Daddy’s Secret: Part 3

Title: Daddy’s Secret: Part 3

Author: Noops

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MFF, cons, oral, inc, anal

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy. It did not happen.

Selena Gomez had spent most of the afternoon going from boutique to boutique, trying on different outfits and all sorts of lingerie. She was so nervous about that night that by the time she got back home she was exhausted. She’d been on her feet for so many hours… she felt like she could barely walk so she decided to take a nice warm bath to relax a little before her parents got back home.

After lighting a few candles around the bathroom and testing the water temperature, the gorgeous brunette slid out of her skin-tight jeans and tank top, took off her cotton panties and jumped in the tub. She let out a long sigh of relief and relaxed her tired muscles amongst the bubbly water. She tried her best to read, listen to music, anything to distract her mind but it all failed. All she could think about was what Brian’s plan could be and how her mother would react to it.

“What if she doesn’t want to? What if she hates us both and thinks we’re sick for even suggesting it?” she worried, biting one of her fingernails with anxiety, “Oh my God that would be so terrible! What would I even say to her?!

Selena knew she was getting tense and anxious again so she forced herself to imagine a different result.

“But what if… she likes it? What if she confesses she wants to see his husband fuck me? What will I do if she… touches me…?”

Truthfully, the petite latina had never fantasized about something so taboo but now that Brian had planted the idea in her mind she could not stop thinking about it. Selena didn’t even realize she was getting off to sinful thoughts of her own mother until she found herself grinding her restless slit against the hand between her legs and squeezing her firm, young breasts peeking just above the water with the other one. In just a couple of minutes the famous singer made herself go crazy, splashing soapy water on the cold bathroom floor with every violent convulsion of her curvy, lustful body. She was already so horny, lost in dirty thoughts about her own mother, but when she imagined that the two fingers deep inside her pussy were hers she went over the edge and climaxed, moaning the words “Mommy” and “Daddy” over and over again.


Meanwhile, at the airport, Mandy gave a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek to Brian who was waiting for her in the middle of the crowd. He grabbed her bag and they both made their way to the parking lot while they planned that night’s dinner.

“So, how’s Selena doing? What did you two do yesterday without me?”

“Umm… well, we just… you know, had dinner and… umm… watched a movie,” he lied nervously.

Mandy looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “Really? Was it good?”

“Umm, yeah, it was great, actually.”

“What movie did you guys watch?”

“Umm, I don’t remember the name.”

“But you said–“

“Hey, we should hurry and get to the car. Sely is really anxious to see you!”

“Sely? Since when do you call her “Sely”?

“Oh… no, I meant to say Selena. Sorry about that. Oh, there’s the car!” Brian noted, speeding up so Mandy couldn’t keep up with him.

Selena got a text from her step-Dad saying they were on their way home and telling her to get ready but not to come out of her room or make any noise until he gave her the signal. “It has to be a surprise,” the text said.

She wrote back: “Ok but what is the signal?” but Brian was already busy driving and didn’t answer.

About 45 minutes later her parents arrived home. Mandy was surprised that her daughter wasn’t there since she was only staying for the weekend but Brian told her that she’d mentioned going out with her friends.

“I’m sure she’ll be back home sooner than later,” he reassured his wife, while setting the table for a nice, romantic dinner he had prepared with lots of candles and even more bottles of wine.

It took the couple about 30 minutes to finish their dinner while Selena grew more impatient in her room. Mandy told him a couple of times he seemed uneasy but every time she was about to finish her glass Brian made sure to fill it up with wine again until she pretty much stopped noticing anything unusual.

“Wow,” Mandy praised with a slight drunken slur after she’d finished with her food, “That was really great, honey. But tell me; to what do I owe this lovely surprise?”

“Oh, it’s no big deal, really. I just felt bad about you going all the way to L.A. for nothing, y’know”, he lied, while pouring his wife her 6th glass of wine already, “Besides, I missed you. We both did.”

“Aww, honey! I missed you too. But I don’t want any more wine; I’m feeling pretty woozy as it is.”

