Daddy’s Girl – Chapter 3: Blown Away

Daddy’s Girl

Chapter Three:

Blown Away

By Lude

Featuring the talents of:

Hilary Duff

Sam and Jo Duff, Hilary’s father and mother

Story Code: Mf, FMf, pedo, oral, anal, tease, exh, rom

“Hilary showed a bright smile in response to my nod, as she shook her sweet curvy ass against my groin. Feeling her warm skin rubbing on me, I became really hard. Rising vertically, my engorged erection pushed and between her soft smooth legs. I had to wonder if she realized what she doing? If she didn’t, then why on earth did Hilary squeeze her smooth legs together against my erection,
then hump them up and down? She seemed to enjoy doing it. But either way, she was driving me crazy!”

“Yea, I remember that day,” interrupting, Mom showed a lustful smiled. “After the kids went to bed, you threw me down on the kitchen table and almost raped me. I really like it when you’re so aggressive.”

“Well, a lot more happened,” he continued. “Still in my lap, Hilary gave me a hug. “It was innocent of course, until her small hand dropped down….to rest on my lap. I pretended not to notice. But I wasn’t able to help myself. My erection pushed up into her fingers. She…”

“Honey, what are you trying to tell me?”

“Just listen, Okay and I’ll tell you.” Sam snapped back, showing a little irritation now.

“Well, she was sitting in my lap, you know. Hilary stared into my eyes and then… To my complete surprise…she looked kind of inquisitively at me…then she gave me a kiss…on the mouth. As our lips met, her fingers drew tight around my erection. She held tightly me for only a moment, but that moment seemed to last forever!

Then, her face close to mine, she whispered into my ear, “Daddy, you know, I think you’re really cute!” Pointing her hand at her bikini, she asked, “Do you like my body?” I of course, nodded my head.

As had she spoke, her other hand dropped along my back. Sliding past my belt, fingers came to rest upon my ass. Rubbing my ass, Hilary smiled as she told me, “I’ve always thought you had a nice butt.”

Then the focus of her eyes dropped as she pressed her fingers on my pants, wrapping around my cock. She looked inquisitively at the huge bulge that had risen tent-like in my pants. As she started rubbing through my pants upon my throbbing member, I thought Hilary’s deep blue eyes were going to bulge out of her pretty head.”

“Sam,” mom interrupted again, “Hilary jacked you off?”

“Yea, but she did more than that!” I could feel the excitement in his voice. “To my surprise, Hilary started slowly pulling down my zipper!”

“Wow! What happened next?”

Dad continued, “Hilary pulled my pants down off my ass and caressed my bare butt. Then she asked, “I’ve never seen a grown man before. I think you feel very nice.”

“Well, I have fond memories of when you were little,” I reminded her. “We used to take baths together. I was naked then,” I reminded her.

“Yes, but that’s different, you weren’t so…hard,”

“I certainly was. But you were so young then, I guess you don’t remember. You used like to play with my balls and wash my cock. But how about your friend Tom Johnson, haven’t you ever had sex with him?”

“No, not really. He’s shown me his cock and I’ve jacked him off a couple of time. But I’ve never…I’ve never sucked his cock,” she responded. “But, tom’s cock not nearly as large as yours. He’s really just a good friend who’s fun to be with.” Hilary just stood there for a minute as she bowed her head in silence. Then she raised her head and looked into my eyes serious as she asked, “Can I…Daddy? Daddy, can I touch you?

As Hilary asking her question, her fingers started a tingle in balls as played in my pubic hair. She slipped her hand inside of my pants and it brushed against my…throbbing member. I gasped as she took hold and squeezed it. As she resumed stroking me, she said, “Daddy, you’re so big. You’re so hard!”

Jumping in, Jo whimsically exclaimed, “I bet that was music to the ears of her dirty old man!”

Sam showed a wolfish smile as he continued, “In one forceful effort, Hilary pulled my boxers down to my ankles. As they went, her cum filled prize popped out! Hilary’s face was aglow as she drew a finger along the tip of my cock and moved it around, inspecting it from all angles. I really enjoyed the sensation of her grasping my cock and jacking me off for the first time! I could feel my knees weaken as my young daughter then played with my nuts.

Stroking me hard and slow, my cock twitched eagerly in her little hand. Surprise turned to ultimate joy when our not so innocent little girl bent her face down to my waist and she drew her lips together. As a drop of warm milky precum formed at the tip of my erection, I then felt Hilary blow her hot breath on my engorged erection. I thought I was going to really pop when she tentatively pressed her tongue out to lap the precum from my bulbous head!

Climbing from my lap, Hilary’s gaze never left my eyes as got to her knees. As she began to pleasure my entire length of nine inches with her mouth, I could tell that she was a natural talent at giving blowjobs. “Yes, baby. That’s the style Hilary!” I exclaimed, as I pushed her hair out of the way so I could watch.

