Steve Sylkes (edited by ‘Kathy’)

Cybil Shepherd had been an actress in Hollywood
since she was 16 years old. Now in her mid-forties
she could look back on a fairly successful career.
She’d done modeling, TV movies, commercials for Pantine
shampoo, feature films, and most recently had been
given the opportunity to star in and produce her own
TV show. With all of her relative success she wondered
what had brought her to the office of Tony Capetecio.

Tony had earned his fortune as a Hollywood pro-
ducer of big budget films. Capetecio
was the president
in charge of prestige productions at Unicorp Films.
Prior to coming to Hollywood he had made his mark as a
small time enforcer on the east coast for the Denardo
Family. In 1991 when the Denardo Family bought the
majority share of Unicorp stock under a pseudonym they
immediately fired then studio president Frank Mancuso.

Subsequently the family appointed its own staff
headed by producer Tony Madraso. Madraso had grown up
on the east coast and knew of Capetecio. Madraso re-
spected Capetecio and appreciated his hard handed ways
of getting things done in a hurry. Therefore with no
experience and not even a high school education
Capetecio was hired to see to it that all prestige
films at Unicorp finished on or under budget.

Capetecio was good at his job. His no nonsense
attitude and reputation intimidated the most experi-
enced directors and producers. It was rare that he had
to go to a movie set to talk to his creative personnel
but when he did he always got results. Since his ar-
rival not one Unicorp prestige film had gone over
budget. Physically Capetecio was a brutish looking
man. Many people referred to him as "Big Tony". He
stood about 6 feet tall and weighed 230 pounds. He
had dark hair that came down to his shoulders and a
big beer belly. He was also very hairy. Hair covered
his chest, belly, arms, shoulders, and even his back.

Capetecio had one weakness. He loved middle aged
women. They turned him on to the point of losing
control of himself. It was a secret vice, that his
superiors knew nothing about. And Tony planned to keep
it that way.

On that day he sat behind is desk in his plush
but moderately sized office. He knew Cybil Shepherd
was outside in his waiting room. Although he had
nothing else to do that day he had told his reception-
ist to have Ms. Shepherd wait 20 minutes the lobby.
Capetecio wanted to see just how badly this big time
actress wanted the part in his new film and he wanted
to show her he was boss and she was at his service not
the other way around.

Cybil sat patiently in the lobby thinking about
the circumstances that had brought her there. She knew
that doing a big budget film like this would bring her
lots of money. But more importantly she knew that it
could bring lots of publicity for her show, prestige
in the Hollywood community, and possibly an Oscar
nomination. Even though her TV show was doing rela-
tively well, her heart was in doing feature films. She
hadn’t done one in three years and knew that doing a
film with Capetecio would probably make her more mar-
ketable as a film actress. She also knew that this
marketability had its price.

After her 20 minutes was up the receptionist
looked up from her desk and said, "Mr. Capetecio will
see you now." Cybil stood up and straightened herself
and walked toward Capetecio’s office door. She was
nervous and felt her armpits beginning to feel a little
damp. She was wearing a sensible pink suit with a
white shell underneath. Although it was not at all
warm in the office she wondered if she should take off
her jacket before she entered because she knew her
nervousness would raise her body temperature. She
decided to leave the jacket on and turned the knob and
walked in.

Capetecio was sitting behind his desk. "Cybil,"
he said without standing up, "Come in and close the
door." Capetecio touched the intercom button on is
phone and spoke into it. "Joan, I’m not to be dis-

"Of course Mr. Capetecio," Joan’s voice replied.

"Would you like to sit down Ms. Shepherd?"
Capetecio asked.

"Thank you," Cybil replied as she sat down, "but
please call me Cybil."

"Ok call, me Mr. Capetecio," Big Tony said.
Cybil laughed and kind of snorted through her nose a
little. She was glad a man with Big Tony’s reputation
did have a sense of humor. Perhaps this meeting
wouldn’t be as nerve racking as she thought. "I wasn’t
joking," Big Tony said. The smile quickly faded from
Cybil’s face and the tension that had dissipated in her
stomach a few seconds ago, returned with twice the
intensity. She shifted in her seat and tried to pull
her skirt down over her knee as she crossed her legs.

