highlighted his ridiculously
exaggerated overbite.

“Fine, you stay here and read the rest while I go
downstairs and set the next phase into motion.”

I quickly hustled downstairs, happy to be out of the
room. Even though I had made fun of the flowering
praise that he heaped upon Natalie, I had to admit
that Carnage and I had a little bit in common. If
anyone saw the way I acted around my first wife
Psyche, I’d never have lived it down. That woman
turned me into jelly, so I guess it can happen to the
best of us. When I reached the lobby, I instantly
changed my appearance into that of a desk clerk in
anticipation of Ms. Portman’s arrival.

A short while later, a beautiful young woman strode up
to my desk.

“Hello” she said. “My name is Natalie Portman, I
believe my publicist made reservations for me at this

“Well if it isn’t the essence of beauty herself” I

“Excuse me?” she said.

“Oh nothing” I replied. “Just the fake name your
publicist listed you under.”

“Huh?” she asked with a quizzical look on her face.

But before she could press the issue, I handed her the
room key.

“Here you go” I said. “Room 1710. I’m sure you’ll have
a wonderful evening.”

“Thanks” she said, still shaking her head.

As she turned to head up to what she thought was her
room, I slipped back into my invisible disguise and
followed her upstairs. Natalie slipped the key card
into the lock and opened the door. But just as she
did, I shot her in the behind with one of my “love at
first sight” arrows.

“H-Hey this is a private…” Carnage began as he
looked up to see who was entering his room. He quickly
stopped when he realized who it was. Natalie quickly
surveyed the room and spotted a young man about 5’7
with brown hair and blue eyes. She couldn’t explain
it, but something about him made her body tingle.

“I’m sorry” Natalie said. “The guy downstairs must
have made a mistake.”

Carnage just stood there with his jaw hanging wide

“You got a name?” she asked, but he was unable to
break free from his paralysis.

“Okaaay” she said slowly. “Well I’m just going to go
downstairs and see what the deal is.”

That finally broke him free from his shock.

“CJ” he blurted. “CJ is my name.”

“Well, it’s good to meet you CJ, my name is Natalie.”

“I know” he said, his head still swimming. “I know
everything about you.”

“Real smooth” I said to Schmuck. “Way to come off not
sounding like a stalker. Good thing she’s under a

“Is that right?” she countered playfully. “Then you
must know how excited I am to be in New York doing
some early work on Episode III.”

“Wow” he replied. “I had no idea you were even in

“Yeah, I just flew in tonight” she answered.

“Don’t do it” I thought as I cringed in anticipation
at the lame punch line forthcoming.

“And boy are my arms tired” she finished to which
Carnage and Schmuck both busted out in laughter like
they had never heard that joke before. At least
Schmuck had an excuse for his braying, he’s half
donkey for Pete’s sake! But Carnage was just doing so
because he was infatuated with the young woman.

“Yeah, I was getting ready to turn in soon too” he

“You know” Natalie said. “If you don’t feel weird
about sharing a room with a complete stranger, we
could both save some money.”

“Y-You mean you want to share a room with me” he
stammered in disbelief.

“Sure” she replied cheerfully. “You seem pretty
harmless, plus you’re cute, so what have I got to

“O.K.” he said. “It’s a deal. Now if you’ll excuse me
for one moment.”

Carnage rushed into the bathroom and quickly splashed
some cold water on his face.

“This isn’t real” he said to himself as he looked
frantically into the mirror. “There’s no fucking way
this is real. You’ve been looking at that computer
screen for too long. You’re going to go back out there
and there won’t be any Natalie. Now buck up soldier
and get out there!”

With his self pep talk completed, Carnage slowly
opened the bathroom door and entered the main room.
When he did, he found Natalie looking at his lap top
with tears in her eyes.

“Shit, I left my computer out” he thought as he
quickly grabbed the computer and closed it.

“I can’t believe you wrote those things” she said, the
tears now beginning to roll down her cheeks.

“Natalie, I can explain” he stammered.

“No need to” she said. “Those are some of the most
beautiful things anyone has ever written about me.” As
she said this, she grabbed him and started to kiss him

Carnage broke the kiss and whispered to her “Natalie,
you’re my density, I mean you’re my destiny.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I heard that once in Back
to the Future” I said to Schmuck, but he wasn’t

“Isn’t it romantic?” he said, beaming.

