Dangerously In Love – Chapter 5: Work It Out


Once again, this story is by no means supposed to be an accurate portrayal of those mentioned, and is only my own humble way of parodying them. Any resemblance to real life occurrences is purely coincidental.

If you are not yet 18, please retreat immediately. I definitely do not want to be accused of polluting the minds of youngsters. Just wait a few more years, these stories ain’t going nowhere.

When we last saw our darling sirens, Beyonce had just arrived in LA to work on an Austin Powers video game, and Eve and Alicia Keys were already in good old Cali, anticipating a
good ol’ time. You know what, just go back and read the last few chapters if you don’t know what the fuck I am talking about.

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Chapter 5 – Work It Out

How ya doin’, hug me, baby

You know I don’t ask for much

But for a girl spendin’ time alone

Can be pretty rough

But I get a knock on my door

You know it’s yours for sure

We can’t wait for the bedroom

So we just hit the floor

It had been three days since Beyonce arrived in Los Angeles via the fateful plane journey that paired her with a certain tempestuous Latin pop diva. Her dad, Matthew had met her at the airport, and she had spent the past few days acting like a good girl around him. Since they were booked in the same hotel in adjacent rooms, she could not prowl for pussy like she hoped to, and she was earnestly looking forward to the Grammys on Sunday where she was sure to encounter enough female flesh to satisfy her lusty desires.

The week had been rather eventful. On Monday, she had gone over to the offices of New Line Cinema, who were the co-producers of the Austin Powers video game series. For hours, her dad, who was also her manager, had spent hours negotiating, and she had ended up with a rather handsome salary for the few days of work she was supposed to do. She was supposed to show up for work on Wednesday for a long 12-hour session, which would include some voice work and also posing for both digital images and promos for the video game.

She had a whole day to kill, and since there really was nothing to do, she had spent the whole of Tuesday lazing around in her hotel watching TV and talking on the phone. Kelly was in Florida, and they talked for a few hours. Beyonce, as she talked to her best friend, increasingly came to the realization that however many women she might encounter, there was always going to be that yearning for her co-star which might never be gratified. She wondered if Kelly ever reminisced about the good old days and even longed for her sexually. She briefly toyed with the idea of asking her Kelly, but she decided against it.

After she hung up the phone, she decided to call Ashanti and see how she was doing. Ashanti was evidently very pleased to hear from Beyonce

“Hi” she gushed over the phone, “I missed you”

“I missed you too” said Beyonce

“I was so scared’ said Ashanti, “I thought you were mad at me”

“Why would I be mad?” inquired Beyonce

“Well, I could see you were a little bit disappointed at the airport” replied Ashanti

“No, don’t worry about that” said Beyonce, “I understand”

“I am so relieved” replied the singer.

“So what have you been up to?” asked Beyonce

“Well, nothing much, I’ve been too busy thinking about you” teased Ashanti

“Really?” joked Beyonce, “What have you been thinking about?”

“Well” said Ashanti, “a lot of things”

“Like what? Beyonce asked

“You know, sex stuff, nothing I can actually repeat over the phone” said Ashanti shyly

“Come on, don’t be shy” said Beyonce, taking charge, “there isn’t anyone there with you, is there?”

“Well” said Ashanti, “my sister’s downstairs, but I’m alone in my room”

“OK so tell me what you’ve been thinking about” said Beyonce

“Me and you… you know” said Ashanti

“Come on, you have to be a little more specific” Beyonce said as she took her top off, beginning to get turned on

“Well, me and you making love” said Ashanti

“Come on, it’s me” Beyonce responded, “you don’t have to use terms like ‘making love’, you can be a bit more vocal”

“I’m sorry” apologized Ashanti, “I’m new at this”

“I know you are” Beyonce assured her, “but I’m trying to teach you to be vocal with me so that this can work. OK?”

“Alright” said Ashanti, “Are you mad at me?”

“No, I am not mad at you, I will be though if you don’t talk. Now what are you wearing” said Beyonce

“Well I’m wearing a white wife-beater and blue jeans” said Ashanti

“OK I want you to take it off” Beyonce whispered

“Alright” said Ashanti, as she took off the outer layers of her clothes

“Now I want you to touch yourself” said Beyonce, as she did the exact same thing, moving her hands down and briefly rubbing her thighs before partially moving her thong and inserting a finger into her moist crotch.

