Curiosity Killed The Cat

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Here’s my first story. I can be contacted on
This story is dedicated to Luke Ozvik.
Where are you man? I love your stories. Write some
more. It isn’t quite in the same vein, but here it goes.

Sorry, it ANOTHER Britney Spears story. Next time I’ll try better, more bestiality.
An idea I have is for Angelina Jolie’s trip to Mexico. Loves the horse show so
much, she gets involved!!
Anyway, here’s the story “Curiosity Killed The Cat”. I’ve tried for an at least
relatively realistic story, I find them easier to fantasise about,
and sometime
more enjoyable because of it. Hope that doesn’t make it boring, it’ll be slow at
first, but it’ll build up.
It involves F/M mast and a bit more.

It was the first day of summer vacation, yet Andrew was alone. His mates had
travelled far and wide, all away on family trips. Here was vacation time, yet he
was bored and friendless. After sitting around all day, visiting sites on the
web, he was getting increasingly bored… and horny. He had been visiting all the
celeb sites, looking up his favourite girls. The best he’d found was of Britney
Spears. He wasn’t an enormous fan, but he had to admit, she was sexy, and he’d
do her if he had to. He’d recently read that she was a virgin, and had admitted
this proudly. The headline had said “No bonking for Britney ‘till marriage”. A
shame for the male (and some of the female) population of the world. However, as
a growing teen, just like any other, she’d have to be curious.
The picture Andrew had found was of Britney in a tight red latex bodysuit.
Andrew knew there were no real nude pics of Britney to be found, and this was
the best there was. It was pretty good. The suit emphasised all of Britney’s
curves, which were considerable, especially since she’d got her boob shot done.
Here breasts sticked out, you could just make-out her nipples. She had a tight
tummy, and luscious thighs. Yet the prize part was her crotch. Yep, it had been
a tight fit. Basically, the suit accentuated her cunt considerably. Her hips
were thrust forward, and you could see her mound. Someone had kindly enough
magnified this part of her. Quite clearly, you could make out her pussy lips. A
slight slit of a fold in her slick latex suit. This was enough to set Andrew’s
mind reeling. There in front of him was Britney’s tight little snatch. Surely
this was all that the world would ever see of this most private part of the
world famous singer. Also, if her pussy was this visible in a tight suit, lips
and all, surely it meant that she must shave. An image of Britney’s shaved puss
went through his mind. ‘Fuck, now THAT would be heaven to see’, thought Andrew.
Yet, Andrew was still bored shitless, he couldn’t just sit in front of the
computer all day. He felt lazy, and though that he should make at least some
attempt to get out of the house. Added to that, he now felt horny, playing
around with the image of a naked Britney in his mind. Andrew daydreamed about
sex all the time, as was the want of a sixteen-year-old boy. He got as horny as
hell all the time, and yet never had much contact with the female sex. This was
Andrew’s dilemma: bored, horny and lazy.
He made up his mind to go down to the local swimming pool. It was usually pretty
empty of people, but occasionally Andrew could get a perve on young girls, stuck
in small bikini tops, usually a few sizes too small to fit their now developing
bodies. Yep, that made up Andrew’s mind, so he hoped his bike and rode down. Yet
when he arrived, he was disappointed. There was no-one there at all, let alone
any fuckable young girls. But he thought he might as well swim anyway, so he
hoped out of his pants and into his swimming jocks and started laps of the pool.

After a few laps, Andrew started fooling around, dive bombing and the such. As
such, he failed to notice the young nubile blonde turn up to the pool. Andrew
was startled by a splash and turned around just in time to see a the tight arse
of a female dive underwater. ‘Woho’, Andrew thought, ‘here might be some
talent’. He got the shock of his life when he saw the face of the blonde. ‘Fuck
me, she’s a dead ringer for Britney Spears, just as sexy anyway’, he thought.
There was the blonde, truly a spot on looker for Britney, wearing a tight blue
one-piece suit. It really emphasised the girls considerable chest.
All the blonde saw was this boy staring right at her.
“Don’t you know it’s rude to stare”, she stated, and started blushing. This boy
was staring right at her, in these tight swim jocks, looking like he had certain
thoughts on his mind. She got this all the time, and hated it most when she was
trying to get some private time to herself.
“Umm, sorry”, was all that Andrew could manage, “but you look like someone I
“Yeah, right…” was the blonde’s response. “Britney Spears I ‘spose. Well just
fuck off!”. With that response she turned around and swum off.
