Dangerously In Love – Chapter 6: Nasty Girl


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6: Nasty Girl

Shakin’ that thang on that man, lookin’ all stank and nasty

Swore you look cute girl in them dukes, booty all out lookin’ trashy

Sleazy put some clothes on, I told ya

Don’t walk out ya heezy without clothes on, I told ya

You nasty girl, you nasty you trashy

Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy bash is a yearly ritual, and almost as anticipated as the awards themselves. Clive was regarded as a legend in the music industry, and as the president of Arista, and later RCA Records, he had nurtured and introduced the world to some of the biggest rising talents in music. Every year, before the Grammy Awards ceremony, David threw a party to introduce the world to the next prodigy he intended to develop that year. More often than not, the act that performed at the party ended up with the Grammy Award for Best New Artist the following year. This year, it was Gavin DeGraw, a piano-playing prodigy that was being touted as the next big thing, and as he performed, several comparisons were already being made to legends such as Elton John and Billy Joel.

Alicia Keys watched with nostalgia as Clive’s newest signee entertained the crowd. Two years earlier, she had been the debutante who was being introduced, and she recalled the fear and excitement she felt as she pounded at the piano and sang her heart out to a room full of some of the biggest names in entertainment. Her rise since then had almost been meteoric, releasing her debut album later on in 2001 to immense critical acclaim, and selling 10 million albums worldwide, picking up statuettes at every single awards show along the way.

She was not up for any Grammy Awards at all this evening, so she was relieved that there was no tension in any way. She would enjoy the show and cheer as her friends and contemporaries performed, presented and won, after which she would crash all the parties that were being thrown. Who knows, she could even be lucky enough to get laid that evening?

She was enjoying the party so far, drinking a little bit of champagne, but careful not to drink too much before the awards even began. She wished Eve was with her, but she had decided to attend the party with members of her own rap clique, The Ruff Ryders, and Alicia decided to attend the ceremony alone. She assumed she would run into somebody she knew, but unfortunately, she had been placed at a table with a group of people she had never even seen before. To further worsen things, the seat next to her was empty. Apparently, the person to whom the seat had been allotted had chosen not to attend the party.

After a while, she began to get bored, and as she began to contemplate leaving the party prematurely, she heard a voice behind her say

“Oh hi, Alicia Keys, if I had known it was you, I would have made sure I got her early”

Alicia turned around to see who had spoken, and standing by the seat was Australian dance-pop sensation Kylie Minogue.

“Sorry I’m late” Kylie said in her Australian accent as she took her seat

“That’s OK’ said Alicia, “I was just thinking about leaving as I didn’t have anybody to talk to”

“The awards don’t start for another hour”, Kylie said, “why don’t you stay for a little bit longer, you could talk to me”

“Oh no problem” smiled Alicia, as she stretched her hand forward to shake Kylie “by the way, nice to meet you”

“Me too” said Kylie, “I’m a big fan of your music”

“Oh, thanks” replied Alicia, “so you are nominated tonight, right?”

“Yes” said Kylie, ‘I was nominated for Best Dance, and they just announced the winners before the ceremony. That’s why I was late”

“Did you win?” Alicia asked, immediately wishing she didn’t, as it was obvious from the look of disappointment on Kylie’s face that she hadn’t won

“No, Dirty Vegas won” said Kylie, trying to look cheerful

“Oh that’s OK” said Alicia, “it’s not that big of a deal”

“Easy for you to say” joked Kylie, “after winning everything last year”

Alicia laughed as her eyes roamed Kylie’s body. The 34-year-old Australian was actually quite pretty, she thought to herself, much prettier in person than on television. Kylie was dressed in a gray top and extremely short matching skirt, which was hiked up way over her knee as she sat so that all her thighs were visible. Alicia lustfully stared at the perfect thighs. Maybe if she played her cards right, she might be able to get some.

“So” said Kylie, breaking her train of thought, “I thought your hair used to be braided”

“Yeah” replied Alicia, “I just loosened my braids a few days ago, I wanted to come with a new look”

“Well you look really beautiful” said Kylie, “I’m sure your boyfriend loves it”

“Oh, I don’t have a boyfriend” Alicia said

“Really? That’s surprising for a pretty girl like you” said Kylie

“You don’t look bad yourself” replied Alicia, “You’re like a sex symbol or something”

“Yeah, I guess”, joked Kylie, “a sex symbol everywhere in the world except America”

“Well, Americans can be really blind sometimes”, Alicia responded, “and if it’s any consolation, I think you’re incredibly hot”

“You’re such a sweetheart”, blushed Kylie, brushing her hand across Alicia’s lap.

“So what about you?” asked Alicia, “any boyfriend or fiancĂ©?”

“No way” replied Kylie

“Why not?” Alicia inquired

“I don’t know” replied Kylie, “I am too wild to be held down by a boyfriend”

“What do you mean by ‘wild’?” Alicia asked

“I just love to keep my options open” said Kylie, “having a boyfriend would definitely cramp my style”

“So what are these options?” Alicia asked, hoping her line of questioning would get her somewhere

“Well” said Kylie, “I just met you, I don’t know how much I can confide in you”

“It’s OK” Alicia assured her, “I’m sure it’s nothing new to me”

“Well” the Aussie continued coyly, “I’m bi-sexual, that is sometimes threatening to men”

“Tell me about it” laughed Alicia

“You don’t mean you are into women too” said a flabbergasted Kylie

“Oh yeah” Alicia said with a wink

“In that case”, Kylie said as her hands traveled up Alicia’s thigh, “I guess I’m not out of order”

“Oh you’re not” whispered Alicia, getting really hot and bothered.

Much to Alicia’s surprise, Kylie “accidentally” dropped her napkin, and then crouched on all fours to pick it up. Instead of resuming her seat, she grabbed Alicia’s thighs and stuck her face right in between. Alicia was beyond shocked. In the middle of the industry party of the year, Kylie Minogue was actually trying to go down on her in the presence of everyone. It was extremely foolhardy, albeit very erotic. Alicia nervously looked around to see if anyone could be watching, but nobody even seemed to notice, not even the other members of their table, who were engrossed deeply in conversation.

Kylie reached for Alicia’s underwear and tugged at it. Alicia, getting the message, gently lifted her butt so that Kylie could slide down the white lace thong. Kylie caressed her legs as she slid the panties down, completely taking them off and bringing them to her nose. Alicia’s naked pussy began to drip as Kylie, maintaining eye contact with Alicia, brought the panties to her nose.