“Oh yes, I’m touching myself” Ashanti moaned

“I want you to take off your bra and use your other hand to caress your tits” Beyonce ordered

“But how will I hold the phone?” asked Ashanti innocently

“I don’t know, don’t you have earplugs or something” Beyonce asked

“Alright, I’m doing it” said Ashanti a few moments later

“And how does it feel?” Beyonce whispered in a sexy tone

“It feels good Beyonce, I’m imagining it is your fingers that are pleasing me” said Ashanti, surprising Beyonce with her boldness

“What else are you imagining?” inquired Beyonce

“I am in a room waiting for you. There is some soft music coming from the speakers, and there are candles lit all over the room” said Ashanti

“Go on” gasped Beyonce, extremely turned on

“I am dressed in a sheer transparent negligee” said an equally turned on Ashanti. “You walk into the room, and stare at me, and I begin to undress”

“Oh yes, continue” said Beyonce as she feverishly masturbated

“You take off your clothes as you walk seductively towards me, still looking me in the eye”, Ashanti continued. “You grab me, and our naked bodies touch each other. We kiss, and as our tongues meet, your fingers roam my whole body”

“Oh yesss” gasped Beyonce pleasantly

“We are still kissing and we crash on the bed, and by then your hands are on my…” Ashanti broke off

“On your what?” Beyonce asked, disappointed that the flow was interrupted.

“Well, on my private parts” said Ashanti

“Come on, girl, I told you, I don’t want any of those proper terms here alright?”

“OK, your hand touches my pussy. My pussy is totally wet and your finger enters my hole. You whisper in my ear, and then your face comes down and you start to suck on my tits” Ashanti went on

Beyonce was still pleasuring herself as she listened to Ashanti fantasize and talk dirty. She had gone so much as an orgasm for two days, and having phone sex with Ashanti surely beat having to go at it herself. She inserted another finger into her vagina, and began to moan as Ashanti continued her lurid fantasies

“My nipples are as hard as rocks, and you continue to tease them, while you still finger my tight snatch”

“Ooh yes” moaned Beyonce

“And then you bring your mouth down, and briefly stick your tongue in my navel before you descend to my crotch area”

“Yes baby” cried Beyonce, who felt the signs of an orgasm begin to approach.

“You insert your face in between my legs and start to lick my pussy” whispered Ashanti

“Oh yes” cried Beyonce.

Both girls ceased talking as they furiously rubbed their cunts.

“I’m coming Ashanti” cried Beyonce

“Me too” responded Ashanti

“Yes, yes, yes” cried both girls simultaneously as they reached their tumultuous orgasms.

It took a while before both girls spoke a word. Beyonce brought her hands up and licked her juices off her fingers. She heard from the smacking sound that came from the phone that Ashanti was doing just as much. Ashanti spoke first

“Wow, Beyonce, that was so great”

“Yeah I know” replied Beyonce

“I can’t wait to see you at the Grammys so we can do it for real” said Ashanti. “I just hope I’ll be able to give Ja the slip backstage”

“Does he really follow you everywhere you go?” asked Beyonce

“You won’t believe it, he acts like a bodyguard. If anyone tried to talk to me, he wants to know why, and if it is a guy, he drives him away” Ashanti said exasperatedly

“I still say maybe he is jealous” Beyonce responded

“That’s totally impossible” laughed Ashanti

“Why is it such an impossibility for a 26 year old man to be attracted to someone as hot as yourself?” asked Beyonce. “I know he is married, but does it matter?”

“No, it’s not that” said Ashanti

“So what is it?” Beyonce asked

“Well, I don’t know, I really shouldn’t tell you this. It’s a Murder Inc secret, but since I’m with you now, I guess there’s no harm”

“Yeah?” said a curious Beyonce

“Ja’s gay” whispered Ashanti

“Ja Rule is gay, you’re kidding, right?” said a flabbergasted Beyonce

“Yes” responded Ashanti

“But he’s married, he sings to girls and everything” said Beyonce

“Well he is, didn’t you wonder why a rapper like Ja Rule married so young? He basically did it to prevent curiosity since rappers are supposed to have many ho’s.” giggled Ashanti

“Man, that’s a shocker” said Beyonce

“Not too many people know” continued Ashanti, “I accidentally ran into him doing it with some male hairdresser, and since then I’ve known although I swore not to tell anybody”

“Wow” said Beyonce, still surprised at the news.

The girls talked for about another 30 minutes, before Ashanti had to go to the studio

“OK, then” said Beyonce, “I guess I’ll see you at the Grammys”

“Yeah definitely” replied Ashanti

“Good luck by the way. How many are you up for?”

“Five” said Ashanti proudly. “I don’t know if I’ll win any though, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed

“OK baby, take care” replied Beyonce

“Bye” Ashanti said as she hung up.

In another hotel room in Los Angeles, two other musicians were having their own risqué conversation. Alicia Keys was lying in bed naked, while Eve, dressed only in a bra, was pacing round the room looking for a piece of underwear Alicia had flung in a rather wild bout of lovemaking. Alicia was looking giddy with anticipation.

“It’s been over three days since we got here” she said to Eve, “when is she going to come?”

“I told you to be patient” said Eve. “She has a lot of things to do besides fuck horny little girls”

“Hey, you’re only a year older than me” retorted Alicia, “That makes you a little girl yourself”

“Yeah” said Eve, “but you’re my little girl, aren’t you?”

