Dangerously In Love – Chapter 2: No, No, No


Let me reiterate that this is a work of fiction and does not in any way represent the behavior or sexual orientation of the celebrities involved.

Also, if you are less than 18 years of age, or stuff like this is not allowed where you are, please turn back now. Thank you

In the last chapter, Beyonce, frustrated at her longing desire for her band mate Kelly, goes over to the house of Alicia Keys to practice a song, and gets a lot more than she bargained as she not only ends up in a delicious threesome with the singer and salacious rapper Eve, but unravels a secret world of wanton
celebrity lesbian sex, of which she is determined to partake.

CHAPTER 2: No, No, No

I know you want me

I can see it in your eyes

But you keep on frontin’

Won’t you say what’s on your mind

Cuz each and every time you need me

You give me signs

But when I ask you what’s the deal

You hold it all inside

“Wow, what a day!” Beyonce said to herself as she crashed onto her hotel bed after a long six-hour recording session with production wizards The Neptunes. Earlier in the day, she had definitely had the time of her life with Alicia and Eve. She smiled as she recalled the reckless fervor with which she and Alicia had gone at it, eating her delicious pussy as the mulatto skinned beauty moaned, leaning up against her luxurious piano. Even more exciting was being caught in the act by Eve, who immediately joined in the action. Her crotch began to moisten again as she nostalgically thought about how she played with herself while watching Eve pound Alicia real hard with a dildo.

She definitely intended to be a frequent member of their lovemaking, if they would have her, as she imagined they both shared the women they seduced. Her mind wandered to the pictures she had spotted in the drawer. Could her eyes have been deceiving her, or could all those women really have been who she thought they were? Virtually half of Hollywood was present in those pictures! “OK Beyonce, stop exaggerating” she told herself. But she had spotted so many gorgeous beauties she would have given anything to see naked, let alone lose herself in their beautiful bodies. Damn, some people were just so lucky. But, she reminded herself, she was not exactly a novice, as she had actually been able to bed one of the world’s most famous and gorgeous chicks, the one and only Britney Spears.

If she lived to be a hundred, that would be the accomplishment she would be most proud of, placing far above winning Grammys or selling over 35 million albums worldwide. Her hand travelling down to her increasingly wet pussy, she recalled the events of that memorable July night with incredible nostalgia.

It was the Los Angeles premiere for her feature film debut, “Austin Powers in Goldmember” and she had gone with Kelly and Michelle, looking incredible in a 70’s era gold colored dress, obviously a homage to the character she played in the movie, sassy detective Foxxy Cleopatra. She was of course extremely proud of herself for having bagged the female lead in such a high profile movie with little acting experience whatsoever. Naturally, when word got out that Mike Myers was looking to cast an African-American female opposite him in the third installment of Austin Powers, every young black actress in Hollywood had auditioned, and the role had gone to her. And much to her relief, most critics applauded her performance.

She spotted Britney looking as innocently appealing as ever on the red carpet. Waving off a bunch of reporters, she strode resplendently into the auditorium with a smile on her face. Beyonce recalled wondering how Britney always managed to remain so calm towards the press, despite the fact that they could not leave her alone. Beyonce knew that if she had that kind of unnecessary prying into her personal life, she would have suffered a nervous breakdown ages ago. She and Britney were cordial, having run into each other several times at several occasions. Britney Spears was also in the Austin Powers movie, appearing briefly as herself in a cameo, and also contributing a song to the movie soundtrack.

As Britney walked into the theater, her eyes met with Beyonce’s briefly, and the two singers waved at each other. However, at that point, a bunch of reporters swarmed Beyonce, and for the next ten minutes, had to deal with them before slipping into the event.

The movie was over, and Beyonce was outside waiting for her limo. Kelly and Michelle were mysteriously nowhere to be found, and from the look of things, they might have had to rush out for some reason or the other during the movie. Feeling upset that her best friends were nowhere to be found on such an important night of her life rather hurt her a bit, and as she forced a smile for a passing photographer, she felt a finger tap her on her back.

“Everything alright, Beyonce?” It was Britney

“Hey, Britney, how are you doing, yeah I’m alright, just waiting for my limo to pull up” Beyonce replied.

“How come you’re standing alone, I thought you came with the other Destiny’s Children” Britney joked.

“Haha” chuckled Beyonce, “yeah I came with Kelly and Michelle, but I don’t know where they went, and from the look of things, it seems they took off with the limo as well”

“Well, I could give you a ride” offered Britney.

“Thanks for offering, but you don’t have to” Beyonce said as she turned down the offer. “I’m sure I could make arrangements of my own”

“Come on, don’t be silly” insisted Britney. “I couldn’t possible leave Hollywood’s newest leading lady here by herself, and I’m not doing anything else. Mom and my little sister Jamie left earlier, besides it would be a chance for us to hang out, you know, like get to know each other a little better”

“Well then, thanks so much, I’m really grateful. If you could just drop me off at the Hilton…”

“You’re kidding” Britney cut in, “I’m also staying at a suite there, so it’s not even out of the way”

“Cool then” said Beyonce, as they walked towards Britney’s limousine.

The doors were opened for them, and the two girls trudged into the limo, which Beyonce recalled thinking how much more luxurious Britney’s own limousine was. They sat across from each other, and Beyonce wondered why her heart was beating so fast. Yeah, she was in the back seat of a limo with the most popular girl in the world, but she was a star in her own right, so why the intimidation. Britney probably noticed this, as she tried to break the ice.

“So, would you like something to drink?” she asked

“No thanks, I’m OK” Beyonce replied

“By the way, I loved your performance in the movie. You were so good. I really think you’ll be a big actress someday” Britney said

“Well thanks, I really loved you in ‘Crossroads'” Beyonce answered, trying to be polite.

“Yeah right, you don’t have to be polite, you know, so what like only 10 or 15 people went to see the movie, but its OK, I didn’t even want to do it in the first place” Britney said brightly.

“Well I honestly did think you did a good job”, Beyonce said adamantly.

“Well if you say so” was Britney’s response. “So, I know you’ll probably be getting this a lot, and you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I was just wondering if you could say that line from the movie”

“What line?” inquired Beyonce

“The Foxxy Cleopatra line, you know, where you are in the car and about to go into the future…”

“Oh that one, yeah Kelly and Michelle make me say it all the time, but I guess I could do it for you” Beyonce smiled

“Really? Thanks” Britney said, looking adorably cute

“Well, here goes” said Beyonce, as she yelled “COS I’M FOXXY CLEOPATRA AND I’M A WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN” in her best 70s accent.

