Dangerously In Love – Chapter 3: Say My Name


Once again, please separate fact from fiction and note that this is a figment of my freaking imagination and does not in any way represent the celebrities involved.

In the last chapter, Beyonce, after reminiscing a particularly shaggadelic night with pop sensation Britney Spears, decided to go in search of fresh meat, and settled upon fellow R&B singer Ashanti. We were also introduced to the beautiful Rosario Dawson, whose friend Rachael Leigh Cook is trying to reconcile with after their friendship was ruined two years earlier. At the end though, neither party got much action,
as both Rosario and Ashanti asked for time to consider. If this isn’t clear, please refer to previous chapters.

CHAPTER 3: Say my Name

Say my name

Say my name

If no one is around you say baby I love you

If you ain’t runnin game

Say my name

Say my name

You actin kind of shady

Ain’t callin me baby

Betta say my name

“Really, you told her about us?” Tara Reid asked, as she lay naked in bed with an equally naked Rachael Leigh Cook later on that Thursday night.

“There was no way I could lie to her” Rachael said, “she wanted to know the reason for my change of heart and I had to tell her it was because I had discovered the joys of lesbianism”

“Do you think the fact that it is me makes it any different?” Tara asked

“Well, I don’t know, it might even make it much better. Anyone would be blind if they can’t understand why anyone would want you” Rachael said jokingly as she kissed the blonde actress.

Tara had seduced Rachael a few weeks earlier when they had both ended up in the same luxury spa in Malibu, California. Rachael had not always been less than fond of Tara, even while they were co-stars in “Josie and the Pussycats”. Tara always struck Rachael as snobbish, parading her annoying MTV VJ boyfriend around and demanding better treatment than her other two co-stars simply because she had a bit part in an extremely popular teen flick. Rosario and Rachael secretly called her “the bitch”, and of course, as she had made little or no effort to reach out to them, there was no reason for them to think otherwise. Rachael talked to Tara when she had to of course, especially during promotion for the movie, when she and Rosario were no longer on speaking terms.

However, Rachael had decided to treat herself after a hurtful break-up with her long-time boyfriend, and checked into a lucrative celebrity resort in Palm Springs, California for a weekend, and much to her dismay, Tara was also booked there for the exact same duration. They had exchanged greetings cordially, as any two acquaintances would, and Rachael did not expect that they would have any cause to interact with each other, but she couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only was Tara’s room next to hers, their schedules seemed to be identical, as Rachael kept bumping into Tara every room she found herself the next day at the celebrity spa. Eventually, while they were both taking mud baths, Rachael figured that there must be some reason why this was happening, and decided to initiate some real conversation between them.

They got to talk, and in 30 minutes, Rachael realized that she couldn’t have been any more misled about Tara’s personality. She even found herself apologizing for being so cold to her in the past.

“That’s OK” Tara had responded, “its not like I was so friendly myself”

“Truce?” she said with a grin.

“Sure” she replied. “How’s Rosario by the way, haven’t seen her in a while. I noticed you two stopped hanging out towards the end”

“Yeah” Rachael said, looking dejected, “we kinda had a falling out, we don’t talk anymore”

“That’s so unfortunate” Tara said, “I remember looking at the two of you hang out all the time and wish you would let me into your inner circle”

“Well, it was kinda hard to when you were always with what’s-his-face” Rachael joked.

“You mean Carson, come on I don’t know why everybody I know doesn’t like him. He is a really sweet guy, you know” Tara smiled.

“Yeah, I don’t doubt that” Rachael said sarcastically.

Eventually, the two of them had gone back to their hotel rooms, agreeing to meet later in the evening for dinner. Rachael had dressed casually for dinner, wearing a white halter-top and jeans. For some reason, while she still found Tara hot, she did not even think towards the possibility of anything remotely sexual happening between them. If anyone was as straight as an arrow, it was Tara, who was linked to a different man every week. Besides, ever since the whole Rosario fiasco, she had not exactly been attracted to any woman.

She was at the table five minutes early and patiently waited for Tara to arrive. Then she saw her, walking towards the table wearing a tiny red tank top, an extremely short skirt, and a smile. Rachael thought her eyes were going to bulge out of their sockets. Her eyes strayed to Tara’s incredible thighs, and she squirmed in her seat. “Goodness gracious” she thought to herself as Tara got to the table, pulled out her chair and brought it right next to Rachael before sitting down.

“Hey cutie” she said, her voice huskier than ever.

“Hi” Rachael whispered, trying to come to her senses, and looking down at Tara’s thighs which were spread apart and completely exposed, save for two or so inches.

“Sorry I’m late” she said, “I hope you’re not mad”

“Why would I be?” remarked Rachael as a waiter handed them both menus.