Alicia once again looked around to see if anyone was watching. Once again, nobody had noticed anything. Then again, she said to herself, these music industry people were the most egotistical people ever, and as long as it was not about them, they would not notice, not even if two people took off their clothes and started fucking right in the middle of the room. Just to be safe and to avoid a scandal, Alicia moved her chair right to the table so that nobody passing would see a woman’s head in between her laps. That would be the scandal of the century.

Meanwhile, Alicia spread her laps really wide so that Kylie’s face could fit in very well, and Kylie expertly brought her face to Alicia’s pussy, her lips immediately devouring Alicia’s labia while her tongue made it’s way into her hole. Alicia had to restrain herself from moaning out loud as Kylie pleasured her, lest she drew attention to herself. She could not figure out what was giving her more pleasure, Kylie’s excellent pussy-eating skills, or the fact that they were doing it in a crowded room.

To even increase her pleasure further, Kylie brought her hand to Alicia’s crotch and replaced her tongue, vigorously fingering away. Alicia squirmed on her seat, it was taking a lot of self restraint not to scream, this had to stop now before she made a fool of herself

“Oh Kylie” she said in a voice that sounded even unconvincing to herself, “we have to stop now, ooh yes, I mean, no, it’s way too dangerous”

“Relax honey” Kylie said, looking up at her. Ooh, that sexy Aussie accent, Alicia thought to herself. She had to stop this, or something disastrous would happen.

“Ky-yyyy-lie, oh yes, come on baby, leeeet’s go to, oh, to the baaathroom, oh yes” she stuttered to a Kylie who decided to play deaf, sucking away at Alicia’s nectar and hardly paying any notice to Alicia’s pleas.

Alicia was actually getting scared, because she was beginning to get a few awkward looks from some passers-by due to her strange behavior and apparent muttering to herself. She looked around for the umpteenth time to see if anyone was watching, and much to her chagrin, caught eyes with Justin Timberlake who was across the room, and recognizing her, started to make his way over to talk to her.

Alicia was mortified as she saw Justin come to talk to her. What if he saw Kylie underneath the table sucking away at her pussy? How would she explain that? Justin was annoying enough as it was, but he would never let that rest, and would probably ask for a threesome every time he saw her. Justin had actually been trying to ask her out for a while now, but after she politely turned down his advances more times than she cared to remember, they had been fairly OK friends. She decided to warn Kylie

“Hey, Kylie, ooh, you have to stop now” she whispered, “someone iiiis coming, ooh yes”.

As she expected, Kylie did not even pay attention to her and continued fingering her while licking her clitoris. She wished she could come as soon as possible, but as she was distracted by the riskiness of the whole thing, her orgasm was nowhere in sight. Justin finally arrived

“Yo homegirl”, he said in an annoyingly wannabe black accent, ‘What’s been cracking, ain’t seen you in a bit”

Alicia meekly waved, trying to suppress the desire to scream out loud. She wished Justin would just say hello and go away, but from the look of things, he did not seem to be in much of a hurry.

“Why are you chilling right here all by yourself?” he asked

“Nothing, no reason at all” Alicia said, devoid of emotion. She only hoped Justin would not think she was being a snub. Even if he did, it was good riddance, as far as she was concerned

“What’s wrong with you, you OK, boo?” Justin asked, butchering his laughable attempt at ebonics

“I’m alright” she said, suddenly jerking as she felt the signs of an orgasm, and looking up at Justin, who was looking puzzled

“You sure you’re OK man?” he asked?

“Yeah I’m gre-eeat” Alicia replied. Justin was definitely looking confused now

“Anyways” he said, “I just rolled through to find out if you had seen Kylie Minogue anywhere”

Alicia froze. “Why would I see Kylie Minogue?”

“Take it easy”, said Justin rudely, “I saw she was sitting next to you earlier and I was wondering if you knew where she went, we are supposed to present an award together tonight”

If Alicia wasn’t excruciatingly close to an orgasm, she would have taken offense at Justin’s tome, but she could care less at this point. As the orgasm hit her, she held on to the table tight and closed her eyes as she restrained herself from whooping out for joy.

“Are you sure you’re OK?’ Justin asked, a little bit concerned. He waited for a few seconds, but after Alicia failed to respond and seemed to be totally carried away, he walked off, nonplussed.

Alicia regained her composure and heaved a sigh of relief. She felt quite guilty at the shabby way she had treated Justin, and vowed to apologize later on. Even though Justin was not her favorite person, no one deserved to be snubbed like that. But she could care less at this point, she had just been treated to an amazing orgasm, definitely the riskiest she had ever had.

“Wow”, she said to Kylie as the Australian nymphet’s head emerged from underneath the table, “That was amazing”

“Really?” asked Kylie

“Oh yes, I have to make it up to you sometime” said Alicia, bending down, and after making sure nobody was looking, briefly kissing Kylie on the lips

“I have to go now”, Alicia said as she stood up, “the awards begin any moment, you’re lucky or I’d have fucked you till you couldn’t walk no more”

“I don’t doubt that” grinned Kylie, “we should get together sometime”

“Oh yeah” said Alicia, handing a slip of paper to Kylie, “here’s my number”

With that, she stood up and walked away. This was sure to be an exciting night. She had thought there was no way on earth this night could surpass her victorious night a year ago, but as she had found out just now, winning 5 awards was nothing compared to having your pussy eaten out by a sexy Australian star in the middle of a crowded party.

“Congratulations girl” Beyonce screamed as she ran towards her bandmate Kelly and hugged her

“We won, girl, we won” Kelly gushed as she continued to hug her best friend

Kelly had just found out that her collaboration with Nelly, “Dilemma” had just picked up the award for best rap-sung collaboration, and was sharing her excitement with Beyonce. Kelly had chosen to attend the awards with Nelly, since their duet was nominated and they were slated to perform during the telecast. Beyonce had chosen to stay backstage and offer moral support to Kelly as she prepared for her performance.

“You’re looking good”, Beyonce said, sizing Kelly up

“We are wearing the exact same thing”, Kelly said

“I know” replied Beyonce”, “but I already know I look good, I was just commenting on your appearance”. Kelly laughed.

The two girls, alongside their third bandmate Michelle, were dressed in cream colored Roberto Cavalli dresses that had been chosen by Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mum. This was actually the first time they had seen each other in a long while, and a lot of things had definitely happened in Beyonce’s life in that period and she debated within herself whether or not to tell Kelly everything she had been up to.