Britney was howling with hysterical laughter. “Oh my God, that line cracks me up”, she said, as Beyonce joined her in laughter. Britney was laughing so loud with her arms in the air and tears streaming down her face. As she brought her hands down, her palms brushed Beyonce’s thigh, causing a chill to go through her whole body.

“Oh my God” Britney said as she calmed down, “I laugh really loud, everybody hates it when I laugh. In fact, Justin used to…”

She cut herself short as her face fell. Justin Timberlake was obviously the last thing she wanted to talk about. Beyonce was really embarrassed, and did not know what to do or say. Like everyone else, she was following the Justin-Britney break up saga from the press like everyone else. She did not know any details and she obviously felt in a rather uncomfortable situation. Britney, however, looked close to tears, and Beyonce had to say something.

“I’m sorry, honey, are you alright?” she said sympathetically.

“Yeah, Yeah”, Britney said unconvincingly, “I’m sorry, it’s just that, I’m finding it so hard to get over him, he just dumped me just like that, he should at least have given me another chance, I just…” the rest of the statement was incomprehensible as she burst into tears. Beyonce moved to sit next to her and put her arms round her shoulder.

Britney was still sobbing when the limousine drew to a standstill. They had arrived at the hotel, and the chauffeur was coming out back to open the door for them. Britney immediately composed herself, bringing out a make-up kit from her purse and dabbing her face in order to conceal any signs that she had been crying. Beyonce’s heart immediately went out to her. She was obviously hurting, but had to put up a front for the whole world, who criticized her every move.

“You know what” Beyonce said concernedly, “if you ever need to talk, I’m always there”

“Yeah thanks”, Britney said, “you know what, in fact don’t worry, cos I know it’s been a long day and all, but if you don’t mind, I was kinda wondering if you could come and keep me a little bit of company in my room, cos I really need a friend around right now”.

“Oh yeah, most definitely, I’d love to” said Beyonce, as the door swung open.

“Thanks” Britney said with a captivating smile.

The two girls got off the limo, and walked, surrounded by two bulky bodyguards, towards the hotel doors, bombarded with the noise of hundreds of screaming fans. They made their way to the building, and once in, headed in the direction of the elevator, up to Britney’s suite on the 22nd floor. They were rather silent all the way up, mostly due to the presence of the bodyguards.

They eventually got to Britney’s room, and hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside, Britney welcomed Beyonce inside. The room was extremely pretty, mostly in pink, with several bouquets of flowers neatly arranged all over the room. The main bedroom area was luxurious, with a huge bed with pink linen sheets right in the center of the room, in front of which was a giant screen TV with a state-of-the-art entertainment center.

“Make yourself comfortable” Britney said, as she sat on the bed, took her shoes off and neatly arranged it next to a pile of about 20 other shoes.

“I hope you don’t mind if I change into something a bit more comfortable, do you?” she asked

“Sure, of course not” was Beyonce’s response.

She walked up to a large mirror, loosened her zipper and slipped out of the white dress she was wearing. Beyonce could not take her eyes off this gorgeous sight. Britney Spears was actually stripping down to her underwear in her presence. She was wearing a purple brassiere, and underpants to match. Beyonce almost gasped at how huge and succulent Britney’s knockers looked up close. She assumed that by something comfortable, Britney had meant a nightgown or T-shirt or something, and was definitely taken aback when Britney came to lie on the bed in her underwear. Obviously, this was the comfortable outfit she had in mind. Not that Beyonce had any problem with it or anything.

The two girls lay on the bed next to each other. Beyonce was still in the dress she wore to the premiere, and she was feeling lucky that she was not the one in underwear as her pants were beginning to get rather wet, and in no time, they would be soaked. However, her relief would not last long, as Britney, part jokingly, part seriously, said

“Hey, why are you still dressed all formal, you know its girls night out, like a slumber party, why don’t you slip into your underwear as well”

“Sure” said Beyonce, as she took off her shoes and slipped put of her golden dress. She was certain she could read lust, or at least, admiration, on Britney’s face, but she did not want to make assumptions. This was Britney Spears, the world’s pop princess and most renowned sworn virgin.

“You know, Beyonce, we should hang out more often, we’re the same age, right?’ said Britney

“Yeah, I’m gonna be 21 in September” said Beyonce

“Oh, you’re just a few months older than me, I turn legal December 4”

“So”, Britney continued, “What’s up with you, apart from this busy pop star life? Do you have a boyfriend or anything?”

“No” said Beyonce, “I haven’t really had a boyfriend since high school ”

“Really” said Britney, “but you’re gorgeous”

“Oh thank you” said Beyonce, “I mean, that’s a real compliment coming from Britney Spears, world’s sexiest woman”

“Yeah right” said Britney.

They got to talking for over an hour, and much to Beyonce’s surprise, they had a lot of things in common. Britney really opened up, about how she had felt she was in love with Justin, and how they had had a few problems in the last few months before they broke up. She had even given up her virginity during the last few weeks because she felt it was the only way to save their relationship, but Justin had just given her a phone call out of the blue when she was in Europe, ending the relationship. They talked a bit more about the troubles of being famous, dealing with the press and stuff like that.

After about an hour, Beyonce realized that they were lying extremely close facing each other, and she began to feel a little bit queasy. She decided to try and push her luck bit by bit and retreat when the indication arose that she had ventured too far across enemy lines. She decided to put her arm on Britney’s thigh. She did not know how to go about it, so when Britney told a not-so-funny joke, she decided to follow Britney’s cue in the car and pretended to laugh really loud, and then put her palm on the pop singer’s thigh. To her surprise, Britney reciprocated by putting her hand on Beyonce’s thigh as well.

They kept talking, and Beyonce gradually and systematically moved her hand up will it was just underneath Britney’s underwear, and once again, Britney put her own hand right on Beyonce’s butt. Beyonce was getting really horny, and decided to take a bolder step. She told Britney a joke with a really dirty answer, so when it came time for her to tell the answer, she moved real close to Britney and whispered it in her ear, but did not move too far away. The two girls were extremely close to each other; their boobs were almost touching. Of course, their arms were still all over each other, so this was obviously a very erotic sight.