“Oh yes I am” Alicia said, “Come here Mommy”

“You just can’t have enough can’t you” said Eve, as she gave up the futile search for her Victoria’s Secret thong and wrestled with her bra. Getting clothed would have to wait a few more hours.

“You know I can’t get enough of that your sexy body” said Alicia

Eve joined the naked beauty on the bed as she out her lips on hers for a kiss. Alicia put her hand on Eve’s firm ass as they kissed, pulling the blond rapper closer to herself. Eve went further down and began to kiss Alicia’s neck. Alicia was sighing in delight as her hands roamed Eve’s thighs and butt.

“Oh now suck my boobies Mommy” Alicia said delightedly

“Shouldn’t it be the babies sucking their Mommy’s boobs?” joked Eve

“Just suck it, bitch” replied Alicia equally jokingly

“Oh, wait a minute girl” said Eve, “what’s with the attitude?”

“Sorry Mommy” said Alicia

“You had better be, now you know I have to teach you a lesson don’t you?” Eve said

“OK, but please let it be quick and painless” said Alicia, as she crouched on the bed on all fours

“Quick and painless” laughed Eve, “you don’t know me at all, do you?”

Eve went behind Alicia as she pressed her crotch to Alicia’s bare butt, fingering her from behind. Alicia, gasping with pleasure, raised her body a bit as she knelt on both knees and turned around to kiss Eve on the lips as she kept fingering her. The two actresses kissed for a while, before Eve broke away.

Alicia resumed her crouching position again, except that instead of being on all fours, she held the bedpost with her hands. Eve removed her hands from Alicia’s moist pussy and walked towards the bathroom.

“Where are you going boo?” asked Alicia

“Just be patient” said Eve as she opened up a drawer.

“Oooohweee” cried Alicia as she saw the object Eve brought out

Eve approached Alicia on the bed and fastened her hands to the handcuffs, which she had brought out of the drawer.

“I like it when we play games” Alicia said excitedly

“Do I look like I’m fucking playing?” asked Eve. “You are a dirty little slut that deserves to be punished”

“Oh yes” said a turned on Alicia as Eve fastened the handcuffs to the bedpost.

Alicia was now securely tightened to the bed, and Eve went behind her and began to play with her pussy.

“Oh yes” cried Alicia, “you are going to fuck me aren’t you?”

“You have no idea what’s coming to you” said Eve, as she began to rub Alicia’s butt.

Alicia whooped with a sound that was half-pleasure and half-pain when Eve suddenly slapped her real hard on her naked ass.

“Oh yes, spank me Mommy, I’m a naughty girl” said Alicia.

Eve spanked her even harder, till the welts were visible on her light chocolate skin. Alicia was still yelling in delight. Eve then went behind her, grinding her pussy against Alicia’s ass, while grabbing her boobs from behind.

“Oh yes, I love the way your pussy feels against my ass” said Alicia

“Shut up slut” snapped Eve, “you are fucking going to make me come”

“Oh yes” breathed Alicia in ecstasy

Eve continued to grind away furiously against Alicia Keys’ ass.

“Oh yes, you dirty slut, you are about to make me come” cried Eve, as she brought her own finger downwards to add extra succor. She whooped in delight as she came to an orgasm, and crashed on the floor right next to Alicia.

After a few moments, Eve got off the bed and began to dress up.

“Hey what are you doing?” called Alicia as Eve finally found the thong she was looking for.

“Just stay where you are, OK?” said Eve as she put on her clothes.

Alicia, visibly perplexed, looked in confusion as Eve put on a tank top and black jeans shorts, and then walked to the hotel phone, dialing a number.

“Hello” said Eve, “yeah, its time”

“What’s going on?” asked Alicia, but Eve ignored her

“Yeah the slut is all yours, tied up in the room. OK you want me to leave, fine. See you”.

With that, Eve grabbed a purse and waved, before walking out of the room. Alicia Keys, still naked and tied to the bed, screamed after her

“What are you doing Eve? Don’t leave me here by myself, at least let me put some clothes on”, but her pleas came to no avail, as Eve closed the door shut behind her.

Tears were streaming down Alicia’s face, as she wondered why Eve pulled such a stunt. Alicia had always agreed to take a back seat and be more submissive when she and Eve were making love, because not only did she get turned on from it, she knew Eve was happiest being in control. However, in the 7 or 8 months since they had hooked up, Eve had never acted like this before.

She hoped Eve returned to set her free before she was found in this position a few days later. That would be embarrassing, she thought to herself, as she resignedly quit trying to pull herself free from the bed, and leaned against the bedpost.