“C’mon, Mandy, we’re celebrating here! We don’t have to work tomorrow and Sely will join us later. Let’s have fun!”

“Ok, ok, I guess you’re right” she admitted, before drinking from the full glass.

Brian waited until she’d finished her drink and made his move.

“There is one thing I need to show you though, before Sely gets home.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

Brian pulled out his phone with a very serious expression.

“Some guy on the internet sent me some photos of Selena and… well, they’re pretty hardcore, Mandy. I think you should see them,” he revealed, unlocking his phone and opening the folder with the photos he had taken after jizzing on the pretty actress that very morning.

Mandy grabbed the phone and could not believe what she was seeing, her eyes grew as wide as they could and she covered her mouth with her hand in amazement. There she was, her little baby girl Selena, completely naked and on her knees with her hair al messed up and her pretty face covered in thick globs of jizz that even dropped down to her fantastic tits.

“Oh my God!” she squeaked, still not truly believing her eyes.

“I know…”, Brian agreed with caution, not really sure of what his wife was thinking.

“My baby… she… I don’t know what to say. Why did he send you this? Does she know?”

“He didn’t say. And I don’t think she knows. I guess we’ll have to ask her when she gets home”.

Mandy seemed to be mortified by the photos. Disappointed by her reaction, Brian tried to take back his phone but his wife quickly pulled it away from him. She kept staring at the screen, swiping left and right, going through the set of photos with profound fascination. She was still in shock, but she recognized the carpet and furniture belonging to Selena’s room, so she kept searching for more clues in every inch of the scandalous images of her cum-drenched daughter. Brian was about to give up on the whole thing when Mandy’s expression changed from horrified to… something else.

Selena’s mom had noticed something in the photos, something that was filling her with a familiar feeling that she knew was very wrong and shameful, but also irresistible.

“She is smiling in every photo.” she said very suddenly.

“Umm, she is?” asked Brian, very confused.

“Look at her, Brian! There she is, kneeling on the floor and covered in some stranger’s jizz like… like a dirty whore! But she has this sweet smile on her angelic face…”

Brian sat next to his wife while she kept talking about the photos, now in a very different tone. Her voice was a little lower, her breath a little more shallow. A reddish glow slowly spreading across her face and down to the top of her sizable breasts that looked like they could pop out of that little black dress at any moment.

“She loves it. I can tell,” she continued saying with her shaky hand now stroking Brian’s cock through his jeans, “And look at this one! She’s licking her lips! My baby girl let some man cum on her face and she’s tasting it!”

Brian unzipped his fly and his huge penis flopped out right back into Mandy’s eager hand. It seemed like she just could not take her eyes off the screen. He knew the plan was about to be a success and his cock got harder in response.

“Do you think she just blew him or did she let him fuck her too?” Mandy asked, biting her lower lip.

Brian knew she wasn’t expecting an answer to that question; it was just a way of expressing the fantasy that was going on in her head.

“I think he fucked her, honey. And I think she loved it,” he whispered in his wife’s ear.

Mandy snapped and pushed her husband with all her strength, losing his balance he fell back and landed on top of the dinner table. In less than an instant she climbed up the table and started sucking his dick with a fire in her eyes Brian had not seen in many years.

“Oh, wow!” he groaned, forgetting who or where he was for a second. She stopped abruptly and he looked at her, baffled.

“Could you call me Selena…? Daddy?” she suggested, before slowly running her tongue from his balls all the way up to the very tip of his dick.

“Oh fuck yes, Selena!” he quickly obeyed, “Suck my cock, Selena! Suck it! Oh, Selena! Selena!”

The click of a door handle went unheard between the sounds of Mandy’s sloppy blowjob and the dirty plates cracking under Brian’s shifting weight. The real Selena had been waiting impatiently by her bedroom’s door and she couldn’t wait anymore. She was unsure of what was going on, but once she heard Brian calling her name out loud over and over again she knew that had to be the signal.

“Did you call me, Daddy?” she asked innocently as she walked into the dining room, swaying her hips seductively and wearing what looked like one of Brian’s white collared shirts with no pants and black high heels.