Beyonce was so horny she could die, and she figured then was as good a time as any to make a move, so she caught eyes with Britney, and started moving towards her as though she was going to kiss her, but she chickened out halfway. She just could not do it, this was Britney fucking Spears. She was scared she would sour the developing friendship, so she decided to pass.

“Shoot” Britney swore, “I just thought you were about to kiss me”

Frozen, Beyonce asked “And what would you have done if I kissed you?”

“Duh” said Britney, “I would have kissed you back”

With that, Beyonce took Britney’s face in her palm, and planted her lips right on Britney’s. Perhaps because it was Britney she was kissing, but it felt so incredible. Their mouths parted, making way for their tongues to make contact. Britney put her arms around Beyonce, one hand caressing her neck, the other her back. Beyonce’s right hand was in Britney’s beautiful blonde hair, while the other was on her thighs, going up and down from her knee to just below her underwear.

By some stroke of fate, they both reached for each other’s bras at the same time, and unclasped the hooks, and flung the bras on the floor. They were both bare-chested, their breasts rubbing into each other as they pressed closer, kissing, arms traversing each other’s bodies. Britney pulled away

“Have you done this before? With a girl?” she asked

“Yeah, I have, a few times” Beyonce replied. “Have you?”

“Yeah, just once, just a few months ago, with Jessica Alba, you know, the girl from Dark Angel”

“She’s hot” Beyonce said.

“I know”, grinned Britney, “What about you, which girls have you had sex with?”

Beyonce at that point had only been with two women – Kelly, as well as singer-actress Janet Jackson. She could not mention Kelly’s name, as it was a secret between them, and she had never confided in anybody about it. She definitely did not want to bring Janet’s name up at all. In recent weeks, the 36-year-old singer had been linked to Justin Timberlake in the tabloids, and Beyonce knew that mentioning Janet’s name would ruin the moment, so she opted not to mention any names at all.

“Just, you know, some of my friends from back home, nobody famous or anything” she said to Britney.

“OK”, said Britney, “now lets get back to fucking”

Beyonce thought the “f” word sounded so cute coming from Britney, but right now she did not care how “fuck” sounded like coming from Britney, she was only concerned with how it felt with the pop princess, and she was determined to find out. She kissed Britney on the lips again, and then on the forehead, and all over her face, and then brought her lips to her neck. Britney shrieked as Beyonce brought her mouth to her breasts. Beyonce did them justice, taking them into her mouth, biting on her nipples, which were as solid as rocks. Britney was moaning and gasping so loud, and this spurred Beyonce on, as it sounded so innocent, yet so naughty.

“Talk dirty to me baby”, Beyonce cried, as she dug into Britney’s tits again.

“Yes”, screamed Britney. “Suck my boobies, you are making me feel so good Beyonce, yesss bite my nipples, just like that”.

Beyonce was so turned on, she was almost cumming despite no stimulation. She kissed all the way down to Britney’s stomach, then used her teeth to take off Britney’s cum-soaked panties. Britney meanwhile, was still moaning

“Oh yes Beyonce, I can’t take it anymore, I need you to put your tongue on my pussy now, put your mouth to my pussy and ravish the shit out of it, I have to cum, just suck it”

Beyonce doubted anyone on earth could not have founded those words endearing coming from such a sweet innocent Southern belle from Louisiana, and she definitely went to work on her pussy. She applied everything she had learned from all her nightly rendezvous with Kelly, and was devoted to bringing Britney the ultimate pleasure. Britney was nowhere as subdued as Kelly, as she was screaming her ass off

“Oh yes Beyonce, just like that, I need you to eat my pussy, yes I am going to come”

Beyonce wanted to give Britney an orgasm she would never forget, so she decided to use the technique that Janet always used to make her come. She inserted the thumb of her right hand into Britney’s asshole, which made her squeak like a mouse, then inserted three fingers from her left hand into Britney’s tight hole, and then used her tongue to stimulate her clitoris.

“Oh yes Beyonce” Britney was screaming, almost in tears, “I love the way you are fucking me, oh yes, finger my pussy, I am a naughty, naughty girl and I want you to make me come, Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh Yesssssss”.

It was thunderous, as Britney almost brought down the roof with the final “Yes”. Beyonce was sure people would be wondering what was going on, but thankfully, the “Do Not Disturb” sign was hanging outside, so everybody knew better than to interfere. Britney was sobbing,

“Oh my God, Beyonce that was awesome, I have to pay you back”

“Of course you do” said Beyonce, her mouth full of pussy juice.

She got up to kiss Britney and they kissed, Britney tasting her juices from Beyonce’s mouth. Beyonce squeezed Britney’s breasts as they made out.

“Now it’s your turn” Beyonce said after about two minutes.

“Hold on, I have an idea”, Britney said, as she stood up and went to her wardrobe.

She came back with holding something black that Beyonce recognized to be an Afro wig. She was definitely puzzled and was wondering what Britney wanted to do with it, when she said

“Hey Beyonce, I dunno, I was kinda wondering if you could be Foxxy Cleopatra while I went down on you” Britney said appealingly.

“Sure, no problem” said Beyonce, still rather nonplussed as she took the wig from Britney and put it on. As soon as she did so, she seemed to come into character immediately.

“OK baby”, she bellowed, “Mama need you to get down and dirty and get to work.

Britney chuckled as she crouched in front of Beyonce and took off her underwear. “You want me to suck you” she asked.

“Well” said Beyonce in her best Foxxy accent “mama already had a taste of the honey, but now I want the whole beehive, so get your white ass down there and give me a good cunt licking.

“Ooooooohweeeee”, Britney squealed, as she got down to work and began to suck on Beyonce’s vagina. Beyonce began to moan and breathe really loudly. It was apparent she was still a rookie at the cunninlingus game, but her eagerness and enthusiasm to please was very endearing, and Beyonce was really impressed.

“OK suga, suck it baby, that’s how to do it, come on suck on my cunt now, I want you to suck it cos I’m Foxxy Cleopatra, and I’m a whole lotta woman, and my pussy needs a whole lotta sucking”

Eventually, Britney was able to bring Beyonce to an incredible orgasm, and Britney, like a dutiful puppy, licked every single drop of cum from Beyonce’s pussy. They hugged each other, and then lay down on the bed, got under the covers, and began to make out. They kissed very passionately for about ten minutes before they both fell asleep, two very contented 21 year olds, both fresh from one of the most exciting nights of their lives.

