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Featuring: Hilary Duff

Disclaimer: This is in NO WAY based on real events and in no way written to soil the featured celebrities’ good names. This is a FANTASY and the featured celebs may not necessarily act in these ways. If you are offended by sexually explicit material or under age, DON’T READ THIS DAMNIT! Please, don’t be shy, and send HONEST feedback or suggestions (NOT VIRUSES, YOU FUCKERS!) to my address, DDRXVENGEANCE@yahoo.com If you send me feedback, I’ll respond, and give you links to sites of my featured celebs! ROCK ON! WOOOO!

DDR was
a normal guy, without any money, until one day, his LUCK changed and won a stay at a hotel, where he met Hilary Duff, and got to score with her. As time passed, he got luckier and luckier, boning Hilary on many more occasions, winning the lotto, and scoring a job as a top secret celebrity man whore. In the “LUCK” ten part series, he fucked Hilary Duff, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Lindsay Lohan, LaLaine, Fefe Dobson, Shakira, Haylie Duff, Christina Millian, & Beyonce Knowles. After a confrontation with a part human, part artificial intelligence person named 9, he now possesses a serum called 9-X, that extremely heightens a female’s sex drive and erases their short term memory. This allows Hilary to accompany him to any of his clients, since they won’t remember her and rat her out to the press. Now the stories continue, as DDR’s phone number is known by all celebs, giving him countless clients! His “LUCK” still has not ran out, as his saga continues in the “DDRx” series.

I arrived at Kennedy Airport. I drove my car over to the private jet terminal and parked it. I turned off my car and got out, looking to the sky. In the distance, I could see Hilary’s plane slowly begin making a descent. I made it just in fucking time! I stood smiling, as I saw the plane land about half a mile away. It began to brake, decreasing in speed as it approached. After a minute, it stopped twenty feet from where I was standing. The plane door opened after a minute and a half. One of the pilots stepped out, fully fixing the stairs. Right behind him, came Hilary, running out, smiling. I smiled from ear to ear and walked towards her. She ran into my arms, giving me a big hug.

“God I missed you…” I said, squeezing her.

“I missed you too,” Hilary said, letting go of me, and looking up at me with a cute smile. I stared at her, as she did to me, the both of us getting lost in each other’s eyes. Our eyes slowly closed, as our lips slowly parted. I lowered my head, as Hilary rose her chin. Our lips embraced in a slow, wet, passionate kiss. I rubbed her lower back, and hips, as she played with my hair. We both took heavy breaths and moaned, as we would shift our necks to embrace each other’s lips again. We swapped saliva and rolled our tongues in each other’s mouths. We kissed for what seemed like three minutes, before we both withdrew for oxygen. Haylie stepped out of the jet.

“Danny! What’s up?” I smiled at her, holding Hilary in my arms. “God, Hilary! You left your stuff inside!” Hilary let go of me, and ran back into the plane. I walked towards Haylie and gave her a hug.

“How was the trip?” I asked. We let go of each other.

“It was awesome! I was able to relax on the beach, and I met this guy, and-” I put my finger up.

“Maybe you could tell me on the car ride to the hotel. It sounds like you probably have a couple hours worth of stories!” I had to interrupt her. White chicks talk too fast! She smiled.

“Okay…” She looked at my Charger and then reached for my belt loop, where I had the chain to my keys connected to. She unclipped it, and pulled my keys out of my pocket. I looked to the plane, only to see Hilary stepping down the stairs, with luggage. Haylie walked towards the trunk, with my keys, as I ran to Hilary to help her. I took the big luggage she was holding. “Where are your two friends?” I asked, as we walked to the car.

“They went back to Texas, so they took a different plane,” Hilary said, perky as ever. “I’m gonna be here in New York for a while. I have to do The View, TRL, Conan, finish a scene for ‘The Perfect Man’ and the Z100 Jingle Ball in December.”

“December? You are going way too ahead of yourself!” I said, putting the luggage in the trunk. “It’s only October!” Haylie walked back to the plane, as the pilot helped her with two huge luggage. Hilary went to the passenger side of the car. “Ohh, I forgot to tell you! My mom is coming over to go overseas with me.” I slightly frowned. Her mother is as strict as a dictator. Hilary smiled excitedly. “And she’s gonna bring Macy and Chiquita,” She said, as she opened the car door. I put the luggage in the trunk. I removed the key from the keyhole and struggled to close it. We all got inside the car.

“To the Hilton!” Haylie said, almost as if ordering me.