It became obvious that it was more an announcement than a question when the stunning brunette unbuttoned the shirt to reveal the same black bra and panties she’d worn in the “Hands to Myself” video. Her mother’s jaw dropped inches away from Brian’s hard cock. Unable to form any words she just stared at her sexy daughter in lingerie.

“Hi, Mommy. I have a surprise for you,” the young girl said with a coy smile, before taking another step and giving her mother a very soft kiss, strategically placed on the corner of her mouth. The older woman trembled, looking up at her daughter standing a few inches from her, smiling in that sexy outfit.

Mandy was about to say something but Selena shushed her, placing her index finger very softly on top of her mother’s lips. Then she turned to look at her step-father’s dick rising up from his body like the Washington monument. She licked her upper lip in anticipation of the meal she was about to enjoy and then bent down over the table, wrapping her pretty mouth around the thick piece of meat her mother was still holding. Mandy gulped and sat there with Brian’s penis in her hand, not even blinking, as her gorgeous daughter looked straight into her eyes while her head bopped up and down, swallowing as much of her husband’s veiny cock as she could.

“Se– Selena, baby, what is going on?” asked the woman, still unable to process what she was witnessing.

Selena pulled the cock out of her mouth and started stroking it slowly and pressing it against her cheeks. She took her time playing with it before answering:

“Mommy… Daddy said you liked my video. Is that true?”

The older woman almost choked at the unexpected question.

“I– I uh…”

Selena kept looking at her, waiting for her answer while softly rubbing the tip of Brian’s cock against her pouty, wet lips. Mandy remained in shock and could not come up with one.

“So I thought I should make another one just for you. Would you like that?”

“Um, yes, baby, I… I would like that.” the woman admitted, watching her daughter turn around and start to walk away.

The former Disney girl walked slowly, holding and pulling on her step-dad’s hard cock with one hand behind her to make him follow (which he gladly did). Mandy could not stop her own hands from rubbing her clit through her panties as she watched her daughter go, loving the spectacle of those amazing legs and that juicy ass on her petite frame.

“Ok, but I’m gonna need Daddy’s help,” she said, before smiling and disappearing from her mother’s view.

Mandy jumped from the chair and made her way to her daughter’s room where there was a professional camera set up right in front of the bed. Selena had taken the afternoon to turn the bedroom into a studio, lighting the place perfectly for the camera frame and even setting up a couple of monitors next to the bed showing the footage in real time.

“Oh my God, baby, this is…” exclaimed the older woman, unable to finish her sentence as Selena turned the camera on stepped into the shot. Mandy watched her daughter’s tight ass appear on both monitors, right in front of Brian who was sitting on the foot of the bed with his huge penis twitching as the dark haired beauty danced in front of him, turning and twirling around looking like a tanned goddess in a perfect dream.

“I want you to direct this video, Mommy. I want it to be exactly what you want!” the singer said, running her fingers provocatively by the curve of her breasts.

“Selena, I… umm…”

“Tell me, Mommy. What do you want to see me do? I’ll promise I’ll do whatever you say!”

“What– Whatever I say?”

“Yes, Mommy. I promise.”

The mother took a few seconds to gather herself while her daughter adjusted her hair in the mirror in front of the bed, bending forward while she reaplied lipstick on her luscious lipsto give his horny step-father better view of her butt and waited for her instructions.

“Ok, Selena. I want you to go down on your Daddy.” the lady said.

The young brunette smiled with satisfaction and tied her hair back so it wouldn’t get in the way. Then she got down on her knees in front of her step-Dad’s massive cock.

Her mother sat on a chair and took off her red panties while her daughter giggled with excitement. The famous beauty started sucking her step-father’s cock again with renewed enthusiasm. Brian pushed his step-daughter’s head down, until he got her to deep throat almost his entire gargantuan dick. Selena struggled to breathe and gagged continuously but never lost eye contact with her mother. It was by far the biggest cock if she had ever sucked, so thick and long that every second in her mouth felt like it was going to bust her jaw but she kept on going nonetheless; she wanted to see her Mother enjoy the show. Just like all of those times growing up when she had danced, sung or performed in any way in for her. This was just another type of performance, one she’d been fantasizing about all day.

