DDRx Part 01

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Featuring: Hilary Duff, Raven

Disclaimer: This is in NO WAY based on real events and in no way written to soil the featured celebrities’ good names. This is a FANTASY and the featured celebs may not necessarily act in these ways. If you are offended by sexually explicit material or under age, DON’T READ THIS DAMNIT! Please, don’t be shy, and send HONEST feedback or suggestions (NOT VIRUSES, YOU FUCKERS!) to my address, DDRXVENGEANCE@yahoo.com If you send me feedback, I’ll respond, and give you links to sites of my featured celebs! ROCK ON! WOOOO!

DDR was a normal guy, without any money, until one day, his LUCK changed and won a stay at a hotel, where he met Hilary Duff, and got to score with her. As time passed, he got luckier and luckier, boning Hilary on many more occasions, winning the lotto, and scoring a job as a top secret celebrity man whore. In the “LUCK” ten part series, he fucked Hilary Duff, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Lindsay Lohan, LaLaine, Fefe Dobson, Shakira, Haylie Duff, Christina Millian, & Beyonce Knowles. After a confrontation with a part human, part artificial intelligence person named 9, he now possesses a serum called 9-X, that extremely heightens a female’s sex drive and erases their short term memory. This allows Hilary to accompany him to any of his clients, since they won’t remember her and rat her out to the press. Now the stories continue, as DDR’s phone number is known by all celebs, giving him countless clients! His “LUCK” still has not ran out, as his saga continues in the “DDRx” series.

“Well… DDR, I don’t know about you, but I could use some coffee!” Haylie said, looking at Hilary.

“Ohh, yeah! I haven’t had a coffee in two days. I could really use some!” Hilary said, putting her arm around her sister’s shoulder.

“I don’t drink coffee, so you two enjoy yourselves,” I said, smiling in awe at their combined beauty.

“Get out! Why not?” Hilary said, shocked.

“Well, the smell is soothing, but I had some coffee a few times in Junior High and in High School, and I would get queasy and shit. So, I just stay away from it,” I said, walking towards them, and out of the room.

“Whatever suits you. Hilary and I can’t live without a fresh cup of coffee, right Hil?” We exited the room and all headed towards the kitchen.

“Mm-hm– ooo!” Hilary stopped talking, making me turn to her.

“What’s wrong?” Haylie asked.

“Uhh… Well, I’ll give you guys a hint… The area… between my thighs hurts!” Haylie smirked and shook her head. They then looked at me.

“Ohh, I’m sorry, is that my fault?” I said, sarcastically. Hilary smiled and kissed me.

“Yes it is. But don’t worry, it’s a… pleasurable pain,” Hilary said, making me chuckle. We all went to the kitchen to eat. After that we heard my voice mail messages. I had messages from Christina Millian (again!), Pink, Fergie, Shakira, Michelle Branch and a couple more. Then Hilary and I took a shower, to wash off the dry cum, from the night before. In the shower, I remembered Haylie’s Mustang, that we left in the parking lot. We got out of the shower, I got dressed, and I went to Haylie, while Hilary stayed in the room dressing.

“Yo, Haylie! I’m gonna go out with Hilary, to go pick up your Mustang.”

“Aww, thank you! And I’m not telling you to hurry, but our plane to Texas leaves at 11:00 PM tonight, so be back at least by 7:30PM!”

“Yes, mother!” I said, smiling. Haylie playfully pushed me.

“Shut up!” She said, giggling. Hilary came out of the room, looking unbelievably stunning. She had on TIGHT blue jeans and a small, TIGHT black tanktop.

“Daaamn, Hilary! You look fucking great!” I said, looking her up and down. Hilary smiled and walked towards the door, purposely wiggling her ass, a bit. I smiled deviously. “Ohh, shit! You’ve gone and done it now!” She looked back at me, while quietly giggling. Haylie sighed.

“Hilary! You have really turned slutty, you know that?” Haylie said, with her hands on her hips. Hilary laughed.

“Aww, shut up, you Dirty Dog!” Hilary said, laughing. Haylie smiled. I reached over to the counter and took a couple 9-X vials.

‘Maybe we’ll be needing this,’ I thought, as I put them in my pocket. “Let’s go, baby!” Hilary opened the door and began walking out, as I followed her. We made it out of her driveway and walked towards the motel, which was a fifteen minute walk away. It was a sunny, beautiful day outside.

