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Disclaimer: This is in NO WAY based on real events and in no way written to soil the featured celebrities’ good names. Though a song is referred to in the story, that in reality, eerily does connect towards my story that was written months ago, that’s purely coincidental. This story is a FANTASY and the featured celebs may not necessarily act in these ways. If you are offended by sexually explicit material or under age, DON’T READ THIS DAMNIT! Please, don’t be shy, and send HONEST feedback or suggestions (NOT VIRUSES, YOU FUCKERS!) to my address,
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Note: Refresh your memory! Read LUCK: Part 1

DDR was a normal guy, without any money, until one day, his LUCK changed and won a stay at a hotel, where he met Hilary Duff, and got to score with her. As time passed, he got luckier and luckier, boning Hilary on many more occasions, winning the lotto, and scoring a job as a top secret celebrity man whore. In the “LUCK” ten part series, he fucked Hilary Duff, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Lindsay Lohan, LaLaine, Fefe Dobson, Shakira, Haylie Duff, Christina Millian, & Beyonce Knowles. After a confrontation with a part human, part artificial intelligence person named 9, he now possesses a serum called 9-X, that extremely heightens a female’s sex drive and erases their short term memory. This allows Hilary to accompany him to any of his clients, since they won’t remember her and rat her out to the press. Now the stories continue, as DDR’s phone number is known by all celebs, giving him countless clients! His “LUCK” still has not ran out, as his saga continues in the “DDRx” series.

As I drove, I listened to Metallica. I had the windows down, and the stereo blasting.

“Fuck it all, and fucking no regrets!” I sang along, while swerving through mediocre traffic, doing a hundred miles per hour. “Never happy happy endings on these dark sets– woah! Cops!” I saw a cop car and decreased my speed to fifty five miles per hour. “Shit…” I saw them get off at an exit, and resumed speeding and singing. “Blood will follow blood! Dying time is here!… Damage Incorporated.” After a few more seconds of awesome riffs and drum blasts, the song, and the CD ended. ‘I need another CD,’ I thought. Then is when it hit me. Today, the twenty eighth, is when Hilary’s new CD is released! I continued driving, and eventually reached a sign for a mall, at the next exit.

I got off at the exit, and went to the mall. I went into a music store, and walked to the new arrivals section. Sure enough, her CD was there. The cover made me shiver. Hilary looked stunning. Her lips looked so damn juicy and plump, I was gonna explode in my pants. Her hair was thrown all over her face and her beautiful hazel eyes glowed more beautifully than the moon. I tried to subside my slowly growing boner, and reached for the CD. I picked it up, went to the register and paid.

I went to my car and got inside, ripping the plastic off of Hilary’s CD. I got the booklet and opened it. The first picture of her made me smile from ear to ear. Her hair was messed up, and her face… a dirty, AS HELL, look. I was used to seeing that face already, from the many times we’ve… “done”… certain… “activities”… that would result in that kind of a dirty smile. My cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number.

“Hello?” I said, wondering who it was.

“Danny? It’s me! I’m calling you from the plane!” It was Hilary, sounding perky and jolly, as usual.

“Juicy! My girl, what’s up?”

“Nothing much. Haylie and I are here with two other friends of mine. What are you up to?”

“Right now, I just bought your new album. I was about to listen to it.”

“Wow! Are we psychically linked? That’s one of the reasons I called you. That and to see how you’re doing.”

“I’m doing fine.”

“You know… I wrote a song that I dedicated to you,” Hilary said. I smiled.

“Thank you! That’s awesome.”

“Well yeah, but my musical managers suggested that I should lie, and say that someone else wrote it, and not me, because that might arouse a little suspicion towards my fans. If you look in the booklet, it doesn’t have my name for the person who wrote it. Don’t ever tell anyone that. It’s nothing dirty, it just talks about the first time we met.”

“What song is it?”

“Track 7, ‘Dangerous To Know’.” I turned to it and read the lyrics, smiling.

“Ohh, shit…” I said, reading it.

“You see the part that says, ‘I was a law unto myself, when you found me out on my own. Together, nothing was sacred. Together, we were alone.’ Remember?”

“Ohh, hell yes. How could I forget? The night at the hotel. You told me, not long ago, that the first time you were without Haylie and your mom, was in New York, at the hotel… where we first met.”

“Yeah… And the “nothing was sacred” part… well… let’s face it. The things we’ve done together…”

“Ahh, say no more baby! I know!” I said, with a dirty smirk on my face. “I’ll listen to it.”

“Have you had any clients yet?” She asked.

“No.” I paused for a second. “I thought we agreed that I would only see clients when we’re together.”

“Yeah, but it’s okay. I know you love me, and I know you would only do it with them for lust or for money, not for love.”

“Yeah, you know you have my heart, girl.”

“You’re so sweet. I trust you. Just remember to use the 9-X serum if you tell them anything you might want them to forget.” I then heard Haylie’s voice.

“The movie’s starting!” Haylie said.

“Ohh. I’m gonna let you go,” Hilary said. “I’ll call you later. Luv’ you!”

“I love you too, baby. Behave yourself!” She giggled.