The skirt was a knee length skirt and was some-
what tight. It got considerably shorter when she sat
down. She had chosen this ensemble after not being
able to decide on what to wear after 30 minutes of
rummaging around in her closet. Her shoes were white
high heels. Normally she didn’t care what her shoes
looked like as long as they were comfortable.

She had once told a CNN reporter that at 45 she
had to decide on either ugly shoes or ugly feet. She
explained to the reporter that she had chosen the
former. She often wore boots that resembled the combat
variety. This strategy had worked in that her feet had
remained nicely formed. However, Cybil had cramped her
toes into her white pumps. She had wanted to look very
professional today.

Capetecio looked into Cybil’s nervous eyes and
began to speak. "Look baby, I know you can handle the
part in this film. The way I see it if you can handle
your own TV show then you can obviously act."

Cybil felt very nervous and somewhat uneasy in
Big Tony’s presence. She hoped this discussion would
be over soon. She wanted the part and the good fortune
that it could bring her but even more she wanted to get
the hell out of there.

"I didn’t call you here to audition you. As far
as I’m concerned as of right now you got the part. My
concern is your attitude. I heard that you caused some
problems on the Moonlighting show," Big Tony stated.
Cybil began to speak but Capetecio cut her off before
she could say anything.

"I really don’t want to hear about it. My con-
cern is that once we get into filming, if you become
upset or frustrated you won’t go off and pout in you
trailer for 3 hours."

Cybil took a deep breath as Big Tony continued.
"We had a girl try that shit with us a while ago,
almost caused us to go over budget until we persuaded
her to make nice. Now you wouldn’t do that would you

"No, I wouldn’t. I’ve been an actress for …"
Cybil started but was cut off again.

"What I’m interested in is team players. I like
team players. I like good sports. Are you a good
sport Cybil?" Capetecio asked.

"Yes I can be in the right atmosphere," Cybil

"That’s good Cybil. Very good but I need proof
you understand," said Big Tony. Cybil looked puzzled
for a moment. Big Tony continued calmly and coolly,
"I want to see what kind of good sport you are, okay?
So stand up and come on over here and give me a good
blow job baby," Big Tony commanded.

His words shocked her, She hadn’t had a case of
the old casting couch proposition since she’d been in
her twenties. She was repulsed and insulted. "I don’t
think this is going to work out for me Mr. Capetecio,"
Cybil said as she stood up.

"Well whether it does or not I want my cock
sucked by a middle aged actress, and I want it sucked
now." Capetecio said as he too stood up. "I don’t want
to hurt you baby but this is a sound proof office and
there’s a lot of distance between you and that door,"
Capetecio added nodding toward the door. Cybil felt
afraid now and most definitely intimidated. She looked
at the door but doubted if she could make it there
before Capetecio intercepted her. She felt controlled
by this brutish man. She had been around long enough
to know that if she gave in Big Tony wouldn’t hurt her.
"Come on over here and kneel down," Tony ordered.

Cybil walked slowly toward Big Tony. Tony gently
but firmly embraced the actress and kissed her. He
began to make out with her the way he did with all the
actresses he wanted. His mustache and five o’clock
shadow tickled and scratched Cybil’s soft, smooth, face
as his tongue bore into her mouth. "Come on honey get
into it, pretend I’m Bogdonavich" he commanded remem-
bering the affair Cybil had had with the director of
her first film.

Cybil timidly kissed Tony back slipping her
tongue between his lips as his tongue continued to
probe her pretty mouth. While he was kissing her Big
Tony’s hands explored the actress’ full, voluptuous
bottom. He traced her panty lines and cupped the
cheeks of her ass. After about 3 minutes of frenching
and groping Tony was satisfied and pushed the actress
back a step. "Lets see what kind of memory you have
for remembering your lines. Take off your shoes,
jacket, blouse and bra in that order," he commanded.

"I thought you just wanted oral," Cybil said
dryly. Capetecio quickly raised his hand and brought
it down against the left cheek of the actress. He did
not hit her hard but hard enough to let her know he
meant business.

"I said to take off your shoes, jacket, blouse
and bra in that order now don’t make me repeat myself
again," Big Tony growled. Her breath grew short as
she tried in earnest to fight off the tears. As she
began to comply with Tony’s demands, Tony spoke again,
"That had better be the last time I have to repeat
anything, understand?" he said.

