Daddy’s Little Girls

“Daddy’s Little Girls”

By The Rated-R Superstar

Starring Jessica, Ashlee, Joe, & Tina Simpson

Codes:inc, MF, cons, oral, anal, slut

Disclaimer:The follow story is a work of fiction. None of this ever really happened. If it offends you, then LEAVE THIS SITE. This story is in NO WAY a true indication of the sex lives of those mentioned. It is only fantasy. Also if your under 18, then leave now, this is an adult story. For the rest of us, hope you enjoy.

It’s a sunny Wednesday afternoon at the Simpson residence. Joe, Tina, Jessica, & Ashlee are in the
backyard by their pool. Tina, Jess, & Ashlee are sunbathing while Joe is in the pool. After a while, Joe leaves the pool, heads inside the house and goes upstairs. Ashlee gets up to go to the bathroom. She comes out and hears noises coming from Jess’s room. She heads over to the door. She knocks on the door.

“Jess, you OK?”, she asks.

“Don’t worry, Ash. It’s just me, dad”, she hears her father, Joe, say from inside Jess’s room.

“Oh, really. May I come in?”, she asks.

“In a few seconds, Ash”, he replies, “I just gotta straighten some things in here.”

“Oh, come on. It’s only Jess’s room”, Ashlee says, “my room’s worse.” So then, she opens the door and walks in just as Joe is attempting to straighten out his clothes.

“Erm, Daddy, what were you doing in here?”, Ashlee asks, “I mean, you’ve got your own room to get changed”.

“Well, I was looking for something in here”, he replies, “but I couldn’t find it.”

“Looking for something with your trousers down?”, she says. “Come on, I’m a big girl, now, tell me what you were doing. Don’t lie. You got a girl in here?”

“No”, Joe replies, “and why would you think I’m lying, Ash?”

“You were sorting out your clothes when I walked in and you said you’re looking for something”, Ashlee says, “who’s in here with you?” Ash looks out the window and sees Tina and Jess sitting outside.

“Are you cheating on Mom?”, Ashlee asks.

“Ash, I wouldn’t dream of cheating on your mother”, Joe tells her, “I love her too much”.

“So, was were you doing?”, Ashlee asks, “we aren’t leaving until you tell me”. And so, she turns around, closes, and locks the door.

“Alright, to tell you the truth, Ash”, Joe tells her, “I was in here watching some videos on her TV”.

“Really? Well, that isn’t a big deal”, Ashlee says to Joe, “what was it?”.

“It’s nothing that you need to be concerned about, Ash”, Joe tells her.

“It’s porn, isn’t it?”, she says, “you’re looking at porn in here.”

“I didn’t say that, Ash”, Joe says to her, “but sometimes, your dad needs some alone time”.

“Why? Why do you have to be alone?”, Ashlee asks him, “we all love you. Mom loves you, Jess loves you, I love you.” Ashlee walks towards Joe and hugs him.

“Ash, I know all of you love me”, Joe says to her and returns the hug.

“Dad, if you wanna wank, just say”, Ashlee tells him. She continues hugging him in her bikini from sunbathing.

“I mean, if you have to look a porn to get you off, then that’s fine”, Ashlee tells him, “just do it in your own room. What would Jess do if she caught you in here?”

“I’m guessing your sister would probably freak out if she caught me in here like this”, Joe tells her. Ashlee keeps one arm around and and turns to the TV.

“So, turn on what you were looking at”, she tells him, “I’ve never really seen porn before”.

“Are you sure you wanna see what I was watching, Ash?”, Joe asks her.

“It might be a bit weird at first looking at porn with my dad”, Ashlee says, “but I love you and, if you need alone time, then I like to see what you need”.

“Alright then”, Joe says and turns on the TV. Ashlee sees a view of some big tits in a bikini.

“Wow, those are big and nice”, Ashlee says, “if you don’t mind me asking, what’s this:hidden cam on the beach or something”. She giggles a bit.

“Yeah, Ash, something like that”, Joe says.

