DDRX Part 07

DDRx Part 07

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Featuring: Juliya

Disclaimer: This is in NO WAY based on real events and in no way written to soil the featured celebrities’ good names. This is a FANTASY and the featured celebs may not necessarily act in these ways. If you are offended by sexually explicit material or under age, DON’T READ THIS DAMNIT! Please, don’t be shy, and send HONEST feedback or suggestions (NOT VIRUSES, YOU FUCKERS!) to my address, DDRXVENGEANCE@yahoo.com If you send me feedback, I’ll respond, and give you links to sites of my featured celebs! If yo want pics of Juliya, go fuse.tv and click
on the Uranium TV show. ROCK ON! WOOOO!

DDR was a normal guy, without any money, until one day, his LUCK changed and won a stay at a hotel, where he met Hilary Duff, and got to score with her. As time passed, he got luckier and luckier, boning Hilary on many more occasions, winning the lotto, and scoring a job as a top secret celebrity man whore. In the “LUCK” ten part series, he fucked Hilary Duff, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Lindsay Lohan, LaLaine, Fefe Dobson, Shakira, Haylie Duff, Christina Millian, & Beyonce Knowles. After a confrontation with a part human, part artificial intelligence person named 9, he now possesses a serum called 9-X, that extremely heightens a female’s sex drive and erases their short term memory. This allows Hilary to accompany him to any of his clients, since they won’t remember her and rat her out to the press. Now the stories continue, as DDR’s phone number is known by all celebs, giving him countless clients! His “LUCK” still has not ran out, as his saga continues in the “DDRx” series.

“Holy shit, yes!” I smiled from ear to ear upon seeing the sign, ‘New York City 1 Mile’. It was about 9:00 AM, and I could see the New York skyline in the distance. I had finally made it! My phone rang, and my face lit up even more, upon seeing Hilary’s picture on it. I picked up. “Juicy! Where are you?” I asked, happy as hell, that I was back home.

“I’m on the plane! You sound happy, baby!” She said, perky as ever.

“You’re damn right sweetheart! I’m less than a mile away from New York!”

“You actually beat me there! I’m in the plane. We’ll be there in five hours or less!”

“Ohh, shit, that’s great! I’m gonna go visit my family and an old friend of mine, and then I’ll go to Kennedy… or LaGuardia…”

“We’re landing in Kennedy.”

“That’s great, baby. I’m gonna let you go, I’m coming up on a toll,” I said, slowing down my Dodge Charger.

“Okay, I love you, and I’ll see you soon!” Hilary said, in a happy, loving voice.

“Luv’ ya too, Juicy,” I said, as we both hung up. I reached into my pocket and brought out a five dollar bill. I passed it to the booth dude. “Keep the change, man!”

“Thank you!” He said, as I drove away. NEW FUCKING YORK! Finally! I stopped off in a bank and made a huge withdrawal of a hundred thousand bucks. I drove up to the Bronx, and went to my Mom, Aunt and Grandmother’s house and paid them a visit, giving them each twenty thousand dollars. I then stopped by my place. “Might as well check my E-mail…” I said, turning on my computer.

As it loaded up, I went to the fridge, and got something to eat. I walked to my radio and put on “Edgecrusher”, by Fear Factory, and started head banging. The computer loaded up, and I typed in my Yahoo screen name DDRXVENGEANCE. I typed in my password, as I ate. I only had seven new mails. I read through six of them, and then arrived at the final one.

It was untitled. I opened it, and frowned with the message. It said, “I’LL BE SEEING YOU AGAIN MOTHER FUCKER!” It was kind of unsettling… I paused “Edgecrusher” and sat back on my chair. Who the fuck is enemies with me? The email address was IAMHUSTLERONE@yahoo.com

“Who the fuck is Hustler One? Shit…” I saved the E-mail and got off my computer. I then decided to visit a friend, who I’ve known since the second grade, who’s nickname is “Blue”, due to his dyed blue hair. I called him up on my cell.

“DDR? Holy shit! Where the hell have you been?” He asked, surprised to hear from me.

“Blue, what’s up man? Where the fuck are you?” I asked.

“Home. Where are you?”