Andrew was stunned by the girls rudeness, even if she did look as good as
Britney Spears. “Fuck you!” he tried to counter and walked off. He walked to the
other end of the pool and continued his own laps. At each lap he looked over to
the girl. He didn’t care how good-looking she was, he was pissed off. He was
giving the girl a pretty good impression of the ‘if looks could kill’ kind.
After a few more times he was surprised by the fact that the girl made real eye
contact and started swimming over. As she got closer, Andrew made up in his mind
to be as foul mouthed as possible to the girl. But he was more and more
impressed by this ‘Britney look alikes’ looks, plus she seemed to have a smile
on her face. Soon she’d swum all the length of the pool.
“Look, I’m really sorry about before, it’s just that I was looking for some
alone time, if you know what I mean”.
Andrew melted, she had a really sweet voice. “Umm, yeah, I’m sorry too, I
shouldn’t have stared like that.” ‘Hah’, Andrew thought. He hadn’t had much luck
with women, besides the fact that he worked out, and, or at least as he thought,
looked pretty damn good to women. Now he was starting a conversation with a sexy
young blonde. He extended his hand out, “ Hi Andrew”.
She took his hand, “Hi, Britney”.
Andrews’ heart missed a beat. Fuck what? “Sorry, I just have to ask, not the
Britney, ‘cause you really look like her, if you don’t mind me saying?”. He
didn’t know what to say, especially considering the days previous viewing
Britney jumped out, giving a quick shot of her tight arse. She sat at the edge
of the pool, she was bright red. “Ummm…. Yeah. I don’t cope with the celebrity
thing all that well. I’m actually just visiting my cousins who live around here,
I do it as an escape. People don’t tend to recognize me around here. It’s great.
But it means I get defensive when people do see me.” As she was saying this, she
started shivering and cupped her arms around her chest. It squeezed her tits
together, plus her nipples were shoeing a considerable sign that she was cold.
She must not have realised, but she was giving Andrew a considerable look at her
Andrew just nodded as if to say, speak on.
“ But I’ve just got to remember that the average bloke off the street can be
nice”, she continued. She went on, but Andrew just nodded in reply, too
dumbfounded to pay any real attention. Britney spoke and spoke, actually
enjoying speaking to someone who wasn’t another celebrity. She must have been a
bit lonely. As she continued on she raised her arms squeezing her hair dry,
shaking her head slightly trying to get rid of water. She continued on.
For Andrew though, this is all he saw:
BRINEY SPEARS!!!! Was, sitting in front of him in a wet tight swimsuit. It was
cold, and her nipples were sitting through the thin fabric. As she shook her
head, her tits wiggled from side to side, quite a bit. They were large breasts,
she’d really had a great tit job. With furtive glances he looked straight at
them. He could just make out the rings around her nipples. With other glances he
looked at her crotch.
Britney continued talking.
Andrew though about Britney’s possibly shaved snatch.
Andrew’s dick got very hard.
Obviously Britney had asked Andrew a question, for she had stopped talking and
was now looking at him, smiling friendly with a question on her face.
“So… do you want to do it?” was the only part he picked up.
Andrew spluttered, “Um, pardon, yeah sure!”. Andrew had no idea what question
he’d answered, but surely yes was the only answer to such a question.
“O.K., jump out right now, ‘cause there’s a milk bar, just around the corner”.
Britney’s question must have been fairly innocent after all. However, realising
it or not, her actions were not so innocent. As she got ready to leave she bent
over on her knees, her but facing Andrew. As she lent over to pick up her towel,
her wet pussy lips were squeezed through her thighs. The suit was tight, and her
tight mound could be quite clearly seen. It clung to the v-shaved valley that
was formed, the suit emphasising her deep cunt.
“Let’s go, get out of the pool”, Britney said as she turned to face Andrew.
Andrew faced a new dilemma. There was no way he could leave the pool. He had an
erection going the size of Mount Everest, Andrew was a big lad in that way. Also
he was wearing his own tight swimsuit.
The dilemma must have appeared on his face. “Is there something wrong?”, she
asked. She laughed, bent over (giving a view between her cleavage and down the
suit) and yanked at Andrew’s arms, joking trying to pull him out. Britney must
have been working out, because she used her muscles and pulled him out of the
water quite considerably. Andrew’s problem was immediately noticeable. She
dropped him straight away, and turned bright red. Now it was her turn to be
Andrew couldn’t believe the circumstances, he could of died. But he noticed that
Britney’s face was turning from shock, to slight embarrassment. Was that a sly
smile on her face.