Beyonce still looked back at that night as one of her best yet. Surprisingly enough, she had yet to hook up with Britney after that night. They were both incredibly busy, and they had yet to be in the same city at the same time with time to spare, and Beyonce’s pussy definitely ached for more of Britney’s hungry tongue. She did not know where Britney was, so she did not even try to make any contact. However, she knew she wanted some pussy, pussy she had never had before. Preferably fresh pussy, someone really innocent who was probably alien to the idea of having her pussy serviced by a chick. She wanted to seduce a greenhorn by herself and see if she was good enough to play in the big leagues. But who? She decided to turn on TV and decide on the first appealing person she saw.

Jay Leno was on, and he was interviewing Nia Vardalos. “Nah”, she said to herself, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding was cool, but not that cool”. She switched over to Letterman, whose musical guest was Avril Lavigne. Avril was quite cute, but she was just too wild for her, the tie-totting skater girl was definitely not her kind. She switched it to MTV, and it was on a commercial break.

“OK Beyonce” she told herself, “the first female artist whose video comes up, even if it is Courtney Love, I have to seduce”.

As the next video came up and she heard the words, a smile came to her face. “See my days are cold without you, but I’m hurting while I’m with you”. Ashanti. Of course. She picked up her cell phone, dialed, and waited for someone to pick up. Four rings later, she heard a voice:

“Hi. This is Ashanti. I’m not here right now so do what you got to do, and remember: It’s Murdaaaaaa”

She left a short message and hung up. She lay down on her bed thinking up plans to seduce Ashanti, and in no time, was asleep

Rosario Dawson considered herself one lucky actress. In seven short years, she had been able to make a name for her. Ever since her breakout role in 1995’s “Kids”, she had not exactly suffered from a shortage of movie roles. From urban dramas such as “Light it up”, “He got game” and her latest, the critically acclaimed Spike Lee drama “The 25th Hour”, to teen comedies such as “Down to you” and “Josie and the Pussycats”, to big budget blockbusters like “Men in Black 2”, and straight out bombs like “Pluto Nash”, she had gained a lot of onscreen experience. She was also extremely pretty, being a mix of various races. She was of Cuban, Native American, African-American, Puerto-Rican, and Irish-American descent, giving her a uniquely exotic kind of beauty.

The 23-year-old actress had been literally picked from obscurity by the director of her first movie, and since then, had not exactly suffered from a dearth of movie offers. She was extremely shy and soft-spoken, and did not have too many friends in the movie industry. She kept in touch with most of her co-stars from her movies, but she did not exactly call them her bosom friends, as she hated the whole glitz and glamour of Hollywood. If not for her genuine talent and her love for acting, she would have quit a long time ago.

Deep down, Rosario guessed that the reason she was so uncomfortable around Hollywood was the fact that she was really mortified that someone would find out her deepest darkest secret. She was attracted to women. No, she wasn’t, she tried to assure herself. There was no way she could be gay; she was a rising Hollywood actress with a huge career ahead of her. She could very well be the next Halle Berry, and there was no way that would happen if anyone found out that she was a lesbian. No, she was not a lesbian, she assured herself, she had dated men regularly, so she could not be a lesbian. She did not like the word bi-sexual either, she did not consider it to be more re-assuring.

And even worse, Rosario was extremely paranoid that someone knew her secret. Whenever she had any close encounter of any kind with any of her co-stars whom she was attracted to, she would begin to panic that she had shown any signs of being attracted to her, and would begin to stay away from her. Just recently, at the premiere for “The 25th” Hour, her beautiful co-star Anna Paquin, had caught her staring, and she had begun to panic.

Anyway, Rosario was shocked when she received a phone call from one of her “Josie and the Pussycats” co-stars, Rachael Leigh Cook. She and Rachael had gotten along well during the filming of the movie. Carson Daly was always clinging around their third co-star, Tara Reid, so she did not get much of a chance to get close to her, but she and Rachael had bonded quite a bit. Rosario had lusted after Rachael for months, but she did not exactly know how to go about it, besides, she did not want to ruin their friendship. Rachael had a boyfriend anyways, so Rosario knew that she was not into women. However, shortly after filming ended, they were hanging out day at Rosario’s apartment. Rachael had come over to hang out, have dinner and watch a movie, and after dinner, the two girls were in the kitchen doing the dishes. They were standing next to each other by the sink, and Rachael had leaned over to put a dish away, so that her face was right in front of Rosario’s and impulsively, Rosario leant forward and kis

sed Rachael on the lips.

Rachael backed away in shock and stared at Rosario, who blushed to the roots of her hair.

“Sorry, Rach, I really don’t know why I did that” she explained

“That’s OK, Rosie”, Rachael said, looking obviously appalled.

“I’m really sorry” Rosario continued to explain, “It was just a reflex, I am not gay or anything, you don’t have to be scared of me”

“I’m not scared” Rachael said, even though her facial expression betrayed her.

The two girls completed the dishes in silence, after which Rachael remembered an urgent appointment she had to go to.

“But we still haven’t watched ‘Armageddon'”, Rosario said.

“Yeah, I know, but, um, my dentist, I have an appointment” Rachael stammered

“It’s 11pm” Rosario said sadly

“Yeah, I know, did I say my dentist, I meant my….look I gotta go, OK? Rachel said, grabbing her purse

“Look, Rach, I’m sorry I kissed you, it was a total accident, you don’t have to be uncomfortable around me” Rosario pleaded

“I’m not scared” came Rachael, “I just gotta go”, and with that, walked out of the door.

Rosario cried several times, not only because she had lost a friend, but also because that was the first woman she had ever even attempted to pull a move on, and it had ended so badly. She had run into Rachael a few times after that, as they had to be together during promotion for the movie. They hardly talked to each other, and Rosario was scared even to talk to Tara, as she assumed that Rachael must have told her. She became increasingly paranoid, and withdrew to herself even further. She began to feel extremely uncomfortable whenever anyone stared at her. She could almost hear their thoughts screaming at her, “Freak, dyke, whore” and millions of other derogatory obscenities.