“Come on you idiot” I said. “We’ve got work to do.”

As we left the room, Carnage and Natalie continued to
kiss one another, hands groping each other’s bodies as
they fell together onto the bed. He lifted off her
small pink shirt and slowly began to kiss her neck,
inching his way down toward her chest. He unclasped
her bra and tossed it to the floor, taking one of her
small, yet perky breasts into his mouth.

Natalie arched her back, raising her chest towards
Carnage as he continued to suck away.

“Ooooohhhh yess!!” she moaned as Carnage lightly
pinched her nipples. Natalie then rolled over to where
she was on top of him and then began to work her way
down. She unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants,
allowing his cock to free itself. But just as she was
about to wrap her lips around his engorged member, he
stopped her.

“Wait a minute” he said. “You’re too beautiful to give
anybody a blow job.”

“Just shut the fuck up and enjoy it” she said, pushing
him back onto the bed and taking his cock into her

Natalie worked her mouth up and down Carnage’s dick,
her lips sliding up and down, as she grasped the base
with her hand. She paused at the top to kiss the head
before continuing to deep throat him.

“Ahhhhhh” he cried, leaning his head back in pleasure
as the girl of his dreams worked him to a frenzy.
Then, just as he was about to come, Natalie stopped.

She crawled up to his ear and whispered “I want you
inside of me now!” Carnage didn’t have to be told
twice. He quickly yanked Natalie’s jeans and panties
down before laying her down on her back.

Hovering above her, Carnage could see Natalie’s pussy
was already wet in anticipation. He lowered himself
down and worked his tongue into her slit.

Natalie writhed on the bed in pleasure as Carnage
continued to tease her clit with his tongue.

“Pleassse!” she begged. “I want you to fuck me now!!”

His intent was to tease Natalie into a frenzy with his
tongue, but unable to resist her charms, he pulled
himself up and slid his cock into her tight pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh” she cried as she felt him slip inside of
her. Carnage began to pump away at Natalie’s vise-like
cunt, the pleasure in both of their bodies building to
a frenzy.

“Oh yesss! Oh yeah!! Fuck me hard!!!” she continued to
moan into Carnage’s ear. Finally, he could feel his
orgasm building, and Carnage unleashed a thick load of
come inside of Natalie’s pussy, before they both
collapsed and rolled over onto their backs.

Downstairs in the Lobby:

The night was far from over for Carnage and Natalie,
but just as it was beginning, Cupid and Schmuck were
making their way downstairs.

“I hope you two enjoyed that little show” I said. “I
know I thought it was great.”

“Who’s next boss?” Schmuck asked, slightly hopping up
and down in anticipation.

“Next on the list is the rookie of the year” I
replied. “It’s the guy that calls himself Rulehater.”

“It’s not Snoop Dogg coming down the stairs over there
is it?” Schmuck asked, nodding towards the tall black
kid with the afro wearing a Michael Olawakandi jersey.

“That’s him” I replied. “He’s pretty easy to spot,
because I think he’s the last Clippers fan on the face
of the Earth. Anyway, I called his room earlier
pretending to be from a local radio station. I told
him that he won free tickets to the Destiny’s Child
show tonight at the Garden. I thought he was going to
hyperventilate when I broke the news that he’d be
getting a ride to the show in Beyonce’s private limo.”

“That’s a sweet plan boss, but Destiny’s Child doesn’t
have a concert tonight do they?”

“Well I’m sure Rulehater won’t mind” I said. “But in
order to get Beyonce over here, I had to act like her
manager. I told her that the latest rap sensation “30
Cent Ice Cream” was staying at the hotel and I wanted
her to pick him up and go record a few songs downtown
at the studio with him. You know how much she likes

“Boss, you’re a genius” Schmuck fawned.

“Save the sucking up for later” I said as I quickly
took the form of an important looking radio executive.

“Are you the gentleman I spoke with over the phone?” I
asked as I shook Rulehater’s hand.

“Yep, that’s me” he replied. “I still can’t believe
all of this is happening.”

“Well believe it sir” I said. “Because Beyonce will be
here any minute. Speaking of which, how should I
introduce you when she gets here.”

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“Your name sir” I replied. “You do have one don’t

“Oh, yeah” he answered. “You can call me rulehater if
you want.”

“O.K. mister hater” I replied in as cheesy a voice as
I could muster (I really wanted to nail the uptight
executive trying to be hip role). “I’m sure tonight
will be off the heezie!”