“I’m home. I could stop over there, man? I could practice St. Anger, just like old times.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. But make it quick, my girl is coming over in like three hours,” he said.

“Get the fuck outta here! You two are still together?”

“Yeah, she’s great. Get you’re ass over here!” We hung up and I walked over to his place, greeting him with our old signature handshake. We walked to his room. My jaw dropped.

“MOTHER FUCKER! You got a real drum set! Ohhh shit! With two base drums! Ahhh! I could finally play Metallica’s ‘One’. Yes!” We chilled and practiced some music, like we used to. Me on the drums, him on Guitar. We were going to start a band, but plans eventually changed. We stopped practicing after an hour.

“So what the hell have you been up to?” He asked, throwing me a beer.

“Traveling the U.S.” I said, opening my beer.

“Doing what?” He asked, making me stop. I was a bit hesitant. I trusted him, but… You know… This isn’t something you can just tell anybody. But, screw it, I’ve know this fucker over half of my life.

“You swear on you mother, father, brother and girlfriend’s graves, not to tell a fucking soul?” He nearly choked on his beer.

“Yeah… What the fuck is it?”

“You probably won’t believe me, but… I’m a celebrity man whore.” He laughed out loud. He then stopped, when he noticed I wasn’t laughing. “I need to help you get a girl, man! Now you’re making up stories!”

“I have a girl… Kind of… Well, she’s not really my girl, but we do hang out a hell of a lot together. And I do love her.” I brought out my cell phone and showed him a picture of Hilary. He laughed.

“I think you’re taking this a little too far! I remember you were in love with her, when, like two years ago? Now you are making up wild stories about being a celebrity man whore?” He noticed I wasn’t smiling. “Are you being serious?” I nodded my head. “Get the hell out of here! I think I’ll need a little proof before I can believe you’re a–” My phone rang in my hands, interrupting him. I looked at it and picked up.

“Hello?” I said.

“Is this DDR?” A sexy voice asked.

“Yeah, who’s this?” I asked.

“Your number was given to me by someone. This is Juliya, from the Fuse show, Uranium?” I stood up in amazement.

“Holy shit! YOU are calling me? This is a fucking honor! I’ve wanted to get with you for years, baby!” I said, running to Blue’s brother’s cell phone speaker system. I connected it, so Blue could listen.

“Ohh, that’s fucking great! I’ve been craving some cock, but I can’t just pick up any random guy. This is New York! I’ve seen a lot of weird shit, but, there are too many weird, crazy motha fuckas here, and I’m miraculously STD free.”

“You’re in New York? That’s fucking great! I’m up in the Bronx. Where are you?”

“In lower Manhattan. Manson is gonna be at Irving Plaza.” I looked at Blue, who’s face was lit up. Blue’s girlfriend loves Marylin Manson, so I knew that I could kill two birds with one stone.

“Then let’s make a deal. I’ll fuck you for free, but only if you give my friend, and his girl, a backstage pass, to meet Manson in person.”

“Fuck yeah, it’s a deal. When can you be down here?” Juliya asked, horny as hell.

“In less than an hour,” I said, looking at Blue.

“That’s fucking awesome. See you then,” Juliya said, hanging up the phone. Blue was smiling.

“You want some fucking proof? There’s your fucking proof!” I said, as he threw on a jacket. We ran out the house. We walked out of his building, and he went a different way.

“Where the hell are you going? The 4 train is this way!” He said.

“I got a car,” I said, making him drop his jaw, as I pointed at the Charger, across the street.

“Get the fuck out of here!” I got inside and unlocked his side. “How the fuck could you afford it?” He asked, getting in, through the passenger side.

“I won the lotto,” I said, turing on the engine. He looked at me, questionably.

“I don’t know. I used to think that all the shit that came out of you’re mouth was… shit. But, now, I’ve got to start believing you!” We laughed, and I drove away. “Damn. This car is fucking sweet.”

“You damn right! It’s two of it’s kind. A concept 1999 Dodge Charger.” He pressed the glove compartment box, opening it. He reached inside and brought out a couple of pictures, that were inside.

“Holy shit, you weren’t lying…” He said. The picture was of Hilary and I, goofing around and kissing, during her summer tour. “Wow… You weren’t shitting me…” He stayed quiet for a few seconds. “This is probably a dream come true for you, isn’t it?” I frowned.