Three hours had passed, and Alicia was still fastened to the bed. The room was dark now, and Alicia guessed it was at least 8.00 p.m. She was hungry, but even if she could call room service, she would not want any waiter to see her in this position. Her hands were beginning to hurt, and she was, in the midst of everything, very horny. Eve had denied her of an orgasm earlier on, and she did not have her hands free to provide solace to her pussy.

“Eve, wherever you are” she said to herself, “you are totally going to pay for this”

All of a sudden, the door swung open. A shadow walked into the room amid the darkness.

“Eve, is that you?” asked Alicia, “I don’t know what you are trying to pull but you are going to pay for this”

The stranger kept quiet as she walked across the room towards her. Alicia could see that it was not Eve, and suddenly began to panic

“Don’t scream” the stranger said for the first time

“Who are you” said a frightened Alicia, “tell me who you are or I’ll scream. The police will come for you”

“No police is coming because nobody can hear you” said the woman

“Please just tell me who you are and what you want from me” cried Alicia

“You’ll find out in due time” said the intruder, “I see Eve has already tied you up”

“You’re not…” said Alicia in disbelief

“Yes I am” said the woman, cutting Alicia off as she flicked a dim light switch on”

“Rose McGowan” whispered Alicia, “Oh my God, I’ve heard so much about you, I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you”

“Just shut the fuck up and don’t say a word, OK?” Rose replied

“OK” Alicia replied meekly

“So, Eve was right” Rose continued, as she walked around the room, eyes fixed on Alicia like a predator.

Rose was dressed completely in red – red stilettos, a red garter belt, and a red bra. Alicia had never seen anyone look so provocatively sexy, and began to feel her pussy drip down her naked hips.

The look of lust must have been totally evident on her face because Rose looked at her and laughed, saying

“You’re just like the rest of them, and I know underneath your good girl exterior, you’re a rotten slut.

Alicia began to open her mouth in protest, but Rose shut her up by simply placing her fingers to her lips.

“Eve tells me everything, how you are such a horny little tramp that loves to be fucked” said Rose, “and now we are going to take it just a few notches further. I don’t know if Eve told you that she’s my bitch, so if any of her stories about you are true, we are going to have a good time.

Rose, with her clothes still intact, climbed onto the bed and crept behind Alicia. She ran her fingers down Alicia’s hands, which were still tied to the woodwork, and began to whisper into her ear

“You are such a sexy little tease, and I am going to fuck you so hard you will wish you have never been born”

She continued to whisper unprintable obscenities into Alicia’s ear while grabbing her breasts from behind. Alicia was wiggling in delight. Eve had not been exaggerating, this bitch was wild. All she wanted at this point was for Rose to dominate her in any way possible.

“Oh yes, Rose” she moaned, “fuck me, fuck me real hard”

Alicia groaned as Rose bit her on the ear before standing up and getting off the bed, leaving Alicia, who was still chained, wondering what was next. Rose went to her purse which she brought along, and from it removed a huge black strap-on dildo. In the semi-darkness, Alicia could not make out the exact size, but she knew for sure it was bigger than anything that had ever been inside of her before. She began to shiver with both apprehension and anticipation.

“Say hello to my not-so-little-friend” teased Rose

“Oh my God, are you going to fuck me with that?” asked Alicia

“Like hell I am” replied Rose, as she strapped on the monstrosity and jumped onto the bed.

She stood facing Alicia in between the singer and the bedpost, so that her crotch was directly in front of Alicia’s face.

“Suck my cock, you slut” she screamed at Alicia

“Yes Rose” Alicia said as she took a good four inches of the phallic contraption into her mouth

“Yes, suck it good, just like that, just like the slut that you are” Rose said

After a while, Rose removed the dildo from Alicia’s mouth and went behind her

“Are you ready to take my fucking dick up your cunt?” she yelled at Alicia.

“Yes I am” replied Alicia, unsure whether she was up to it or not.

“Just a second” said Rose, as she went to the phone and dialed a number.

Alicia heard the phone ring, knowing that Rose must have put it on speakerphone. She was probably calling someone to let them hear how Alicia screamed when Rose rammed the dildo into her.

“Hello” Alicia heard a voice say

“What’s up bitches, what are you up to?” Rose asked

“Well” replied the same person, “we are fucking each other like dogs here, what do you want?”

“I just wanted you guys to listen as I gave it to Alicia Keys” said Rose

‘Why don’t we come over” the other woman replied, “we are not too far off”

“Sure, suit yourself, just don’t be too late and miss the party” Rose replied

“We wouldn’t dream of it” said the person on the other end

Rose spat on her palm and rubbed Alicia’s pussy, although she saw as she got their that there was ample moistness, and her attempt was not necessary.

“OK slut, get ready” said Rose as she rammed the cock into Alicia Keys doggy style.

“Oh yessss” screamed Alicia as the massive dildo entered her hole

“Oh fuck me Rose, fuck me” she cried as Rose pumped in and out

“Shut the fuck up, you stupid cunt” screamed Rose as she continued to make her rhythmic thrusts in and out of Alicia’s crotch.

