Dangerously In Love – Chapter 1: Emotion


If you are not yet 18, I doubt you will turn back cos u’ve made it this far, but please, do not say I did not warn you. Please for your own good, wait till you’re old enough. I know I did.

Oh lest I forget, the characters are strictly fictional. I don’t know if Beyonce, Kelly, or anybody else mentioned is a lesbian or would do anything here, and if they are, it is their business.

Chapter One: EMOTION

It’s just emotion that’s taken me over

Caught up in sorrow, lost in my soul

But if you don’t come back

Come home to me, darling

Don’t you know there’s nobody left in this world

to hold me tight

Don’t you know there’s nobody left in this world to kiss goodnight

In her New York hotel suite, 21 year old Beyonce Giselle Knowles lay on her bed absent-mindedly flipping through the channels on the giant television screen right in front of her. She caught a glimpse of herself on MTV and paused. It was a clip of the memorable February night in 2001 at the Grammy Awards, where her group, Destiny’s Child, had walked away with two awards. After five years, Beyonce still felt weird whenever she saw herself on television. Her thoughts were interrupted by the words of Sway, the MTV news VJ…. “Beyonce, who is currently dating rapper Jay-Z….”. She giggled to herself at she wondered how wrong the public could get. Jay-Z was a nice guy, but not her type. He was like a big brother to her, and ever since they were spotted together in St. Tropes, the press had had a field day, which was fuelled even further by the fact that their duet, “03 Bonnie and Clyde”, was climbing the charts swiftly.

In the past few years, she had been romantically linked to everybody from Usher to Mos Def to Jay-Z to even Eminem, so this recent rumor did not come too much as a shocker to her. Apart from a few dates with Mekhi Phifer during the filming of her MTV movie and feature film debut, “Carmen”, she had not even been involved with any guy in show business. Not that she wanted to. If only the world knew who she really wanted to be with…

Beyonce definitely had a lot to be grateful for. In a few short years, everything she had dreamed about as a kid had come true, and even exceeded her wildest expectations. To the whole world, it seemed as though Destiny’s Child had come out of nowhere and exploded into the major phenomenon that they were. That was as far from the truth as possible. Music had been an integral part of her life or as long as she could remember. At the age of seven, her father quit his job to start a girl group to be led by Beyonce. They were known as Girls Tyme, and originally comprised of 6 members. After losing several Star Search competitions despite their obvious talent, their dad had got rid of two of the members, and left the four girls who later became known as Destiny’s Child – Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Robertson, and LeToya Luckett. In 1997, they recorded a song called “Killing Time” which ended up on the Men in Black soundtrack, and from then on, things became incredible. Their debut album was n

ot only a smash, but also included collaborations with luminaries such as Wyclef and Jermaine Dupri. Their squeaky-clean image, combined with their provocative sexiness and their message of female empowerment propelled them to the heights of super-stardom over the next few years.

Despite several line-up changes and general public opinion about Beyonce’s diva attitude, they had continued to be extremely successful. Presently, Michelle, the most recent member, had recorded a gospel solo album which was still among the top gospel albums in the country months after release, and Kelly, darling Kelly, recorded one of the most popular songs of 2002, a duet with rapper Nelly called Dilemma, which had resulted in platinum success for her album, “Simply Deep”. Of course, she had successes of her own. Her first major movie, “Austin Powers in Goldmember” had already grossed over 200 million dollars at the box office, and she was hard at work on her solo album to be released in the spring of 2003. She was also shooting a new movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. called “The Fighting Temptations”.

Beyonce was jolted out of her thoughts as her cell phone rang. She wondered who could be calling her at that hour, as only a few people were privileged to have that certain number. She answered, and to her delight, it was none other than Kelly. “Hey honey”, she cooed into the phone. Working without the girls these past few months had been incredible hard, and she missed her best friend so much. “Hi”, Kelly replied, “I’m in Vancouver now and just wanted to check on you as it’s been a while. I miss you so much”. “I miss you too”, replied Beyonce.

She listened as her best friend breathlessly divulged all the details of all that had gone down since their last phone conversation two days earlier. Kelly was currently working on the set of her new movie, the highly anticipated horror flick “Freddy vs. Jason”, and was taking time off to promote her new album “Simply Deep”, and as they had not seen each other in ages, they managed to find time in their busy schedules to talk on the phone every now and then.

They had been inseparable ever since they were little girls, when Kelly had joined the group. Beyonce remembered vividly the day Kelly came to audition for Girls Tyme. There were about six other girls, but there was something about Kelly that stood out, and Beyonce was drawn to her angelic face and beautiful voice immediately. Thankfully, her parents felt the same way, and she was chosen as a member. Kelly eventually moved in with the Knowles family, and they had been by each other’s sides through talent competitions, record deals, name changes, hit albums, member shuffles, and all other pressures that accompanied stardom.

Beyonce drifted back to the present. “If I read”, she said, “one more stupid article saying we have broken up cos. I hug all the attention, I’ll sue”. Kelly laughed and replied “So when are you and Jay-Z getting married?