Brian finally let go of her and she gasped, desperately filling her lungs with air again as thick drops of saliva mixed with pre-cum ran down her chin and neck.

“Did you like that, Mommy?”

“Ye– yes, baby. I didn’t think you’d be able to swallow so much of your Daddy’s cock, I guess the apple doesn’t far fall from the tree huh?” The woman joked while teasing her clit with her middle finger. The slender girl smiled with tears still coming out of her big brown eyes and her neck covered in a glistening mix of saliva and pre-cum.

“Then you’re gonna love this,” Brian said, taking the initiative. He got up and forcefully bent Selena face down on the mattress. The girl moaned with excitement when he started rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Wow, Sely, you’re already soaking wet!” he noted, increasing the pressure on her damp underwear.

“It’s because Mommy is watching, Daddy. Ahhh! I can’t help it!” she said with a proud and mischievous smile.

Brian slid her panties very slow down her toned legs, making sure to get a good whiff of the scent of her 23 year old pussy as he kneeled behind her to help the damp piece of lingerie through her cute feet. Once the panties were off he gave them to his wife, who smelled them and ran her fingers through the remaining drops of her daughter’s lubrication before fully committing and tasting her own daughters juice with her tongue.

Selena could not believe she had just seen her Mom do that, it turned her on so much she could feel her wetness dripping down her inner thighs.

Brian grabbed her by the hips and pointed her swollen pussy straight at the camera, “Mandy, look how fucking perfect your baby’s pussy is!” he admired, while the girl stuck her ass out to give her mother and the camera a better view.

The woman’s mouth was agape. Indeed, her daughter’s pussy was incredible.

“Do you like my pussy, Mommy?” the petite girl asked, sliding her middle finger up and down her wet labia.

“Y–yes, baby,” answered Mandy, transfixed by the delicious image of her daughter’s irresistible cunt.

“Let me do it, Sely!” Brian slapped away the brunette’s hand and teased her wet lips for a few seconds before inserting two fingers in her. Selena let out a loud moan and immediately started pushing back into them. “Oh, fuck, look how horny she is, honey,” Brian said, pulling them out and showing his wife.

“Don’t take them out, Daddy, I want them in me!” the girl pleaded, unable to control her body’s desire.

“Ok, Sely, but you have to be a good girl and clean them first.”

“Yes, Daddy. Of course!”

She turned around to do as she’d been told but was stunned to see her Mother had reached for Brian’s hand and was licking off the pussy juice from his fingers. Selena could not believe it was actually happening; it was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

“Do you like it, Mommy?” she asked with a trembling voice.

“Yes, baby. Your pussy tastes lovely,” the woman answered confidently, before she finished licking off the last drops of liquid from her husband’s fingers. “But Selena… baby, You’ve been a bad girl…” She went on saying, “You’ve been acting like a little slut behind my back!”

Something had changed; Mandy seemed to be in control of herself again. Selena didn’t know where she was going with that and even though the whole situation they were in was extremely weird, being called a little slut by her Mom rattled her.

“You’re right, Mommy. I… I’ve been bad. I’ve been huge little slut and I’m sorry. But that’s why Daddy and I wanted to surprise you like this!”

Selena stood up straight and removed her bra right in front of her mother, making sure the camera had a good angle too. Brian stood behind the petite girl and started kissing her neck and fondling her perfectly shaped B cup breasts. The singer could feel her step-father’s hard cock leaving a trail of pre-cum on her lower back and it sent a shiver of pleasure all over her body.

“Kiss him, Selena. Give you Daddy a sweet kiss,” ordered the older lady and Selena did as she was told, turning her head and opening her mouth to let Brian’s tongue inside. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the amazing sensations coursing through her young body. Brian got lost in the kiss, he squeezed her tits so hard that it hurt her, but somehow the pain made her like it more.