Cybil nodded as she kicked off her white pumps.
She slipped her suit jacket off her shoulders and
handed it to Tony as he reached out his hand. Then
she untucked her blouse and pulled it over her head.
Tony waved his finger at her as if to communicate the
command ‘Turn around’. Cybil complied and felt Tony’s
fingers eagerly working at her bra.

Tony undid the bra and slowly eased the straps
off Cybil’s shoulders and let it fall silently to the
floor. She felt her breasts sag a little without the
support. Big Tony placed his hands on her shoulders
and turned Cybil around to face him. "Not bad for an
older girl," Tony said as he visually examined the
actresses’ breasts. He pulled Cybil to him and began
frenching her again. As he did, his hands explored her
body; her slightly sagging breasts and those wonder-
fully full ass cheeks. Cybil passively wrapped her
arms around Tony’s board torso.

She could feel Tony’s erect cock digging into
her right thigh. Tony again broke off the kissing and
pushed the actress back a step. He reached for her
jacket and balled it up into a nice make-shift pillow.
Then he dropped it to the floor in front of him. Cybil
knew what that action meant. Big Tony placed his
powerful right hand atop Cybil’s head and pressed down
firmly. "Down," he said.

She knew there was no turning back now. She felt
completely controlled by this man, as if she had to
comply. Her cheek still stung from the disciplinary
slap administered by Big Tony. There was no telling
what this brute was capable of. Cybil felt as if it
would go better for her if she just did what he wanted.
She was no fool, and in this case she knew her role in
this one act play was to do as she was told. She was
an actress and like all the big name actresses in
Hollywood she knew it was her turn to take a tumble on
the casting couch. This was different from the other
time she had done this. The first time she had been a
teenage girl, wined, dined, and romanced by a rather
sophisticated older man.

This time she was being forced by a man she
found only remotely attractive, who in fact was 7 years
her junior. After the first time she told herself she
would never fall victim to this type of coercion.
Nevertheless here she was.

Standing bare breasted before Big Tony
Capetecio, Cybil Shepherd gave into the pressure
exerted by the hand atop her head and gingerly knelt
down. "Good… good girl," Tony complimented. "Maybe
you are a good sport after all. Take it out sweet-
heart," he commanded. Cybil felt ashamed and humili-
ated as she knelt before Big Tony. She could barely
bring her trembling hands up to undo his belt and pants
but she remembered Big Tony’s reprimand about not
having to repeat himself and she found the courage and
dexterity to undo his belt.

Next she unhooked and unzipped his pants and
pulled them down around his thick thighs. Tony beamed
down at her with a look of satisfaction and calm. He
wore bikini underwear. Cybil was repulsed by the sight
of his sausage penis bulging beneath his underwear
straining to just beneath the girth of his hairy beer
belly. She looked up at him passively as she hooked
her fingers under the crotch bands of the leg openings
of his underwear and gently tugged them down.

As his underwear slid slowly south, Tony’s large
swollen cock flopped out. The sight of it just inches
from her face further intimidated Cybil. The musky
odor of his crotch and genitals filled her nostrils as
she took a deep breath to help calm herself.

"Okay baby, I want lots of spit, tongue action,
eye contact, creativity, and enthusiasm. And if I feel
any teeth you’ll be wearing false ones from here on,
coppice?" Capetecio threatened as if he had said it a
hundred times before. Cybil just nodded meekly in re-

"Understand?!" Tony yelled as he grabbed a hand-
ful of her luxurious blonde mane and yanked firmly.

Cybil jumped and responded, "Yes… yes."

Tony still wasn’t satisfied. He wanted her to
know without a doubt who was in charge here. Yanking
on her hair again he barked, "Yes who bitch?"