“Fuck me, harder, harder, harder” Alicia continued to bellow, her body moving in the same rhythm as Rose’s.

“I love the way your cock feels inside my pussy” Alicia went on, “It feels so good, oh fuck me Rose, fuck me”

Rose, still mercilessly pounding Alicia decided to supplement the songbird’s pleasure by using her finger to give her extra stimulation. She brought her hand down and began to run Alicia’s clitoris while still fucking her from behind. Alicia was sweating and screaming, extremely turned on from being assaulted like this

“Oh yes Rose, I think I’m about to come, oh yes, I know I’m about to come, make me come, make me come, make me cooooooooome” she screamed as the orgasm hit her

Rose brought the dick out of her and again walked to the front of her, inserting it into her mouth

“Yeah, suck it” she commanded Alicia, “suck your own filthy juices off my cock”

As Alicia was sucking, the door opened, and she heard two people come in. She looked, and saw that the first person was Rose’s co-star on “Charmed”, her hit WB show, Alyssa Milano, while the other was none other than Eve

“Hi baby” Eve called out, “I hope Rose has been treating you good”

“Why don’t you tell her how I fucked your brains out” said Rose, as she brought the cock out of Alicia’s mouth

“Come on, tell her that nobody can give you loving better than you baby” Eve persuaded Alicia

“When will you realize, Eve” said Rose, “that you can never measure up to me. Come on Alicia, why don’t you tell Eve that this was the best sex you ever had?”

Both ladies turned on Alicia expecting an answer, and Alicia knew better than to scorn any of the two ferocious women. She wondered how she was going to get out of this predicament, when luckily, Alyssa Milano, who had been quiet up till this point, came to Alicia’s rescue.

“Hey everybody, instead of wasting time, why don’t we get to fucking” Alyssa said, “You weren’t lying Eve, Alicia looks like a hot piece of ass”

“Sure, no problem” said Rose, as she walked towards Eve and began to kiss her.

“Wait a minute” said Eve, as she pulled away, “don’t you think we should set Alicia free first?”

“I guess so” replied Rose “she deserves it, for being a good fuck”

Eve opened a drawer and brought out a large bunch of keys. As she fumbled through the various keys, looking for the one that would release Alicia from her shackles, Rose and Alyssa were already busy ravishing each other. The two “Charmed” actresses were kissing, while tearing the clothes off each other. Rose ripped off Alyssa’s blouse and was hard at work on her co-star’s jeans shorts. Alyssa, on the other hand, had already removed Rose’s bra and was fondling her breasts.

Eve finally found the key, and walked over to the bed and finally opened the cuffs, setting Alicia free. Alicia was thrilled to have the use of her hands back, and the first thing she did was to playfully slap Eve across the face

“Don’t you ever do that to me again” she joked

“Sorry honey” said Eve, as she kissed Alicia on the lips, “But didn’t you enjoy it”

“Yeah I did” admitted Alicia, “now let me see what Rose is like when I am not tied down”.

Eve and Alicia walked towards the two actresses, who were both totally naked, except for Rose who still had her stiletto heels on. They were passionately kissing, their naked bodies grinding against each other

“OK white girls” Eve said, “you cannot leave us both out of the fun”

Rose and Alyssa finally let go of each other, Rose patting Alyssa’s ass as the two women parted.

“I agree” said Alyssa, “from the look of things, I’m the only one who hasn’t had the privilege of getting my hands on Alicia yet”

“I am by no means done with her” said Rose, as she welcomed Eve’s mouth to her titties.

Rose gasped as Eve’s skilled mouth made its way around her breasts. She moved backwards, Eve’s mouth still glued to its delicious feast, and lay flat, her back touching the bed. Eve was crouched over Rose, and as she continued to suck on her breasts, Alyssa squatted on top of Rose’s face, so that her dripping pussy was on Rose’s mouth.

“Oh yes” cried Alyssa, as Rose’s tongue darted into the honey pot. She marveled that in two years of working alongside Rose, which included passionate threesomes right in the middle of shooting, alongside their other co-star, Holly Marie Combs, who was sadly absent, Rose had not run out of ways to pleasure her as though it were her first time.

Alicia looked on as the three women got it on without her, and not wanting to be left out of the sex, she went on the bed and squatted behind Alyssa

“OK” Alicia said to the former ‘Who’s the Boss’ actress, “you say you want a piece of me, now let me show you”

She grabbed Alyssa’s breasts from behind and began to squeeze, while kissing Alyssa’s neck. Alyssa gasped in pleasure, as Alicia’s warm lips caressed her sensitive neck. Meanwhile, Eve was still pleasuring Rose, and had somehow made her way down from her boobs to her crotch, and was sucking away at Rose’s honey pot. Rose would have gasped in delight, but her own mouth was occupied, her mouth searching every inch of Alyssa’s pussy.

