Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 2: The Bikini

Daddy’s Girl

Chapter Two:

The Bikini

By Lude

Featuring the talents of:

Hilary Duff

Sam and Jo Duff, Hilary’s father and mother

Story Code: Mf, FMf, pedo, oral, anal, tease, exh, rom

“I thought about it a moment, Sam continued. “It didn’t occur to me at the time that Hilary might desire more than just my help. Seemingly anticipating my hesitation, Hilary immediately told me, “I don’t mind if you watch me get I’m ‘butt naked’ while I change.”

“I had to swallow before I could speak again. “Okay, no problem,” I answered her. I was a little nervous that somebody
might misunderstand, I was glad the changing room had a sound proof door.

She was wearing a tight blue slipdress with spaghetti straps. With bare shoulders and lovely shoulder length blonde, Hilary definitely looked sexy, but yet sophisticated at the same. The corners of her mouth bent up as she reached both her hands around to her back to unzip her dress. But her zipper didn’t move when she tugged upon. “It’s stuck Daddy, can you help me?”

I smiled. Being her loving father, I said, “Here let me help you.” After one hard tug, her dress hung loosely upon her smooth creamy shoulders. Her hands staying at her side as she starred longingly up at me, directing me to continue.

Hilary smiled warmed me as I helped to strip off her clothes. Her surprisingly full breasts swayed and jiggling as I removed her white mesh bralette. Her breasts were perfect. They were just the right size to hold in your hand or to suck on. When her bra fell away, Lizzy was left in nothing but her white thong panties. They clung tightly to her sweet curvy ass. Blushing a light shade of red, Hilary asked, “Dad…you’re not done.”

I looked at her uncertainly. I’d seen her naked enough. When she was younger we used to take baths together. But that stopped when Hilary entered school. Now, things were…

“Come on, Daddy,” she urged me, “I don’t mind if you see me naked. P-L-E-A-S-E DADDY!”

Hilary of course knew I could never teller no to her when she called me Daddy. When I removed her thong, I felt her squirm when I accidentally brushed my finger between the lips of her vulva. My hand came away warm and wet. I could smell the unmistakable musty aroma of her young excited pussy.

Before me stood my daughter, naked as the day she was born. Oh, but she had grown up all right. Her lovely blond hair hung softly over her shoulders. Everything about her body was perfect and in proportion to everything else. With her beautiful smile, brilliant blue eyes, and luscious body, Hilary looked like a goddess. My goddess. “Oh yes, you’re so beautiful, here look.” I turned her perfect, unblemished body towards a full-length mirror.

I moved my hands down her body and spreading her legs apart. Covered by honey blonde curls, Hilary’s luscious pussy was a real jewel beyond any prize. Filling a few more voyeuristic urges, I took in her perfect young form displayed so gloriously in the mirror. Her curvy, tight young ass was flawless! Perfectly round, firm white cheeks outlined by a gorgeous tan. I had to admit that my teenage daughter was very hot.

Enjoying the sight of her lovely naked body, I lightly ran my hands along her smooth tanned flesh, her hard nipples and luscious slit. As I fondling of her long slim legs and well-proportion body, I grew very erect. So, I told her, “Girl, you’re so sexy. You’re going to try the boys crazy in a bikini.”

In the bed next to her parents, Hilary laid still, continuing to fake sleep. She enjoyed how her father was describing her. Knowing that they hadn’t done anything wrong, she felt warm deep down inside. Hilary hadn’t forgotten what had happened between them several months ago. Remembering how much she enjoyed Daddy taking off her clothes, fondling her body, and finally being able to tell him how she felt. She grew wet between her legs, again.

“Hilary decided upon a bikini top I really liked,” Sam resumed telling the story. “Not much more than kite string and postage stamps. Only a small triangle around each nipple was covered. Leaving the rest of her beautiful blooming breasts to be appreciated for the work of art work they really are.

While we were earlier looking for bikini bottoms, I noticed the store carried a very nice selection of thongs and G-Strings. Having already picked out one out for her, a ‘Teenie Tiny G-String.’ I made a suggestion. “Hilary, with your nice curves…I bet you’d look great in a G-String!” I pulled it from my pocket and showed it to her. “How about you try this on?”

Nodding her head quickly up and down, she gave me a very bright smile. I sat down to watch her put it on.

The G-string wasn’t much more than a little dental floss. Running between her o-so sweet curvy little butt cheeks, her nicely tanned ass was completely uncovered, almost. Just barely covering her slit. The tight fabric molded against her clitoris and the soft lips of her vulva. While her lovely small mound of blonde hair was neatly shave, I noticed Hilary was going to have to trim her pretty blonde locks.

Now ‘full dressed’ in her bikini, Hilary spun about to let me take her in. I really lacked the words to describe how good she looked. Her sweet ass swayed from side to side as her hard nipples pressed against the bikinis thin material. She then turned her back towards me and slightly arched her firm ass up into the air. Her butt curved pleasingly to the eye. Pressed together, her bare cheeks seemed to whisper sweet nothings to me. She’d looked so incredibly hot. The stirring in my loins turned to a boil. Then she sat in my lap and put an arm around my shoulder. Then Hilary looked deeply and longingly into my eyes. “Do you like how I look?” I nodded.

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