Dancing For The Legman

Dancing For The Legman

By: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Cheryl Burke

Codes: MC, MF, public sex

The story you are about to read is not true in any way shape or form. I am in no way trying to influence the voting for the ABC reality show called Dancing with the Stars. Anyone who thinks that I am could not be more dead wrong. Vote as you wish, or don’t vote like I do. Any person under eightteen years of age, or can become extremely angry with stories of sexual nature should stop reading now. Anyone has an idea for who The Legman should take next send them to sharkboy77@hotmail.com.
Before you do go into the pages of C-S-S-A and look for that person first. I may already have written that story.

By sharkboy

I sit at a cafe outside of the place where the Tonight Show is filmed, and I look at my watch. The show has been over for sometime and once in awhile one of the guests show up for one of the place’s great smoothies. My eyes go over a pretty red head, as she looks at the menu and I think about taking her someplace and screwing her so hard.

Then as a sign, someone who I have been watching on TV over the last couple of years walks into my field of vision. My mouth gaps open as the beautiful and very exotic Cheryl Burke from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars come into my view. She looks up at the menu as she licks her lips some. She is so beautiful and gorgous that she makes me so hard. Why did I have to wear tight pants today? My eyes move over her sexy stocking covered pantyhose that cover her sexy dancers legs. Her shirt happens to be nice and tight too, and I can tell that she has no bra on also.

I stand as my eyes go over her body, and I smile as she walks up to the stand and she orders. My eyes go over her body, as I walk towards her. Cheryl takes her smoothie and she begins to drink it, as she turns her back to the kid who sold it to her. His eyes go over the back of her legs while she eats her smoothie.

“Hello, are you Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars?” My eyes move over her body, as she looks up me and she smiles while she sucks her straw.

Her mouth then comes off of her straw and she smiles up at me. “Yes, that is I. Are you a fan or a gawker?” Her eyes look me over, and she smiles the sexiest smile that I have ever seen.

“I like the parts of the show that have the women on it.” She laughs some, as she nearly chokes on her drink.

“Wow, a man with an honest answer! Crap that has to be my first. Well there was the man who asked me if I knew Stacy Keibler’s phone number. How would I know that?” She smiles, as she tries to suck her smoothie out with her straw.

“I know her phone number.” I say to her because I do know her phone number.

Cheryl smiles up at me, as she drinks her smoothie and she shakes her head no. She then takes her sexy lips off her smoothie straw. “Why do you lie?”

“Because I screwed her at an auto show in Detroit. Why am I lying?” I smile as I look into her beautiful brown eyes.

“I know Stacy Keibler and she turns down so many guys who hit on her right and left. A guy like you would have nothing to stand out to her.” Cheryl smiles, as she sips her smoothie some more.

“Yeah, I would have nothing that could turn her head can I? If I can whisper her cell phone number into your ear, and get it right you take me inside of that hotel and we have a night of passionate, earth rattling sex.” I smile at her, as her eyes widen and he sexy mouth pops open.

“Did you just? Okay, never saw that one coming. Fine if you get the numbers right I will fuck you until you are raw.” Cheryl sucks on her empty drink some so if I knew the phone number I might forget it.

I then lean down and I whisper the number number that belongs to former WWE diva Stacy Keibler, and when I pull away from her the look on her face is of total shock and awe. She then drops her empty cup and she puts her hand over her mouth. “You are the… oh my god!” She gasps, as she looks up at me. Then she looks down at the hardon that so wants to escape from my pants. Now she gasps even harder. Then the tears come into her eyes, as she begins to shake so hard. “Why me?”

“Because I have had a crush on you for a long time and I would so love to make love to you. Besides you have figured out who I am haven’t you?”

“The Legman…” She begins to weep so hard, as she buries her face into my chest. Her body shakes so hard, as she thinks of what she has just aggreed to do with me. “What if I told you that I had a boyfriend?”

I can tell that the beautiful two time winner of Dancing with the Stars is on the fence with if she intends to fuck me or not, so I help her. My hands then move over her sexy and toned legs and she melts into my arms. I hold her up, as my hands move over the back of her sexy thighs and her weeping stops.