Dinner was great, though Rachael could hardly eat, barely picking at a few bites before deciding that there was no way she could possibly eat. And Tara kept oozing sex, crossing and uncrossing her legs at every opportunity. Tara also made it a point to look directly into Rachael’s eyes every time she asked a question, causing shivers to run down her spine. Rachael couldn’t remember ever feeling this flustered, and she hoped Tara had not noticed anything weird about her behavior. She could hardly wait till dinner so that she could return to her room and masturbate, fantasizing about putting her head in between Tara’s thighs and enjoying the wonderful feast that likely dwelt there.

“…And I said no way” came Tara’s voice, interrupting her thoughts. “I only had one or two lines in the whole movie, and that was at Jim and Michelle’s wedding. It felt like a slap to my face”

“I still think you should have taken the offer, I mean it’s American Pie” Rachael reasoned. “I’m sure your fans will be disappointed when you are absent”

“I think a third movie is pushing it too far” Tara said, “besides I can’t do teen movies all my life, would you agree to do a ‘She’s All That’ sequel?”

“That actually won’t be bad, but I will die if I have to spend another two months of my life kissing Freddie Prinze Jr.” Rachael said.

“Come on, Freddie’s hot’ Tara laughed

“The day we had to shoot that scene of the prom night by the pool, his breath totally smelled of garlic. It was like the worst thing ever” Rachael said

Tara giggled so hard that she dropped her fork on the floor. “Oops” she said, as she knelt on one knee to pick it up, and for about a second, Rachael caught a glance of her clean-shaven, glistening pussy. Tara had actually come dinner without wearing any underwear! Rachael’s mouth was agape, and she thought she was going to die of desire. That was easily the most erotic thing she had ever laid eyes on in her life, and her horniness grew even further when Tara, noticing the look of bewilderment on her face smiled mischievously and said

“Oh, I hope you don’t mind I’m not wearing any underwear, it’s never been one of my favorite things to do”

Rachael mumbled an answer, barely caring what she said, as she continued to visualize the wonder she had just seen. She felt she was going to explode from the desire and anticipation that her pussy felt if she did not do anything to relieve herself soon. Flustered, she excused herself to go to the restroom, and did not even wait for a response before she scurried off to the nearest bathroom, eager for release.

“Thank God it’s empty”, she said to herself, as she rushed into a stall, completely took off her jeans and soaked panties, sat on the toilet seat, and pushed the door shut, neglecting to bolt it shut. She took her hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy and began to vigorously masturbate, her eyes shut as she visualized the seductive scene she had just witnessed.

“Oh Tara” she moaned, as she fingered herself.

“I thought I heard someone call me” she heard a voice say as the door to her stall swung open, and there stood Tara, completely topless, and her pulling up her skirt with her left hand so her shaven pussy was completely visible.

“I want you Tara” Rachael heard herself say

“I want you too Rach, I’ve wanted you for so long”, Tara responded, as she walked towards the diminutive brunette and pulled her from the sitting position she was assuming.

She pushed Rachael towards the wall and slammed the stall door, securely fastening the lock. She then knelt down in front of the already dizzy Rachael, and buried her face into her pussy. She stayed there for about 5 seconds before beginning to rise, licking her way up Rachael’s body while also pushing her white top off. Rachael was in heaven as Tara’s tongue made its way to her breasts, but it did not pause there for one second, but continued its upward ascent. Rachael raised up her hand in order for Tara to be able to take it off totally. Tara flung the top away, then pressed her body into Rachael’s, planting a kiss on her. She wrapped both hands round Rachael’s bare backside, while Rachael put hers on Tara’s neck.

Tara slipped a finger into Rachael’s pussy as she descended to work on her breasts. Rachael gasped as Tara alternated from breast to breast, and her finger worked magic on her cunt. She called Tara’s name as the blonde girl nibbled on her stimulated nipples

“Oh yes Tara, you are a goddess, I love the way your tongue feels on my boobs, suck my breasts, yes” she found herself saying.

Her ex-boyfriend had always tried to persuade her to talk dirty while they were making love, and she had tried, though unsuccessfully. As she continued to cry out multiple unprintable words, she realized that dirty talk was not instigated but came along when you were in the moment. However, she did not even have time to think about anything but the incredible sensation Tara was bringing to her. If only she had known that making love to a woman could feel so incredible, she would not have blown her chance with Rosario.

Tara’s finger continued to make its thrusts more vigorously, while her thumb rubbed her clitoris. She tried, in the heat of the moment, to come up with a word to describe the amount of jot she was feeling, but she quickly came to the conclusion that no such word existed. Meanwhile, she was in ecstasy, and the only way this could feel any better would be if Tara could use her tongue on her pussy like she had done earlier.