Yes, Andrew was a big boy, and Britney was a virgin. As such she’d had no real
life experience with a dick, especially an absolute boner. She’d never even seen
a photo of one, let alone with her own eyes.
This made Britney curious, very curious.
Britney looked around the swimming pool area. It was still completely empty,
no-one in sight. Andrew could believe his luck with her next question.
“So”, she slightly mumbled, “could you give me a look”. And she nodded
downwards, making it very clear what she was talking about.
Andrew thought he was now in a position to bargain. “No” he said, risking on a
reply from her. “Unless, you show something”.
Britney showed mock anger, “but I’m a virgin, I don’t do anything!” She was
“There’s a shitload you can do, but still technically remain a virgin, let your
mind wonder”, replied Andrew.
Britney smiled and glanced at her body. She kneeled in front of Andrew and
cupped each breast in her hand. She started them together, making them look even
larger. She then sighed as with each thumb she started circling her nipples. Her
nipples stretched through the fabric, the circles around them becoming darker as
she got more aroused. She started kneading each tit, she took two fingers and
started pinching her nipples between them. They squeezed between each fingertip,
almost bursting between them. She started wincing and making slight squeaks as
she pinched harder. Her nipples were almost flat between her fingers, and they
were large nipples. She rubbed hard, but gained control.
She opened her eyes and glanced at Andrew, still in the water. “Now show me”,
she ordered.
Andrew took off his jokes and placed them at the size of the pool. Britney gave
a quick gasp he jumped out. He was huge. He knelt in front of her. He cock stood
straight up towards Britney’s face, it was purple, wide and long. Andrew had
grown up fast. Pre-cum started dribbling from it’s head. She wandered if this
one was just average, or bigger than most. Either way, she thought it looked
delicious. Britney was dying to touch it.
“Touch me”, Andrew asked, in half a gasp.
Britney shook her head. She wanted to tease, “can’t, I’m a virgin!”. She
squeezed her nipples tighter. “Wank for me. I want to watch, I’ll make it worth
your while”.
Andrew sighed. This he’d done before. He wanted someone else’s skin to touch it,
not least her hands. Still he took grasp and started slipping his hand up and
down, making it glisten with wetness. Britney took hold of each swimsuit band
and slowly lowered the top half of it. Inch by inch of her skin was revealed.
Her breasts really were fantastic. Big and rounded. She stopped just before her
nipples appeared. Again she held them in her fingertips, however this time there
was nothing covering them. They were deep scarlet from the pinching, and jutted
from her breast. She continued squeezing, however her eyes weren’t closed, they
were focused squarely on Andrew’s cock, which was being wanked slowly, making
sure it didn’t finish too quickly.
Britney smiled approvingly and took her right breast in hand, her left
continuing the nipple massage. With her large breasts and especially large
nipples she was able to lower her head enough to make her lips reach her tits.
She stretched her tongue out and slowly licked the tip of the tit. It glistened
with her saliva. She circled the nipple with her tongue. It tickled her to do
this. With her hand she grasped her other breast. Now each was in her hand and
facing up at her face. She looked at Andrew and smiled. She squeezed each tit
together, flesh oozed out between each finger as if a mango was squeezed. For
fake tits, they were very soft, since she could afford the best. She made sure
both of her nipples were squeezed together at the top. She then took her teeth
and bit on both of her nipple together, clasping each of them. She bit hard,
enjoying the pain and the way they squeezed onto her tongue, which tickled them.
Still she was missing Andrew’s show.
She looked up to Andrew’s eyes. They were focused on her breasts. Hers stared at
the slapping of the cock. She enjoyed the wet slipping sound it made. She was
incredibly horny, and it was having an enormous effect on her. She needed to
touch herself, and yet didn’t want expose herself completely. She needed to keep
some of herself hidden for wedding night. She sat cross-legged, with her legs
spread wide, her lower half still covered by the one-piece suit.
This caught Andrew’s attention. By now Britney had been out of the water long
enough to be completely dry. However there was a large dark patch at her crotch,
she was so wet. Britney noticed Andrew’s glance and tried to spread her thighs
wider. This stretched the material of the swimsuit tightly across her crotch. If
she was trying to be even slightly modest about herself, she need not have
bothered. The fabric was so stretched, that it showed every outline of her
pussy. He could clearly make out her engorged lips, some sort of inner fold of
flesh, and within that, some sort of deeper valley of flesh between the folds.