“Yeah, man” he replied, rolling his eyes.

We stepped out in front of the hotel to wait for the
limo and Rulehater was visibly nervous. He kept
shifting back and forth, muttering to himself as I
droned on about how great my fictitious radio station
was. I smiled to myself as the lyrics “I don’t think
you’re ready, I don’t think you’re ready, I don’t
think you’re ready for Des-ti-ny” played over and over
again in my head.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the limo
rounded the corner and pulled up to the curb. The door
opened up and Rulehater stepped inside, bumping his
head on the top of the door as he did so. No one
noticed Schmuck and myself jump inside the limo as
well, nor did they notice when I broke out my arrows
and commenced with the shooting. Maybe it was because
we were invisible.

Once the dirty work was done and I sat down, I was
floored by how hot Beyonce looked. She wore a pair of
low, hip hugging jeans and a tight shirt that showed
off her midriff.

“So you’re the next big star” she said with a wink to

“Well, I don’t know about all of that” he said shyly,
not quite sure what she was talking about.

“Don’t be modest” Beyonce replied. “My manager said
that everyone’s been raving about your work.”

“You know about that?” Rulehater said in astonishment,
now convinced she was talking about his writing. “I
hope you’re not offended by anything that I’ve
written, but you really inspire me.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet” she said. “But I haven’t
actually gotten to check out your stuff first hand
yet, so I really don’t know what I think of it yet.
But if it’s as good as I’ve heard, I really don’t see
why I would be offended.”

Rulehater just slammed the gin and tonic he had in his
hand and slumped back into his seat, unsure of what
else he should say.

“Why are you so nervous sugar?” she asked.

“I’m just, I don’t know, you’re just so hot” he

“Very smooth” I said to Schmuck. “If that doesn’t get
you laid, I don’t know what would.”

“Cut the guy some slack” Schmuck replied. “It’s not
every day you meet a celebrity, especially one as hot
as Beyonce.”

“You know, Schmuck, for a dumbass, you do occasionally
spew out a nugget of wisdom” I said. “Now let’s jet,
our work is done here, but there’s still a couple of
more people to take care of yet.”

“Well why don’t you come over here and sit next to me
then” Beyonce cooed. Rulehater quickly switched seats
and sat down next to Beyonce.

“We’re almost to the studio Miss Knowles” said the
limo driver.

“Why don’t you circle the block for a while” she said
to the driver as she raised the privacy screen behind
the driver. “I’ll let you know when we’re ready to go

By this time, Rulehater was nearly hyperventilating.
Beyonce calmly put her hand on his leg and said with a
smile “Why don’t we work out some of that tension so
that you’re work doesn’t suffer.”

She leaned over and unbuttoned his pants and yanked
them down before going to work on his cock. Beyonce
wrapped her gorgeous, full lips around his dick,
bobbing up and down as Rulehater groaned in ecstasy.

Just looking down and realizing who it was sucking his
dick had him ready to blow his load in a short time,
and he could feel it building.

“I’m gonna come” he said as he tried to pull Beyonce
up, not wanting to piss her off by desecrating her
beautiful face. But Beyonce wouldn’t let him pull her
up, instead she continued sucking away until at last a
thick blast of come shot her in the mouth and all over
her face and hair.

Rulehater leaned back, breathing hard as Beyonce wiped
off her face.

“We aren’t done just yet” she said, removing her shirt
and bra. Rulehater quickly pounced on her, attacking
her juicy breasts with his mouth and hands, greedily
sucking away at her hardened brown nipples.

“Mmmmmm, Yeahhhh!!!” she moaned as Rulehater continued
to play with her perfectly firm breasts. He soon
regained his erection, and dispatched of Beyonce’s
jeans post haste.

As he sat there staring at Beyonce Knowles wearing
only her yellow thong, come still in her hair,
Rulehater kept expecting to wake up from the dream.
But when Beyonce got on all fours in the middle of the
floor of the limo and shook her ass at him, he quickly
snapped back to reality.

He climbed up from behind, yanked Beyonce’s thong to
the side and began to pump away at her doggy style.

“Fuck yes!!!” Beyonce moaned as Rulehater filled her
moist pussy with his throbbing cock. Harder and harder
he pumped, as Beyonce continued to cry out in
pleasure. At one point, he was sure she was screaming
loud enough for anyone outside the limo to hear, but
neither one of them cared.