“Yes, very good. Pinch her nipples, honey. That’s it. I can see she’s ready to cum, rub her clit like you do with mine.”

Brian stuck the length of his thick middle finger in the form of a hook right between Selena’s cunt lips and began rubbing her clit in circular motions. The base of his finger pressed against the young girl’s clit while the huge tip took care of her tight hole, it was a technique he often used on her mother and obviously worked on the daughter too since in a matter of seconds he had her screaming and moaning louder than ever before. Brian kissed her again and Selena’s tongue went crazy inside his mouth. He could not believe how turned on she was, even though he had already fucked her and made her orgasm a couple of times the way her whole body was shaking and how heavy her breathing was nothing like before.

Brian broke the kiss off, grabbed her by the neck and, staring straight into her eyes, mad her climax with one last movement of his finger. Selena screamed so loud that it made passersby on the street turn around for a second and wonder what was going on in that big house before continuing on their way; then she fell on the bed, shaking and panting, covered in sweat, saliva and sex juice.

“Mmm, you make your Mommy so horny, baby” The mother said when Selena opened her eyes again. “But you’ve been a naughty girl and you need to be disciplined”.

“Is… that what you want, Mommy?” The girl asked, still breathing with difficulty.

“It is, Selena. Now turn around and get ready for your punishment.”

The singer got on her hands and knees and turned around. “Oh sweet Jesus…” whispered her mother when the fit young girl presented her ass to the camera. Her pussy lips were a little bit swollen and there was so much wetness coming out of her. It was obvious to everyone in the room that Selena wanted more.

“You do it, Brian. Give her a good spank,” the woman ordered.

The big man pushed Selena’s face down on the bed again and held it there with one hand. Before spanking her bottom he savored the fantastic prize before him and gave a good squeeze to each one of her perfect ass cheeks, enjoying the feeling of her firm but delicate skin surrendering between his strong fingers.

“Do it!” insisted Mandy and he spanked the girl. She cried out in pain, but then thanked them.

“Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Daddy!”

“Another one!” Mandy ordered again.

Brian spanked the other cheek and again Selena moaned and thanked her parents for punishing her.

Mandy kept instructing him to spank her daughter’s cute little butt until she started crying and pleading him to stop.

“Please, Mommy, it hurts too much!”

“Ok, Brian, you can stop now.”

The woman opened one of the drawers and took out a bottle of baby oil before walking up to Selena and placing her hand delicately on her ass, sending shivers through her body both form pain and pleasure as her Mother’s oily hands expertly caressed her punished bottom.

“But now you have to tell your Mommy the truth, baby. Or I’ll have to tell your Daddy to spank you again.”

“Yes, Mommy, I’ll tell you anything you want!”

“Tell me what happened while I was gone.”

“Umm, what do you mean?” Selena asked, loving the sensation of her Mother’s hand’s rubbing the warm oil over her lower back.

“I saw pictures of you, Selena. In your room, naked. Covered with semen.”

“You– you did? But I–“

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!” Mandy shouted before quickly slapping her pussy. The horny girl reacted just as her mother expected, moaning and sticking her ass out even more. Her eager body was begging for it.

“Now be a good girl and tell me who fucked you. Who’s cum were you licking in those pictures?” Mandy demanded while continuing to tease Selena with her oily hands massaging the inner part of her meaty thighs.

“Oh my God, Mommy…” The singer whispered with her eyes closed, loving every second of Mandy’s masterful fingers wandering around the edges of her sensitive pussy.

“It was Daddy! I let Daddy fuck me and cum all over me!”

“I knew it, you little whore!”

“I know I’m a whore, Mommy, but please, stop teasing me! I can’t take it anymore; I want you to fuck me too!” Selena finally admitted, completely lost in a tornado of lust that had erased all of her reason shame.

“…Did you just say you want me to fuck you, Selena? That you want your Mommy? You know what a huge slut you have to be to want to fuck your own parents?”

“I know, Mommy. I know I’m a huge slut but I can’t help it. I loved when Daddy fucked me and now I want my Mommy to fuck me too!”