Running along the underside of my prick, her hot tongue sent wonderful shivers of pleasure through out my body! I saw a smile grow on her beautiful face, reflecting the exhilaration of having such control over me. Wrapping her tongue around the helmet-shaped crown of my cock, she began stroking my shaft. Her tongue snaked all around my shaft, before wrapping in a semi-circle around the helmet-shaped crown of my cock.

Her blue eyes seemed to glow happily up at me. I could tell Hilary didn’t question what was happening as her happy face hovered ever closer to my cock. I knew that we were at the edge of a wonderful threshold. Her lusciously soft red lips were only inches away.

A dream come to true. I reeled at the revelation that my sweet young daughter actually wanted sex with me! We were only one small step from filling her mouth with my cream. I still couldn’t quite accept what was happening. In misbelieve, continued to lay back and enjoy her work. Noting my hesitated, Hilary’s hand stopped stroking. She seemed to be waiting on me to make the next move. But then my novice cocksucker giggled. Her lips moved ever so slowly down as her tongue resumed exploring the taste of my manhood. To my utter joy, she put her lips on the tip of my cock.

Hilary was shy at first and just brushed it with her lips. Then little by little she opened her mouth and very gently worked the velvety tip of my prick into her warm moist mouth. As I enjoyed the feel of her wet saliva as her smooth hot pulsing lips closed around the tip of my pulsing helmet-shaped crown. Then she engulfed my entire mushroom head. Hilary suckled for a minute, running her flat and delicious tongue around and around the rim, bobbing her head as she slurped.

Her left hand then grabbed the base of my large cock as Hilary push her mouth farther down. I felt the grip of her gums against the sides of my thick organ as her mouth slid down my shaft. Then slowly but deliberately she began to pump up and down with her mouth. Firmly grasping my cock, her dainty fists rose and fell in tandem with her mouth. Soon Daddy’s little girl’s rhythm was perfect. Each down stroke made by her lips were met by an upstroke of her hand.

“Oh, Hilary, O Hilary, that feels o sooooo gooood,” I moaned. The warmth, the wetness, the grip of her mouth totally stimulated every nerve ending in my penis, almost sending me over the edge. Hilary made sure to pay special attention to the head, sucking in so hard that her cheeks quivered a little bit. Her tongue was like a magic wand, wrapping and licking and sucking all over my cock, making it feel so alive with energy. The pleasure of my beautiful daughter sucking my cock was completely awesome.

Continuing to service my cock with her mouth. Hilary pressed in to take me over the top. It was like the movement of an ocean wave. Her lips moving even faster, in rhythmic motion matching the strokes of her hands and tongue. The sides of her mouth tightened, gripping my cock like a cylindrical vise. Her lust radiated from her lips as she gasped and panted for breath.

Next, I enjoyably, very enjoyable ran my fingers along Lizzy’s firm little ass and pull down her G-string. Wrapping my fingers around her sweet ass, I pushed my face between her long slim legs. After one long up and down motion with my tongue, I pulled back to get a better look. Her small pretty pink vertical smile covered with fine golden blonde fuzz. Inhaling, I enjoyed her sweet aroma. Then, after licking along her pussy and nibbling on her clitoris, I pressed my tongue inside of her. I was delighted by how good she tasted. Squirming and moaning, my teenage daughter chummed several times and I lapped up each. I was in paradise.

As I ate out her pussy, Hilary’s warm mouth engulfed the head of my cock. Pleasure shivered up my spine. Her tongue darted and flicked over the nerves in my cock head. While her head bobbed up and down, she fondled my balls as I moaned in response. When I looked down and saw Hilary’s lips stretched obscenely around my cock, I knew the moment was near.

Using her newly found skills in fellatio she feasted upon my large succulent cock. There was no hesitance on her part. Hilary knew what she wanted and how to make it happen.

My naughty nymph scooped up my balls into her palms as she continued to take my cock deeper into her mouth. Kissing, licking and sucking, my big cock filling her mouth completely. As I went even deeper, her throat stretched as it took in the tip of my crown. But then she drew back. As I popped out of her mouth, Hilary looked questioningly into my eyes.

I’ve since learned that some of her boy friends had liked to squirt their “stuff” all over her face or breasts. But Hilary knew that would have been a waste of her fathers hard earned “cum”. So she asked, “Daddy, do you want to … you know … cum on my face?”

In surprise, I asked, “How do you know about that?”

“You know … videos. Robert Carradine…I mean, my boy friend, Tom likes to do it,” she said.

“No, honey, I want to cum in your mouth,” I answered. “Can you swallow?” I would ask her about her accidentally confession about her brother later.

Without saying a word, Hilary smiled and almost seemed to throw her mouth back on my cock.

In paradise again, Hilary’s warm mouth engulfed the head of my cock, sending shivers of pleasure up my spine. Her tongue darted and flicked all over the nerves in my cockhead. Enjoying her ministrations, I looked down. Her lips were stretched obscenely around my cockhead. I moaned in response, I knew the climatic moment near.

