Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 1: A Family Affair

Daddy’s Girl

Chapter One:

A Family Affair

By Lude

Featuring the talents of:

Hilary Duff

Sam and Jo Duff, Hilary’s father and mother

Story Code: Mf, FMf, pedo, oral, anal, tease, exh, rom

There was a lot of traffic and the school-bus driver had to keep her eyes on the road. Every time they hit a bump, Hilary Duff’s cute buns were tossed into the air. The High School debate team was clustered together in the back of the bus during the long ride home following the speech meet. With her acting experience, Hilary was a natural at giving speeches. While Hollywood High
had just kicked Santa Cruise High’s team, it frustrated Lizzy that she lacked the ‘killer instinct’ needed to drive an argument to its logical conclusion and dominate in a debate. Unable to impress the judges, she had to settle for fourth place.

“Hilary you did just fine,” Ashley said, trying to relieve Hilary dissatisfaction with her own performance. “Besides, Hilary, with your career going so great, I wouldn’t worry about a little thing like a high school debate.”

“I know, I know. It’s just…I wish I didn’t freeze up when I have some important to say.”

“I know how you feel,” Ashley told her. Giving Hilary a heart-warming smile, she added, “But, don’t give up. I know you’ll get the hang of it.”

From behind them they heard the sounds of moans and groans. Both girls turned. Tom Johnson, a blue ribbon pinned to his coat, was smiling like the bird that had eaten the cat. Kate, a very loyal member of the debate team, was giving him a blowjob as his reward!

“Wow!” Hilary’s friend shouted out. “Go for it. Give him the first place prize!”

Hilary smiled, remembering the first time she held a man’s cock. It happened one night, last winter, when then fifteen-year old Hilary had crawled into bed with her parents. But in the early morning, she was in for a big surprised. Acting as if Hilary was asleep, they starting French kissing and folded each other bodies under the blankets.

Suddenly her mother slipped their blankets from her father, Hilary watched as her mother slipped a hand inside of his boxer shorts. Taking hold of his stiff penis, he gasped as she squeezed it. Daddy laid back, enjoying the sensation of mom slowly jacked him off. Then she pulled his boxers off! On top and facing towards, Hilary didn’t seem to notice that father’s penis was close by her daughters face.

Hilary’s eyes grew wide as she stared in amazement. Daddy was huge! It had to be at least ten inches long and very wide. Her father’s cock struck straight out like a totem pole. At its base was a large ball sack. A forest of course dark hair covered both. A large helmet shaped crown capped his long smooth shaft, bulging with large blue veins.

“We can’t,” Hilary heard her Mom, whisper, “we can’t. Will wake Hilary up.”

“Don’t worry, we haven’t before.”

Hilary heard giggles as her parent’s lips resume their kissing and mom began to playing with her father’s cock. Soon she started really energetically jacking him off. In a few minutes, Hilary noticed Daddy’s waist pivot and his penis tilted towards her. Now only inches from her nose, she was surprised to be starring straight down into his cock hole. As they passionately kissed, mom stroked his cock faster and faster. With Hilary’s head tucked into her father’s midsection, the hot flesh of his penis felt warm against her face. Now with her every up stroke, mom pushed the tip of his penis closer to her mouth! Hilary was completely speechless when her father’s cock rubbed along her lips.

Hilary’s brilliant blues eyes blazed as she saw a drop of white cream form at the tip of her father’s penis. Curious she pushed out her tongue. The sweet taste of his precum didn’t surprise her. She knew that was a ‘big’ reason why Mom liked to suck Daddy’s cock so much. As Hilary continued to lick her father’s cock, she looked up.

While Hilary had a really good feeling that Dad knew she hadn’t fallen back to sleep, she still shocked to discover Daddy smiling back at her. Despite her surprise and inexperience, thus encouraged and relieved by his smile, Hilary gave the tip of his cock’s crown a big wet smack. After kissing his cock, she pushed her tongue into his piss whole. She smiled back as Daddy’s smile grew wider. Almost immediately, Mom pushed Daddy’s cock between her lips. Instinctively Hilary opened her mouth to let him in. His eyes held hers in a trance as she warmly welcome his cock!

Throbbing between her lips, his penis felt warm and hard. She became excited and brought her tongue up and wrapped it around his shaft. Gripping him tightly with her lips, she began to suck on her father’s big cock. It seemed to throb and shake even faster as her Mother pushed into her mouth again and again for several minutes.

Then suddenly, her father moaned out. “Hummm, O my sweet baby girl. Aahhhhhhhh!” Hilary was surprised when gobs of hot sticky cream fountained out! The fifteen-year old beauty enjoyed the taste of his white creamy fluid tasted even better than his precum. Lizzy continued to follow instinct and swallowed and sucked it down. She still pretended to be a sleep as mom continued for several more minutes to jack him off into Hilary’s mouth. Father still smiled at her as Hilary kept sucking his big hard shaft of flesh. Continuing to fake sleep, she still hoped her mother thought she was sleeping.

“Sam, damn it honey,” mom whispered as she finally removed her hand. Hilary thought she might be angry, until she giggled. “It’s a good thing Hilary’s such as sound sleeper.” Then continuing in a low husky sexy voice, her mother now whispered, “I didn’t know you were going to cum in her mouth, again!”

“Maybe, we should have woken her?” Father happily suggested. “Hilary is becoming a women. I have a feeling she already knows a few things.”

Jo looked at him, silently and seemly in disapproval, studying his face intently. Rubbing her hand lightly along Hilary’s head, she spoke with a smile. “I glad you talked me into this. It’s very exciting.”

He chuckled, “I love Hilary’s hot little tongue!”

“What? Did she lick your cock?” Hilary could hear true surprise in her mother’s voice as she brushed him with tongue.

“Yea, while you jacked me off into her mouth she was licking me! She even sucked on my cock!”

Pretending to still be asleep as she continued to softly suck on her father hard flesh, Hilary almost choked.

“O, you’re so bad. My mother warned me not to marry you.” Then Jo gave him a half smile. “For a moment, I almost thought she woke up when you’d cummed in her mouth. I bet you’d loved it if our sweet little daughter were to wake up with your cock in her mouth. I think I’m jealous.”

“You don’t have to worry honey. You’ll always be my little chumbunny. But I’ve noticed how Hilary’s been looking at me lately. They exchanged an excited look.

Remember last summer when Hilary had that little white string bikini. You know, the one with the little G-string.”

“Yea, the one YOU bought her!”

“She’d asked you to get her a bikini for her birthday? But you said she was too young and wouldn’t buy one for her. Not taking no for an answer, the very next day, Hilary got me to take her shopping. Once at the Mall she asked me to help pick a bikini out. I didn’t see any harm in getting her one. Because she’s been really filling out lately, I suggested, “Well, if you’re going to get a bikini, we should go someplace nice. How about Fredrick’s?

After Hilary picked one, I followed her to a changing room. Taking a seat on a sofa besides the door, I picked a lingerie magazine. There was a television on. I tried to read, but what sounded like a commercial drew my attention. As an announcer with a heavy Middle Eastern accent blared, images of burning tanks and Saddam H. flashed across the screen.

Saddam’s Used Tank Fire Sale!

Many Tanks still in running condition!

Some with only a few small holes, courtesy of the U.S. Army!

All vehicles come with a money back guaranty and inspected by the UN!

A free Camel comes with each purchase!

Supplies are limited so…

I didn’t know what to think until I realized I’d been watch an Saturday Night Live rerun. My attention was broken when Hilary grabbed my hand. Pouting her lips and giving me an innocent, but sexy yet look, she whispered, “Daddy…I need your help.”

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