“It’s a bit boring. Just a view of some tits in a bikini”, Ashlee says, “You can only see her tits. Nice top, though. Seems familiar.”

“It does?”, Joe says.

“Yeah. Maybe Jess has it”, Ashlee says. She again giggles a bit.

“Well, I usually don’t pay any attention to who the people are”, Joe says.

“I can see only their tits, it seems”, Ashlee says, giggling a bit, “well, I thought you would be looking at something a bit harder than this to be truthful. Could you imagine if this was Jess”. Ashlee laughs a bit.

“Jess in a porno”, she says, laughing some more.

“Yeah, that would be weird”, Joe says, also laughing.

“Well, I’m bored out there with them two”, Ashlee says, “all they wanna do is sunbathe and talk about makeup and handbags. I hope you don’t mind me staying here with you”.

“No, Ash, I don’t mind it at all”, Joe says, “Just as long as Jess and your mother don’t catch us doing this”.

“Well, the door’s locked and I’m only watching”, Ashlee says. She sits down on the bed.

“I won’t get in the way”, she tells him, “I promise”.

“Thank you for understanding, Ash”, Joe tells her.

“OK, then, go ahead and do your business to these big tits”, she says. Then, in a few minutes, she speaks up again.

“Damn, Dad, is this all this video is?”, she asks, “just looking at these girl’s tits, in Jess’s bikini top?” She laughs a bit again.

“Well, there’s more videos here, Ash”, he says, “if you wanna see what’s on them…..”

“Yeah, put something else on and then sit down and do what you usually do in your alone time, with me”, she says to him. She puts on a big smile for him. So, he takes out that tape and puts in a different one. Then, he goes to sit down and pulls down his pants.

“Erm, Dad”, she says, “I think you’ve got the wrong tape. This is Jess in the pool and there’s me with her there. See?”

“Wow, I didn’t happen to notice that”, Joe says with a but of feigned surprise. She turns to him while he’s masturbating.

“You mean, you didn’t know this is your daughters?”, she says, in a bit of a surprise tone. So, she stands up and walks in front of the TV.

“You masturbate to me and Jess?”, she says, in a more angry tone now.

“I’ll put it this way, Ash”, Joe tells her, “both you and Jess are very beautiful and gorgeous-looking”

“Oh My God”, Ashlee says, very angry by now, “you jerk to me as well? What videos do you have of me? Take your hands off your big cock…..I mean dick, and put me on”. She falls back down on Jess’s bead in shock and feeling hot all over. So, Joe takes that tape out and puts in one that has a video of Ashlee.

“Oh My God, Dad. That’s me”, she says, “Full view of my body in low cut top. You always maturbate to us then, Dad?”

“To put it this way, Ash”, he says, “I tend to go for a bit of variety”. Ashlee looks at his cock.

“Dad, your cock is big. I mean, I’ve been with a few, but WOW”, Ashlee says.

“Well, hon, that’s genetics for you”, he tells her, “some are gifted, some aren’t. I’m what they would call gifted.”

“How big are you then”, Ashlee asks, giggling a bit, “the biggest I’ve had is 8 and a half inches”

“I think I might be bigger than that”, Joe says, “never really measured it, though.”

“WOW. OK, I’m getting carried away here”, she says, laughing, “I’m hot, and looking at your big cock, I’m feeling funny”.

“Well, hon”, Joe tells her, “I’m not exactly sure what you’re feeling, but you might be getting aroused”.

“To my dad? No. Surely not”, she says. She turns away from Joe’s cock and watches the video. Now, it’s her photoshoot.

“So, you video-taped me at my shoots?”, she asks him, “You masturbate over my pictures?”

“Well, like I said, you’re very good-looking, Ash”, Joe tells her.

“Look. You’re rock hard, I’m in this bikini, and you have tapes off my photoshoots”, Ashlee says, “you can just say what you want, Dad”. And so, she puts her hand between her legs. Then, he takes his hand and places it on top of hers, getting her to rub herself.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m not sure about this”, Ashlee says. She gets up and looks at the TV.