Well, she was surprised when she received a phone call from Rachael one night while she was at home reading a script for which she had an audition in a few days. Her cell phone began to ring, playing the theme of “Friends”, her favorite show. She remembered as she and Rachael had gotten together every night at Thursday to watch the show as she picked up the phone

“Hello”, she chimed brightly.

“Oh hey Rosie, um it’s me Rachael” came the voice at the other end of the line.

“Which Rachael?” she asked, secretly hoping it was and also wishing it wasn’t her former co-star

“Me, Rachael Leigh Cook” she replied, “Surely you can’t have forgotten me already

“Of course not, what do you want, I mean, how did you get this number, I changed it over a year ago” Rosario said rather coldly

“Oh, sorry, I got it from Tara, if that’s OK” Rachael said in a subdued voice

“No, no, that’s OK, what can I do for you?” Rosario asked, still coldly

“Well, I was kinda wondering if you wanted to hang out?” Rachael asked hopefully

“Really, why?” came Rosario’s sarcastic answer

“I dunno, its been a while since we hung out and I just thought we should get re-acquainted” Rachael replied

“Well” Rosario said, trying to disguise her surprise, “I don’t see why now, when do you want to hang out?”

“I’m free tomorrow, how about I stop by your place tomorrow at about 5. We could watch ‘Friends’, order some pizzas, and you know, just catch up on what been going on”

“Sure, no problem, I’ll just go ahead and cancel my dentist appointment”, Rosario joked

“So”, she continued, “I’ve moved, I don’t live at my old place anymore”

“OK, why don’t you give me your new address”

She gave Rachael the address, and they talked for a few more minutes before the “She’s all that” actress had to hang up. Rosario was puzzled, and she asked herself why Rachael was being so friendly out of the blue. Well, at least she would find out tomorrow. The stupid bitch probably wanted something or the other from her, she couldn’t see why else she would be interested in rekindling their friendship. Well, tomorrow would reveal the answer, “If tomorrow comes”, she thought to herself as she continued to read her script.

“I’m telling you, Irv, I just need a break before I start recording again. Like a month or two”, Ashanti screamed through the phone at her boss and producer, Irv Gotti, the CEO and label head of Murder Inc.

She had been experiencing major burnout, and was trying to take a leaf out of Britney Spears’ book by taking a hiatus, though a much shorter one. Since her remarkable breakthrough in 2002, she had been working non-stop and was a few steps away from pulling a Mariah and suffering a nervous breakdown. She had become really huge last year after being featured on some choruses by some rappers, and her self-titled debut album had surpassed all sorts of expectations when it sold over half a million copies to debut on top of the charts. Since then, she had sung or been featured on six top ten singles, gone on two national tours and one in Europe, and been nominated for 5 Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist.

Now, she was extremely worn out and needed to take some time off to try and be a normal 22-year-old, but Gotti would hear none of it. He insisted that she start recording her follow-up album immediately

“Look, Ashanti, we need you to put out an album as soon as possible” he cajoled

“But why” she cried, “I need a break and you know it, I’ve been non-stop for a year”

“I know” replied Irv, “but you know Ja Rule’s album isn’t doing as well as expected, and we need to keep Murder Inc out there if we are going to stay on top, and you are all we got”

“But even my die-hard fans are getting tired of me”, replied Ashanti, ” they say I am being over-exposed, and I have to say I agree with them”

“Look, this is not a request” Gotti said, “I have booked studio time tomorrow and I have two producers coming in, I want you at the studio by 10 a.m.” With that, he hung up.

Ashanti cursed as she hung up her phone, and saw her phone indicate “1 missed call”, as she remembered that while she was talking to her producer, someone had tried to call her, but she was to caught up in the argument to attend to the other call. She decided to check if the caller had left a message, and indeed she had. She assumed it was her mom or her sister, but was quite puzzled when she heard,

“Hey Ashanti, this is Beyonce, I just wanted to call to say hi. Hit me back when you get this”

What would Beyonce want with her? They had hardly met, she recalled a brief conversation they had at Usher’s birthday party when they exchanged numbers, but that was it. She did not think they were going to actually call each other, but apparently, she thought to herself, she was wrong. Perhaps Beyonce wanted to collaborate on a song, or maybe she just wanted to chat. They were the same age, and she felt she should probably try and make more friends in the industry anyway. Ja Rule was always so protective of her, like a big brother, and hardly allowed her to make any friends, so she decided to give Beyonce a call and see what was up.

She dialed Beyonce’s number, and she heard a voice groggy from sleep say


“Hi”, she replied”, “this is Ashanti. Beyonce is that you?”

“Oh yeah” Beyonce said, suddenly becoming alert. “Hi Ashanti, I called you earlier, but…”

“Yeah” said Ashanti, “I was on the phone with Irv, sorry I missed your call. Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, it is” replied Beyonce, suddenly realizing she did not have an ostensible reason for calling up Ashanti out of the blue. “Well”, she said, trying to make stuff up, “I was just calling to see if…well, you know I’m not used to being in New York by myself, I usually am here with Kelly and Michelle, and I’m going to be here for another week, and I just wanted someone to hang out with, so I figured since I already knew you, I should call and see if you wanted to get together for lunch sometime or something”

“Well”, replied Ashanti, “I don’t have a problem with that, when do you want to have lunch?”

“How does tomorrow sound?” Beyonce asked hopefully.

“Well, I would really love to, but I have to be in the studio from 10 o’ clock and I don’t know what time Irv will let me get out” she answered

“You have to eat sometime, don’t you, no matter what time you get out of the studio” Beyonce said slyly.

“I guess so. I’ll tell you what, I bet its been a while since you had a home-cooked meal, so why don’t you stop by my house in Jersey at around 7.30. My mom and sister won’t be home so it’ll just be us two. I’ll make some food, and we could hang out and watch some TV or something” Ashanti offered.

“That’s great”. Beyonce was ecstatic, as this had turned out to be even more than she was hoping. With the two of them just alone in the house, there would be a much better opportunity for her to seduce Ashanti. She tried to cloak her enthusiasm. “Great, I’ll see you there”

She got Ashanti’s address before she hung up. This was going to turn out great, and she was confident that in 24 hours time, she would have added another name to the growing list of Hollywood lolitas that she had bedded. She decided not to masturbate before she slept, as she did not want to deprive Ashanti of potential pussy juice.