“Stop it Kelly”, said Beyonce, “you know me and Shawn are just friends, he’s much too old for me”

“I know, I know, you say that all the time”, her friend retorted.

They talked for about twenty more minutes before Kelly had to go to bed, as the director needed her to be awake early the next morning. Beyonce kept flipping through the channels but could not concentrate. BET was showing her video with Jay-Z so she watched a little bit, as she laughed to herself the millionth time at the possibility that she could be engaged to the rapper. She had not even had an actual boyfriend since high school. While her schedule was extremely hectic and did not leave much room for dating, she knew that this was not the only reason for her being single. With her stunning body and extremely beautiful face, she did not have a shortage of suitors, both within the industry and out, but she knew that she did not want any of them.

If only the world knew that the person she wanted most was the person who was on the opposite end of the line from her just a few minutes ago. She wondered how many more albums she would sell if word got out that beneath the Christian girl image lay an insatiable urge to make love to women, particularly Kelly, who was supposed to be like a sister to her. She still dated men from time to time, partly in order to prevent any curiosity about her sexual preference, and partly because she guessed she was attracted to some of them to a reasonable extent. But all these years, she had fought the urge to grab one of her band mates or back-up dancers as they glistened with sweat during rehearsals or even on stage.

She had been interested in females for as long as she could remember. She and Kelly had shared a room as kids, and on certain nights, especially if they had lost a talent competition, they would crawl into bed together and tearfully comfort each other. She extremely loved the feel of Kelly’s smooth skin against hers, and under the guise of comforting her friend, she caressed her body, savoring the warm velvety feel.

Once when they were 13, all four of them (Beyonce, Kelly, and the two other band mates – LaTavia and LeToya) got back from a friend’s birthday party, and LeToya could not stop gushing about the guy she had French kissed while playing “Spin the bottle”. They had all been excited, and that night, as they were about to sleep, Beyonce crawled into Kelly’s bed, and as they talked, the topic eventually came to LeToya’s kiss, and Kelly complained about how scared she was that her first kiss would be terrible as she did not know how to kiss. Jumping at the opportunity, Beyonce suggested that they try it on each other to see how it would feel, and as Kelly did not see any harm, she responded in the affirmative, much to Beyonce’s delight.

The sensation felt by Beyonce when both lips met for the first time was one she would remember for years to come. Kelly’s full lips felt like rose petals, and the pleasure was even heightened when Kelly’s warm tongue probed into her mouth and met hers. They kissed for about a minute, each taking turns in exploring the delights of the other’s mouth, as Beyonce’s palms caressed Kelly’s tender face, while both of Kelly’s hands were circling around her best friend’s back. In that little dark room in Houston, Texas, 13 year old Beyonce Knowles was the happiest girl on earth.

Over the next three years, as they matured from little girls to young women, and inched closer and closer to that lucrative record deal, Beyonce and Kelly continued their trysts at least once a week, each time being better than the last.

Many a night, Beyonce would be woken about midnight by Kelly crawling under her covers. They would make out for hours, each girl’s fingers traversing the delicate and welcoming body of the other. Beyonce’s hands would find their way under her friend’s nightdress, circling her waist, cupping her beautiful though still budding breasts. Kelly would moan in delight while egging her darling friend on. Their clothes would eventually come off, and they would take turns ravishing each other’s naked bodies with their tongues. Beyonce loved the feel of Kelly’s beautiful nipples in her mouth. She loved the way Kelly ooooh’d and aaaah’d as she made her way down her navel and to her pussy. Kelly would wiggle with joy as Beyonce pleasured her with her tongue, and try with all her might to refrain from whooping with joy as Beyonce drove her to orgasm. Kelly would eventually return the favor, and they would cuddle and kiss till they both went to sleep in each other’s arms in the dead of the might.

Of course they kept these interactions clandestine, and nobody, not even the other band mates, knew what they were up to. They promised each other that they liked boys but were just preparing each other and doing what best friends the world over had done from time immemorial. Beyonce knew though, in her heart of hearts, that no dude existed on earth that could make her heart flutter the way hers did whenever she and Kelly exchanged glances across stage, or make her pussy as wet as Kelly did when they made tender love at night. Warm, sweet, beautiful Kelly, she never resented Beyonce when she was made lead singer and focal point of the group, which was more than Beyonce could say of the other two. Even then, she could feel the seeds of discord being sown, and the quartet being split into two cliques. She even wondered if the bond between the other two was as strong (or kinky) as the bond she shared with Kelly. Kelly was everything to her, and even though she was devoid of a normal childhood, and spent a

ll her time singing, dancing and rehearsing, when most girls her age were playing with dolls, she never felt shortchanged, as Kelly was all she needed in a friend, companion and lover.

She would never forget her heartbreak when Kelly agreed to go on a date with some guy from school. Sure Kelly had gone on and on about how she thought Todd Henley, was cute and all, but she did not consider the possibility that she would seriously consider dating him. Though she did not voice her dissent, she did not understand why Kelly would want anything else. Wasn’t she enough for her? Kelly began to get more and more serious with Todd, and it began to dawn on her that she could not seriously expect not to move on. Not only was lesbianism frowned upon, especially as they aspired to be world famous entertainers, but she realized that their love making had apparently meant a lot less to Kelly, who was biding her time until a guy came along. She decided to agree to go out with Mike, who had been trying to get with her for a while.