“Wait a minute. I could pose for you”, she says, “yeah. You be the photographer masturbating and I’ll be posing for you. I mean, I am aroused, Dad, for you and your huge cock. Come on, let’s play.”

“OK, Ash”, Joe says. And so, she gets excited/

“Mmmmmmm. Love this, dad. I’ll be your poser”, Ashlee says, “How do you want me to be”.

“OK, Ash, I want you to pose sexy”, Joe tells her. So, she puts her hands on the TV, with her legs spread and her head over her shoulder, looking at him.

“How’s this, Dad”, Ashlee asks him.

“That’s great, hon”, Joe says, “you look wonderful.”

“Mmmmmmmmm, thanks”, Ashlee says. She looks at him maturbating to her.

“Oh God, this is hot”, Ashlee remarks. She takes off her bikini top, holding her breasts in her hand.

“OK, Dad. To see my tits, you have to get completely nakes and lay on Jess’s bed”, Ashlee tells him.

“Alright, hon”, Joe says. So, he stripes off all his clothes and lays down on Jess’s bed.

“Mmmmmm, Daddy, you have such a great body”, Ashlee tells Joe She kneels on the bed over him.

“OK, Dad, here they are”, she says and removes her hands, showing her big, juicy tits for him. “What do you think?”

“I think they’re great, Ash”, Joe tells her, “they look wonderful”

“OK, now, I’ll press my tits against your face”, she tells him, “but only if you masturbate with a pair of Jess’s things wrapped around your cock”

“OK”, Joe says. So, he takes a pair of Jess’s things and wraps it around his cock, then he starts masturbating. And so, she presses her tits against his face.

“Masturbating in Jess’s thong and my tits in your face”, Ashlee says, “your dreams are coming true”.

“You bet they’re coming true”, Joe says.

“Mmmmmmmm, what next”, Ashlee says, “oh, I know. I’ll give you a footjob if you suck on my tits”. So, Joe starts sucking on Ashlee breasts. Ashlee gets Joe’s cock between her toes and starts pumping his cock.

“Oh, Daddy. Your cock feels so big between my feet”, she says, half moaning, “mmmmmm, you are so good on my tits”.

“I know, hon”, Joe says, “you have some big, juice tits”

“Oh, thanks”, Ashlee says, “you treat them so well.” She keeps pumping his cock with her feet.

“What next”, Ashlee says. “You have to do something for me if I have to do something for you.” So, Joe removes her cock from between Ashlee’s toes, then he removes her bikini bottoms and start to lick her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm. Fuck, Dad. We are on Jess’s bed having sex”, Ashlee says while moaning, “mmmmmmm, you’re so good at this. Oh fuck. Love this, Dad”

“Yeah, I love it too, hon”, Joe says. Ashlee gets up and off the bed. Then, she walks to the window, and see Jess & Tina both asleep on their sunbeds.

“OK, Dad. Want to be really risky?”, Ashlee asks.

“Well, what did you have in mind, Ash”, Joe asks her.

“How about we go outside and get in the pool naked?”, Ashlee says.

“OK”, Joe replies, “just as long as we don’t wake up Jess or your mother”. So, Ashlee grabs a robe for her & Joe and they head downstairs naked. Just before they get outside, they stop and Ashlee speaks up.

“You sure you want to go through with this, Dad?”, she asks.

“Well, we just have to make sure that your mother & Jess don’t wake up”, Joe tells her.

“OK, then”, Ashlee says. She opens the doors, drops the robes next to the pool, and slowly gets in, naked.

“Mmmmmmmmm, it’s so warm in here”, Ashlee says, “Come join me”.

“OK”, Joe says. So, he slowly gets in the pool, naked, with her.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m so glad I caught you in Jessica’s room”, Ashlee says. Then, she gets closer to him, giving him a long, sexual kiss.

“Mmmmmm, Daddy, you’ve got me soo horny”, Ashlee tells Joe. Joe returns the kiss.

“Well, Ash, how about we really “heat things up”?”, “Joe suggests.

“Mmmmmmmmmm. What do you have in mind”, she asks, as the runs her hands over his body underwater.

