Customer Service


By RichM (MF, cons, oral)

This is a work of pure fiction and is not to be read by anyone under 18. I welcome any feedback to Thanks and enjoy!

This was supposed to be a temporary job. A “year off from school” kinda thing, a break. Yet Aaron was now nigh on four years at the video store. Once he got into his rut there, he found it too difficult to try to find another school, job, car, girlfriend, etc. Aaron was very lazy when it came to such things as his life and future.

So anyway, here he was, another day at the ‘Video Valhalla’. No customers, as usual.
People don’t much come to the place anymore, ever since the ‘Mega Movies’ store opened across town. But that was all fine to Aaron, for he hated most of them anyway. Their pointless, nagging questions, late fee disputes, and basic asshole-ness never sat well with the 22 year old. He was spending this day like so many others, reading the new magazines and listening to his walkman.

Aaron was so busy “working”, he didn’t notice the door opening, and a new customer approaching the counter.

“Hum…excuse me…?” The customer quietly asked. Aaron had his head down, flipping through the new Spin, bobbing his head to the beat coming through his headphones. The voice spoke again, “Hello?”

After a few more minutes, the customer, reached over and tapped Aaron on his head. He jumped up and ripped off his headphones.

“Oh, hey! I’m sorry, can I help…?” Aaron looked up at his customer and his sentience trailed off. Sweet Jesus. It was Jewel Kilcher. “Oh, hey…wow. You’re…well, you are, right?” Aaron was at a loss. He’d always had something of a crush on her, despite his distaste for her music. Plus, come on, she’s got a great rack.

Jewel smiled, obviously amused by Aaron’s bewilderment. “Yes, I am. Now, can you help me? I’m looking for-”

“I mean, wow! It’s Jewel! At my job!,” Aaron interrupted the singer. “What are the odds! Damn!” He was darn near ranting.

Now, most people would find such behavior irritating, but Jewel thought it was cute, in a geeky sort of way. She leaned forward to try to shake his hand. She was wearing a white tank top that must have been two sizes too small. Aaron caught a glimpse of her wonderful cleavage and he shut up instantly. He was soon staring right at her huge breasts. Jewel noticed his leering and it suddenly made her hot to have this total stranger stare at her in such a way. She asked half-jokingly, “Do you like what you see, kid?”

Aaron snapped out of it and apologized profusely. She thought he was the cutest thing, all red faced and embarrassed. Jewel decided to take a chance and follow her instincts. “It’s okay, you can look at my tits…” She said seductively as she leaned forward some more. Her massive boobs where almost in full view. Aaron couldn’t help but glance. “I mean, they are nice, huh?”, The beauty asked.

Aaron simply nodded. He was in another world, but never took his focus off her chest. Jewel stood up straight and asked him, “Can we go in the back, honey? I’m gettin’ wet.” Aaron was completely passive as she took his hand and led him to the comedy section at the back. Jewel took his hand and placed it on her right breast. He squeezed it hard and she moaned loudly and said, “Your tits…”. Jewel took her other hand and grabbed Aaron’s now bulging crotch. “…And my cock, O.K.?”

Aaron finally got it together and spoke an aggressive, “Hell, yeah.” Jewel similed, whipped of her top and shoved Aaron’s face into her beautiful boobs. He took his cue and began sucking both nipples. Jewel took care of herself also, by sticking her hand down her pants. She fingered her cunt as Aaron sucked her tits, moaning and yelling louder and louder, “Yeah, kid, bite my nipples, lick my fuckin’ tits…yeah, make me cum…fuck.” Aaron couldn’t believe such things were coming out of this supposed ‘goodie-goodie’ folk singer. Her fingers were hard at work, and soon her hand was covered with her tasty juices.

After her tits were good and slobbery, Jewel pulled Aaron’s head out from them. She pushed him against the video rack and got on her knees. Her angel face looked up at Aaron and smiled as she unzipped his pants. He prayed he wouldn’t cum right then and there. She reached in and pulled out his huge cock. Jewel seemed flat-out shocked at it’s sheer size. “Where have you been all my life, kid!” She quipped and opened her cute little mouth wide. Soon she got the hang of working around the big prick. She bobbed, sucked, and licked like a pro. Aaron could tell by that look in her eyes that Jewel loved giving head, and wasn’t afraid to show it. Every few moments she would take a breather and lick his balls. It was magical. She even giggled like a schoolgirl.

Aaron took both his hands and grabbed clumps of her dirty blonde hair. He began face-fucking Jewel, and it only got her hotter. She resumed fingering herself with one hand, while jerking him off with the other. Aaron tried some dirty talk. “Yeah, bitch, you like sucking my fuckin’ cock? What me to shoot my cum all over you?”. Jewel returned some naughty talk right back to him.

“Yeah, I bet you like having your dick sucked by a famous bitch, huh? I want to taste your cum, kid.” She begun licking his bright red head and jerked the shaft. Not long after, Jewel noticed Aaron was about to blow. She positioned herself directly in front of his cock and closed her eyes. Suddenly, Aaron let out a strong moan and his sticky jizz shot out like a bullet. The biggest wad smacked Jewel on her left cheek, while the smaller streams hit her hair and mouth. She was all smiles and cleaned Aaron’s dick with her long tongue. She whipped the cum off her face with her two fingers and licked it up, too. When she was done, Jewel looked up and Aaron and simply stated, “Yum.”

She got up, buttoned her pants and put her shirt back on. Aaron snagged one last glimpse of her great, huge tits. Jewel walked over to him and kissed him deeply. “Thanks, kid. I’d been in cock withdrawal. I owe you one.” She began walking to the front of the store, leaving Aaron behind.

He couldn’t believe it. “YOU owe ME?! Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” She called back as she opened the exit door, “I’ll be in town again soon, with a friend of mine. We’ll all have to get together! Thanks again!” She waved and walked out the door. Aaron slumped back against the rack, shook his head in disbelief, and let out a laugh.

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