DDRX – Part 10

DDRx Part 10

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Featuring: Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Juliya, Marianella, Amy Lee, Stacy Furgusen, Christina Millian, Shakira, Pink, Paris Hilton, Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Jennifer Garner, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Gabrielle Union

Disclaimer: This is in NO WAY based on real events and in no way written to soil the featured celebrities’ good names. This is a FANTASY and the featured celebs may not necessarily act in these ways. If you are offended by sexually explicit material or under age, DON’T READ THIS DAMNIT! Please, don’t be shy, and send HONEST feedback
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DDR was a normal guy, without any money, until one day, his LUCK changed and won a stay at a hotel, where he met Hilary Duff, and got to bone her. As time passed, he got luckier and luckier, boning Hilary on many more occasions, winning the lotto, and scoring a job as a top secret celebrity man whore. In the “LUCK” ten part series, he fucked Hilary Duff, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Lindsay Lohan, LaLaine, Fefe Dobson, Shakira, Haylie Duff, Christina Millian, Beyonce Knowles, After a confrontation with a part human, part artificial intelligence person named 9, he now possesses a serum called 9-X, that extremely heightens a female’s sex drive and erases their short term memory. This allows Hilary to accompany him to any of his clients, since they won’t remember her and rat her out to the press. Now the stories continue, as DDR’s phone number is known by all celebs, giving him countless clients! His “LUCK” still has not ran out, as his saga continues in the “DDRx” series.

I didn’t know what to feel. Excited or nervous? I had never been to an orgy, especially not a Halloween Costume party orgy. I was worried about the 9-X serum, and if it would there be anything served to drink, so I could throw some in it. I was going dressed up as a Men In Black agent, black suit and tie with shades. Hilary was going dressed in a strange angel/devil outfit. A white top and mini skirt, with white stockings, and wings… plus red high heel shoes, red gloves, red horns and a devil tail. She died a couple of bottom strands of hair black, which looked awesome. She also had an orgy mask, to hide her face. Haylie decided not to go, since she had a date.

I looked impatiently at the hotel clock. It was 8:15PM, and Hilary was still getting ready. The invitation said 8:00PM, and it was ten minutes away. No one gets to parties early, but Hilary, along with the entire female race, takes forever to get dressed. I walked to the bathroom, where Hilary was putting on makeup.

“Honey… Baby…” I said, slightly annoyed. “You look great already.” I said, crossing my arms. “Do you really need more make up? You are beautiful without it.” She smiled.

“Aww, thank you! That’s so sweet to say!” She gave me a quick kiss, but then resumed putting on makeup! I threw my hands in the air.

“In through one ear, out the other! Enough makeup!” I screamed, smiling. She giggled, putting on mascara. I walked away. Hilary came out a second later, and put on her shoes. She then put on the horns and posed. “Damn, Hilary! Aren’t you supposed to be a role model for teenage girls? Tsk tsk tsk. And you’re going to an orgy!” I said, as she laughed, holding my chest.

“Shh! Don’t tell anyone!” She put on her shoes. “Let’s go!” She said, picking up her orgy mask. Though I’m still young, I was going to an orgy, so I popped an sexual endurance pill, and a load doubler pill. We left the hotel, got into my car, and drove away. Luckily, no one saw Hilary. I drove to the address on the invitation. Hilary put her mask on inside the car. We arrived at 8:30 and got out of the car. It was in a hotel in downtown New York, so we went inside, and went to one of the rented party rooms. Hilary adjusted her mask.

“Are you nervous, baby?” I asked.

“A little… Do you have the 9-X?” She asked. I reached into my pocket and brought out the vials.

“Seven vials. This is enough for thirty people. And there should only be like, what? Ten people, maybe eleven.” We could hear faint music, which grew louder as we approached the room. We walked to the room, and noticed the door was a jar open. I pushed the door open, and let Hilary enter. There were only five chicks, including Juliya. I kind of recognized the other celebs, but they had orgy masks on. There were five king size beds and three couches. The lights were dim, and the music was loud. Everyone was in a costume and dancing, except for Juliya, who smiled as she ran towards us. Juliya was dressed in a dominatrix outfit. It suites her.

“DDR! You made it! And you brought a date… Who looks familiar…” Juliya shook Hilary’s hand. “Name’s Juliya. A lot of people don’t really know who the fuck I am. I host the Uranium show on the FUSE network.” Hilary shook her hand.