“What the fuck is this? Driving Ms. Duff?” Hilary looked at Haylie smiling. Haylie smirked, and bopped me on my shoulder.

“Shut up! I’m serious!” Haylie said, as Hilary laughed.

“Okay, okay. Where? The Hilton…” I looked at Hilary. She looked back at me, smiling.

“Yeah… Where we first met,” Hilary said, making me smirk. I turned the ignition key.

“It’ll bring back memories,” I said, as I pressed the clutch and shifted to first. We drove away. After a grueling thirty minutes in Manhattan traffic, we made it to the hotel. We got two rooms, one for Hil and I and one for Haylie. It was one of those special rooms that has an extra door that leads to the room right next to it, that way both our rooms would be connected. We unpacked in Haylie’s room and chilled for an hour. Then, Hilary had to go do “The View”, so I had to unfortunately wait before we could fuck! We were both horny for each other, the whole time we were unpacking, and hanging, but she had to get dressed. Troy, her body guard, and close personal friend, came over, with a few other management people, to pick her up. I stayed behind, with Haylie, just watching TV and talking about their trip to Mexico.

Haylie and I took Hilary’s stuff over to the other room. When we were done, Haylie smiled at me.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you show me which room you stayed in, that was across from Hilary’s room, the first time you two met?” I smiled too.

“Holy shit, yeah! That’s a good idea.” I walked towards the door, opening it. She walked out, and I followed her. “It’s on this floor, so it’s not even that far or anything.”

“Shh!” Haylie said, in a low voice. “We’re in the hallway! People could be sleeping!”

“At 12:00 PM?” Haylie smirked.

“Some people might be taking a nap or something. We should be considerate and talk in a low tone,” Haylie said, in a low voice. I nodded my head. We walked through the long, lightly dimmed, solitary hallway. We arrived at the two doors.

“Well… these were it. I stayed here, she stayed there. We talked a bit on the way to the rooms, and then stopped to talk right here. She then came to my room and… You know the rest.”

“Wow. A night of lust, that turned into a life of love,” Haylie said. “She really loves you. She talked about you a lot on the trip.” I frowned. While she was thinking of me, I was fucking other women. It felt as if I was cheating on her, though she knows I was doing it. I felt low. I know that every guy in the world would kill to have my job, but it still bothered me. I looked at Haylie.

“I love her with all my heart. But I have no problem fucking other women. So do I really love her?”

“Yeah! You do! Look, we’ve had this discussion before. If she ever tells you to stop, and you don’t stop, THEN is when it’s bad. It’s like her. She’s an actress, and sometimes she has to kiss other guys, even caress them. The day might come that she’ll have a sex scene. Nothing too raunchy, but still… It might happen.”

“Yeah, I never looked at it that way.” I put my arm around Haylie’s shoulder. “Thanks sweetheart. That helped.” She put her arm around my waist.

“No problem. Now, let’s get back. Hil will be back soon.” Haylie and I walked back.

Haylie and I were sitting in bed, watching TV when Hilary arrived. She was smiling.

“What?” I asked.

“These two crazy guys. You’ve seen them, right Haylie?” Hilary asked, sitting on the bed with us.

“Ohh, yeah?” Haylie looked at me, to explain who they were talkin about. “These two idiots that followed Hilary’s tour around, and are at every autograph session! They’re big fans. Where were they, outside ‘The View’ studios?”

“No, they were in the audience. They were screaming, and they even came out on TV!” Haylie and I were laughing.

“Guess I’m not the only one, out there, who’s in love with you, huh?” I said. Hilary smiled.

“Those two guys are crazy. Any ways… What have you two been up to?” Hilary asked. I looked at Haylie and chuckled suggestively.

“Haylie and I have been getting to… ‘know’ each other better!” I put my chin on Haylie’s shoulder. Haylie put her hand on my face and pushed it off, as Hilary an her giggled.

“You’re stupid!” Haylie said, as Hilary got up, and reached for some wine.

“Don’t worry, baby. We’ll keep what we were doing a secret!” I said, kidding around. I looked at Hilary picking up the bottle of Alize Red Passion. “Uhh… Hilary… The legal age to drink is twenty one.” Hilary looked at me with a goofy smile.

“Ohh really? And how old are you two, that you have a wine bottle here in the first place?”

“Ohh… well, we’re mature for our age!” Haylie said, smirking, as Hilary laughed, pouring wine in a glass, and drinking some.