With all that she had gone through in the past one or two weeks, she viewed Kelly in an entirely different light. She had refrained from making any moves over the years as she felt the repercussions could be disastrous if they were not well received. But having got down with some of the most desirable women in the world recently, she figured bedding Kelly shouldn’t be so hard.

“Hey B” Kelly said, disrupting her thoughts, “could you help me with this hook?”

“What’s that?” asked Beyonce

“I’m trying to change into the outfit for my performance, and I am having a little bit of trouble unhooking this”

“Oh yeah I forgot” joked Beyonce, “you Grammy performers can’t dress like the rest of us mortals.

The dressing room was deserted, and Kelly was about to disrobe. If there ever were a chance to make a move, thought Beyonce, now would be the time. She walked behind Kelly, who was standing in front of the mirror, struggling with her strap. Beyonce helped loosen the strap, and the dress came off, leaving Kelly in her silk bra. Beyonce, still standing there, began to caress Kelly’s arms, her arms running up and down Kelly’s velvety skin, while staring at her friend through the mirror.

“Oh Beyonce” muttered Kelly, as she suddenly turned around and planted her lips on Beyonce’s.

Beyonce was momentarily taken aback, but in time, she came around, and passionately returned the kiss. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other and as they passionately locked lips, years of yearning and longing being released. Beyonce was literally in heaven, how she had missed the sensation of Kelly’s lips on here. As she lost herself in the kiss, she heard a knock on the door, causing both girls to panic and immediately let loose of each other

“Who is it?” Kelly called out

“What’s up dirty?” came the Midwestern twang from outside the door, “just checking to see if you were almost ready”

“Hi Nelly” Kelly called, “is it time for us to sing yet?”

“In about fifteen minutes” said Nelly loudly, “hurry up, OK?”

“Alright” said Kelly, and then turning to Beyonce, “I’m so sorry B, but I don’t think this is a good idea”

“Are you sure?” asked a crestfallen Beyonce

“I am sorry for starting things up, but you know we shouldn’t do this”

“I guess so” said Beyonce, extremely miserable, “I guess I should leave and go watch the rest of the show”

“I’m so sorry” called Kelly

“That’s OK” said Beyonce as she opened the door and stormed out.

She cursed herself as she walked along the dark hallway. If only her timing had been better, she would have been able to conclude the seduction without any interruption from anybody. She wondered what would happen next with Kelly, she only hoped d it would not drive a wedge into their friendship.

The incident with Kelly had left Beyonce extremely turned on, and she did not feel like walking into the audience feeling this horny. As she debated on whether or not to go to the bathroom to seek a little bit of solace, she heard a voice behind her call

“Hey Beyonce, there you are, I’ve been looking for you”

Beyonce turned around, and standing there and looking extremely sexy, was Ashanti. Bingo, she thought to herself. Hopefully, this time around, Ashanti should be decisive enough to let her fuck.

“I missed you” Ashanti cried, as she ran towards Beyonce and wrapped her hands around her

“I missed you too”, Beyonce said, as she kissed Ashanti on the lips

Ashanti pulled away, looking mortified

“Hey, someone can see us, why don’t you come on to my dressing room, its empty, thankfully, Ja Rule just left to present an award”

“Alright then”, replied Beyonce, as she trudged behind Ashanti, watching her ass as it wiggled. Ashanti noticed this and looked round at Beyonce, blushing.

The two singers walked into Ashanti’s dressing room. Beyonce hungrily eyed the beautiful singer

“Why are you looking at me that way?” asked Ashanti

“I’m just admiring you, that’s all” Beyonce replied

“Oh”, Ashanti said, a little bit shy

“Why are you acting all bashful?” Beyonce asked, “Take a chill pill, it’s just me”

“I’m not shy” replied Ashanti, “I’m really happy to see you and be alone with you for once”

“So what are we waiting for?” asked Beyonce as she walked right over to the front of Ashanti and put her arms round her, touching her butt. Ashanti giggled

“Why are you laughing?” asked Beyonce

“I don’t know” Ashanti replied, trying to suppress her giggles, “this just feels funny”

“What is so funny?” Beyonce asked, starting to get pissed

“I don’t know, the two of us right here doing it for the first time while the Grammys are going on”

“Oh yeah by the way” Beyonce said, “Congratulations on your award”

“Oh thanks” replied Ashanti, “I’m so thrilled”

“Yeah, it’s an honor to be standing her holding the winner of the Best Contemporary R&B album” Beyonce joked, causing Ashanti to giggle like a child again

“You are so cute”, said Beyonce as she kissed Ashanti. The two singers kissed gently at first and began to add more urgency into their kiss. Beyonce’s hands roamed Ashanti’s back, and as it rested on her butt again, Ashanti once again burst into laughter, interrupting the kiss

“Do you want to do this or not?” asked an irritated Beyonce

“I am so sorry’ said Ashanti, “this is just so funny, I hope you’re not mad at me”

“I am not mad, although if you keep asking me that question, I’ll get really mad”, Beyonce retorted

“Please I apologize, let me make it up to you” Ashanti asked, her eyes blinking like a devoted puppy

“You had better, now get over here and give me a kiss”

Ashanti leant forward and began to kiss Beyonce, who fervently returned the favor. Thankfully, there was no laughter this time around as Beyonce’s tongue searched every crevice of Ashanti’s welcoming mouth. Ashanti heaved sighs of delight as Beyonce’s arms traversed her body, her left hand settling on Ashanti’s left boob, while the right hand had made it’s way under her dress and was rapidly approaching her increasingly wet panties.

Beyonce began to unzip Ashanti’s dress, pulling it down, and exposing her breasts. Ashanti had not worn a bra, and this was an extreme turn-on to Beyonce.

“Naughty girl’ she teased, as Ashanti giggled.

Beyonce brought her mouth and began to suck on Ashanti’s ripe breasts. Her tongue twirled round the nipple of the right breast while she squeezed the other breast with her remaining hand. Ashanti was in ecstasy and began to moan

“Oh yes Beyonce, suck it, suck my boobs oh yeah your mouth feels so good on my breasts”

“Oh, you like it?” asked Beyonce as she momentarily took a break from sucking the breasts before she continued.

