Dance Lesson

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Programming note: As has been my habit in the past, actual questions from a real interview with Ashley have been woven into this story. This is done to bring the story a touch closer to reality. So if you’re happily reading along and you come to a “quote” that looks familiar to you and you think ‘hey, he didn’t write that’, you’re right, I didn’t. But I’ve also added to or removed from these quotes to suit my needs, so only part of the quote is lifted from a real article. Again, just enough to make the story seem more real.

Also the time frame for this might need some clarification. “Walking Tall” filmed from June 2003 until September. “Into the Blue” from January 2004 until March 28th. This story would then take place sometime in April 2004. If you are a stickler for facts, as I admit I am, then these dates may answer some of your questions as you read on.

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And now the story –

Dance Lessons


MF – conc, oral, anal, voy

* * * * * * * * *

I walked into the strip club and stopped, letting my eyes adjust to the dark entryway after the bright sunlight of an early spring morning in L.A. Since it was only 8:30am the club was closed, empty, except for the person I was there to interview and the woman who had opened the door, presumably the club owner.

Holding out my business card, I started to introduce myself, “Hi. I’m here to interview Ashley Scott. My name is…”

Without even a glance to my card the owner pointed to a curtained off doorway ahead and on the right and said, “She’s in there, go on in, she’s expecting you. I’ll be in the back. Sleeping. So keep it down. And tell her to lock up when she leaves. And not to leave those sweaty towels on the stage no more!” She closed the door behind me and moved off down a hallway toward the back of the club, muttering as she walked, “… always leaving the…”

Wearing a small smile, I watched the retreating back for a second and then stepped though the doorway and down a short hall which turned to the left, leading me into the club proper. I found myself near the back of the room, the bar running along the rear wall to my left and the stage to my right, in the center of the room and facing the bar, about forty feet or so away. Ashley was already on it, dancing around a pole to the side of the platform nearest me, by the back of a short catwalk that stuck out ten feet or so. I stood there for a short while, watching her execute moves that would put many a professional clothing removal engineer to shame as she danced to the song that was blasting from the club’s sound system, totally captivated by the performance she was putting on. This woman was good. Real good. Good enough, in my opinion, that should the acting thing not work out for her she already had a skill she could fall back on. Of course I’m hardly an expert when it comes to strippers – I can count on both hands the number of times I’ve been to a club like this, and still have a few fingers left over – so I could have been way off base, but to me she looked like the real deal. In fact, the only thing that ruined the illusion that I was actually watching a trained stripper was the way she was dressed. Not that a white button down shirt tied off at the belly and blue denim shorts can’t be worn by a dancer, but usually they come off at some point during the show. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? Yet Ashley’s clothes remained stubbornly on the entire time I watched her. Other than that she had everything necessary to make her a big success, gorgeous legs, killer abs, and an ass that just begs to be touched. Her boobs weren’t the largest, but they were all natural and when you added the exotic mix of her short black hair and blue eyes, set in one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, the end result was stunning. If I hadn’t already been a fan I certainly would have become one then.

I stood there and continued watching for a few more minutes, until the music stopped and she came to the end of her routine and paused to catch her breath. I started to make my way forward through the scattered tables and chairs that circled the stage, clapping my hands as I went so she would know she was no longer alone in the room. As I approached she looked down at me and smiled as she patted away some of the perspiration with a soft towel – a towel that was immediately tossed to the far side of the stage – before squatting down at the edge of the platform to reach out and take my hand.

“You made it. Good.”

“Yeah. Just in time too, from the looks of it. You were great!”

She smiled brightly at that, her face lighting up and making her look even prettier before she winked at me and said “That? That was nothing. You shoulda seen me when we were filming ‘Walking Tall’. Now that was a show.” She tried to brush my compliment off as if it were nothing, but I could tell, she was pleased by my words.

“I can imagine. Which brings up a question, why are we meeting in a strip club? Are you in another project where you play a stripper?”

Laughing lightly she answered “No, nothing like that. Some friends are though, and they asked me to give ’em a few pointers, old pro that I am and all. And since I know the lady who owns this club and I’d be here anyway, it seemed like the most logical place to meet.”

“For the lessons.”

Ashley looked at me strangely at that, narrowing her eyes and appearing puzzled, “No, for the interview. What lessons?”

“The stripping lessons? For your friends? Isn’t that why you’re here in the first place?”

Comprehension dawned but that didn’t stop Ashley from replying sarcastically, “No, I thought I’d pick up a little extra cash moonlighting as a stripper. Course that’s why I’m here!”

“Well I just wanted to be clear. Because if you were moonlighting I was getting ready to pull my wallet out.”

Chuckling a bit, Ashley responded “Well I hope you brought a wad of cash darlin’, ’cause I will tell you now, these clothes don’t come off for free.” She paused briefly before shooting me another wink and saying “Unless I really like you.”

I laughed along with Ashley at that but didn’t say anything more. What could I possibly say? ‘So Ashley, any chance you might like me, or should we just go back to me pulling my wallet out?’ Yeah, that’d go over real well considering I’d only met the girl twice. Besides, I’m a professional journalist. I’m supposed to interview my subjects, not fantasize about them stripping in front of me. Easy enough when we’re talking about Colin Farrell, but when it’s Ashley Scott, and she’s talking about stripping while in a strip club and dressed for the event… well, then things become a wee bit harder. In more ways than one. I shook off the thought and returned my attention to our conversation.

“Anyway, it’s very nice of you to help your friends out like this. I hope they appreciate it.”

Giving me an enigmatic smile she said softly “Oh, they surely do.” then she continued in a more excited tone, “Besides, it’s great exercise. I love it! I’ve got a stripper pole coming in the mail. It’s gonna be fun at parties! A couple of martinis and I’ll be like ‘Look what I learned!’”

Both of us laughed at that and I said “Oh that’s a great quote, we’ll have to work that into the interview somehow. Speaking of which we should probably get started.”

“Fine by me. I could use a break.”

Coming down from the stage Ashley took my hand again and we sat at one of the low tables. We started off slow, covering the basics in the first half hour then moving on to some topics that I knew would be of more interest to my readers, such as the film she just finished working on with Jessica Alba, her breakup with Ashton Kutcher, and her current love-life trials and tribulations. The interview was going well, I’ve done enough of these things to know what a bad interview is, and Ashley and I were really hitting it off, and not just in a superficial, I’ve-got-a-job-to-do-so-I-might-as-well-make-the-best-of-it kind of way either. I was really starting to like her. I mean, she appears to be a very open, friendly person, and very natural, not at all impressed with herself, or taken by the monster that is celebrity. She’s just a southern girl who’s making a place for herself in Hollywood. Very down to earth. Sweet actually. In a kickass sort of way. And I was just being me. A little bit goofy, a little bit cute. Charming, I’m sure. Hey, don’t knock it. You might be surprised how well that’s worked for me in the past. Anyway, I was moving through my mental list of questions, hoping that there might be something on which I could hang the whole interview, something interesting and juicy, perhaps even salacious. Something that would sell magazines.

“Who taught you to dance like that? Some of those moves you were doing when I first entered the club were really impressive.”

Okay, so it’s a bullshit question and 99 times out of a hundred it’ll get some standard bullshit response. ‘Oh there was a professional choreographer on the set and we worked for days on the routines and at first it was very hard for me, but no matter how many times I got it wrong he was just so sweet and he showed me over and over, and in the end I think it all came together…’ or something else equally lame. But then there’s that one time. That time when you get something real and honest, and it makes all 99 other times worth it.

“Well I knew the role of Deni required some dancing so I did what any self-respecting actress does when she needs to learn something new,…” Here comes the part about the ever-so-patient choreographer “…I flew to Vegas and went to some of the strip clubs to watch the girls in action. I met this dancer, her name was Carson, and she showed me how it’s done, the stripping, working the pole, lap dances, the whole shebang.”

Well that was certainly more interesting than what I had expected Ashley’s response to be, especially the part about the lap dances. I wonder if she practiced on any of the club patrons while she was learning? Suddenly I found myself jealous of a bunch of imaginary guys in some strip club in Vegas.

“So this Carson, she’s a working girl in Vegas?”

“If by working girl you mean a dancer, then yes and no. She is a dancer, but she’s from Miami. She was out in Vegas for a few weeks and I met her at one of the more upscale clubs and she was a lot of fun, just full of energy. I asked her to show me some moves, figuring if I could just come away with the basics I could fake the rest, but she went me one better and taught me an entire routine. We worked for hours in the mornings after the club closed and by the time she had to leave to go back to Miami I had the whole thing down.”

“If you were doing this after hours who did you practice the lap dances on? The bouncers?”

“Those guys? Heck no! That might make them smile and we couldn’t have that! Nah, we practiced on each other!”

All other thoughts were instantly pushed out of my mind as I formed a mental picture of Ashley practicing her newly formed skills with Carson. I had no idea what this other girl looked like so I had to improvise, imagining Ashley rubbing her butt into the crotch of a lithe-bodied girl with long, raven hair and soft, creamy skin. As the image solidified a smile began to form on my face. Or maybe it was a leer. Whichever it was as soon as it started to form I struggled to wipe it from my face before Ashley noticed it. I glanced up at her to see if she was watching.


She was sitting there looking at me wearing her own smile, but this wasn’t the smile of someone who is enjoying a fond memory of kittens and puppies at play with little children. No this was a very knowing smile. The smile of someone who knew what you were thinking and could see right through you to your inner pervert. But rather than call me on it, or see the smile change into a look of disgust, Ashley really surprised me when she looked me right in the eye and winked yet again. Apparently Ashley liked my inner perv.

Pretending for the moment that nothing had just happened – and let me tell you, I’m no actor but that required an award-worthy performance on my part – I regained my focus and continued with my questions for Ashley.

“You mentioned self-respecting actresses a moment ago…”

We talked for another half hour or so, the interview becoming less of a question and answer process and more of a conversation between friends with each passing minute. I don’t know how Ashley did it, but I found myself on the receiving end of almost as many questions as I asked, and surprisingly, I answered them! This was not standard operating procedure by any means. Not that I minded, I was enjoying opening up to this beautiful, intelligent woman, and it seemed the more open I was, the more comfortable Ashley became with me.

Anyway, there we were talking about Hollywood, and the lack of good roles for women in movies, when the conversation took another turn. Sort of a sharp left. We had drifted back to the subject of Ashley’s friendship with Ms. Alba and things were beginning to get interesting again. And by interesting I mean sexually charged.

“I have this fantasy that you and your pal Jessica Alba sit around in Los Angeles and paint each other’s toenails.”

“Well first off darlin’, you need better fantasies. If that’s all you can imagine two hot chicks doing when they’re together…”

“I didn’t say that was all I could imagine, but I don’t want to get slapped so it seemed safest to stop there.”

“Well okay. That’s better then. I’d hate to think your fantasies were boring. And to answer your question, I haven’t done her toenails yet. We do put sunblock on each other because we’re outdoors all day. And of course at night she let’s me trim her bush.”

It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything because when I heard that last sentence I’m sure I would’ve spit whatever it was all over Ashley and it’s never a good idea to spit on the person you’re interviewing. As it was I almost swallowed my tongue as I gasped in shock at her words while trying to get her to repeat them.

“Wha? Ack. You do *cough* what?”