“Yeah, I know. You did a two page spread in the Maxim Music Issue. You did it with–”

“Me.” Hilary and I turned around, only to see Marianella, the other Fuse girl. She co-hosts Daily Download and posed along side Juliya in Maxim magazine. “Wait a minute! Aren’t you-”

“No! Don’t say!” Hilary said. I hadn’t realized it, but Marianella interviewed Hilary for ‘The Amplified Guide To Fall’ a few months ago. “Shhh!” Hilary said, smiling behind her mask.

“Okay.” Marianella looked at me. “Who are you?”

“My name is DDR. I don’t know if I’m the only guy invited.”

“No, you’re not. I think Lindsay is bringing her boyfriend over.” Hilary and I dropped our bottom jaws. Though Lindsay secretly made up with Hilary, that time all three of us fucked, a couple of months ago, she’s still a bitch.

“She’s coming?” Hilary said, making Juliya frown. Maybe she was slowly catching on to who Hilary was.

“Get out!” I turned around. “It is you!” It was Christina Millian! I hadn’t seen her since we fucked during the 2004 VMAs.

“Christina!” We hugged.

“How have you been?” She said, smiling. She looked at Hilary. Hilary and Christina worked together on ‘Santa Clause Lane’, so they knew each other as well. Hilary put a finger to her own lips.

“Shhh.” They both laughed and hugged. “What have you been up to, Christina?” Hilary asked, as they departed form their friendly embrace. Juliya and Marianella walked away, to go set up some more things.

“Aww, nothing. You were invited?”

“No, I came with DDR.” Christina looked at me.

“Ohhh! That’s why he didn’t want to tell me who his girl was. Hilary…” Christina looked at me. “You know he loves you. He was feeling guilty after he and I fucked. We had a good talk, and he told me how much he cares about you.” Hilary looked at me, smiling. I returned the smile. Hilary and I kissed.

“I know he loves me,” Hilary said, smiling at me. “But you know how men are. It’s hard for him to say the words sometimes!”

“Ohh, girl, all men are like that!” I rolled my eyes. This was girl talk, so I was ready to leave them alone, as they gossiped.

“I’ll leave you two alone to talk. I have to go CHECK WHAT’S TO DRINK,” I said, emphasizing it. Hilary understood and gave me a small nod. I walked to the refreshments table. There was wine and grape punch in glasses. It was a miracle that no one had drank any yet, and that the punch was grape, because the 9-X turns any liquid substance darker, if it comes into contact with it. Since it was grape, no one would notice. I looked around, and noticed that everyone was too busy dancing. I poured three vials into the punch bowl and poured about five drops into each of the wine glasses. I looked at the celebs dancing. I recognized two out of the four. One was Torrie Wilson, and one was Amy Lee. As time went on, more people came, and after half an hour, everyone came who was invited. Juliya, who set the orgy up, got on a microphone.

“Welcome everyone! Get some refreshments at the table, dance, and when the clock strikes 10:00, start fucking!” Everyone laughed. Hilary and I stood in a dark corner, watching, as everyone, and thankfully everyone went to the refreshments table.

“This is gonna work!” I said. I saw Lindsay walk towards the table. “There’s Lindsay. Did she see you?”

“No. I think I know who she is, and her…” Hilary and I said, pointing people out, and guessing who was who under the masks. Juliya, Marianella and Christina didn’t have any masks on, so we ruled them out. So far, we identified Lindsay, Amy Lee, Torrie Wilson, Shakira and Stacy Furgusen, from Black Eyed Peas. It was too good to be true. I was worried that if some people drank before others, then the others wouldn’t drink when they saw the others get stomach aches, but a miracle was happening. Everybody was drinking wine, or punch, more or less at the same time! Soon, everyone began to hold their stomachs, complaining. I looked at Hilary.

“Well, here we go.” Hilary looked nervous.

“You know… I think we should drink some 9-X ourselves. It’ll help get us more in the mood,” Hilary said, reaching in my ass pocket and getting a 9-X vial. “We should also wait a couple of minutes, and then join in.”