“Oh Tara” she moaned, “I need you to suck my pussy. I need you to suck me and make me come, oh yes, I need to come Tara”

“Are you sure, you filthy slut?” Tara teased.

“I am sure, I am a slut and a whore and all yours and I need you to suck my pussy and make me come” Rachel cried. “Please make me come”

“Alright” whispered Tara, and she brought her mouth down to Rachael’s pussy and began to lap at it with her tongue.

“Oh yes”, Rachael cried, as Tara nibbled on her clitoris. She then inserted her tongue as far as she could reach, and started to suck.

“Oh my God”, Rachael screamed, as she felt an orgasm come, “I’m about to come, oh yes, I love you Tara, and I’m about to come for you, suck my cunt as I come, oh yes, oh yes” she cried as she came.

Tara used her finger to mop up some of Rachael’s juice, and then inserted it into Rachael’s mouth. This was so erotic, and it did not taste bad too, thought Rachael.

“Thank you so much Tara. That was amazing, I’ve never felt anything of the sort before. You are so sexy” she said with tears streaming down her face as she kissed Tara.

“I never thought anything could feel so good”, Rachael said. “The least you can let me do is at least try and give you some of what you just gave me”

“Oh there’ll be plenty of time for that” smiled Tara as she kissed the 5 foot tall actress.

And Rachael indeed had more than enough chances to satisfy her newfound lover. They did nothing but make love for the rest of their stay at the resort. After several more orgasms in that lucky bathroom stall, they returned to Tara’s room where they made love all night, falling asleep as dawn broke. They awoke in each other’s arms, and proceeded to the shower where they shared an erotic bath together. They spent the rest of the day fucking every opportunity they had – in the gym, the stable, the tennis court, the Jacuzzi, and several other public places where they ran a risk of being seen. But Rachael didn’t care, she was happier than she had ever been in ages, her only wish being she could share such an experience with Rosario.

Tara had made it clear that while she was open to sex anytime Rachael wanted, she was not asking for a relationship. In fact, she was currently dating N’Sync crooner J.C. Chasez, and was still open to relationships with men, but after a devastating break-up with Carson Daly, her ex-fiancĂ©, she had discovered and embraced the sapphic lifestyle, and it was the pleasure that she got from women that had saved her from experiencing severe trauma.

Rachael had narrated to her in detail the reason for the collapse of the friendship between Rosario and herself, and it was Tara who had encouraged her go back to mend the friendship. Even though she was slightly jealous that Rosario was all Rachael could talk about, she genuinely felt that Rachael and Rosie belonged together. Besides, Rachael and Rosario hooking up would ensure availability to an extra piece of pussy, which was always welcome.

It had taken Rachael a few weeks of mind-blowing lesbian sex to finally muster the courage to make that phone call to Rosario, and in bed on that snowy Thursday night, Rachael was narrating the entire events of the previous day to Tara.

“There is no way she is going to turn you down” Tara assured Rachael. “She said she was in love with you, besides, who would blame you for wanting a piece of this”, pointing at her tits.

“I am so nervous Tara”, Rachael confided, “I don’t know what I’ll do if she doesn’t want me”

“That’s not even a possibility” Tara said, “and remember, after you guys fuck, try and convince her to think about a Pussycats reunion threesome”

“Is that all you think about?” Rachael teased, as she pinched Tara’s nipple.

“Can you blame me?” Tara replied, “I’ve never been with a black chick before”

“Rosie is only a quarter black” Rachael said, “and what difference does it make anyway if a girl is black or not?”

“Actually” replied Tara, “to be honest, I’ve been fantasizing about Beyonce Knowles ever since I saw her in Austin Powers. I’d give anything to make love to that her fine body”

“I seriously doubt it” said Rachael, “she’s a friend of Rosie’s and from what I know of her, she’s one of those chaste girls, probably still a virgin”

“Virgin or not” Tara said, “she can’t resist this”, pointing again at her breasts. “They have yet to fail me once”.

“Well” said Rachael, “if you are so confident of yourself, I’ll ask Rosie to get her number for you”

“Thanks babe, you’re a doll” Tara grinned, as she reached in again to kiss Rachael, touching the brunette’s crotch.

“You’re never satisfied are you?” Rachael said resignedly.

Coincidentally, Beyonce, of course unaware that she was the subject of conversation of two hot Hollywood actresses, was in her hotel room, having ordered on pay-per-view none other than “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder”. She watched the gorgeous blonde play a sexy college writer onscreen, having no idea she had been the actress’ fantasy for months.

After her less than fruitful evening with Ashanti the previous evening, she had driven to the studio where she transferred her pent-up energy into recording two songs for her upcoming album, after which returned to the solitude of her hotel room. She was experiencing major burnout, and she was happy when at about 2 a.m., she got back to the hotel.