Meanwhile, at her house in New Jersey, Ashanti went to sleep both happy that she at least managed to have a conversation to take her mind off the awful mood she was in, and also puzzled as to why Beyonce seemed so eager to spend time with her. Surely, there were a lot of people in the New York area that she could hang out with. Whatever her reasons were, it wouldn’t hurt to have Beyonce Knowles as a friend, Ashanti thought, as she closed her eyes to sleep.

Rosario found herself eagerly anticipating Rachael’s arrival the next day. She tried to focus on the script she was working on, but she was too antsy, so she decided to relieve some of the stress by working out. As she worked the treadmill in her built-in gym, she wondered why she was so tense. It had been over two years since she and Rachael were friends, and even though she was mostly mad at her, part of her still missed her old friend, and she couldn’t wait to see her again. She wondered if Rachael still thought she was attracted to her. Well, she did not even know whether or not she would still be attracted to Rachael, but she vowed to stay cool and not do anything as impulsively stupid as she did the last time.

At about 4’o clock, she went to go take a shower, and spent about thirty minutes trying to decide what to wear. She eventually settled on a purple turtleneck and black jeans, and ensemble which was nice enough to make her look sexy, and also simple and casual enough, as she definitely did not want Rachael to know she was really attempting to look good for her.

At 4.53 p.m., the doorbell rang, and she peeked through the keyhole to see that it was Rachael. Shoot, she was early. “I’m coming”, she called out as she took a second to compose herself and take a deep breath, and then opened the door. There she was, looking as beautiful as ever.

“Hi” she said, as the two friends hugged.

After about ten seconds when they let go, Rachael handed her a small laminated card. Noticing the puzzled look on Rosario’s face, she said, “it’s a bus pass”, and sensing that Rosario was even more clueless, she added “Remember from the movie, after Val and Josie made up”.

Rosario smiled immediately, apparently Rachael’s sense of humor was still intact.

In the movie “Josie and the Pussycats”, Rosario’s character, Valerie, and Rachael’s character, Josie, as well as a third character, Melody, played by Tara Reid, were three small-town aspiring musicians, who managed to make it to the big time. Josie and Valerie had sworn on their bus passes that they would remain “friends first and band mates second”, but the pressures of the big time had let Josie’s ego come in the way, and when they did reconcile in the end, Josie apologized by giving Valerie her bus pass. Obviously, Rachael was making reference to this, and Rosario was touched.

“Come in”, she said, as she guided the petite brunette into her house.

“Nice place”, she said, as she walked into the living room and sat down.

Rosario sat down next to her, making sure she left a reasonable amount of space in between, in order not to scare Rachael away.

“Move closer, I don’t bite” Rachael said with a smile, but though Rosario smiled back, she did not budge

“Look Rosie” Rachael said, “I am so sorry about the way I reacted, and that was wrong. I shouldn’t have let something as small as that get in the way of our friendship”

“It’s OK” Rosario replied, “I should not have done what I did, I don’t know what came into me, but I promise it won’t happen again”. She could have sworn Rachael winced when she said that, but she was sure her imagination was getting the better of her.

“You should have told me you were attracted to me, I would have known how to deal with it.” Rachael said calmly.

“I was not…” but she stopped when the look on Rachael’s face showed that she was not going to be fooled “OK yeah I guess I was a little bit, but, I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of our friendship

“Look Rosie” Rachael said, “it really is not that big a deal, OK? I won’t let a small thing like you wanting to be with me get in the way of our friendship”

“I don’t want to be with you” Rosario said adamantly, “look I made a mistake and I apologized, I was confused, I didn’t mean anything”

“Who are you fooling?” came the soft response from Rachael as she moved forward and kissed Rosario.

It was amazing. Rosario had over the last two years not gotten over the incredible feel of Rachael’s lips, and they were as wonderful as she imagined. As she was about to lose herself completely in the kiss, something inside her revolted and she immediately pulled herself away

“Who the fuck do you think you are?”, she snapped at Rachael.

“But you…” Rachael stammered, taken aback.

“But I did what, tell me, I accidentally kissed you two years ago, so what, like I said I was confused and did not know what I was doing, that does not make me gay. Do you have any idea how much you hurt me? I know I shouldn’t have kissed you, but we were supposed to be friends, and you did not even hear me out. You never answered my calls, and do you know how bad I felt when we would be in the same room and you would completely ignore me, or stay in a corner with Tara laughing at me. Do you know how much that hurt me?”

“But I never told Tara” Rachael said, “I never told anyone”

“Yeah right, whatever, you just waltz in here two years later with a bus pass, and try to kiss me, and you think it will all go away. I don’t know why you kissed me, and I don’t care, but I’d really like it if you left now”, Rosario said firmly

“But I really want this” said Rachael, “and I know you want it too”

‘The only thing I want is for you to leave now” Rosario said adamantly

Standing up and walking towards the door, Rachael said, “You are making a mistake Rosie, there is no way you can convince me that you don’t want this even more than I do, and you are just going to pass on it because of something that happened two years ago

“You’re damn right I am” Rosario said as she held the door open for her former friend.

“Bye Rosie” Rachael said, as she walked out without looking back.

Rosario slammed the door shut, looked at the bus pass for about ten seconds before flinging it into a nearby trashcan, and then falling to the floor and bursting into tears. Little did she know that Rachael, as she entered her car about a hundred feet away to drive off, was crying as well.

Beyonce’s Porsche came to a stop in front of a rather large house in Glen Cove, New Jersey. “Wow, nice house”, she thought to herself as she walked up to the Douglas house. She was dressed to kill, in a tight, figure-hugging black dress. She had let her hair loose, and in general, she was sure there was no way on earth any man or woman could resist her. She pressed the doorbell, and in a few seconds, Ashanti came to open the door. She was looking cute, dressed in a chiffon top and blue pants.

“You’re late, its almost 8 o clock” Ashanti greeted Beyonce.

“I’m sorry there was a little bit of traffic on the freeway, I should have left home earlier than I did” was Beyonce’s response

“That’s OK, I ain’t tripping, come on in” said Ashanti, as she shut the door behind her new friend.

“Thanks so much for inviting me”, Beyonce said.

