Dangerously In Love – Chapter 7: Bug A Boo


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CHAPTER 7: Bug A Boo

You make me wanna

throw my pager out the window,

tell MCI to cut the phone calls,

break my lease so I can move

cause you a bug a boo, a bug a boo

It had almost a week, and Ashanti had still not gotten over the tremendous blow she had received at the Grammy Awards. It was still puzzling – how could Beyonce have done that to her? It was as though her whole world had come crumbling down. For a week and a half, she had lived in a world of simulated ecstasy, finally convinced that she had found happiness, only for her to find Beyonce’s head buried in the laps of an older woman. Even worse, she had tried to act as though it weren’t a big deal, not even coming after her when she ran out in bewilderment.

To think that Ashanti had thought she would find in Beyonce the happiness that she had long craved. For a short while, it all made sense, she could, for the first time in her life, have a friend, confidante and lover, the first person ever to be interested in her as a person, and not only in her talent or what they could get from her.

For as long as she could remember, she could not think of one instance when she had been given free rein to make her own decisions. From infancy, her mom had rushed her from one audition to another, determined that her child be a star. Ashanti had never dared complain, she did not even have the courage to try and derail her mom’s dreams for her. She had never been allowed to choose her own friends. In the rare instance that she was, her mom never approved of those anyway.

She thought her mom would finally give her some breathing space when she got signed to Jive at the age of 14, but that deal fell through, and once again, it was back to the world of auditioning and recording demos. She had tried to focus on athletics, which she happened to be good at, and when she got a full track scholarship to Princeton, she was overjoyed. She would finally go to college and try and be a normal person for once in her life. To her dismay, her mom would not hear of it. She was so bent on her Ashanti becoming a star, that not even a scholarship to an Ivy League school would cut it.

She finally struck gold when Irv Gotti of Murder Inc. listened to her demo and eventually signed her. She became a member of the crew, and at first it seemed to be fun because everyone there was genuinely nice, and her mom seemed to like them enough to get off her back. It had, however, been like transferring from one form of slavery to another. She was initially smothered, and eventually bullied by the rest of them. She had no say in any decisions, and her growing success seemed to make them treat her even worse.

Then that magical night with Beyonce had happened. Being in the presence of such a talented and strong woman who happened to be her age was unbelievable enough, and when Beyonce had kissed her, it was as though her eyes had opened to a new dimension. This was it, the key to her happiness, the person whom she could find something in common with and share a healthy and beneficial relationship. Who cared if she was female? When Beyonce had told her that it “would feel better than anything she had ever felt”, she did not think Beyonce was referring only to sex. She thought they were going to share a bond, deeper than friendship, with sex being only one of the fringe benefits. Beyonce had actually had the nerve to open up her mouth and say that the benefit of being with women is that you can sleep with as any as you want. She did not want any other women, and she did not see why Beyonce should.

She had been depressed and downcast for days after the awards show. She refused to eat or sleep, and despite the fact she was always surrounded by tons of people, nobody even remotely noticed that she was suffering in the slightest way. She was still supposed to fabricate those million dollar smiles for the press and cameras when she was suffering inside. Her heart jumped whenever her phone rang, thinking it was Beyonce, but it was always Gotti or Ja, telling her when to come to the studio.

Beyonce had finally called a few days later, and Ashanti was overcome with emotion. She did not know whether to be happy or angry, all she knew was that her entire being depended on taking to Beyonce

“Hi Ashanti” Beyonce had said

“Hi” said Ashanti coldly

“How’ve you been doing?” Beyonce asked

“What do you think”, Ashanti said, her voice shaking, “I’ve been miserable, you did not even bother checking to see if I was doing OK”

“I’m sorry honey” Beyonce apologized, “you know how it is, I’ve been busy”

“Too busy to give me a 15 minute call and see how I was doing?” Ashanti asked

“I did not think you thought it was that big a deal” Beyonce said nonchalantly

“How can you keep saying that?” Ashanti asked, “Don’t I mean anything to you? Don’t you love me?”

“To be honest” said Beyonce, “don’t take this the wrong way, I am sure you are a great person, but I don’t know you that well, I think love is a rather strong word”

“But you told me that you would make me feel better than anyone had made me feel. You told me it would be the most amazing thing ever”

“Yeah I did” said Beyonce, “but I did not think you would take it to the extent of love or anything?”

“So you’re not interested in anything except sleeping with me” Ashanti asked

“I wouldn’t put it that way” said Beyonce, “you’re a nice person and I really want to be your friend, but as far as a relationship goes, I thought it was just sex”

“But don’t you understand?” screamed Ashanti into the phone, “I love you, I fucking love you. I’ve known you only a week and you are all I can think about”

“What do you want from me?” Beyonce screamed back, “You want me to tell you I love you, to propose marriage? You actually want to tell all your darling fans that Ashanti is a dyke?”

“Hey, you are the one who brought the whole lesbianism thing around me. Before you came around, I had never even looked at another girl. So don’t you dare call me a dyke”

“Don’t you get it Ashanti? Yeah, I fuck women, but that doesn’t make me a lesbian. I am not living the lifestyle or anything, and I still fuck guys too from time to time” said Beyonce

“But I want to be with you” said Ashanti, bursting into tears

“I’m sorry” said Beyonce, “but I can’t promise you anything in terms of being together”

“But it’s not fair, you don’t know what you mean to me. Can’t we get together sometime to discuss this?”

“Sure” said Beyonce, “where are you now?”

“I’m in New York, where else?” said Ashanti

“I’m in Los Angeles”, said Beyonce, ‘I’m stuck here for the next three weeks”

“Can’t you fly over just briefly?” Ashanti pleaded

“I wish I could, I really do, but I don’t have one second free. I’m doing a little bit of post-production on my movie, and I have some songs to record” said Beyonce

“Please I’ll do anything” said Ashanti, “just tell me you love me or at least care about me”

“I do care Ashanti, I’d really be interested in being your friend, even if you never want to be involved with me sexually anymore. But I don’t think I can give you what you want”

“Can’t you even try?” asked Ashanti

“We’ll see about that” said Beyonce, “I’m really sorry I hurt you, I just did not think things would have that effect”

“Bye Beyonce” said Ashanti firmly

“Bye, I hope you’re not mad” said Beyonce sweetly

“I am mad, and don’t you even think you can change my mood, so I’d rather you hung up” said Ashanti

“Alright then, bye” said Beyonce, hanging up.

Ashanti stared into the sky for a few minutes, tears streaming down her face. She was due in the studio now, and was sure Gotti would be throwing a fit, but she could care less. She did not understand why she was so fixated on Beyonce. She wished she could just dismiss the interactions between them as ‘just sex’, but she couldn’t. There was just this bond, this connection she felt. Talking to Beyonce, irrespective of the tone of their conversation, had always illuminated her inwardly. She lamented the fact that she did not have the same effect on Beyonce. She was just another conquest. She wondered how many other girls Beyonce had seduced. Definitely Kelly and Michelle, her band mates, who else? Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone ringing. Oh, Beyonce had decided to call back. Maybe she did love her after all.