“You would think so, wouldn’t you?” I stayed silent for a few seconds. “You know… What would you do, if a girl that you liked was famous, and you never thought you would meet her. Then, by pure luck, you finally meet her. You then fuck her, countless times, only for her, to suggest to you, to take on every man’s dream job. To fuck hot celebrities, and get paid for it! You take the suggestion, and fuck countless celebrities, half of them with her! But… You slowly realize that… you’re… falling in love with her… and she with you. What would you do?” Blue stayed silent for a moment.

“I don’t know… Well… I found my dream girl, and I love her.” I looked at him.

“And I’m happy for you. But that’s the problem. Something like this doesn’t happen to everybody, so I can’t just ask someone for advice on this situation. You know, Hilary bull shits me that she doesn’t mind that I do this… but, I know she does. And even if I stopped, we’ll both know that that’s in my past. I’m stuck in this situation, and though anyone would say I’m crazy… If anyone felt the way I felt… They would be just as confused as I am.” Blue stayed silent.

“I don’t know what to tell you… Just do what you think is right.” Now I stayed silent, squeezing the steering wheel in a mixture of anger, rage, confusion and desperation. I was stuck in this dilemma, and nothing would get me out of it. I just did what I, and every one of us guys on earth would do… think with our dicks! One day, somehow… I would set this right…

We arrived in the lower Manhattan area in twenty minutes. I gave him twenty thousand bucks, making him flip out. I gave him the keys to my car.

“Don’t fucking scratch her, man!” We got out of the car.

“I won’t!” He said, smiling from ear to ear, upon receiving the cash.

“I’ll stop by your place in like three hours, to give you the backstage passes, and to pick up the Charger.” He got in the driver’s seat.

“Thank you for this money, man.” I turned and looked for Juliya. I saw her across the street. She looked sexier in person. She had on a tight Killswitch Engage t-shirt, leather mini skirt and black boots. She was sexily smoking a cigarette. I motioned my head in her direction. Blue smiled. “There’s my proof!”

“Yeah, you cock sucker! There’s your fucking proof!” We laughed, and he drove away. I walked towards Juliya, who didn’t notice me walk up to her. She looked super hot. I’ve always had a fantasy, that hasn’t been fulfilled yet, that involves a three way, with good girl like Hilary, and a bad girl like Juliya. Hilary would be in town tonight, so maybe it would come true! I stopped in front of her. She looked at me, with an eyebrow rose.

“Who the fuck are you?” She asked, throwing her cigarette to the floor, and putting it out, by stepping on it, with her sexy black boot.

“I’m Marylin Manson, without makeup on,” I said, with my arms crossed. She smiled and then looked me up and down.

“You’re DDR, huh? You look hot. Hmm… What about…” She felt up on my crotch, in broad daylight.

“What the fuck?” I was shocked, looking around, to see if anyone noticed.

“Mmmm. Nice!” She held my cock, through my pants, and pulled me in, through a back door to the Irving Plaza Performance Hall. We walked up a dark stairwell, up to a dressing room. It was dark, and smelled like marijuana. It only had a black leather couch, a mirror, her luggage, and a table with her make up and a bong. She didn’t even say anything to me, as she removed her t-shirt, exposing her plump, bra less boobs, with dark maroon areolas. She took the bong, got a lighter and inhaled the boiling smoke, holding her breath. She put it down and sat on the couch, letting the weed flow through her lungs. She threw her head back, and slowly exhaled. “You want any?”

“No, thanks,” I said, crossing my arms. “I don’t do drugs.” I took a step closer to her, removing my leather jacket, and throwing it on a chair. “I’m under twenty one, and I’m really close to being an alcoholic already, so the last shit I need is a Mary Jane addiction!” She smiled.

