DDRX – Part 11

DDRx Part 11

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Featuring: Hilary Duff

Disclaimer: This is in NO WAY based on real events and in no way written to soil the featured celebrities’ good names. This is a FANTASY and the featured celebs may not necessarily act in these ways. If you are offended by sexually explicit material or under age, DON’T READ THIS DAMNIT! Please, don’t be shy, and send HONEST feedback or suggestions for clients (NOT VIRUSES, YOU FUCKERS!) to my address, DDRXVENGEANCE@yahoo.com ROCK ON! WOOOO!

DDR was a normal guy, without any money, until one day, his LUCK changed and won a stay at
a hotel, where he met Hilary Duff, and got to bone her. As time passed, he got luckier and luckier, boning Hilary on many more occasions, winning the lotto, and scoring a job as a top secret celebrity man whore. In the “LUCK” ten part series, he fucked Hilary Duff, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Lindsay Lohan, LaLaine, Fefe Dobson, Shakira, Haylie Duff, Christina Millian, Beyonce Knowles, After a confrontation with a part human, part artificial intelligence person named 9, he now possesses a serum called 9-X, that extremely heightens a female’s sex drive and erases their short term memory. This allows Hilary to accompany him to any of his clients, since they won’t remember her and rat her out to the press. Now the stories continue, as DDR’s phone number is known by all celebs, giving him countless clients! His “LUCK” still has not ran out, as his saga continues in the “DDRx” series, as he has gone across America, and even to a secret celebrity orgy. The story continues…

I turned the car off and exited the Charger. I went to rear the passenger side door, and helped Hilary out of the car. We all ran into the hotel, and into the elevator. We all looked at each other and started laughing.

“That was crazy!” Hilary said, giggling.

“I think we should schedule an orgy every week!” I said, pressing the floor button.

“You know… I can’t really remember much of it!” Haylie said, smirking. Hilary and I looked at each other.

“Seriously?” Hilary asked, confused.

“I’m serious!” Haylie said, giggling.

“Yeah… It makes sense. Only those who are in love can remember what happened to them during the 9-X’s two or so hour period. Do you remember anything at all?” I asked, worried. If Haylie would remember anything, then so would other of the celebs. The elevator doors closed and the elevator began to move.

“Well… it’s strange… I remember most of the sex… and cumming… cumming a lot! But… I don’t remember any faces… It is so, so vague!” She exhaled. “No, I can’t remember anything.”

“Ohh, so you don’t remember getting it from your boyfriend and Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend?” Hilary said, wanting to laugh. Haylie shook her head.

“At the same time!” I added. Haylie’s eyes opened widely.

“Ooops… I did that?” Hilary laughed. “Hey, shut up!”

“It was probably the 9-X that made her do that!” I said, sarcastically, making Hilary snicker. Haylie pushed me.

“Shut up!” Hilary and I laughed, as the elevator door opened. We walked to our rooms. Haylie looked a little upset.

“It was the 9-X serum! It does that to the mind. It brings alive all the nasty things that you would probably never do. Think of it as… think of it as an inhibition killer!” Haylie didn’t seem very comforted with those words. She still seemed a little pissed. “Don’t be mad!” I said, as Hilary held her arm.

“We’re just playing with you!” Hilary said. Haylie seemed to force a smile.

“I know, I know.” Haylie opened her room. “Good night, you guys.”

“Good night,” Hilary and I said, in unison. Hilary and I entered our room.

“Is she okay?” I asked. Hilary looked at the door that leads to Haylie’s room, to see if it was closed. Hilary got close to me.

“She did it with two guys once before, and she’s not really proud of it,” Hilary whispered. “So… I guess she feels as if she failed herself.”

“As long as we didn’t hurt her feelings,” I said, concerned. Hilary put her arms around my neck and shoulders and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“You’re so sweet. No, don’t worry about her.” Hilary and I continued kissing. Hilary then broke it. “How are you feeling?” Hilary asked.