“Is that so? Well, Selena, you know you are my baby girl and I love you more than anything in the world, even if you turned out a huge fucking slut. So you’re gonna get your wish.”

“Really, Mommy? Thank you! I love you and Daddy so much!”

“Now don’t get too excited, baby, because I’m not sure you’re ready for what is coming. I’m gonna go get something from my room and when I come back we’ll find out just how big of a slut you really are!”

“Pease don’t take long, Mommy!”

“I won’t.” the woman said as she made her way out of her daughter’s bedroom. “Oh and honey, make sure our beautiful daughter is ready when I come back. You know what to do.”

Brian nodded and immediately turned his attention to Selena’s cute asshole.

“Sely, be a good girl and spread your ass open for your Daddy.”

Selena did as she was told, resting her head on a pillow before reaching back and spreading her butt cheeks as far as she could while the man who had raised her marveled at the sight of her exquisite hole being presented to him.

Brian couldn’t wait a second longer and started licking the edges of her pink rim, relishing the bittersweet taste of the girl’s pussy juice from that orgasm a few minutes before. Selena giggled at first but once she saw her step-father stick his tongue inside her little pink hole in the monitor next to her she went crazy again.

“That’s enough, honey. I’m back.” Mandy instructed as she came back into the room to find her husband’s face buried in her famous daughter’s ass.

“Did you like your Daddy eating your pretty ass, baby?”

“Mmm yes, Mommy, I loved it!” the singer responded, a huge smile on her face as she turned around and sat on the bed. “No one’s ever done that to me before…”

“Really? No one has eaten my baby girl’s asshole before? Hmm, I guess they’re always too busy with ramming their cocks in your throat, right?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“And what about anal? Have you let any of those dirty men you’ve been with fuck your ass?”

“No, Mommy, I’ve never done that. It scares me…”

“Well, then it’s a good thing your parents are here to help you with this, Selena.” The woman reassured her daughter, showing her the black strap-on dildo she had just retrieved from her room.

“But Mommy, I’m not sure I–“

“Now you listen to me, Selena Marie Gomez! Your Mommy is going to fuck that little asshole of yours and you’re going to be a good girl and take it like the dirty whore you are. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mommy.” the girl conceded, nervously rubbing her hands.

“Good. Now, first things first. I’m still shocked that you had the gall to have sex with my husband. You know that’s technically cheating, right?”

“Yes, Mommy. I’m sorry.”

“Then show me. Show your Mommy how you took your Daddy’s cock.”

“Mmm, yes, Mommy. I thought you’d never ask.”

Brian sat on the chair next to the bed and grabbed Selena by the hips. She spat on her fingers and rubbed the saliva all over her slit, making sure it was ready for the big task ahead.

“You better give him a good fuck, Selena! Show your Mommy how big of a slut you really are.”

“Yes, Mommy”.

Selena widened her stance and slowly squatted unto her step-dad’s massive dick.

“Oh my God!” she cried with her hands on Brian’s shoulders as the bulky tip began spreading apart her lips and entering her body. Mandy licked her upper lip with satisfaction as she delighted watching her husband’s gigantic cock penetrate her daughter. Selena’s back was to the camera and her mother zoomed into the shot of her cute butt slowly going up and down as Brian began pumping into her.

“Oh shit, Sely, you are so tight! I can barely–“

Selena’s tongue interrupted his and father and daughter kissed with a passion and intimacy that Mandy had only seen in couples in love. The movements of the famous girl’s hips quickened until even her mother had to raise an eyebrow and marvel at how talented her baby daughter was at fucking a cock that large.

“Very good, baby, you’re making your Mommy very proud!” praised her mother as she strapped on the dildo and got ready to enter the scene.

“Honey, do you want to cum inside my daughter?”

“Mmhmm,” sputtered the big man before Selena shoved her tongue in his mouth again.

“Then go ahead. My baby is being a very good girl and she’s earned her Daddy’s cum.”