“So where is the motel, exactly? I was locked up in a trunk on the way there…” She looked down, as we walked down the street. I stopped her. I gently lifted her face up, by her chin.

“Are you okay with this? I didn’t notice you sad last night, because of the 9-X serum, but now that it’s worn off…”

“I’m fine. It was like… really traumatic. He threatened to kill me, you, Haylie…” Her voice began to break. I gave her a hug, and she hugged me tightly.

“I’m so sorry. Somehow I feel that this shit was my fault.” She let go of me.

“It’s not your fault! You were in the wrong place at the wrong time!”

“But I should have done more to stop him, even before he could kidnap you,” I said, looking down into her beautiful eyes. “I’m sorry.” She held me tightly again, but looked up at me.

“You saved me, and I’ll never forget how you risked your life to do it. I got you in my life by pure chance. Even though you have made me a little dirtier…” We both smiled, and she giggled. “I have never been happier in my life, and it’s because of you. I used to have to call my dad up, like every three weeks, so he could come visit me, because I was getting depressed.”

“What? You seem so happy. I know your life is very hectic…”

“Yeah! Totally. I was feeling under weather a lot more often. My mom loves me, and I love her, but she’s very strict. I finally convinced her to give me some space for a few months. The first time I was without her, or Haylie, was in the hotel in New York… Where I met you.” I smiled, thinking back. “My crew was in another room, my mom and Haylie were away, so I was free. I had broken up with Aaron a few weeks before that, since he wanted sex from me and I didn’t really think I was ready for that. And though I was seen with one of the guys from Good Charlotte, it wasn’t out on a date or anything. The press took the whole thing out of proportion.”

“Yeah… I remember hearing about that,” I said. She nodded her head. She paused for a moment, looking down to the ground, thinking. She looked beautiful, the sun’s light making her skin shimmer, and the wind blowing her hair. She held my hands and looked up at me.

“I had a void in my life. I’ve always felt comfortable talking with my mom or Haylie about things but, I was like… still missing someone…” She smiled demurely. “Then I met you. I took a chance knocking on your door, that night we met, but I needed to take a chance. And I’m glad I did. And I’m glad it was with you.” I was stunned to hear these words. She got on her tip toes and to give me a kiss. I leaned my neck forward and our lips embraced in a passionate, lustful kiss. She caressed my hair and face, while I caressed her back and long, golden hair. Cars passed by, on the street, probably looking at us. Hilary began moaning and her left leg slowly rose, as we kissed. I began sticking my tongue into her mouth, while she began grabbing my ass. As our tongues played around in each other’s mouths, a car pulled by us a honked it’s horn. We both stopped kissing, to see Raven in a Ford Thunderbird Convertible. She was smiling, with an eyebrow raised. Hilary smiled. “Raven!”

“Hilary! I thought you were a good girl! And now I see you kissing some guy in broad daylight, and grabbing his ass!” Hilary and I looked at each other, her hands still on my ass. She released her hands from my cheeks and put them behind her back.

“You didn’t see that!” Hilary said, smiling bashfully. Raven got out of the car and gave Hilary a strong hug.

“Girlfriend, you better watch what you’re doing! The press could be hiding in a bush somewhere, and catch the former Disney star, doing pornstar like kissing and groping!” Hilary giggled. Raven looked at me, and rose an eyebrow. “Hilary, are you gonna introduce me to your man?” I smirked. Raven is quite a beautiful girl, with gorgeous eyes, lips and hips!

“This is DDR…” Hilary said, then getting close to Raven’s ear to whisper. “And keep this under wraps. I don’t need the press to know that I’m dating. We don’t want any added attention.”

“That’s understandable,” Raven said, then extending her hand out to shake mine. “DDR, is it? I’m Raven,” she said, in a flirtatious voice.

“Ohh, I know who you are.” I shook her hand.

“What kind of work are you in?” Raven asked.

“Funny you should ask that.” I looked at Hilary. Hilary nodded her head, signalling that I could trust Raven with our secret. “Don’t tell anyone…” Raven nodded her head. “I’m an underground celebrity man whore. If any celeb needs some… off the books… pleasuring, then I’m their man.” Raven rose her eyebrows, again.

“Really…” Raven looked at Hilary. “And you’re okay with this, Hil?”