She decided to make a few phone calls, as the distractions of the past few days had made her lose focus on a lot of things. First port of call was to her father in Houston. Her dad served as her manager and agent, and basically controlled every rein of her career. A lot of people would imagine that she found this overbearing, but she really did not have a problem with it. Matthew Knowles had made lots of sacrifices for her career over the years, and had always made goo choices for her.

“Hi dad” she greeted

“Hey, Beyonce, where’ve u been” came her dad’s voice, “I’ve been trying to get to you for a while now. I need you to be in Los Angeles by Monday”

“Why?” she asked

“Basically, you have to come down to discuss your contract with New Line Cinema and EA Games”

“What contract?” she asked cluelessly

“Didn’t I tell you” said Matthew, “they are making an Austin Powers video game, and they need you to come and do some stuff since your character’s going to be in the game”

Beyonce did not know whether to be mad at her dad for keeping the news from her and basically making a decision before she heard a word of it. She could not disguise her joy though, she had loved working on Austin Powers, and hanging around Mike Myers, who was the funniest man she had ever met. She also was looking forward to see how she would look in a video game.

“Alright dad, I’ll leave New York on Saturday night”.

After she hung up, she decided to call Kelly and Michelle with the news and marveled how she had not even noticed how long she had gone without talking to them. She wondered whether to tell Kelly everything that had been going on with her, but she hesitated. She and Kelly had never kept secrets from each other, but this was going to have to be one of those exceptions to the rule. She dialed Kelly’s number, and the two girls talked for about twenty minutes. Kelly’s movie was wrapping up shooting that week, and after that, she was going to Florida to shoot the video for her next single. Beyonce told her about the video game, and Kelly shared her excitement.

Beyonce decided to make a call to Michelle as well, and see how the third member of their band was doing. She was in Houston, working on her sophomore gospel album, and she seemed genuinely pleased to hear from her lead singer. As they talked, Beyonce wondered why she had never tried to instigate anything with Michelle, but dismissed it in her head immediately. Not only did Michelle mention “Jesus” once in every five words, she was a bandmate, and she and Kelly basically had agreed that relationships between band members could sour things for the entire band.

Beyonce eventually settled down to sleep but found that she couldn’t. Her mind wandered to the situation with Ashanti, and she hoped that the singer’s decision would be affirmative. But that was over 24 hours away, 24 hours with nothing to do, and she definitely needed some pussy before then. “Oh what to do, what to do?” she thought to herself. Then it hit her. She would call Eve and Alicia to see if she could spend the day with them. Hopefully, they did not have other plans, and she could spend more time going through their assortment of sex toys. Her pussy began to get wet, and she decided to make the call immediately to arrange things.

Alicia’s cell phone did not even ring, but immediately went to voicemail. Beyonce, confused, decided to call her at home. This also proved to no avail as the phone kept ringing before going to her answering machine. Beyonce decided Eve would know her whereabouts, and checked her phone book for Eve’s number. Hopefully, this would go through, but when it went to her voicemail right away, Beyonce threw her Nokia 5100 as far as it would go, and watched it disintegrate into a thousand pieces. She lay in bed as she tended to her sexual needs the old fashioned way, making a mental note to herself to pick up a vibrator the next day.

Eve and Alicia, totally oblivious that Beyonce were trying to reach them, were currently enjoying their benefits as fully paid members of the Mile High Club. They were currently on a United Airlines flight, flying first class from New York to LA. Alicia was looking giddy with anticipation.

“I don’t believe I finally get to meet her. She’s all you’ve talked about for months and I am going to meet her” Alicia said

“I promise you it is going to be totally worth it” Eve assured Alicia

“It had better be”, she said, “I’m flying out to LA for a whole week to meet this your friend who you say is a real ‘devil in the flesh'”

“She is”, replied Eve, “and you are going to have the most ‘charmed’ time”

“But what is the big deal about her?” asked Alicia, “what does she have that I don’t have?”

“You don’t understand baby” Eve said, “there’s just something about her, that aura, that sense that she is in control.”

“Well” replied Alicia Keys, “if she is even half as great as you say she is, then I can’t wait to meet her”

“She can’t wait to meet you too” said Eve, “I’ve told her all about you, and she is making plans for you. It’s OK, you don’t have to look so nervous, she won’t bite”

“Oh but she will” laughed Alicia, “if your stories are true. How did y’all meet anyway?”

“It was at this after the VH1 Vogue fashion show last year. We were having this orgy at Donatella Versace’s condo. Several of us were there, mostly models – Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, and some actresses and singers too, I can’t name them all. Then she comes in, and party immediately starts to evolve around her; she automatically took charge” Eve said

“Wow” said Alicia.

