Daddy’s Secret

Title: Daddy’s Secret

Author: Noops

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF. cons, oral, inc, preg

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all.

“Hello? Mom? Brian? Anybody home?”

Selena Gomez got no answer back as she entered her Mom and step-father’s house in Texas on a hot July afternoon. She had taken advantage of a small break in her world tour and hoped to give them a surprise visit for Independence Day weekend, but now it seemed like it was all going to be for nothing.

“Shit! Where could they have gone to? I knew I should’ve called them before I got on the plane! Me and my dumb surprise! Now I’m gonna spend the 4th off July sitting here all alone,” she thought, exasperated, searching every room of the house for some clue about where her parents could be.

There was nothing in the kitchen, nothing in the main bedroom or the guest’s room. Nothing anywhere. Finally, she just gave up and decided to take a nap in her old bedroom.

“Fuck it, maybe they’ll show up later. I’ll just get some rest before I deal with this.”

The white door of her old room still had unicorns and flowery stickers on it from when she was a child. Her parents had left it just as it was when she moved out and she liked sleeping there from time to time to remind herself of simpler times. She heard a faint sound coming from inside, but barely. The hinges creaked a little and Selena gasped when she saw Brian, her step-father, sitting on her bed with a lap top, his pants around his ankles and his dick in his hand.

“Oh my God, Brian!” she yelled in shock.

Brian quickly pushed off the lap top, took off his headphones and stood up; desperately trying to pull up his pants and not fall down at the same time.

“Se-Selena, what the hell are you… I didn’t know! I–I though the house was empty!”

The brunette covered her eyes and turned around, “No, no! I’m sorry, Brian I should’ve called first. I’m gonna leave, ok?”

Deeply embarrassed by what she had just seen, she started walking towards the door. In his haste Brian lost the grip of his pants and when he reached down to grab them again he tripped and pulled the headphones cord out of the computer. The sound of “Hands to myself” filled the room and Selena stopped in her tracks. She turned her head and realized her stepfather had been masturbating to her video.

“What the–! Where you just… doing that… to my video?!”

The big man tried to pull up his jeans again but they had scrambled in such a way around his ankles that he just couldn’t manage to do it. “I… I can explain, Sely! Please don’t tell your mother! I was just–!”

“Oh my God, is that my underwear?!” she yelled again, noticing an old pair of her cotton panties wrapped around Brian’s giant dick.

“I was just–“

“Oh my God, I’m your step-daughter! This is so creepy!”

“I’m sorry, honey, it’s just… your video is so… sexy. I just couldn’t help it!”

“Don’t you dare call me honey right now! And at least pull up your pants, you creep! I can’t talk to you with your… huge penis standing up like that!”

Brian looked around the room for something to cover himself with but found nothing and had to settle for a tiny pink cushion that barely covered his manhood (but not really).

“Look, Sely, I’ve never done it before, ok? It’s just that your video came up on youtube and… I don’t know what came over me! I must’ve watched it hundreds of times… You just look so… sexy. I guess I just… had not realized how beautiful a woman you’ve become.”

Selena blushed, the insults she was about to throw at him clogged up and retreated. Brian waited for her to say something while taking a good look at her outfit. The petite girl was wearing a very daring black silk blouse with a particularly deep cleavage and it was clear she had no bra underneath. It offered a good view of the inside of her perky breasts and every time she moved it looked like they were going to pop out of her shirt.

Brian could hear Selena saying something but he could not focus, he was wrapped up on how good her tits looked and wiggled every time she moved or talked; like they were begging to be set free. Those dirty thoughts got him harder and his dick twitched with excitement. Selena’s mouth opened and her eyes grew wider. She couldn’t stop herself from letting out a quick giggle.

“What’s so funny?” asked Brian, coming out of his trance.

“Why is that thing moving like that? Are you still… horny?” answered the girl who was now trying to look at his dick behind the cushion.

“Well, how could I not be with what you’re wearing…”

“What? Why? What’s wrong with my outfit?”

“Nothing at all. You look amazing.”

“Amazing? How so?”