I hold her in my arms for the next few minutes, as my hands move over her amazingly sexy legs. Cheryl moan and she shivers, as my hands cover her sexy flesh. “Cheryl we can do one of two things right now. We can go into that hotel and have a night that niether you or I will forget…”

“Or what Master?” Cheryl finds option number one too tempting to resister, but option number two might be very yummy too.

“If you love your boyfriend you can go home and tell him about me fucking you on that table inside of your asshole infront of of everyone.” I would never do that to the exotic Cheryl Burke, but I have figured out a long time ago that fear happens to be a very good motivator.

Her body goes stiff and I can hear her swallow hard, as she presses her impressive chest into me, and she asks. “What do I need to do to make option number one happen, and make option number two disappear forever?”

“Take off your panties and give them to me, and then give me one hell of a kiss.” I smile, as my hands glide up her leg, and she shivers so hard. Then she looks up at me and she grins so wide. Cheryl’s hand then glides up her own leg as she removes her panties for me.

She then leans up and she kisses me with powerful passion that nearly makes my head explode. If I can say anything about the incredibly sexy and very exotic Cheryl Burke is that she can kiss. She then breaks the kiss and she looks at her right hand. Her panties are still in her right hand. She then hands them to me and she puts her hands on the table, and she braces for her public humilation.

“Cheryl lets go and rent that room now.” Cheryl relaxes, as she hears that she will not be publicly ass fucked and she sighs hard, and she turns to me. She takes my arm, and I escort her across the street to the really posh hotel that would break me if I spent even a night inside of it.

As I and Cheryl Burke walk into the hallway towards the room that she rented for us her eyes move over a handsome young man of her age. She smiles at him, as my hand moves over her ultra sexy thigh, and then her eyes roll some. My hands move over her sexy legs inside of the elevator and I look into her half-closed eyes. “See something that you like?”

“He is very handsome and I am so horny.” She then rubs her tits against me. “What are the chances that he can join us?”

“None, I do not fuck guys.” My hands do move up her sexy legs, and I move her skirt up over her waist. My hands then move over her sexy dancers ass. “I do fuck stars inside of elevators. Turn around.”

Cheryl turns as she turns from my face and my hands move over her sexy legs. By how her neck tightens I can tell that she fears me ass fucking her. I then whisper into her ear. “I promise not to ass fuck you, okay?”

She relaxes, as I pull her legs apart and she places her hands against the door of the elevator. My hand then moves thru her wet pussy, and she shivers so hard. “Oh God!”

I then pull down my pants and I move closer to the very sexy dancer at my mercy. Quickly I take my dick into my hands and I rub it between her two sexy legs. “Ohhh!” She moans, as she shivers so hard. I then insert my dick inside of her, and she shakes so hard, as I inch it inside of her very slowly.

“Oh my God! Oh shit!” She screams loud, as I inch myself into her slowly. She shakes so hard, as my penis inches inside of her. Her chest heaves so hard, as she adjusts to my size.

I then begin to fuck her so hard and she goes stiff, as I move inside of her with such passion and great power. Her body rocks as I fuck her so hard and for so long, while my eyes look at the elevator numbers as they rise. I fuck her even harder, as we come closer and closer to our floor.

“Oh God! Oh God! Thank the fucking lord for such a big penis!” Cheryl yells, as she cums all over my dick, and she shakes so hard while it happens. Her boobs shake, as she orgasms so hard. Then both she and I look at the door and it happens to be wide open. The nun who stands in the doorway has a look on her face that suggests that she might go into complete shock, as her mouth hangs open. “I am so sorry sister.” Cheryl happens to be so embarrassed getting caught screwing by a nun in an elevator.

I pull my dick of out of her pussy, but the nun can see it and her mouth still hangs open. I then lower her skirt, and pull up my pants. “If you two don’t mind I shall try the next elevator. God bless you both.” She steps back, as our door closes and Cheryl goes silent for a moment.

“Okay, I am pretty sure that we are going to Hell for that.” She tries to pull down her skirt as if doing that could protect her from my abilities at all. I know what’s to happen to me when I die already, and I smile at her as our elevator begins to rise once more.

After what seems like forever to both Cheryl and I we slam into our hotel room like a tornado. We knock over things as she and I kiss with a passion of one thousand super noving suns. My hands move over her legs and huge tits as I toss her on the bed, and she laughs so hard.