Ashley’s hands were covering her mouth as she attempted, poorly, to stifle the laughter that was shaking her entire body. Eventually she just gave up and let it out while I sat there, quietly at first, but then, appreciating just how thoroughly she had gotten me, I joined in. Yeah, she’s a sweet girl. A regular southern belle. The sound of Ashley snorting as she tried to suck in a breath briefly interrupted the peals of laughter. And a dainty southern belle at that.

When her laughter finally started to level off Ashley was able to force out a couple of sentences, her southern accent, which she kept in check most of the time, shining through in this unguarded moment, “Oh shit, that was priceless. You shoulda seen the look on your face! Jessie’s just gonna die when I tell her ’bout this!” The thought of relaying the tale to her friend brought another escalation of laughter and I waited patiently while it ran its course.

Finally getting herself under control, Ashley cleared her throat and I was able to continue with the interview, but no matter what the topic, the image of Ashley Scott shaving Jessica Alba’s privates stayed near the forefront of my mind the whole time. The mood had been set as soon as I entered the club and saw Ashley gyrating up on the stage. Build upon it with talk of her moonlighting as a stripper, add some chatter about borderline lesbian activities between beautiful women, paint some mental pics, and I was raring to go. Luckily the low lighting kept my growing… excitement from becoming apparent to the subject of my newest fancy. Turns out Ashley was right, I did need better fantasies, and she had provided two of the best I’d had in months.

But it was not the time for fantasies, I was there to work. Once more I struggled to regain my focus and get on with my reason for being there in the first place, interviewing this sexy woman, and not let myself get carried away by my thoughts. Sometimes I was more successful than others.

“You used to date Ashton Kutcher. How does it feel to have wanted to slap him years before the rest of the world?”

“That’s awful. Does the world…”

We spent some time talking about Ashley’s involvement with Ashton and that led us to discussing some of her other relationships, both known and unknown to the general public. I was crossing some lines here and I knew it. Not because I was questioning Ashley about her ex-boyfriends but because of the kind of questions I was occasionally asking. As I mentioned previously this wasn’t a strict Q&A interview anymore, it was getting far more personal than that. On both sides of the table. Ashley and I were doing some serious flirting. Okay, I know, that seems like such a cliché. Every male journalist in the world thinks that every sexy young female celebrity he meets actually wants him. Hell, there have even been stories written spoofing the whole idea. But I’m not some 60-year old fat guy who has deluded himself into believing that a smokin’ hot actress more than 30 years his junior is just dying to sleep with him. In fact, I wasn’t really much older than Ashley, and I kept myself in pretty decent shape. Also, I had not been without my share of successes with the ladies and I knew real flirting when I heard it. And this was as real as it gets.

Which didn’t mean anything per se of course. Flirting doesn’t have to be anything more than that. Just flirting. But what Ashley and I were doing had an undertone to it, call it a subtext, that was leading me to believe that maybe, possibly, the pretty brunette was just a little interested in me. And maybe, possibly, if I played this right, I could take things beyond the flirting stage, ’cause I knew I was sure as hell interested in Ashley. How far beyond flirting I didn’t know yet, but I was going to do my damnedest to find out. It wasn’t until I steered the conversation back to stripping that I had the opening I was looking for.

“Did you ever give one of your costars a lap dance?”

“Oh yeah.”

“How did it go?”

“Let’s just say I was a big success.”

“Playing a stripper in a movie, teaching the moves to a new generation, lap dances to girlfriends and costars, sounds like a theme. Maybe when they do the remake to ‘Showgirls’ you should play the lead.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that! We’d never get the scenes finished! Shit, if it’d been me grinding my bare ass into Kyle MacLachlan’s crotch he’d still be smiling. And that pool scene? Darlin’, that’d be so hot they’d have to add an extra ‘X’ to the rating. It’d be the first XXXX film!”

“Really! So you’re saying that under the right conditions you might forget about the cameras and just go for it? Give some lucky costar the thrill of a lifetime? Tell the truth now, is Ashley Scott harboring a secret desire to cross over to the world of adult films?”

Laughing easily at that she responded “Oh that would be choice! Can you imagine it?…” Yes actually. More readily than she could possibly know. “… It would hafta be gonzo though. I couldn’t do any of that feature crap. I mean, why bother?”

You have to like a girl who’s into gonzo porn, “So it’s Seymore Butts or Max Hardcore for you?”

“Definitely not Max Hardcore. That asshole ever laid a hand on me I’d kick his misogynistic ass! But I could get into Seymore. I’d make a great tushy girl don’t you think?” At this point Ashley stood up and turned, giving me a great look at her denim-clad ass. She shook it in my face and I started to lean forward, just barely catching myself in time to stop my hand from reaching out to touch her. With a final shake of her cheeks she sat down with another laugh, saying “That’s enough of that. You want more you’re gonna hafta pay for it!”

Knock, knock, opportunity calling. I immediately reached for my wallet, “Okay. So how much for a lap dance?”

That caught her by surprise, her eyes going round, but only for a second and then they narrowed once more and she was giving me a shrewd look, “More than you got, that’s for sure!”

Damn. I guess that wasn’t opportunity knocking after all. Oh well, it had been worth a try.

“But maybe I could be persuaded to do a table dance for ya. If you’ve got the cash for it.”

Then again…

Of course there was still the possibility that Ms. Scott’s idea of flirting might be slightly different than mine and this could just be Ashley at play, with no intention of actually taking things any further but willing to make it look like she was. Well, if Ashley was bluffing, she had definitely picked the wrong guy and the wrong hand. She might be holding all the cards, but even so I was prepared to call her on it. After all, what did I have to lose? If I was wrong I could still back off without having caused any real damage and the interview could go on. Or not. After more than an hour of conversation I was confident I already had enough material to work with. And if I was right… I opened my wallet, took out two twenties and laid them on the table. I was about to learn two very important things – first, if my instincts were right, and second, whether you could actually get a table dance for $40.

Ashley looked at the money on the table for a few moments then looked back up at me, her face expressionless. I suddenly had the feeling that maybe I had pushed things just a bit too far, but after 10, maybe 12 seconds she reached out and picked the bills up, stuffing them into the back pocket of her shorts.

“Help me.”


“On the table. Help me get up on the table.”

Oh. Darn. For a second there I thought I was being asked to help Ashley do her table dance.

I stood up and held out my hand to Ashley. Taking it, she stepped up onto the surface of the small round table in between our chairs. Once up there she motioned down to a remote control she had brought down with her when she had left the stage.

“Just point it thataway and press List then 2 and then Play.”

I did as instructed and was instantly rewarded with the opening notes of a song I did not immediately recognize, but after a few seconds I was able to place the tune. ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The extended dance club mix. I was starting to realize that Ashley had a wicked sense of humor. Smart, sweet, sexy, killer bod and funny. My fall into head over heels lust continued apace.

As soon as the song started to play Ashley began to move on the tabletop, her body swaying in time to the synthesized beat. I could see she was trying her best to be titillating, but the tabletop was just too small for the kinds of moves she had demonstrated while on stage and after a few minutes of effort she suddenly stopped and hopped off.

“Screw this shit. C’mon, I’ve got a better idea.” With one hand she grabbed the remote and with the other she took me by the arm, leading me over to a curve-backed chair in front of the stage and to the right of the catwalk, explaining as we went, “There’s just not enough room on that tiny little table for a girl to strut her stuff. Why don’t you take a seat over here and I’ll give you a real show!”

Hey, if Ashley Scott wanted more room to strut, or do anything else to, her stuff, who was I to stand in her way? Things were actually progressing better than I had anticipated. There was no way of knowing just how this would play out now that Ashley was back onstage, but, with the promise of a “real show” still hanging in the air, I knew what I was hoping would happen. I took my seat eagerly. Perhaps a little too eagerly if the look the blue-eyed girl gave me was any indication.

She stood there watching me, a speculative look on her face that slowly gave way to a very sexy smile, and when she moved she walked up behind my chair and leaned over to speak directly in my ear, “Looks like I have an enthusiastic audience.” A quick glance down to my crotch, “I like that. A woman likes to be appreciated. And there’s no telling just how she might show her… gratitude for such admiration.”

Now obviously Ashley’s statement’s could be taken a couple of different ways. It could be that Ashley was just getting into her part, taking on the persona of a stripper at work and telling me, in the role of the patron, what she thought I would like to hear. Or, and this would certainly be my first choice, Ashley was flirting with me again, except this time she was taking things up a notch. Or five. Since I didn’t know the answer to that I chose to pretend that she was only getting into her part as a stripper while really believing the raven-haired sexpot was totally into me. Well if she was going to method then so could I. I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket once more. Both of Ashley’s eyebrows headed towards her hairline but after only a second or two she recovered, giving me another sexy half-smile. I must have been getting my part in our little two-person production right.

Taking the remote Ashley moved out from behind me and proceeded up onto the stage. She fiddled with the control for a few seconds, pressing a number of buttons to load some other play list onto the sound system. When she was satisfied with her selection she pointed the remote towards the stereo and pressed play then tossed the unit down to me. Ashley then moved over to the pole at the back of the stage, positioning herself to begin as music filled the room once more.

I had sort of expected Ashley to run through the same routine she had been doing when I first entered the club that morning, maybe with a few new moves mixed in or some shuffling of the sequence to keep it fresh, but the leggy brunette was better than that, and she set out to prove it right from the start. Her opening moves had her circling the pole with increasing speed until she practically launched herself up onto it, landing about halfway up and holding on with one hand and her right leg wrapped around the chrome shaft. She then shimmied up the pole until she could go no further and as I was thinking she would just slide down, fireman style, she let go of the pole with her hands and proceeded to lean back, still holding on with just her right leg. Back and back she went until she was horizontal to the ground, her head sticking out on one side of the pole and her left leg pointing out on the other. In a display of considerable strength she held that pose for a few seconds before breaking it, not to straighten up as I assumed she must, but to continue leaning slowly back until she was hanging upside down, her torso now resting against the pipe and her left foot up near the ceiling. Now how the hell was she was going to get out of that position?

No sooner had I finished the thought then Ashley showed me exactly how she was going to get down, loosening her grip on the pole with her leg and sliding down it. Still upside down. When she reached the floor she tucked her chin down to her chest and allowed her legs to come down to the ground as if she were coming out of a handstand, taking her weight on both hands until her feet hit the floor and ending up in a standing position facing the pole. Ashley turned to face me with a flourish and I began clapping wildly, thoroughly impressed with what I had just seen. Pausing briefly, the actress slash stripper gave me another bright smile in acknowledgment of my applause before starting the rest of her routine.

After Ashley’s opening gymnastics the rest of her time on stage was a less energetic, but it was far, far more erotic. And suggestive. She continued to dance by and around the pole occasionally but she spent most of her time dancing up and down the short catwalk to my left or directly in front of my chair. I liked those times most of all, especially one time when she crawled over to me on hands and knees, looking for all the world like a cat. A jungle cat, with those piercing blue eyes locking onto mine and that tiny, half-smile on her lips, just begging me to make a break for it so she could pounce. And as much fun as that might have been I wasn’t going anywhere, so completely captivated was I by the dark-haired beauty dancing in front of me.

