Curing The Wounds

I lay on my back on the hospital bed, drowsy and warm, recovering from some minor surgery or something. It was dark, the middle of the night shift.

The door to my room was ajar, and now and then someone walked by on quiet feet.

A nurse came out of the darkness, all in white, with a small tub of water and some washcloths.

She saw that I was awake, and smiled at me with full red lips, professional but sincere.

I noticed that her uniform was tight on her, short and tight over a firm round ass, tight and low-cut over big well-formed breasts.

She folded back the sheets that covered
me, and with a single expert motion slipped the hospital gown down my arms and off. Then she pulled the sheet back up to my hips.

She stepped up to the bed and began to run a warm damp cloth over my skin.

I closed my eyes and relaxed as her hand rubbed the warmth into my chest and shoulders.

I smiled and sighed, filled with comfort.

She washed my arms and my stomach, and pushed the sheet down again to do my hips.

I spread my legs slightly, and she stroked the cloth over my upper thighs, slowly moving up and down and around in gentle circles. I felt the blood flowing into my penis.

“Mmmmm,” the lovely nurse said, in a low, breathy voice, “you have a nice big cock, Mr Williams.”

“Call me Robbie” I said, as she took my shaft in the warm grip of the cloth and began to stroke up and down.

Instantly I was hard. I heard music somewhere in the distance; melody and a deep pounding beat….it was mine.

I opened my eyes and looked at her standing there, smiling, looking into my eyes and squeezing my cock with her hand. Her tongue came out and moved sensuously around her lips.

She put her other hand gently on my chest and, without breaking eye contact, she moved down between my legs, one knee on the bed.

I groaned loudly as she pushed the cloth down to the base of my penis, put out her tongue, and licked slowly up from her hand to the tip of my cock.

“God,” I breathed “That’s so good!”

“I’ll bet it is,” she said huskily, and she sucked my cock into the hot wetness of her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down, slowly at first, then faster, and her hand pulled on me, hungrily stuffing me deeper into her throat.

I groaned and rocked my hips, pushing into her head, my mouth open and gasping, and much too soon I came, and she swallowed my cum with a long low moan.

“I want you,” she said, standing up and wiping a drop of me from the corner of her perfect mouth. “I want that cock up in my pussy.”

She pulled down the zip of her uniform, and her breasts spilled out, big firm mounds with erect pink nipples.

She wriggled the cloth down over her hips; under the skirt, a hot-pink garter belt held up the prim white stockings that encased her fine long legs. She wore no panties, and I could see wetness in the soft blonde hair between her thighs.

She stroked her pussy once with two fingers, and swivelled her hips.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, swinging herself up over me with her legs far apart, “give me that cock,”

She kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue pressing between my lips and running along my teeth.

Her tits pressed against my chest, and her pelvis ground into me, and I was hard again.

She rocked her hips and took me inside her.

“Oh, god,” she moaned, “oh fuck my pussy, fuck me with that big hard cock,”

And she threw back her head, giving me an astounding view of her breasts and her wide-spread legs, and we fucked for a long incredible time.

My throat was raw and my cock aching when she finally came, screaming into my ear and biting my neck, and I shot into her a second later, waves of pleasure rolling through every muscle of my body and out into her cunt.

Her hot firm body collapsed onto me, and she licked my ear lovingly.

“That was great,” I said, squeezing her ass in my hands.

She raised herself up on her arms, her tits close to my face.

She took her left breast in her hand and raised the nipple to my lips,

“Would you like that?” she whispered, “Would you like it right now?”

“Yes,” I breathed, rubbing my face against the perfect skin of her breast, “oh, yes…”

She shoved her tit in my face, I opened my mouth like a baby suckling on it’s mother.

I took the mound in my mouth, sucking hard on the stiff nipple. I heard her groan, as I sucked again and again. She moved the other breast to my mouth, and I did the same, revelling in the sounds of her moans.

My cock was still inside her, although no longer hard and rigid, instead soft and spent, coated in her wonderful juices.

I wanted to stay this way forever, but I knew she had other patients to attend to. I couldn’t help but wonder if she gave them the same treatment.

She took her breast from my mouth, replacing it with her lips. She kissed me softly, running her tongue across my mouth. Breaking it of, she smiled at me, dismounting me.

A little disappointed, I grabbed her arm, pulling her on top of me.

She just laughed and whispered,

‘Mr. Williams, I have other patients to attend to!’

‘But I need you’ I protested, ‘I’m sick’ I pretended to cough.

She laughed again, freeing herself from my arms, this time, I let her go, watching her as she dressed herself.

Once done, she said to me:

‘I’ll be back later to administer your medicine.’ I couldn’t wait.

I knew one thing for sure, I wasn’t in a hurry to get better……….

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