The way Selena was moving was just too much for Brian, her moaning was too goddamn sexy and her pussy was too goddamn tight. Before his wife had even finished that last sentence his body tensed up and, squeezing her small butt with both hands, he started filling up her coveted pussy with his hot seed.

The baby-faced latina smiled with satisfaction, so proud of how quickly she’d made that grown man finish and loving the sensation of his warm cum dripping out of her cunt as he began to pull out.

“Did I do well, Mommy?” she asked while admiring herself in the monitor. Brian got up and gave her a quick but sweet peck on the lips, equal parts that of a Father figure and a lover, before resting on the bed exhausted.

“You did, baby. You did very well. But we’re not finished.”

“But Mommy, I already came twice and Daddy is so tired. Maybe we can–“

“Selena Marie Gomez!” interrupted her mother with a stern voice. “If you really think that’s all your Daddy has in the tank then you really don’t know him!”

“I’m ok, honey, just give a minute to catch my breath and–“

Brian’s whole body froze the moment he saw his wife grab Selena by the neck and kiss her on the lips. Even after all the perverted things they’d done as a family that weekend, the spectacle of his gorgeous step-daughter completely surrendered to her mother’s kiss shocked him. It was too good to be true; the two women were massaging each other’s tongues while Mandy guided her daughter’s hand around the same breasts that had nurtured her as a child. Blood started flowing to his gargantuan penis again and he made sure the camera was correctly positioned to record the incredible moment when the world famous Selena Gomez began sucking her mother’s nipple. Brian rubbed his eyes with incredulity but there was no mistake, Mandy’s big tits were completely out of her dress and her daughter was feverously sucking on them. It was incredible.

“See? I told you he wasn’t done,” the older woman affirmed and both mother and daughter giggled at the sight of Brian’s meat engorging once more.

“You are so lucky to have Daddy’s big cock, every day, Mommy.”

“I know, baby. But now that we’re closer as a family you can have it whenever you want, ok?”

“Really, Mommy, you mean it?”

“Yes, baby. I’d much rather you fuck your Daddy and not one of those dirty men you hang out with. Now let’s give your Daddy one final incentive so he can fuck you again, alright?”

“Yes, Mommy, whatever you want!” the girl approved immediately as her mother’s finger’s entered her pussy with no warning. Selena gasped with surprise when she felt her scoop out a big glob of the warm jizz still in her, then she smiled when it was offered to her.

“Holy fuck!” barked Brian when he realized that Selena was eating his cum from the hands of her mother.

“Very good, baby, eat your Daddy’s cum. Every last drop, Selena. It’s good for you!”

“Yes, Mommy, I love my Daddy’s cum,” Selena said, before swallowing the last thick drops of her step-Dad’s semen.

Brian lost his mind and pulled the slender girl towards him. ”Come here you little slut!” he shouted as he shoved his cock again into her, with absolutely no gentleness this time.

“Daddy, wait, I’m not– AAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Selena screamed in pain as her step-father’s monumental cock almost split her in half but after the initial shock the amazing sensation of all that meat inside of her got her back on track. Again Mandy adjusted the shot to capture her naked daughter’s perfect body as she rode Brian in reverse cowgirl position like the cock-starved whore she now knew she was. Selena’s petite body on top of Brian was a sight to behold, especially her young and perky breasts bouncing up and down with her long and dark hair draping over them, but Mandy could no longer watch. It was now her time to shine.

“Turn around, baby. It’s time for your lesson.”

Brian was fucking her so hard that she barely heard her mother and Brian had to lift her up and turn her around. The moment the young girl was back to facing her step-father she started kissing him again and this time his titanic cock slid into her with much less resistance. Selena was enjoying it so much she also barely noticed a hand rubbing some of her Daddy’s cum all around her asshole. And then finally she felt something new, something cold and hard pressing against her. The singer turned her view to one of the monitors beside the bed and saw her naked mother standing right behind her.