“It’s…” Brian paused and took a second to think about what to say and how to word it properly, but the fact that she had caught him like that and still had not left the room was making him just too horny to think. Finally he blurted out what he really wanted to say:

“Your tits look amazing.”

Surprised by his bluntness, she looked down at her own cleavage before her eyes were drawn again to her step-dad’s massive member. She took a couple of steps away from the door and closer to him.

“Oh… thanks. I… I was late for my flight so I didn’t have time to put on a bra…”

“I’m not complaining. And you really don’t need it.”

Selena smiled bashfully and took another small step towards him, “Brian, I… I never knew you thought about me… like that, y’know?”

“I… I tried not to, Sely. But… It just happened.”

“Really? You tried not to?”

“I did. I tried to think of you as my daughter for years but as you got older I just… failed.”

“Well, I guess I should tell you something then.”


“I once had a dream about you. When I was 16.”

Brian’s dick twitched again.

“What kind of dream?”

“A sex dream”.

Brian tried to say something but his words stumbled into each other, losing all meaning in the process. She found his nervous reaction cute and gave him a flirty smile before continuing:

“In the dream… I was sleeping naked and… you came into my room and kissed me. And you made love to me,” she said, her eyes going up and down her step-father’s muscular body as she waited for his reaction. She didn’t want to miss any of the details on his face and on his cock. She pulled on the edges of her silk shirt to open up the view a little bit more and continued: “I was still a virgin back then so I guess that’s why it scared me… But I also enjoyed it. A lot.”

Brian was sweating and breathing with difficulty.

“I… I’ve had a lot of dreams about you, Sely. Almost every night.”

Sely was the nickname her step-father had given her since she was a teenager, but on that day it sounded completely different to her. It was stirring up feelings in her that she didn’t even know were there.

“You have? I mean… I guess that’s kind of creepy. But also very flattering somehow… “

She advanced again and was now right in front of him.

“Does mom know of your dreams?”

“Of course not!”

“I remember she got really upset when I told her about mine. I think she was jealous. She wouldn’t even answer me when I asked her if you had a big dick…”

Selena’s tone had completely changed, she was obviously flirting with Brian and it was driving him crazy. She took another step and his member reacted again. He could not believe she was so close to it now. It was so surreal.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, taking the pink cushion from his hand and tossing it aside. “I always suspected it, but I never knew it was so… ENORMOUS. How do you even walk around with that?!”

She bent over to get a closer look and Brian stood tall and proud, encouraged by his step-daughter’s sudden change in attitude and also getting a full view down her blouse.

“To tell you the truth, Sely. I’m feeling kind of embarrassed right now with you catching me and all so… this is not really as big as it gets.”

“What?! Shut up! First of all… no man would ever be embarrassed of a penis like this one. And second… You’re lying. It can’t possibly get any bigger than that!”

“It will if you touch it…” He suggested, taking a gamble while still staring down her blouse with his mouth open.

“Gross, Brian! I’m your step-daughter, I’m not going to touch your penis!”

“Please, Sely… It’ll be like in your dream.”

“I… don’t think I should.”

The big man could not take it anymore. In one rapid movement he grabbed the girl’s hand and placed it on his cock. Selena gasped and hesitated but finally wrapped her small fingers around it as he sighed with relief.

“Oh my God I can feel it growing!” she said in awe, almost whispering. “It’s so huge, I can’t even wrap my hand around it! How does mom even have sex with you?!”

Brian started slowly rocking his hips back and forth, jerking off into her hand and she smiled complacently.

“Do you… like this?”

“Yes, Sely. I like it very much.”

Selena got down on her knees and began slowly jerking off her step-dad’s cock, looking at it from all angles, marveled at the shape and monstrous size of it.

“I like when you call me that,” she said, tightening the grip on his cock and stroking it faster. “It’s… turning me on.”

“Please, Sely, will you… kiss it?” He asked her, almost pleading.

Looking at his face she smiled and answered: “Ok… one kiss.”