Beyonce was woken at about 7 a.m. the next morning by the sound of her cell phone, and she grumpily picked it up. She could not recognize the number displayed on the screen, but she glanced at the clock across the room, and seeing as it was not too early, she decided to answer it as it could be important

“Hello”, she said groggily

“Hi Beyonce”, said the female voice at the end of the line, which sounded familiar

“Sorry, who’s this”, asked Beyonce

“It’s Alicia”, came the sultry voice of R&B siren Alicia Keys. “I was just wondering what time you were going to be at the studio today”

“Oh hi Alicia, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize it was you. I just woke up so I was still a little bit drowsy”

“That’s OK sleepy head”, teased Alicia, “I didn’t mean to interrupt your precious sleep, I realize you are still used to West Coast time. I just wanted to know if we were still on for today”

“Great, how’s 12 noon. I have an appointment at the label at ten o’clock and hopefully, I should be done in an hour or two”, Beyonce said.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you, don’t keep me waiting or I’ll be real cross”, Alicia said in a mockingly diva-like tone.

“No problem ma’am”, Beyonce said as she hung up.

Beyonce was scheduled to record a song with the extremely talented and gorgeous Alicia Keys for her forthcoming album. Alicia had exploded in 2001 with her piano laced debut album “Songs in A Minor”, which had earned her 5 Grammy Awards, tying the record set a few years earlier by Lauryn Hill as the most awards won by a solo female artist in one evening. Alicia’s undeniable talent had ensured several artists, ranging from Christina Aguilera to Nas, had requested her presence on their albums, and Beyonce was genuinely flattered that she could work with such a talent.

Of course, the fact that Alicia was extremely gorgeous did not hurt as well. They had met several times, especially at awards after-parties, and Beyonce was stunned at how beautiful Alicia was in person. She was of mixed race, her mother being white, and she was definitely one of the sexiest women Beyonce knew. She wondered if Alicia would be into girls, and if she might be lucky enough to score. However she did not want to get her hopes up, as Alicia had stated many times in interviews that she was not gay, although from Beyonce’s experience, she had found out that did not mean anything, especially among women in the entertainment industry.

Beyonce decided to go to the bathroom and take a long shower before she set out on her day. She called room service and ordered some breakfast, and asked for the food to be left inside, as she would be in the shower. She took off her Ralph Lauren nightdress and sauntered naked to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror as she cupped her breasts with each hand. Each nipple was between her middle and index fingers, and as she squeezed harder, she closed her eyes and moaned as she continued to caress her breasts. Her left hand remained on her left tit as her right hand made its way down to her crotch, which was beginning to get rather damp. As her middle finger made contact with her labia, she gasped out loud, “Oh Kelly”. As she continued to feverishly work her pussy, she remembered the last time she and Kelly had made love.

It was 1999, and it had been about two years since they had hooked up, as they mutually decided it would be to the benefit of their group, as well as their friendship, if they did not mess around anymore, as complications were bound to arise. It had been incredibly hard for Beyonce, especially, as they were always in hotels or on tour buses. Their new album had just been certified platinum, and in order to celebrate, the four girls had some champagne to drink, and were rather drunk when they went to bed.

Beyonce and Kelly were in Kelly’s hotel room, and Kelly was on the bed dressed only in her bra and underwear, and as they talked, Beyonce began to get nostalgic as she stared at Kelly’s pert boobs and recalled how she had derived so much pleasure sucking on them. Without thinking, she leaned forward and planted a kiss on Kelly’s lips. Kelly, more out of shock, hesitated before she pulled away.

“Beyonce, we……”, but she was silenced as Beyonce kissed her again. This time parting her lips and slipping her tongue into her mouth.

Kelly responded a little bit, and as the kiss began to get deeper, Beyonce put her arm round her longtime friend and unclasped her bra, when Kelly made another sudden movement as she released herself from Beyonce’s embrace.

“I thought we agreed we wouldn’t do this anymore”, she said

“Kelly I can’t take it anymore’, Beyonce replied, “for two years I’ve had to be around you 24 hours a day, and Lord knows, I had to exercise self control every one of those minutes not to rip your clothes off and make love to you”

“I know I want this too, B, but you know once we do this, we won’t be able to stop, and eventually it will be trouble”

“I don’t care Kelly, if that is the case, so be it, but if I have to look at you one more second without fucking you, I’ll explode”, cried Beyonce.

“Me too”, said Kelly, as she out of nowhere dove for Beyonce’s chest and feverishly removed her top. Their lips met again as they devoured each other’s mouths. They undressed each other, and with two years of pent-up sexual tension, Kelly pushed Beyonce to the bed and moaned “Oh I missed you B.”

Kelly kissed Beyonce again before proceeding down with her mouth. She took time to suck each of Beyonce’s breasts, which had grown considerably in the last two years.