“Okay, what ever you want baby.” I said, giving her a kiss. This is a very strange situation. Going to an orgy with your wife, or girlfriend is weird. You have to watch your ass and making sure she doesn’t see that you are enjoying yourself too much! Soon, everyone’s was horny, nude and relaxed. It was quite a site to see. So may celebs nude in one room. The celebs were Juliya, Marianella, Amy Lee, Fergie, Christina Millian, Gabrielle Union, Shakira, Pink, Paris Hilton, Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Jennifer Garner, Lindsay, Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie. A very strange mix, ranging from actresses, to singers, to wrestlers, to TV show hosts. But, hell, I wasn’t complaining!

“How do you think Juliya convinced all these celebs to come here? It doesn’t make any sense.” Hilary asked, looking on as people continued removing their clothes.

“I don’t know. However it happened, it happened.” I said, not having a clue. Hilary and I watched on as everyone started kissing, licking, fingering, sucking and stroking.

Pink began to caress Juliya’s breasts, licking her partially erected nipples. Juliya held Pink’s head, smirking as Pink began to bite on her nipples, and pull on them, giving warm, stinging sensations that Juliya enjoyed. Marianella came over and sat next to Juliya. The two began to lock lips, as Pink continued sucking on Juliya’s maroon nipples. Without any hesitation, Juliya reached for Marianella’s pussy, and Marianella moved her leg to the side to allow her in. Juliya realized several years ago that she was not straight, she was bisexual. When she did the photo shoot with Marianella, she constantly flirted with her, and even offered herself to her. Marianella refused, but now influenced by the serum, Marianella’s let go of all of her inhibitions. Now Juliya could finally do what she’s craved of doing, ever since she’s laid eyes on Marianella. Juliya’s black fingernails grazed Marianella’s sweet vulva, parting her pussy lips, and reaching inside. Marianella moaned softly at first, as Juliya sunk her fingertips into the soft folds of her latin cunt. Marianella was wet in no time.

Gabrielle and Christina Millian were in a 69 position. Gabrielle was on the bottom, as Christina was obviously on the top. Their boobs were mashed upon each other’s lower abdomens. Gabrielle was barely able to lick Christina, due to the great job Christina was doing on her. Christina had both of her index fingers inside Gabrielle’s asshole, while her mouth completely enveloped Gabrielle’s pussy. Christina’s tongue wildly licked the soft, cherry pink walls of Gabrielle’s vagina, tasting the sweet juices that it was producing. Ms. Millian removed her mouth, but for only a moment, to smell the intoxicating smell of another woman’s pussy. Gabrielle took this opportunity to lick Christina’s cooch, taking a big lick of it. Christina moaned, as Gabrielle stuck her tongue inside her cunt, tasting what she had to offer. Gabrielle closed her eyes, as she slobbered all over Christina’s clean shaven cunt. Christina began to move her hips into Gabrielle’s face, craving Gabrielle’s tongue to go deeper into her snatch. Christina resumed to wildly lick Gabrielle, enveloping her lips around the wet, juicy cunt before her. Soon Gabrielle shouted in ecstasy, as her vaginal walls tightened and contracted, unloading a warmth of sweet liquid onto Christina’s mouth. Christina drank down all the cum she could, not removing her lips from Gabrielle’s tender pussy.

Shakira, Fergie and Lindsay were kissing Lindsay’s boyfriend. I couldn’t wait to join into the orgy, that way I could be in the position this dude was in, with three or more chicks on me! Fergie reached down for his partially erect cock, immediately taking it between her soft lips. Fergie loved the taste of his cock, wincing her eyes in ecstasy as she licked the entire shaft. Her right hand massaged his abdomen, while her left hand toyed with his nuts. Shakira put a hand on his chest, as she lustfully french kissed him, while Lindsay licked his ear, sticking her tongue inside it. Fergie began to stroke his cock as she blew him, giving a hand and blow job. As Fergie’s head bobbed upwards, she stroked downwards, and vice-versa, giving this bastard a blow job from heaven. Shakira and Lindsay broke their tongue play and began to kiss each other, making the dude smile. Shakira and Lindsay’s hands traveled to each other’s boobs. Shakira grabbed Lindsay’s well paid for tit, squeezing it. Lindsay cupped both of Shakira’s “humble” breasts and roughly squeezed them, making Shakira break the kiss and cry out in joy and in pain.

But, her scream was not nearly as loud as Jennifer Garner’s moans.