She closed her eyes, pouted her mouth and gave it a quick kiss right on the tip. She noticed his whole body shivering in her hand and giggled. The big man melting in her hands making her feel so powerful and horny.

“Please, Sely. Do it again.”

She repeated the kiss a second time but just before pulling away he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it against his cock. Selena knew what to do. She opened her lips and let the big piece of meat enter until it hit the back of her throat, then she relaxed her throat and opened as wide as she could to let him fuck her mouth.

“You’re a very good girl, Sely. Daddy loves you. Daddy loves your very much,” the man kept saying over the sounds of his meat going in and out of his step-daughter’s coveted mouth.

Just then the reality of the situation hit her: She was fellating her mother’s husband. Brian was her step-father, the man who had practically raised her… And he was fucking her mouth. She had never been more turned on in all of her life.

She briefly pulled back and said to him: “I love your big cock in my mouth, Daddy.”

Selena had never called him that, ever; and Brian lost his mind. He grabbed her head again and stuck his dick into her mouth, looking straight into her eyes as he felt the orgasm coming. Selena stared right back at him and when her step-father started shaking she put her hands on his hips for balance and braced herself for the incoming load. The hot streams of jizz quickly filled her small mouth and as he pulled out big chunks of the sticky substance dripped down onto her neck and chest.

Brian walked back a few steps, still unsure if it was really happening or if he was just dreaming again about cumming in his beautiful step-daughter’s mouth. Selena was also unsure of what to do. She stayed there on her knees looking down at her stained blouse and running her fingers through the thick liquid dripping down her neck.

Brian looked at her again. She had spit and cum dripping from her lips and her chin and two long black trails of mascara tears running down her baby face, but she was smiling. He thought she had never looked so hot since the day he met her.

“Well this is ruined,” she finally said, still looking at her top. “Help me take this off,” she told him, grabbing the collar of her ruined blouse and pulling on it.

“Yes, Sely, let Daddy help you with that.” He responded, taking her top off immediately.

Selena got up and stood topless in front of him for a moment. He was staring at her perfect tits like he had never seen breasts before. She smiled proudly and noticed his limp dick starting to grow again. She grabbed the shaft and using a childish tone in her voice she asked him:

“Daddy… Did you really like my video?”

“I loved it, Sely.”

“What did you love about it?”

“Seeing you in that black lingerie… the high heels… the dancing… everything about it.”

“That’s too bad,” she said, reaching around her back. “Because today I’m not wearing anything like that…”

She slowly undid the zip of her pants and as they began dropping to the floor Brian realized his step-daughter wasn’t wearing panties either. She kicked aside the garments and used her middle finger to draw a trail of cum on her body, from the top of her breasts going down her perfect belly button and all the way down to the middle of her inmaculately shaved pussy. The clear, gleaming trail of semen complementing her fit, delicate form.

Brian’s jaw dropped. Her body was so young and soft, it seemed to be glowing somehow. She was even more gorgeous than he had dreamed of.


“Yes, Sely?”

“Can I sit on your lap?”

“Yes, honey, of course you can.”

Brian sat on the bed and she sat right on top of him. His dick immediately engorged back again to its full gigantic size and Selena moaned softly, enjoying the feeling of that thick piece of meat nuzzling right in between her butt cheeks.

“Am I good little girl, Daddy?” asked the brunette, gently rocking her cute butt back and forth to stroke her step-father’s cock.

“Yes you are, Sely. You’re Daddy’s special little girl,” he answered as he grabbed and squeezed her tender breasts in a circular motion with his strong hands.

“Do you like my body?”


“And do you like my face?”

“I love your face, sweetheart. Now give your Daddy a kiss.”

Brian pulled on the young girl’s hair and she tilted back her face to meet his tongue with hers. Her mouth was still covered with his cum but he was too horny to care. As the kiss intensified so did the back and forth motion of Selena’s ass hugging the sides of Brian’s penis. Eventually she lost herself completely in the moment, rubbing her clit as she made out with her step-father with more abandon than anyone she had kissed before.

“Uhn, Daddy…” she panted, still pressing her ass against his manhood.

“Yes, Sely?”