“You too!” She hung up. I put her CD in and listened to it, as I continued my trip to New York. The whole CD was great, less pop, more rock riffs and edgier beats. I recommend it to anyone. I drove down the highway. After hearing the album, I decided to get off at the next rest stop, and get something to eat. I entered a Wendys, ate, and exited when I was done. As I exited, I noticed a familiar face walking with two other people towards a hotel at the rest stop. It was Jojo! She had on tight, light blue jeans, a green shirt, with a black denim jacket on. I walked to my Charger, and got inside of it. I wanted a piece of her, for sure, but I felt a little guilty, because of Hilary. I know she gave me the green light, but I still felt guilty.

I thought it over, and decided to take some 9-X serum, for myself, that way it’ll be my basic human instincts to take over! I brought a vial out, from the glove compartment. I unscrewed the small head, with the inch long needle on it and looked at it. I decided to only take a small dosage. That way, I’m not too horny. I’ll be able to talk to Jojo, not jump on her and hump her leg! I only drank down half of it, which is about the equivalent to a teaspoon and a half. I screwed the head back on, put it down and exited the car. I began to feel my stomach get a little upset.

“Ohhh shit… I think it’s working,” I said, holding the hood of the car with my right hand and holding my stomach with my left. I ran to the hotel, holding my stomach. I entered and looked at her at the front desk, getting a room key.

“Joanna! Come on, the elevator’s here!” I looked, to see the man and woman that was with her earlier, holding luggage. They had their room keys already, and Jojo had just finished getting hers. As Jojo started running towards the elevator, I felt the serum kick in. I suddenly felt a huge urge to fuck Hilary. I saw random images, in my head, all lustful, passionate and dirty times Hilary and I fucked. Unfortunately, she wasn’t around, and Jojo was my only chance. I ran to the elevator, and got inside it, pretending not to recognize her. The three talked, Jojo looking away from me, hiding herself. I wanted to tell her who I was, but I didn’t know who these two people were. Hell, they could even be her parents! I struggled to keep my composure. I was horny as hell! My blood was rushing like crazy, slowly giving me a boner. The two people she was with got off at the fifth floor.

“Are you sure you don’t need us to help you with that?” The woman said, pointing at Jojo’s huge luggage.

“You two go ahead, I’ll manage,” Jojo said, as the doors closed. I was finally able to step in.

“I’ll help you with that, if you need it,” I said. She looked at me and smiled.

“Thank you!” I looked at her and smirked.

“Yeah, I thought that was you. You’re Jojo, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I am, how are you?” She shook my hand.

“I’m great. Look, I don’t want to be direct, but… well… I don’t know if you’ve heard of me. My name is DDR.” Jojo thought for a second. Her eyes lit up.

“DDR! Wait a minute… Are you that guy who does it with celebrities? I thought that message was a joke!”

“What message? Who told you?” I asked.

“Christina Millian did. She left me a message a few days ago.” Jojo stopped. She looked at me, smiling. “Well, I’m sorry… You are cute… and you look pretty buff and everything, but… How do I know you really are DDR?” The elevator door opened to the eighth floor. I picked up her luggage. We began to walk down the hallway. My boner was halfway hard, but y blood was rushing throughout my body twice as fast!

‘This 9-X serum is invigorating! Wooo!’ I thought, as we walked. I kept my cool, and continued talking with her. “True, true… Well, there really is no way to prove it to you.” We stopped at her door. “I know how I could convince you!” I reached into my pocket, feeling a 9-X vial. In a lightning fast motion, I pricked her in the neck.

“Ow!!!” She held the side of her neck. “What the hell?” I guess, since she’s really young, the serum worked on her faster, because in about three seconds, I saw lust, begin to accumulate in her eyes. “Hmmm… How much do you charge?”

“How much you’ve got on you?” I asked, taking her room key, and opening the door.

“I’ve only got one hundred and ninety or so dollars on me,” she said, with a desperately horny voice. I’m not that much of a cruel bastard to leave her broke, so I decided to charge her a hundred dollars, instead of a usual four to six hundred. I picked up her luggage and took it inside. She followed me inside.

“That’s fine. Just give me a hundred and we’ll call it a deal.” She smiled and closed the door behind me. She removed her jacket and threw it to the floor. She grabbed me by the belt and pulled me towards the bed. I sat down on the edge and she removed her shirt, showing off her petite boobs in a black, cotton bra. She then crouched down in between my open legs and felt on my boner, which was now a full boner, not halfway. She rubbed her hand upward, along the shaft, and took the zipper in her hand. She opened it, and removed my pants. She licked her lips. My boxers had a huge tent shape on them.

“Wow… I’ve never handled a dick before. I’m a virgin. I’ve never even seen a porno…” She said, smiling bashfully.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what to do,” I said, making her smile.

“Cool.” With that, she pulled my boxers down, making my cock spring out. The lust that she was already feeling, seemed to have tripled, upon laying eyes on her first dick. Jojo took it in her hand, and smirked as she slowly stroked it. I smirked, as she gave it a big lick, that ran from the base of my balls, to my head. She then looked at me, as she slowly took my cock into her mouth. I closed my eyes and rose my eyebrows, as I felt my cock enter her tight little mouth. “Mmmmmlm…” She only let three inches go into her mouth, fearful of choking. I opened my eyes.