Hilary resumed bobbing her head up and down on my cock rhythmically, using her fingers to stroke the underside of my penis. Hilary then wrapped her arms around my butt and pulled upon me even more forcefully, matching the pace of my thrusts. Her eyes closed, as she was lost in the moment. Faster and faster she sucked and pumped. As I heard the sound of my balls slapping against her chin, I felt my legs began to shake.

“O God, YES! YES! Hummm,” I moaned as I ejaculated loads of steamy milky white cum into my little daughters mouth. As my cock jerked again and again, Hilary’s mouth was filled her father’s flavorful seed. Hilary kept her lips tight, trying to get all of my semen. She swallowed each spurt, loving the taste and the sensation of my big cock exploding into her mouth. I’ve had many blowjobs in my life, but this one had to have been one of my best orgasms in a long, long time.

Hilary moaned out, “Huummmm, Huummmm, Hummm!” She kept right on suckling my cock until there was no more cum. She swirled her tongue around and around the cockhead. When I was finally done cumming, Hilary pulled my cock from out of her mouth so she could to catch her breath. A strand of cum hung from her bottom lip and sexily fell onto the crotch of her G-string. When I saw this happen, I could keep from laughing. That same moment, Hilary looked down and saw what happened, her innocent, sexy smile returned to her face. “Do I do it right?” she asked.

“You were fantastic!” I panted. ” Hilary… I … I love you.”

“I love you too, daddy,” she responded. Daddy, give me more! I want more!” Then she looked into my eyes. “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Daddy. But I just never had the nerve to tell you.” Pulling her close to me, Hilary quivered as I hugged her. I then she gave me a quick kiss. As our eyes locked in incestuous desire, Hilary seemed to melt in my arms as we next French kissed. She then quickly, yet assertively, told me. “Daddy, I’m a virgin. I want you to be my first. I saved my self for only you, Daddy. I want you to fuck me!”

Uncertain, I told her, “Honey, I don’t know…” But she put her hand on my mouth.

I thought about Hilary’s wonderful request as she started sucked my cock again. I almost stopped breathing as I watched my beautiful daughter now worked my cock into her mouth like a professional. Hilary’s eyes seemed to shine when she swallowed my cum again. I could feel we were again at a point of no return and Hilary seemed not to feel the slightest bit of hesitation.

I stared at her beautiful angelic face. The same lovely face that I had given fatherly kisses to so many times. The same face that was now sucking my cock and had all so pleasurably swallowed down my cum! While Hilary was eager, her eagerness could turn on out to bite her in the butt. I really did want to take her right then and there. I could only imagine how good it would feel. Her little virgin pussy and wonderful ass would squeeze wonderfully around my cock! But in sudden realization of the possible conscious at what was happening, I froze. “Damn it, I’m her father,” I told myself. While I’d really enjoyed Hilary’s sucking my cock and getting my rocks off, twice in fact. I also knew we were going way too fast. So as much as I wanted to, it was just…it was just too soon. Hilary was just too young.” I pulled my cock from her sweet mouth. She looked up in disappointment.

Running over hands to the sides of her face, I looked into her eyes. I tried to smile. “I want to fuck you too baby,” I groaned, “I want to ram my big cock in your little virgin pussy. I want fuck your tight ass. I want to cum again and again in you. But…we just can’t. You’re so beautiful, so sexy. But you’re still too young for any one to fuck you, even for me.”

“Daddy, please. Fuck your little girl! I want you to fuck my pussy with that big beautiful cock of yours. I want you to fill me up with cum! .” As Hilary pleaded, she resumed jacking me off. Hoping to change my mined, she stroked my cock faster and faster.

“Hilary, it’s illegal for a 15 year-old, under any circumstances, to be a willing partner. Of course, if you don’t tell, no one would get in trouble.” I knew that very few people could resist my beautiful Hilary if she wanted to have sex with them, or offered to give a blowjob. “But, I think we’d be better bide our time till you turn 18. You’ll still have a hard, tight body, plus you’ll be legal.”

“But Daddy, most of my friends have already had sex. It’s not unusual for girls to give their first blowjobs by thirteen. But the problem is that, while many are willing partners, society wants to look at girls who have had sex this young as victims. The laws should be changed. If a teenage girl wants to have consensual sex with an older partner, especially when it’s her father, I think it shouldn’t be considered as rape.”

Averting my eyes, I was unable to utter another single word of explanation. Correctly interpreting the reason for my silence, but feeling the pains of rejection, my erection popped from her hands. Sharing in my silence, Hilary put her clothes back on.

When we left the dressing room, I held a door for her. Even though there was plenty of room. When she walked past me, Hilary gave me little whimsical smile as she briefly brushed the back of her fingers against the huge bulge in my pants. Even though, the price was a lot higher that I’d expected to pay. I couldn’t refuse her. I knew I was in for an interested time the next time we went swimming.”

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