“Oh I love it, you are so beautiful and so skilful, oh yes suck me”

All of a sudden, the worst thing that could possibly happen did, as once again, Beyonce heard the dreaded knock on the door, as well as the gruffly voice that unmistakably belonged to Ja Rule

“Yo, Ashanti, open up man” barked Ja Rule

“I’ll be right there Ja” shouted Ashanti as she hurriedly out her clothes on

“Damn, you should have ignored him” Beyonce whispered

“Hide” Ashanti urged, “I don’t want him to see you here, he’ll get suspicious”

“Fuck him, I don’t care” Beyonce replied angrily

“Please do it for me” Ashanti pleaded, “You know I love you”

“Alright then” replied Beyonce, as she reluctantly walked into the wardrobe and shut the door

From within the confines of the wardrobe, she heard Ja Rule yelling at Ashanti

“Where’ve you been for so long, you are supposed to stick with the family” he barked

“I was just staying here and dressing up” Ashanti replied

“Well what took you so long, me and Gotti were looking for you, you just can’t be running off on your own” he snapped

“Well, I’m sorry, I just felt like being alone for once, I’m a big girl” Beyonce heard Ashanti reply

“Well just because you’ve won a Grammy now don’t make you no big girl OK? You would be nothing without me” Ja Rule said

Beyonce could not hear the rest of the conversation as the voices faded off, signifying that they were walking off. She wondered if this was the way Ashanti was treated by Ja Rule all the time. Apparently, there was a little bit of professional jealousy going on, as Ja was obviously a little mad at Ashanti’s success since he seemed to be waning in popularity. Beyonce figured that this was none of her business, although she made a note to herself to bring this up with Ashanti and probably teach her how to stand up for herself.

Beyonce, sure that everyone had left, opened the wardrobe and came out. She was in a very shitty mood. Twice now, she had come so close to getting some pussy, but had been interrupted by a bunch of annoying rappers. She wondered if at all she was going to get any at all that night, but she decided to go to the hall and watch the rest of the show. She could hear Eminem’s voice giving an acceptance speech, so she only assumed that he had just won an award. Too bad she had missed it, Eminem was always dramatic whenever he was on stage.

She was about to turn in the opposite direction towards the place where she was to be seated when she heard some voices behind her, and out of curiosity, turned around to see who the people were. They were a bit far behind, but she could see that they were a black man and a white woman. As they got closer, the identity of the man became easily obvious – Sean “P. Diddy’ Combs was identifiable from a hundred yards away. The other woman looked familiar but she could not figure out who it was from such a distance, and also due to the fact that the hallways were really dark.

Beyonce decided to go over and say hello to them. Puffy was one of her favorite people in the industry, and besides, the parties he threw were legendary. She still hadn’t figured out who the woman was, but she could see from the distance that she looked much older, and was also looking quite gorgeous and shapely. When she finally got close enough, she called out

“Hey Puff” she called out, “long time”

“Beyonce” P. Diddy called back, “how are you doing tonight”, as he hugged Beyonce

“I believe the two of you have met” Puffy said, pointing to his female companion.

Beyonce turned around and looked, and much to her utter surprise, it was “Sex and the City” star Kim Cattrall. Beyonce was such a big fan of the show; it was probably the only show she never missed each week. She always made sure she booked a hotel room that had HBO just to make sure she got her weekly dose of “Sex and the City”. She had even pressured Jay-Z to add the line “the only time we don’t speak is during Sex and the City” in their duet together.

Kim Cattrall was by far her favorite actress on the show. She like the other three characters, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte quite well, but it was Kim Cattrall’s “Samantha” that kept her tuning in each week. Beyonce looked at her heroine in amazement, she was even much hotter in person. She could not believe Kim was already 46 years old, she was easily the most desirable woman of that age she had come across. If there ever was somebody who embodied the attributes of the acronym “MILF” (which by the way stands for “Mum, I’d like to fuck”), it was Kim Cattrall. Beyonce’s pussy began to water, and her thoughts were interrupted by Kim’s words

“Hi, Beyonce, I am such a huge fan of the Destiny Children” Kim said

“Actually, it’s Destiny’s Child” Beyonce corrected, laughing

“Oh yeah” Kim said, “sorry I’m not as hip as Samantha”

“That’s OK” said Beyonce, “by the way I absolutely love your show. I can’t believe it is ending soon”

“Yeah unfortunately” said Kim, “but every good thing must come to an end, just one more season and its over”

“Well ladies” P. Diddy interrupted, “I’m sorry but I have to go now, I guess I’ll just leave you two alone, I hope to see you both at my party tonight though”

“Sure I’ll be there’ Kim assured him

“Me too” added Beyonce

“Great” said Diddy confidently, “it will be the party of the millennium. Get ready to party until dawn”

With that, Puffy walked out of sight with his usual swagger. Beyonce and Kim watched him leave

“So” said Kim, “sorry about butchering the name of your group earlier”

“No, that’s really OK” assured Beyonce

“I wish I could keep up on all the music that is out today but I just can’t. I liked that your song though, ‘Say my Name'” Kim said

“Oh, you did, thank you” Beyonce smiled, feeling flattered

“Yeah, I liked some other songs too, but I can’t remember, I’m so old” said Kim

“No you’re not old” Beyonce said, “you’re absolutely gorgeous, how old are you, 31, 32?”

“Oh you’re so adorable” Kim said, “I’m actually 46 years old”

“Wow” said Beyonce, even though she already knew how old Kim was, “I hope I look as amazing as you do when I’m your age”

“Oh thank you” said Kim, looking delighted, “so why are you backstage by yourself?”

“Well” said Beyonce, “I was back here helping Kelly prepare for her performance, and after she was done, I was on my way back when I ran into you”

“Oh, I hope I’m not keeping you” Kim asked

“Oh, hell no, you don’t know how happy I am that I am standing next to Kim Cattrall” Beyonce grinned

“Oh that’s good then” Kim said

“So how come you were talking to P. Diddy just now? Did you two come together or what?”

“No” Kim said, “we just presented an award to Eminem just now”

“Oh that’s great” Beyonce said, “so who did you come with”

“I actually came alone, as you must have read or heard somewhere, my husband and I are separated again”

“I’m sorry” said Beyonce

“No, don’t be sorry, you should be fucking congratulating me” Kim said

“Oh well then, congratulations” Beyonce said, hoping she said the right thing

“Thank you” said Kim, “why don’t we go celebrate somewhere”

“Well, there’s champagne in Kelly’s dressing room” Beyonce offered helpfully

“Champagne it is then” the older woman said, “come on, where is it?”