Perhaps Rose and Eve had a synchronized uniform way of eating pussy, or perhaps Rose’s excitement at having her pussy eaten was reflecting in the way she was eating out Alyssa, but both Rose and Alyssa felt their orgasms approach at the same exact moment. Alyssa, who was locked in a kiss with Alicia, began to moan, and wiggle excitedly before it hit her, her juices spilling into Rose’s hungry mouth. Eve at that precise moment had her head locked in a vice grip by Rose’s thighs. Rose, apparently, in the heat of the orgasm, had expressed her pressure by raising her legs up high and squeezing them really tight.

Poor Eve was almost being strangled to death, but luckily, Rose got out of her bliss in time to pay attention to Eve’s muffled cry. She loosened her legs in time for the blond-haired rapper to remove her head

“Sorry about that” said Rose

“I don’t blame you” joked Eve, “you’re not the first girl who has tried to kill someone while enjoying my pussy eating skills”

“You really think you’re the shit, huh?” retorted Rose, “You’re about to get it”

“Will you two quit it?” Alyssa said, “men, Alicia, you should see the way these two bitches’ egos clash. They sound like two guys trying to find out whose dick is bigger”

“Eve knows she’s my bitch” laughed Rose, “she just won’t admit it”

“Really?” said Eve, as she walked to a drawer and brought out a large two-way dildo. “Let’s see then”

“Alright” said Rose, lying on the bed and spreading her legs apart as Eve approached her.

Eve lay on the bed as well facing Rose. Rose gasped as Eve ruthlessly inserted one end of the dildo into her hole, and then pushed herself into the other end. Eve immediately began to thrust herself in and out, screaming

“Oh yes bitch, oh yes, you like the way I’m fucking you?”

Rose, not wanting to be outdone, humped Eve even more furiously and began to scream her own obscenities

“Oh fuck you, oh yeah, fuck me bitch, you can’t get enough of me, can you?”

Alyssa and Alicia were amusedly watching the power tussle between the two women

“Are they always this crazy” asked Alicia

“Oh you have no idea” said Alyssa, “you don’t want to be alone with those two”

“Well I’m alone with you right now” said Alicia as she lent in for a kiss.

The two naked girls embraced each other, ignoring the cries of the two more violent members of the lovemaking session, as they gently kissed each other, their tongues delicately exploring each other’s mouths

“I want you to lick my pussy” said Alyssa after the kiss was over

“Yeah, I want you to lick mine too” Alicia said

“You first” Alyssa said

“No, why don’t you go first” Alicia giggled

“Hey lovebirds” Rose said, still vigorously humping as she took a break from the screamfest, “you know, that is why some people invented a concept known to some as ’69′”

“Shut the fuck up, Rose” said Alyssa, “but come to think of it, that is the obvious solution”

The two girls assumed an inverted position, and began to suck on each other’s pussies. Alicia chose to lap away at Alyssa’ cunt like a contented puppy, while Alyssa located Alicia’s clitoris and sucked at it with relish

“Oh yes, suck me Alyssa” moaned Alicia as she licked away at her lover’s pussy

“Oh yeah, just like that” she continued

Meanwhile, Rose and Eve’s screams had generated from boasts of sexual superiority to demented pleas for sexual release

“Oh yes Eve” cried Rose, “make me come, make me come you bitch”

“Oh yes bitch” Eve shouted back, “fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me”

The two continued to hump each other, and before they knew it they were at the verge of an orgasm.

“Oh yes, make me come, make me come” Rose screamed

“Yes, fuck me you bitch, I’m about to fucking come” was Eve’s response.

They both screamed as the orgasms hit them, violently possessing their body for a few heavenly seconds before they relaxed. Eve removed the two-way dildo from their pussies and began to lick at the end that had been inside Rose’s vagina. Rose did the same, and both girls enjoyed licking each other’s lovely juices, before turning their attention to the other two girls who were still playing a game of cunninlingus.

Alicia was having the time of her life, her pussy bucking against Alyssa Milano’s face, her naked ass up in the air. Alyssa, who was at the bottom, moaned in delight as Alicia ravished her pussy. Alicia felt an orgasm approach

“Oh yes Alyssa, make come, suck my pussy” she moaned. “Make me come, I’m commmmiiiiiiiing” she cried as an orgasm hit her.

As Alyssa relished Alicia’s delicious pussy juice, she felt her own orgasm approach. She yelled and moaned and cried as she hit ecstasy. Her body jerked for a few seconds before she settled down.

Alyssa and Alicia got out of the 69 position they were assuming and gave each other a kiss.

“That was great” Alyssa said

“You got that right, thanks honey” replied Alicia.