I may have mentioned already that I am not exactly a seasoned pro when it comes to strippers and strip clubs. Going to strip clubs is something I do with my buddies when we’re doing the bachelor party thing. I mean, you almost have to when a friend is getting married. I think it’s a state law or something. Other than that it is not something I’m likely to do. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with it, if a woman wants to remove her clothing for the enjoyment of an audience then so be it, it’s just not my normal form of entertainment. Usually. Unless the woman happens to look and move like Ashley Scott. Now that I could get in to. But, not being a regular at strip joints didn’t mean that I didn’t know how things worked. I might not have frequented clubs like that but I did own a TV and I subscribed to cable. So I knew the basic arrangement. Girl dances on stage for a while and when she stops in front of you and thrusts a leg in your general direction you’re supposed to slip a dollar or two into the waistband of her thong or the top of her stocking or garter and then she moves on to the next guy. Simple. So when Ashley started to dance in front of me, reclining on her elbows near the edge of the stage with her legs in the air and bent at the knee as she swung them from side to side in time with the beat, I knew what to do.

The day had started with $112 in my wallet, but after giving Ashley $40 for my “table” dance I was already down to $72. Two twenties, two tens and twelve singles. That was good. I would need the singles to get through this next bit. I pulled two out of my wallet and waited for Ashley to notice them. When she did she stopped swinging her legs and cocked her right hip towards me. I leaned forward and slid the bills along her right leg, not making contact with my hand until I was nearly up to her waist and only then just briefly touching her denim shorts as I tucked the money into her hip pocket. I patted the cash through the material of her shorts and sat back down.

Ashley danced away from me after that, moving back to the pole for a few minutes until another two dollars appeared in my hand. She moved over to me and got down on her knee, presenting her left side to me. This time when I leaned forward I rested my left hand on her leg just above the knee and as I drew the bills upward I brushed the skin of her thigh with the backs of my knuckles. Man oh man, was her skin soft. Again I patted the dollars through her pocket after I had tucked them away.

Moving back toward the center of the stage, Ashley stayed away from me for a while, perhaps waiting to see if any more bills would be making an appearance. I let her wait a bit and then pulled out four dollars to draw her back over to me. When she was back in front of me she again sat down at the edge of the stage and started to swing her legs back and forth in time with the music, but she didn’t always keep them together, sometimes letting one leg lead the other, spreading her legs in a wide V whenever that happened. Perfect. Even better than I had hoped for.

I waited until she had her legs at their widest point before touching one of the bills to her ankle. She froze in place and I started to move the single up her leg. But this time I held the dollar in between my middle and index fingers, away from her leg, and slid my right hand up the length of her limb, my palm rubbing against her skin, up along the calf and over the inside of her thigh, stopping only when my fingertips were just about to poke under the leg of her shorts. I left my hand where it was and used my free hand to take the bill and tuck it into Ashley’s waistband. A few seconds later I removed my hand from her limb and she started to swing her legs again.

Now I don’t really know if this is something you could get away with when dealing with a real stripper. I suppose it depends on a lot of things. The girl most of all, but probably also the club and the town where it’s located or whether the local constabulary was cracking down. But, even if some towns/clubs/girls did let the customers get a little touchy-feely on occasion, it was important to remember that Ashley was not really a stripper. She was an actress who had played a stripper in a movie. So when she let me slide my hand all the way up her inner thigh, stopping when I was only a few scant inches away from something I’m sure not that many men have been privileged to touch, it was not because this was a normal part of the stripper/customer relationship. Did that mean it was because Ashley was as into me as I was to her and she was willing to fuck my brains out? No. Not necessarily. But it did mean that she didn’t shoot me down the first time I touched her in what was in fact a pretty intimate way. And that was encouragement enough to go on in my book.

We repeated this step three more times, switching off so that my hands travelled up both her legs and my fingers probed just a little bit further underneath her cutoffs each time. On the fourth trip I stopped with my left hand almost all the way up and to the inside of Ashley’s thigh and I was leaning so far out of my seat that my face was only inches from hers. If I had wanted to I could have closed the distance in an instant and kissed her, and under other circumstances I probably would have, but I didn’t want to screw things up by pushing too fast, so after hanging there for a few seconds I sat back down and Ashley got to her feet and danced back towards the pole.

Okay. Things were moving along nicely. But it was time to raise the stakes a bit. Time to try to get Ashley to take something off. Preferably multiple somethings. It was risky, but I really felt that there was something going on between us, so the risk was minimal. So I hoped. I guess I was about to find out.

The second song in Ashley’s set came to an end as I opened up my wallet and pulled out another twenty. I looked over to the raven-haired girl to see if maybe I had missed my chance but she was still by the pole moving gently to the beat as a third song began. Good. I hadn’t blown it by waiting too long. I beckoned to her with the bill clasped between my fingers, looking for all the world like any other guy in any other club trying to get a stripper’s interest. Of course I was at an advantage here, since I was without any competition for Ashley’s attention, but I had to continue to play my part. For a little while longer anyway.

When Ashley was back in front of where I was sitting I motioned for her to bend down, bringing my mouth next to her ear to say “Take off your top.”

That got me another shocked look as the dark-haired girl’s eyebrows headed north again. I liked that. Liked that I was keeping up with, and maybe even a little in front of, my southern belle. I wouldn’t like it so much if I got so far out in front of Ashley that I scared her off, but keeping her a little off balance, so that she didn’t think she was in complete control, that was fun. Of course I still had to be careful not to push her too hard.

“Oh c’mon, This is a striptease after all. There’s been plenty of tease, so where’s the strip?”

Ashley’s eyes narrowed and she glared at me for a second before grabbing for the twenty in my hand. I pulled it back out of her reach. Unh uh. Top first, money later. Another glare and for a second I was afraid that I’d lost her, that I had pushed her too far after all. I was just getting ready to start apologizing when Ashley stood up and started walking back towards the center of the stage. That didn’t seem to me like something she would do if she was really angry. Ashley struck me as being the kind of person who gets very loud when she’s angry. Something I silently swore right then and there I never ever wanted to make her. After a very short pause she started to move again, but not back to me as I feared, instead moving over to the chrome pole and spinning around it two or three times. As Ashley circled the post her hands moved to the knot in her shirt and she started to untie it. She was going to do it! She was really going to do it! When the knot was completely undone she left the pole and started to pirouette down the catwalk, somehow managing to take the shirt off as she spun. When she was still a couple of feet away from me she shot the shirt at me, managing to hit me in the chest and face with unerring accuracy. Okay, now that had to be pure luck. But it was impressive nonetheless. Almost as impressive as the bra-covered breasts that I was getting brief glimpses of. I held the twenty out where Ashley could reach it, assuming that she would come to a stop in front of me to collect her reward. I was half right. She did come to a stop in front of me, but she was facing away from me and she had her right ankle crossed over the left. I started to clap. Partly in appreciation for the skill that Ashley had just displayed and partly in appreciation for her incredible ass.

But Ashley wasn’t finished.

Standing with her back to me her hands went to the waist of her denim shorts and she started to unbutton her fly. My claps trailed off at this point as I watched with wide eyes and open mouth as Ashley proceeded to undo her shorts and push them to the stage floor, bending over at the waist as she did this and giving me a perfect view of her thong-clad tush. Oh mama! As good as Ashley’s butt looked covered in denim it was nothing compared to how it looked uncovered except for a tiny little thong.

Ashley stayed like that for almost twenty seconds before standing back up and looking at me over her right shoulder, a shit-eating grin planted on her face. She knew that she had surprised me. A lot. I had hoped that maybe somehow I could coax her out of her shorts, but I’d expected it to take a whole lot more than one simple taunt. If only I could convince her to take off the rest of her garments that easily. If there was a patron saint of perverts I would have gotten down on my knees in supplication right about then.

Still staring at me, but without saying a word, Ashley hooked her thumb in her thong and pulled the material away from her body a bit, obviously looking for me to pay up and deliver the twenty dollars. It wasn’t strictly necessary, but I stood up to place the twenty under the tiny piece of cloth that functioned as a waistband on Ashley’s thong, brining my face closer to her butt in the process, before hesitating for just the briefest of moments. There was an opportunity here. Did I dare take it? Hmm. Why not. But let’s test the waters a bit first, shall we?

With the twenty still caught between the fingers of my right hand I reached out and let my other hand close loosely on Ashley’s left leg, to the outside and above the knee. I paused there for a second or three to see how, or if, she would react. When she didn’t I began to move the hand with the money in it again, starting at just about the same place on her right leg, except this time I touched her on the back of the limb. I lingered there for another few seconds, brushing my knuckles against Ashley’s skin, and then slowly started to move my hand up her leg and along her thigh, continuing until I reached the bottom of her cheek and then following the curve of her rump, on up until I reached the waistband of her thong. At this point I brought my left hand up and used my index finger to pull the elastic away from Ashley’s waist just a few inches distant from where the raven-haired girl had her thumb. I then folded the twenty in half and slipped it over the material, letting Andrew Jackson have the thrill of pressing at least a part of his face to Ashley’s flesh. For the moment, he was doing better than I was. But only for the moment.

When the bill was draped over Ashley’s thong we let go of the elastic at the same time and the waistband snapped back into place. I could have pulled my hands away and retaken my seat, but I didn’t, lingering instead as I let the fingertips of my right hand brush against Ashley’s ass. She started to shift almost as soon as I did this and I pulled my hand back, thinking that was the reason for the movement, but it was only so she could turn to look at me from over her other shoulder, her thumb now hooked in the elastic by her left hip and pulling it away from her body. I looked from Ashley’s face, down to her waist, and then back up to her face again where she now had one eyebrow cocked. Okay. She had earned it after all. I reached in my wallet and pulled out another twenty and slipped it in to Ashley’s thong with my left hand. Partly because it was just easier that way and partly because my right hand, impertinent thing that it was, was now fully cupping Ashley’s right cheek. She let me keep it there just long enough to get the bill wrapped around her thong and then she spun away from me, playfully swatting at my hand as she backed off a couple of steps.

“Now darlin’, you know you’re not allowed to touch the dancers!”

I knew no such thing of course, but I didn’t say that. I just gave her a grin that was every bit as saucy as the one she was giving me only minutes earlier. Ashley rolled her eyes and resumed dancing as the last minute or so of her third song played out.

Surprisingly, as soon as the third song ended a fourth began. I hadn’t expected that at all. That would mean, by my calculations, that by the time this song ended Ashley would have been dancing for more than twenty minutes. That was a lot. Hell, ten minutes would have seemed like a lot to me. After all, she wasn’t really a dancer! But she had said that Carson had taught her an entire routine. Three or four songs sounded about right for that. Still, this was a whole lot more than I had dreamed of when I pulled my wallet out for that table dance. But Ashley wasn’t done yet.

Meaning she wasn’t done surprising me yet. However, apparently she was done with any real dancing. For the time being at least. When I had resumed my seat she came back over to the edge of the stage and sat down again. I thought I was going to be treated to some more close-ups of those long legs of hers, with the added benefit of being able to ogle her breasts freely, but Ashley had something else in mind, and for that she needed to get off the stage.

As soon as her butt hit the boards Ashley lowered her feet to the floor and stood up, directly in front of my chair. I leaned back and she moved so that she was straddling my legs before sitting down facing me, her arms up so that her wrists were resting on my shoulders. She was sitting far enough back so that her rear was back by my knees, which was actually a good thing. Between the clothing that had come off and the thong and the just barely lacy-bra-contained breasts and the ass fondling I was a pretty happy guy. And I had a pretty happy guy’s budding erection in my pants. So I didn’t mind that Ashley wasn’t pressing her crotch into mine just at that moment. Although, maybe it wouldn’t have been such a bad thing for her to know that she had had quite the impact on me.