Beyonce led the way and Kim walked behind her, seemingly eager to get to the alcohol

“Nice butt” Kim said as she walked behind Beyonce

“Oh thank you, I’m flattered” replied Beyonce

They got to the dressing room, and Beyonce shut the door. She wondered if it was a good idea to try and instigate anything, although she knew that she would not be surprised if Kim Cattrall tried to make any moves. In fact, if she was anything like the character she played on her show, she knew she would have no objections or inhibitions. Still, how did a 22-year-old girl go about seducing a 46-year-old woman?

She opened the refrigerator and brought out an ice-cold bottle of champagne, and handed it to Kim, before taking out two glasses from a nearby cabinet. Kim popped the bottle open, and poured the drink into the two glasses being held by Beyonce, before accepting one of them

“Let’s make a toast” Kim said

“To the Destiny Children” Beyonce joked

“Very funny, OK, to freedom and not having to be tied to a man anymore”

“To freedom” Beyonce added before raising her glass into the air and sipping on her drink.

“Wow, this is some good shit” Kim said

“Yeah I know, I guess the Grammys know how to take care of their nominees” Beyonce said

“So, Beyonce” Kim asked matter-of-factly, “do you wanna fuck?”

“I beg your pardon”, Beyonce asked dumbfounded

“I was just asking, I mean we are in a dressing room and drinking champagne, of course the sex part comes next”

“I…I…I mean, I didn’t know…I guess…” Beyonce stammered

“I am just joking, it’s OK, you can breathe now” laughed Kim

“Oh” said Beyonce, trying to laugh although she was wishing it were true

“You were stammering just like Sarah Jessica Parker”, Kim joked, “she falls for it every time”

“Yeah that was funny” laughed Beyonce

“What if I weren’t joking though, what would you do?” Kim asked with a straight face

“Well” said Beyonce, ‘I don’t know, you’re joking aren’t you?”

“I’m just asking hypothetically OK” said Kim, “you don’t need to feel scared or unsafe”

“I’m not scared” said Beyonce, “and I wouldn’t feel unsafe even if you were joking or not”

“Oh really” said Kim

“Yeah”, replied Beyonce, “if anything, I’d be flattered that Kim Cattrall wanted to sleep with me”

“Well baby” said Kim, “Kim Cattrall does want to sleep with you”

“She does?” asked Beyonce, delighted

“Absolutely” Kim replied, “she thinks you’re the hottest piece of ass she’s seen in a while”

“So is Kim Cattrall bi-sexual or what?” asked Beyonce, who was extremely turned on at this point

“She’s try-sexual”, said Kim, “she’s open to try anything she feels like doing”

“Oh I recognize that line from your show” said Beyonce

Kim walked over and out her arms round Beyonce. “You are so fine”, she said, as she began to kiss Beyonce’s neck. Her lips felt so good against Beyonce’s neck, and Beyonce closed her eyes in ecstasy. She hoped the third time would be lucky for her. She had come so close to having sex twice already, hopefully this time around, she would be able to finish it.

She wrapped her arms round Kim’s neck and began to unzip Kim’s dress. She brought the dress down and placed her hands on Kim’s breasts, which felt so good against her hands. For the 100th time that day, she marveled at the fact that Kim Cattrall was 46, her body was so incredible. Kim brought her lips to Beyonce’s succulent lips and began to devour them. Her hands went to Beyonce’s dress and pulled it down halfway to her waist, and for the first time that day, Beyonce’s breasts were finally free. Both topless, both women embraced each other so that their tits were touching, and began to kiss each other. The tips of their nipples were actually in direct contact, and Beyonce felt a strange but extremely delightful sensation.

Kim’s hands went down and, still kissing Beyonce, she pulled her dress off. She put her hand in between Beyonce’s legs, pulled apart the lining of her thong and immediately inserted her index finger into Beyonce’s cunt.

“Oh yes Kim”, Beyonce moaned, “finger me”

“You sure you want me to fuck you with my finger?” Kim asked

“Oh yes, fuck me” Beyonce pleaded, “my pussy is so wet for you”

“Then ask like a good girl” Kim demanded

“Please put your fingers in me and fuck me like the slut that I am” Beyonce cried

Kim vigorously thrust her finger in and out of Beyonce’s tight snatch and moved it in and out, causing the young girl to have palpitations. The fact that Kim was way old enough to be Beyonce’s mum did not apply in this case. They were two horny women who were satisfying each other.

“Finger me Kim, please, finger me” Beyonce continued to cry

“Oh I think I’ll go one better than that” teased Kim, as she bent down and pulled off Beyonce’s panties. She darted her tongue out till it was less than an inch away from Beyonce’s antsy pussy.

“Come on, lick me, please” Beyonce begged, thinking she was going to die if Kim’s tongue did not touch her pussy very soon

“Oh no, not yet, you have to convince me” Kim teased

“Anything, I’d give anything, please just bring your horny little tongue and eat my pussy” Beyonce screamed

“You’re gonna have to do a little bit better than that” Kim said

“Oh please Kim you are the sexiest woman in the world and I will give anything to have you eat my funky horny pussy”

“Alright, that’s good enough for me” said Kim as she brought her tongue to Beyonce’s vagina. She licked away at Beyonce’s pussy as the singer began to moan

“Oh yes Kim, suck me, oh yes lick my slutty pussy” Beyonce gasped with pleasure

Kim continued to suck away at Beyonce’s cunt, her lips entirely devouring the labia area as she sought Beyonce’s clitoris. She found it, and flicked it with her tongue. Beyonce yelled

“Oh yes that feels so good, just suck me, oh yes lick my fucking clit.

Perhaps it was because she had been with 3 gorgeous honeys that night, or perhaps she was just incredibly horny, but Beyonce felt an orgasm come much earlier than she expected. Her whole body wiggle with excitement anticipating the release, and she shouted to Kim Cattrall

“Oh yes Kim baby, I’m about to come, make me come baby”

“So soon” smiled Kim

“Oh yes” screamed Beyonce, unable to contain her excitement.

“Make me come bitch” she screamed at the much older woman as she raised one of her legs up high in the air, “Make me come, I need to come now, make me come”

Beyonce screamed as it hit her, and her body shivered and convulsed as her orgasm shook her for a few seconds before she settled down.