“Ohh, yeah. As long as I accompany him to any clients that I don’t really trust, then I’m cool with it.” Raven smiled, viciuosly.

“Uhh… Well… Uhhh… …How much do you charge?” Hilary and I smiled.

“Five hundred,” I said. Raven nodded her head.

“That’s reasonable…” She thought for a few seconds. “Okay! Let’s do this!” Hilary smiled, as we walked over to the other side of the car.

“There’s only one seat free, so…” Raven said, as she got into the car.

“I’ll sit on his lap,” Hilary said, raising her eyebrows suggestively. I opened the door and sat inside, then letting her sit on my lap. I smirked, as I closed the door, and Raven began to drive off. We arrived at her house a few minutes later.

“I just gotta make a call,” Raven said, “You two meet me in my room, first door on your left on the second floor.” Hilary and I walked up the stairs and into her room.



“Should I 9-X her?” I asked, pulling a vial out. Hilary smiled.

“You read my mind,” Hilary said, as she began undressing. I began taking off my shirt, as well. “I could probably trust her, but… you know, the less people know, the less people can slip a tongue or rat me out.” She removed her tank top, exposing her awesome rack in a white, cotton bra. I felt a surge of horniness, as if I’ve never seen her before, and this was the first time I see some skin. She was always so refreshing to look at. Every time you see her, you get aroused, as if you’ve never seen her before. She noticed I was eye humping her. “What?”

“You are so fucking sexy,” I said, throwing my shirt to Raven’s bed. Hilary bit her bottom lip and came up to me and held by chest and abs.

“You want a piece of me?” She whispered, groping me.

“Aww, come on Hil! When is the answer ever no?” I said, smirking. We started kissing, eventually sitting down on the bed. Hilary unbuckled my belt and slowly pulled it out, while we kissed and groped each other’s ass, back and chests. She playfully pushed me onto the bed and jumped on top of me, licking my chest and abdomen. I love it when she’s horny! She unbuckled my jeans button and unzipped my fly, reaching into my pants.

“Mmmm. Ohh, yeah…” She began massaging my shaft, my cock still in my pants. She threw her eyes to the back of her head, as she began giving me a hand job. She couldn’t contain herself anymore and pulled my cock out, breathing heavily. “Ohhh yess…” Hilary’s soft, luscious lips surrounded my cock head, slowly taking my cock into her mouth. I watched as my shaft began disappearing into her tight, little mouth. I closed my eyes, as my cock head slowly became wet, from her saliva, and shuddered, as it began to slowly go down her throat.

“Ohh… Hilary…” I whispered, as she opened her wondrously beautiful eyes, looking up at me. She slowly rose her head, as I watched my whole shaft slowly egress from her warm, tight mouth. I tried to keep my cool, but I couldn’t, letting my head fall back, onto the bed. “Ohhh, Ms. Duff! You are so fucking talented!” She smiled, and released my dick from her mouth, with the sound of a pop. She playfully licked my cock head, sending a pleasurable rush of heat throughout my body. Hilary smiled as she licked my head and shaft, and began sucking furiously, desperate for pre cum. In three or four minutes, her wish came true, as I secreted small amounts of cum, which she swallowed down, in bliss, squinting her eyes.

“Mmmm, mmlmmmmlm…” But, this still wasn’t enough for her. She wanted more, and there was only one way for her to get it. She continued blowing me, this time faster, and harder. Her long, blonde hair began moving wildly, as she bobbed her head wildly. She stroked my cock and balls, as her head bobbed up and down my cock, and her mouth making beautiful, slurping sounds. My mind began to black out, forgetting where I was, and just focusing on this wonderful blow I was receiving. She sensually massaged my dick, not making it hard, but making it bulge. My dick was slightly sore, from the night before, so this was not only stimulating and invigorating, it was slightly painful. But, hell, you ain’t gonna hear me complaining! “Mmmmlmlmmmlm. Mmmmm. Mmmmlm…” She moaned and moaned, as she drank down the creamy mixture of her own saliva, and my pre cum, which oozed out of my bulging cock head. She bobbed her head on my prick, with a super fast motion, sucking, and even biting my head at times. She was no where near stopping. Hilary needed to taste my seed, and nothing would stop her. I just lay there, with my mouth half open, and my eyes fully closed, as she gobbled my cock up. Then… she started deep throating me.