“Beyonce” she said, placing the phone to her ear, “what do you want”

“Um sorry” came a female voice she could not place, “this isn’t Beyonce”

“Oh, my bad” Ashanti said, “who’s this please?”

“It’s Sarah”, came the woman at the other end

“Which Sarah might that be?” asked Ashanti

“Sarah Prinze, or Sarah Michelle Gellar, whichever one you prefer”

“Oh, sorry, hi Sarah, what a surprise”

Ashanti had met Sarah Michelle Gellar when she had made a guest appearance on the wildly popular series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, on which Sarah was the eponymous star. She had been excited about showing up on that show, it had been a chance to show her acting chops, as well as get to meet new people

“I just thought I should call and say hello”, came Sarah’s voice

“Oh, thanks for calling, sorry I did not call you earlier”, Ashanti said

“That’s OK”, Sarah said, “I was just calling to see if you wanted to hang out sometime”

“Oh really? Like a party”, asked Ashanti, somewhat surprised

“No, not really” said Sarah, “I am shooting a movie here in New York, and I remembered when you were on the show, you said we should hang out whenever I was in New York”

Sarah had been very friendly to Ashanti while they were shooting, and Ashanti had merely said that as a gesture, she did not think Sarah would take it seriously. Nonetheless, she was happy that she had, perhaps hanging out with someone new would alleviate the pain she felt about the whole Beyonce issue.

“Great” replied Ashanti, “when do you want to hang out?”

“I was thinking Friday night”, said Sarah, “You could come over to the condo that I am renting. Freddie leaves Friday afternoon, so the evening would be great cos I am not doing anything then”

“Sure no problem”, said Ashanti, “I’ll be there around, say 7.30?”

“I’ll be expecting you” said Sarah, “it should be fun”

Ashanti’s mood definitely picked up after the call. Sarah seemed genuinely nice, and she was sure that her motives for wanting to get together were more honorable than Beyonce’s. Wait a minute, she told herself, what if Sarah was trying to get in between her pants? No, that was impossible, she was married, to Freddie Prinze Jr., whom could be considered a hunk. Still, from what Beyonce had said, it did not matter, supposedly a lot of Hollywood women were into women, what if Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of them?

She tried to recall if there was anything about Sarah that could remotely signify any lesbian undertones. She had noticed that Sarah and Alyson Hannigan had been extremely close, and were always on set holding hands and being affectionate with each other. She also vaguely remembered Alyson and Sarah running to Sarah’s trailer at the end of each take. What could they possibly have been going to do that was so urgent? She also recollected a visit by Jennifer Love Hewitt to the set, and how she and Sarah had hugged each other like long time lovers.

Well, whatever the case may be, she would find out soon enough. She wondered if she would succumb if Sarah tired to seduce her. Somehow, the prospect of sleeping with Sarah did not seem too strange. She was an extremely sexy woman, and she might as well get over Beyonce, and what other way to do it than hook up with another hot sex symbol? Friday shall tell, she said to herself as she fell asleep, totally ignoring the fact that she was in a lot of trouble with Gotti for missing their studio appointment.

Recording an album is never easy, especially when it is the first time you are doing it alone after years of being surrounded by friends. Which is why after a week of almost non-stop grueling hours spent at the studio, Beyonce was beyond worn-out. Since she returned to LA after the Grammy Awards, she had spent consecutive days and nights recording songs. Since she began work on the album months ago, Beyonce estimated that she must have recorded at least 50 songs. Of course, not all of them would make it onto the finished project. She would have to go through a thorough whittling project, which was definitely going to be hard, as she loved everything she had recorded.

She had actually gone through an entire week without sex, and this had taken a toll on her. She was in a very uptight mood, nagging about everything and almost bitching at her producers and studio managers whenever she was annoyed.

Alicia Keys had flown down to Los Angeles to record their duet, which they had practiced earlier on that fateful day that changed her life. Beyonce had been so excited, as she was sure there would be some hot studio action, but she had been totally disappointed, not only because Alicia had to leave LA that same day and could spend only a few hours in the studio, but Alicia refused to mess around at all. Much to Beyonce’s surprise, one of Alicia’s cardinal rules was that she never had sex whenever she was working in the studio, as it would negate the effort she put into her work, compromising the finished product. Beyonce absolutely respected that and backed off immediately, but that did not make her any less horny.

Added to this, Kelly was also in Los Angeles for the week and Beyonce had to be around her all the time, as they were sharing the same condo, which they had booked together. They still had not talked about their kiss at the Grammy Awards, and whenever Beyonce had tried to bring it u, Kelly had apologized and promptly changed the topic. Citing some other excuse, Beyonce had moved out of the condo and temporarily into a hotel room, as she knew that living with Kelly would make her temperamental and affect her music.

Then there had been that spat with Ashanti, where the Murder Inc. princess had thrown a fit over the phone. She was still absolutely miffed at Ashanti’s behavior. She had not expected Ashanti to develop such a fatal attraction so soon. She understood that perhaps Ashanti had sought a relationship beyond sex, and she did not mind, but Ashanti was going all psycho on her, and now she had not only lost a friend but potentially caused emotional trauma to a poor girl. All in all, Beyonce was pleased when the week came to a close and she had a brief reprieve from all her troubles.

Beyonce had been invited to a party on Friday night, which she was looking forward to. Invited was the wrong word for it, she told herself. A party was being thrown for her by Pepsi, as she had recently signed to become the new face for the soft drink giant, replacing Britney Spears. She had actually felt a little guilty as to taking the place of her one-time lover, and she had called Britney over the phone to discuss with her in case there was any animosity. Much to her pleasure, Britney had no problem and was even cheerful about it, making several light jokes about how Beyonce had stolen the food out of her mouth. Then again, Britney was so pleasant about everything that Beyonce hoped she really was not upset.

In any case, Beyonce had filmed a number of commercials that were set to premiere on ABC during the Academy Awards, and in order to celebrate Beyonce’s new two-year contract with them, they were throwing a bash in her honor. Much to her surprise, Kelly and Michelle had declined her invitation to the party, citing prior engagements. Beyonce was a little sad that she and her longtime best friend seemed to be drifting apart. Kelly seemed to have a new preoccupation that always kept her away. Beyonce did not know what it was, and lamented the fact that she was not part of it. Kelly had not even protested in the slightest bit when Beyonce offered to move out. Beyonce thought she had even sensed a little bit of joy when she told Kelly her decision to move out, but she was sure it was her imagination.

Well, the party was sure to be fun nonetheless. Britney was going to be present. This would be the first time they would see each other since the Goldmember premiere, which was many months ago, and Beyonce was sure their reunion would be bridled with passion. She had asked Jay-Z to be her date for the party though, as it was necessary for her to show up with one, but she hoped she would be able to slip away for some fun.