“Well, Ash, we can really show our love for each other by actually having sex”, Joe says, “if you’re into doing that.”

“Oh, Daddy, you’ve got me soo horny and wet”, Ashlee says, “mmmmmmm, I want you so bad now. I know you want me. My own daddy.”

“Well, giving ourselves up to each other would definitely help bring us together”, Joe says.

“Oh, yeah, it would”, Ashlee says, “come on, fuck me, Daddy.” So, Joe brings Ashlee closer to him. Then, he grasps his cock with one hand and gently guides it into her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, you’re soo big, Daddy”, Ashlee says. She pushes herself onto his cock.

“Mmmmm. Fuck”, Ashlee moans, “you feel soo good in me”. So then, Joe slowly starts to pump Ashlee’s pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, Daddy. You’re fucking me in the pool”, Ashlee says, “oh my god. This is soo hot”

“Yeah, it is”, Joe replies. While they’re fucking, Joe licks and kisses Ashlee’s breats and sucks on her nipples.

“Oh, Daddy”, she moans. She wraps her legs around him in the pool, then she starts bouncing on his cock.

“Mmmmmmmm”, she moans in pleasure. She bites her lower lip.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck your wet daughter”, Ashlee says. Then, he starts groping and squeezing her tits, and ass.

“You like my tits and ass as much as I like your cock”, Ashlee says, “Oh, fuck yes.” Then, Joe starts to french-kiss Ashlee. She returns the kiss. They end up having a long, sexual french kiss, all the while, they’re still fucking. They stop kissing and fuck harder & faster.

“Oh, Ash, you’re so fucking hot & beautiful”, Joe says, “and your pussy feels soo good on my cock.”

“Oh, Daddy, your cock is huge in me”, Ashlee says, “Mmmmmm, we’re fucking in the pool next to Jess and mom”.

“Yeah, and they don’t even realize it”, Joe says.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, want to have some more fun?”, Ashlee asks.

“Sure, Ash”, Joe replies.

“OK. How about we get out and start playing with Jess”, Ashlee says.

“What do you mean”, Joe asks.

“We could lick, kiss, and feel Jess all over”, Ashlee says, “pushing further and further, but not as far as to waking her up”

“Sure. That’s OK with me”, Joe says.

“Mmmmmm”, Ashlee moans. Then, she gets off his cock and gets out of the pool. She walks over to Jessica, dripping wet and naked. She gets up to Jessica and starts licking and sucking on Jessica’s feet. Then, Joe gets out and walks over to Jessica and starts kissing her body. Ashlee heads further up Jessica’s body, licking her legs all over. Then, Joe starts making his way to Jessica’s breasts.

“Undo her bikini top and I’ll undo her bottoms, but be careful”, Ashlee whispers to her father.

“OK”, Joe whispers back. So, Joe carefully undoes Jessica’s bikini top, exposing Jessica’s breasts. Ashlee undoes Jessica’s bikini bottom, exposing her pussy.

“Wow. She is fucking hot naked”, Ashlee says.

“Yeah, she is”, Joe says.

“Look at those tits there. Huge”, Ashlee says. She leans over and sqashes her tits over Jessica’s softly.

“You like this look, Daddy?”, Ashlee asks Joe.

“Yeah”, Joe replies. So, Ashlee lays next to a naked & sleeping Jessica on the sunbed.

“OK, Daddy”, Ashlee says, “lick us both”.

“OK”, Joe replies and starts licking the both of them.

“Oh, Daddy”, Ashlee moans in pleasure, “Mmmmmmmmm. Fuck it, I want your cock. Start fucking me next to Jess.”

“OK”, Joe says. So, he starts fucking her next to Jessica.

“Mmmmmmmmm”, Ashlee moans in pleasure. She bites her lower lip, trying not to make too much noise.

“Oh, fuck, Dad”, Ashlee says.

“Mmmmmmmmm”, Joe moans in pleasure, “This feels so fucking great, Ash.” Ashlee puts her hand over Jessica’s pussy and rubs her nice and slow.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm. I’m loving this, Dad”, Ashlee says, “look at your cock in me.”