“Wow Kim, that was awesome” she breathed

“Yeah, you are going to have to do me now” Kim said as she stood up

“Gladly” said Beyonce as she pulled her clothes back on, while Kim performed the exact opposite action till she was completely naked

“Wow, you are so gorgeous”, said Beyonce, admiring Kim’s body

“Just get to work, Ok?’ said Kim as she leant against the wall, her legs spread in a position where Beyonce’s head would easily be able to access it

Beyonce squatted and placed her face in between Kim’s legs, and for a few glorious moments, basked in the glorious scent of Kim’s womanhood, and then brought her mouth to her pussy, gloating when she heard Kim moan. She was sure Kim was incredibly experienced sexually, but she was determined to give her the best possible orgasm. She brought her hand round and inserted a finger into Kim’s asshole. The older woman moaned as Beyonce’s tongue made its way into her pussy

“Oh yes Beyonce, oh yeah, that’s the way you should do it, finger my fucking asshole, yeah, suck my snatch” Kim begged

Beyonce was turned on from Kim’s cajoling and decided to use her second finger to please herself as she was getting turned on again. She inserted two of her fingers into her own cunt as she continued to suck on Kim’s pussy

“Suck my pussy, you little twat” screamed Kim, “suck me, suck me”

Beyonce’s tongue continued to work wonders on Kim’s cunt, locating her clit and gently nibbling on it while simultaneously making sure she did not neglect any other parts of the delectable feast.

Beyonce continued this for minutes on end and through Kim’s assortment of exclamations, pleas, and screams, egging her on to go on, until she heard the magic words right out of Kim’s mouth

“Oh yes baby, I’m coming, I’m coming baby”.

Beyonce was delighted, and doubled her pace in order to make sure this orgasm was especially memorable. She continued her thrusts into Kim’s ass, while her tongue continued to slurp away with gusto.

“Oh yes baby, make me come, make me come, make me come, make me cooooome” screamed Kim as she hit climax.

All of a sudden, the door gently opened, and both Kim and Beyonce swung around, totally mortified and wondering whom the intruder was.

“Hi, Beyonce, are you there, I heard a noise” said Ashanti, “Oh my God” she screamed when she saw the sight that awaited her.

Beyonce was rather relieved that it was only Ashanti, and silently admonished herself for not locking the door. However, she blessed her luck, perhaps she would be able to indulge in a threesome after all. But from the look of bewilderment on Ashanti’s face, it was obvious that a threesome was the furthest thing from her mind

“What are you doing? I don’t believe this” Ashanti said silently

“Hey what’s wrong?” asked Beyonce, a little puzzled

“Hi, you’re Ashanti, right?”, came Kim, finally getting over her orgasm

“Beyonce, how could you do this?” Ashanti asked, looking crestfallen

“Do what, I don’t get it, we were just having a little bit of fun here, you’re welcome to join if you want, I believe you know Kim Cattrall” Beyonce said

“How could you act like its no big deal?” Ashanti said, her voice both rising and breaking, as though she were close to tears

“What do you mean?” asked Beyonce, wondering how to explain to Ashanti that one of the joys of lesbianism was that sleeping around was not considered cheating

“I thought you cared about me, I thought we had a thing, how could you just cheat on me like that?” yelled Ashanti tearfully

“Ashanti, hold on OK? This doesn’t mean anything, me and you haven’t even slept together yet” Beyonce reasoned

“Does it matter?” Ashanti said, continuing to cry, “I thought what we had was special, I thought we were going to be true to each other, I thought we were in love”

Beyonce began to ask herself what she had gotten herself into. Obviously, this chick was a psycho stalker clingy kind of person. She decided to try and solve everything peacefully and avoid a scenario

“Ashanti, baby, just chill out OK?” she said, holding Ashanti’s arm

“Leave me alone, cheater” Ashanti cried

“Ashanti, we never were in a relationship, OK?” Beyonce said, “I just thought we could have some fun together”

“So what are you, some dyke bitch that just goes around screwing with women?” Ashanti snapped

“Shut up, Ashanti” Beyonce snapped, “I’m sorry I led you on, but we didn’t do anything, I just thought we could do this and enjoy ourselves, I didn’t know you were going to make such a big deal out of this”

Beyonce made another attempt to hold onto Ashanti’s hand, but Ashanti wrestled it away,

“Don’t you dare touch me” she said, as she ran out of the room and into the hallway

Beyonce stormed after her, hoping to make her see reason. God, she thought, this day was turning out to be way crummier than she could have ever anticipated. She hoped Ashanti would not straight out ruin it for her

“Ashanti wait, I’m sorry OK?” she called out

Ashanti, who was running down the hallway, paused and turned around, looking at Beyonce

“Do you really mean that, Beyonce?” she asked

“Yeah I’m sorry, OK?” Beyonce assured her, “I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“So you promise never to hurt me again?” Ashanti asked hopefully

“Look Ashanti, the beauty of being with women is that you can sleep with as many people as you want. You won’t believe the women I know that are into this”

“I don’t care” replied Ashanti, “I love you, and I don’t want to share you with anybody”

“Come on Ashanti, trust me, the more the better” Beyonce said

“Fuck you then” screamed Ashanti, “you’re a cheater, and I hate you”

A few passers-by were getting puzzled as to why Ashanti was screaming at Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce froze as she saw MTV’s Kurt Loder pass, and she motioned at Ashanti to shut up.

“Ashanti, keep shut OK? You’re going to ruin both our careers” Beyonce said gently

“I don’t care about my career” Ashanti yelled, “I only care about you”

“Ashanti, let’s go into the dressing room and discuss this, OK?” Beyonce cajoled

“I don’t care, I’m leaving’ screamed Ashanti as she ran off.

Beyonce briefly toyed with the idea of running in after her, but decided against it. After all, she had a sexy older woman waiting for her. She walked in, and there lay Kim Cattrall, lying naked on the couch and masturbating. Beyonce watched in adoration as Kim, eyes closed, moaned softly as her fingers rubbed her crotch contentedly. Beyonce could not resist the urge to join in any longer.

She crept up to Kim, and placed her mouth on her boobs. Kim did not seem surprised to have her there, and began to moan much louder

“Oh yeah suck on my titties baby”, Kim urged, “I was just about to come and you’ll make me come faster”

Beyonce continued to suck like a baby sucking on a pacifier, and in not time, stimulated Kim to orgasm.

“Wow Beyonce, you were an amazing fuck” Kim said as she put on her clothes, “We have to do this again some other time”

“Yeah definitely” said Beyonce, “I had a lot of fun”

The two women put on their clothes and walked out to the auditorium to catch what was left of the ceremony.