On Thursday, the day before the party, Beyonce had called Kelly to see if she could convince her to change her decision about attending the party. Kelly had still refused, offering her profound apologies

“But what could be more important than celebrating with your oldest friend in the world?” Beyonce had asked

“I told you, if I had known earlier, I would have cancelled my appointment”, said Kelly

“What is this incredible important appointment that cannot wait anyway?”, Beyonce queried

“Well, you know I got a gift bag for performing at the Grammys, and I was given a pass for this weekend luxury spa, so that’s where I am going”

“I don’t believe this Kelly”, Beyonce said in anger, “you are blowing me off for a fucking spa? What happened to friendship?”

“Sorry Beyonce” Kelly tried to explain, “I already booked the appointment for this weekend, and it cannot be cancelled or refunded. If you had told me about this Pepsi thing earlier, I would have scheduled another weekend”

“I’m still mad at you but I understand” said Beyonce

‘Thanks B, I knew you would” said Kelly

“Wait a minute, I am sure the spa is for two people, the Grammys are not cheap enough to give you something for only one” said Beyonce, “how come I am not invited?”

“Um” said Kelly, “actually sorry but, you know, I had to invite someone else, you know like a romantic thing”

“Oh my God”, said Beyonce, “you and Nelly got back together, I am so happy for you guys”

“No, not Nelly” said Kelly

“So you mean to tell me there’s someone new” said Beyonce

“Well, kinda” said Kelly coyly

“Kelendria Rowland” Beyonce screamed, calling her friend by her full name, “there is someone new and you did not tell me. Come on, spill the beans”

“I’ll tell you later, I promise” said Kelly, “it’s still a secret, we haven’t yet told anyone yet”

“But when did we start keeping secrets from each other?” asked Beyonce, thinking of the myriad of things she was keeping secret from Kelly

“I’m sorry B” said Kelly, “I’ll tell you when the time is right”

“Fair enough” said Beyonce, “OK girl, I have to go to sleep now, early day tomorrow, but enjoy your weekend getaway, OK?”

“Thanks B., love ya”

“Love you too, bye”

Beyonce fell asleep thinking about Kelly. Perhaps this whole solo album idea had driven them apart like the entire press had said it would. Just a year or two earlier, both girls had basically been like the same person, sharing every intimate detail of their lives, now Beyonce wondered how much she knew Kelly. She knew she was also guilty, as Kelly knew next to nothing about her new life. If we ever end up like the Supremes, she thought, I hope I am Diana Ross. She chuckled to herself as she shut her eyes to sleep.

Ashanti had been lucky enough to wriggle out of a function she was supposed to attend with Ja Rule on Friday night, and was looking forward to hanging out with Sarah. She was still at a loss as to what the hell Sarah Michelle Gellar, one of the most popular TV actresses, would want with her. Well, she was happy that she was developing friendships outside of the people that were around her 24 hours a day.

As she drove over to Sarah’s apartment on that fateful Friday evening, she asked herself, about the millionth time, if there was any chance of, or even if she wanted anything to happen with Sarah. She visualized kissing Sarah, and it did not exactly seem like a bad prospect. Several weeks earlier, she would have almost thrown up at the thought of kissing another girl, and just a week ago, she would have thought it impossible to kiss any other girl than Beyonce. But she found that the more she thought, or fantasized, about Sarah, the less depressed she was about the whole Beyonce saga.

As she narrowly avoided being hit by a bus, her mind drifted off to the dream she had the night before. She had never really had erotic dreams before, but last night was an exception. She had dreamt she was in a graveyard, all alone in the darkness, and a vampire attacked her out of nowhere. Just as she was about to get bitten, Sarah, or rather Buffy the Vampire Slayer, had come to her rescue. Dressed in a tight white tank top, Sarah had seriously kicked the butt of the predator, and suddenly grabbed her and started kissing her. It had only been a kiss, but it was fierce and urgent and passionate, and even though it was a dream, it felt so real to Ashanti. She found that her panties were completely soaked when she woke up the next morning.

Ashanti found that she was almost at the house Sarah had described to her, and she began to have palpitations. She did not know why she was so nervous. She tried to assure herself that it was merely because she was shy at the thought of meeting such a wonderful and talented actress, but deep down, she knew that it was because she was filled with so much sexual apprehension.

“Snap out of it Ashanti”, she told herself, “nothing is going to happen, she is Sarah Michelle Gellar, and you are only Ashanti, nobody wants you, not even Beyonce, she only wanted to sleep with you”

At the thought of Beyonce, Ashanti began to get sad again, but luckily, she had pulled up right in front of the house Sarah had described. It was a small and modest looking house, which Sarah was only renting while she was filming in New York. Ashanti looked at her watch, and cursed when she found that it was only 7.10. She had come too early out of anticipation, and she hoped her host would not be too displeased.

She hesitated for a few seconds before pressing the doorbell, shivering in her tracks, partly because of the cold New York winter, and also because she was so nervous. After she did not get any response after about ten seconds, she rang the bell, and almost immediately, the door swung open, and there stood Sarah, flashing a million-dollar smile

“Hi Ashanti, you’re early, come on in” grinned Sarah

“Oh yeah sorry I came so early, I thought there would be traffic”, said Ashanti as she walked in, “hope you don’t mind”

“No that’s OK”, said Sarah, shutting the door, “come on, let’s go”

As Sarah led the way to the living room, Ashanti stared at her, a few impure thoughts coming into her head. Sarah was wearing a small pink body hugging half top and very tiny blue jeans shorts, thereby exposing her perfectly toned belly, as well as most of her legs. Ashanti found it hard to take her legs off Sarah’s appealing thighs. She had to behave herself before she totally embarrassed herself.

“Nice living room”, complimented Ashanti, as she sat down

“Thanks”, Sarah replied, taking a seat next to Ashanti, “I don’t like it much, I’m only leasing this place while I’m filming in New York”

“Well”, said Ashanti, “I don’t know if it’s appropriate for me to ask you this, but maybe I can take over the lease when you move back to California”

“No problem”, said Sarah, “I’ll look into that for you, what’s the problem, you don’t like where you live?”

“Actually I live with my mom and sister, and frankly, everyone is driving me nuts” Ashanti confided

“Well, it’s always good to have your own place” said Sarah

“So, where do you and Freddie live?” Ashanti asked

“Actually, we don’t live together” said Sarah, suddenly pausing when she realized it came out all wrong

“Oh” said Ashanti, assuming Sarah meant they had split up

“Sorry, that was not the way it was supposed to sound”, said an embarrassed Sarah, “we just haven’t found a place yet”

“But you have to stay somewhere” Ashanti said

“Oh yeah” said Sarah, “actually, I live, or I used to live in Malibu with some other actresses, and since we got married, we’ve both been busy working, so we haven’t had time to look for a place, so I just keep staying there when Freddie is away”

“Oh I see”, said Ashanti, “I was wondering why anyone wouldn’t want to be with Freddie Prinze Jr.”

“Well” said Sarah shrugging, “believe me, it’s not that big of a deal”

“What do you mean?” Ashanti sought to know, until she began to think that it was hardly her place to inquire about the marriage of someone she hardly knew

“I’m sorry”, Ashanti said, “it’s really none of my business”

“That’s OK” said Sarah, “I invited you here, didn’t I?”