“Oh yes Kelly, suck my breasts, oh yes, they’ve been waiting for you for the past two years, suck them”, Beyonce whispered, trying with all her energy not to scream, as LaTavia and LeToya were next door.

Kelly then went even further down and kissed Beyonce’s beautiful mound, and took her left hand, licked her index finger, and stuck it into Beyonce’s pussy.

“Yes”, Beyonce cried, “finger me, put your finger in me and finger the hell out of me”

“Just like old times”, Kelly laughed as she inserted two, and then three fingers, into Beyonce’s tight snatch.

“Beyonce raised her butt and began to thrust herself in and out, as Kelly vigorously used her fingers to please her best friend.

“Oh yes, Kelly, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming”, screamed Beyonce as she came to the most delightful orgasm she had ever had.

As Kelly licked her finger, Beyonce smiled and said ‘if it means I have to wait another two years to have another orgasm like that, so be it”.

“My turn”, said Kelly, as she turned around and put her crotch right in front of Beyonce’s face.

Beyonce dutifully put her hand on each of Kelly’s legs, and brought them closer to her so that she could get a comfortable position to give Kelly the cunt licking she so rightfully deserved. On the other end of the 69, Kelly had already begun to suck Beyonce’s cunt. Not wanting to be outdone, Beyonce began to suck Kelly’s dripping pussy.

Both girls moaned as they satisfied each other. Beyonce took Kelly’s clitoris with her tongue and the other girl screamed “Oh yes, just like that B.” She continued to use her tongue to focus on Kelly’s clitoris, and in no time, Kelly was ready to orgasm. “I’m about to come, Beyonce, are you?” “Yes Kelly, let’s come together”, replied the singer, as they both screamed as they approached new heights of rapture.

There was a loud knock on the door, and the two girls quickly covered their bodies with the blanket.

“Who is it?”, Kelly called.

“It’s LeToya”, I heard you both scream, is everything alright”

“Yes LeToya, it is”, Kelly replied, “we were just watching a real scary movie”

“OK”, LeToya replied, as she returned to her room.

The two girls heaved a sigh of relief as they kissed again before Beyonce out her clothes back on and returned to her hotel room.

Beyonce’s mind drifted back to the present, as she was getting closer to her orgasm. She recalled the way Kelly moaned that day, and she asked herself for the millionth time why after that night, nothing ever happened between the two girls again. They just continued life normally and never even alluded to the incident. “Well, it’s all for the better”, Beyonce thought to herself as she rubbed her clitoris.

She closed her eyes and continued to rub her tits and play with her pussy. Breathing heavy, she imagined it was Kelly who was pleasuring her, and in a few minutes, collapsed on the floor in a mind-shattering orgasm.

Beyonce walked back to her limousine in a less than happy mood from the office of Sony Music in Times Square, flanked by two bodyguards. The retirement of Tommy Mottola as head of Sony had come as a real shock, and she had just come from a meeting with the new president, Andrew Lack. The giant label had performed way below expectation, and as such, the label was depending on Beyonce’s solo album to be a huge seller in order for them to cut back on some of their losses. Therefore, the label was putting a lot of pressure on her to make a pop record that would match the sales of the Destiny’s Child albums, and had axed two slow tempo songs she had recorded that she had hoped would be on the CD. She only hoped the recording session with Alicia Keys would go well. If she was lucky, it would go even better than she could imagine, in more ways than one.

She looked at her watch. It was 11.47 a.m. She brought her phone out of her pocket and dialed Alicia’s number. Alicia picked it up after the first ring.

“Hey Alicia, it’s me, Beyonce, I’m on my way over, but I just realized I don’t know which studio we are recording at”

“Oh”, Alicia responded, “Well, I was hoping we could rehearse at my house first, because the song I have in mind is a piano-heavy song, so I thought we could practice with only piano first, and then record at the studio some other day”

“Sure no problem, give me your address, and I’ll have my limo bring me over in no time”.

Alicia gave Beyonce the address, which she scribbled on a piece of paper and handed to her chauffeur. “I’ll be there real soon”, she said into the phone before she hung up. “Great”, she thought to herself as she entered the back of the car. Being all alone in a house with Alicia Keys would present a lot of opportunities, and she was hoping she would be able to find an opportunity to seduce the 22-year-old piano prodigy.

She arrived at Alicia’s house at about 12.24 p.m., and as she exited the limo, she saw Alicia in front of the house, waving at her. She waved back and walked over. Alicia looked sexy, in a red sleeveless top that accentuated her breasts, and blue jeans shorts, revealing her surprisingly long and beautiful legs. The two girls hugged, and Beyonce felt a spark as their breasts touched. The hug lasted a few seconds longer than customary, and as they let go of each other, Alicia’s hand brushed past her ass. Beyonce, out of surprise, stared at Alicia, and she could have sworn she noticed a twinkle in her eye. But she passed it off as her imagination. Alicia Keys could not possibly be hitting on her, could she? She decided to change the subject.

“Nice place you’ve got here, Alicia”, Beyonce said.