“Fuck!” I said, as I felt my cock go into her super tight throat. I twitched as I felt her nose rub against my pubes. Hilary held my cock in her mouth for over twenty seconds, then quickly pulling out, gasping for air. A trail of saliva and pre cum, connected to her mouth, as she gasped for air.

“Wow…” She quickly continued on my cock, sucking harder than before. Over fifteen minutes had passed, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was sweaty, stimulated, and every blood vessel in my body was pumping blood at a ridiculously fast rate. I began to feel a rush of goose bumps engulf my body as she sucked and bobbed me, at a hard, breakneck speed. I squinted my eyes and rose my pelvis. My balls tightened and sent a rush of hot, steaming cum, up my balls, into my shaft, and up my head. Hilary didn’t release my cock for even one millisecond, not allowing a single drop of her creamy reward to go to waste. She squinted her eyes, as she drank down stream, after stream of my boiling hot, creamy cum, that shot up, into her mouth. After ten seconds, I had no more to give, relaxing my pelvis. She stayed sucking the head, getting one last splurt of cum, which she savored in her mouth, as she released my cock. With her mouth closed, Hilary moved her tongue around, savoring the warm, milky reward, that she had worked so hard, and so well to earn. She smiled, with her eyes closed in ecstasy, as she swallowed it down her throat. She slowly opened her eyes and gave me a dirty smile. “That tastes so, SO good!” We then heard the sound of clapping. I rose my head, and Hilary looked to her left, to see Raven clapping her hands. We dropped our jaws, forgetting why we were here in the first place!

“Wow, that was so great, my nipples are hard!” We laughed. “Wow, Hilary. I never new you had it in you.”

“Yeah, well, I practice a lot. I love this rod,” Hilary said, smiling at me, as she still held my bulging hard, wet cock in her right hand. Raven walked in, went to her radio and put on some R&B music. Hilary fully removed her clothes, as I removed my pants and Raven removed her clothes. I watched Hilary’s beautiful body, and believe me, I care about her and everything, but I was also looking at Raven, and her exceptional skin tone. Her plump, bra less boobs bounced, as she removed her shirt. She removed her pants and panties, giving me a view of her her neatly shaven pussy. Raven climbed onto the bed, slowly licking her lips. She stopped by me and looked at my cock, still erect. Hilary reached into my jeans pocket and covertly passed me a 9-X vial. I took it and Hilary held Raven’s arms.

“What are you doing?” Raven said, as Hilary held her. I quickly pricked her in the neck with the 9-X vial. When it’s administered into the bloodstream, there is no nausea, and the effect takes place faster. “What did you just do to me? Did you prick me with something? I can’t… wow… mmmmm…” Raven took my cock in her hand. Hilary and I smiled. The 9-X serum rocks! Her gorgeous, plump lips hungrily surrounded my member. She began bobbing her head. I carefully looked at Hilary, to see a little bit of jealousy in her eyes. After two minutes of watching, she couldn’t take it anymore, pulling my left leg to the side, so she could join in. As Raven hungrily sucked my cock head, Hilary licked and sucked my balls. I let my head fall back, as I smiled. Ahh, life is good! Two Disney gals sucking me off! But, I needed a taste, myself, so I held Hilary’s hair, so she could look at me. She stopped, and looked at me.

“I need that pussy, Juicy,” I said, making her open her eyes widely.

“Shut up!” She didn’t want anyone to know her secret nickname.

“She’ll forget in two hours,” I whispered. Raven was too busy, sucking me off, to hear anything.

“Ohh, okay.” Hilary climbed onto my face. I got a shiver as I smelled her glorious pussy. I immediately stuck my tongue into her pussy, and onto her exposed clit. “Ohhh, god…” She held the top of my head, as I furiously licked her delicious vulva. “Ohhh, yess… lick me, baby! Lick me!” I continued sticking my tongue inside her deliciously tight canal, becoming intoxicated by her smell. I could feel her pussy muscles contract and compress on my tongue, as it invaded her insides. Raven’s plump lips felt like fucking heaven, as they ran up and down on my dick. She twisted my cock in her mouth, sucking with a great force. She soaked my cock, even more than Hilary, making loud slurping sounds, as she rapidly bobbed her head, in ecstasy. “Ohhhh, Ohhh, OHHHH!” Hilary pulled on my hair, almost pulling it out, as her muscles contracted one more time, unloading onto my mouth. “OHHHHHHH! GOD YEEESSSSS!” Her fingernails dug into my hair, as I drank down her delectable juices. Raven had been sucking my cock to perfection, making it bulge again. Hilary climbed off my face, as her pussy dripped cum. Hilary then kissed me, loving her own taste in my mouth. Raven released my cock, hungry for cock in her pussy. She crawled up the bed, and stood on all fours, holding from her headboard.