“Ohhhh yesss!” Jennifer cried, as Angelina wildly fucked her with a ten inch dildo. At the same time Angelina flicked her tongue upon Jennifer’s swollen clit, making Jennifer cry out lustfully. Jennifer laid on her back, as Angelina wildly licked her clit, with her plump ass in the air, in doggy style position. Jennifer had never been fucked at such a wild speed, and this was her first sexual experience with a woman, so she was very prone to orgasm. Her body shook wildly as she came all over the ever intruding fake cock.

“Wow… Where did that dildo come from?” Hilary asked. Hilary and were both staring. My eyes were a bit watery because I refused to blink!

“I… don’t… know…” I said, staring on.

“Oooo yes… shove it deeper! Push it deeper!” Jennifer moaned, squeezing her own nipples. Angelina smiled, and then jumped, as Gwen Stefani came from behind and rammed three fingers into her cunt.

“Woah!” Angelina said, as she felt Gwen rubbed her fingers against the soft, sensitive muscles of her love canal. Gwen closed her eyes, smirking, as she felt the moistness of Angelina’s sensuality and arousal become evident. Angelina’s pussy contracted as Gwen repeatedly scratched her fingers inside her pussy, sharply stimulating it. Gwen brought her face to Angelina’s ass and slowly passed her tongue from the pussy, to the sphincter, curving her tongue, so that it’ll fit easier inside.

“I can’t believe she did that…” Hilary said, massaging her left breast. I don’t think Hilary even realized it. She was watching Angelina, who was in a state of bliss, with Gwen’s hand sodomizing her insides, and her tongue continually and rapidly fucking her asshole.

“Well, there’s no way of knowing if Gwen, or anyone, would normally act this way,” I said, with a boner in my pants. “It’s the 9-X making them extra horny.” Hilary turned towards me and smirked devilishly.

“Maybe we should join… Haylie?” I turned, to see Haylie, and her boyfriend enter the room. “What are you doing here?” Hilary asked, as Haylie ran towards the wine table. She pulled her boyfriend by the hand, as he stared at all the celebs fucking, with his jaw dropped.

“How could I not!” She grabbed a glass of wine. “It has it, right?” Haylie asked, obviously referring to the 9-X. Hilary and I nodded our heads at the same time. She took the glass and gave it to her boyfriend. “Drink, hurry!” Her, and her boyfriend drank the wine, felt the momentary pain in the stomach a few seconds later, and then began to lustfully kiss and grope each other. Hilary and I stared, looked at each other, and them resumed staring. They made their way to a bed and continued kissing. Haylie removed his pants like a beast, not even bothering to undo the button or fly. She took his cock in her mouth and within thirty seconds, got it to salute the sun.

“We are the only ones not doing anything…” Hilary said, looking at Paris Hilton, who had on a strap on twelve inch dick. She was wildly fucking Torrie Wilson, and seemed to have all the energy in the world. Torrie was in doggy style position, but continually fell forward, as mind numbing orgasm racked her tightly toned body. Torrie’s long blond hair flew everywhere, as she threw her hair and neck everywhere. Paris had a slutty look on her face, as usual, as she held Torrie’s ass cheeks. Paris continued fucking Torrie’s dripping wet slit, as Torrie cried out in joy.

“Yeah… Everyone is getting it on…” I said, looking at Amy Lee and Dawn Marie. Dawn was forcing her hand into Amy Lee’s pussy.

“Ooo… fuck yes…” Amy said, as Dawn had four fingers inside Amy’s pussy. Dawn threw her hair to the side, and with her free hand, moved Amy’s widespread legs more apart. Dawn began to animalistically lick Amy Lee’s clit, while fucking her pussy with four fingers. “Ohhh God yes! I’m gonna cum! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhh, FUUUUCK!” Amy screamed. Her body shook like an untamed beast, as she rose her hips up and exploded onto Dawn’s hand. Dawn took this opportunity to use Amy’s warm cum as lube, that way she could fist her pussy. Dawn removed her dripping wet hand and made a fist. She held one of Amy’s thighs and placed her soaked fist by Amy’s pussy. Amy was frightened when she realized what was about to happen, yet her face showed desire. “Put that shit inside me! Come on! Come on! Co– OHHHH!” Dawn began her rough, forceful journey inside, making Amy scream out in more pain, than pleasure. I jabbed my finger into Hilary’s arm, trying to get her attention. When I did, she looked over to Amy and Dawn.