“I was bugging at first” said Eve, “you know me, I always like to be in control, so we kinda bumped egos and didn’t get along too well during the orgy. But after the night was over, she just slipped me an address and left. I went over the next night, it was the fucking greatest night ever, believe me, she is wild”

“Your story has gotten me so hot now. What do you say you take me to the bathroom and rip these clothes off?” Alicia asked teasingly

“I don’t know” joked Eve, “you spent so much time dressing up today trying to look good for this woman we are about to go and visit, that I am not sure I want to ruin your clothes before we get there”

“Come on” said Alicia seductively, “you know the reason I took so long is because I was debating what color of underwear to put on”

“So what underwear do you have on now?

“Well” Alicia smiled as she put her hand on Eve’s thigh, “none”.

“Ooh, come here”, said Eve, as she dragged Alicia to the bathroom.

“Damn its occupied” Eve said as they reached the door. “What do we do now?”

“I can’t wait any longer” Alicia said, “I need you to eat my pussy”

“Damn, girl you horny” Eve said

“You have no idea” Alicia replied.

“Let’s go to the business class bathroom” Eve said impatiently

“Sure, no problem” Alicia said as they hurried away.

Luckily for them, this bathroom was empty.

“Ooh”, said Eve, “I’m gonna show you why they call me a pit-bull in a skirt”

“You might be a pit-bull” said Alicia, “but you are not going to be in that skirt much longer” as she pulled down Eve’s skirt.

“Easy girl” Eve said as she slapped Alicia’s hand away. “Haven’t you learned anything these past few months?”

“Yes”, Alicia said meekly, “in the bedroom, unless we have company, I speak only when I’m told to speak, and do only what I’m told to do”

“Great” said Eve, “and what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I just thought since this wasn’t the bedroom” Alicia replied

“Hmmm” Eve said thoughtfully, “Saved by the bell. I’ll let this pass once but don’t let it happen again”

“Yes Eve” Alicia said

“Now get to work” said Eve jokingly.

Alicia complied, crouching and pulling Eve’s skirt down completely, and pushing her thing aside with her finger, she inserted a finger into Eve’s pussy.

“Yes baby, do it just like Mommy taught you” said Eve.

Alicia inserted two fingers, then three, as she began to furiously finger Eve as the rapper moaned.

“OK baby”, as she pulled Alicia’s braided hair, “now I want you to lick my clit”

Alicia obeyed her lover’s command, putting her tongue to Eve’s clitoris and licking it with her tongue. Eve began to gasp harder, as her orgasm drew nearer.

“Baby, you’re getting better at this” she said, “I’m about to come, now make me come”

“Yes Eve” said Alicia as she removed her fingers and began to suck as Eve’s pussy with her entire mouth. Eve began to moan louder

“Oh yes baby, I’m about to come for you, and you are about to lick my cum like the dirty slut you are, aren’t you?”

Before Alicia had a chance to respond, there was a knock on the door, as a female voice rang, “Excuse me, please get back to your seats as the captain has turned on the “Fasten your seatbelt” sign.

“Fuck” cursed Eve, as her orgasm was thwarted at the 11th hour. “I’ll be right out” she said as they both gained composure.

“Please I need you both to come out immediately” the voice came again

Eve and Alicia stared at each other. The stewardess knew that the two of them were in there together, and had probably heard the racket they might have been making. They were both rather famous, and if the hostess had watched one day of MTV in the past year, she probably knew who they both were. This could be a big scandal if word got out that two famous artists were having a rendezvous in an airline bathroom.

“Ladies” said the voice again, “this is the last warning before I go call the captain”

“Wait a minute” said Alicia so loudly that Eve stared at her. “I know that voice”. She walked to the door and unlatched it, throwing it wide open. Standing in front of it was none other than the best selling female artist of all time, Mariah Carey, dressed in a tight fitting blue dress.

“I had to come and say hello to you both” said Mariah. “You two passed right by me, but you were rushing so much to do whatever it was you were going to do that you didn’t notice me. Now I see why, and dare I say, I don’t blame you”

She walked into the cramped bathroom and locked the door behind her.

“The idea of you two getting it on in an airline bathroom while I was there all alone was just too much for me to bear, and I had to come and get in on some of the action” she said

“The more the merrier” said Eve. “I was just about to come when you came in, you’re gonna have to pay for that”

“I don’t think that will be a problem” Mariah replied, as she put her arm round Eve’s waist and kissed her on the lips. Alicia went behind Mariah and put her arm underneath her dress, inserting her hand into her wet pussy.

Eve and Alicia simultaneously pulled Mariah’s dress of her body, and Eve immediately went for her incredible knockers, which looked happy to have been freed from their previous state of incarceration, while Alicia continued to play with Mariah’s pussy from behind.