Cybil had been pushed beyond her limit and was
beginning to anger. "Yes Mr. Capetecio goddamit" she

"That’s better but don’t raise your voice to me
again bitch. Now get started," Tony commanded. Remem-
bering her instructions Cybil hesitated for a moment,
took a deep breath and began kiss-pecking at the inside
of Tony’s chunky thighs. "Oh … oh, oh, oh that’s
nice baby," Tony said as he thrilled to the feeling of
Cybil’s submissiveness and her sexy motions. His hot
prick brushed against her cheek as she obediently
serviced the big man. Although she was not enjoying
it, Cybil found relief as Tony loosened his grip on her
hair and simply let his hand rest atop her head. His
odor also began to grow on Cybil for which she was

"Lap the balls," Tony instructed. Cybil began
to lick Tony’s hairy scrotum sack with long slow
strokes. She went up and down and almost touched the
base of his cock a couple of times. The salty taste
of sweat filled her mouth. "Oh yes that’s nice. Yeah
you’re a good sport all right," Tony blithered as he
closed his eyes enjoyed his latest conquest. "Flick
your tongue faster. Yeah get into it. You ever do
this for Bruce Willis?" Tony teased and chuckled a bit.

Cybil didn’t answer but did comply by flicking
her tongue faster. "Okay that’s good take it in your
mouth now honey," Tony commanded. Cybil brought her
hand to his cock and lifted it up to her mouth. "No
hands! Just mouth it baby. You’re a talented girl, I
know you can handle it," Tony said. Cybil let his
beefy cock slip from her hand and crooked her neck so
that she could bring her mouth under the head of his
semi-erect member.

The hand on her head urged her forward. She
resisted a bit but opened her mouth just enough to
allow the head to brush gently into her mouth. She
opened wider to allow more cock to enter as he helped
her move down on his cock. "Look up at me baby," Tony
reminded. Cybil’s eyes flashed defiantly up at Tony.
The look excited Tony. He allowed his love weapon to
rest for a moment inside her mouth.

Cybil could feel his cock pulsing in her mouth.
It was such an unmistakable feeling that she could have
sworn it was his heart in her mouth. Soon he was com-
pletely erect.

Slowly Tony began to guide her head back and
forth on his cock. Cybil continued to look obediently
up at Tony. He was careful not to jam his cock too far
into her mouth, yet. This was how Big Tony showed his
affection and admiration for women. He had never been
taught to do otherwise. In his mind Cybil should have
felt flattered to be allowed to do this. Saliva pooled
in her mouth as Cybil became a receptacle for Big
Tony’s expression of affection. "Do you like that?"
Big Tony asked.

"Rlress," Cybil attempted to answer but was
muffled by cock.

"Don’t talk with your mouth full," Tony cruelly
chuckled. "Do you have any kids?" Tony asked.

"Rlress. Thee," Cybil answered.

"Don’t talk with your mouth full," Tony cruelly
chuckled again. This was Tony’s type of humor. Slowly
on every fifth stroke Tony began to ease more and more
of his cock into her mouth. Cybil gagged each time he
pushed in a little further. "Relax your neck and
throat muscles baby. Your not leaving here until you
take it all the way," Tony instructed.

Cybil could hear her own slurping sounds filling
her ears. Her saliva filled her mouth and trickled
down on her chin. Tony’s hairy balls lightly pushed
against her moist chin as Cybil took more cock.

"Now on the ‘in’ strokes I want you to push your
tongue out of your mouth and lap my balls. It’s not
going to be easy but a talented girl like you should be
able to handle it," Tony explained.

Still moving slowly Cybil tried to comply. She
was beginning to get the idea of this romantic inter-
lude. She also felt an unexpected dampness between her
legs and a familiar pleasurable pressure in her full
belly. As Tony’s cock went in on the ‘in’ strokes
Cybil’s tongue darted out of her mouth and lathered his
ball sack with saliva. "Oh motherfuck that feels awe-
some! You’re beautiful baby, now I know where your
real talent lies. We’re going to build up a little
speed now honey," Tony said with his hand still firmly
planted on her head. Tony moved her head up and down
on his cock faster while simultaneously moving his
pelvis and hips in and out. Building up more speed
caused Cybil to drool and gag more. This really
excited Big Tony.

"Ockka, Agicka," Cybil choked. Tony felt the
contraction of Cybil’s throat when she gagged and the
feeling sent shock waves up his cock and made his
rectum contract. He felt a slightly audible but odor-
ous fart escape and he chuckled again. Tony thought to
himself that this could be turning into one of the top
five blow jobs he had ever received.