Just as he was about to come again, Beyonce turned
around and said “I want you to fuck my asshole.” Just
thinking about fucking her bootylicious ass almost
made him come, but Rulehater managed to compose
himself, and worked his dick into Beyonce’s tight

“Uhhhhhhh, Yesss!!!” she moaned in a mixture of
pleasure and pain. “Fuck me, ohhhhhhh, Fuck me!!!”

Finally, Rulehater could stand it no longer, he pulled
his cock out and blew a thick white stream of come all
over Beyonce’s ass and back.

After cleaning themselves up, Beyonce and Rulehater
headed into the studio. The session was a complete
disaster as “30 Cent Ice Cream” wasn’t nearly the
accomplished rapper that Beyonce had been led to
believe he was. So they just went back to what they
were comfortable with which was fucking each other’s
brains out.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel:

“So where’s this pool party at?” asked the man with
the bald head.

“How the fuck should I know?” replied the other man.
“But this is the pool, so I’d assume this is where
it’s supposed to be.”

“Figured that out all by yourself did you Einstein” I
laughed to myself. “And here I thought you were dumb

Schmuck just sat there looking pissed off at my
comment while I continued to laugh.

“So which one of these guys is KMB and which one is
The Squad Leader?” I asked.

“The guy with the spiky blonde hair and the tattoos on
his shoulders and back is the Squad Leader” he

“Who does he think he is, Johnny Bravo?” I laughed.
“Skate or die dude!”

“I still don’t know why you’re picking on the guy”
Schmuck answered. “He hasn’t even been writing much
lately, he’s been stuck up some girl’s ass all the

“Yeah, but he wrote over twenty chapters of his Bod
Squad series” I said. “And to me, that constitutes a
threat to my business. Plus, you know how these snot
nosed punker kids are, they think they know

“You don’t think you’re over generalizing boss?”
Schmuck asked.

“No I don’t” I answered matter of factly. “I take it
the bald dude is KMB?”

“Yeah” he answered. “That dude is a literary genius.
His series the Harem is the most popular one on CSSA.”

“Not to mention he’s a psycho” I added.

“Why do you say that?” Schmuck asked.

“Didn’t you say he was obsessed with Rose McGowan” I
replied. “And that he was killing people with garden
tools if they so much as said one wrong thing about

“Yeah, but that’s just rumor” he answered. “I mean
there was that one guy JT that mysteriously
disappeared after disparaging Rose, but there was
never any proof that KMB did anything to him.”

“Nevertheless, the guy scares me” I said. “I’ll be
much more at ease when he’s done writing.”

“So what’s the plan here?” Schmuck asked.

“Well, I told these two saps there was a pool party
tonight at midnight, and I told Rose McGowan and
Jennifer Love Hewitt that they would be doing a photo
shoot for Entertainment magazine. They were told it
would be for the “Who’s hot this summer” issue and
that they should show up in bikinis here.”

“Great, but they better get here soon, or these two
dudes just might kill each other.” Schmuck replied,
pointing to where KMB had The Squad Leader pinned
against the wall with his hands around his throat.

“All I said was that I like chrysanthemums better than
roses” Squad Leader managed to say as KMB continued
choking him.

“Oh, I thought you were bashing Rose McGowan” KMB
answered releasing his hold.

At that moment, Rose and Love strode into the pool
room, each wearing a bright pink bikini. Rose’s pale
skin stood in stark contrast to Love’s more tan
complexion, but each woman was absolutely stunning.
The curves of their bodies filled out the swimsuits
quite nicely, and even I stepped back to catch my

“Wow, now that’s hot” I said. “Good thing I’ve got
just the arrows for such an occasion.”

“What kind of arrows are those?” Schmuck asked me.

“I call these my Girls Gone Wild Arrows” I replied.
“One shot, and these girls are going to lose any and
all of their inhibitions.”

As I let the arrows fly, I couldn’t help but feel some
satisfaction in another job well done.

“Pretty soon there won’t be any more CSSA” I remarked
to Schmuck.

“Are you sure that’s what you want” he asked. “Why
don’t you read a copy of some of these guys’ stories
that I printed up and sleep on it.”

Reluctantly, I took the stories from Schmuck and we
left the room. Meanwhile the girls had approached
Squad Leader and KMB, wondering where all of the
camera equipment was.