“Do you think we’ll get into trouble?” Alicia asked

“Not a chance” replied Mariah. “I made a deal with the star-struck flight attendant not to bother us for the next 30 minutes”.

Mariah began to moan as Alicia, who was obviously very skilled with her hands, began to bring her close to orgasm. She shuddered as it hit her, and bit her finger in order to prevent her from screaming out loud.

Mariah then knelt down and began to go down on Eve, who rested her back against the wall. Alicia, stood with her legs open right in front of Mariah, and began to suck on Eve’s tattooed breasts. As Alicia’s bare pussy was just on top of Mariah’s head, she decided to stick a finger up and insert it into Alicia’s vagina while still pleasuring Eve’s with her mouth. Alicia heaved a sigh of ecstasy as Mariah’s finger made its way into her hungry pussy.

Eve meanwhile was in heaven. Mariah’s skilled tongue was wiggling around her crotch giving her more “Satisfaction” than she could have ever dreamed while recording the song of the same name. She smiled, both because she found the pun rather amusing, and also because of the pleasure she was getting as two of the world’s greatest voices worked on her tits and pussy. Alicia began to breathe really heavily as Mariah brought her close to her first orgasm of the day.

Mariah, who was savoring the taste of the female rapper’s pussy, buried her head even further, and Eve shrieked in delight as her Mariah’s tongue penetrated her even deeper. Eve sensed that Alicia was close to orgasm, and felt it would be cool if they came together. She called out

“Hey baby, you about to come?”

“Oh yes” cried Alicia, “I’m gonna come right now’

“Wait for me baby” whispered Eve

“I can’t hold it any longer, I’m gonna come, Eve”

“Wait for me baby” Eve whispered again, louder this time around.

“How much longer?” asked Alicia as she brought her face up and stared into Eve’s face.

“Now, now, nooooooow” cried Eve, as both musicians reached climax, both moaning really loud with pleasure, both glistening with sweat, neither breaking eye contact with each other for the brief duration of the heavenly ecstasy.

All 3 singers collapsed on the floor. Eve and Alicia were still overcome by the erotic moment they had both shared, and Mariah looked smugly at the two other starlets, evidently happy that both singers had been fully satisfied simultaneously by her. They heard the captain announce that the plane was soon to land in LAX International Airport, and they knew that they had to get back to their seats.

“Well” said Mariah, as she hurriedly put her dress back on, neglecting to put on her thong, “call me sometime. I’m in California for the next two weeks”

“No problem” said Eve, handing her underwear to her.

“Nah, that won’t be necessary” Mariah said with a twinkle in her eye as she opened the door and left.

As the other two put on their clothes, Alicia said, “Wow, that was incredible, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was, it was out of this world” replied Eve

“You better hope this friend of yours can top this”, Alicia said

“Oh” laughed Eve; “you have no fucking idea”

Beyonce parked her rented Porsche in front of the store she was about to enter as she hesitated for a few minutes before she decided to go in. It was remote enough, she said, and convinced herself that there was no risk of her being spotted. She could not run the risk of being spotted in such a place, as the damage it would inflict on her career would be beyond reeling, but she had been persuaded that there was no chance anyone would find out.

Beyonce really needed to purchase some toys and other equipment to satisfy her sexual urge with, as well as to use whenever she was able to seduce any women. She had found a couple of places in the “Yellow Pages” did not even dare go to any of those places, as she could imagine the headlines splashed across the front page of the National Enquirer. She was only too aware of Britney’s ordeal when her predilection for lesbian porn, as well as her relationship with porn queen Jenna Jameson, was somehow leaked to the press. The tabloids had of course had a field day. She was sure nobody in their right senses believed such stories, but she did not even want to run the risk.

She had made a call to Janet Jackson, who was currently in France recording her album, asking her if she knew of any discreet sex stores in the New York vicinity. Janet had pointed her to ‘Fantasy Palace” which she said was pretty popular among female celebrities, as it was the store where they purchased their sex items. She had assured Beyonce of total confidentiality, as in its over 20 years of existence, not one scandal had erupted. The only people who could see her, insisted Janet, were other celebrities, who would never divulge names of any customer, or they would themselves have to explain what they were looking for in the raunchy store.

Beyonce had driven out on Friday afternoon, and during the journey, she had seriously considered making a U-turn several times. She did not believe she was actually going to go through with this, but something had prevented her from chickening out, and eventually she had found herself at the address Janet had given her. She approached the store, and a few feet away, she came to a complete standstill.

“I can’t do this” she said to herself, and just as she was about to return to her car, she spotted two women come out of the store. They were wearing sunglasses, holding hands, and excitedly chatting, not even noticing her presence.