Without warning Ashley shifted forward, “Ooofff.” Guess she was going to find that out after all.

Ashley ground her pussy against my swollen dick a few times while giving me a wicked grin, “Well, well. I don’t know if I should be taking or giving the compliment right about here.”

Knowing exactly what she meant, I returned her smile with a small leer of my own, “You should definitely take it as a compliment. And a very big compliment I might add.”

“I don’t know if I’d say very big.” Mimicking her response from earlier I lifted one eyebrow while trying to keep from breaking into laughter. After a short time fighting the impulse herself the make-believe stripper finally relented, “Okay. I guess I could go with ‘very’.”

“That’s better. So does this mean I’m going to get my lap dance after all?”

Giving me an appraising look, Ashley tried to appear as if she was undecided. Something that would have been far more convincing if she hadn’t continued grinding her pelvis into my own while she pretended to consider it.

“I don’t know. Do you think you have the cash for it?”

I reached for my wallet. Without even bothering to look I took out the remaining bills, then tucked them under the right strap of Ashley’s bra, just above the cup. She reached down and removed the money, counting it quickly and then holding it up in front of me while she rubbed the bills in between her thumb and forefinger.


An eloquent shrug. What could I say? After all, I wasn’t really buying a lap dance here. I mean, I was, but I wasn’t, if you catch my drift. If Ashley was going to go through with this it sure as hell wasn’t going to be because of any cash I gave her. The money was just a necessary part of the charade we had going on. So if I came up a little short… I waited patiently to find out if we were going to take things to the next level or if our flirting had reached its end. When Ashley gave me a shrug of her own, followed closely by yet another wink, I knew I was going to get my lap dance. And, if I’d been a good little boy, maybe even something more. Damn. Where was a saint when you needed one?

“Okay, I guess I can cut you a break… but there’s not enough room down here. Let’s put the chair on stage.”

“Fine by me.”

We moved on to the stage and I put the chair where Ashley pointed, dead center at the top of the “T” formed by the main portion of the stage and the catwalk. With the chair facing down the short runway, and out towards where most of the audience would be, the pole that the dark-haired girl had spent so much time swinging around was to my left, a half-dozen or so feet away. Ashley had taken the sound system remote with her and was loading another playlist while I waited for her to start.

When she was ready she came over to stand behind my chair and pressed play, the room filling with sound as she leaned over to speak directly in my ear, “Okay darlin’. Now sit back and relax. And I promise you’ll have a good time.”

Sitting back and having a good time I could manage. The other thing, well, that might prove to be a bit of a problem. I did not think I could possibly “relax”. Not with Ashley Scott dancing around in front of me in a bra and a thong.

Starting off slowly, Ashley moved around my chair, enticing me with glimpses of her boobs and good long looks of her shapely ass. When she’d spent enough time teasing me the blue-eyed beauty started dancing right next to my chair, brushing against me while staying mostly to one side or the other, never in front. I didn’t think this was exactly the norm for a lap dance. Even though I’d never had one before I knew there was a whole lot more touching involved, if only because it was called a “lap” dance. But I didn’t mind the lack of contact at all. It was obvious that Ashley loved to dance and she really was quite good at it. Of course it really helped that she was wearing so little and I spent a good portion of the time thinking that there were just those two, very flimsy, pieces of cloth between me and a fully nude Ashley Scott. Which, in very short order, led to me imagining Ashley without the two, very flimsy, pieces of cloth. It didn’t take long before that mental picture had me approaching full staff.

After a few minutes dancing by my side Ashley decided to move in back of me. As soon as she was directly behind me she pulled me back by the shoulders so that my head was pillowed against her breasts. Oooh. I liked that. It was nice. It would have been even nicer if I was facing the other way, but it was still nice. I spent a few happy moments imagining what it would be like if Ashley had been standing in front of me while smashing my head into her boobs. Then I combined that image with my previous one and imagined being face first in Ashley’s cleavage but this time without the bra. My smile got wider as my dick got harder.

Then, just as I started to imagine my face being moved out of the valley between Ashley’s breasts and over to one of the nearby pink tipped mountains, she pushed my head forward and spun away again. Tease. And she knew it too. I could see it in the big grin she gave me when she danced around my chair once more and for the first time came to a stop in front of me.

“That’s enough of a warm-up I think. Wha’d’ya say we start the main event?”

The question was rhetorical obviously. What was I going to do, say no? Gee Ashley, I was really hoping you’d tease me some more. And while you’re at it, could you put some clothes back on? I don’t think so. And since words were unnecessary in response I settled for nodding my head in what I would like to pretend was a calm and cool manner but in reality was probably anything but. After all, how calm and cool can a guy appear to be when he’s practically salivating in anticipation like one of Pavlov’s dogs? Not very. Regardless, my answer was clear to Ashley and without another word she stepped forward and pushed my legs apart with her knees, then turned to face away from me and backed up until she was half sitting and half resting in my lap. The instant her butt made contact with my crotch she started to grind into me, turning and flashing me a big smile when she felt my new and improved erection rubbing against her mostly bare ass.

“Is that another compliment there darlin’?”

“Absolutely. And there’s more where that came from.”

Ashley’s smile got even wider, “Is there? I’m impressed. And flattered. I’m gonna have to come up with something special to say thank you.”

I could think of a few ways, “Ya know, I could probably help with that.”

That got me a short laugh, “Hah! I’ll just bet you could.”

Ohhhh yeah. Could I ever. For the time being though, I would be perfectly content if Ashley continued to push her rump into my groin, massaging my dick with her ass and sending small waves of pleasure throughout my body. I cast about for a way to prolong the experience, deciding at last that the easiest way would be to keep her talking, the perfect topic coming to me in a flash of inspiration.

“I have a question. Strictly hypothetical of course, but if you were going to become a stripper, what would your stage name be?”

“What’s the matter darlin’, you don’t think I could use Ashley?” Ashley turned to look over her shoulder at me as she spoke but she did continue to rub her butt on my dick, so my plan, such as it was, was working so far.

“I’m sure you could, but would you want to?” Oh fuck, that feels nice!

“Hmm. You have a point.” Ashley considered the matter for a few seconds before coming up with an alternative nom de strip, “Bambi.”

“Bambi? Your stage name would be Bambi?”

“What? Don’t you think my eyes are doe-like darlin’?”

“Certainly. But Bambi was… unnhh… a boy.” I was starting to push up a little as Ashley bore down, pressing my cock up just enough to enhance the contact, but not so much as to interrupt the flow.

“Spoil sport. I like the name Bambi.” Uh oh. Better alter tack.

“Come to think of it, I had a dog named Bambi when I was a kid. She was a she.”

“Oh yeah? What kind of dog?”

“A Rottweiler.”

“You’re twisted.” Short pause, “I like twisted.” Heh, heh. I could have predicted that. Plain vanilla was definitely not Ashley’s type. Hopefully, horny journalist was.

Okay, it was time to take mental stock of the situation. I had a half-dressed woman, who wasn’t really a stripper, giving me a lap dance and enthusiastically grinding her ass against the length of my erect cock, and I had just alluded to wanting even more when she brought up the topic of thanking me. And I didn’t get smacked when I did it! Granted, Ashley’s response didn’t sound like the “Hot damn! Let’s fuck!” I might have wished for, but it also wasn’t the “In your dreams!” I could have gotten. However it was completely in keeping with the flirtatious pas de deux we’d been doing almost since the moment I’d walked into the room. By now I had more than enough reason to feel safe in assuming that both Ashley and I knew what was going on, and that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to take things further. How much further I still didn’t know but just thinking about it was making me almost giddy with excitement. Of course I had at least one problem that still had to be addressed. For starters, how did I get there from here? That was something else I didn’t know yet, but it really didn’t matter. All I could do was take it one step at a time.

What was already an extremely pleasurable experience took a turn for the better just a minute or two later when Ashley shifted position again. She had been inclined forward with her rump thrust back and her hands on my knees for support. Now she leaned back, resting against my chest with her head on my left shoulder as my hands came up to gently grip her sides just above her hips. For a moment I almost forgot about the wonderful feeling of her ass as it continued to rub against my member, so blown away was I by the incredible softness of her skin. The muscles underneath were a completely different story however, being anything but soft, and I could feel them moving under my fingers as she ground her pelvis into mine. Toned and tight, Ashley was in amazing shape. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible at this point, but I wanted her more than ever.

My hands didn’t stay on her hips for long as I started to let them roam around her abdomen from just underneath her bra to just above her panties. Ashley didn’t seem to mind this in the least, in fact she brought her right hand up to cup my cheek, turning my head so that we could gaze at each other while she continued to bump and grind and I continued to fondle. Once again I was tempted to kiss her, only this time I intended to go through with it, and I was just about to move the inch or so needed when she shifted one more time, turning around in my arms so that we were now chest to chest.

But the change didn’t stop there. As soon as she was fully turned around Ashley started to slide down my body until she was kneeling on the floor in between my legs. She let her hands drag along my torso and even over my erection, squeezing it gently through the material of my pants, then reached up with her right hand to grasp my fingers, separating my index finger from the rest and bringing it to her mouth where she started to suck it. Hard. Meanwhile she traced the length of my penis with her other hand, lightly stroking me, timing each pass to coincide with the suction applied to my finger. Imagining that it was not my finger being sucked but rather some other part of my anatomy was not difficult at all.

Then, abruptly, she just stopped, “Well, I think that’s enough of that.” as she got up off her knees.

What the HELL!

“Huh? Wha? Wait! Wha’d’ya mean that’s enough? What about the rest of my lap dance?”

“That was it darlin’.”

“But… but… Kyle MacLachlan… still smiling…”

“As I recall, Kyle MacLachlan paid a couple hundred dollars in that movie darlin’. You paid 24. I’d say you got more than your money’s worth.”

Shit! Shit Shit Shit!! Had I been wrong after all?!? Could I have been that far off? No dammit!! That was ridiculous! I know when a woman is interested in me or not! And a woman who wasn’t interested would have put a stop to the flirting ages ago. A woman who was not interested never would have taken this whole lap dance deal as far as Ashley had. She would not rub her ass against my obvious hard-on for as long as Ashley did and she never would have rubbed her pussy against me, let alone squeezed my dick through my pants. Unh uh, no way. No. Ashley wanted this all right. Probably as much as I did. She was just making me work for it. Okay. I could do that. I just had to figure out what the next move was.

Think dammit! I didn’t have any more money and Ashley knew it. So, if she knew I didn’t have any cash left, but she wasn’t slamming the door on me, then there must still be some way I could get her to go through with this. But what? If not cash, then…

Not even stopping to think about it I blurted out the next thought that entered my mind, “My car!”

Which got me what had to be the most shocked look from Ashley of the day. My car? What the hell was I thinking of? From the expression on Ashley’s face I could tell her thoughts were running along similar lines. This was not what she expected at all. She probably thought I would come up with something a little… less. Like say, oh I don’t know, my fucking CREDIT CARD!! Sure, now I think of that! Not that she could have done anything with it, she’s not Macy’s after all, but all I had to do was give her a reason to keep up the pretense. And offering Ashley my car didn’t strike me as the best way to do it. Fuck! Oh well, it was too late now. I’d just have to play it out and hope I hadn’t screwed everything up.