“Woah…” Hilary said, watching, as Amy’s pussy seemed to swallow Dawn’s fist, completely enveloping it.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!” Amy shouted at the top of her lungs, making everyone stop to look. After a few seconds, everyone just went back to what ever they were doing. “Ooo-Ohhhh…” Amy strained against the fist inside her. “Ohhhh… Ohhh…. OHHHH! OHHHH!” Dawn began to brutally shove her arm in and out of her widely expanded pussy. “NOOOO! PLEASE STOP!” Amy held the bed sheets in her clenched hands. Dawn smiled, as she unmercifully continued raping her insides. Amy had tears in her eyes. It was hard to tell if she was enjoying it or not. “DEAR GOD, DEAR GOD, DEAR GOD! STOP! NO MORE!”

“You know you love that!” Dawn screamed. Hilary and I continued staring.

“OHHHH GOD! THIS IS IT! FINISH ME OFF! FINISH ME OFF! I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE!” With one more thrust, Dawn sent 75% of her upper arm into Amy’s pussy. Tear drops splashed out of Amy’s glands as she banged her head on the bed. She didn’t even have enough strength to arch her back, as she unloaded an unnatural amount of cum, forcing Dawn to remove her arm. Amy’s widespread, gaping pussy gushed out what seemed to be a gallon of cum, making her pass out. I’ve seen gaping assholes, but not a gaping pussy. It slowly decreased in size, not back to it’s original shape, becoming a cummy mess of a pussy.

“OHHHH I’M GONNA CUM!” Hilary and I turned our heads towards a screaming Torrie who was trembling in orgasm, as Paris unforgivably slammed the fake twelve inch cock into her dripping cooch. Torrie fell flat on her stomach, almost fainting, as she exploded, but Paris continued.

We looked over to Haylie, who was riding her man. She was throwing her hair everywhere, as if she was banging her head at a Heavy Metal concert. Hilary and I both opened our mouths, as we saw Haylie have a powerful orgasm, which seeped out of her pussy, as she rode her man like a bull fighter. She fell down, on top of him, but continued to gyrate her ass onto his cock.

Hilary and I looked over to Lindsay, who had her pussy inside Fergie’s mouth, and her tongue inside Fergie’s pussy, as Lindsay’s boyfriend fucked Fergie in doggy style position. Fergie was lost in sensual delight, having constant orgasms, making Lindsay’s man moan out. Fergie’s warm, messy orgasms would leak out of her pussy, down into Lindsay’s awaiting mouth. Moments later, Lindsay’s man pulled out and detonated onto Fergie’s pussy, which all dripped onto Lindsay’s face.

“Okay, that’s it! Everyone’s having too much fun! I need some dick from you!” Hilary said. I smiled.

“I love you when you’re dirty!” I said, as she drank down half of the 9-X serum she had been holding all this time. She gave me the other half and I gulped it.

“Ohhh, my stomach!” Hilary said, as I threw the vial to the floor, shattering it upon impact. Three seconds later, I felt the acid in my stomach bubble. Hilary looked at me with lustful eyes and removed her shirt, exposing her wonderful rack. The pain in my stomach ceased and I smirked. I removed my suit and tie, and began to unbutton my shirt, as Hilary removed her skirt, heels and stockings. We finished removing all of our clothes and stood in front of each other. Hilary smirked, looking at my massively erected cock.

She jumped up into my arms, held on to my shoulders and pulled her legs behind my waist, landing her pussy perfectly on to my dick, impaling her.

“OOHHHHH!” Hilary moaned, as she crossed her legs behind my ass. We lustfully kissed, tongue fucking each other’s mouths. I held her ass cheeks and began to pull her her body up and down, fucking her as I held her weight. “OHHH…. OHHH YEAH!” Hilary moaned into my mouth, as we continued to kiss. I slowly made my way to one of the beds. I continued to pump her, as I laid her down on the bed. Once she was on her back, I began to wildly thrust my cock into her tight pussy. “Ohhh that’s it! Yes! YES! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper, baby, Deeper!” Hilary’s legs remained wrapped around my waist, urging me to continue fucking her. She held onto my arms, throwing her hair everywhere, as I made her gorgeous body have spasms. She stared into my eyes, as I fucked her senseless. She began yelping, and screaming incoherently. “Ohhh! Yes! God! OHHH! Ooooo! DON’T STOP! Ohhhh! It feels so good! OHHH! KEEP IT UP! OOOOO! Ohhhh! Make me cum! Ohhhhh! It feels so good!”