Beyonce thought something looked awkwardly familiar about the women. And then, the taller woman looked at her and waved, and she opened her mouth in awe. It was Nicole Kidman. Janet was not lying; this store had a lot of big name clients. The other woman waved, and she saw that it was the star of one of her favorite movies of the past few months, “The Ring”, Naomi Watts. These were two accomplished actresses she never imagined she would run into at a sex shop. Nicole Kidman definitely had a lot more to lose than she did, she was fresh from a Golden Globe win and was the frontrunner for the Best Actress Oscar in a month.

She definitely became more relaxed, this store definitely was as secure as Janet said if Nicole Kidman could casually wave to her as though she were coming out of an ice cream parlor. She waved again at the two actresses as they entered their car and drove off. Then she went to the entrance, pulled the door open and walked in.

It was a very pretty place, much larger than she had expected. She had visualized a dingy and damp little shop with a few dildos and vibrators, but what she saw really shocked her. It was painted mostly pink, and all the walls were life size pictures of several women in various sexually provocative poses. The store was divided into various sections, for books, magazines, sex enhancement medicines (both modern and Eastern), lingerie, clothes, videos, and sex toys.

There were five women in the store, including the two ladies at the check out cashier. There were another two women who seemed like a couple, and seemed to be having a good time on their shopping spree. Beyonce had never seen them before, and from the way they dressed, they looked like porn stars. She could not see who the last woman was. She was dressed in a white sleeveless sweater and a blue mini skirt, and was reading a book at the book section, her back turned to Beyonce.

A little relieved that she did not run into anybody she knew, Beyonce decided to pick up what she had come for and leave immediately. She went to the sex toys section, and was dazzled by the cornucopia of toys that were available. There were dildos of all shapes, colors, varieties and sizes. There were also different types of vibrators, mostly phallic shaped, and others in different funny shapes. She picked up a modestly sized blue vibrator and a 10-inch rubber two-way dildo. She was debating on what size of strap-on to buy, and as she picked up an enormous black foot-long one, mostly to admire it and marvel at what kind of pussy could withstand it, she heard a voice behind her speak

“My, oh my, ambitious aren’t we?”

She hesitated a bit, and deciding that it must be the woman whom she had seen at the book section. She looked back, saw who it was and almost fainted. It was, in her opinion, the sexiest woman on the planet, Angelina Jolie. She could not believe she was standing just a few feet away from her.

There was something about Angelina Jolie that she had always admired and found so irresistible. It was that look in her eye, her incredibly sexy lips, her fierce reputation. She remembered masturbating so many times while watching her movies, in particular, Gia. She was the embodiment of sex; in fact, Beyonce was sure that if sex were a person walking around on two feet, it would be a clone of Angelina. She thought she was going to faint out of desire just by standing there, but she gained enough composure to stammer

“Hi, Angelina Jolie, oh my God, I’m such a big fan of yours, my name is…”

“I know who you are,” Angelina said in barely more than a whisper. “I never thought you were the kind I’d see in here”. Beyonce blushed.

Angelina continued, “Do you need any help deciding what to buy?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind” said Beyonce, looking into Angelina’s eyes

Beyonce’s heart fluttered as she and Angelina continued to lock eyes, not moving an inch. The woman was literally oozing sex, flirting with Beyonce without saying a word. Beyonce felt like a woman hypnotized as the two women continued to stare at each other, sizing each other up with their eyes, when Beyonce could not take it any longer. She walked up to Angelina and flung herself around her, pressing her lips on those of the big-screen version of Lara Croft. Angelina showed no sign of surprise or resistance, she put her arms round Beyonce and kissed her with the same vigor.

Eventually, Beyonce pulled away and as she seemed to realize what she had done, she looked really humiliated and felt stupid. She immediately apologized

“I am so sorry, I have never acted like that before, I just think you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen in my life”

“Don’t apologize” Angelina said, “I think you’re sexy too and in fact, you made my job easier. If you hadn’t kissed me right there and then, I would have kissed you a second later”

“You are so beautiful”, Beyonce said, totally taken aback by her own behavior. She felt as though she was in a dream, she had never known such desire before.

“Thank you” smiled Angelina, “so…” she trailed off

“So…” Beyonce said

“Since we are being direct, I guess I’ll be direct with you. I want to make love to you right here and now” Angelina said as she grabbed Beyonce’s hand and dragged her along with her.

Beyonce did not know where she was being taken, and frankly she did not care, her pussy was on fire, and she desired this bombshell of a woman so much that all that mattered was that she was with her. She imagined that Angelina was a frequent customer of the store as she brought out a key from her pocket and opened a door at the back of the store.

Beyonce found herself in an exotic looking room, with candles and incense burning, and several lurid paintings on the wall. The room was dark, and in the center was a large bed. There was music playing in the room, soft erotic eastern music that increased Beyonce’s desire more than anything.