They lay on the bed next to Eve and Rose, who were still knocked out from their violent session

“Aren’t there three of you on your show?” Alicia asked

“Yeah, poor Holly” replied Rose, “pity she had to miss this”

“Yeah too bad, probably another time” said Alyssa

“Why’s Eve silent?” asked Alicia

“Oh she’s tired from the mad loving she got from me” said Rose

“Hell no” said Eve, “I was just conserving my energy so I can give you another lesson on how to fuck”

“Come on, you know everything you know you learned from me” Rose replied

“Oh, here they go again” said both Alicia and Alyssa exasperatedly.

Beyonce was actually pretty worn out after spending about two hours in the studio recording booth doing some voice work for her character in the Austin Powers video game. She had a newfound respect for people who specialized in voiceover work for cartoons and animated shows. She had not imagined that saying “Shut your mouth” about two hundred times within thirty minutes would be so exhausting.

She consoled herself that there was a two hour break before she had to go to the gallery and pose for some pictures with Mike Myers, Verne Troyer, Seth Green, and the rest of the cast. That was sure to be so much fun, with Mike sure to regale the group with his usual jokes and impressions. At least that would make up for the inevitable pictures that would be taken of Verne Troyer vigorously humping her leg.

A limousine was waiting for her to take her to the hotel where the cast was to stay before returning to the gallery where the pictures would be taken. She did not know what was in store at the hotel, but assumed it would basically be a small lunch before the make-up crew began work on them. As the limousine door opened, she saw that there were two women inside. As she entered, she saw that the other passengers were the women who had played opposite Mike Myers in the previous installments of Austin Powers, Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Graham.

Beyonce had totally forgotten that these women would be involved in the video game as well. But why not, she told herself, they were her predecessors, and basically the ones who helped build the Austin Powers franchise into blockbuster status. Naturally, fans would want to see Vanessa Kensington and Felicity Shagwell in the video game. Beyonce had met both women a few times. They had shot a scene that was to appear in the third installment but was removed from the final cut due to time constraints, and they had been present at the various premieres for the “Goldmember” movie.

She said hello to both women as she sat opposite them. She was a huge fan of both of them, especially the British bombshell Liz Hurley. As she greeted Beyonce in her sexy accent, Beyonce sized the beautiful actress and naturally, her perverted mind began to fantasize how it would feel to bed the British beauty, but she quickly dispelled the idea, as she did not think there was any chance that would happen.

She turned her attention from Liz’s beautifully crossed legs to other woman in the vehicle, Heather Graham. The gorgeous redhead smiled at her, displaying a set of perfect white teeth.

“So this is the girl who deprived me of being in Austin Powers 3” she joked

Beyonce did not know whether she was serious or not, but she figured it was a joke, so she laughed.

“Nice to meet you” she said

“I’m a big fan of your music” said Liz

“Me too” Heather said

“Oh thank you” Beyonce replied, blushing, “So where’s this hotel we’re going to?”

“It’s not too far” said Heather, “but with the traffic and all, it should take us anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour to get there”

“There’s a lot we can do in 30 minutes” Liz said, and Beyonce could swear their was a tone of mischief in her voice. She tried to dispel this, but it was difficult to do so as she saw Liz’s palm travel up Heather’s thigh. She wondered if it was merely an affectionate display of friendship, or if the two were fucking each other.

“Hey, don’t be silly” Heather said playfully to Liz as she systematically removed Liz’s hand away.

These two women were definitely lovers, Beyonce thought to herself. She could sense the vibe between them, and she was sure her limited experience with women was enough to let her know when two women were beyond merely friends. She chuckled to herself as she wondered if the women would try to pull a move on her. As though her mind were being read, she heard Liz say

“I think it is a rite of passage every Powers girl should go through”

“I don’t know” replied Heather, “she’s a good girl, we don’t want to corrupt her”

“What are you two talking about” Beyonce asked, feigning ignorance

The two actresses came and sat on each side of her, both placing their hands on her bare thigh

“We’re about to make you feel good” Heather said

“I already feel good” Beyonce replied innocently, enjoying the feeling of being seduced

“No, you don’t understand”, Liz said in her crisp British accent, “we’re about to do amazing things to you”

“Just like Liz did to me several years ago” said Heather, “She showed me what a woman can do to another woman, way better than what a guy could ever do to you”

“I don’t understand, Liz” Beyonce said, as she wanted them to work for it, “what about Hugh Grant and all the other men you’ve been with?”

“Why do you think Steve Bing acted like such a fool?” said Liz, “I had no intention of marrying him but I wanted a baby really bad. So after I got pregnant, I dumped him, and he decided he did not want the baby”

“Just relax and enjoy this, OK” said Heather as she gently kissed Beyonce.

To Heather’s surprise, Beyonce fiercely kissed back and wrapped her arms around her

“Boy, do we learn fast?” Liz exclaimed

“Learn?” laughed Beyonce as she broke away

“You mean to tell me you’ve done this before?” said Heather

“You’re not the only ones who like to fuck women, you know?”