“Yeah right!” Hilary said, laughing. Haylie drank twice as much as Hilary did. I changed positions, while sitting, and felt something stab me in my pocket. I reached inside and felt the invitation Juliya gave me.

“Ohh shit! That’s right. Hilary, we’ve been invited to a celebrity costume party… /orgy. You can come too Haylie, it’ll be fun.” I said, smirking suggestively.

“Who invited us?” Hilary asked, sipping more wine.

“Juliya, the host of the Fuse TV show ‘Uranium’.”

“I’ve never heard of her…” Haylie said.

“I’ve seen her. She’s a Heavy Metal freak. She’s crazy. She recently did a magazine spread with Marianella, the other Fuse girl, didn’t she?” Hilary said.

“Yeah.” I said. “It was the Maxim Music Issue, the one with Avril Lavigne on the cover.”

“Don’t say that name around me!” Hilary said.

“Ooo, sorry! Any ways, Juliya gave me an invitation to go, and bring someone with me. Everyone has to wear orgy style costumes and masks. After the music and dancing comes the orgy, so it’ll be great.” Haylie shifted positions.

“Woah, so let me get this straight. It’ll be all celebs there?” Haylie asked.

“Yeah. Juliya said mostly females, but if I was invited, I know that there’ll probably be another couple of guys. It’s gonna be a small party, so don’t expect anything over fifteen people.” Hilary and Haylie looked at each other nodding their heads, smiling. Then Hilary frowned.

“But I can’t go! I’ll be discovered. Even if I’m wearing a mask, it might be forcibly removed off of me, or something. I can’t afford that kind of publicity.” I smiled.

“I’ve got it all figured out. I’m gonna slip a couple of 9-X vials into the punch, or wine, whatever it is we’ll be drinking. That way no one can remember a thing, when it’s all over.” Haylie smiled.

“Ohh, in that case, I’ll go! It’s like getting away with murder. Technically, anything will be able to go down, and no one will remember anything!” Haylie said, smiling.

“And…” I was thinking like any guy would think. “If you’re a little shy about doing it with a chick, you could just drink some of the 9-X, and you won’t even remember anything!” Hilary and Haylie simultaneously crossed their arms.

“Men! I know you’ll get a kick out of that!” Haylie said.

“Hey! It’s the way I was made! I’m sorry!” They smirked. I looked at Hilary. She looked hot, as always. “So… Hilary. It’s been forever that we’ve had any… time together…” Hilary smirked. She walked towards me, seductively.

“And?” She said, sitting next to me.

“I can only keep DDR Junior inside my pants for so long!” Hilary smiled demurely. Haylie cleared her throat, making us turn around, and look at her.

“If you two are gonna get it on, go to your room!” Haylie said. Hilary and I smiled and walked through the connecting hallway, in between the two rooms. We closed the door behind us, and then looked at each other. For a few moments, we stared into each other’s eyes. It had been over a week that I was on the road, and she was away. We hadn’t fucked in ages. I could feel the lust burning inside of me, and I could tell that she was experiencing the same thing.

We jumped into each other’s arms and began kissing passionately. Our lips made sucking sounds, louder that they’ve ever made. We bit each other’s lips, sucked each other’s tongues, and grabbed each other’s hair and face. We made our way to the bed, and she laid on her back, with me on top of her. Hilary began reaching down, to the rim of my shirt, and started to pull it up. But, we didn’t want break the kiss, preventing her from removing my shirt. We continued kissing, and only broke the kiss for half a second, as she pulled it over my head. Our lips continued locking immediately after. I then stopped kissing her lips and began to tenderly kiss her neck. Hilary began breathing heavily. I removed her shirt, throwing it to the floor, exposing her firm, plump boobs in a black lace bra. I slowly, tenderly, and softly, continued kissing her neck, moving down inch by inch, making her anticipation heighten.

“Ohh Danny…” She said, under her breath. I placed my left index finger by her cheek. Her plump, juicy lips parted and took my finger inside her mouth. My right hand tenderly squeezed her firm left breast, causing her to moan. “Ohhh, God, yes!” I continued kissing her lower and lower, until I reached her right breast. Her bra was one of the bras with the clip in the middle, so I undid it, smiling as the two cups sprung open, and her pert, firm boobs fell to the sides. I continued kissing her, now kissing her areolas, but not the nipple, just to tease her. After a while, she couldn’t take it anymore. “Ohh, God! Suck me! Suck my nipples!” I took her right nipple in my mouth, while I caressed her left one with my hand. I sucked on it, but only slightly at first. She continued sucking my finger, in pure lust, breathing heavily. Her chest would rise up as she did, shoving her rack into my face. I played with her nipple in my mouth for a bit, and slowly placed it between my front teeth. “Mmmm…” I began to bite on it, making her arch her back. “Ohhh yes!” I let go of her nipple.