“I want you inside of me.”

“Are you sure, sweetheart?”

“Yes, but I’m scared. I don’t know it will fit in my little pussy.”

Brian’s dick twitched instinctively hearing her say that and she smiled when she felt it move like that against her ass. She knew Brian was absolutely loving the “Daddy’s little girl” thing they had going on and, truthfully, she was too.

“I would never hurt you, Sely,” he told her, lifting her up by the waist with ease, “Now be a brave little girl and let your Daddy’s cock in.”

“Yes, Daddy, whatever you want,” Selena replied, grabbing his shaft and pushing the tip of his monstrous member against the tight opening of her slit.

“Oh my God Daddy, it’s so big!” she moaned as Brian began to slowly let her petite body down, impaling his step-daughter with more and more of his throbbing manhood.

“Shh, relax, Sely. You can do this.” he reassured her. Selena cried and struggled as the colossal dick penetrated and stretched her small cunt to its limits. She let out a huge sigh of relief once it was completely inside of her. The singer could not believe she had taken the whole 9 inches of it. It was so long and thick, nothing she had ever felt before even came close to it. In a brief moment of clarity she thought about how the man who had married her mother and practically raised her was now inside of her and running his hands all over her body. “This is so fucking wrong,” she thought, “I’m going to hell for this”. And then Brian started fucking her and every other thought except for how good it felt evaporated from her mind.

“Oh, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck your little girl!” she screamed, loving every push of Brian’s cock into her insides.

“I can’t believe I’m fucking you, Sely! I dreamed about this so many times I… I… Oh, shit, your pussy is so fucking tight! I love it!”

“And I love your huge dick inside of me, Daddy, but go slower, please. It’s too big for me.”

“Ok, sweetheart, I will fuck you slower. Like this,” he said, pulling almost all of his cock out of her before gently thrusting it back in. Selena started losing her mind, the sensation of Brian’s dick moving inside of her was the greatest thing she’d ever experienced. She was shaking and moaning and crying all at the same time. She felt like every cell in her body was on fire, but in a good way. Her step-dad was fucking her so good and it was so dirty and wrong that she could not control herself. There was just one more thing she wanted right then and there and she was way past the point of no-return.

“Daddy, ah!, I wa– uhn!” she cried as she bumped up and down and up and down again on that fat cock. Brian was leaning with his hands behind his back, letting the young brunette do all the work as he enjoyed her reflection in the mirror in front of them. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, a reddish hue complementing her tanned, immaculate skin. It still seemed to Brian like he was dreaming again. This gorgeous girl who he had fantasized so many times over the years was now really there with him. Her wondrous, dark hair flowing in the air as if she was in the middle of a hurricane. Those tender breasts bouncing in sync with every one of his thrusts; and her legs spread open as she tried her best not to be split in half by his powerful manhood.

“Daddy I– I want you to cum inside of me.” she pleaded, between more cries of pleasure.

“You sure, Sely? Are you on the pill, baby?”

“No, I’m not, Daddy, but I want to feel you cumming inside of me,” she told him, fucking him faster and faster. As fast as her pussy could handle.

“Please, Daddy, pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaauuugghh!!!” she shrieked as her pussy filled with Brian’s warm load. The idea of her step-Father cumming inside of her with no protection was so hot that she started cumming herself.

Finally, both of them fell back on the bed. He hugged and kissed the young singer lovingly while delicately pulling out of her. Selena was panting and whimpering, waves of pleasure still washing over her trembling body.

“Did you like that, Sely?”

“I loved it, Daddy” she answered, examining with her fingers the sticky substance dripping out of her swollen pussy. “No one had– I’ve never had cum inside of me before. I’m happy you were my first.”

“I’m happy too, Sely,” Brian replied, still admiring her precious naked form, specially the curve of her cute butt sticking out in the air as she laid face down on the bed.

“So where’s Mom?”

“Mom is on her way to California to surprise you with her visit. But she doesn’t have to know that you’re enjoying a little time with your Daddy. Right, Sely?”

“That’s right, Daddy. It’ll be our little secret.”

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