I then begin to get undressed, as does she. She removes her shirt and my eyes widen at her beautiful bare tits, and then she begins to unzip her short skirt. “Leave the stockings and heals on please?” My eyes go over her body, as she gives me an alluring smile and nod.

She removes everything, but her stockings and high heel and I walk to her and I run my hand up her leg. Her body shivers so hard, as my hand moves over her leg, and she closes her eyes and she sighs so loud.

My hands slowly cover her sexy dancers legs, and she shivers so hard. I then lean down, and I begin to kiss her legs and her skin breaks out into goosebumps. “You are so exotic and very sexy.” I tell her, as my hands move up her leg, and then it covers her wet as hell pussy.

“Why don’t you fuck me then, and quit playing with my body?” She lifts her hips to me, as she begs me. “Please, fuck me now, please?” Her eyes look at me with a burning desire to get her brains screwed out of her pretty little head. Who can resist such an offer?

“So the two time Dancing with the Stars champion wants to fuck me? What can you do to make me so hot and horny for you?” I ask, as my eyes rove her dancers legs. Then it comes to me, while I walk to the other side of the room, and I sit down in a chair and I look at her. “Dance for me whore.”

Cheryl stands up and she smiles at me. She picks up her yellow shirt and she begins to dance behind it very seductively. Her brown eyes burn with a great desire, as she looks over my naked form. She then drops her shirt and she begins to dance with great desire and lust. Her eyes stare at me with a powerful passion, as she smiles at me seductively.

She then ends up in my lap, as she kisses me with such passion and lust. I could kiss her all day and we nearly do that, until I pick her up and I toss her on the floor. Cheryl looks up at me with lust in her eyes, and she parts her legs for me. I then lie between her legs, and I begin to kiss her neck with such want and need.

The beautiful dancer smile, as she shivers so hard from what my hands and mouth do to her outstanding body. I then begin to kiss her tits with passion and want and she moans so loud. I then take my dick into my hand, and she looks up at me with a smoldering desire of want.

Then I begin to insert my dick into her tight pussy, and she shivers so hard as it happens. She presses her eyes shut, as I fill her to a point that no man has ever done before. “Oh God!” Her body shudders so hard, as I begin to move inside of her with such lust.

Her eyes roll, as I fuck her so long and so hard. Her body shakes, as I hit her g-spot over and over and she screams in desire. My hand moves over her tits and legs, as I fuck her so hard. I am impressed that she has not came yet, and the look in her eyes says that she so wants to cum so much.

I then lean in and I tell her. “Cum when you need to orgasm. I can go all night.” I then kiss her sexy neck in lust, and she begins to orgasm so hard.

“Oh my God! Thank you!” I can feel the sexual frustration that she has been repressing being released. She then cums all over my dick so powerful and her large chest heaves. Her eyes roll, as she so enjoys the afterglow of her orgasm.

Her eyes then widen as I pull out of her, and she waits for me to cum on her on or something. She then smiles, as I do not cum into her face or anything like that and I smile down at her. I then walk to the mini-bar and I ask her. “Want anything to drink?”

“Any fruit juice in there? I have to dance tomorrow night, so I don’t drink when I do it.” Cheryl smiles up at me, and I become so amazed when she is able to sit up some. Then she looks at my reaction. “Was I that bad?” Her smile then turns into a frown.

I am taken back by the question and I shake my head, and I smile at her. I then walk to her with a bottle of V8 and I hand it to her and I lie beside of her naked. “No, you were exceptional.”

“Sometimes I think my boyfriend does not like how I make love.” Cheryl shakes her head some, as she looks into my eyes.

“You boyfriend might be a fag then.” I smile as I look into her eyes, and to my surprise she laughs some. “Who does he happen to be?” She then whispers the name is the guy that she is currently dating and I laugh some more.

Later Cheryl and I end up in the shower with her legs wrapped around me. I fuck her so hard, as the water runs down her sexy back. My hands move over her legs and her outstanding ass, while we fuck so long and so hard. She can’t get enough of me and both she and I know that she has to dance in under fifteen hours. I try not to fuck her too hard, because of this fact but with her sexual needs added to my own I can only do so much.