“Ohh, you like that shit, don’t ya’ Juicy!” I continued biting on her nipple, this time pulling on it with my teeth, giving her shocks of pleasurable sensations.

“Ohhh God yes!” I reached down to the rim of her pants. I didn’t even bother pulling them down, as I stuck my hand into her pants, and panties. Her whole pussy region was damp. I reached into her pussy with three fingers. “Ohhhh GOD! That’s it! Yes! Yes!” Hilary said, under her moans. Her pussy was wet as hell, as I began to caress her clit with my palm, and play with her inner muscles with my fingertips. “OHHH YES! DEAR GOD- YEEEESSS!” I continued biting her nipple, and playing with her pussy, giving her double the sensation. Her body could not sit still, as her back arched, her hips moved, and her legs twitched about. She held my head and pulled on my hair, with both hands. “OHHHH BITE IT! BITE IT! YEAH! OHH YEAH!” She began to continually scream out ‘YEAH’, as I pulled on her nipple. After a few minutes, it was hot, including her boob, and I noticed her surrounding areola region was red. I continued fingering her and biting her, until she screamed one last time. “OHHHHHHH!!! YEEEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!” Her inner walls clenched me, and my fingers became soaked with her steaming hot juices. I let go of her nipple, which was red, not pink. I undid her pants with my right hand and pulled them down, along with her panties, to her knees. Just as I knew, the moment I removed my left hand from her pussy, her juices splurted out.

“Damn, that shit is hot, Hilary!” I tasted her hot juices in my hand. “Mmm. You make good shit, girl. Here, taste,” I said, reaching into her pussy again. Hilary was so horny, she brought my hand up to her mouth, as quickly as she could, tasting herself.

“Mmmm,” Hilary moaned, with her eyes closed. Her big, beautiful, lurid eyes suddenly opened. Her gorgeous hazel eyes seemed to glow, as I stared at them in amazement. “I want you…” Hilary said, as she finished fully removing her pants. “No, I don’t want you… I need you… I need that cock, and I need to taste it, now!” I had never seen her so demanding, but I couldn’t object to such a demand. She held me, as she got off the bed, pulling me up off of it. We both stood, me shirtless, her completely nude. I looked down into her eyes, admiring her beauty. Her whole body was perfect, no blemishes, stretch marks, or pimples. I caressed her arms, up and down, as we began kissing again. Her skin is as soft and smooth as silk. I tickled her arms and shoulders, as we kissed, making her giggle. “Stop it!” She said, laughing in a silly tone.

“What? Afraid you might piss on yourself, and spoil the mood?” I said. She giggled and kissed me once. “Mmm. Don’t worry. Nothing can spoil this.” She gave me a sly look and parted her voluptuous lips, breathing heavily. Her eyes rolled up, to the back of her head, as she closed her eyes, and bit her bottom lips, struggling to hold in the ever increasing lust that was burning her up inside. As Hilary crouched down, her tongue began to slowly lick down, starting from my chest, down my abdomen. She stopped at the rim of my jeans. She licked the huge bulge in my jeans, moaning quietly as she did. She then rose an eyebrow and looked up at me as she took my fly’s zipper in her mouth and slowly pulled it down with her teeth, making me drop my jaw. “Wow…” I muttered, under my breath. She heard it, and smiled, as she undid my belt and pulled it out, with one quick tug. She unbuckled my jeans, letting gravity pull them down.

“Oooo, yes…” Hilary said, sensually rubbing her right hand on my cock, through my boxers. Her left hand held the rim of my boxers, behind me, above my ass. She slowly pulled them down, not breaking her horny stare at my cock, as it sprung out and hit her on her glossy red lips. She looked up at me, as she slowly parted her lips. Her tongue moved slightly in her mouth, before she stuck it out, partial covering her bottom lip. I couldn’t blink, watching in awe, as her head slowly made it’s way forward, and I saw my cock head disappear past her lips, into her mouth. “Ohhh…” I let out a moan, as my shaft made it’s way into her mouth. I winced, as I felt my cock head enter her throat. “Ohhh, Hilary!” I moaned, loudly, making her smile. She deep throated my whole dick, for like six seconds, before releasing my rod from her mouth, gasping for air. As her lips departed from my mouth, multiple trails of saliva were formed. With a dirty smile, she swerved her neck, disconnecting the trails.