“Come on, DDR! I want you to fuck me senseless!” Raven said, pulling a wonderful ass cheek to the side, opening half of her pussy. I got up and positioned myself behind her. I slowly entered her tight pussy. “Sssss… Ohhhh, yesss…” I began fucking her, slowly at first. “Ohhh yeah! Ohhh yeah, that’s right, boy! Ohhh, yess! Ohh! Ohhhh!!! Give me some of that cock! Give it to me!” She held her ass, in ecstasy, rocking her hips back to meet my slow thrusts. I decided to speed up, grabbing her hips, for leverage. “Ohhhhh, yeah! Ohhhhh! Do me! Do me! Do me! DOO MEEE!” I felt her pussy clench my cock, as she had her first orgasm. Hilary watched on, sitting right next to me, rubbing her clit. I looked at her, and gave her a good, long kiss. Soon, Raven stopped rocking her hips, as the sensation of my rapidly intruding cock, was too much for her tender, sensitive pussy. “OHHHHHH, GOD! OHHH YEAH! OHHH, IT’S SO BIG!” Hilary decided to join in, getting under me. Hilary held my balls as I ruthlessly fucked the shit out of Raven’s gloriously wet pussy. Hilary moved up a little more and began to rub Raven’s pussy, to give her even more enjoyment. “OHHHHH! HILARY! KEEP RUBBING ME! OHHH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!” After a few seconds of this, Raven exploded again, onto Hilary’s face. Hilary licked up Raven’s juices, moaning.

“Damn, Raven!” I said, as her pussy muscles gripped my cock.

“OHHHH! OHHH YEAH! Ohh, Hilary! Let me taste you!” Hilary was a bit skeptical, as always, but eventually moved from under me and went over to the headboard. She sat down, leaned her back against it, and pushed her hips up on an angle. Raven lowered her head onto Hilary’s pussy and chomped away on it. Hilary moaned as Raven licked away. I pumped Raven faster and faster, making her moan as she licked Hilary. Soon Hilary exploded onto Raven’s mouth, making Raven drink down Hilary’s tasty juices. Rvaven made Hilary’s pussy a cummy mess, as she licked and moaned, while she got her pussy tenderized. I slammed her pussy so hard, she began to scream at the top of her lungs, as she had orgasms. “AAAAAAHHH!!!!! OHHHHHHHH, YEAAAAAHHH!” She soon stopped licking Hilary’s pussy, since she was too preoccupied by my forcibly intruding cock. Raven moaned, as she writhed her ass in lustful, burning ecstasy. She was swimming in sweat, as she had her last orgasm.

“Ohh, fuck, this is it!” I said, as I pounded Raven’s backside faster and faster. I pulled out, holding my cock head. Raven spun around, and I exploded on her and Hilary’s face. They closed their eyes, as they received a shower of cum. I shot stream after stream of hot splurts of cum, which would splatter all over their mouth, face, cheeks and boobs. I finally stopped, and fell back, holding the bed with one arm, and holding my cock with the other. Raven and Hilary opened their eyes and gave me goose bumps, as they simultaneously licked the entire circumference of their lips, lapping up all the cum they could, and swallowing it down. I stared with my mouth open, as they began licking each other’s boobs and face. Ahh, life is sweet. Raven paid me and Hilary and I left.

“Damn, Hilary. You’re friends from Disney… They seem to be the dirtiest. First LaLaine, and now Raven.” Hilary smiled.

“I guess that when you have to have a clean reputation, your sex life is like… really dirty!” I smirked. I put my arm around Hilary’s shoulder, as we walked in the street.

“You’re awesome, you know that?” I said. She put her hand in my rear, jeans pocket, grabbing my ass.

“I know, I know,” she said.

“Hey! I thought you were humble!” I said, as we laughed. We continued talking and walking, with a couple more 9-X vials in my pocket, and Haylie’s Mustang in our destination.

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