“ Did you say…”

“I’ll give you my car.” I reached into the front pocket of my pants and pulled out the key. “Brand new 2004 Mustang convertible with a 4.6 190 horsepower V8 and a 5-speed manual transmission, a keyless remote, power everything and a passive alarm system. Oh yeah, and a 5 CD changer.” In case it wasn’t already obvious, I really loved that car.

Ashley looked at the key and remote dangling on their ring from my finger then lifted her eyes to meet mine, “You’re serious about this. Your car for continuing the lap dance?”

“I am.” Well I was now. I could still have kicked myself but there was no way I could go back now. “But there’s a condition…” Hell, if I was going to go down I might as well go down swinging for the fences, “You have to take your bra off.”

And there it was. My heart was pounding and my breathing was fast and shallow, but at least I was still breathing. Ashley on the other hand was not. When she heard my stipulation her eyes went round once again but to my relief they returned to normal almost immediately. She stood in front of me, unmoving, contemplating the situation. Some might say I had crossed the last line with my “condition”, but I knew it wasn’t true. That line had been crossed miles back. And it was way too late to worry about it. It was out there now and all I could do was wait for Ashley’s response. The fact that she had not yet responded, either with screaming or by throwing a chair at me, was surprisingly encouraging. She reached up and took the key out of my hand.

“You sure about this darlin’? You do realize if I take this I am gonna keep it, don’t you?”

“Ahem. I’m sure.” My heart was still hammering and my mouth had gone dry so I had to clear my throat some before I could squawk the words out, but I eventually managed it.

There was a lengthy pause after that and I could actually feel my pulse throbbing in my neck while I waited. Would she go for it? Or had I gone completely over the top with the whole car deal?

“Okay then. How do you want to do this?”

FUCK YEAH!! She went for it!! She was going to take her bra off! Son of a gun. I don’t believe it. In spite of everything there was still a part of me that had had some serious doubts about my interpretation of things and had pretty much expected things to come to an end, well, several times already but especially this last time. And every time things didn’t end that part of me dwindled but never completely disappeared. Until now. I know, I know, taking her bra off was not the same as stripping down completely and saying “Fuck me!” or “Take me!” or whatever the hell it was Ashley might say in that situation, but believe it or not, getting her to take her bra off was actually the most difficult step. It might not seem like it, but it was. Once topless, convincing her to remove that last piece of clothing wouldn’t be so hard. In fact, I had a pretty good idea as to how to go about getting her to do it. But it had all hinged on Ashley taking this next step. Bra stays on and I’d know I’d been wrong all along. Bra comes off… well, there are many ways for a woman to say “Fuck me!” and not all of them require words. And I do believe I was about to hear Ashley speak.

Before any of that though there were still some steps that had to be taken first. I had heard Ashley ask me how I wanted to do this, meaning the rest of the lap dance of course, and as much as I would have liked to tell her that my preferred method of starting would be with me lying on the floor with the two of us naked and Ashley riding me like a fucking mechanical bull, relatively slow to start but hanging on for dear life at the end, I didn’t. I was close, so close, to getting what I wanted, it would be a shame to ruin it all now. So I told her any way she pleased would be fine with me.

Of course I would have liked it if Ashley had just said “Fuck it!” and whipped her bra off right then and there, but that was probably an unreasonable wish on my part. It didn’t fit with everything that had gone on so far that morning and it certainly didn’t seem to fit Ashley. At least not in that situation. So it didn’t come as much of a surprise to me when she chose to start things off again by dancing. After all, that was the deal. My car for continuing the lap dance. Sans-a-bra of course. She picked up the remote and loaded yet another playlist into the sound system.

When the music started Ashley began to dance around my chair again, much like she had when we first got up onstage together, but this time she was making contact with me from the very beginning, her hand on my shoulder, trailing down my arm or running across my chest, or her thigh brushing against my own. And she never really stopped touching me at any point, some part of her body in constant contact with my own at all times. This continued for several minutes while Ashley danced around the chair, her touches becoming more intimate, the hand moving from my arms to my legs, the thigh being replaced by the thong-bared ass, until she was once again sitting in my lap facing away from me, only this time she was astride my legs instead of pressed between them and she reached for my hands and placed them on her hips, her own hands resting on top of them. A few seconds of rubbing her butt against me and then Ashley leaned back on my chest and she used her hands to bring my own up onto her abdomen, continuing to bring them up slowly until both set of hands were at the center of her chest, just underneath her bra.

“Why don’t you do it?” In a near whisper.

Whispered or not, music blaring from the speakers or not, I still had absolutely no trouble hearing the words and my heart started pounding all over again. Why don’t you do it. Now this was something I never would have anticipated. And even though I had removed a lover’s bra countless times before, suddenly I felt like a kid doing it for the very first time, except that this time I had some clue as to what I was doing. Also unlike that adolescent that was however, I was aware enough to realize that even if I was being allowed to do the honors, I still had to do it at a speed of Ashley’s choosing. Which meant I couldn’t just rip the damn thing off and start pawing at her tits, no matter how great the temptation. But having prior experience and being required to control myself didn’t mean the encounter was devoid of all excitement. I may have done this with other women before but none of them had been actresses that looked like Ashley Scott. I moved my hands to the clasp at the front of the bra and proceeded to unhook it very slowly.

As the cups of her bra moved away from her breasts Ashley brought her hands up to cover them, keeping them concealed for the time being. The little tease. She left her hands in place as she started to lean forward and I worked the straps off her shoulders, only letting them leave their post so I could free her arms from the straps when she was far enough away that there was no chance of my seeing anything she didn’t want me to see.

Once I had both straps off Ashley got up and moved her hands right back to covering her breasts as she resumed dancing in front of me. Though this wasn’t really dancing so much as it was swaying. Swaying gently to the music and sort of shaking her ass. When her back was to me, which was most of the time, Ashley’s hands were free and she used her arms to accentuate her movements as she had most of the morning, but when she was facing me she brought both hands back up to her tits, keeping them as hidden as when she was wearing the bra. That was okay. I didn’t mind waiting. It was all part of the dance. And I was pretty sure the payoff would be worth it.

Ashley moved to my right, keeping her back to me, and I turned my head to follow her but she didn’t stop, continuing on until she was once again directly behind my chair. When she turned to face me her hands were back on her boobs and she leaned down a bit and told me to face forward. As soon as I did as instructed I felt Ashley’s hands land on my shoulders and she moved closer to me, her hands roaming down my chest until, without any warning, she pulled me back so that for the second time that night my head was resting against her breasts. Only this time I didn’t have to imagine what it would feel like if she wasn’t wearing a bra. It was one of those rare times when the reality was even better than the fantasy, and I could actually feel Ashley’s nipples dragging across the back of my head as she moved so that she was still behind me, but off to the side just a little. She bent down to whisper something in my ear.

“Sit on your hands.”

Okay, not quite as exciting as being asked to undo her bra perhaps, but maybe it meant we were about to do something kinky. I was a little bit intrigued and a little bit confused by the direction, but of course I complied right away, placing my hands palm down on the padded seat of the chair under my thighs. When they were where she wanted them Ashley quickly moved out from behind me to my left and with a neat little pivot swung her left leg over my knees so that she was sitting in my lap once more but astride my legs instead of in between them and facing towards me instead of looking away. And her hands of course were still cupping her tits. I chuckled softly.

“So that’s why you wanted me to sit on my hands. I was wondering.”

“Well darlin’, I have to be sure you won’t be misbehavin’ anytime soon.”

“Believe me, I’m not going to do a thing you don’t want me to.”

“And will you do everything I want you to do?”

“Without question.”


My heart was beating faster again, but not quite as rapidly as before. We were getting closer, I could feel it. The innuendo was the beginning of the end, and subtext was now not really sub at all, it was practically main text. Just a little while longer and I suspected that all pretense would be dropped and there would be a whole lot of plain speaking going on. In fact, the next step would probably be…

“Put your hands on my hips and leave them there.”

Okay, yeah, that wasn’t it. Obviously I had my idea of the next steps and Ashley had hers. And hers started with me placing my hands on her hips and leaving them there. Once again, I did as instructed, pulling my hands out from underneath my legs and settling them around Ashley’s waist. It wasn’t quite where I would have liked to place them but then the raven-haired girl in my lap was still calling the shots.

There was a bit of a pause then, neither of us actually doing anything for the moment, and Ashley took a deep breath. I was looking into her eyes and for a second it seemed I saw a flicker of doubt there, but if there was it was gone in an instant. A motion below my line of sight distracted me, and I looked down just in time to see Ashley move her hands away from her breasts.

And there they were.

In another occurrence of speaking before thinking I cried out “Oh my God! Your tits are amazing!”

Ah Fuck! Do over!

It wasn’t the classiest thing I’d ever said to a woman, and it sure as hell wasn’t the smoothest, but it was definitely one of the most sincere. Ashley’s tits really were beautiful. And, to my great relief, she ignored the crassness of my words and responded to the sincerity behind them.

“I’m glad you like them darlin’, considering what you gave up just to see them.”

We sat like that for a short while as I continued to admire Ashley’s boobs. They were larger than I had originally thought and even nicer. Her nipples were erect, probably because of the cool air in the club but I have to imagine the idea of sitting topless in front of me while I ogled her added to the arousal some, and Ashley chuckled a bit when she realized I couldn’t taken my eyes off them.

“Like those, do ya?”

“Very, very much.”

“Yeah, they’re not bad. I wish they were bigger, but what can you do. You should see Jessie’s. Now those are some nice boobs!” There was that look again, that tiniest hint of uncertainty.

So that was the reason. Well, it was certainly understandable. It must be terribly difficult for a woman, even one as pretty as Ashley, to stand next to Jessica Alba and be constantly compared, and know that in the eyes of so many men you come up just a little bit short. Unless perhaps your name is Cindy Crawford and you’ve been successful for over 20 years and earned nearly $100 million almost entirely based on your looks. I imagine then you could stand next to just about anybody with your head held high. But even Cindy would probably feel some jealousy standing next to Jessica, if only because Jessie was still in her 20’s, and Cindy wasn’t. So it was understandable that after spending so much time with this year’s “it” girl Ashley would feel just the tiniest twinge of doubt. Fortunately, I was in a position, both figuratively and literally, where I could help her with that.

“So are yours. In fact, they’re perfect.”

“You think so?” Still a trace of insecurity, but with a willingness to be convinced present as well.

Now technically, I was still under orders to keep my hands on Ashley’s hips, but I figured if I was going to do a credible job of reassuring the dark-haired girl that she had no reason to feel she didn’t, um, measure up, then a “hands-on” examination was called for. For Ashley’s benefit of course. Hey, it seemed as good an excuse to start fondling her tits as any other to me. I started to move my right hand up Ashley’s side, spreading my thumb and fingers and coming in from underneath her left breast, my palm crossing over her stiff nipple and drawing out a low groan of pleasure. I was breaking the rules, but if Ashley objected she made no move to stop me.


“Yeah, I think so.”

Another short period passed as I caressed and massaged Ashley’s tit while she remained relatively still, her eyes closed and her mouth open just a bit, the occasional soft moan spilling out. After a minute or two she opened her eyes and looked at me, then cleared her throat to speak.

“You know, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Even though I knew perfectly well that Ashley was not referring to the hand currently groping her chest I am not known for passing up an opportunity to tease and I wasn’t about to start now. That said, I also know that not all mocking need be verbalized. Sometimes an arched eyebrow and a tiny grin is all that is needed. The subsequent rolling of Ashley’s eyes told me I was right.