“Well, thanks, I bought it last year. Of course it’s nothing compared o the mansion that you live in”, Alicia replied

“That’s my parents’ house you saw on MTV Cribs”, Beyonce said. “I live in hotels and tour buses.

The two girls laughed as Alicia offered Beyonce a tour of the place. It was a fairly big house, nothing too grand. Beyonce gasped when she saw the piano. “Wow, this is the dopest piano I’ve seen”

“Yeah, my label gave it to me as a present after the Grammys. It’s worth like $75,000”, Alicia said. “So would you like something to drink, like orange juice, or soda, I don’t know if you are old enough to drink alcohol yet”

“Of course I am”, Beyonce grinned, “I turned 21 in September”

“Yeah I know baby, I was just pulling your legs, so is that a yes or a no?” Alicia inquired.

“Well I’m OK for now, why don’t we start with the song and we can take a break later on”, Beyonce responded.

“Fine”, said Alicia, as she walked towards the piano, Beyonce trailing her and staring at her butt.

Alicia suddenly turned around and much to her surprise and embarrassment said, “Come on baby, quit staring at my booty”

Beyonce tried to feign surprise and replied “What?”, even though she was sure her look of utter humiliation betrayed her.

“That’s OK”, Alicia said with a smile, “I could see you through the wall”

Beyonce looked forward and saw that the marble wall clearly reflected the two of them, and almost cursed at herself out loud. Alicia Keys had caught her staring at her buttocks lustfully, but thankfully, she did not seem to be upset

They both put the incident behind them, and before long Alicia was teaching Beyonce the ballad she had written as a duet for them to both sing. It was called “Forever”, and she had written it to be sung with Angie Stone, but when she heard that Beyonce was interested in doing a duet with her, she decided that the song would be perfect. Beyonce marveled as Alicia’s finger’s effortlessly roamed the grand piano as she played the intro to the song. Alicia’s crystal clear voice belted out the first few notes “Baby stay with me forever”, and Beyonce was immediately entranced. Alicia could really sing, and her voice was strong and beautiful. The song was really inspirational, and by the last chorus, Beyonce had gotten the hang of it and joined Alicia, harmonizing to make the song sound even more incredible. By the time the song was over, Alicia was sure that the song would be a remarkable song as their two voices blended perfectly. Beyonce learned the words to her part, and in no time, could sing it without

error. Within an hour, the two girls could sing the song perfectly.

“That was great Beyonce”, Alicia said after they finished the song the fifth time, “I knew you had talent but girl you can saaaaaaaang”

“You too Alicia, you have so much talent, you have no idea how many times Kelly, Michelle and I listened to your CD over and over again. It was on endless rotation in my car”

“Thanks girl”, Alicia said gratefully, “so tell me, are you really engaged to Jay-Z. I didn’t want to ask earlier cos it’s not my business, but I guess we are friends now”

“Nah”, laughed Beyonce, “those reporters just make up whatever the fuck they want to say”

“Damn girl”, Alicia retorted, “I thought you were a church girl, I didn’t think I’d hear you say fuck”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me”, Beyonce said in a serious tone.

“Really, like what”, Alicia said, equally seriously

“That’s for you to find out with time”, Beyonce replied in a singsong voice.

“So did you really go to the south of France with him?” Alicia asked

“Well, yes and no”, replied Beyonce. “I happened to be in France on tour at that time so he asked me to come and pay him a visit. Unfortunately, we were spotted by the paparazzi, and before we know it, everyone thinks we are a couple”

“And the fact that you two did a song together probably made people believe it even more” Alicia said thoughtfully. “So do you have a boyfriend?”

“I wish” Beyonce answered, “but when you are as busy as I am you do not have time for dating

“True true” said Alicia.

“So Alicia do you have a boyfriend?” Beyonce asked, praying the answer was no

“Well, kinda, I do have a significant other” replied Alicia, looking puzzled at the crestfallen look on Beyonce’s face.

“Anyone I know?” Beyonce asked, not even disguising her dejection

“Sure, a lot of people know her” was Alicia’s response

Beyonce’s face lit up “Her?”

“You don’t have a problem with that, do you?” Alicia asked with a straight face

“No, not really, I just didn’t know you were…that way. In your Vibe interview you said….”. Beyonce was cut short

“Well, I don’t consider myself a lesbian, I’ve been with many guys before, and I like guys, but I am probably more attracted to females. I guess you could call me bi”

“Well, you have a girl and all” said Beyonce with a smile on her face, “but I guess I’m still allowed to do this”, and she leaned forward, put her hand round Alicia’s face, and brought her lips close to hers. Their lips touched, and Alicia put her hand on Beyonce’s neck and moved closer. They kissed passionately for about 45 seconds, before Alicia broke free.

“Wow, Beyonce that was….something” she gasped

“I know. I hope you’re not mad at me” Beyonce said, too shy to look into Alicia’s eyes

“Mad at you?” Alicia said, “Do you have any idea how many times I masturbated watching the “Survivor” video?”

Beyonce began to laugh, and Alicia began to look embarrassed. “My bad”, she said, feigning embarrassment, “that was not supposed to slip out”

“Well, Alicia, I’ve thought you were incredibly sexy ever since ‘Falling’ came out, and I’ve fantasized about you many times as well.”