“I was actually wondering about that” admitted Ashanti, “I was so totally intimidated by you on set and did not even imagine you would be interested in hanging out with me”

“Why would you be intimidated by me?” asked Sarah

“Well, I didn’t really have scenes with you, and whenever we met, I don’t know, you are just this sophisticated, talented actress, and I’m just little old me”

“What do you mean little old you?”, joked Sarah, “What your album was number one for how many weeks?”

“All the same”, laughed Ashanti, “I’m such a big fan of your work, I can’t believe Buffy is ending”

“Yeah it is”, sighed Sarah, “the end of an era, now let me see if I can have a career in acting and not be Buffy Summers for the rest of my life”

“I loved all your movies” Ashanti said

“What movies?” laughed Sarah, “Scooby Doo?”

“I actually thought Scooby Doo was cute” said Ashanti honestly, “I was such a fan of the cartoon and the movie wasn’t bad”

“Yeah whatever” said Sarah, “I bet you can’t even name any other movie I’ve been in”

“Are you kidding?” said Ashanti, “Cruel Intentions is only like my bestest movie ever”

“That’s good to hear”, said a flattered Sarah, “most people only remember it because of the kiss with Selma”

“Oh there was that too”, said Ashanti, “What was kissing a girl like?” Ashanti found herself asking

“What, you haven’t kissed a girl before?” Sarah asked

Ashanti smelt an opportunity here, even though she had kissed Beyonce twice, she imagined Sarah might offer to experiment with her if she claimed innocence

“No, I haven’t” she said shyly, looking Sarah in the eyes

“Girls are actually much more fun to kiss than boys” Sarah said, “So you haven’t even thought about it before, have you?”

“Well, a few times” said Ashanti, “but I was too scared to do anything”

“Come here, let me show you”, Sarah said, leaning forward

Ashanti’s heart was racing. Sarah Michelle Gellar was actually offering her a kiss. Even if it turned out to be nothing other than a kiss, she was sure it would turn out to be a passionate experience. Beyonce was the farthest thing from her mind as she leaned in towards Sarah. Their lips briefly met towards each other, and Ashanti closed her eyes as their lips touched, before Sarah parted her mouth and began to take charge of the kiss. Ashanti’s mouth opened under Sarah’s, and she gently brought her tongue forward, meeting Sarah’s as both tongues gently flicked against each other.

Sarah brought her hand to Ashanti’s face, and began to caress it, while Ashanti felt her left hand reach for Sarah’s bare thing and she began to rub. This motion went on for about thirty seconds, before Sarah suddenly pulled away, looking at Ashanti suspiciously. Ashanti became nervous, wondering if she had done something wrong, or crossed a forbidden boundary.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” said Sarah accusingly

Ashanti did not even dare to try to lie, as the truth was already evident from her face. She only hoped Sarah would not freak out and kick her out

“You dirty liar”, joked Sarah, “so you were actually trying to seduce me”

“I wasn’t trying to seduce you per se” claimed Ashanti, “I was just going with the flow”

“You’re a bad girl” Sarah teased

“Actually, I’ve only done it a few times”, said Ashanti, “I’m not gay or anything”

“I know” assured Sarah, “I was just pulling your legs, so do you want to go on?”

“Sure, why not” Ashanti said, trying to sound confident, even though her heart was fluttering. Was Sarah actually offering to sleep with her? She briefly thought about her mild encounter with Beyonce, and determined to push Beyonce as far back into her mind as possible.

Her thoughts were again interrupted by Sarah who leant in once again and began to kiss her. Ashanti replied more aggressively this time around, returning Sarah’s fervor, and her hands again reaching for Sarah’s flawless thighs. Sarah’s hands, meanwhile, were occupied with the upper half of Ashanti’s body, roaming and caressing her soft breasts. Ashanti gasped in pleasure as Sarah’s skilled hands reached under her blouse and began to reach for her tits, which luckily were not shielded by a bra.

Sarah cupped Ashanti’s right breast in her hand, gently teasing her nipple before beginning to take Ashanti’s top off. Ashanti helped in this effort, gently pulling away from the kiss to facilitate an easy removal of her top. Sarah immediately dug in for Ashanti’s breasts, her mouth beginning to ravish the delightful brown melons. Ashanti was in heaven. She shut her eyes in ecstasy, as the married woman feasted on her boobs, gently nibbling on her nipples, igniting her every nerve ending. She could not hold the pleasure anymore, it was unlike anything she had ever known, and she began to mindlessly cry out loud

“Suck my boobs, oh yes Beyonce, Beyonce, please suck them”.

Sarah pulled away and stared at Ashanti in horror. Realizing her grave faux pas, Ashanti’s mouth formed an O of shock, and she brought her hand to her mouth, gazing apologetically at Sarah and lamenting on how she had bungled another opportunity to get laid.

“What the fuck?” said Sarah, “do I fucking look like Beyonce?”

“I am so sorry”, Ashanti said apologetically, “I wasn’t thinking…”

“That is so fucking obvious, let me guess, Beyonce’s fucking you, isn’t she?”

“No, she’s not” said Ashanti truthfully

“Oh, but you want to fuck her”, Sarah said, her temper flaring, “you’ve probably been pining for Beyonce, but she doesn’t want a slutty dyke like you, so you come here and use me to relieve your passion for her”

“No, I’m sorry Sarah”, said Ashanti, ‘It isn’t true, it was an accident”

“What kind of fucking accident?” said Sarah, “My name doesn’t even sound like Beyonce, does it?”

“Well, like I said, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I’ll just take my things and leave, sorry for wasting your time”, said Ashanti, as she took her shirt and purse and began to make out of the living room

“Not so fast” bellowed Sarah from behind, stopping Ashanti in her tracks, “where do you think you are going?”

“Well, I assumed you wanted me to leave”, said Ashanti

“So you think you can just come here, get your boobs sucked, say another bitch’s name and leave?”

“Um, I…” stuttered Ashanti

“Look right in that corner” said Sarah, pointing to a cabinet at the side of the room.

Ashanti obeyed the instruction and upon seeing what lay there, opened her mouth in surprise

“A camera”, said Ashanti, “you were taping us”

“Of course I was taping you”, said Sarah, “do you think for one second you actually seduced me? It was all planned”

“What do you mean?” asked Ashanti

“My girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt, I believe you know her, she said her fantasy is to see me seduce another woman and tape it so we could watch it together, and when she came to the Buffy set and saw you, for some reason, she thought you were the one she wanted to see me seduce”

“So she’s going to watch it?” said Ashanti, more turned on than she had ever been, not only because of the kinkiness of being taped, but also from picturing Sarah with the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt

“So, she’s going to watch it?” she asked Sarah

“Oh there’s nothing to watch yet”, said Sarah, “thanks to you, Jennifer is going to ridicule me since you called another bitch’s name”

“We could give her something to watch” said Ashanti seductively

“That’s hardly necessary” replied Sarah, “as she should be hear any minute”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the doorbell rang, startling Ashanti.