“That’s not what I meant. I meant…”

“I know. I know what you meant. And I don’t doubt it for a second.”

Of course I didn’t really know that Ashley wasn’t in the habit of stripping off and giving lap dances to men she barely knew until just that second. But I could have guessed it. Ashley was certainly not cheap, and she sure as hell wasn’t easy. Anyone who might think otherwise wasn’t paying attention. I on the other hand, am occasionally both cheap and easy, but strictly speaking, I also had never done anything like this before.

“And just so you know, I’ve never done anything like this before either. I mean…” I tried to forestall being on the receiving end of my own raised brow and knowing grin but was unsuccessful, “… with someone I’m interviewing.”

“Really? I figured a good-looking guy like you would be fighting them off.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say I had to fight them off, but yeah, I’ve had the opportunity once or twice before. But I’ve never taken it. Until now.”

Like I said, I can be charming when I want to be. However, I really can’t resist an opportunity to tease.

“What can I say, Seth Rogen’s tits aren’t as nice as yours.”

Ashley burst into laughter as I caught her by surprise yet again and I joined her. The words were admittedly crude, but they seemed to be successful in eliminating the last traces of self-doubt from the blue-eyed girl’s face and I watched her laugh with a certain feeling of satisfaction. Not to mention gratefulness that success in my job did not depend in large part on my looks. Talent was important in Hollywood, but not nearly so important as being hot. Fortunately Ashley could lay claim to a fair amount of both.

The laughter eventually tapered off and I found myself looking into Ashley’s bright blue eyes as she searched my face for a few seconds, giving me a wide smile before starting to lean in to me. Finally!

We spent some time kissing and my hand left Ashley’s breast to start roaming around her back. I like sex, love it actually, as much as the next guy, but there is definitely something to be said for having an armful of practically naked woman, and being able to stroke silky soft skin while you’re kissing even softer lips. And Ashley had the softest lips I’d ever kissed. A fact I confirmed repeatedly for the next few minutes.

After a time we stopped kissing and Ashley pulled back and gave me another smile before opening her mouth to speak. I didn’t really know what to expect this time, but figured it would probably be something along the lines of “That was nice.” or something equally innocuous. But as with so many other things, Ashley’s idea of small talk was a bit different than mine.

“What about my nipples darlin’? Are they perfect too?”

I could tell from Ashley’s eyes, and the smile tugging at the corner of her lips, that this rather unexpected question wasn’t intended to be serious so I decided to risk kidding her some more, “Hmm. Let’s see.” I removed my hand from her back and replaced it on her breast, using my thumb to trace her areola, rubbing the nipple with the edge and then dragging the pad of the digit over it to make a plus sign, pushing the nub from side to side while I pretended to examine it. Ashley’s eyes fluttered closed and she moaned softly once more.

“I don’t know. Maybe. I think a closer inspection is required.”

Almost any other woman probably would have reacted to the teasing with a light slap to my arm and a playful admonition to stop or something similar, but not Ashley. Ashley just went with the flow, granting me that closer inspection, but in a way I never would have expected.

“Purse your lips darlin’.”


“I thought you said ‘without question’?”

“Oops, right. Sorry.” I did as instructed, pressing my lips together in a thin line.

“That’s better.”

Ashley leaned forward a bit and my hand fell away from her chest, but as she leaned she brought her own hand up to her right breast and she lifted it a little, bringing the nipple up so that she could press it against my lips. When I realized what she was about to do my eyes went wide but I kept my lips locked tight and didn’t move. This might not have been the way I would have imagined becoming intimate with Ashley would start, but that didn’t bother me. Her way was already proving to be more fun than anything I would have come up with. I remained almost rigid as she moved the nipple from one side of my mouth to the other, my lips starting to tingle as the erect flesh passed over them.


Ohhh, I do like where this is headed!

“Okay, now kiss.”

Of all the many things I have ever been instructed or asked to do in my life, that one may well have been the easiest. It was definitely one of the most exciting. I pressed my lips against Ashley’s breast, the nipple parting them the tiniest bit, and left them there, lingering just long enough for her to wonder what I was doing, then pulling back with a small popping sound. I had just kissed Ashley Scott’s nipple. That alone would be reason enough to call this a damn good day. And it wasn’t even lunchtime. The black-haired girl straightened up and gave me an amused look.

“Well darlin’? What do you think now?”

I could have easily continued bantering with Ashley, perhaps with a lighthearted taunt about how her right nipple was perfect but I couldn’t possibly comment about the left until I’d had a chance for an equally thorough assessment, but once again I found myself speaking without thinking, “I think I’m a very lucky man.”

Hmm. Okay, not bad. This time. At least I didn’t give away my condo. Ashley sat there silently, her eyes blinking a few times and a crooked grin on her lips, apparently caught short for the moment. Instead of responding vocally, she apparently decided that I had earned another kiss for my flattery and she ducked her head to meet my lips once again. This time we let our tongues join in the exploration.

When Ashley pulled back from me she gave me a soft, uncharacteristically shy smile, and then proceeded to turn around on the chair so that she was once again sitting with her back to my chest. I don’t remember doing it intentionally, but as soon as I felt Ashley’s ass back in my lap my legs parted and she was sitting in between my thighs again, her nearly naked rump pressed against my erection once more. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled back while thrusting my own pelvis forward, then moved my hands up Ashley’s body until I was grasping both her breasts. There could be no doubt now in either of our minds where we were headed.

Time passed and we continued that way, me fondling and caressing Ashley’s tits while she rubbed her butt on my cock, until it occurred to me that the music had stopped. We had come to the end of another set. Under other circumstances that probably would have signaled the end of the lap dance, but not in this case. Ashley had stopped giving me a lap dance quite some time ago. What we were doing now was a dry hump. Which meant, it was time for the last step.

“So Bambi, isn’t this club fully nude?”

The sharp intake of breath told me that I had surprised her again and Ashley turned to look back at me, her eyes darting around the club, the implication obvious. Here? But she never bothered asking that, apparently coming up with an answer she was content with for herself. Instead she responded, “I will if you will!”

We were out of the chair and standing in a heartbeat as I struggled to take off all my clothes at the same time. Ashley had quite the head start on me and could have had her thong off in an instant but she chose to leave it on for the time being and instead moved to help me get out of my pants, her hands undoing my belt and fly and pushing my trousers towards the stage floor. My boxers hadn’t even made it to my knees when Ashley was already on hers with my dick in her mouth. She bobbed her head quickly up and down my shaft, getting it good and wet, and then swallowed a fair amount of my member and sucked it hard. Harder even than she had sucked my fingers a short time earlier. I was trying to finish the job of taking my pants and shorts off with my feet so my balance was already shaky, and with Ashley demonstrating that she also had a very bright future should she ever want a career as a human penis pump, I was forced to take a half step forward to keep from falling over. She released the suction on my cock and let me fall from her mouth as she looked up at me with a big grin, obviously pleased with herself. She opened her mouth again, possibly to say something, but I didn’t give her the chance, slipping my unit back between her lips and putting both my hands on top of her head. I slid in slowly and Ashley sucked me hands-free for a bit, her head twisting to one side and then the other before she repeated the rapid bobbing motion again, her tongue coming out to lick the underside of my shaft right near my balls on the last one. She must have liked that even more than I did because when she was finished she pulled her mouth off of me again and used her right hand to point my dick straight up while she licked her way down the bottom of my pole until she could suck my nuts into her mouth, her eyes never leaving mine. Working over one side and then the other Ashley licked and sucked my scrotum for a minute and then started to work back along my rod to the tip, spreading her saliva around with her tongue and using her hand to jerk me.

When she got back to the tip of my cock she licked around the head several times and then opened her mouth and started to inhale my cock in an obvious attempt to deep throat me. It took her a few tries but after the third stab at it she was able to press her nose into the skin at the base of my dick, holding it there for a standing ten count. When she released me Ashley pulled all the way off and again looked up at me with a laugh, then took a long lick of the bottom of my shaft from my balls up to the tip. Next it was time for some more head bobbing, a little shallower than before, but she added some hand-work to make up for the lack of depth she was achieving, jerking my pole in perfect coordination with each dip of her head. She kept this up longer than anything else she had done so far, because I was really enjoying it I’m sure, but also because she seemed to be getting a lot out of it as well. Ashley appeared to take more pleasure from sucking a cock than any woman I’ve ever been with before. At least if the noises of approval she was making were any indication. But variety is an important element to any great blowjob and Ashley knew better than to stay with one style for too long, so after a while she again went hands-free and started to suck me slowly. Another long lick of my shaft and then it was back to the tip where she waved her tongue around the glans, spending some time playing with the frenulum and then popping the head back into her mouth for a few gentle sucks while she resumed stroking my unit with her right hand. Next Ashley returned to my testicles and proceeded to pay them the same gentle sucking attentions she had just given to the tip of my cock. She swirled her tongue around my balls before taking them into her mouth then continued to flutter the pink organ over my sack while she sucked softly. A minute or so like that and it was again time to change gears and we were right back to Ashley inhaling my prick all the way to the root. Oh fuck, did that feel good!

Between the rather energetic head I had been receiving and the awkward arrangement my trousers had ended up in, I was having some trouble standing still while Ashley gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life, and after the 5th or 6th attempt to catch my balance in half as many minutes she looked up at me and said “Maybe you should sit down darlin’ before you fall and bruise something…” A quick glance down to my penis “… important.”

I followed Ashley’s suggestion and practically fell back onto the chair, the creaking of the wooden legs reminding me that this wasn’t the sturdiest piece of furniture in the room. But any concerns I had were completely pushed out of my head when I saw Ashley hook her thumbs in the waistband of her thong and push it to the floor of the stage. Sweet Jesus she is one hot woman.

My mind having finally caught up with my mouth, I managed not to blurt out anything tacky this time, but the look on my face must have told Ashley exactly what I was thinking.

“Cat…” She paused there for a second, making it perfectly obvious that “cat” was not exactly the word she really meant, “… got your tongue?”

I didn’t even bother taking my eyes off Ashley’s pussy to look up at her, “Not yet, but believe me, it will.”

Ashley gave out a short laugh then virtually launched herself onto my lap, quickly scooting up my thighs and trapping my by now throbbing cock between her snatch and my abdomen. She rubbed against me, dragging her clit and bare lips along the bottom of my shaft, then she grabbed hold of my dick and angled it underneath her and repeated the action along the top of my unit.

Without even the thin material of her thong in place to blunt the sensations it was easier than ever to feel the intense heat radiating from Ashley’s labia, not to mention the rather large quantity of juice that was already starting to coat my rod. There was little doubt that we were both very ready for this. Except that I still had my boxers and pants around my ankles. I tried again to pry them off with my feet, succeeding in getting both off on the right side. Oh well. One foot free was better than none.

After only two, maybe three passes along my penis Ashley pressed up with her fingertips and I started to slide into her. All morning I’d been fantasizing about something along these lines and still I was caught unprepared for how good it actually felt. I let out a low groan, echoed immediately by my new lover. But, as excited as I was feeling, and as much as I had been filled with anticipation at the prospect, remote at first but increasing in likelihood as the morning went on, that I was going to have sex with Ashley, this was apparently nothing compared to the degree of horniness the blue-eyed girl was feeling. As soon as she felt I was safely inside her she took off, riding me at the fastest clip her gorgeous, and quite strong, legs could manage.