“Fine?” I answered, confused as to why she was asking me that.

“No, I mean, do you feel tired or anything?” Hilary asked.

“No, I don’t, actually. Why?”

“Neither do I! Let’s take a shower, and then go over to the Bronx, so I could see your place!” I smirked.

“All right!” Hilary and I took a shower, then got dressed and hopped in my Charger and left towards the Bronx. We arrived at my apartment building, but we couldn’t find any parking for a while, since it was 1:20 in the morning. After twenty minutes of searching, we found a spot, two blocks away. We got out of the car, and walked to my building, as I told her some stories about my life, before meeting her. We entered my place and I gave her a tour of my old, shitty apartment. We just hung out in my room for like ten minutes, and I then turned on the computer to check my e-mail. Once it loaded up, I typed in my password and checked all my mail. Hilary went to the bathroom, as my computer said, ‘You’ve got mail.”

“Wow, what a coincidence! You got one right now!” Hilary said, as she walked to the bathroom.

“Yeah. I wonder who it is,” I said, re-opening my mail box. The mail was untitled. I clicked it and frowned. It read: ‘RESPOND BACK YOU COCK SUCKING ASSHOLE! I KNOW YOU READ MY LAST E-MAIL!’ I frowned again. It was a second letter from IAMHUSTLERONE@yahoo.com. It was unsettling. Who the fuck was this? Just when I was ready to reply, Hilary opened the bathroom door. I exited the mailbox.

“Who was it?” She asked.

“Just junk e-mail. I guess I need to get a better spam blocker.” I tried to put my mind away from that fucking e-mail and continued using the computer. Hilary continued looking around.

“Uhhh… Danny… What’s this for?” I turned, to see Hilary holding a pair of hand cuffs. We both smiled simultaneously.

“Me and my old girl used to use those to… to uhh…” She laughed.

“Just say it!” Hilary said, laughing. “You would cuff her to the bed, and have your way with her!”

“Yeah, that about sums it up!” I said, getting up from the chair and walking towards her. We both looked at the cuffs, and then each other. I quickly picked her up, and took her over to my bed, dropping her on it.

“Woah!” I went to remove her tight pink shirt, and she began to kiss me. As our lips locked, she aided in removing the shirt. We broke the kiss momentarily, to pull it over her head. We continued kissing lustfully, as I reached behind her and undid her bra. “Mmmmm, mmmlmmmm.” Hilary moaned, as we kissed, obviously, horny as hell. I removed her bra, and through it to the floor. I took the handcuffs and cuffed her left wrist. “Oooo, yeah!” Hilary seemed aroused by the thought of what we were about to do. I pulled her up to the bed, making our way to my head board. I put it around a pole on the board, and cuffed her right wrist. Her arms were now over her head, and the key was all the way in a drawer, so there was no way for her to get free. “Ohhh yeah! Be gentle!” Hilary said, making me laugh.

“Ohh, Hilary, you crack me up! I don’t know the meaning of the word gentle.” I undid her belt and pants and roughly pulled them down, not even bothering to remove her shoes.

“Ohhhh, baby!” Hilary said, with lust in her eyes. I threw her pants to the floor, and before they could hit the ground, my hand was already on her panties. I aggressively pulled them down, even slightly tearing them. “Woah! Ohh, God!” Hilary was surprised how horny I was acting, but I think it was turning her on. I looked at her gorgeous, slightly sweaty, body. I began to caress her left thigh, feeling her, smooth as silk, skin. She closed her eyes, and smiled, as my hand made its way to her inner thigh, and upwards, towards her pussy. I decided to fuck with her, since she was handcuffed. I slightly rubbed her pussy, but then ran my finger back down. I did this several times, to tease her. After a while, I knew she was wet, and I knew she wanted it bad. I teased her one last time, and she opened her eyes. “Mmmm, come on… touch my pussy…” Hilary said, kind of in a whiny tone. I withdrew my hand, to remove my shirt. I threw it to the ground, and then worked on removing my pants. Hilary was watching me the whole time, with horny eyes. Her anticipation and desire grew by the second. She wanted it bad, but I was gonna have my fun with her first.