“And that explains why you were staring at my booty” said Alicia, as the two girls began to laugh.

“Come here”, Alicia said, as she pulled the other girl close to her and planted her lips on hers. The kiss was even more urgent than the last one, and there was a lot more tongue action involved.

As the two girls locked lips, Beyonce’s arm made its way underneath Alicia’s top and caressed her bare back. She was obviously sensitive, as she moaned real loud. Beyonce’s hands moved up, and she squeezed Alicia’s breasts through her bra. Alicia moaned even further, and raised up her arms, motioning for Beyonce to take her top off. She did so and unclasped her brassiere, cupping her firm breasts with her hands. Alicia’s nipples were as hard as boulders, and Beyonce teased them even further. Meanwhile, Alicia began to unbutton the blouse that Beyonce was wearing, and to her delight, she did not have a bra on. Alicia immediately dug in, taking Beyonce’s breasts into her mouth. The younger singer moaned in delight as Alicia, with great expertise oscillated from boob to boob without exactly leaving either breast wanting for attention. Beyonce grabbed onto Alicia’s braids, pulling them as she gave her pleasure. Her crotch was wet as ever now, and Alicia was such an expert tit sucker that an orgasm was

not exactly far away from Beyonce’s to-do list, despite the fact that her jeans were still fastly tightened. Beyonce unhooked her Gucci belt and undid the button of her jeans, and put one finger through her tongue, bringing solace to her needy cunt. Alicia noticed this and felt slighted. Why should Beyonce’s finger get to do her job? She motioned for Beyonce to stand up and lean against the piano with her back. Alicia then brought down the jeans and the already soaked undergarment, and brought her tongue to Beyonce’s pussy. Beyonce thought she had seen stars, as she did not know such a pleasure could exist. Alicia was so adept at this, lapping away at Beyonce’s pussy like a faithful puppy. Beyonce closed her eyes and groaned so loud.

The two girls were so into their sexual act that they were completely oblivious to everything else going on around them. If they weren’t, they would definitely have noticed a visible silhouette that passed them. But they did not, as Alicia sucked away at her lover’s cunt. Her tongue skillfully made its way around, simultaneously probing her hole, devouring her labia, stimulating her clitoris. Beyonce was in heaven. In a few minutes, she found herself close to climax

“Yes Alicia”, she cried “yes, that’s how to do it, don’t stop, suck my pussy, I need you to make me come, yes baby, yes, yes”. Her cries were so loud that she was sure they could be heard miles away but she did not care, all she cared about was that Alicia brought her to climax, which she was enormously close to achieving. The screams were loud, in fact deafening, but the voyeur who had made her way inside the room did not seem to care. She took a seat about forty yards away from Beyonce and Alicia, watching as the two lovebirds made love. She was definitely enjoying the exhibition, as she was visibly getting turned on. She was wiggling her hips, and rubbing her crotch through her skirt, her eyes firmly fixed on the beautiful sight that lay ahead of her.

Beyonce was ready to come. She screamed “I’m coming Alicia, I’m about to come, yes, make me come baby”. Alicia whispered “Come for me honey, yes I can’t wait to taste your sweet juice”.

“Now”, Beyonce yelled. “Noooooooow” she screamed as she felt an enormous release, her body shaking as she reached an incredible climax. “Yessssssss, thanks baby”.

“Anytime, said Alicia, as she licked Beyonce’s juices, and as she rose to kiss Beyonce, a voice out of nowhere startled them both

“Bravo, girls, good job, that was the best sex I’ve ever seen”

They looked, and the female who had spoken turned out to be none other than a blond haired female rapper, Evelyn Jihan Jeffers, also known as Eve.

Beyonce looked horrified, and tried to cover her nakedness with her hands, and looked puzzled when Alicia showed no sign of surprise.

“What’s going on here?”, Beyonce asked, “Eve, what are you doing here”

“Beyonce”, said Alicia with a smile towards Eve, “this is my girlfriend, my significant other I was telling you about”

“Really, you’re with Eve”, said Beyonce, who looked rather relieved at this piece of information

“Yeah”, said Alicia, who sauntered over to plant a kiss on Eve’s lips. “She’s my boo”

“Y’all didn’t even see me come through” said the rap vixen, “I knocked and rang the doorbell and since no one answered, I came in with my key. I heard noises so I figured you was cheating on me with some dude. When I saw it was Beyonce, I wasn’t even bugging no more cos that shit was sexy as hell”

“Why didn’t you tell me it was Eve you were with?” said Beyonce, obviously scared, as Eve had a reputation for being fierce

“It’s OK honey” said Eve, who was still the only girl fully clothed, “I know I’m supposed to be a ‘pit-bull in a skirt’ but I don’t bite”

“So how long have you been together?” Beyonce asked?

“Well, we started fooling around together when we did the video shoot for ‘Gangsta Lovin”” said Alicia. “But its not like we are monogamous or anything, I’m still free to fuck whichever bitch I want, right baby?”

