Dakota Fanning, Girl On Fire

Dakota Fanning, Girl on Fire

By: The Notorious C.A.G

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Note: This is my first story. I’d like feedback. I’d like to think I made this story as one I’d like to read myself.

This story may contain content that some may find objectionable. Well then don’t read it. I have my first amendment rights.

Little cute sweetie pie Dakota Fanning had already had much success in her career. She had just finished her role with Mike Myers in the Cat in the Hat, coming out later in the year, and now she was starring opposite Denzel Washington in Man on Fire. It was a very
violent movie that her parents were hesitant about.

“Dad this is a role of a lifetime. Please let me do it,” She begged.

Her father shot back “You’re 10 years old. A role of a lifetime? You’ll have plenty of time left for bigger and better things.”

“Your father’s right darling,” her mother would later say. “It’s too violent. Wait for some more appropriate roles or until your older”.

Dakota didn’t want it to end there. She loved the movie business so. For such a young star that’s come so far, for her it wasn’t far enough. Working with Denzel, someone she admired greatly, really was to her a chance of a lifetime.

She got an idea. Her parents were quite attractive people. Her dad, Steven, was tall, 6′, athletic, with a strong figure, blond hair, blues eyes, and the admirable face of a good looking movie star. He had done modeling in the past as well when he was younger. Her mom, Nancy, was 5’4″ and looked quite pretty indeed. She was also a blonde, with blue eyes, and a pretty sexy figure. She was a little chubby but by no means fat. Her ass and breasts were both something to admire. She was a secretary most of her life and got hit on quite a bit understandably. Little Dakota had the plan all mapped out in her head. She would fuck them. Then they’d know she’d be mature enough for this role.

This was not the first time she thought about this. First of all she was not a virgin. She was indeed a little slut. There’s not a cock she’s taken in her little cunny that she did not love, nor a pussy that she’s licked that she didn’t enjoy. Her parents probably didn’t know about this in depth, but they definitely had suspicions. She stayed late at movie studios often, and came home with a satisfied look on her face that said ‘yeah baby I just got laid’. She fucked major costars like Mike Myers and Britney Murphy, and did directors, writers and other people that worked on movies with her. She did some people around her age, but preferred the older more experienced fucks. In the end as much as she wanted to work with Denzel on a movie, she wanted more to get fucked by his nice and probably large black cock.

Also Dakota was always attracted to her parents physically. She never considered this weird, but she also never acted on this due to her busy schedule and the amount of satisfaction she got elsewhere. Her mom’s DD tits drove her nuts, as did her nice round though proportionally smaller ass. Her mom openly undressed in front of her not thinking much about it. Her dad did the same, only she got a look at his hard cock once when she spied on him fucking this girl off the street. It was a great 8″ prick that she found herself thinking constantly about while getting fucked by less adequate guys. There was no doubt in Dakota’s mind that her parents were fucked by all sorts of people.

‘This was the perfect opportunity’ she thought. She could in a sense kill two birds with one stone in sense. Fucking them would please them, and show them how mature she’s become. It would also be one of the best, if not the best, fucks she’s ever gotten. She decided for maximum satisfaction she wanted them at the same time. She also thought later on of introducing them to some of her sexually pervasive friends, but for now she wanted it to just be her and her hot parents.

It was a few days after Dakota decided of her plan. It was a warm Saturday in August in sunny California and Steven and Nancy had just come home from a little shopping. They brought a few bags of clothes which included a few things for Dakota. The two adults were dressed casually in jeans and short sleeve shirts. Dakota came running into the kitchen to meet her parents.

“Hey you guys. You did some shopping huh. Anything for me,” she remarked happily with the sweetest face.

“Hi baby girl. Look what dad got you,” he said pulling out a cute rainbow colored two-piece bathing sure. Dakota liked it a lot. Her mom also pulled out a nice white tank top and a little pair of cutoff jeans. ‘All this sexy clothes’ she thought ‘they must be expecting what I’m up to’.