“Ohhh, Hilary, you fucking love this shit, aren’t you!” I said, as I continued to do push ups into her wet pussy. Hilary’s body began to tremble.

“Oooooo…. OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OHHHH YEAAAAH!” Hilary trembled wildly and squeezed my arms, as she unloaded a gush of her wonderful juices onto my rapidly intruding prick. “OHHHHH FUCK!” Hilary had another quick orgasm, grunting as she let out more cum. I picked her up, motioning to her to get into doggy style position. I stood the floor, while she positioned herself on the edge of the bed. I held my cock by her pussy, rubbing her vulva, teasing her lips. “Mmmmm…” Hilary moaned, as her blonde and black hair laid upon her sweaty back. I then slowly shoved my cock into her glove tight, yet slippery, pussy. “Ooooo…” I fucked her at a gradual increasing speed, slowly thrusting, to an eventual wild slamming. “DEAR GOD YES! KEEP GOING! OHHHH BABY YES! DO ME! DO ME! DOOO MEEE!” Hilary thrusted her hips back, as I pumped and stuffed her full with my pre cum spewing rod. “OHHHH I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Hilary threw her head in the back, sending her hair everywhere, as her back arched. “UGHHHH!” Hilary grunted once more, having such a wild orgasm, her cum profusely dripped out of her pussy with every instroke of my cock. I closed my eyes and dropped my jaw, as I felt the sweet warmth stimulate my cock head. I threw my head around, looking at everyone else, who were still fucking.

Juliya, Pink, Shakira and Marianella had their pussies in each other’s mouths, forming a circle, as they laid on their sides, on the bed. I smirked, noticing that Juliya had a reefer in her mouth, and Pink had remnants of Angle dust on her boobs. It had to be Juliya or Pink to bring drugs into this! Crazy girls. Shakira was grinding her gorgeous, plump ass into Pink’s mouth, while she licked Juliya’s wet cunt. Pink’s asshole was being licked by Marianella, who’s pussy was being stimulated was continuously enveloped by Juliya’s mouth. Juliya would inhale the smoke from her mary jane, and would exhale the smoke into Marianella’s pussy. Juliya then threw her joint into a wine glass and started to lick Marianella’s pussy. Pink’s tongue continued to slobber all over Shakira’s Colombian cunt. Pink was in pure heaven having a tongue up her asshole. Marianella was finally being licked, by Juliya, who was enjoying the taste of weed smelling pussy, and was enjoying being eaten out by Shakira. As if in a porno movie, the women all began to cum at the same time. Hilary and I both looked as all four women’s bodies had spasms, trembled and gyrated in mind wrenching orgasm.

Jennifer and Gwen were in a 69 position, but on their sides, as they licked each other’s messy pussies. On the same bed, Angelina on her back, being fucked by Torrie Wilson, who now had on the strap on Dildo. Paris was sitting on Angelina’s face, enjoying the awesome talents of Angelina’s huge succulent lips. Jennifer and Gwen were both taking turns moaning, while being licked. While Gwen’s tongue was inside Jennifer’s delectable pussy, Jennifer was crying out in bliss, squinting her beautiful green eyes. When Jennifer’s body trembled in orgasm, Gwen’s mouth enveloped Jennifer’s pussy to drink down every drop. Now, Jennifer began to tongue fuck Gwen. Paris threw her hair in the air, as she unloaded on to Angelina’s face. Torrie was constantly licking her lips, trying to contain herself, as she fucked the shit out of Angelina’s dripping wet pussy.

I now started to force my cock into Hilary’s asshole, making the both of us grunt. After two minutes, I was inside, and began to pound her asshole, making it sore.