“Well yeah”, said Eve, “but there ain’t no way in hell you gonna fuck Beyonce without me”

“Fair enough” said Beyonce, as Eve came over and planted a kiss on her lips. Eve was definitely more aggressive, she kissed more urgently, yet more tender, than Alicia did.

Meanwhile, as Beyonce and Eve kissed, Alicia pulled down Eve’s extremely short skirt and G-string, and crouched right in the middle of the two girls, and put her mouth to Eve’s crotch while running her fingers down Beyonce’s glistening thighs. Eve was wearing only a half-top, and Beyonce decided to get rid of that as well. Beyonce moved closer and began to suck on Eve’s breasts, while Alicia was hard at work on her pussy. Eve, enjoying all the attention, closed her eyes while grabbing and caressing Beyonce’s breasts. Beyonce was still sucking on Eve’s breasts and put her hands on Eve’s ass, inserting a finger into her asshole. Alicia was happily sucking away at Eve’s pussy, while fingering Beyonce. Beyonce was moaning, while Eve was breathing really loud. Eve soon came to her orgasm and came rather loudly.

The three girls disengaged and stood up straight, and came together for a three-way kiss. It was very erotic, as their bodies were very firmly pressed together, and each had on hand on the other two girls’ butts.

“Why don’t we go upstairs”, Eve said, “Beyonce, we gonna make you a very happy girl”

“I don’t know if you can make me any happier than this”, Beyonce joked. I’d like to see you try”.

Leaving their heap of clothes on the floor, the three girls made their way up the stairs, Eve leading the pack, while the other two girls followed suit, kissing each other as they ascended the stairwell.

They walked into Alicia’s bedroom, which looked really comfortable. There was a really large king-size bed with red silk sheets. In fact, the theme of the room seemed to be red. Beyonce marveled at the enormous posters of Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, and the Notorious B.I.G., which lay on the walls.

“Nice room” she said, and gasped when Eve opened a drawer, which seemed to be full of an assortment of various brightly colored sex toys. Eve brought out only three, which Beyonce made out to be a black 9-inch strap-on, a blue vibrator, and an enormous purple two-way dildo.

“Me first”, Alicia said, “I’m the only one who hasn’t come all day”

“That’s because my baby is too generous”, Eve said, as she approached Alicia with a kiss.

They were kissing rather gently when Eve all of a sudden pounced on Alicia and pushed her to the bed. She pinned both Alicia’s arms to the bed and began to devour her body with her tongue. Starting from her forehead, Eve used her tongue to tease every single part of Alicia’s body, starting from her forehead, making her way down to her nose, then each ear, then paused at her mouth, French kissing her for about twenty seconds before proceeding downwards.

Beyonce was enjoying this very much and had picked up the vibrator, switched it on and brought it to her pussy, watching as Eve kissed Alicia’s neck, then each of her armpits, then spent at least 45 seconds on each breast before proceeding to her navel. Beyonce continued to enjoy herself with the vibrator, as she sent her hand down there for further support. She was in ecstasy but could not close her eyes as this incredibly sexy scene turned her on.

Eve continued to work her way downwards, but did not go near Alicia’s crotch. Instead she kissed all the way down her thighs and ended up at her feet, where she sucked each of Alicia’s ten toes. Then she took the strap-on dildo and strapped it around her waist. Alicia then crouched on all fours on the bed, and Eve inserted the dildo into her doggy style. She cried as the phallic-shaped contraption penetrated her and Eve whispered into her ears. Beyonce had no clue what Eve was saying but could not be bothered to find out as she was having a good time of her own.

All of a sudden, the vibrator came to a stop all on its own. She cursed as she realized that the battery had died. She did not want to disturb her two friends, who were fucking like dogs, so she decided to go to the drawers to see if she could find batteries on her own. The uppermost drawer contained all kinds of naughty underwear. She held up a kinky-looking red thing and brought it to her nose before putting it back. It was common knowledge that Eve used to be a stripper, so she was not surprised, she just never saw Alicia as someone who would wear underwear like that. She quickly closed the drawer and glanced to see if Eve and Alicia Keys had spotted her, but they obviously could not be any less aware of her presence in the room. She opened the next drawer and saw different videotapes, some porno flicks, and some home videos. She guessed Alicia and Eve videotaped their trysts, and she wondered why they were not taping this particular encounter.

She shut the drawer and moved to the third one and opened it. It was full of pictures. Out of curiosity, she decided to see what the pictures were about. The first few pictures had Eve, Alicia Keys and two other black chicks she recognized as porn stars – India, whose name she remembered immediately, and she had to crack her brain before remembering the name of the second, Coco. She smiled as she recognized the woman in the next batch of pictures – Janet Jackson. Janet was the first woman she had sex with, except Kelly of course, and her bisexuality was not exactly a secret in Hollywood.

However, the next set of pictures really surprised her, as she saw several people she never would have guessed would be sleeping with women, let alone have their pictures taken in such compromising and kinky sexual positions. As she flipped through, she saw different orgies that had Alicia, Eve, or both of them with people such as Jenna Jameson, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey, Rose McGowan, Gwen Stefani, and several other well-known singers and actresses.