“Just watch yourself, and don’t choke yourself with it. You can do it,” I said, in a relaxed, soothing voice. She nodded her head, with my cock, still in her mouth and slowly inched in more of my cock down her throat. She couldn’t get much down into it, but she was doing pretty good for her first time. I exhaled heavily and smiled. “Yeah, like that.” She smiled and began to slowly suck on my cock. As time passed, she sucked harder, and began to bob her head.

“Mmmmlmmm. Mmmmmlmm.” I slowly began to pre cum, and her moans made it apparent that she liked the taste of it. “Mmmmlmmmlmlm…” In about ten minutes, she was sucking like a pro. She was making me throw my head back, and breath heavy.

“Damn, Jojo! You’re a fast learner!” I said. She let my cock out of her mouth, with the sound of a pop, and smiled.

“Thank you.” She got up and unbuckled her jeans. She removed her pants, let me see her black cotton panties and beautiful, young… very young figure. Then is when I realized it. She has a great body, but it wasn’t that much developed. I’m nineteen! I didn’t even know how old she was! I’m no pedophile! She then removed her bra and panties, making me conveniently forget my last thought! “I want you to taste me!” She said, sitting on my lap, and giving me a kiss. I pulled her off me and lay her on the bed. I nodded my head, in approval, seeing her young pussy, between her widespread legs. I went down on her with no foreplay, passing my tongue up her thick vulva. “Mmmmm…” I licked the top of her pussy, making her clit appear. “Ohhhh, yeah…” I wildly flicked my tongue all over her clit, making her hold my hair, as I licked. I then stuck my tongue into her pussy, tasting her wetness. “Ohhhh god… OHHH GOD! OHHH! OHHH YES!” She began to moan loudly, moving around, messing up the sheets on the bed. “Ohhh yeah! Ohhh yeah! OHHHHHH BABY! OHHHH BABY! I’M GONNA BLOW!” After about three minutes, she arched her back and exploded onto my tongue, screaming wildly. I brought my head up from her crotch, smiling. I had the taste of her pussy and juices on my tongue, and I needed to share it with her. I went to give her a kiss, and she sat up on the bed. She broke the kiss, smiling.

“What?” I asked.

“Wow! That’s how I taste? I taste pretty good!” Jojo said, enthusiastically. No words were needed, when she stopped smiling, and reached for my bulging cock. I fully climbed up, onto the bed, and rubbed the head of my cock along her wet pussy, teasing her vulva. “Put it inside me!” The 9-X serum had her horny, and I had no problem complying to her lustful demand. I slowly inched into her TIGHT pussy, making her squint her eyes in pain. “Ooooo! It hurts! Keep going! It feels so good inside me!” I then stopped, when I felt her hymen. I thrusted into her with force, breaking through, making her scream loudly. “AAAAAHHHHH!” I saw a tear in her eye.

“You okay, Jo?” She nodded her head.

“Yeah! I’m fine! Now… Fuck me!” I started pumping her TIGHT pussy, with a slow, smooth rhythm. “Ohh, yes, that’s what I’m talking about! Ohhhh! Oooo! Ohhh yeah! Oooo, it hurts baby! Ohhh! Ohhhh!” I kept that pace for a minute, and then quickened it little by little. “OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHHH!” She let out a moan with each inward thrust. “OHHHH! OHHHHH! OHHH, YEAH! OHHHH! OHHHH!” After three minutes, I could feel her pussy get more and more moist. “OHHH YES! I’M GONNA BLOW AGAIN! KEEP GOING!” I started pumping her faster, still slamming my bulging cock into her young, tight pussy. After more loud moans, I felt her pussy muscles clench my intruding cock and explode a rush of her hot juices. I grinded my teeth, as I continued wildly pumping into her. I could actually feel my load boiling up inside my sack.

“You are loving this, aren’t you, Jojo. Or should I say, Joanna!” I said, as I continued slamming my pelvis into her rising hips.

“OHHHHH YEEEEESSSS! I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN!” She unloaded another steamy batch onto my cock, making me moan.

“Ohhh, fuck!” Her tight pussy was filled with her cum, so her juices seeped out, with every inward pump. After twenty minutes, I felt ready to blow. Since she’s young, and she won’t even remember this, I wasn’t gonna let myself blow inside her. She doesn’t need no baby. She’s probably not even on the pill, like Hilary is. I continued aggressively slamming her pussy, as if I was tenderizing meat.

“OHHHH YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!” She exploded one last time, making me pull out and detonate a huge single splurt of cum that made a cummy mess on her abdomen and boobs. Her steaming juices slowly seeped out of her pussy, as we both caught our breath. “Wow… wow…. That was great.” She reached down and took some cum in her finger and tasted it. “Mmmm. Not bad!” She giggled.

She gave me my money, I got dressed, and left. I went back into Wendys and got a soda. I needed something to drink, after that! I hopped in my Charger and continued my trip to my hometown, New York! Wooooo!!!

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