“Mmmmmmmmm”, Joe moans, “Yeah. How about we fuck doggy-styles, while you suck on Jess’s tits?”

“Oh, Daddy, you do have some good ideas”, Ashlee says to Joe. So, she gets on her hands and knees over Jessica, her head deep in Jessica’s tits. She starts licking over Jessica’s huge tits, sucking on her nipples.

“Mmmmmmm. Come on, Daddy, fuck me”, Ashlee tells Joe.

“OK”, he says and starts to pump her ass.

“Fuck. Mmmmmmmmmm. Never had a cock that big in my ass”, Ashlee says, “it’s so tight and big”. She squeezes on Jessica’s tits hard.

“Mmmmmm”, Ashlee moans. Jessica lets out a little goran and moves slightly.

“Daddy, you think she liked that?”, Ashlee asks Joe.

“Yeah, I think she did”, Joe says. As Joe pumps Ashlee harder, Ashlee sucks on Jessica’s nipples and bites slightly. Jessica moans in pleasure in her sleep.

“I wonder what kind of dream she’s having right now”, Joe says.

“Mmmmmmmm. Maybe someone fucking her”, Ashlee says. Joe pumps Ashlee hard and she slips, falling into Jessica’s tits tits, face deep in her tits. Joe continues to fuck Ashlee and her head moves more and more, shaking Jessica’s tits, jiggling around.

“Oh, Daddy, yes”, Ashlee says, “how about you fuck Jess now with your big cock. Just what she’s dreaming of”.

“OK”, Joe says. So, he removes his cock from her ass and gently slides it into Jessica’s pussy. Then, he slowly starts to fuck her. Ashee lays on top of Jessica’s body, them pressed against each other.

“Oh, yes. Fuck Jessica”, Ashlee says, ‘fuck her like a slut.” So then, Joe starts fucking Jessica harder & faster, but being careful not to wake Jessica.

“Mmmmmmmm. I wanna taste your cum off her tits”, Ashlee says, “how about it, Daddy?”

“OK”, Joe says. So, he removes his cock from Jessica’s pussy, then starts masturbating over Jessica’s tits.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, yes”, Ashlee says, “do what you always wanted, Dad. Cum over Jessica’s big, juicy tits”

“Don’t worry, Ash”, Joe says, “I will”. After a few minutes, Joe cums all over Jessica’s tits.

“Mmmmmmmm. Looks soo good”, Ashlee says, as Joe cums all over Jessica’s big tits. She starts licking off all the cum, looking up at Joe. She licks up ever last drop.

“OK, so, what do we do with Jess now?”, Ashlee asks, “she’s naked and just been fucked and cum on. Don’t you think she should get cleaned up?”

“Definitely, Ash”, Joe says. So, they both put on their robes & throw Jessica’s bikini in the pool.

“OK, so, on 3, we both lift her up and throw her in the pool”, Ashlee says, “One…two…three!” And on three, they left Jessica up and throw her in the pool. Jessica wakes up shocked that she’s in the pool.

“What the hell? Did you throw me in here, you two?”, Jessica says, angrily. She doesn’t have a clue she’s naked. Joe looks at Ashlee, unsure of what to say to Jessica. Ashlee smiles at Joe, then Jessica.

“Well, Jess”, Ashlee starts, “we thought you would like a swim”.

“You what?”, Jessica says, “I was asleep and you thought I wanted to swim?” She gets out of the pool, naked. She still doesn’t know she’s naked. She gets close to Joe and starts shouting at him, naked, wet, huge tits bouncing in front of him.

“Well, Jess, we didn’t want to disturb you”, Joe says, with a bit of a laugh. And so, Ashlee & Joe walk off, holding each other’s hand, leaving Jessica naked & sunbathing. They make their way into the house. They get into Ashlee rooms, when they hear Jessica scream.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!??!?” And so, Joe & Ashlee look at each other with a smile on their faces, knowing that the intimate moments they shared today will no doubt strengthen their father-daughter relationship.


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