“That’s cool,” she said, siting forward. “Come over here. Let me get some dick,” Juliya said, in a demanding voice. I had no problem with it, and walked up to her. She undid my belt, unbuckled my jeans, unzipped my fly, and pulled down my pants, with my boxers. “Mmmmm, that’s it,” she said, upon seeing my cock. She held it in her hand, and began giving me a slow hand job. After a few seconds, my blood began flowing, and her stroking made my dick slowly rise. “Oooo, yeah.” She closed her eyes and parted her sweet, plump lips and took my cock into her mouth. She slowly sucked on the head, while continuing the hand job. She stroked my cock up and down with her right hand, and played with my balls with her left. Juliya has long finger nails, which I would feel tickling, and stabbing me ever so often. This would cause me to slightly jump, resulting in a dirty smile on her part.

“Shit…” I said, looking down at her, as she began to bob her head on my, already hard, cock. Juliya began slurping up and down, making me roll my shoulders and neck. I held her head and guided it along my saliva soaked shaft, as she continued bobbing her head. She was very talented, soon beginning to deep throat me when her head was forward, and roll her tongue around my head when her neck was back. I guess all her head banging gave her experience, because I’ve never seen someone bob their head as fast as she could.

“Mmmmmlmmlmm. Mmmmm. Mmmlmlm…” She sucked me harder, upon tasting my pre cum, swallowing it down. She would take two second brakes, gasping for air every time she deep throated me. A trail of my pre cum, and her saliva, connected from her tongue to y cock, as she would withdraw. “Ohhh, yeah…” She then continued gobbling my cock, for another ten minutes. I motioned her to stop, making her smile lustfully. “I want you to lick my cunt, now.”

“You’re very demanding,” I said, with a smile.

“I like to order men around,” Juliya said, while removing her skirt.

“Ohh, really?” I said, removing my PRS Guitars t-shirt. I was shocked to see that Juliya had no panties on. I threw my shirt to the floor and she sat on the couch. She left the boots on and crossed her legs, letting me see those great thighs of hers.

“Hell the fuck yeah.” I pushed her to the side, making her fall onto the couch. “Fuck!” I opened her legs, getting a good look at her neatly shaven pussy.

“I’m licking your pussy, because I want to lick your pussy, not because you ordered me to,” I said, smirking. I got on the couch and took a big lick of her pussy.

“Ohh, shit! That’s exactly what I want!” I began to lick her labia, making her close her eyes. I bit on them with my lips, stretching her pussy lips around. Soon, I licked on her clit, making her moan in a low tone. I didn’t waste any time, and stuck my tongue into her wet pussy, making her moan louder. I smiled, as I tasted her sweet pussy juices. “Ohhh, you fucking asshole, yeah! Lick me!” I continued tasting her insides, licking her inner walls. I then got two fingers and began finger fucking her, as I licked her clit. “Ohhhh, shit! Mother fucker, yeah!” Her hips moved up and down, forcing my tongue into her pussy. I continued fucking her pussy, except now with three fingers, and a much faster pace. My other hand made it’s way to her asshole, playing round with her sphincter. “Stick that shit in,” Juliya screamed. I picked her hips up, as she supported herself with her elbows. I moved her left ass cheek and licked her asshole, making her twitch. “Ohhhh, shit!!!” I thought she would blow right there, but she didn’t yet. I set her down and continued finger fucking her asshole, and continued finger fucking her pussy. “OHHH YEAH! FUCK YEAH!” Juliya’s hips and legs were moving around wildly, as she held onto my hair, pulling my head onto her pussy, as I wildly licked her clit. I, then, gently bit on her clit, pulling on it with my teeth. “FUCK! YOU BASTARD!” This drove her over the edge, causing her to tremble wildly, as her pussy and asshole’s walls clenched my fingers. Her wet pussy became soaked with a quick detonation of her warm juices. “AHHHHHHH!!!” Her nails tabbed into my head, making me pull back.

“Damn, Juliya!” I tasted her warm juices, smirking. Her juices poured out of her pussy. She took some, on her fingers, and tasted it.

“Mmmm. Now… fuck me! I need a cock in me, right now!” I shook my head smirking.

“Enough with the fucking orders already! Damn!” I picked her up, by the hips, and turned her over, into doggy style position. I held my, still erect, cock and positioned it by her pussy. With one quick thrust, I slammed by pelvis forward, making her shout.