I fuck her so hard, as she howls so loud in great desire. Her eyes are closed so tight while she and I fuck so hard. Her sexy legs are wrapped around me so tight, as she power fucks me back just as hard. Her tits rub against my chest, as we both fuck like we are animals in great heat. My dick actually becomes sore due to the constant fucking from the very sexy Cheryl Burke, but I continue to fuck her with great power.

“Oh fuck, oh Fuck, OH FUCK!” Cheryl orgasms hard, as she cums all over me and her. She rides me even harder, as she wishes me to cum inside of her so hard. “Cum for mamma please?” She whispers into my ear with her sweet and sexy voice, and this happens to be too much for me to handle.

I cum inside of the very beautiful Cheryl Burke so hard, and my body shakes as she milks the seamen out of my dick. My legs become weak, as she looks into my eyes and she milks to cum out of me. “So what are you and I going to do today?”

My eyes widen, as she asks me this question and my mouth gaps open, as I look into her beautiful brown eyes. How can she think that… this does happen from time to time. When I power fuck someone for so many days the woman tends to get the wrong idea, besides she has forgotten something. “You have to dance in nearly twelve hours.”

As I take her out of the shower and I shut it off, she has a look on her face that tells me that she wonders what it will take to get out of dancing tonight. She then asks me something that makes me want to laugh so hard. “Will Ian be mad if I don’t show up tonight?”

I blink as she asks her very dumb question, and I shake my head. “Oh I think he would be fine dancing with Tom or someone else. He’ll likely hunt you down and kill you.”

Cheryl laughs some at the image of her handsome partner dancing with the host of the show, as I dry her body off some. Her body is so sexy naked that I am so tempted to take her off to some island so she and I can spend all day and night fucking so hard. I then lead her into the next room.

Inches from the bed Cheryl screams so loud, and she closes her eyes in agony. I help her into bed, and she looks at me with tears in her eyes. Her muscles in her sexy legs have locked up, and she might have gotten her wish. She holds her upper thighs, as she sobs so hard. I feel so sorry for the badly hurt star, because I never meant to do this.

“Panic right now is your biggest enemy.” I begin to stretch her legs out, and then she looks at me with such hatred.

“You have done what you needed to do! Get out now!” She sobs, as I work her legs. “Who paid you? I want to know now!” She now thinks that one of her compedators paid me to take her out and she could not be more wrong. If I wished to do that I would have fucked her until the show happens to be over. I would have never have done this to her.

“I did not mean to…” Her eyes narrow at me, as she begins to stretch her own legs.

“Right, I bet you have marathon sex with every slut that you nail. Get out now before I call security.” I watch her some, as she stretches her own sexy gams. Tears roll down her face, as she does it. I then leave the room, after I place her cell phone by her side.

Once outside I hear Cheryl call someone on the phone. “Stacy… I was just with your friend from Detroit. My legs are so sore that I can hardly move and I have to dance tonight.” Then I hear something that makes me laugh so hard. “He did not tell me that his name is Steve Austin. Stacy how could you have believed that?”
I smile, as I remember that day in Detroit where I fucked Stacy Keibler so hard, as I will myself to go unseen and I leave the high priced hotel.

Later that night I am watching Dancing with the Stars, and I stare at the exotic and very sexy Cheryl Burke; as she shows more heart and fire than half of our sports superstars even dare to imagine. She has danced great despite her current condition and I can see the agony on her face. Tears roll down her face, as I can see the fear that her many hours of earth shattering sex might have costed her a third title. She also feels so bad for her partner from that 90120 show or whatever it was called.

I shake my head, as the judges take to their performance harshly and the asshole tells her to bring her feet next time. This makes Cheryl sob so hard, and I then fight every urge to go down there and kick his ass. Then they get their scores, and I become irrate at that asshole of a judge. “A FUCKING FOUR! Are you mad?” I am sure angry and I feel so terrible for what I have done to her. I did not mean to screw her out of the title literally. I then begin to pick up the phone and I begin to dial the number that they gave out to vote. I spend the rest of the night over and over voting for Cheryl Burke, because she should not pay for my sexual urges. I shall make things right now.

THE END. Any questions or comments send to sharkboy77@hotmail.com

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