“Anytime” smiled Ashanti, “I was just about to watch ‘Friends’ if you don’t mind”

“No, I don’t, that’s actually my favorite show, I never have time to watch it though” said Beyonce

“Are you kidding, I never ever miss it” said Ashanti

“So what’s been going on lately?” Beyonce inquired

Ashanti proceeded to fill Beyonce in on how Ross had caught Rachel kissing a guy from work, and they had gotten into a fight, causing Rachel to move back in with Joey, and how Chandler and Monica were still trying, albeit unsuccessfully to conceive a child. She had just finished explaining the reason Chandler quit his job, when the notice came that the episode was about to begin.

Excited, Ashanti ran to the kitchen to bring a giant bowl of popcorn and some sodas. She then turned off the lights and cuddled up right next to Beyonce on the sofa right in front of the giant screen TV. Beyonce was getting turned on as Ashanti’s boobs pressed into her, and contemplated making a move then, but Ashanti was so into the show that she hesitated to distract her.

NBC Thursday must-see-TV was also a weekly ritual for Rosario Dawson, who settled in front of her TV as the night kicked off with a super-size episode of ‘Friends’. However, she was unable to concentrate, as she kept reliving Rachael’s kiss and they way she had told her off. Back when they were still friends, they used to get together to watch the show every week, and definitely this brought back memories to Rosario. She wondered whether she had been too harsh. It suddenly hit her: she was acting the exact same way Rachael had acted two years earlier. She had kissed Rachael, who had panicked and run off, and now she was doing the exact same thing. She had not even given Rachael a chance to explain, and all of a sudden she felt so guilty.

As the show went to a commercial break, she reached for the phone and dialed Rachael’s number. It began to ring, and she began to panic. However, she decided to be courageous and wait.

“Hello” came Rachael’s voice

“Hello Rach, it’s Rosie” she answered

“Oh hi Rosie, what you called to yell at me some more?” Rachael said in a mocking tone

“That’s a good idea now that I think of it, but first of all, I just wanted to apologize for going off like that today” Rosario said. “I was so mad at you that I began to trip without realizing that I was doing the exact same thing I was mad at you for”

“Which is…” Rachael asked

“Well, you obviously had your reasons for kissing me, and I did not allow you to explain, I just freaked out” Rosario admitted

“It’s OK, I should have been a little bit more sensitive” Rachael said

“So, why did you kiss me?” asked Rosario

“I beg your pardon?”

“You must have had your reasons, so I want to know why. Was it because you felt sorry for me? Or did you just want to lead me on and then make fun of me?” Rosario said

“None of those reasons Rosie, it’s just that…oh Friends is back on…do you want me to call when the show is over?”

“No, that’s OK” Rosario said, “I’m taping it. I only set it for forty minutes though, I have to get off when the show ends cos I don’t want to miss ‘Scrubs'”

” They are not doing ‘Scrubs’ today; it’s a repeat of Friends” said Rachael

“OK no problem” Rosario said, “so, you were saying…”

“Well, why did you think I walked out on you when you kissed me?” Rachael inquired

“Because you were scared of me” Rosario answered

“Well yes and no” responded Rachael

“I’d like you to enunciate” Rosario said.

“Well, at that point, I was really debating my sexuality, and I think I knew for sure that I definitely was into girls when we were doing ‘Josie and the Pussycats’. All I ever did was fantasize about you and Tara, and when the two of us became so close, I got so scared because the closer I got to you, the more I realized I wanted you, and it scared the shit out of me. So when I found out, you might have wanted me too, I just couldn’t deal with it and I left in fright. I know it was immature, and I’m sorry, but I was just at that point in my life” Rachael said, close to tears.

“Oh my God, I didn’t know” Rosario said, equally tearfully, “I thought you hated me”

“How on earth would I hate you, Rosie, our friendship was so good, so pure, and I knew that taking that next step was something we were not ready for” said Rachael

“But you handled it the wrong way. We were supposed to be friends” said Rosario

“I know, Rosie, I was just so scared, I could not face you after that” Rachael said. “I’m sorry”

“So Rach, let me ask you this” said Rosario, “what is it you want?”

“Well” Rachael replied, “I haven’t stopped being in love with you these two years, and I suddenly realized that I was no longer afraid to be with you”

“In love with me” Rosario smiled, “well, to be honest, I think I’m in love with you too. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since”.

“That’s great, Rosie”. Rachael’s joy was so eager even through the phone.

“So, why did you decide you were ready to be with me” Rosario asked

“Well I don’t know how to say this”, came Rachael’s reply. “I kinda slept with a girl, and that threw off my inhibitions”

“So you did not realize you wanted to be with me until you had sex with another girl, and that’s supposed to make me feel better” Rosario said, her mood beginning to decline.

“Look, I know it sounds bad, but seriously, that’s not how it was. She made the first move, and I was kinda apprehensive, but it felt really good, and after it was over, I realized my inhibitions about having sex with a girl were gone, so naturally, I started to think about you”

“You know what Rach” said Rosario, “I need some time to think about this and what I want. Maybe we can get together for lunch sometime when I make up my mind”

“Fine with me” said Rachael, “so when do you have in mind?”

“Well, I have an audition tomorrow, so I guess Saturday is fine” Rosario replied.

“Fine, I’ll call you tomorrow to set a time and place” said Rachael.

“OK” Rosario said, “by the way, just wondering, who was the girl you hooked up with?”

“Does it matter?” Rachael asked, obviously not wanting to tell

“I’m afraid it does, I have to know in order to be able to analyze things” Rosario insisted.

“But its not important” said Rachael, remaining adamant. “All that matters is that I want to be with you.”

“Rachael” called Rosario, her voice rising, “Which girl did you fuck?”

“Oh, I was hoping this would not come up” Rachael said, realizing there was no way out.

“Well, yeah it did, so you have to tell me, who is she?” Rosario insisted, all the while thinking to herself whether she really wanted to know the answer.

“Tara”, said Rachael softly. “Tara Reid”.

“Friends” was finally over, and Ashanti, not being a big fan of “Will and Grace”, decided to turn off the TV, so they could talk. At first they talked about their favorite TV shows, and wagered on the outcomes of “Joe Millionaire” and “The Bachelorette”. Beyonce was kinda surprised that Ashanti was so much into television, she never had any time to plan her life round any TV shows. She only caught such shows whenever she had the chance to, but Ashanti was so much into these shows that Beyonce had to feign interest in the dating dilemmas of Evan Marriott and Trista Rehn, as she felt it would score points for her if Ashanti felt they had stuff in common.