“SHIT! FUCK ME!” I began to thrust in and out of her tight, but well lubricated pussy. Her warm juices made the pumping easier. I held her hips and slammed in and out of her, making her moan. “Ohhh, yeah! That’s it! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! OHHHH!” After only two minutes of this, I felt her pussy clench me, and she came wildly. “FUUUUUCCCCK!” I pulled out, allowing some of her cum to splurt out. She trembled as she came, not holding back on moaning. “Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh!” Without any warning, I rammed my finger into her asshole. “FUCK YEAH, BABY! Give it to me in my ass!” I put one leg up and stuck my dick into her messy, soaking wet pussy. Using her cum as lube, I slowly inched my cock into her asshole, making the both of us grunt.

“You’ve got a fucking tight ass, asshole, Juliya!” After a minute of struggling, I was inside. She slowly looked back.

“Fuck me, fucker!” I smiled, holding back the laughter. She’s got a dirty mouth! I slowly started thrusting into her tight asshole. “Ohhh, yeah! That shit hurts so good!” After three minutes, her asshole expanded significantly enough, for me to get a good speed. I held her left hip with my left arm and pulled on her hair with my right. “Ohhhh, fuck yeah! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUUUCCK MEEEE!!!” I continued my assault on her asshole, getting it sore within a few minutes. After a total of fifteen minutes, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I stuffed her asshole as hard as I could, making her tremble wildly, in orgasm. The moment I felt her asshole clench me, I could also feel a warm rush under her anal passage, through the thin walls separating her ass and pussy. “OHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCCKK!!!” Her juices exploded out of her pussy, making her scream at the top of her lungs. This pushed me over the edge, making me explode stream after stream of cum, deep into her asshole. I came so much, that somehow, my cum seeped out of her tight, tight asshole. When I pulled out, she grunted, making my cum shoot out, mixing with her own. She fell forward, breathing heavily. I held on from the couch’s back rest, catching my breath as well.

“Shit, Juliya…” I looked at the mess of cum we made, all over the black leather couch. “It’s almost impossible to get cum stains out of black leather. How are you gonna explain this shit to the people that work here?” I said, almost as if I was making fun of her.

“Fuck them! This is Manson’s room. He’s gonna be here in an hour!” We both laughed. We got dressed, and she gave me the two back stage passes. She also gave me an envelope. “There’s gonna be a secret, underground celebrity orgy on Halloween day. It’s not really a Halloween party, it’s really just an orgy. I’m gonna be there, and it’s my job to find a guy for all of us to fuck.”

“What do you mean? It’s only gonna be chicks there?”

“Yeah. If you come, you’ll be the only guy.” I nearly cried, I was so happy.

“Can I bring someone? My girl? She’s a celebrity.”

“Hell yeah, mother fucker. It’s not gonna be that big. It’s only gonna be like six of us. If you bring someone, It’ll be seven. Remember. It’s half because of Halloween, half orgy. Come dressed in a costume, but have a classic orgy mask, and be prepared to fuck!”

“I got it! Orgy mask is a must!” She smiled.

“I can’t wait to call up the other girls, and tell them I invited a guy! It was going to be all girl!”

“Who’s gonna be there?” I asked, eager to find out.

“You’ll see! I’ll be seeing you then!” She kicked me out of the room. Wow. My first orgy! And it’s all chicks, so I don’t need to worry about some other dude stealing my heat! This is great! And Hilary could come! ALL CELEBRITY GIRL ACTION! HA HA!!! YES!… Maybe I’m a little bit too excited, but who wouldn’t be? I took the 4 train uptown and went back to Blue. He opened the door.

“Here’s the back stage passes,” I said, holding them up.

“Holy shit!” He smirked and took them. “Thank you, man! Fuck, my girl’s gonna be excited!” He reached into his pocket and gave me the keys to my Charger.

“I’ll see you around, man. I’m gonna go meet Hilary.” We hugged. “I won’t be seeing you for another couple of months, so… I’ll see you in hell!” He flipped me the bird.

“Fuck you!” He screamed.

“Kiss my ass, you fucking bastard!” I screamed, flipping the bird at him.

“You kiss my ass, you douche bag!” We both laughed. “See you around, DDR. Watch who you fuck, man!”

“Yes mother!” He flipped me the bird again,

“Fuck you!” We both laughed, and I let. I hopped in my Charger, and headed to Kennedy Airport, to meet with Hilary Duff.

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