“FUCK MY ASS, DANNY! IT FEELS SO GOOD! OHHHH! UGHHHH! OOOOO BABY! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Hilary screamed, as I fucked her senseless. The tightness of her ass was amazing, making me close. I was startled, yet aroused, when I felt a tongue lick at my balls. I continued fucking Hilary, and turned to see Gabrielle and her beautiful lips part and disappear under my legs. A second later, I felt Gabrielle take my balls in between her lips, sucking them as I stuffed Hilary with my cock. A minute after, Dawn Marie slid under Hilary in a 69 position and began to lick her pussy, sending Hilary into a state of bliss. Dawn began to tongue fuck Hilary, but only with the tip of her tongue, otherwise her head would bump into Gabrielle, who was blissfully juggling my nuts in her mouth. I looked to see what happened to Amy. When I saw her, still passed out, I saw Christina climb up onto the bed and spread her legs, for Hilary to lick her pussy. Hilary moaned out in ecstasy, and somehow had enough strength to chomp on Christina’s clit. Hilary’s talented tongue licked and slobbered all over Christina’s pussy. Every time Hilary was licked and tongue fucked at the same moment, she would lick faster, and scream, sending sound vibrations into Christina’s pussy. Hilary began to jam her fingers into Dawn’s pussy, as Dawn licked Hilary’s clit.

I noticed that Haylie and her man went over to Fergie, Lindsay and Lindsay’s man. They began to switch partners. Now Haylie was sitting on Lindsay’s man’s face, while Fergie rode him. Lindsay got on her hands and knees, and took Haylie’s man’s cock into her cummy pussy. They all moaned wildly, as did Jennifer, while now being fucked by Torrie, with the strap on. Angelina was smothering Paris with her pussy, forcing Paris to have her tongue inside Angelina’s juicy cunt. Shakira and Juliya were licking each other, while Marianella and Pink walked over to Amy Lee, who was slowly waking up.

The sex endurance pill was sure as hell working. Though it had only been about half an hour that Hilary and I were fucking, lust was in the air, so I would have probably came already. I’s glad it was working. I just hope the “load doubler” will work too. Hilary wildly licked Christina’s pussy, making her exploded onto her face. The smell and taste of Christina’s cum was the final thing to drive Hilary over the edge. She came one last time, and I pulled out. Hilary sat on the other side of the bed to rest, as Christina began to lick her dripping wet pussy. Dawn and Gabrielle both got on their backs and spread their legs. I yearned for Gabrielle first, so I jumped on her, plunging ten inches into her black pussy.

“Oooo fuck yeah! That’s right! Fuck me!” Gabrielle was a talker. She continued talking dirty, in between moans. “Ohhh fuck yes! Do me! Do me like you did Hilary! That’s it! Ohhhh! Fuck me! Fuck that snatch! Ohh-oo-Ohh-oo-Ohhh!!” Gabrielle exploded onto my cock after only three minutes. Her tight pussy clenched onto my cock. I moved over to Dawn and impaled her slutty pussy with my dripping wet cock.

“Ohhhh yes! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me!” Dawn was a dirty bitch. I continued to slam her pussy, as she leaned on her elbows, looking down in amazement, gasping every time my cock disappeared into her love canal. I watched on as Christina made Hilary have an orgasm, making her cry out. The sound of Hilary’s cry gave me fuel to fuck Dawn faster, making her inner walls clench onto my cock. I pulled out.

“That’s it! I need you all to lay on your backs on the longer side of the bed!” I said. They all smiled and made their way to do just that. I turned to see Amy Lee licking Pink’s pussy, while finger fucking Marianella’s pussy. I looked to another bed to see Jennifer fucking Torrie with the dildo she was first fucked with. Angelina fucked Paris doggy style with the strap on, while pouring some wine all over Paris’s back. I looked to the other bed to see Shakira dancing for Juliya, while Juliya had a bong in her mouth. I yelped, when I felt Gwen grab my ass.

“Hey! That’s sexual harassment!” Gwen giggled and spread alongside the other ladies. I could hear a choir singing. Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, Gabrielle Union, Dawn Marie, and Christina Millian, were spread out, waiting for me, yeah that’s right me, not you, to fuck them! WOOOO!!! Since Hilary means so much more to me than pussy, I wanted to fuck her twice this time, so calculated. I would fuck the chicks in the order I said, and then come back to Hilary, and finish with her.

I made my way into Hilary’s tight pussy, giving her delightful shivers. I heard loud moaning and noticed that Lindsay was getting it from her man, and Haylie’s man at the same time, one in the ass, one in the pussy. She was moaning loudly, like the slut she is, as she was getting two cocks simultaneously. I watched the ladies next to me, and noticed them touch each other as they waited for my cock. I fucked Hilary for a good three minutes, bringing her to a teeth shattering orgasm. I pulled out and kissed her.