“Take off your clothes”, she heard Angelina say.

Angelina was already on the bed, lying down seductively and looking at Beyonce with lust in her eyes.

“Take your clothes off” she said again, “I want you to strip for me”

Beyonce obeyed, swaying to the music as she unbuttoned her shirt in the most seductive way she could think of. Angelina had already hiked her skirt up and was masturbating, her eyes fixed on Beyonce.

Beyonce removed her shirt in sync with the music, and flung it aside, and then began to unbutton her tight jeans. This was the sexiest thing she could remember doing, and she was so horny, she just wanted to rip all her clothes off and dive at the woman in the bed, but she decided to be patient and make this experience as special as possible. Her jeans came off, and all that was left were her bra, thong, and high heels.

She climbed onto the bed and softly kissed Angelina, who removed her finger from her own crotch and put it on Beyonce’s lip. Beyonce licked it off hungrily. It tasted and smelt so delightfully musky, she could not wait to put her mouth there and drink endlessly from that fountain.

She took her bra off, and Angelina leaned forward and pressed her face into Beyonce’s breasts. Beyonce closed her eyes as this woman took her breasts in between those God-sent lips of hers. If this wasn’t heaven, she didn’t know what was. Angelina pulled away

“Undress me” she said to Beyonce, looking into her eyes.

Beyonce ran her fingers up Angelina’s thighs under her skirt, and then pulled her panties down, all the while maintaining eye contact with her. Then she gently kissed her as she pulled her top off of her. Angelina did not have a bra on, and she quickly wiggled free of the top. Beyonce slid her hands down and brought Angelina’s skirt down. The Oscar winner was now completely naked.

Angelina brought her hand to Beyonce’s waist and pulled the singer’s thong down. The Grammy winner was now completely naked as well.

The two women knelt on the bed and kissed each other, embracing real tight, breasts pressing into each other. Angelina lay Beyonce straight on the bad facing up, and she lay on top of the 21 year old, kissing all over her body, grinding her crotch into the singer’s. Beyonce was so turned on by this. Angelina’s pussy felt so good against hers. Angelina, obviously enjoying this, lifted one of Beyonce’s legs, and then slid in the middle of it, and ground her pussy against Beyonce’s scissors-style.

Beyonce moaned as this continued, while Angelina caressed Beyonce’s breasts with both hands, pinching her nipples. The two women continued to grind their pussies together, and in minutes, it was time for both of them to have their first orgasms of the day. The two women cried out, Beyonce screaming Angelina’s name, as they both reached the desired climax at the same time. Beyonce was so overcome with joy, but if she knew Angelina, she would know that the spectacle had barely begun.

Angelina got up and opened a side drawer, and brought out a large, flexible two-way dildo. She asked Beyonce to flat on the bed and inserted one end of the phallic contraption into the singer’s pussy and the other end into hers. The women humped the dildo, rhythmically moving in and out, and after a few minutes, Angelica stood up again and brought another one out, this time around a strap-on. Beyonce knelt on all fours while Angelina pummeled her from behind. Beyonce yelled in delight as Angelina made swift strokes.

“Oh yesssss, yesssss, the singer screamed as she reached her second orgasm of the day.

After that, Angelina lay beside Beyonce for a little while, and the two women made out. They ran their bodies all over each other, Beyonce loving the feel of the older woman’s body.

“I’m going to lick your pussy right now if that all right” said Angelina.

“Please go ahead” Beyonce said.

Angelina began to lick all over Beyonce’s body, first starting with her neck, and all the way down her body to her navel and then to her crotch area. Angelina’s tongue flicked against Beyonce’s engorged clitoris while the singer screamed

“Oh yes, come on, yes, eat me” moaned Beyonce.

Angelina continued to please Beyonce with her tongue while she screamed, and eventually came to yet another orgasm. Angelina made sure she licked all of Beyonce’s juices clean and then lay right next to Beyonce, who was looking extremely worn out but incredible happy.

“How was it?” Angelina asked, as she kissed the singer

“It was beyond incredible, I’ve never experienced anything so sensational in my life” Beyonce said honestly. “We have to do that again sometime”

“Yeah” said Angelina, as she collapsed next to Beyonce, stroking her hair.

Beyonce, fully satisfied and contented, fell asleep almost immediately in Angelina’s arms, and by the time she awoke a few hours later, Angelina was gone. If not for the fact that she was in a strange bedroom, she would have been convinced it was all a dream, as the memories of the wonderful love making still lingered in her mind.

As she selected some sex toys, paid for them and eventually drove back to the hotel, she thought about how much her life had changed in the last few days and what else lay in store for her in the near future. If she only knew.

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