It was about 3 a.m. and Eve had been partying all night like it was 2099. She had crashed most of the post-Grammy parties thrown that night, attending parties hosted by Nelly and Justin Timberlake, Common and Erykah Badu, EMI Records, Fat Joe and Andre Harrell. She had saved the best for last, and eventually made her way to the party of the night, the one hosted by P. Diddy. The room was packed with several people she recognized, and she immediately took to the dance floor, shaking her body to the music coming from the DJ. The song currently being played was one of her favorites, “In da Club” by 50 Cent, and she was currently all by herself on the dance floor, looking around for company. Her eyes circled round the room, looking for someone she knew. She waved to Fred Durst as she continued to search.

Her eyes landed on her old friend, Gwen Stefani, and she decided to go over and say hello. She had not seen Gwen in ages, and she was extremely delighted she had run into the beautiful blonde

“Hey Gwen, how’s it going, girl?” Eve screamed as she ran towards Gwen

“Hey, Eve” squealed Gwen, “where have you been, it has been so long”

“Yeah what’s it been, like a year” Eve said excitedly

“Yes, it’s been hella long” said Gwen, pointing her ring finger to Eve, so the rapper could see the ring which lay there.

“Oh yes sorry I couldn’t make it to your wedding, but congratulations on getting hitched” said Eve, “I guess Gavin finally decided to settle down”

“Yeah he stopped messing around” said Gwen, “things are going great so far”

“I am so happy to hear that” said Eve, “but I hope you still haven’t abandoned…you know, the way we used to have fun back in the day”

“Eve” laughed Gwen, ‘I’m a married woman”

“Gwen Stefani, you don’t mean to tell me you have completely changed, you used to be way freaky, we had so much fun in the summer of 2001 when we were on tour” recalled Eve

“Yeah good times, very good times” said Gwen laughingly

“So, do you still…” Eve asked

“Of course” said Gwen, “I love Gavin but you know he can’t replace what a woman makes me feel”

“Does he know?” Eve inquired

“Oh yeah, he ran into me and Jewel doing it in our bed once, but he wasn’t mad, he thought it was a turn-on” said Gwen

“That’s great then” said Eve, “congratulations on your award”

“Yeah, pity we couldn’t win together again this year” said Gwen

“Yeah” said Eve, “that’s true, we both won for ‘Let me blow your mind’ last year, but too bad I lost to Missy Elliott this year”

Gwen noticed that Eve’s face fell all of a sudden, and she was surprised because she did not think Eve cared so much about awards

“What’s wrong Eve, it’s OK, you’ll win next year” Gwen tried to console her

“No, it’s not that, I don’t care about no stupid awards” said Eve

“Then what’s the matter?” asked Gwen

“I just saw that stupid bitch pass” said Eve

“Who? Lil’ Kim?” asked Gwen, “What’s going on between you two”

“She said some shit about me on her new album” said Eve

“I don’t know why all you rappers can’t get along” said Gwen, “What is the cause of your beef?”

“OK remember that line I said on the song me and you did together, she thought it was being addressed to her” Eve said

“Which one?” Gwen asked

“Well I was like ‘You should have been rapping, instead of being concerned with fashion’, and apparently she feels I was making an attack on her, so she said some nonsense on her new CD”

“What did she say?” asked Gwen

“Well basically, I can’t remember the crap she said, but it ended with something like ‘When God made Adam, he should have made Kim'” Eve said

“Wow, well don’t take it too seriously” said Gwen, “why don’t we teach her a lesson?”

“You don’t mean…” asked Eve

“Oh yeah I do, look she’s going into the bathroom, let’s follow her” said Gwen

“I don’t think this is such a good idea” said Eve, rather scared, “I don’t even want to go anywhere near her funky-ass pussy”

“Come on, Eve, if only for old times sake, you know how we love to do this” said Gwen

“Alright then” said Eve, giving in

The blond haired rocker and No Doubt lead singer led the way followed by Eve at the back, still feeling a little bit apprehensive. Gwen walked into the bathroom, and as there were about three other people there, she waited till they left, and just as Lil’ Kim was about to leave, Gwen blocked the door.

“Hi, you’re Lil’ Kim, right?” said Gwen

“Yes I am” said Kim, “Nice to meet you, big fan of yours”

“Thank you” said Gwen, “Nice outfit by the way”

“Oh you like it?” said Kim, “thank you”

Lil’ Kim had a reputation for showing up at awards shows and other events wearing the most scandalous of outfits, and tonight was no different. She was wearing an extremely tiny bra-like top which exposed the whole of her breasts, except the nipples, which were covered by a tiny bit of cloth, as well as a really short mini-skirt.

“So you decided to mess with my friend, right?” said Gwen

“What are you talking about?”, asked Lil’ Kim

“Oh you don’t know? You mean to tell me you don’t know? Alright then, come on in baby”

Eve walked in with a scowl on her face, and turned to Gwen

“Hey Gwen, what is it?” she asked?

“What is this bitch doing here?” snapped Lil’ Kim

“Why don’t you ask her yourself” smiled Gwen

“Why the heck have you been saying shit about me on your records?” asked Eve

“I don’t know, you were the one who started the nonsense” said Kim

“Well, we are here to teach you a lesson” said Gwen, as she locked the door

“Look” said Kim, ” I don’t know what you crazy bitches are up to, but I am calling my bodyguards. She reached into her purse and brought out a cell phone, which Eve snatched from her

“You won’t be needing this” she assured her

“What the fuck is going on here” demanded Lil’ Kim

“Hey watch the attitude girl” said Gwen, “what is it you call yourself, the Queen Bee, we’re here for some honey”

“I don’t need this bullshit” said Kim as she made for the door

“Not so fast” said Gwen as she put her hand on the lock, blocking the entrance

“Let me go” said Kim, “and give me my phone bitch”

“Not until we get what we came for” said Eve, as she walked behind Lil’ Kim and put her arms around her.

Lil’ Kim froze, unsure of what was happening, and all of a sudden Gwen leant forward and kissed her on the lips. She did this for about ten seconds and then let go

“What did you think of that?” asked Eve

“Wait a minute” Kim said, “you mean to tell me you two bitches came in here to rape me?”

“Well if you must put it that way, yeah” said Gwen

Much to Gwen’s surprise, Kim tore off her clothes, or at least the pieces of cloth covering her body, and looked seductively at Gwen Stefani.

