Dakota Fanning: The Consummate Professional

WARNING!!!: The author is not responsible for the twisted and depraved

material coming from his conscience or sub-conscience. If this text

is read or saved by a person underage and is found by his parents, the

author or any telecommunication service is not to blame. The parents

are for not monitoring their child’s actions.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m going to hell for this story. Even I can’t believe I

got up the nerve to start much less finish this thing. My only solution

is for me to recant this on my death bed and hope God will let me slide

past the pearly gates.

Dakota Fanning:
The Consummate Professional (Mg,oral,anal,squirt,reluc)

by Dr. Blasphemy (drblasphemy@wowefa.com)

As you all know, there’s a lot of strange shit that happens in Hollywood.

Stuff that even the news rags wouldn’t dare consider printing and I’m not

talking about light weight controversies like; the latest celeb sex

tape coming soon to video store near you. I’m talking about the unreal,

bizarre, shit celebs do and are into, that would completely destroy their

careers along with any person closely associated with the situation if it

ever got out.

Now I bet you’re all wondering who I am and how I know about this secret

side of stardom. I’d be stupid to give you my real name, but just to make

you happy you can refer myself as Alan Smithee. As for how, I’m an insider

of the business and I’d like to reveal one of those events, which happened

to me recently I can’t even believe…

With Hollywood not having one original idea left in town and forced to remake

classic films or TV shows some dumb ass studio executive decided it would be

the perfect time to redo the movie “Pretty Baby”, which starred a pre-teen

Brooke Shields as an underage prostitute. Everybody at the studio thought it

was the stupidest thing they ever heard, but they were too chicken shit to

tell him and get fired. Yes, even me. Besides a pay check is a pay check,


Anyways, I get assigned to cast the star for this piece of shit and forced

to scour the Hollywood wasteland for the best A-list celeb jailbait in town

sending out scripts to the likes of; Alison Stoner, Shelly Buckner, etc. not

expecting any results to hopefully kill this thing quickly. To my complete

surprise there was major interest in the project from all contacted parties

forcing me to actually conduct interviews. Talk about kids having parents,

who are fucked in the head.

The meetings were going along smoothly with me telling every girl at the

end we’ll contact them later to let them know to delay this thing as much

as possible, when in walks 10-year-old child protege Dakota Fanning all

alone looking cute as ever in a cotton flower print top, a just above

knee-high skirt and sneakers. I knew she was very mature for her age, but

for her to show up without her parents unlike the other kids should have

been a clue something strange was about to happen.

Everything was going just fine for the first five to ten minutes until I

asked a question I wish I never let out my mouth. I asked her, “What do

you think makes you perfect for this part?” I felt exactly the way Abraham

Lincoln did the moment he asked one too many questions to the witness about

how he knew his client attacked the plaintiff. The witness responded with,

“I saw the defendant spit out the man’s ear,” causing him to lose the case.

Dakota doesn’t say a word, but I can kind of tell something is different

about her. It was like she went into some zone actor’s claim to go to bring

their characters to life. The next thing I see her do is walk up to where

I’m sitting seductively before caressing my thighs with her dainty hands

trying to get me excited, which I regret was working no matter how much I

mentally tried to suppress the feeling. Her hands then worked their up to

my crotch and began to squeeze my package. If I wasn’t in such a state of

shock from this unbelievable event I would have shot my load in my pants

right then.

Before I know it she proceeded to unzip my pants, reach in and fish out my

thick 10 inch. To my surprise Dakota wasn’t phased in the least by my size

as she stroked it to full hardness like she saw cock this huge on a daily

basis. With me now rock hard she pulls off my pants with some help before

finally kneeling down between my legs to work over my prick with her mouth.

The first thing she did was spit all over my cock before one tiny hand was

placed at the base of my shaft while the other stroked it’s full length

coating it with her saliva. Dakota then opened her mouth up as wide as

possible and with some effort wedged my bulbous cock head past her beyond

over stretched lips. The blonde minx looked so nasty as she bobbed her head

as best as possible hitting the back of her throat along with pressing the

tip against her cheek. Then if that wasn’t enough she did her damnedest

trying to deep throat gagging down an impressive four inches considering

her age. Dakota easily out classed every other celebrity slut in the biz.

It was like she learned to suck cock in the womb.

After a few minutes Dakota’s mouth released my cock with a pop. I’m guessing

her jaw must have been getting sore, so she moved on to licking my up and

down my shaft with the little tongue before setting her sights on my balls.

She worked over my nuts sucking in one and then the other repeatedly into

her mouth before finally inserting both. The way her cheeks bulged out she

looked like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter as she tongued my taint.

Just as I thought there wasn’t any more she could do I felt her press two of

her fingers in my ass making me want to burst. Feeling my orbs jerk Dakota

was kind enough to release me from her oral grip, but not to the point of

completely setting me free. Her head went a bit lower to tongue fuck my bung

as I cooled down. It was obvious by this point she must have been out to

torture me to death.

