Damn Yankees

This fictional story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations, if you are under age
or easily offended. Stop reading.


By Wonder Mike

George Steinbrenner: Guys, we are down two nothing to the A’s, they are
younger, faster better than us, there is only one thing to do.

Scott Broscious: Come on Mr. Steinbrenner, not again, we have already sold
our souls, I don’t know why we have to do it again.

George: We have only sold Derek Jetter’s soul, I don’t know if that will be
enough, can one person make a difference in the series?

Paul Oneil: I don’t think there is anybody left
on this team who has a soul,
we need new blood.

George: My source has cast a spell, we will be bringing in Jason Giambi next
year, we will be able to sacrifice his soul next season.

Derek Jeter: With Jason, I don’t think we will need to sell another soul, the
A’s are the only real threat to us, without Giambi, they will be done.

George: So it is written, so it shall be.

Derek: We still need to do something for this series, the A’s have won 17 in
a row at home and we are down two games to none.

George: I have it all under control, My source has put me contact with
someone who can deliver us the championship.

Mike Mussina: What do we have to do, I came here for a championship ring.

George: All he wants is sex.

David Justice: Somebody go get Clemens, tell him we need him again.

George: Not the rocket this time, although it was cool watching the devil
dogs do him up the ass. This time we need a women.

Jeter: Fox will send Calista Flockhart and Gillian Anderson to the series, we
can bring one of them to the dugout and do her there.

Bernie Williams: We can get that girl from Seventh heaven, you know the one
that plays Ruthie, she hot.

Jeter: What about the Olsen twins?

Bernie: They’re too old for my taste.

George: I have other plans for the twins, we are going to use them to get
Vlad Guerrero win the Expos fold.

Tino Martinez: Who then? And who wants the girl?

Justice: I have an idea, I have to make a call.

An hour later the ballboys ran into the Yankee club house, David Justice had
a visitor.

Halle Berry: It’s about time you decided to pay the alimony you owe me David,
I didn’t want to have you thrown in jail.

Justice: Just follow me downstairs baby.

Halle: What the hell is that? Is it some kind of dog monkey cross breed?

Justice: That, baby is Cockzilla.

Halle: What?

Justice: Cockzilla, he has something for you.

Halle: What is that pole between his legs?

Justice: That’s not a pole.

Halle: Is that what I think it is?

Justice: yes it is baby, you are going to satisfy Cockzilla, and we are going
to beat the A’s and go on to win the world series.

Halle: You can’t be serious, I knew the Yankees did some weird shit to win
every year, but this is sick, that think must be three feet long.

Justice: Three and a half, he was created just for fucking, and he is going
to give it to you good.

Halle: No it’s not, I am getting out of her and I am going to tell my lawyer.

Tino: No your not, your not going anywhere and no one will believe you, ask
Anne Heche, we used her to win last year.

Halle: You guys are insane.

George: Take you clothes off, Cockzilla is very busy.

Halle: I can’t, it’s too big, I can’t take it, you can’t make me.

George: You can do this the hard way, and Cockzilla can shove that fully
erect cock up your ass, or we can do this the easy way and he can let it
shrink and slowly work it into your pussy, pick one.

Halle: I can’t, I won’t.

Justice: You will, I guess it’s the hard way, Jeter, Bernie, get her clothes

Halle: No, I’ll take them off. I want it the easy way.

George: Take your top off slowly, that’s my girl, here’s
a twenty, take your bra off.

Justice: Take that skirt off now, I bought you that skirt didn’t I, yank it
off bitch.

Halle: Don’t call me that, I cooperating.

Justice: Don’t talk bitch, nobody wants to hear you speak.

Jeter: You heard him, get that skirt off, yeah bitch, turn around and bend

Tino: Look at that ass, don’t you miss that David?

Justice: I would if it wasn’t for the five teenagers a day that march through
my home.

Halle: I hate you.

George: I have never seen an ass like that, it is perfectly round, you could
have made a fortune in porn, and you would have gotten better scripts than
the ones that you have done.

Halle: Fuck you, you tyrant.

George: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, it doesn’t matter, I know
what you will kiss, Cockzilla, she’s all yours.

The strange demonic beast dropped to all fours and used it’s cock as a pole
to vault across the room to Halle.

The beats stood up in front of her it’s full length of cock pushed her back
two feet.