“Oh talk of the devil”, said Sarah, as she walked to answer the door, “I want all your clothes to be off by the time I get back”

For some reason, Ashanti found it hard to disobey, and not even considering the fact that it might be a complete stranger at the door, she began to strip, until she was butt naked.

“What have we here?” she heard a voice at the doorway. Looking up, she saw that Sarah was true to her word. The beautiful singer-actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was standing there, looking gorgeous in a purple top that matched Sarah’s and a pair of black jeans

“What a surprise, Sarah?”, smiled Jennifer Love Hewitt as she walked over to Ashanti, sizing her up like a customer observing a potential purchase

Trying to disguise her embarrassment, Ashanti tried to muster up some words

“Um, nice to meet you Jennifer”

“Uh oh” said Sarah, walking in, “you just broke her cardinal rule”

“Always remember to call me Love” said the other actress as she walked round the nude Ashanti in a circle. Sarah joined her, and the two young actresses circled Ashanti like a pride of lions, ready to pounce in on a poor gazelle.

All of a sudden, Love began to take off her clothes and Sarah followed suit. Ashanti’s loins were on fire as the two actresses did this. It was so erotic, she felt like she was going to be pounced on any minute, and the feeling of apprehensiveness was one that was turning her on greatly. Her bare pussy was dripping wet and she brought her finger down for solace. The expression on both ladies’ faces, an unmistakable look of unbridle lust was filling her with both fear and anticipation.

Love made the first move. She lunged for Ashanti and began to kiss her. She wrapped both arms around her and both ladies passionately made out. They made for the couch and sat down, still kissing as Sarah all of a sudden left the room. Ashanti wondered where Sarah was going but had no time to ponder for long, as Love’s fingers were doing amazing things to her body.

“I want you to eat my pussy”, said Love, as she sat on the couch and spread her legs wide open

“But I haven’t done it before”, Ashanti said

“There’s always a first time” smiled Love, “it’s easy enough to learn”

With that, Ashanti crouched and buried her face in Love’s laps. This was her first time coming near a naked pussy, and she was scared she was going to bungle it. The scent of Love’s pussy was wafting towards her nose, and she was burning with anticipation. Without making any contact yet, she closed her eyes and basked in the heavenly smell. Love, however was impatient. She brought her hand and pushed Ashanti’s face to her pussy.

Instinctively, Ashanti brought her tongue forward and began to lick at Love’s labia. The strokes she made with her tongue were gentle at first, but as she felt Love’s breathing quicken, she began to lick with a faster pace, and in no time, Love was moaning audibly. Ashanti became confident that she was doing it right so she began to suck with her entire mouth. She loved the taste of Love’s pussy, it was so salty and appealing, and all she wanted to do was keep licking at this goodness for as long as she possibly could. Love’s moans, which were getting louder by the second, were helping matters of course. Ashanti could discern some words Love was emitting through her display of pleasure

“Oh yes, Ashanti, suck me, suck my pussy, oh yes, it feels good you bitch, just suck it”

Ashanti had never really been privy to such dirty talk before, and she wondered why she found it so erotic. She brought her finger and began to insert it into Love’s hole, still licking at her clitoris. As Love responded to the extra body part of Ashanti’s that was bringing her joy, Ashanti suddenly felt something ram into her pussy doggy style. She looked back and there was Sarah, towering over her, wearing a strap-on dildo, which she was now vigorously ramming into her.

Ashanti could not discern the size or color of this contraption, but she could tell it was monstrous because it reached way into her pussy. There had been slight pain involved initially, but she was getting used to it and finding it hard to concentrate on her job of licking Love’s pussy as Sarah kept jamming the fake dick into her

“Oh yes Sarah”, she cried, “it feels so good”

“Oh my name is Sarah now, isn’t it?” cried Sarah loudly as she continued to ram it, her face contorted in a wicked manner

“Oh yes, your name is Sarah” cried Ashanti as Sarah continued to pound her mercilessly from the rear.

“Come on, say my name bitch” Sarah screamed, “Louder, bitch, come on, show me my name is not Beyonce

“Your name is not Beyonce” Ashanti cried, inexplicable tears running down her cheek, “your name is Sarah”

“Are you sure bitch?” said Sarah

“Oh yes I’m sure Sarah, oh Sarah, oh yes fuck me, oh yes Sarah”

Love’s pussy was long forgotten, but she did not seem to care, as the sight before her turned her on more than any novice pussy. She brought her hand down and inserted three fingers, inserting them in and out while watching the wild pummeling being dished out to Ashanti. She was already close to orgasm anyway, so she quietly closed her eyes and let out a few gasps as she came.

“Oh yes Sarah” Ashanti kept shouting, “I’m about to come now”

“Yes” screamed Sarah, “come on my dick you dirty little slut”

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yessssssss’ screamed Ashanti as she collapsed on to the couch.

Sarah brought the dildo out of her pussy and brought it to Love’s mouth. Love began to suck all of Ashanti’s cum off the dildo, and Ashanti found herself going to join. She and Love looked like Sarah’s two sluts as they licked it clean. Ashanti marveled at how this enormous phallus could have entered her the way she did. Her pussy was still sore, but in a good way.

“OK, now I need to come”, declared Sarah, as she walked over to the couch and spread her legs, just like Love had done earlier.

Love walked behind Sarah, and grabbed her tits from behind while the two actresses began to kiss. Ashanti did not need anybody to tell her that it was her duty to comply to Sarah’s request, and to avoid being on the receiving end of Sarah’s wrath once again, she immediately began to suck just like she had done to Love. She darted her tongue in between and began to move it in and out of Sarah’s hole. She heard Sarah moan amidst her fiery kiss with Love so she knew she was doing it right and kept licking away, her tongue devouring the whole of Sarah’s pussy, gently flicking her clitoris, taking the engorged clit on her mouth and letting it go. She brought her finger around and inserted it into Sarah’s asshole, and she felt the vampire slayer flinch in pleasure so she knew it was a good move.

Love was still grasping on to Sarah’s breasts from behind, her own large succulent boobs pressing against Sarah’s back while Sarah’s nipples were being squeezed by her fingers. She was passionately kissing Sarah, who was returning the vigor. Their tongues were desperately exploring every crevice of each other’s mouths, and Sarah, who was enjoying the added pleasure of her pussy being licked, squirmed in delight.

“Oh yes Ashanti, suck my pussy you dirty slut” she cried, pulling away from Love’s mouth.

Love decided to go down and support Ashanti in helping Sarah achieve an orgasm to remember. She went to crouch next to Ashanti and saw that Ashanti was focusing on Sarah’s clitoris while fingering her asshole from behind. So she brought her finger forward and inserted it into Sarah’s pussy

“Oh yes suck my pussy, you bitches, finger me, please Love, finger me”

“Hey watch your attitude honey” teased Love

“Oh please make me come, Ashanti suck me, oh yes fuck you, you little slut, fuck me, lick me you stupid bitches, oh yeah, oh yes, damn, oh yes, I’m cumming, lick my pussy, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, I’m COMING, OH YES, YES YESSSSSSSSS.