Dakota to my displeasure left my anus and began to strip. Removing her top I

took a double take at the sight of seeing her that tiny little pink nipples

were pierced followed also by her nubbin as her skirt and damp cotton panties

hit the floor. I guess she must have been diddling herself to get ready for

the next event.

The blonde tyke like a cat squatted over me and aimed my cock at her

minuscule cunt before pressing it inside her wet hole. She was so goddamn

tight as she slowly impaled herself down to the hilt taking two thirds of

my meat. After resting for a moment to get use to my girth Dakota began to

ride my pole with long powerful strokes. My dick went to the roof of her

womb where I could see it’s impression through her abdomen to just my cock

head was inside before getting buried deep again and again.

Within a short time I could tell she was getting tired, so I finally decided

to pull my share and told her to place her hand around my neck. Once she did

so, I hooked my arms under the back of her knees and stood up. Dakota hung

on for dear life screaming in pleasure as a pounded her hole while her little

sneakered feet limply dangled. As we fucked the friction caused her leaking

juices to cream around my cock giving me a perfect gauge to how much I deeply

penetrated her.

Soon again I felt my resistance to cum begin to dwindle and warned her I

was about to do so. By now I wasn’t too surprised on what she requested next.

Dakota demanded I let her down, so I could ram all my prick up her little

ass. Releasing her my cock slid out of her stretched out pussy with a

slurping sound. She immediately got into position bending over my chair

resting her hands on the back rest and legs slightly spread. I moved in on

her compact upturned ass and spit on her pink bunghole to lube it up. After

licking my index finger I pressed it against her pucker. As she relaxed,

her anus began to yield and my digit completely disappeared inside her

causing her to coo. I finger banged her ass slowly adding finger after finger

getting up to a maximum of four to loosen up her hole enough to take my cock

with ease. Just for fun to make sure she was ready I stretched out her anus

as far as it was willing to go. I could see deep into Dakota’s anal abyss

and spit another huge wad, which vanished into the darkness.

Grabbing my prick I quickly aimed it toward her irising shut ass hole

inserting the tip before it was too late. Her back door was so tight I

thought it would pinch it off. With my hands on Dakota’s hips I pushed

forward to ease more of my cock into her. At first there was no give

making my rock hard prick began to bow until finally her rectum couldn’t

handle the strain any more letting it gain ground. Stopping at the point

where at much as her twat could take earlier I began to slowly thrust.

As I went I let more and more enter a grunting Dakota until my pelvis

was against hers taking all my cock.

Dakota ground her hips while her ass milked my tool like it still wanted

more. Enjoying that for a moment, I began to pull all the way out of her. The

vacuum seal was so strong Dakota’s ass hole gripped it like it didn’t want me

to go. Relinquishing it’s hold my dick exited leaving her hole a gaping mess

before plunging back in filling her. I teased her a few more times leaving

her full, empty then full once again before just fucking her ass normally. As

I did so, I leaned over Dakota fish hooking her mouth with the fingers that

were up her ass letting her taste her stink. I then pounded her ass like no

tomorrow while she let out inaudible moans of pleasure before letting out one

long wail releasing her greatest surprise.

She came bucking uncontrollably as her pussy squirted out continuous jets

of girl-goo everywhere. I tried my best to hold on to her to ride her out,

but the way she moved it was hard to get a grip. Dakota was just was too

much for me to handle, so I was forced to let go and pull out. I watched

as she immediately colapsed to the floor as her body spasmed in exstacy

for the next few moments. As her massive orgasm began to ebb, she came

back to reality, got up from her love puddle and went straight fo my cock

again to lick it clean of her own stink.

“Cum on my face,” she requested as slapped her face with my prick.

Seeing the little minx abuse herself with my meat was just hot as hell making

me not able to hold back any longer. Shot after shot of my cum hit it’s mark

landing on her face and in her open mouth. Blasting my last lode I looked

down at Dakota’s cute face. I must have emptied my balls plus any reserves in

one long climax, because she was completely caked with my chucky seed looking

like a dozen guys did it. That was it for me. I was totally spent I sat down

in her clean chair to rest.

Dakota, who seemed to be back to her normal self except for the fact she was

scooping my cum off her face and eating it, asked, “Is that proof enough for


“More than enough!” I shot back.

Luckily, for me and the studio the Nicole Kidman movie “Birth” hit the scene

shortly thereafter. With all the heat it received for promoting pedophilia

the executive was able to pull his head out of his ass long enough to can

the project before news got out. Most importantly neither did my encounter

with Dakota Fanning… Well, until now that is.

…and that’s one of thousands of Hollywood stories you were never meant to

know about. Some day I may return with another tale too unbelievable to be


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