Halle: It’s too big, I can’t do anything with this thing.

Jeter: Lick that cock bitch.

Halle grabbed the cock with both hands, she wasn’t even close to having her
fingers touch, even both hands where only half way around the cock.

Halle: Please, it’s too big.

Justice: Lick it bitch.

The entire Yankee locker room began chanting, “Lick it bitch, lick it bitch.”

Halle began to lick up and down the shaft, Cockzilla beganrubbing it back and
forth across her mouth.

Halle looked down and saw too basketball sized testicles between the beasts
legs, she ran her fingers over them.

She ducked her head between Cockzilla’s legs and began to lick it’s balls
while she stroked it’s cock with both hands, she was amazed at how smooth and
hard the enormous cock was, it was like a steel beam, she thought if she
could jerk it off she wouldn’t have to try to fuck it, she knew it would
split her in half.

Cockzilla spun her around and forced her to all fours, Halle screamed.

Halle: NO, please don’t, it’s too big I can’t take it.

Cockzilla looked at it’s cock and than at her pink pussy, even he knew his 3
and a half foot cock wouldn’t fit in that hole, his cock shrunk in half.

Halle took a deep breathe, she was relieved when she saw the cock shrinking.
It was still the size of her arm though.

Cockzilla slammed the cock into her from behind to the hilt, Halle screamed
at the top of her lungs.


Cockzilla began to pump it’s cock into her all the way with each stroke. It
only took Halle two strokes to cum.

The Yankee’s circled the couple they began slapping hands and celebrating,
they knew they where on their way to their fourth world series victory in
five years.

Cockzilla slammed his cock into her harder and harder, Halle’s pussy was
stretched out as never before, and she felt it stretching even more.

The cock was slowly growing with each stroke the beat took, Halle began to
rock back onto him.

The cock was now over two feet long and stuffed all the way into her pussy,
Halle was sliding her ass against Cockzilla’s chest, the cock was still

The cock was now larger that her leg, it wouldn’t all fit inside of her

Cockzilla stood straight up, he was a powerful beast, he held Halle around
the waist and began sliding her up and down on his cock.

Halle had her arms out in front of her like she was flying, Cockzilla slammed
her harder and harder on it’s cock.

Justice: Fuck that bitch hard, split her in half, here’s all your back
alimony bitch.

Cockzilla had now reached it’s full three and a half foot length, Halle felt
as if she was giving birth over and over and she was slammed even harder on
the cock.

Cockzilla spun her around on it’s cock, she was now facing him, Halle wrapped
her arms around his neck, Cockzilla began slamming his cock up into her as he
bounced her up and down.

Halle’s cum was dripping down her legs as the giant cock pummeled her,
Cockzilla laid on his back.

Halle was now on top of Cockzilla, she planted her feet and slowly began to
bounce up and down.

Justice: Ride it bitch, ride that giant cock, do it for New York.

Halle was riding up and down half the cock, suddenly the cock shrunk again,
Cockzilla slammed his cock so it was all the way inside of her.

Halle was sitting on a foot of cock, she began to slide her ass from side to
side, Cockzilla looked over to the Yankees.

Justice, Jeter, and Tino ran over, they leaned across Halle’s shoulders,
stopping her from riding the cock.

Halle: What are you guys doing?

The giant cock sprung back to it’s full three and a half feet, and it was
buried inside of Halle.

Halle screamed, and scream, she felt her pussy expanding to a width that she
would have never thought possible, the cock was embedded inside of her.

Cockzilla tried to pump his cock in and out, but it was wedged tight, it
wouldn’t move, the Yankees spun Halle around.

She was now facing away from Cockzilla, trying not to pass out, the Yankees
spun her around again.

Cockzilla shrunk it’s cock again, to under a foot, Halle fell off of it, she
was unable to close her legs.

The Yankees lifted her to her knees, Cockzilla sprung to life again, he began
to jerk his cock.

The giant balls began to quiver, a stream of cum shot out of his cock. It was
shooting like a fire hydrant, it took less than five seconds for Halle to be
completely cover in a milkshake thick layer of cum.

Cockzilla came for over five minutes, shooting a steady steam, Halle was
completely white, it was impossible to tell who she was.

Cockzilla turned to George and said.

In five games over Arizona, the Yankees win, THE YANKEES win.


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