Every time Ashley slammed the bottom of her thighs against the top of mine I could hear the legs of the chair I was on creaking. She had both feet flat on the stage and her hands were holding on to the curved wooden back of the seat to either side of my head, her eyes closed and her mouth open just a bit. As I watched her blue eyes sprang open and locked with my own. In a second she was pressing her mouth against mine, kissing me almost as hard as she was fucking me. Surprisingly this had little impact on how quickly Ashley was able to move up and down on my cock.

“Squeeze my ass!”

Kiss my nipple, squeeze my ass. Ashley was demonstrating a real knack for asking me to do things that I, and just about any male that could still fog a mirror, already wanted to do. If this keeps up the next thing you know she’ll be asking me to sit quietly while she rides me like a kid with a new hobby horse. Oh, wait. Finding room on my face somehow for an even wider grin I placed my hands on her ass and did as requested.

“Mmmm. Fuck!”

We kept up like this for a number of minutes, longer than I would ever have guessed to be honest, before the raven-haired girl started to slow down. Almost as suddenly as she had started to ride me she transitioned from pumping up and down to sawing her hips back and forth along my dick. Seeing this as my opportunity to take charge for a while I stood up, taking Ashley with me, and spun her around, lowering her to the chair in a semi-reclined position. With my feet spread wide so that I could remain upright I grabbed Ashley by the ankles and held them apart while I started to move inside her once more.

“Mmmm darlin’, fuck me like you mean it!”

Can do darlin’, can do.

If there was one thing I had learned in the last ten minutes or so, besides what it felt like to actually be fucking Ashley Scott, it was how hard the blue-eyed girl wanted to be pounded. This was probably predictable, given the hours long flirtation we had been engaged in, but to me it was just another item on a growing list of things to really like about the pretty actress. I like to think I’m comparatively easy going when it comes to sex, willing to adjust my style to whatever my partner for the night, or day, seems to favor. But if I’m given a choice in the matter, then give me hot, high-energy, balls-to-the-wall fucking any day of the week. If I ever get married then I guess I’ll have to get used to, read settle for, “making love”, but until then I’d prefer to fuck. Maybe I’m just strange that way. Lucky for me Ashley seemed to share my predilection.

Her choice made, and mine as well, I went right to it. There was absolutely no need to take things slow. So from the first thrust in our new arrangement I started hammering away. With the chair not having any arms, and with Ashley not in an upright position, there was nowhere convenient for the blue-eyed girl to hang onto except for the top of the curved back again. She reached up and behind her and grasped the wood while I took her legs and put one calf against each of my shoulders. This lifted her ass off the chair even more, so that only the small of her back was really on the seat, and every time I drove into her the two front legs were lifted off the floor and the chair rocked back on its hind legs a couple of inches. Slap, creak, bang. Slap, creak, bang. Slap, creak, bang. The noises repeated in rapid succession starting with the sound of my hips hitting the back of Ashley’s legs through the creaking of the chair as it lifted off the floor on to the bang as the front returned to the stage. Slap, creak, bang.

For the next several minutes that noise, plus the never-ending grunts, groans, moans and cries, filled the strip club as I did exactly what Ashley had asked me to do. Fuck her like I meant it. I suppose this is one of those sayings that doesn’t really make sense if you spend too much time thinking about it, but if you take it to mean that I was going to fuck Ashley like I wanted this to be the best fuck of her life, or mine, then I can honestly say, I tried. Boy did I try. Did I succeed? Maybe. Speaking only for myself, I have to say I can’t remember ever being this excited before, and I really enjoy sex, so, yeah, but I can’t take all the credit for that. As for Ashley, I’ll let you decide.

We continued on that way for about as long, and maybe even longer, as Ashley had spent on top of me. And I know I could have kept on going, but it occurred to me that the raven-haired girl’s position probably wasn’t very comfortable, and the longer we continued, the more ominous the creaking of the chair was becoming. A change to someplace less risky was probably in order. Without stopping to discuss my decision, I came to an abrupt halt and reached down to wrap my arms around Ashley’s back and lifted her from the chair, her calves still on my shoulders and my prick still inside her. Aside from a brief surprised look when she felt herself being lifted off the chair the blue-eyed girl withheld comment as I started to move to away.

I hadn’t given any thought to our next destination but as I lifted Ashley I saw the stairs leading down from the stage to my left and next to them on the right was the pile of towels she had been using earlier and tossing off to the side. Perfect. After feeling the wood of the chair pressing into both our backs a little padding would almost certainly be appreciated. I didn’t think about it right away but when I felt my pants dragging along behind me, I gave a silent thanks that I had been able to get my one foot freed. Negotiating the stairs of the stage while carrying Ashley, folded in half mind you, and waddling like a penguin would not have been fun. Funny looking perhaps, but not fun. I shuffled, which is not the same as waddled, over and went down the three steps then turned around so I could lower Ashley to the mound of towels on the stage. Ah. Much better.

“Thanks darlin’. My back was starting to feel it.”

“Yeah, I think the chair was also starting to feel it.”

Not surprisingly my cock had slipped out of Ashley as I lowered her to the floorboards making it easy for us to choose a new position to go along with our new location. If Ashley had a preference she kept it to herself, leaving the choice up to me.

“So, what did you have in mind this time?”

An image of Ashley on all fours sprang into my mind. My cock got even harder as I pictured that amazing ass and incredible pussy just waiting for me.

“How about doggy?”

“Mmmm. One of my favorite positions darlin’.” She was up on her hands and knees before the sentence was even finished.

Mine too darlin’. DAMN! That is so fucking Hot!! This is gonna kill me.

With Ashley on her knees and given the height of the stage there was no way for me to get my dick back inside her unless I stepped up on the platform behind her. Which wasn’t a problem, but with Ashley on her knees and given the height of the stage I now had the best, and the closest, view of this beautiful woman’s beautiful pussy I’d had all morning. Not that I wanted to spend all that much time just staring at Ashley’s twat. At some point later, if there was, say, some chance of a repeat performance, then I could easily spend a great deal of time staring Ashley in the snatch. But right then, well, I think the time had finally come for the, ahem, cat, to get my tongue.

So to speak.


Oh FUCK! Why, oh why, had I denied myself this pleasure for so long? That’s right, I was busy actually fucking. Okay, so it was time to play a little catch-up. But not too long. One of the real downsides to the male anatomy is that the penis and the tongue occasionally have to compete with each other over certain female body parts. I don’t know about anyone else but in my case the penis usually wins. But, as it likes to remind me every time, when the penis wins everybody wins.

Needless to say my dick is not quite as patient as it sometimes should be. So I – forced is not the right description here. No one in their right mind would have to force themselves to eat out any woman as gorgeous as Ashley – but I, how about imposed, imposed on myself a minimum time limit that I would hold to before slipping my cock back into the place my tongue currently occupied. For Ashley’s pleasure every bit as much as my own.

I started off by sliding my tongue in between Ashley’s lips and working it inside her opening, capturing the fluids that nearly two hours of verbal, and actual, foreplay, not to mention more than twenty minutes of vigorous fucking, had already produced. When I had slurped my momentary fill I moved down an inch or so and fluttered my tongue softly over the blue-eyed girls clit, getting a soft, then a not so soft, moan as a result.

“Unnnhhh. UnnnNNNHHHH. Oh darlin’, eat that pussy!”

The moans were not unexpected of course, in fact I was kind of hoping for them. I can’t think of anything that screams You Suck! louder than going down on a woman and having her just lie there not responding. And I certainly appreciated hearing Ashley tell me to continue doing what I already wanted to do – the third time for those keeping score at home. But the giggling, I must admit, that came as a bit of a surprise.


Okay so which was it? Did it feel good, or was I tickling her? I moved away from Ashley’s clit, letting my tongue take a long swipe the entire length of her slit and ending up gently drilling it back into her cunt.


More swirling my tongue inside followed by some lip sucking and pulling, repeat and mix it up a bit.

“Unnnnnnhhhhhhh. Unnnnnhhhhhhhhhh.”

Hesitating for just a second, I moved my tongue back to Ashley’s clit and gave it a lick and a soft suck.


Good. No giggles that time. Maybe it was just a onetime thing. I sucked more of her pussy and hood into my mouth, getting the most appreciative moan so far from the black-haired girl.

“NNNNNNNHHHHHHHHH!! Mmmm darlin’.”

Hmm. It must have just been a fluke. I set aside my concerns and started to focus on really munching Ashley’s muff. She seemed to like it when I spent more than a few seconds taking long licks up and down her slit, sometimes sucking on her lips, sometimes not, then spending some quality time with her clit. I experimented with different levels of force when I worked Ashley’s nerve bundle, getting the most positive response from the blue-eyed girl whenever I gave it a healthy suck. Not too hard mind you, but definitely nothing tentative either. Just for the hell of it, and because it’s a turn-on for me under the right circumstances, the next time I slid my tongue up to the bottom of Ashley’s snatch I continued on to her butt and started to rim her.

“Ah darlin’, eat my ass!”


Huh. There it was again. That was definitely a giggle. But it sounded different than any of the moans Ashley was making. Somehow more distant. I wonder if I can get her to do it again. I shoved my tongue back into Ashley’s rear, but, after several more minutes of tossing the dark-haired girl’s salad, I had to concede defeat. Doesn’t matter. That’s not what I was there for anyway. I dropped it from my mind and went back to work with my tongue, moving away from Ashley’s butt and back to her pussy.


Now that’s more like it.

Although I was once again hearing the kind of appreciative sounds I preferred coming from the blue-eyed girl I was also reaching the end of my cock-imposed time limit. I suppose I could have pretended that I was actually the one in charge and gone beyond the limit, but a) who am I kidding? and b)… there was no b. I wasn’t really in charge, and I, and my cock, both knew it. Besides, it really was time to start fucking Ashley again.

I stepped up onto the stage behind the kneeling beauty and without fanfare slid my prick back into Ashley’s cunt.

“Unnnhhhh darlin’, fuck me. Make me cum!”

That sounded like a really good idea. So good, I think I’ll join her. We had a plan, now all we had to do was put it into action. Again, this was no time for subtlety. This was a time to fuck and fuck hard. I began pounding Ashley’s box as if my climax depended on it. Heh heh.

Twenty minutes of screwing, plus another, let’s say ten minutes of head, had Ashley, with me not that far behind, ready to cum. It didn’t take any time at all for her to start moaning again, no giggles this time, and after only a few minutes she started to rock back into me as I was slamming into her, the combined force turning the moans into grunts of pleasure. Experience, plus the occasional grunt that sounded like “Don’t Stop!”, told me that Ashley was getting closer by the second. All I had to do was maintain a steady pace and she’d be off. Since that was all I really needed as well, this was yet another thing that I found remarkably easy to do.


Ashley came as hard as she’d done everything else that day, her pussy clamping down on my dick repeatedly until, with a last “Unnnnhhhh, Fuhhhhck.” she pulled away from me and collapsed on her side on the stage floor.

Hmmm. My plan seemed to have developed a slight flaw. But, much as I might have wanted to be enjoying my own orgasm right about then, the unexpected break did serve to delay things a bit, giving me a chance to pull back and thereby, indirectly, increasing my pleasure. As long as the holdup wasn’t too lengthy. For the moment I stayed in basically the same position I had been in since mounting the stage. And Ashley. Except I placed my hands on my knees to give my back a break. Then I looked down to my new lover to find a huge smile on her face as she gazed back up at me.