“Damn, baby. You seem hornier than usual,” I said, looking at her legs moving, all about.

“It’s that you are teasing me…” She said, opening her eyes, widely, as she looked at my boner in my boxers. I smirked, looking at the lustful desire that was in her eyes. I looked at her feet, which were still hidden behind her shoes. I removed her right shoe slowly and dropped it to the floor. I held her right foot in my hand, as she bent it forward. She closed her eyes, as I began to slowly massage it. I’ve always loved Hilary’s feet, but I had never really done anything to them. I continued rubbing her gorgeous foot, while sucking on her four little toes. “Mmmm… Ohhh, yeah…” Hilary said, under her breath. Hilary kicked her left shoe off, sending it flying to the floor. I now moved over to her big toe, sucking the sweat off of them. “Ohhh God! That feels sooo good…” Hilary said, messing up the sheets, as she constantly rubbed her left foot on the bed. I began to bite her toes, while sucking them. “Oooo yeah…” I soon felt Hilary’s lefty foot slightly touching my boner, in my boxers. “Ohhh… your cock feels soo hard…” Hilary began to rub her left foot all over my cock. I stopped sucking her right foot and removed my boxers. I fully climbed up on the bed, and looked at Hilary’s eyes. She stared back at me, with a look of carnal desire in her eyes. She moved her feet onto my cock and began giving me my first foot job.

“Ohhh, Hilary…” I said, under my breath, as I rose an eyebrow, staring down at her feet, as they played with my cock. Her feet soon got a hold of my shaft, and began to move up and down, beating me off. “Ohhh, shit…” I said, slowly throwing my head back. I felt a rush of goose bumps engulf my body with every stroke. I never thought a foot job could feel so good! Hilary continued rubbing her feet up and down on my cock, breathing heavily as she did.

“Ohh yeah… Mmm… Your cock feels so good…” Hilary stopped, and widely opened her eyes, as my cock began to secrete pre cum. “Ohhh, God!” Hilary threw her head back. Hilary’s hormones were raging like never before. She was horny as hell! Her feet began to slightly slip, as my cock was now damp with her sweat, and my pre cum.

“Ohhh, Hilary…” I soon felt as I was getting near, so I stopped her.

“I want to taste you! I want that cock in my mouth!” I smirked, and climbed up to her face, holding on to the head board. I continued to tease her. I held my cock, inches away form her face, and she would left her neck up to lick it, but couldn’t. “I want your cock! COME ON!!!” I smiled and lowered my hips down. Hilary’s mouth gobbled my cock down, and she began to suck me off like a sexual beast. “Mmmmlmmmm! Mmmmmlmmmmlmlm!!!” Hilary’s tongue slobbered all over my cock, giving me a really wet blow. Her saliva, and my pre cum were all over her face. She soon rose her neck up as far as she could, deep throating my cock. She held it for an astounding ten seconds and then withdrew for air. “Ohhh, yeah!” She shouted, out of breath. “That cock is so fucking good!” Hearing her words drowned me with lust. I got better footing and began to fuck her mouth, in a fast rhythm. “Mmmmlmlmmm!!” Hilary wildly sucked my cock, as I pumped it down her throat.

“Ohhh, yeah! Suck that shit! Ohhh, fuck yeah!” I screamed, as I continued violently thrusting my cock into her tight mouth. I stopped, and pulled away, to tease her.