With aid from Big Tony’s strong hand Cybil
continued to move her head back and forth on the
intruding cock. Every once in a while Tony could feel
the gentle scrape of teeth drag on his cock, but he
knew that Cybil was trying very hard and did not hit
or chastise her again. Tony increased the speed and
power of his pelvis thrusts. He held Cybil’s head in
a stationary position and pumped in earnest.

Cybil’s jaw, throat, and neck were beginning to
tire and become sore. As Tony’s cock plunged cruelly in
and out of her mouth it was all she could do to breath
between gags. She stopped trying to lap his balls on
the in strokes and concentrated on not dragging her
teeth and breathing.

Realizing her discomfort was increasing Tony
suggested, "Try to breath through your nose baby."
Tony felt the head of his cock brush the back of
Cybil’s throat open. He reached down with his free
hand and pinched and fondled her full breasts. His
actions stimulated Cybil but she could not really
appreciate the sensations with Tony’s cock raping
her mouth so hard.

Tony was really sweating now and was pumping for
all he was worth. Sweat dripped down from his face and
landed on Cybil’s. He had long since soaked through
his sport coat and shirt. He took his hand away from
her breasts and loosened his tie. Then he placed both
hands on her head and held her in place.

"Now its time baby," he said as he continued to
stroke in and out, "now its time for you to dine on
Capetecio’s world famous man-chowder. When I come I
expect you to swallow every drop. I mean every drop.
I don’t want to see any sperm trickle out on your
chin," he threatened.

Then Tony began to pump faster than he had ever
pumped a girl’s mouth before. He was getting tired but
he continued pumping and sweating at jack rabbit speed.

Cybil was completely spent. She could no longer
control her mouth actions. Her mouth was really just
hanging on Big Tony’s prick. She could barely breath
as Tony’s cock filled her oral cavity. Her eyes rolled
up into her head as Tony grabbed handfuls of her hair
in passion. She was almost ready to pass out when she
heard Big Tony ask in a breathy growl, "You ready to
taste some pecker juice baby?" She nodded weakly yes.

Tony felt her mouth move when she nodded and
that did it for him. He grabbed her head and forced it
all the way down on his cock and exploded. "Ah Shit, Ah
Shit, Ah Shit," Tony yelled. Hot come gushed up from
his balls and flooded Cybil’s mouth. The come mixed
with her saliva caused Cybil’s cheeks to balloon. It
was all she could do to swallow obediently. The salty
taste was not at all unpleasant and was familiar to
her. More sperm rocketed up from Tony’s bloated balls
and ultimately into Cybil’s mouth. She swallowed and
gulped and swallowed some more. For a moment she
thought he would never stop coming. He must have been
saving up for a year she thought.

As his load finally began to slow, then stop, he
complimented the pretty actress, "Very good, that’s a
goooood girl, that’s a goooood girl, what a good

Tony pulled his pelvis back and removed his
still mildly contracting penis from Cybil’s mouth. She
swallowed the last of the producer’s sperm deposit and
collapsed in a heap in front of him. Tony still sweaty
and out of breath reached down and pulled up his bikini
underwear and pants. "Get up and get dressed," Tony
commanded. Cybil opened her eyes, rolled her head to
the side, and watched Tony fixing his clothes and
moving back behind his desk.

Still gasping for breath, she sat back up on her
haunches and weakly gathered her clothes. She was
conscious of Tony’s sharp gaze upon her breasts and
quickly and awkwardly tried to put on her bra back on.
She stood up and found her blouse. "You did well today
baby, you’re going to make a fine addition to our
cast," Tony mocked.

Cybil finished putting on her blouse and silent-
ly slipped her white pumps back on. "I’ll have the line
producer call your agent tomorrow," Tony said.

Feeling completely humiliated and used, the
middle aged actress picked up the jacket to her suit
and headed for the door. "Don’t you have something to
say to me Cybil?" Tony asked.

She stopped in her tracks, hesitated for a
moment, then turned to face him. "Thank you Mr.
Capetecio," Cybil said obediently.

"Good girl Cybil, you’re a good sport." he com-
plimented. "You may leave now."

The pretty, middle aged actress turned and left.

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