As she grabbed her stuff and was about to head back to her room she turned back around and thought there was a great opportunity here to be found. ‘They expect me to try it out right now in my room, but how about I try it on right in front of them’.

“I have to try on this bathing suit,” she said, and started to remove her clothes right there in the kitchen. She first removed her blue t-shirt and her small a cup bra. Her dad stared at her gleaming small chest and nice little pink nipples. Then she removed her black short shorts and her panties. Now standing completely naked her mom and dad both have her attention. While such a thing might not be that unusual, it was that she wasn’t trying on her suit. Dakota playfully turned around and gave them a little wiggle of her ass. Her ass was her finest feature; it was nice small round and a little bit jiggly. Dakota was very skinny and short. She wasn’t more than 4’2″ and weighed only around 80lbs.

Standing there naked, with her famous smile she has every time she went on a talk show, she looked sensually at both of them and said softly “so….you guys want to fuck me or what?”

Steven went immediately to a look of ‘of course I want to fuck you baby girl’. He smiled and walked up to her, bent down, and gently pushed her head back. His lips locked with his daughter’s, with their tongues crossing each others. Before Dakota knew it her mother, kneeling on the other side of her pulled her head away from Steven and toward hers. Mother and daughter now locked lips in an even more passionate kiss with saliva smoothly exchanged between the two.

“We’ve wanted to do you for a long time baby girl,” commented her dad. “We just couldn’t find the right time, or knew if you’d be comfortable with it.”

“Yeah. I mean we didn’t expect you, a little Hollywood girl, to be a virgin or anything, but for some people it’s weird screwing their parents. Obviously we see you’re comfortable with this now,” Nancy added.

“You guys are the best,” said Dakota, almost happy enough to start crying right there. Emotion was clearly vibrant in the room. It wasn’t just sexual emotion, but also the joyousness of bonding with family. Her mom shed a few tears at this time, thinking of the great thing her daughter has become.

Dakota, as happy a girl as she’s ever been, ran toward her parents bedroom yelling “come on let’s do it.” Dakota wanted this even more than her parents did. Her parents followed her as they removed their clothes.

As Nancy and Steven strove into the glamorous bedroom in just their under where, Dakota was laying on the King Sized bed on her back massaging her little hairless pussy. Nancy and Steven were totally nude within seconds. Seeing them naked was obviously nothing new to her, but the anticipation to what was about to happen was driving her nuts. Everyone in the room knew that this fuck was going to be a great one. There was no doubt about it.

Steven jumped on the bed next to his daughter with his eight inch cock fully erect. Dakota slid up and took it in her mouth with no directions needed. Steven just laid in the center from side to side, enjoying immensely his daughter’s head. Dakota took her time, wanting her dad to obviously hold him cum in for a while. She even managed to get about two-thirds of the way down the shaft. As her sucking wetness shined his cock they glanced back at each other in sexual ecstasy.

Nancy, who was admiring her slut daughter in action, decided she herself needed some action now. She crouched down on Stevens face by the left side of the bed, giving Dakota a perfect view of her elegant round ass. Steven started fingering her ass with two fingers while he licked her cunt up and down. He grabbed her big tits with her big pink nipples with his open hand. Dakota continue to give her dad nice slow head while she was now feeling on her little cunny.

Moments passed and Nancy suggested that she’s like to pleasure her daughter now. Dakota nodded and lay back towards the top of the bed, her legs dropping around her dad’s chest. Her dad moved from with under her and her mom slid over the green and red flowery sheets in between Dakota’s ripe young legs. Slowly Nancy rubbed her daughter’s slit. She admired the hairless tiny hole, sticking one finger in, then two. With two fingers sliding in and out of the wet hole Dakota moaned deeply but softly. It was tight, but Nancy could definitely tell that the sex girl in front of her had a decent amount of experience.