I moved on to Gwen, quickly penetrating her pussy. FUCK FOREPLAY! Gwen moaned low at first, but then began to scream as I pounded her into orgasm. I held her hot thighs as she pinched her nipples, cumming profusely.

I now moved on to Gabrielle, fucking her still wet, pussy. She bit her bottom lip, as she swiveled her hips. I pounded her tight, juicy pussy, moaning aloud. I was getting kind of near, so I pumped faster, and drove her to orgasm. I then moved over to Dawn, who had been fingering herself for a while, so she came in no time. I then moved onto Christina, who I hadn’t fucked since the VMAs. I shoved my cock into her pussy, making her moan.

“Ohhh yeah! I love that fat cock inside me! Ohhh that’s it! Ohhh fuck yeah! Ohhhh!” Christina moaned wildly as I fucked and fucked her. I looked to see Gwen and Dawn began to kiss each other. Gwen then went into Doggy style position and Dawn ate her out, as Dawn fingered her own pussy. Gabrielle got off the bed and began to lick Hilary’s pussy, making me smile. Before Hilary knew me, she was a good girl. Now look at her! I heard loud moaning coming behind me, and noticed that now Fergie was getting it in the ass and pussy, while Lindsay licked Haylie’s pussy. Juliya was now licking Torrie, while Jennifer was kissing Shakira, and fingering her clit. Hilary then exploded onto Gabrielle’s pussy, screaming loudly.

Seeing all this simultaneous fucking was driving me nuts. I pounded Christina’s cunt harder and harder, driving her to orgasm. Gabrielle stopped licking Hilary and I pulled out and went over to her. I smiled at Hilary, when I saw her eyes burn up with lust.

“Ohhh, you are just the man I want to see right now! I want to taste your cum so bad, Danny!” Hilary was going just as mad as I was. I slammed my cock into Hilary’s slippery cunt and pounded her silly. After two minutes of pounding Hilary motioned behind me. I turned, and was surprised to see Haylie being fucked in both holes. “She’s actually done that before!” Hilary said, out of breath. I resumed fucking her, noticing Christina and Gabrielle playing with each other’s pussies while they french kissed.

“I remembered you told me!” I said, continuing to fuck her. After ten minutes, I was gonna blow. Hilary’s pussy was too wet for me to take.

“FUCK ME DANNY! I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN!” Hilary blew up once more, but she didn’t stop. Hilary was having one of her signature multiple orgasms. Hilary began to tremble wildly, throwing her eyes to the back of her head. “FUCK ME! I’M CUMMING! IT’S SO BIG! IT’S SO BIG! OHHH I CAN’T STOP CUMMING! I CAN’T STOP! OHHHH YEAAH!”

The two guys blew up inside Haylie, filling her up with their seed. Haylie enjoyed the feeling of getting filled up in both of her entrances so much that she had one last final orgasm. Shakira detonated onto Jennifer’s clit, while Juliya made Torrie blow up in her mouth. Angelina made Paris pass out in orgasm, due to the fake 12 inch cock. Amy made Marianella and Pink blow up at the same time and Fergie and Lindsay sucked the cum that dripped out of Haylie’s pussy and ass. I fucked Hilary so hard, her pussy walls clenched me like never before. Gabrielle, Dawn, Christina and Gwen looked on, as Hilary and I fucked like wild animals. The moment they heard me scream out, they made their way to the floor, at bedside, by Hilary. I pulled out of Hilary, holding the tip of my cock. Though Hilary’s pussy didn’t stop shooting cum, she gathered enough strength to roll off the bed and gamely open her mouth, along with the others.

I LITERALLY shot out a gallon of cum. I shot globe after stream after splurt of hot, sticky cum all over Hilary, Gabrielle, Dawn, Christina and Gwen. They all were amazed by how much cum I shot out. I was so weak, I almost fell to my knees. They all licked the cum off of each other’s face. Eventually, everyone fell asleep. I woke up Hilary and Haylie about an hour later and helped them put on their clothes. I carried Hilary out of the hotel, and Haylie followed. We had to leave, because when everyone woke up, the 9-X serum would have worn off. They already forgot everything that happened, but they don’t need to remember Hilary. I sat Hilary in the back, with Haylie, and drove back to the Hotel.

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