“In that case” said Liz as she unzipped her dress and let it fall off, revealing a perfect naked body, “show me what you got”

Beyonce quickly got out of her clothes and moved closer to Liz, embracing her while they kissed. Both ladies had their arms wrapped around each other as they feverishly sucked face, their hands caressing each other’s backs. Heather, also hurriedly getting out of her dress, moved to Beyonce and began to suck on her breasts.

Beyonce moaned as Heather sucked away at her ripe tits, and brought her own hand down to Liz’s crotch. Still kissing Liz, she inserted her finger into Liz’s hole, which she found surprisingly tight for a woman who had just given birth. Liz began to buck, moving her body in and out as Beyonce finger fucked her. Heather was still relishing her dose of Beyonce’s breasts, heartily helping herself as she moved from one boob to another.

“Oh yes” Liz yelled in an unmistakably British voice, “finger me Beyonce”

Moaning loudly as Heather sucked on her right nipple, Beyonce increased the pace at which her finger throbbed at Liz’s snatch. She expertly inserted and extracted her finger, as the British actress, glistening with sweat, cried

“Oh yes, fuck me Beyonce, oh yes, make me come”

Beyonce took her up on that, and used her thumb to flick against her clitoris while her index, middle and ring fingers were deep inside Liz’s pussy.

“Oh yes I’m about to come baby” Liz moaned, “Yes, I’m coming, I’m coming, make me come, I’m coming, YESSSSSSS”

She heaved and sighed as she recovered from that turbulent orgasm.

“Oh thank you, that was amazing” she said to Beyonce, “I have to make that up to you”

She crouched on the floor and brought her face to Beyonce’s pussy. Beyonce moaned as Liz’s lips circled her labia, while her tongue darted into her hole. Heather, meanwhile, was still sucking on Beyonce’s breasts, and Beyonce, after licking her hands clean of Elizabeth’s juices, inserted it into Heather’s pussy and decided to give the “Boogie Nights” star a dose of the finger fucking she had just given her “Austin Powers” predecessor.

Meanwhile, Liz was fervently sucking away at Beyonce’s pussy, her hands grasping the young singer’s thighs tight as she buried her face into Beyonce’s gold mine, desperately digging for treasure. Beyonce wiggled and moaned as she was on the receiving end of Liz’s wonderful pussy eating skills. She decided to transfer the excitement into making sure Heather had a wonderful orgasm. Using the same technique she had used moments ago to pleasure Liz, she used her thumb to rub Heather’s clitoris while using not three, but all four of her remaining fingers to fuck the redhead.

“Oh yes” Heather was whispering, tears of joy streaming down her face, “I love the way you are fucking me Beyonce, do it, harder, harder”

Beyonce was about to come. She did not fancy herself as a screamer, but the pleasure coming from Elizabeth’s skilled tongue was too much. She decided to throw caution to the wind and express her delight

“Oh yes, suck my cunt Liz, I’m about to come, suck it baby” she cried out loud

“Are you sure?” Liz asked slyly

“Oh yes” Beyonce replied, ‘I want you to fuck the hell out of me and make me come, I don’t care about nothing else, except that you make me come”

“You dirty slut” Liz said in between strokes with her tongue

“Oh I am a slut, I am a horny little slut, I don’t care, but Liz, please make me come”

She screamed out loud as the orgasm hit her, and panted breathlessly for over a minute after it was over. She then decided to focus her attention on bringing Heather to her orgasm. She vigorously humped Heather with her hand, and the red-haired raven was screaming just as loudly as Beyonce had been several minutes earlier.

Liz did not want to be left out of the equation entirely, so she started licking at Heather’s ears. Heather screamed even louder, so Beyonce assumed this must be a particularly sensitive erogenous zone of Heather’s which Liz must have found out at some point or the other.

Heather’s orgasm finally came

“Fuck me you stupid bitches” she screamed, “finger my fucking cunt, I want to come”. Beyonce began to finger fuck Heather vigorously, and in a few seconds, Heather’s juices were splashed all over her hand.

This time around, she chose not to monopolize the nectar feast, and let Liz lick it off her hand.

“You have officially been initiated into the league of Austin Powers girls” Heather said as she recovered from her climax

“Yeah, and hopefully, there’ll be Austin Powers 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and so on, so we’ll have more pussy join the club” said Liz

The three women put their clothes on as the limo reached a stop.

“We’re at the hotel” said Heather, “luckily, we’ll find a good spot so I can get to lick that pussy of yours”

“Don’t be greedy” said Liz, “but then, who can blame you”

“Yeah, who can blame you” said Beyonce

COMING UP: It’s music’s biggest night – the 45th annual Grammy Awards live from New York. Join Beyonce and the rest of our friends in their activities backstage, all coming up in the 6th installment of “Dangerously in Love”

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