As she returned the pictures, she began to wonder whether there was a secret Hollywood lesbian underground that she was not aware of. Over the years, she had had encounters with a few female musicians and actors, but she had considered them as isolated, lucky incidents and did not consider that this was a common practice. She knew that she had to get in on this, she had hidden her lesbian desires to herself for years, and now that she knew that she was just like every other woman around her, she was determined to enjoy more action than she had in the past.

She returned to the two girls just as Alicia was having her second orgasm. She shrieked with joy as Eve brought her to climax. Eve removed the dildo from Alicia’s pussy and began to lick it. She beckoned for Beyonce to join her, and the two of them began to suck on Alicia’s juices. Soon their mouths met for a kiss and as they were kissing, Eve grabbed the two-way dildo and asked Beyonce to lay down. She spread Beyonce’s legs open, and inserted one end into her open snatch. Eve lay on her back facing Beyonce, and inserted the other end of the dildo into her own pussy, and the two of them moved in and out, trying as much as possible to get as much of the dildo into their pussies. Their pussies were almost touching, as just over an inch of the dildo was visible. Dildo still in their pussies, they each sat up and began to kiss each other. Alicia went behind Beyonce and pressed her naked breasts against her back while wrapping both Beyonce’s breasts with her hands. She nibbled on Beyonce’s ear and kiss

ed her neck while Beyonce and Eve continued to kiss while still fucking each other with the dildo.

Eventually, both women came at the same time, and removed the dildo from their soaking wet cunts. As usual, they licked their juices off the toy, and were joined by Alicia. Exhausted, they all lay in the bed.

“What an afternoon”, Alicia said. “Beyonce, I guess you didn’t bargain for all this when you came here, did you?”

Beyonce however remained silent. “Hey, you asleep already B?” Eve called out.

“No I’m not sleeping” Beyonce replied.

“What’s wrong?” asked Alicia and Eve in unison, obviously concerned.

“Well” replied Beyonce, “I saw the pictures in the third drawer”

“And…” came the reply from Alicia, who was getting confused

“I don’t know, I guess I just never realized that so many female stars who I hang around all the time did this, I’m just regretting how much pussy I’ve missed out on” Beyonce said solemnly

“Why are you talking like it’s bad news, you’re just 21, you’re at least lucky you found out early” Eve said

“Yeah, you ain’t even seen nothing yet” said Alicia

“So is there like a society or cult or something, I don’t understand how you get to sleep with so many famous women” Beyonce asked

“Was this your first time with a woman?” asked Eve

“No, definitely not, I’ve been with a few women, but not that many, definitely not anything this exciting” replied Beyonce

“Surely u must have fucked Kelly and Michelle” Alicia grinned

Beyonce did not want to reveal her previous relationship, so she said “No”

“That’s not possible”, came Eve’s response, “You haven’t tried, have you?”

Once again, Beyonce’s answer was “No”

“There you go”, Eve said, “every woman on earth is at least bi-sexual, they just need to realize it. I’ve had seduced so many people who were first disgusted at the thought of it, but once they were touched by me, they wondered what they had ever seen in men”

“Yeah” continued Alicia, “there’s just something about the kiss, touch and feel of another woman that is unique”

“You’re preaching to the choir, girl”, Beyonce said, ‘I’ve been into girls for as long as I can remember”

“I always thought you Destiny’s Child chicks were Bible-carrying chicks, and apparently so did everyone else, I can’t see how nobody seduced you before Alicia”, said Eve

“First of all, Alicia did not seduce me, OK, and like I said, I have had sex with other girls before” Beyonce said in a mock-angry tone

“Oh yeah”, Eve said, “like who?”

“Well there was Janet Jackson”

‘Been there, done that” said Alicia

“All the three little women in 3LW”

“For real, yeah those are hot pieces of ass, who else” Eve joked

“Britney Spears”

“No fucking way”, Eve and Alicia said together

“Yeah it was after the premiere of ‘Goldmember’. That chick is wild”

“Anyways”, Beyonce continued, “you haven’t answered my question, how come you guys get to fuck so many celebrities”

“Well”, said Eve, “like I said, every woman is attracted to women, and recently, Hollywood women are beginning to realize that. I don’t know how it started but rumor has it that some white girls bought a house in Malibu where celebrities go to fuck, and I guess it just began to spread.”

Beyonce looked at the clock on Alicia’s dresser. The time was 4.35 p.m. She screamed, “Fuck it, I am supposed to record a song with The Neptunes at 6.00. I really have to go. Where the fuck are my clothes?’

“Downstairs, honey, where we left them” Alicia said

The three singers went downstairs and dressed up. Beyonce kissed both girls on her way out

“Thanks a lot girls”, she said honestly, “I really enjoyed it. We should do this again sometime, call me”.

From the backseat of her limo, she looked at the two girls as they went back in, probably to resume another round of lovemaking. Smiling to herself, she began to hum to herself the song that she and Alicia had sung earlier in the day as Eve’s words rung in her ears – “Every woman is attracted to women, they just don’t know it yet”.

She knew that things were going to be different for her from that point on.

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