“Gimme that shit!” She screamed, drowned with lust. I shoved my cock into her mouth again, driving it down her throat. I continued ramming my hips into her face, slapping her chin with my balls, with every inward thrust. “MMMMMMM! MLMLMLM!!!” Hilary started to choke on my cock, as my speed became too fast. I pulled out for three seconds, to give her some air. “Hhh… hhhhh… Okay, I’m fine! Give me more!” Hilary gamely opened her mouth, and I slowly shoved it inside. I continued thrusting, at a gradual pace, as I felt her slutty tongue roll around my cock. I knew I was close.

“Ohhh shit! I’m gonna blow! I’m gonna blow down your throat! OHHH FUCK!” I screamed, at the top of my lungs. I pumped faster and faster, and felt my balls clench up. I detonated in Hilary’s mouth, shooting my seed down her throat. Hilary trembled in unrestrained ecstasy. I stopped pumping, as I shot stream after stream into the back of Hilary’s throat. She was amazingly able to drink down every last drop. When I stopped ejaculating, I shoved my cock down her throat, and her throat muscles were able to milk out every last drop of cum, sending my seed into her stomach. I removed my cock, and sat by her side.

“Ohhh… Ohhhh… Ohhh… Ohhhh God… Your cum is so tasty…” Hilary said, smiling. I looked at her pussy, noticing a bit of shine. I reached over and moved her thighs apart. There was a wet spot on the bed.

“You came!” I said, smiling.

“Well, it’s that your cock tastes so good! I couldn’t help myself!” I smiled, and climbed in between her legs. I held her legs up and took a big lick, from the bottom of the ass, up, all the way to her toes. “Mmmm… Do that again!” This time, I licked the other leg, making her shudder. “Ohhh yes…” I separated her legs and straddled her. I went up to her face and gave her a kiss. I then went down to her nipples and began to suck on them. “Mmmm yeah…” I licked her areolas, circling around her nipple. I was teasing her again, because only the side of my tongue grazed along the nipple itself. “Mmm, suck me…” I now licked her breast, around the areolas. “Mmmm, come on… suck my nipple…” I continued teasing her, licking in between her boobs. “Mmmm…” Her voice sounded whinny again. I made my way to her nipple and stuck my tongue out, an inch above her erected nipples. In lust, Hilary arched her back, pushing her chest upward, causing my tongue to rub against her left nipple. I began to suck on it, but slowly pulling my head upwards, so that she can continue arching her back higher and higher. “Ohhh yeah! Ohhh yeah!” I began to bit on her nipples, making her cry out. “OHHH! That’s it! YEESSS!” I played with her right nipple with my left hand, while sucking on her burning hot left nipple. I then pulled away. “Noo! Keep going! Please!” I smiled and moved over to her other nipple, taking it between my lips. “Ohhhh YEAH!!!” Hilary began to move her hips around, which made her pussy rub against my dick, getting it hard again. “Fuck me! Come on! I want that cock inside me! Come on!”

“Okay, I’ll fuck you.” I held my dick and rubbed her vulva to tease her. I then thrusted into her tight, slippery pussy.

“Ohhhh YEEEESSSS!” Hilary threw her head back. I then pulled out. “No! NO! What are you doing? Do me! Come on! Fuck me! Please!”

“Hey, I said I’ll fuck you! But not just yet…” I smiled evilly. I moved down to her pussy and took a big lick around her vulva, by the base of her thighs. I could feel a slight fuzz. “It’ll almost be time to shave Hilary!” I said, smiling. Hilary always kept her pussy hairless, except for this last time she shaved. She left a tiny triangle of hair above her clit.