Sarah dripped a lot of juice as she came and both girls took turns licking it, after which they collapsed right next to Sarah, naked on the couch.

“That was the greatest thing ever” squealed Ashanti

“Better than Beyonce?” joked Sarah

“Actually, I haven’t really done anything with Beyonce, said Ashanti, proceeding to explain to them the entire situation with Beyonce, starting with the day Beyonce came over to her house and tried to seduce her, and how they had several risqué conversations on the phone, and eventually about what transpired between them on Grammy night. She was close to tears as she explained the way Beyonce had tried to wave it off and said that she did not want any emotions involved.

“You poor thing” said Love, “that must have really hurt”

“You want her to be taught a lesson” said Sarah

“Like the lesson you just taught me?” asked Ashanti

“Oh that was hardly anything” smiled Sarah with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, “I know just the person who can let her curse the day she mistreated out dear Ashanti”

“Really, who?” asked Ashanti

“Just wait and see” said Sarah as she kissed Ashanti on the cheek, “just wait and see”

The Pepsi party had been on for a few hours and Beyonce was getting bored. Britney was nowhere to be found, and instead she was stuck with rapper Jay-Z, who refused to let her out of his sight. Worse still, they were surrounded by all of Jay-Z’s bodyguards and rap crew, and Beyonce felt suffocated. Finally, when she had enough, she politely told Jay that she need to go around and talk to some other people, since it technically was her party, and all of those people were there because of her. The rapper seemed to be rather slighted, but he did not show his hurt, as he agreed and mentioned that he was just about to leave, as there was some other party at a nightclub he wanted to attend, but he would leave a limo and a driver at her disposal for whenever she wanted to leave. Beyonce thanked him and pecked him on the cheek. She wondered what he would do if he found that he was merely her beard and was only accompanying her while she was on the prowl for pussy.

Beyonce walked around and thanked most of the guests for coming. She did not know most of them anyway, but she had been introduced to most of them over the course of the evening. She waved to the Williams sisters, who she assumed were there because they were about to sign an endorsement deal. She ogled Serena a bit, and in her mind’s eye, she pictured the body hugging cat suit she had worn for the US Open. She was not particularly close to them anyway, so she walked on looking to see if there was anyone else.

At one corner of the room was Latin bombshell singer Shakira, who was another face of Pepsi. She was looking extremely gorgeous, and Beyonce remarked how much prettier she was in person. She had met Shakira a few times. They had been on TRL at the same time several occasions, and they had had a few conversations. She decided to go over and talk

“Hi Shakira” she said, “thanks for coming”

“Oh Beyonce hello” replied Shakira, “nice to see you”

Shakira put her drink down and the two girls hugged.

“How’ve you been?” asked Beyonce

“I’ve been fine” she replied, and Beyonce noted that her South American accent was less pronounced than the last time they had talked.

The two singers continued to talk, not really talking about anything in particular, just making some idle chitchat. Beyonce was beginning to get bored when she saw Britney Spears walk into the room. It had been over seven months since Beyonce saw her last, and she was looking as beautiful as ever. Britney did not seem to have noticed her presence just yet, and in order not to seem too enthusiastic, she continued to talk with Shakira, pretending to be interested in Shakira’s vivid description of whatever it was she was talking about, but her eyes were fixed across the room.

Britney was dressed in a white body-hugging dress, and was smiling as usual, looking more beautiful than Beyonce had ever seen her. Beyonce wondered how Britney always managed to look so cheerful. Presently the entire media was agog with rumors of Britney sleeping with Fred Durst, and Beyonce wondered if she would be apprehensive of making a public appearance so soon. After about five minutes of failing to meet Britney’s eyes, she decided to go over herself, as she could not bear the anticipation any more. Politely excusing herself from Shakira, she walked over to Britney, who had just finished talking to some guy Beyonce did not know, and was currently standing in a corner smoking a cigarette.

“Haven’t you heard that cigarettes can kill you?” smiled Beyonce as she approached Britney

“I thought you were never going to come to say hi” Britney smiled back as the two girls hugged. As they parted, Britney’s hands brushed against Beyonce’s ass.

“Why couldn’t you come and say hi yourself?” Beyonce asked

“Well you were talking to Miss Spanish over there” said Britney, pointing in Shakira’s direction, “and I wasn’t sure you wanted to be interrupted”

“You should still have come”, grinned Beyonce

“Hey, you know now that you have stolen my Pepsi deal we are no longer friends”, smiled Britney

“Yeah, we used to be very good friends” said Beyonce, with emphasis on the ‘very’.

“Oh yeah we did” blushed Britney, “that was some night we spent together, huh?”

“Yeah it was amazing” admitted Beyonce, “we promised we would do it again soon but we’ve been too busy”

“Well, what are you doing tonight?” asked Britney as she tossed the butt of her cigarette away.

“Nothing” Beyonce said mischievously, “what are you doing?”

“Nothing” replied Britney in an equally mischievous tone

All of a sudden, Beyonce grabbed Britney’s arm, and began to lead her towards the door

“Where the fuck are you taking me?”, giggled Britney excitedly

“You know”, joked Beyonce, “you are so sexy that I just need to tap that ass right away”

“Won’t we get caught?” asked Britney

“Not bloody likely. You know, you still need to apologize for coming so late, but before you came I located a nice dressing room that nobody is likely to disturb”

“You don’t waste time, do you?” laughed Britney

They reached the door, and both girls rushed in. It was a rather large room, totally unfurnished except for a comfortable-looking carpet on the floor.

“This will do”, cried Britney” as she wrapped her arms around Beyonce as both girls kissed.

“I missed you Britney” whispered Beyonce as she reached for Britney’s soft boobs, squeezing them through the fabric of her dress

“Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been so long”, breathed Britney as she desperately kissed back, her body succumbing to Beyonce’s delicate touch

Beyonce ran her hands down to Britney’s thighs, and gently slid it up to her crotch area as the pop princess moaned. Beyonce moved Britney’s panties aside, and still kissing her, began to rhythmically finger her

“Oh yes” Britney crooned, “finger me Beyonce, oh yes fuck me”

“You like it?” asked Beyonce

“Oh yes I do, don’t stop, please don’t stop”

Pleased with the reaction she was getting, Beyonce unhooked the strap of Britney’s dress and rolled it down, exposing her bare and succulent breasts. Naturally, she could not resist the temptation to take them in her mouth. They were so warm and juicy, and Beyonce found them considerably soft, despite all the rumors of surgical enhancement. Beyonce sucked, moving from tit to tit, ensuring no segment of her breasts was left wanting

“Oh yes”, Britney continued to moan wantonly, “Please suck my breasts Beyonce, oh I missed your fingers and your tongue, you are so good”

“Come for me baby” whispered Beyonce as she increased the pace she was fingering Britney, “come on my fingers so I can lick your sweet cum”

“Oh yeah” cried Britney, “I’m going to come soon, you bitch, oh yes, make me come, oh yes, I think I’m coming, wait, I know I’m coming, oh yes, oh yes, oh please God, oh yes Beyonce, yes”

Convinced Britney’s orgasm was over, Beyonce brought her finger out and began to lick it while Britney recovered from her tumultuous orgasm

“Wow Britney”, remarked Beyonce, “that was some serious fun you were having, how long has it been?”