“I should have guessed you two were fucking each other” said Kim

“You’re into women too” asked Eve

“Let me put it this way” said Lil’ Kim, “the four of us ladies shared a lot more than marmalade”

“Wow that’s as sexy as hell” said Gwen, imagining the heavenly sight that must have been Pink, Christina, Mya and Lil’ Kim screwing each other.

“You know what Eve”, said Kim, “what do you say we bury the hatchet, it is too late to remove my diss from the CD, but let’s just forget about everything”

“Well” said Eve, “I’m going to need a lot of convincing”

“That won’t be a problem” Kim said coyly as she reached for Eve and kissed her. The two female rappers passionately embraced each other as they locked lips, while Gwen began to suck on Kim’s naked tits.

Someone began to knock on the bathroom door, but the three women paid no attention to it, they would just have to find someplace else to pee. Kim began to peel off Eve’s short Fendi dress, and in an instant, it was off. Kim pushed Eve up against the wall and began to suck on her breasts

“Hey bitches, don’t leave me out” said Gwen as she tore her clothes off and went behind Kim, fingering her while she played with her breasts.

Eve began to moan with passion

“Oh yes Kim, suck on my boobs, yes stupid bitch, you want to insult me on your record, go ahead, but it is going to take a lot of breast sucking for me to forgive you”

Meanwhile, Lil’ Kim was getting extremely stimulated from Gwen’s fingers which were skillfully fucking her and making rhythmic motions in and out of her cunt. She would have screamed in pleasure if not for the fact that her mouth was full, but even then, she was still moaning and humming in pleasure, shrieking when Gwen pinched her sensitive clitoris. She felt an orgasm begin to come, and took a break from Eve’s breasts to scream

“Oh yes, I’m coming, I’m coming, oh yesssssss”, before she went back to Eve’s breasts

“I don’t believe you actually came before me” said Eve, “now you have to suck my pussy”

“No problem” said Kim, as she bent down and brought her face to Eve’s crotch. She immediately began work with her tongue, indulging in Eve’s delicious nectar, causing Eve to moan in delight.

Gwen was feeling a little frustrated as she was being left out of these rappers’ delight, and Eve noticed this because she called out

“Gwen honey bring your pussy-eating ass here”

Gwen went next to Eve, and while Eve was still enjoying Kim’s cunninlingus, she began to kiss Gwen and inserted her fingers into Gwen’s pussy

“Oh yes” cried Gwen, “you are still the ultimate when it comes to fingering”

Eve continued to wriggle while Lil’ Kim serviced her pussy, while kissing Gwen, who was enjoying being fingered by Eve.

Eve, caught up in the excitement of having her pussy licked broke away and screamed, “Oh yes baby, suck my pussy Kim”

“Say my name bitch” said Kim

“Oh Kim, yes Lil’ Kim, suck me, lick my horny slutty pussy” she cried

Gwen, on the other hand, was feeling the effect of this, because Eve’s near-orgasm was making her hand move even faster. However, she decided to make this moment all about Eve, and pulled away and started sucking on Eve’s breasts while Kim was still hard at work on her pussy. This was apparently too much for Eve to take.

“Oh yes you bitches’ she screamed, “make me come, fuck the hell out of me and make me come from your lovely tongues”

Gwen’s tongue continued to twirl around Eve’s dark nipples, while Kim was still doing magic with her tongue, gently nibbling on Eve’s love button while licking away at her magic tunnel

“Oh yes I’m coming, that’s it, yes girls, suck me, oh yes, suck me, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh yes” she screamed as it hit her before she fell to the floor.

“Did I make up for your forgiveness?” asked Lil’ Kim

“Abso-fucking-lutely”, said Eve, “you more than made up for it. The two femme rap foes kissed, officially ending the rivalry.

“I’m so happy you have made up” said Gwen

“Hey” said Eve to Lil’ Kim, “white girl ain’t come yet”

“Yeah baby” said Kim, “we’re gonna give you the best licking you ever received”

“How many licks does it take till you get to the center…” Eve sang, referencing one of Lil’ Kim’s raunchy songs

“Shut up and let’s get to work OK?” said Kim, as she pushed Gwen against the wall

Both rapper bent down and decided to do double duty in licking Gwen’s cunt. Eve assumed the position she assumed so many times while they were on tour in the summer of 2001, and began to lick Gwen’s familiar cunt, while the ever freaky Lil’ Kim went behind her and began to lick her asshole

“Oh yes lick me you little sluts” yelled Gwen, as the two rappers used their tongues to devour her

“Oh yes, your tongues feel so good inside me” she screamed.

Eve took her clitoris with her tongue, before darting her tongue into Gwen’s hole, while Kim, on the other hand, had her tongue right in the blond rocker’s asshole, licking away and causing a delightful sensation to Gwen.

“Oh, suck me you little sluts” Gwen screamed, “make me come, make me come now”

Eve and Kim, obedient as puppies, doubled their efforts and began to lick more vigorously than ever before, and in a little while, Gwen’s orgasm was on its way

“Oh yes bitches, I’m about to come, oh yes, I’m coming, suck me, oh yes”

Kim decided to go join Eve in front and make Gwen’s orgasm one of legendary status. The two rappers licked away at the pink pussy, causing Gwen to shriek in pleasure

“Suck me girls, that’s it, yes, yes, yes, oh yeeeeeeessssss”

Gwen heaved a sigh of relief as Kim and Eve licked away at her precious juices, before rising to share in a 3-way kiss, both girls enjoying the essence of Gwen’s amazingly delicious nectar.

“That was fucking unbelievable” said Gwen

“Yeah I know” said Kim, “you girls ain’t bad”

“Hey Kim, what do you say the two of us go and fuck Foxy Brown” joked Eve

“That would be cool” Kim laughed, “the 3 top female rappers fucking each other”

“Actually no offense girls” said Gwen, “but I think the best female rapper is Lauryn Hill”

“This girl needs to be punished” said Kim, as all three began to put on their clothes, “maybe she needs another pussy licking to bring her to her senses”

“That could be arranged” said Gwen as she reached for the door

The three musicians opened the door, and avoided the puzzled eyes of the people who were standing outside and wondering why all three were in there with the door locked. Luckily, no one was there to raise any questions and the three singers made their way to the dance floor, dancing away the night

COMING UP: Stay tuned for the action packed and highly exciting 7th installment of “Dangerously in Love” with some new special guests as well as some returning favorites

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