“Mmmm darlin’, that was amazing. I’m gonna have to do something special to reward you. Just stay right there darlin’ and give me a second to recover.”

A special reward? Just how much more special could things get? I mean, for cryin’ out loud, I’d just spent more than a half hour fucking this unbelievably beautiful woman. What could she possibly offer that could top that? I realized I was about to get my answer as Ashley started to get back up, going right back onto her hands and knees and looking back at me over her shoulder.

“Okay darlin’, now fuck my ass!”

Somewhere, at the edges of my perception, I heard what sounded like a chair being knocked over. Or maybe that was just the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. Fuck Ashley in the ass? Yeah, I think that would qualify as special. Even with chicks that are no strangers to anal sex it usually takes some time before we work up to it. So, yeah, this was indeed very special. I’m certain the look on my face said all that was needed and without further delay I grasped my shaft behind the head and started to press my dick into Ashley’s asshole.

“Unnhhh.” “Unnnnnnhhhhhhh!”

There was some resistance, but not as much as there might have been if Ashley wasn’t really into it. Her orgasm probably helped to relax her, and I’d like to think the time I spent rimming her had helped, but whatever the reason I was able to slide my cock in without much of a problem. Ah man did that feel terrific!

I took a few test strokes while Ashley continued to look back at me, her eyes closing momentarily as she bit her lower lip, but when they reopened all I saw was excitement in them so I stepped up the pace. Not too much. As might be expected Ashley’s asshole was even tighter than her pussy, so fucking her every bit as hard as when I was in her twat really wasn’t in the cards. At least not for me. Other guys might have no problem just going for it, but in that situation that just wasn’t my style. So I settled for a moderate pace with very long strokes. It must have worked because after a minute or so Ashley could no longer keep her eyes open and she lowered her head and upper body to the stage floor, keeping her ass raised while I plunged in and out. Somewhere over the next several minutes terrific turned into extraordinary.

Of course when it does feel that incredible you can imagine that it’s not easy to hold out. Especially not when you’ve already been screwing for over half an hour. Screwing someone scorching hot, who just happens to be famous. Someone named Ashley Scott. Who also just happens to keep reminding you that you’re fucking her in the ass. As if you could ever forget.

“Mmmm darlin’, fuck that ass!”

It was only a few minutes later that, despite my best efforts, I started to cum.

“Ashley! Ashley! Ashley!! Fuck! Oh Fuck! I’m gonna…. AHHHHRRRRRRRRGGGG!!!”

I didn’t even have a chance to pull out, cumming deep inside the dark-haired girl’s ass, her head lifting off the floor as she felt my first squirt coat her insides.

When I finally did stop cumming, and believe me, it took a while, I sank to me knees and rolled onto my back to the left of Ashley. As soon as I was reasonably settled the blue-eyed girl snuggled up to me and we started to kiss. When she pulled back she gave out a short laugh and also rolled onto her back.

“Oh darlin’! That was…” she lifted a hand and started to wave it in the air, obviously searching for the right words. I could have offered up a few choices, I was a writer after all, but no matter what superlative I came up with, it seemed to fall short. For once brevity and simplicity seemed the best option.

“The best sex ever.”

Another short laugh, but if Ashley disagreed with my description she didn’t say so, “That’ll do darlin’!”

Turning back towards me once more we started to kiss again. As we kissed I began to hear some noises coming from the seats on the side of the stage we were on. It took a few seconds for me to react but when I saw a pair of legs climbing the stairs to my left I began to feel a moment’s panic. Then confusion. Were those… chaps?

The person, I hadn’t made it beyond the legs yet and couldn’t say with any certainty whether it was a male or a female, scaled the final step and came to a stop standing right above me, virtually straddling me. An unusual position when you stop to consider that Ashley and I were both mostly naked. At least it gave me the opportunity to determine that I was indeed seeing chaps. Assless chaps in fact. Oooh. I like assless chaps. Especially when the ass being exposed was as nice as this one. Oh yeah, I also now had my answer as to the sex of our visitor.

“You’re late.” Hearing Ashley speak was the first indication I had that this new arrival was someone she knew, having forgotten during all the sex the reason why the black-haired girl was even at a strip club in the first place.

“Yeah, I know. Traffic was a bitch this morning! You seem to have found something to fill in the time though.”

That voice! I recognized that voice! That’s Jessica Alba! My eyes went wide and my heart, which had just barely gotten back to a reasonable rate, started to pick up speed. Jessica Alba! In assless chaps!!

Of course Jessica wasn’t dressed solely in assless chaps, otherwise my heart probably would have already exploded, but she wasn’t wearing a whole lot else. In addition to the chaps she was wearing a matching black thong and strapless bra, made of… Lycra I do believe. And for some strange reason she had a whip. I had just enough time to drink all that in when Ashley started to speak again.

“Did y’all enjoy the show darlin’?”

Darlin’? I thought I was darlin’? Uh oh. I think I have competition.

“What do you think?”

I don’t know how it happened. My eyes simply could not resolve what they were seeing, and believe me I was staring straight at it. But one second I was staring right at Jessica Alba’s thong covered pussy and the next, I was staring right at Jessica Alba’s uncovered pussy.


And the very next second I was staring at Jessica Alba’s pussy with Ashley Scott’s tongue lapping right at it.

Oh FUCK!!!! Jessica Alba’s pussy!! Ashley’s tongue!! In Jessica Alba’s pussy!!! Just when I thought the day couldn’t possibly get any better.

I watched this most incredible display in awe, keenly aware of the magnitude of what I was witnessing. And looking for any opportunity to join in. That was Jessica Alba’s shaved snatch Ashley was boring her tongue into. Jessica Alba! Snatch! And I could see it!! Of course I wanted to drive my tongue in there.

Except. I couldn’t. I went from elated to deflated in just under one second as I realized I couldn’t join in. Oh physically I could, I’d already proven that. But I couldn’t do that to Ashley. Even if I hadn’t noticed that touch of insecurity earlier, I still couldn’t do that to the woman that had just given me some of my best memories ever. How would that be for gratitude? Thanks for the sex Ashley, now would you mind moving out of the way? I think I see my next meal.


When they write the book on the all time noblest unrecognized sacrifices I want my picture on the front cover. Man passes on chance to eat Jessica Alba’s pussy. No film at 11.


Unfortunately, my dick never got the memo.

Ashley must have felt my cock stir, because as soon as the blood started to rush back into it she tore her mouth away from Jessica’s muff and glanced down to my crotch, giving out another quick laugh, “Hah. Now who’s enjoying the show? Jessie look! A few seconds licking you out and someone’s just about ready to go!”

Well, I wouldn’t say I was quite ready yet, but I was certainly on my way. Jessica moved from her position astride my head and squatted by my right shoulder, glancing down to my crotch then back up to my face.

“I’m impressed. And you recover quickly too.”

Did Jessica Alba just say I had a big dick? I think she did.

Turning back to Ashley she continued “Can I play?”

My heart soared once more. Careful now. Try not to look too eager.

“Oh, sorry darlin’, but we’ve got to get going, remember? Besides, the clubs gonna open in a little while.”

That’s one way not to look too eager, but it was hardly my first choice. Ashley and Jessica stood up and I got to my feet as well, already trying to think of ways to change their minds. I was just about to open my mouth when I felt Jessica’s hand on my shaft.


“Too bad. It’s such a nice cock. I coulda had fun with that.” She tugged on it again.

Things were starting to move quickly and for the second time just as I was about to speak I was cut off, this time by Ashley. I hadn’t seen her leave the stage but she was standing there, still quite naked, and she was holding my car key in one hand, while in the other she had a cocktail napkin.

“Here darlin’. You can have your key back.” she started to hand the key and remote over to me then suddenly pulled them back, “Or, you can have my number. Your choice.”

Choice? What choice? You already know I took her number. I could eventually get another car.

As I reached for the napkin Ashley held on and I pulled both in, gathering the blue-eyed beauty to me for a passionate, and lengthy kiss. When we parted she brought her lips next to my ear and started to whisper into it.

“We’ve got to do this again real soon darlin’. Promise you’ll call?”

I lifted my hand to her face and cupped her cheek “I swear. If you want, I’ll call you tonight.”

“I want.” And with that she gave me another kiss then turned to grab Jessica by the hand, pulling her friend away and down the stairs.

“’Bye studly. Maybe we’ll meet again some time.”

“’Bye Jessica. Nice to… meet… you.”

There wasn’t much else I could say. I suppose I could have thanked her for whipping her pussy out, but that seemed just a little gauche. Not to mention that Jessica, and Ashley, would probably not see the humor in it. As for meeting up with her at some future point, well that would have a lot to do with Ashley. I may be cheap, and I may be easy, but I am not a scumbag.

“C’mon Jessie, we gotta go! I’ll drive! I just got a new car!”

I could see the dark-haired girl holding up the key to my Mustang as the pair moved off, Ashley ushering Jessica over to the chairs on the other side of the stage where she picked up her shirt and shorts and started to put them on. Jessica had also apparently left her street clothes nearby and she removed her chaps and replaced them with a wraparound skirt and pullover top. When they had finished dressing they started to walk towards the back of the club and the doorway through which I had entered just a few short hours earlier. As they walked I saw Ashley’s hand sweeping at her butt a couple of times, as if trying to brush something away.

Jessica noted this repeated action as well and asked her friend what was wrong, laughing a little when Ashley responded, “He came in my ass!”

“What? Are you sore?”


“Then what’s the matter?”

“It tickles!”

“It does, doesn’t it!?!”

Their laughter drowned out anything else they might have said as they continued to move towards the exit and I stood there, lost in thought, already starting to reminisce about the mornings events. And trying to decide whether I could actually taste Jessica’s pussy juice on Ashley’s lips the last time she kissed me or if I was just imagining it. I don’t know, but they had tasted different. Or maybe it was nothing more than wishful thinking. I had just about convinced myself that I had indeed tasted the last remnants of Jessica’s fluids when a different memory interrupted me. This one of Ashley saying that the club would open for business soon. And I was still standing there on the stage with my pants around my ankle. It was high time for me to get dressed and get out of there myself… Except, Ashley had taken my car. And all my money.

“Great. How the hell am I supposed to get home?!?”

That’s when I realized that my penis was still thinking about Jessica and pussy juice and a soft hand wrapped around my shaft. Double great. I looked down at my re-energized cock.

“And what the hell am I supposed to do with this?”

From out of the darkness came, “Maybe I could help with that.”

The end.

* * * * * * * * *

Okay, so that finally wraps the second of my unfinished symphonies. I must say, I really like not having to struggle so hard to get these things done. I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

When I first planned this story out I intended for it to be a multi-parter but now I think I’ll skip that and leave this where it is. It’s not because I don’t think there’s more story to tell, and it’s not because I’m taking my ball home in a snit or anything like that. It’s because I have a lot of story ideas, think 60+, and I don’t know how long my writer’s un-block is going to last, and I’d rather focus on something new than do a second and third part for this. Not that most of those 60+ ideas are ever going to see the light of day mind you, but some have a chance and that is where I expect to focus my attention right now.

However, I am open to persuasion. I am of the “You can’t please everybody so you might as well please yourself” school when it comes to stories, but if there are enough responses requesting the additional parts I will seriously consider it. So, if you want more, don’t be shy. Squeaky wheel don’cha know.

Until next time,


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