“Ohhh God!” I then licked in between her pussy and asshole. “Lick my pussy… lick it…” Hilary said, under her breath. I then licked the bit of hair above her clit. Hilary began to raise her hips towards my mouth, putting strain on her wrists, which were still handcuffed to the head board. “LICK ME! PLEASE! LICK MY CUNT!” I began to lick her pussy, making her cry out. “OHHHH YEAH! THAT’S IT!” Wow… I guess this is why chicks like foreplay! She was ultra sensitive, and her pussy was sopping wet already. I began to lick upon her swollen clit, and flick my tongue up and down on it. “YES! YES! YES!” I now moved down and stuck my tongue into her cunt, tasting her soaking wet pussy’s juices. “OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OHH!” Hilary shuddered, in unrestrained ecstasy. I tongue fucked her with a super fast speed, while my left hand rubbed her clit, and my right hand rubbed her sphincter. “GOD YES! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!” Hilary screamed and shoved her hips into my mouth like a wild animal. “OHHH YES! OHH YES! OHH NO! OHHH FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM!” Hilary’s voice squeaked and began to yelp every time my tongue entered her pussy. Her body began to tremble, and she unloaded a wave of hot jizz onto my mouth. I drank down as much juices as I could, as she cried out in pleasure (from her pussy) and pain (from the handcuffs). Just as her orgasm was coming to an end, I stuck my finger into her asshole, “OHHH!” This caused it to continue for a few more seconds. “OHHH I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” This time, she exploded, soaking my face. My dick was ready to explode! I needed to fuck the shit our of her.

“Hilary! You wanna get fucked? I screamed, pulling her legs apart and positioning myself.


“YOU WANT ME TO FUCK YOU?” I screamed, holding my cock by her pussy. I was now face to face with her. She opened her eyes and licked her cum off of my face.

“FUCK ME UNTILL I’M NUMB!” Hilary screamed, wrapping her legs around my waist, like a sex crazed beast. I slammed my cock into her slippery pussy. “YYYEEEESSSS!” I started to fuck her like a madman, pounding her pussy like dough. Her pussy was so wet, every single thrust made a wet, spurting sound. “DEAR GOD, YES! YES! YES!” We fucked like two animals, grunting, shouting and cursing.

“SHIT! YOUR PUSSY IS SO FUCKING WET!” I screamed, as she began to move her hips up, to meet my every thrust.

“OHH YEAH, BABY! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHH! DEEPER! DEEPER!” Her body began to tremble, and she had another orgasm. She banged her head against the bed and unloaded more cum, which would gush out of her pussy with every inward thrust. “OHHH DON’T STOP! DON’T EVER STOP! FUCK ME! FUCK ME FOREVER!” We should have been tired as hell, thanks to that orgy, but our bodies were showing no sign of exhaustion. We were fucking like savages. Soon, Hilary didn’t even care about the pain coming from her wrists. I noticed they were red as hell, but she didn’t care. Her legs stayed wrapped behind me, making sure that I wouldn’t stop fucking her. We fucked for like twenty minutes, and I don’t know how, since her pussy was so wet.

“Ohhh, shit Hilary! I’m close!” I said, under my breath.

“Ohhh!!! I want want you to come inside me! OHHH YEAH! OHHHH! OHHH! I want you to- OHHH! I want you to fill me up! OHHHH YES! Fill me up! Fill me up! FILL ME UP!” I gritted my teeth and used my last bit of strength to pound my hips faster and faster, sending my cock as far into her fabulous cunt, as it could go. “OHHH I’M GONNA CUM! CUM WITH ME, BABY! CUM WITH ME!” I winced and detonated inside her. The feeling of my warm seed filling her up caused her to explode as well. Hilary cooed, as she felt my cum go deep into her body. I laid on top of her, as we both took time to recuperate. I then climbed off her, and went to my drawer and got the key, removing her from the headboard.

“Ooo, your wrists are fucked up!” I said, holding her arms.

“Yeah, but it was worth it. Next time we use it, you’ll be cuffed up,” Hilary said smiling. We both lay in bed for a couple of minutes, and then went and took a shower. We drove back to the hotel. The next day, we had to leave, since Hilary still had live shows, and filming to do. We got on a plane, and headed to California. After that, we would have to go up to Canada, then back to New York, then… well… you get the idea. She’s busy as hell. The plane landed in Los Angeles, and we all made our way off…

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