“He he he he…” She giggled devilishly. I joined in.

“I fucking love you!” I said, in a low voice.

“I can’t help myself. That cock tastes so good!” She said, smiling in a nasty way. The innocent, good girl ‘Lizzie McGuire’ star was gone, all right!

“So let’s pretend this is a buffet! Don’t just sample, get a second taste!” Hilary smiled.

“Ohh, with pleasure,” She cooed, as she closed her eyes and wrapped my cock, with her splendidly luscious lips, again.

“Ohh, you fuck! You are the Queen of Blow Jobs!” I said, as I placed both my hands on her rapidly bobbing head. I held her golden blonde hair in my hands, massaging her head, as she… ‘massaged’ my… ‘head’. She gave me a blow for another ten minutes, moaning in ecstasy as she savored the pre cum that oozed from my cock.

“Mmmmm, it’s so good!” She moaned, between breaths. I felt shocks of pleasure all the way up to my shoulders, as this sexual beast of a girl blowed me. She began fingering her pussy with her left hand, anxious to get her hot little hole filled. She soon stopped blowing me and looked up at me. “I need this cock inside me! I NEED IT NOW!” I rose my eyebrows and smiled.

“Calm the fuck down, you horny fuck!” She stood up, turned around and put both of her index and middle fingers at the borders of her vulva and pulled her pussy lips apart. She had NEVER been this horny!

“I NEED THAT COCK INSIDE ME!” Hilary screamed, looking back at me. I grit my teeth, trying to hold back the incredible lust that was burning through my veins. I didn’t even bother aiming or looking, and thrusted my hips forward. The first four inches of my cock slipped into her wet pussy perfectly. “OHHH!” I continued pushing forward, forcing my cock into her tight pussy. I closed my eyes as I felt the familiar feeling of her awesomely smooth, wet, tight entranceway. “Ughhh! Ughhh! Ughhh! Ohhh, yeah! Ughhh!” I pounded her hard, but slow at first, making her grunt with a rhythm. Once her pussy got used to my cock, I began stuffing her faster. “OHHH YES! Ohhh, YES! That’s it, do me, baby! Ohhh! Ohhh, Oooo! OHHHH!” After a while, her pussy was making spurting sounds, as I fucked her. Hilary soon put her left leg up on the bed, while leaving her right foot on the ground. I caressed her gorgeous left thigh, and was amazed on how silky smooth it was. After an astounding three minutes, her moaning increased and her pussy walls clenched me in orgasm. “OHHH MY GOD, YEEEESSSSS!!!” I felt a gush of warm wetness engulf my crown and then my shaft. She came so explosively, her cum didn’t leak out of her pussy as I fucked her, it blew out, even hitting half an inch below my belly button.

“Damn, baby! You are fucking loving this!” I screamed, in an aggressive voice.

“Yes! Yes! YES I AM!” Hilary said, rocking her hips back with every thrust. “Uggghhhhh! I’m gonna gum agaaaaiiin! AHHHHHHH!!!” Her pussy exploded again, this time, so much that it actually trailed all the way down to her right ankle. “OHHH YES! YES! YES! DO ME, BABY! DO ME!” Her beautiful, sweaty body trembled in ecstasy as we wildly fucked. We didn’t even bother changing positions. I held her hips, as I made her pussy sore, pounding my meat into her tight, cum drenched pussy. We continued for another fifteen minutes, until I could feel my time to O was near.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This is it!” I screamed.

“Cum inside me! I want to feel it inside me!” Hilary screamed in a tired, lustful voice. Three seconds later, I detonated into her, making her body have a powerful spasm with each hot, sticky stream I shot into her. She began to shudder.

“Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!” She had another quick orgasm, making me twitch. She stood up, almost completely, leaving my cock in her pussy. We held each other’s sweaty bodies, as we recuperated.

“Wow!” Hilary and I both looked suddenly. The door connecting our and Haylie’s rooms opened. Haylie clapped her hands. “That was awesome! The both of you… hee hee hee!!! …are so passionate,” Haylie said, slurring her words. Hilary and I looked at each other. Haylie was drunk, and had just watched us fuck, this whole time. “Can I join in?” Haylie asked me.

“Don’t ask me! It’s up to Hilary!” I said, looking at Hilary, awaiting her answer.

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