If it was not covered, Britney Spears total cunt, clit, lips and vagina would
have been on complete display. The fabric wedged into this valley, and stretched
so that it placed pressure on her clit. It created a type of unbearably
pleasurable itch that had to be scratched.
Britney balled her right hand into a fist and pressed it against her crotch. The
heel of her palm crushed against her cunt. She rammed it against her clit, and
roughly pressed her palm up and down. The pressure it created was having an
effect. She pressed harder, and really started masturbating herself faster and
faster. The pleasure was intense. She made small groaning sounds, and starting
roughly squeezing her tits with her left hand. She spread her legs wider and
wider. Pounding and pounding with her fist.
This was having its own effect on Andrew. He could feel himself about to burst.
He clasped his hand around his cock and started pulling roughly. He was about to
“Britney look!”, he strained himself to say. Britney looked in time to see the
first spurts of Andrew cum fly into the air. Britney was astounded, and
momentarily forgot herself as she focused on this thick white liquid squirting
into the air. Some squirts landed on her tummy, soaking into her fabric and
feeling warm. Britney was amazed. She lent across started tugging at Andrews
cock as the last spurts came out. Andrew lent back, supporting himself as he
enjoyed the sensations of this blond tugging at his dick.
She started to slow the tugging, feeling the warm liquid flow over her fist and
fingers. She knew of course what occurred, Britney was no fool. But to actually
see it happen was quite something else. She loved it, and lost herself in it.
“Does it smell and taste of anything?”, she asked excitedly.
Andrew strained to simply nod yes. He knew it smelt, and had read that it had a
Britney forgot all former shyness and got on her knees to lead forward. She
roughly held his cock in her hand and brought her head down to suck on the tip
of his cock. To Andrew in his sensitive state, it felt wonderful. Britney
however licked a dollop of the last remaining cum and took it into het mouth
swirling it around to find out its taste. It was slightly bitter, but very
enjoyable. She lent down further and took more of him in her mouth. She lolled
her tongue around his dick, sucking the last remaining jism. She swallowed it
gladly. She didn’t seem to be doing for anyone, including Andrew, but for
herself. That Andrew was enjoying it too was just a side benefit.
She was now just too horny. No longer was she interested in any privacy or
decency. As soon as she’d finished with Andrew’s cock she lent back. She forgot
whom she was with or where she was. She aggressively dragged off the rest of her
swimsuit, legs in the air to get it around her ankles. She layed on her back
spreading her legs wide, knees in the air. Britney Spears was giving Andrew a
complete view to her, now completely visible cunt. This is what he had been
dreaming about all day, even before these events had occurred. He had also been
right all along. The swollen lips of Britney’s pussy were completely pink and
hairless. It was a magnificent shaving job, completely bare. She took her hand,
and making an upside down v-shape with her fingers, spread her open vagina. With
her other hand, she took a finger and vigorously started rubbing her clit,
making short figure eights with her tip. Britney started making short guttural
noises, enjoying herself completely. She may have been a practising virgin, but
masturbation was something she’d been practising all along.
Meanwhile Andrew was enjoying the view, quite amazed at the view on display.
Britney was fully concentrated on rubbing her clit, her other hand now under her
thigh, pulling her wider. She reached down, delving further, and managed to
reach her small puckered arse-hole. This she also rubbing, delving her finger
in. Britney concentrated fully on the sensations now. She started bucking her
This was having a sensation on Andrew too, who quickly became erect again, and
started jerking off vigorously. Here was Britney, clearly enjoying her summer
vacation and her time down at the pool. Her pussy lips were flowing freely with
a sticky white lubricant, creamy and musky. She bucked her hips more vigorously,
and quickly clamped her legs together as she climaxed violently.
“Fuck me, fuuuckkk meeeee!!”. She yelled.
Slowly she stopped rubbing, as she let her legs fall to her side. Andrew stared
at her raw red cunt, and quickly came again, though this time not so vigorously,
though a few drops landed on Britney’s stomach. She felt down and rubbed his cum
own into her clit, acting as if it was having a cooling sensation on her.
Britney breathlessly started talking once more. “Clearly there’s something to be
said for sex. Meat me here again tomorrow and we’ll see if curiosity doesn’t

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