“So, if you guys are the photographers, where are the
cameras?” Rose asked.

Both writers just stood there in awe, wondering
exactly what was going on.

“I’ve got a camera” KMB offered. “It’s one of those
disposable Kodak kind that I brought for my visit to
New York, but I’m sure it will work.”

“You dumbass” Squad Leader said, trying to one up KMB.
“That camera won’t work.”

“I think it’s just fine” Love replied with a wink.

“Yeah, that’s what I was just saying” he backpedaled.
“That is the perfect camera for the occasion.”

KMB quickly produced the camera from his gym bag and
began to take some snapshots of the two women.

“I’ve only got 26 shots left on this camera” he said.

“I guess we better give you something worth taking
pictures of then shouldn’t we” Rose teased and with
that, she and Love began making out.

The Squad Leader stood there with his jaw hanging open
as KMB took snapshots of the two women kissing each
other. Love untied Rose’s bikini top and began
hungrily sucking away at her ample breasts, rolling
her tongue around her large pink nipples.

“Oooohhhh yesss” Rose moaned as Love slid her hand
down the front of her panties and into her awaiting

“Mmmmmm yeaaahhhh!!” Rose cried as Love continued to
slide her fingers in and out of her dripping wet
snatch while they French kissed each other.

Suddenly, Love turned to The Squad Leader and said
“You gonna stand their gawking, or are you going to
join in?”

He nearly fell into the pool as he quickly ran over to
join the party. When he reached the two women, he
quickly dispatched of Love’s bikini bottom and kneeled
down to eat her out.

While Love was still finger fucking Rose and making
out with her, Squad Leader worked his tongue in and
out of Love’s pussy and asshole.

“Ooooohhhh Yessss!!!” Love cried as the Squad Leader
continued to tongue away at her asshole while at the
same time, worked two of his fingers in and out of her

Just then, KMB conveniently ran out of film and
hustled over to join the fracas. He and Rose quickly
paired off and began to make out while Squad Leader
continued to work Love’s pussy.

“Oooohhhh, yesss, I’m gonnna commmmeeee!!” she cried
as her orgasm hit. Squad Leader licked up all of her
juices before crawling up to kiss her passionately.

While that was going on, KMB and Rose were lying next
to them in a 69 position. Rose was on top of him,
hungrily devouring his cock as KMB worked his tongue
into her snatch from below.

Their moans and cries gradually got louder and louder
as they worked each other towards a climax. Meanwhile,
The Squad Leader had Love’s top off and was kissing
and caressing her beautiful breasts. He climbed up
until he was almost sitting on her chest and then
squeezed her tits around his cock, rocking back and
forth as he tittie fucked her.

“OOOOOhhhhhhh Yessss!!! Eat my pussy!!!” Rose yelled
as KMB continued eating her out. She could feel her
climax coming just as KMB was shooting a hot load of
spunk down her throat and all over her face. At the
same time, The Squad Leader had worked himself to an
orgasm, fucking Love’s tits and shot a thick, gooey
load of white come all over Love’s face and chest.

Rose crawled over to her and licked the come from her
breasts and face before kissing her hard on the mouth
and sharing the salty loads. While the two women laid
on the ground kissing, Squad Leader and KMB managed to
reload and crawled over to the two women.

KMB mounted Rose from behind while The Squad Leader
did the same to Love. The two men began to pump away
at the women, as the girls continued kissing each

“Fuck me!! Harder!! Harder!!! Pleassseee!!!” Rose
cried as KMB pumped away. At the same time, Love
groaned in ecstasy as The Squad Leader filled her up.
Finally, The Squad Leader had his orgasm, and shot his
load all over Love’s pussy and asshole. A few minutes
later, KMB did the same, and all four of them
collapsed in a heap.

The next day:

“Well Schmuck” I said. “Looks like you were right. I
read those stories you printed out for me and I’m
quite inspired.”

“I told you you’d like them” he said. “But since your
plan worked, I doubt any of those guys will be writing
any more stories any time soon.”

“Actually, quite the contrary” I replied. “A couple of
memory erase arrows and they’ll be as good as new. As
for me, after reading those stories, I think there are
a few celebrities I’ll be visiting soon to see if I
can’t make my own fantasies come true. Care to join

“You bet boss” he eagerly replied. “Hollywood, here we


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