“What do you mean” asked Britney innocently, “with a guy or with a girl”

“Either one”

“Well, I fucked a guy last night, and I was with one of my female back-up dancers just a few hours ago”, smiled Beyonce

“So much for America’s number one virgin” laughed Beyonce, “you are insatiable” “Oh let me prove it” said Britney as she reached in for another kiss.

Beyonce and Britney had been going at it for about half an hour, and if they were aware that they had an audience, they showed no sign of it. In fact, if they knew that the lone voyeur observing them was of the Colombian belly-dancing variety, odds are high that they would have put on a greater show.

Shakira’s mouth had been agape for the duration of her stay as she observed the scene before her, her eyes transfixed on this show of celebrity skin. She tried to tear herself away, telling herself that it was none of her business if two of the hottest young talents in the music industry were fucking each other like rabbits, even if they happened to both be females. However, for some inexplicable reason, she was still glued to the spot, totally fascinated by what she was seeing.

It had been a very boring night for her. As a fellow spokesperson for Pepsi, she had been invited to the gala, and looked at it as a new opportunity to make new friends in the industry. She could not exactly be referred to as a newbie. She had been a mega-successful artist in much of the Latin world, selling tens of millions of albums, gaining hundreds of millions of fans, and winning countless awards in dozens of Spanish speaking countries, but the lucrative prize i.e. acceptance in America, still eluded her. Almost two years earlier, she had released an English language album, which actually was reasonably successful, selling in excess of 3 million copies.

It was totally worth it having to learn an entirely new album from scratch, and she loved the American fans, who had embraced her and her music almost as loyally as her legion of South American fans. However, she had faced a more uphill task in making friends here. She really went out of her way to try and make pleasant conversation with those she met, but nobody seemed to be interested in making friends with her, which hurt her a bit. One of the reasons she had been looking forward to the Pepsi party was the fact that Beyonce was one of the few people that had been nice to her.

The party had gone all right, Beyonce had made some time to talk to her even though she had many other guests to attend to. After a while, Beyonce had excused herself and left to talk to Britney Spears, who had just arrived, and after Shakira tried in vain to immerse herself in a few conversations, she decided she had had enough. The night was officially a failure, and she was ready to go home. However, she knew that it would be rude to leave without saying goodbye to Beyonce, her hostess. After looking around, she decided to ask someone, who pointed the direction he had seen her go.

Shakira went in the direction in which she was pointed, and as she searched for the Destiny’s Child singer, she heard some muffled noises coming from a nearby dressing room. Out of curiosity, she listened closely, and thought it vaguely sounded like the noise made by a female during lovemaking. She hesitated whether or not to leave, but she instinctively peeked in, and the sight she saw almost gave her a heart attack.

There was Beyonce, crouched on the floor, busy giving head to the biggest pop sensation in the world, Britney Spears, whose back was leaning against the wall. Shakira thought she was hallucinating, so she rubbed her eyes, and after looking again, she saw that she was not mistaken. Her first thought was to leave, but she just could not move her feet or her eyes. This was morbidly fascinating, and she decided to creep in unnoticed and observe the action.

Shakira had technically never been with a woman before, but she did not see anything wrong with it, it was just something she had never considered herself doing. As a teen, she had experimented with Goth in her native Colombia, mostly out of peer pressure than anything else, and some of her fellow Goth friends had been lesbians. Even though she had witnessed several lesbian love scenes, she had never been fascinated like this before. It was not the fact that the girls in question were Britney and Beyonce, there was just something about this, almost sexy. Had she just considered two women sexy? Could this possibly be turning her on?

From the noises Britney was emitting, it was obvious she was about to come now, and Shakira decided it was best for her to leave, in order to avoid getting caught. She decided to wait until Britney had her orgasm to slip out unnoticed. She could not even deny her pussy was moistening from this sapphic display in front of her, and she wanted to leave as soon as she could in order to avoid getting any crazy ideas.

“Oh yes”, Britney screamed, ‘I’m about to cum again, oh yes Beyonce, lick me, sick my fucking cunny, oh yes, yes, oh fuuuuuuuck”

As Shakira crept towards the exit, she suddenly heard Beyonce’s voice

“Who the fuck is that?” Damn, Shakira, you are busted, she told herself, hoping she would not be in trouble for sneaking in on what was not her business.

“Is that you, Shakira?” said Britney, covering her nakedness as Shakira looked up

“How long have you fucking been here” bellowed Beyonce

“Um, just about ten minutes” said Shakira in her accent

“You are in trouble girl” smiled Beyonce, “how dare you spy on us”

“I’m sorry, it was an accident” stuttered Shakira, “I was looking for you to tell you I was going”

“Well you’ve pissed me off” said Beyonce, “and you have to pay. Take off your clothes”

Shakira immediately found herself obeying, taking off her red top and jeans, until she was in her underwear and panties. She felt so ashamed, but could not stop herself. She looked up at Beyonce

“Take off everything”, said Britney, “you’re in so much trouble”

“Let me handle this Britney”, said Beyonce, “take off all your clothes Shakira, or you’ll be in trouble”

Shakira unhooked her bra and took it off, also slipping off her panties so that she was completely naked. She felt so vulnerable, as if she was about to be taken advantage of, and she covered her breasts with her hand. She knew she should try and escape, but there was this forbidden pleasure in what she knew they were about to do to her.

“Remove your hand”, said Beyonce as she grabbed one of Shakira’s breasts with her left hand, “I guess your breasts aren’t so small and humble after all”. Shakira giggled at this, a rather controversial line from one of her hit songs, which had not sounded as awkward in Spanish.

Beyonce pushed Shakira up against the wall and began to kiss her breasts. Shakira was rather shocked at this, but she found that she was getting turned on. She wondered if this was considered cheating on her boyfriend, but the pleasure she was getting did not let her conscience function well. She shut her eyes and began to grunt in pleasure. Her pleasure heightened even further when Britney came over and began to rub her pussy. Her pussy had already been incredibly damp from watching them earlier, so it was not hard for Britney to slip two fingers in it and begin to thrust.

Shakira bucked her hips forward as Britney fingered her, this was so amazing. Beyonce moved down and began to suck on Shakira’s pussy lips, and Britney decided to make room for her, so she stood over Britney, who was crouching, and began to kiss Shakira. This was Shakira’s first time ever kissing a woman, and it felt so tough and tender, she brought her hand to caress Britney’s face as they made out, Britney’s tongue gently darting around her mouth. Meanwhile, Beyonce was still hard at work, licking around her labia, her tongue worming its way inside her. She began to wiggle with pleasure. If enjoying this means I am a lesbian, she told herself, then I want to be a lesbian. Beyonce brought her hand up and inserted it into Britney’s pussy, which was right over her head.