Nancy then went from fingering Dakota to licking her clit. It tasted beautiful. To her it was like tasting a fruit that just got ripe. Her daughter no doubt was ripe to be licked fucked and everything in between. Louder and louder moans emanated from Dakota. At times the pitch got to like a high little girl scream. It was a most beautiful sight to behold

Steven was now ramming his cock into his wife’s pussy. She loved it when he fucked her from behind. It was their most common position together. Getting to eat her own daughter at the same time made this a true whirlwind of joy for Nancy which she would truly never forget. Her pleasure and calm moaning did not detract her from her job at hand. She was now combining rubbings and lickings on her daughter’s slit at a vibrant pace that Dakota absolutely couldn’t get enough of. The three-way fuck train continued in motion.

Still getting rammed hard from behind now in her asshole, Nancy stopped the pleasuring to gage how her daughter was feeling. “Oh mom you lick the best,” Dakota said smiling and looking directly at her mom.

“Now baby should I continue? I mean we have been doing this for like ten minutes straight.”

He mom’s question intrigued her. She had some option here. In most fucks she basically let others decide what to do. The people with her sexually never abused her, and she basically loved any position. She was submissive to people who knew how to fuck.

After pondering it over a few minutes she let out sweetly, “I want daddy in me.”

Not five seconds later he was out of Nancy’s ass, and not 15 seconds later he was on top of his cutie pie ready to push himself in. Dakota lay at the bed’s base and looked down at the large cock about to penetrate her. This would in fact be the biggest one she ever had. With her legs spread wide he slowly pushed himself in. The first inch or two was completed surprisingly easily. Her dad looked at her as her mouth just stayed wide open with more and more of him being pushed inside her. “Ohhhhh fuuuuck, ohhhhh fuuuuck,” Dakota moaned continuously. It wasn’t long before he was almost entirely in. Steven, lightly moaning, loved his daughter’s tightness.

Slowly Steven started pushing in and out. He could understandably never get the entire shaft in, but he did get pretty damn close. Dakota screamed at almost the top of her lungs the likes of “YES! YES! YES! YES! OH GOD FUCK ME! YEAH!” That encouraged him to pick up the pace. While he could never penetrate at the speed that he was fucking her much looser mother, he was able to sustain a pace of about a thrust every three seconds or so which would satisfy any girl with his long shaft.

Soon Nancy started to squat on Dakota’s face, facing away from Steven. Dakota, absorbing all her immense pleasure, knew exactly what to do. She felt all over her mom’s ass and started to lick the mildly hairy cunt grinding above her. Steven gave his wife some room and was now fucking his daughter in a more upright position. Nancy was careful not to smother her and just kept her pussy in the perfect position so her daughter could alternate moaning, fingering and licking with ease. Dakota at the same time admired her mom’s large boobs giggling around up above her.

Nancy now was moaning tremendously. It wasn’t the screaming pitch that her daughter was performing, but it was known that Dakota did her job well. The stuff now coming out of the little girl’s mouth was now filthier than either of her parts had expected. “GOD DAMN DADDY! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME UNTIL YOU CUM IN ME!” Watching her yell such things in between sessions of eating out Nancy really got him going. He knew his cock wasn’t coming out until he squirted load after load in her little hole.

It was coming, but Dakota’s tightness caused it to be held in longer than it would otherwise. He thought ‘that’s the great thing about little girls; you almost never cum too early.’ A few minutes later fucking this horny kid and watching the simultaneous pleasure of the two in front of him became too much and he shot multiple squirts of cum in his daughters snatch. He moaned vibrantly as he came. As he pulled out plop after plop of cum fell to the bed beneath. “My girl you have grown,” he said leaving, knowing that the two were not done yet.

Immediately Nancy switched over to a 69 position and started licking her sweetie pie’s cum filled pussy hole. Dakota was now licking Nancy’s ass while finger her pussy. Each up to this point had had an orgasm, and weren’t going to be done until they at least had one more. Nancy licked the tiny twat and slurped up all the cum that was available. A number of minutes of fingering and eating pussy later and both had cum once again. This session was over, but it would be far from the last time they’d do this together.

After the three go cleaned up and put back on their clothes Dakota asked in her sweet voice, “Now can I have that role in Man on Fire?” Both parents nodded and smiled at her daughter. It was a great day for family bonding in the Fanning household indeed.

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