Ashanti asked Beyonce if she was hungry, and as she replied in the affirmative, she asked her to come along to the kitchen, where, much to Beyonce’s surprise, Ashanti had prepared loads of food. They warmed it up, and Beyonce helped herself to some pasta, and retreated back to the living room to eat. Ashanti brought out an expensive bottle of champagne, much to Beyonce’s delight. The more alcohol Ashanti consumed, the more likely she was to succumb to her advances. She made a mental note though, to prevent Ashanti from drinking too much as it would help if she was tipsy, but not straight out drunk.

They chatted as they ate, mostly about their music careers. Ashanti went on and on about how Destiny’s Child influenced her, and how much she looked up to Beyonce and her music.

“Oh”, thought Beyonce, “you’ll do more than look up to me real soon”

After the meal was over, the two girls decided to slip in some music and continue to chat. As Ashanti selected a Barry White CD, Beyonce inwardly blessed her. She could not think of any better mood music. She began to plot how to make her move. She decided to grab on to the next opportunity to make a move.

The conversation, as most conversations between any two Hollywood females do, eventually drifted to the complaints and downsides to being a pop star. Beyonce, having lived the life much longer than Ashanti, definitely had some words of wisdom. She advised Ashanti on how best to survive while being on tour, how to deal with the press, and how to cope when the label bugs you too much.

“The label wants me to start recording immediately”, Ashanti complained, ‘Come on, in less than one year, I’ve done my album, appeared on two Murder Inc compilations, Ja Rule’s album, toured twice all over the world, and shot about seven videos. Surely I deserve a break”

“Of course you do, but in this case, there’s really nothing you can do except try and reason with him” Beyonce said

“I’ve tried, but because Ja Rule’s album did not do that well, he says I have to come out with something as soon as possible”

“But he’s your friend, isn’t he?” Beyonce asked, “he should understand you are worn out”

“Yeah he should, but he doesn’t, and Lord knows I’ve given my whole life to that label”

“What do you mean?” Beyonce inquired

“Well I spend all my free time working, recording, performing, and to make matters worse, they are so overprotective”, Ashanti said bitterly, “they control every detail of my personal life”

“Come on” Beyonce consoled, “it can’t be that bad”

“Oh it is” said Ashanti, “Ja is even worse, he doesn’t let me date, and scares away everyone who ever musters up the courage to approach me”

“You don’t think maybe he’s jealous” Beyonce said.

“That’s impossible” Ashanti laughed, “Anyway, he acts like an over-protective big brother, I’ve not even had so much as a kiss for over a year”

“Really?” asked Beyonce, preparing to go for the kill.

“Yeah” said Ashanti “and I am sure I can confide in you. I am so horny, it’s killing me”

“Well” Beyonce said with a smile, as she moved right next to Ashanti and kissed her.

Ashanti broke free after a second and stared at Beyonce, and then began to laugh. She giggled and then burst into a fit of hysterical laughter. Beyonce did not know how to react to this unexpected development. After Ashanti regained composure she finally spoke

“That was so funny, you thought I’d actually fall for that. Haha”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Beyonce asked

“Of course you’re joking” said Ashanti, “I mean, you’re Beyonce, you can’t possibly want to actually kiss me. I’m a girl”

“I know you’re a girl, that’s why I kissed you” Beyonce said, leaning in for another kiss. Ashanti pushed her away.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked

“I just think you will enjoy this” Beyonce responded

“But I’m not gay, I possibly couldn’t” came Ashanti’s confused response

“Neither am I, but you said you were horny, and I know a way to make you feel better” Beyonce said.

“I didn’t anticipate you would kiss me” Ashanti said

“I bet you enjoyed the kiss, didn’t you” Beyonce inquired

“I don’t know, I was too surprised to feel anything” said Ashanti.

“Well then” Beyonce said, “why don’t we find out when you are less surprised. I just need you to stay still and not do anything”.

She put her hand on the back of Ashanti’s neck as she brought her lips down to Ashanti’s. Ashanti was obedient, and did not move a muscle. Beyonce parted Ashanti’s mouth with hers, and then inserted her tongue into Ashanti’s mouth gently. She caressed the inside of her mouth a little bit before stopping and pulling away.

“How was that?” she asked

“It was the best sensation ever” said Ashanti, “but I’m confused, I am not sure if I want to go along with this”

“I know this is an extremely new thing you are feeling” said Beyonce, “but I promise it will feel better than anything you have ever felt and if at any point, you want me to stop, just say the word.

“Alright” said Ashanti, as she leaned in and kisses Beyonce. This time around, she was more proactive, as her tongue met Beyonce’s. The two girls embraced each other firmly, and for ten minutes, did nothing other than passionately lock lips.

Eventually, Beyonce pulled away and smiled at Ashanti.

“So what do you think?” she asked

“To be honest with you, that was easily the best kiss I’ve ever had, and I am so hot right now. I don’t know if it is because I haven’t seen any action in so long, but I really want to go ahead. But I don’t want to get caught in the heat of the moment and do something I would regret, so I think I need some time to think about it.”

“But you said it felt good” said Beyonce

“Yeah I know it does, it feels so good that I cannot think straight right now. I’ve never been with a woman before, and I want the first time to be really special”

“I promise to make it special” Beyonce said.

“I don’t doubt that” Ashanti replied, “but it is just so overwhelming right now, and I need some time to think it through. I’ll call you on Saturday night to let you know what I think. I hope you’re not mad”

“I’m disappointed” said Beyonce, “but not mad, I guess I’m willing to wait as long as you want to, and I have no doubt it will be worth the wait.

“Thanks, Beyonce” said Ashanti, as she gave her a peck on the cheek.

“I think I’d better start heading back to my hotel now” said Beyonce. “It’s getting late”.

“OK, let me see you outside.

The two singers went outside, where they shared a little kiss before Beyonce got into her car and drove off. Ashanti, meanwhile, walked back in with ambivalent feelings. She had always been curious about being with another woman, but had never felt the urge to try, and she was happy that her first time was with Beyonce. She hoped she had made the right choice, and even though she had two days to think it through, she already knew what her answer would be on Saturday.

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