“Let’s see how tight this pretty hole really is, Selena!” Mandy announced as she began pushing her strap-on into her daughter’s ass. The pretty texan girl screamed in pain but her mother reassured her, “Just hang in there, baby, and you’ll learn to love it!” as she continued pushing the black dildo inside. Brian was so fucking horny he could not give two shits about Selena’s pain and kept pumping his massive dick into the poor girl. Finally the thick piece of plastic made its way into the petite singer’s rectum and she screamed over and over again while her parents fucked her two holes at the same time. Brian’s dick was huge and Selena could barely take it on its own, but Mandy had chosen a strap-on that was of considerable size too and the fragile girl was sure they were going to rip her apart.

“Please, Mommy! Daddy! Stop! I can’t take it anymore!”

“Shut your whore mouth!” bellowed Brian as he rammed her pussy even harder.

“It hurts too much, Mommy! Please! Please!!!”

Mandy paid no mind to her please and instead focused on how beautiful her daughter looked in the monitors. The angle of the shot had a clear view of her petite body being ravished by her parents while she cried and screamed, she noted the black dildo going in and out of her ass was especially well-framed.

Realizing there was no way to stop it, Selena stopped talking and tried to relax but the pain was too much for her. Crying in desperation and actually afraid to look Brian in the eyes she turned to the monitor and suddenly some strange switch turned on in her mind. There she was, Selena Gomez, the child-star, the Disney kid. She had sold millions of albums and toured all over the world. She was one of the most recognizable faces in the planet and now that face was right there on the monitor. The same girl who had graced the covers of Vogue, GQ and tons of other magazines was right there on a monitor, being double-penetrated in her childhood room by her own parents. Her mind filled with lust again and even though it wasn’t easy, after a couple of minutes of watching herself be fucked she noticed the pain becoming less and less intense. Her cries turned to whimpers and then just sobbing. And then, much to the surprise of her parents, soft moans began escaping from her mouth. Mandy heard her and noticed her daughter’s expression had changed. Her face was still red and covered in tears but there was now a slight hint of a smile on her lips.

“You see, baby? I told you were going to like it eventually.”

“Oh God I can’t believe I have two cocks inside of me…” Selena whispered, starting to really love the feeling of her step-father’s cock pressing against the dildo in her rectum. She still felt like her body was about to be ripped apart but she could no longer pretend like she wasn’t loving the absolute dirtiness of what was happening. She’d thought all day about fucking her parents, but this was something she could have never imagined.

“You can fuck me harder, Mommy; I want you to pound my ass as hard as you want!”

Both Mandy and Brian gave Selena everything they had. They fucked her so hard she started screaming again, but this time she did not want them to stop. Mandy’s moans and Brian’s grunts filled the room and soon synced with Selena’s screams in a discordant symphony that gathered the attention of the neighbors and the kids playing outside.

“FUCK ME, MOMMY!!! FUCK ME, DADDY!!! OH YEAH FUCK MEEEEE!!” the singer howled as she experienced the biggest orgasm of her whole life. Mandy signaled Brian with her hand and they both pulled out of their exhausted daughter who fell on the bed panting and completely worn out. Mandy rested next to her and mother and daughter began tenderly kissing while Brian stood up above them and started cumming on their faces. Selena laughed like a little kid when the first stream of hot jizz landed on her cheek and then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, welcoming her step-Dad’s thick globs of cum into her mouth until it was almost completely full.

Selena Marie Gomez, leave something for your mother!” joked Mandy and then she kissed her gorgeous daughter while his husband’s cum dripped out of her famous lips. Brian grabbed the camera and hovered it over the two of them; he could not have imagined a better ending for their plan —and the video— than Selena and her Mom kissing fervidly with their faces covered with his load.

“I gotta say, Mandy. Sely really is just as big a slut as you. You should be proud.”

“Oh believe me, honey. I couldn’t be prouder!” the mother admitted before licking the last drops of cum off of her daughter’s baby-face. Selena yawned and then smiled, embracing her mother and pressing her naked body against hers.

“I love you so much Mommy. And Daddy, I’m sorry I broke my promise about letting you cum in my ass.”

“Don’t worry, Sely. We’ll see you on thanksgiving”.

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