Beyonce found her hidden clitoris, and as she took it into her mouth, Shakira began to whoop for joy, her first orgasm about to come

“Oh yes” she screamed, “I like this, please, oh yes, oh I like this, don’t stop”. In no time, she reached her orgasm and collapsed onto the floor.

“That was so nice”, she said

“I’m glad you liked it, now make sure you don’t spy on us ever again.

The party was over, and Beyonce was on her way back to her hotel, happy that it had turned out to be a fuckload of fun after all. She had gotten to see Britney, who was still looking as beautiful as ever, and they had gotten down and dirty. Britney seemed to have grown more insatiable and experienced since the last time they were together. She imagined there was a shred of truth to the media rumors about Britney’s numerous sexual partners, though she suspected the partners were usually of a different gender than Colin Farrell or Fred Durst.

She had been petrified when Shakira had caught them in the act, but through a stroke of genius, she had not panicked, and had been able to assert herself and initiate Shakira into their activities. She had never considered Shakira as someone who would be into that sort of thing, but she had learned well, and after receiving a glorious orgasm, had been eager to try and learn how to eat pussy.

Beyonce marveled at how quickly Shakira had learnt. Her tongue was rather long, and she had put it into good use. She shut her eyes and once again relieved the events of the past few hours, especially when she had lay on the floor, and Britney had squatted right over her face, forcing her sweet pussy into her mouth. Shakira, of course, had been busy licking her pussy. The eroticism of it had given her one of her best orgasms in recent memory.

As her limousine made its way to her hotel, she suddenly realized that she was not in the mood for the hotel. Perhaps it was a good idea to go over to Kelly’s condo, as Kelly was away at the luxury spa thing with her new boyfriend. Maybe she could go and crash there, and the next day, invite Britney and someone else over. Britney was in LA for the weekend, and it would be nice to have her in a large condo for a whole day, where they could do what they wanted. Perhaps Britney could bring along one of her back-up dancers, or anyone else she was fucking, and it could be a ball. She was sure Kelly would not mind a small party, as long as she did not know that the party contained so much sex.

She instructed the chauffeur to make a U-turn, and she described her new destination. Perhaps this weekend would turn out incredible after all. She was so happy she did not have any appointments to record any songs this week. She hummed a few melodies as the limo made its way, finally getting to Kelly’s place.

She had her own key, so she figured there would be no problem, and as she could let herself in easily. She briefly considered calling Kelly’s cell phone, but she did not want to bother her romantic getaway. She hoped Kelly was having fun with this mystery person whose identity was still mum. She opened the door and let herself in, ready to crash on the couch and watch some TV before she fell asleep, possibly ordering some food from any restaurant that was still open and delivering at 3 a.m.

She was about to turn on the light when she heard some noises coming from the bedroom area. She assumed it was her imagination, but as she moved closer to check, she heard that they were for real. Careless Kelly probably left a TV or radio on, she assumed, as she moved closer. However, as she increasingly deciphered the noise, she could tell that these were lovemaking noises. She could hear a female voice moaning out obscenities and gasping as though she was being pleasured. Could it be a porno movie? All of a sudden, it made sense to her – Kelly and her boyfriend had probably decided at the last minute not to go to this spa, and decided to stay home and fuck each other to death. Or maybe they wanted to go but had lost track of time.

Beyonce knew she should leave, but she figured this was a good time to figure out who this person was. Kelly would not be too angry if she found out, unless she had a really compelling reason for this person’s identity being a secret. She decided to stick around until she got a hang of who it was, then let herself out. She pressed her ears against the door and listened to the sounds that were coming through

“Oh yes, suck my pussy, oh yes baby, suck it”, she heard Kelly moaning. So Kelly actually liked her pussy being eaten that much. It was weird listening to Kelly make love, she was rather noisy, much louder than she had ever been with her, and Beyonce felt a few pangs of jealousy.

“Oh baby, I’m coming, oh yes, yes”. Beyonce heard Kelly scream the word “yes” over and over again until a loud and final one signified she had come. Beyonce wished she were the one who had just pleasured Kelly, but assumed that whoever the dude was, he was a very lucky guy.

“Oh baby, that was so great” said Kelly, “you are amazing”

“Thank you”, Kelly’s lover replied, in a distinctly female voice. Was Beyonce actually imagining things, or was Kelly actually sleeping with a female? She decided to listen on before rushing to a rash conclusion.

“I hope Beyonce’s party went well, too bad we couldn’t be there”, Kelly said

“I wish you did not have to lie to her” the girl said, “couldn’t you just tell her about us?

The voice sounded eerily familiar, and Beyonce was trying to place it. Could it be…no wait a minute, she told herself, that is not possible.

“I’ll tell her when the time is right”, said Kelly

“You’ve been saying that for over a year” replied the other girl, whose voice Beyonce now confirmed to belong to none other than their third bandmate, Michelle Williams.

Agony crept through every vein of Beyonce’s. So, Kelly and Michelle were fucking each other, and from the sound of things, for a really long while. This explained a lot of things, the reason why the two of them always seemed to be in the same city every time, or the fact that they both always seemed to disappear before the end of each occasion, like her Austin Powers premiere. Why was Kelly with Michelle and yet thought sleeping with her would be a good idea. She felt so betrayed, so saddened, she couldn’t take this anymore.

“We have to stop lying to her”, Michelle was saying

“If we tell her, she is going to make it about her and her ego”, replied Kelly, “Beyonce can be very arrogant at times”

“But I thought the two of you were like sisters” said Michelle

“Yeah we are”, Kelly responded, “but the fact we used to sleep together complicated things, and we all know Beyonce has a big ego”

“Tell me something I don’t know”, laughed Michelle

“Yeah everything has to be about her”, chimed Kelly, “and I don’t want her to ruin this”

Beyonce knew at this point that she had heard enough. The fact that her two best friends were sleeping together behind her back was bad enough, but they were saying mean and hurtful things about her. How could Kelly betray her like that? She had to get out of there, she did not even care, but she knew she could not stay there a second longer. The limousine was gone, so she had to drive herself. She did not care that she had been drinking all night, and was a bit too drunk to drive without getting in trouble. She grabbed the keys to Kelly’s jeep and rushed out of the house, slamming the door behind her.

Tears streaming down her face, she sped out of the parking lot and began to drive. She did not even make up her mind about where she wanted to go, she just drove for hours in the California night, breaking several speed limits, but not giving a fuck. She needed to go somewhere, somewhere she would feel safe, to someone who would comfort her, someone she could tell all of her secrets, a friend, lover and confidante, rolled into one. Then it hit her, and she wondered why it did not hit her sooner. She began to drive on, to the house of the woman who had taken her under her wing and served as a mentor in so many ways.

Drunk, tired, depressed and in tears, Beyonce Knowles started to make her way to the home of Janet Jackson.

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